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Do you feel insecure because your dick size? I do.
@sensual_touch, there is no option of tadalafil 20 mg in website.
Do you feel insecure because your dick size? I do.
Try yoga under a trainer (after consulting with your doctor). There are certain exercises which improve mood as well as increase blood flow to sexual organs. Helps prevent premature ejaculation effectively.
Do you feel insecure because your dick size? I do.

For stronger *** ..There are 2 options :

1. Sikandar e Azam plus capsules...Unaani medicine ..very effective but costly. 3800 rs for 30 capsules..u can get it online

OR.... allopathic ..u can use Tadalafil 20 mg tablets 1 hr before ***...once u take one 20 mg tablet ..don't take it again for next 72 hrs because it has long lasting effect compared to Viagra(Sildenafil)

2. For delayed ejaculation....take half of dapoxetine 30mg tablets....2 hrs before ***... It can cause u mild dizziness for a while as it lowers the BP temporarily....

Again just like Tadalafil, do not take dapoxetime for next 72 hrs if u already took one dose....

Note...u can take dapoxetine + tadalafil together ..no issues....but be careful about the above points mentioned...do not overuse them.....

U can also take dapoxetine + sikander e azam capsule together

U can buy them from Manmatters.com...

I hv been using them since last 3 months.. and I *** for more than an hour nowadays
..earlier it used to be 15-20 mins...

And these are absolutely safe to take if u take within dosage limits ....

Exercising daily for 15 mins until u sweat is very necessary for proper blood circulation ...be it jogging , or fast surya namaskars or skipping or yoga ...do it daily ....ur sexual performance will improve for sure..

Lack of exercise is a big cause for sexual under performance

Do you feel insecure because your dick size? I do.
Right said @letsfuck
Travel Explorers and Cruising
Anybody Travelling from Mysore to Chennai this Friday??
Do you feel insecure because your dick size? I do.
Hey All..Pls suggest any pill for long ***...I dont last more than 2 to 3 mins...I dont *** nor iam overweight.....and dont smoke or drink
Do you feel insecure because your dick size? I do.
Any pills n suggestions to maintain my *** for a long time n cure for premature ejaculation? I *** within a minute n very embarrassing
Try me...
Any submissive slave in Hyderabad, chennai or Bangalore?
Do you feel insecure because your dick size? I do.
@Tallandbrown It's good that you shared your feelings here. I hope that helps you feel lighter.

It seems like you are suffering from a massive inferiority complex, and that is affecting you in several aspects of your precious life. This will ultimately translate to health issues. You're feeling this way about your *** size because *** has portrayed some unrealistic (and unnecessary) standards of "*** size" and falsely connected it with "pleasure".

Please do speak to a reliable therapist. You really need healing. It will surely make a positive difference in your life (including your sexual life).

Saying this for your good :)
Fun while traveling in flight
@Serenade please do share more details on some of the best ones
Fun while traveling in flight
I had so many experiences in my globe travel when flying to Europe via dubai/ flying from Melbourne to Singapore and so forth getting blown up in the air is amazing… it’s an experience in itself if you had the right choice sitting next to you as your travel companion over a 9 hour flight…
Airports and flights are the best spot to meet greet and mate 🤣
Do you feel insecure because your dick size? I do.
Have any one tried Vigora-m massage oil? (by deepayurveda) any reviews please?
Em from Mumbai want to try bdsm,any 35+ top from bhandup Mulund with place.
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
I too bi bottom, I realised after my marriage I am in intrested in males not on females, after I came to know that my wife is not getting satisfied with my ***. But I enjoyed both life till that. Now I got top partner who satisfies me and my wife at my house, but my wife don't know about my bi life. It's better to don't get married bottoms in my opinion.
Fun while traveling in flight
@Sudip33, lovely experience.. really nice reading...
Nudists in India
Any nude place in Bangalore like minded person inbox me
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
WOW so many married guys and so many confused minds .
But ya confusion is expected but it's not wrong to be a bisexual or gay .
I have met some married guys and have had some fun,but mostly my subs were in their 40s 50+ .But my subs were so honest most of all were caring ,they always go an extra mile to e and obey.
Most mexploreartners had fem feelings they wanted to explore but had hidden inside because they couldn't find the right guys OR were scared to expose themselves.
I have had sessions where my subs cried when they dressed up in their lingerie and that makeup ,heels and wigs and saw themselves in the mirror.
It's not just about *** *** for most of them but it's the act the dress up,the safe spot where they can finally be their fem side
Many of many subs talk about how they were cheated ,blackmailed and forcefully *** and it makea me sad how many r taking advantage of these old souls .
The joy in their eyes when they dress up is completely something else, sometimes it doesn't even move on to anything else,they just wanna talk most of the time and I alwaysten to them.anything to satisy them.
Even thogh I'm a Dom master ,I design the session to my subs needs .But honestly what I see isn't submission but FREEDOM.
So guys u r not ALONE at all
I know society has left u alone and scarred with some bad experiences but keep ur head up and keep moving forward.
Be patientot while searching for partners,be honest in ur likes and fetishes,there's NOTHING wrong about it.Spend a bit on safety,not only on condoms but on good hotel rooms.It' better to meet in some good reputed hotels rather than in public or shady hotels.Spend a bit on urself becoz U R WORT IT AND U DESERVE IT. If you feel alone then come here and post ur prob and discuss with others


I know I'm not married and in my 24
I have met other married guys with the same problem as u guys so I wrote what I had seen .
If it's out of topic and not connected then I'm sorry
But I hope this helps at least one guy here

Glad to see that these many r interested in bdsm.
Experience with politicans
A few from my mind.. I've had a huge crush on Sachin Pilot from the days when I didn't know his name. Chirag Paswan is hot indeed. Y Vikranth Reddy is cute... Typical telugu looks... Mathiventhan from TN, a doctor turned politician.. He's cute and handsome...
Any real master or dom top who will convert into a sissy bottom by BDSM n all I have been a top guy but now I wanna surrendor my tophood and wanna feel humiliation blush while being converted n used as a sissy
Fun while traveling in flight
@sudip33 this is what really is "Fun while flight travel". Awsum..lucky you
Fun while traveling in flight
@sudip33 Lucky you😊. Actually in domestic flights it's bit impossible. Unless you're taking long international flights chances are high.
Fun while traveling in flight
I took my flight to US from chennai to frankfurt. At frankfurt airport i posted in CL(craigslist) aout my flight and layover at FRA. Much to my surprise got an email response from a Hot Sri Lankan Tamil hunk whom i had fun with in a place of his choice and that choice was inside an empty sleep room for FRA employees he could use and that top hunk made the best use of me & the room.
Experience with politicans
Does any one know Telugu politician
Fun while traveling in flight
nice topic .. But sadly it got mixed with experiences on ground like airport loo n all ..

I am definitely a mile high club member so i can share my first Experience in Flight

it was 2016, Fall in USA .. I was traveling from San Francisco to Newyork, tho it was domestic flight It was airbus .. So I checked in n was waiting at boarding gate there was a really chizzled body hot white Gora dude in front of me waiting .. so I initiated a discussion as I noticed he was alone. We talked a bit about our company n jobs .. n then i praised his biceps ( as he was just wearing a tank n half pant ) i also noticed his soft bulge was pretty hot n huge by this time my eyes were falling from his face to crotch .. n then he got call from someone so we parted our ways n guess what one i got in By luck we were seating in middle 4 seat but on asile seats .. damm I smiled at him n waiting for flight to land ..

As it was red eye flight we flight attendant served meal n after dinner lights went off .. i was going through movies n i saw milk was available to
Watch so i decide to watch that movie again ..

While i was watching that movie i noticed he got up twice to take something from his bag n he noticed what I am watching..

Third time he stand up n went to access washroom n after returning he bypassed his aile n came from
My side so i hv to pause movie n stand up n smiled n said sorry n sat just next to my seat i was surprised n then he started talking .. about our job n within a 2 min he changed topic n ask what are u watching n i said its movie named milk .. n he raised his eye brows n smirk at me .. n he said “ ahh u got balls to watch that movie on plain.” To which I said “ U r my inspiration for it “
N we both laughed but this time he got too close to me .. we both were coved by blankets n he put his stromg biceps hand touching to
Me to which i made a move n strated rubbing .. i made another move n started touching his nipples n i noticed he changed side of his croch n i made another move n slowly put my hand in his half pant n his monster *** was errect n also it cut .. i got *** *** .. i was playing with his *** for 10 mins n then he said lets go to washroom ( in flight )

I was bit nervous but followed him .. as lights were off 95% passenger were sleeping n we went to washroom together..

Ohh god what an experience he had amazing body n he removed his easy to wear cloths n I started *** his hard *** n kissing n smooching to him too .. he finally about to *** n i strokked him n he came n now he *** me just a min we hear a some voice so i decided to come out ..

I noticed no 1 was there so went in again .. we had too much body rub n passionate kisss n then he jerked me off .. n we came out washroom n slept next to each other .. we exchanged our number n during my stay in hotel in NYC we had a full fun .

But this is how I entered in High Mile club n yahh flight was *** 37k feet above while we did that ..

Hope u all liked it .
Men shows their interest in public
Has anyone tried such tricks (Bluetooth/ Wi-Fi/ looks) at airport? Will try tomorrow..
Fun while traveling in flight
@Neeta Actually I went to the public look first. But this crew member guy indicated me to come outside and followed him to the staff look which is just opposite to the public loo. He was waiting for me outside the door. Luckily the security guard was not there. And due to Covid situation airport was not much crowded that day. We had our quickie session for 10 min Or so. He came out first and after few minutes I came.

Your attitudes for foreigners
I wish to find a mature dark hairy Tamil partner with an uncut thick ***.
Fun while traveling in flight
In flight it just not possible, unless it's a long journey extends more tan 6/7 hours, where u get a blanket, in that situation u can slide your hand to touch your ur neighbour's ***, if he responds, if he also covers his spot with blanket, it's merely ur luck not always
Fun while traveling in flight
Fun while traveling in flight
@Unleash009 Awesome! The staff loo...how did you get entry?
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
yaaa this thread is like our confession box or wat to say... but good to know that we are not alone sailing the boat
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
to continue the thread discussion.... there are so many different views here. I m also married, havent cheated on my wife and i do enjoy *** with her. but I do have strong cross dressing and feminization fantasies, and trying to explore this with my dear wife, not sure if it will work out or not. the experiences with guys mainly to be specific 2 friends, was long back when i was living in boys hostel but still i felt certain connection with them and we dryhumped and hand jobs a few times untill it stopped suddenly. after that my *** thoughts have been straight to say for many years.
its just some hidden *** fantasies which pop up sometime.
its a lot more complex if married guys are unfortunate or not, its just our life choices that we make. in some alternate life things would have been really different for me. would have i transitioned?
became a trans female? who knows.......... life happens....
so good to vent out here..
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
I want to confess or open myself here : since 2012 I shifted mumbai first time I became open slowly ...I lived in with a muslim men who knew my interests ..was tenant and thn shared bed with them ..and slowly my inclination lead me to associate with shemales from kamathipura to panvel to Ghatkopar...I lived that life where I got *** of wearing flashy short cloth to my profile on TS dating as a pre op girl ...other tg shemale seniors who mentored me used to call men or send my pic to them and either I used to go in auto to their place or thy come pickup or do there only..my job as Photograher designer led me to places so had no problm of job loss and cud send home some money ...I remember I was called in Qatar dubai by Sheikhs ....even I planned my trip to bangkok bali first time and literally I carried only my normal denims and t shirt two pairs for flight travelling ..once I reached hotel room I opened my bag of hipsters bra thongs scarves .and I roamed there as girl and had fun...full body wax to full body polishing I mean everything I had had saline injectoons too in my assets twice when I was close to becoming one...but thn responsibilities came on me and slowly I got away from it dn knw when it happened ...I was so close that my tg mentor adopted me as her girl gav me a gharana ...bt had to leave due to family responsibilities and thn got married..i toook time before getting married of around 7 8 months bt cudnt stop it and got married then ....lived happily for 2 years actually still m married and happily one bt after 2 years I obviously had to do job so I found one during marriage period and once I had to go to States for work 20 days period is so long ...I even deactivated my profile also from other sites but those 20 days changed me....I went to places gay places gay spas u say ...sauna ..started with a massage when I had to strip down for massage .I lovefld that massage thong feel on my body and that feeling generated again in me and I started founding myself again..in those 20 days I had nice fun daily ....spent with shemales and activated my profile and posted my pics as CD and messahes started came .... I linked up..earned few bucks from them and had nice fun...and thn it started...and aftr coming back my wife went out for her work 10 days a week or 1 month I heard about imperial and thn everything started again for me...I sometimes take leave from office without telling in home.. wear cd clothes and go sometime to massage spas or kamathipura girls to flush out that feeling and revive myself...even I wanted to write here for so long but haven't thought about it..for two days right now also my wife out for work and yesterday I bought wig for myself and full dress .. I after 9 pm I wore small hipster and thong inside with pantyhose stocking and backless bra slip with chunni and a wig and roamed in bandra east nearby station area ..boys men saw me ..I flashed my hipster nicely by walk got pinched and went for my appointment at a spa ....nd around 11 pm I walked on lanes again where one men saw me I saw him he gav me hint and took me to his shop and *** me with his 4 frnds ..all cut *** ..I enjoyed so much ..I wore again and took taxi to kamathipura in that dress ..gav handjob to taxi guy and reached my kmthipura and with help of one tg frnd got courage to walk on those lanes .....I still find some gateways where I explore myself or do something...now I see realise may b I was not married so wud hv done this and that ..but thn society responsibilities come infront ....
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
sorry for write so long but I had no other place for confession
Fun while traveling in flight
@Unleash009 OMG wow thats really hot <3
Fun while traveling in flight
Well it's actually happened with me last year. Me and my friends planned to visit Darjeeling. Tickets prices were bit cheaper because flights were slowly started opening after the lockdown. We reached Mumbai international airport early in the morning around 4. Airport was not very much crowded. We finished the COVID guidelines protocols and security checking procedures and went to near the dedicated gate to relax. My friends we're just taking nap because we got up quite early in the morning. I logged in my Grindr and this cute gym toned flight crew member just pinged me. I wanted him badly😁 He asked me to come to this staff member loo. I followed the direction. As soon as we entered. We removed our masks and started kissing. He unzipped and took out his ***. It was not long but quite thick. I *** for good 10 minutes or so. It was quickie and he cummed a lot inside my ***. Aaah!!quite satisfied he was looking. Then we cleaned and bid goodbye 😊. It was unexpected. It happened so quickly that I pinched myself to realize that it was for real.

Fun while traveling in flight
In international airports, added complexity could be there due to local laws, dare not open your fly in middle East :-) you wouldn't then be able fly ever in life time. So it's all eye-*** and eye-*** mostly.
Fun while traveling in flight
I usually cruise around Airport loos and have spotted hung guys while urinating several times... I really wish I knew how to talk to them into getting more Outta it. I mean how do you really talk to strangers. Please advise
Fun while traveling in flight
Not very sure of how things work in domestic airports as there is usually not much layovers but in international ones, things work pretty well through dating app. Meet guys waiting in transit for their flights and move over to a restroom. Gotta keep it tight though because airport restrooms are cleaned much more often and because they don't have closed cubicles, chances of other passengers interrupting/getting creeped out are quite high. Also, because it's an airport there usually ain't a lot of dark corners and unsurvaillanced areas. Quite risky if you ask me.
Fun while traveling in flight
Guideme, i was asking for tips and techniques to meet and have *** with men in airports

Dating apps don't work as i often find men heading to different locations so its just a meet and greet, nothing more
Fun while traveling in flight
wingedcupid : can u rephrase... i didnt get the message what it was intended...
Fun while traveling in flight
How do u seduce men in airport, pray tell for the benefit of everyone.

The best i could do was find nearby one in geo based dating apps and then they r near boarding gates on different destinations.
Your attitudes for foreigners
Hi behencchod, why should someone with typical East Asian features avoid going to cruising places?
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
wing... able to have *** with man/ woman and desiring to have *** with man/ woman are 2 different things. the so called *** saying since they are married to woman, have kids and yet whoring with men should smell the proverbial coffee and realise they are are not straight. If you like oral and ***, then there are many women who would give you that, you don't need man for that. the very fact that you are hunting for man for *** makes you forfeit the straight card.
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
One can be straight and still have *** with a man, so ppl spare your shocks!
I am a flaming gay but still had *** with woman, enjoyed the physical part of it even though nothing in them turned/(s) me on..Just saying
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
shocked and amused on the statement being made by few that ‘ I am straight’

Dost wake up and smell the coffee .. u r bisexual probably .. if u were straight then u wud have not come here ..
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
i am married..,, my wife is smart, loves ***.. but i dont that kick alone.. i always wanted mfm3sum as i am bisexual...
Fun while traveling in flight
i seduced few men during my journeys... luck turned up 3 times ...... exchanged numbers .. planed matting/meeting in hotel ........

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