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Fantasy with your favorite celebrity
no doubt dear terrence is a gay piece iw ant to *** him hardly i love him he is my dream boy ummma ummma a single night sand with him
Fantasy with your favorite celebrity
i am fantacy to *** with siddhartha malhothra what a hndsomehe is and his lips his nose his body i heard he is a gay if i got him omg that day is heven for me i cant leave him full day and night kissing *** his boobs licking his thighs and butts and bites them and do all mischiefs with i lick his full body with smearing honey
he is my darling baby

Travel Explorers and Cruising
Hi ,
I will be travelling to Puri next month for a 2 day trip ..
Anyone who have idea about puro hotels or massage parlours where can have some satisfaction please share with me ..or any hotel staff u found to be gay or bisexual please share
Experience with politicans
Chirag Paswan is definitely hot. Just love to see him in movies. Also his recent shirtless image giving homage to his late father is mind blowing. Tejaswi surya is damn sexy so is Anurag Thakur and sachin pilot. There could be many at regional/local level.
Experience with politicans
Can anyone let me know how to get in touch with politicians?

I have huge crush on MLA Arvind limbavali ❤️

I would love to meet him !
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Also watch 365 days movie on Netflix.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Watch Spartacus on Netflix. 100% of the times the guys are in high rising underwear. With their cheeks visible all the time.
Many times their bare butts are visible. Sometimes full frontal too.
Bare chest is the something that is on the screen literally 100% of the time.
Trust me they all are the hottest guys. Most of the times you'll see 3-4 guys on-screen either in just underwear or nude.
Have you ever found love at hopeless place?
I am actually looking out for someone who can really love me like a girl. And unfortunately I don't have anyone :( From Tamilnadu
Experience with politicans
I want to meet MLA NA Haris. Anybody knows any info about him?
Experience with politicans
Would love to meet Aravind limbavali
Travelling in Group
I will be interested. Trekking will be rather hectic during winters. Will take away all the fun. How about small trips to Mahabaleswar, khandala, where enjoyment will be maximum along with experiencing the beauty of nature.
Also kalimpong in North Bengal can be a good option
Wannabe tops
@bins.. U said true .. most of the people biggest task is to buy a condome .. funny it is .... plz be cautious and maitain safety
Wannabe tops
Most of the tops on PR and other sites are people desperately seeking a hole. For them, its mostly a ***, f*ck and go relation - it comes free, because they target free bottoms. The only expense for them is usually buying condoms. For the bottom, it works as well - they get to *** a tool and get a tool up their hole. So its basically not a "top"-"bottom" relationship, but a desperate tool needing a desperate hole.
Travelling in Group
Please do plan the trip of South India or western ghats..

In extremely chilled conditions, it would be difficult for me to join in himalayan region trekking.
Lost And Found
In 1991-92 I was doing my mba in Baroda. One evening while returning from college one guy came towards me and said "I think we have met" and he touched a wound mark on my chin. "I had seen you in Jaipur, I identify you by this". In fact, he was trying to say that he was gay. I said ok. (I've never been to Jaipur in my life) He gave me hotel name and room number. At 9 pm I went to his room and then we had some beer. (Gujarat is dry but hotel waiters can arrange liquor) we had dinner and then we started kissing, then I *** his nipples. First he *** my *** and I came in his throat. Till the morning I *** him 4 times. He was a great sucker and had magic in his fingers. He carressed my testicles, *** my *** and made it hard every 2-3 hours and then I *** him. I've never met such a *** bottom in my entire life.
Lost And Found
Long back when I was in chirala. In a computer institute one guy *** me awesome .. later we used to have fun on the terrace of that computer institute. He *** on the upstairs of the building . He stays in police quarters chirala. Name starts with s .. dont want reveal the name here . If that guy here message ..
Travelling in Group
AshishG yes I am also 32. N really intd to go on trek with like minded people. It will b surreal n sexy exp.

Looking-top yes v can do those treks

Hardy-g yes v can form a grp n have fun treks and experiences
Wannabe tops
Many folks have a mentality that choosing to be top means they get to be straight. They choose not to *** and just drill into an *** but in reality, a top is a personality who has a responsibility to pleasure his partner/bottom. He should ensure that his bottom is well Seducted and satisfied sexually. No rule states that too cannot ***. Top is just a version who initiates in the sexual act and then plays well.

@wannabe tops guys do change your perception. Being top don't make you straight rather dnt keep you straight. Either you are Bisexual or gay and you have to accept it.
Travelling in Group
I m also int for trip but i wanna ho goa , any body wanna join
Travelling in Group
I'm interested
Travelling in Group
Can you guys go for a group tour with me?? we can have *** in many locations of India.. like we can go to ladakh side for travelling and for having *** all naked outside..
Travelling in Group
@AshishG indeed kedarkantha is a great winter trek. I did that trek on Dec 2017.

We have other good winter trek options like har ki dun, brahmatal, dayara bugyal, deriotal chandrasheela
Travelling in Group
I see so many rivers and diverse flora and fauna here in western ghat of Karnataka but I want to see snow and experience that climate, I am 31 year old, like minded people can travel now. May be in April I may not be India so if anyone interested we can hangout
Travelling in Group
Trekking in winter will not be a good idea. Himalayan winters is not a easy job. It wil make the trip more cumbersome rather than fun. This kind of trek is only for the experienced ones. Also we will not be able to see any green nature or rivers. It’s all snow. I wud love to do meditation in early mrngs or evenings whilst on trek besides the rivers . All this wud not be possible. We should trek in April/May with proper planning.

Sidarth am 32 vers btm. Mumbai.
Travelling in Group
Hey. It would be great if you could tell me about the age group that has confirmed to travel.
I am a travel freak. Been to Himalayas trek twice. Would be intrested if everything seems good.
Travelling in Group
I m also interested but why we are planning for Kedarnath , means why Temple?! We can go somewhere else like Shimla
Travelling in Group
Is it but I called 2 to 3 trip organiser Kedarnath trekking will be open, I am mean trekking not the temple
Travelling in Group
Hello Ashis g u planing trip by bus or bike I think in dec road r closed
Travelling in Group
Hey all we can go for kedarkanth trekking, it may cost overall 20 to 25k even I am going first time to Himalaya, j, in December end we can travel when there is good snow fall, I am in Bangalore but we can all meet in Delhi and from there we can go to deharadun and start trekking
Wannabe tops
@SHANTAUnu. I had a similar incident with a dead meat on the bed and had to walk away. It was a dissappointment only since we discussed what each of us like before meeting. And then when the day arrived, all i saw was a selfish hypocrite. Anyway lesson learnt.
Travelling in Group
U guys just spoke my mind. I have also been wanting to do a Himalayan trek. Let’s do a little simple yet nature filled and fun trek in Himalayas. M 32 Mumbai vers btm.
Travelling in Group
I also want Break from my Work,doing hard work and i am so tired, but i am belong to lower class family..
Travelling in Group
@AshishG which Himalayan trek are you planning? I need a break badly. Would like to join
Travelling in Group
Even i wish to go to the himalayas....i wanna go anywhere ..i need a break badly ..this lockdown quarantine life has taken a toll on me badly ..its been ages i have been on a vacation....let .me know if i can join too im 38 ... A fat chubby guy ...
Travelling in Group
Pl share more details if possible... Like dates, money, etc
Travelling in Group
hi anyone interested for trekking, we can go to Himalaya trekking let me know, I am interested
Wannabe tops
It's a typical conception of Indians.
So called tops or hypocrite tops r boring.
Once I meet a guy in hotel ,he is lye down on bed as naked .He said do whatever u like,i reply I don't *** with dead body,left immediately.
Another i meet a body builder in Bhubaneswar.i do play body play and gave him rimming ,den *** him.
He enjoy a lot,but request me not to say anyone bcoz in his place ,he known as a top.
Basically u must know how to enjoy *** or ur session.
So called top they don't know how to do *** and they r very snobbish .
Top shld b behave like a man as man treats women.
Change ur Orthodox mentality.
Boy's Love BL Series
Love them. Watched a Brazilian gay series on Youtube. Hot guys, hot body, nice story. Not much intimate scenes except smooches. Deals with gay specific issues esp related to coming out, ***, relationships. Forgot the name and YouTube links are not working anymore.
Wannabe tops
Top bottom vers - now vers top and vers bottom - it all boils down to *** - satisfying your lust - so long as both the partners or a group have satisfying *** how does it matter - when you are without clothes passion takes over and then you do what your heart desires - body *** *** or get *** - if what happens is consensual and if it provides sexual pleasure - so be it!
Once it happened - I was with one bottom and one so called top - the bottom had planned a threesome - after a long foreplay with the bottom we got down to getting physical - the bottom *** my tool and then I *** him - the bottom then went to *** the other top - he refused to be *** and pleaded with me to *** him - well I *** him 2 hrs later - it was an unexpected double whammy for me - and that top was more physically stronger than me - I was satisfied he too was - he is out of town and pleads me often to visit him and *** him - but travel 6 hrs one way for a *** - I hooked up with that bottom 3 times after that - now lost contact - possibly have changed his number - *** is *** - top bottom vers are all just subjective
Wannabe tops
Though I am basically bottom and like to take deepthroat, have my moobs pressed and *** and take ***, I still desire to be a top. Don't think this is abnormal. There can be so many desires present in a single person.
Wannabe tops
I have a friend near by in arakere, he claims as top and want threesome with bottom. My self and him two tops. I don't judge him for being girlish , but dont be top just because of Ego. Anyway, its their life their wish.
Wannabe tops
I am a bottom and its getting harder to find tops any more. I use to go over to a guy couple and they would both *** me and that was great but then they moved away. I got to meet a new guy and we *** regularly for a few years but he to moved away. There is the male half of a couple me and my girl friend play with him and his wife but me and him have both *** my girl friend and me and him have met up and I *** him hard and he would *** me but after the Flu crap he has not been around. Its been a year since we have seen him. I have been looking for a regular top guy but no luck.
Wannabe tops
but i don't have any thought about beeing bottom. I can't even finger myself as it hurts and i really did not like the feeling.
Wannabe tops
It might be a good initiation and sign of getting into being bottom.

Slowly and steadily your mind and body will be dragged into bottom (sissy) world.

This is totally my personal opinion.

Please do not be judgmental.
Wannabe tops
i have never bottomed. and i always dreamed of *** someone. i believe i am not a bottom since i don't want to be *** or even fingered. but meanwhile i am very attracted to manly hairy mature men. i am very attracted to thick dark uncut ***. i want to *** and *** ***. but this doesn't mean i am a bottom. right?
Wannabe tops
I also agree with you... Specially when a male starts bitching and gossiping about others...
Wannabe tops
Every man have a women in them they just need to explore it in a comfertable environment and once she came out than we realise ohhh what i am and what i need.
Boy's Love BL Series
All the BLs can be found on this website.
Experience with politicans
yes he is lovely and hot
Experience with politicans
No one admires Chirag Paswan ?

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