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Gay Themed Movies/TV series
Guy's... please watch " Netflix's Sky rojo"...
Inquiries on Cruising Spots - Courtesy Protocol
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
Here is the gay video from the series Class
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Nope. I did not see the color was waiting for the tool to peek out
Inquiries on Cruising Spots - Courtesy Protocol
Nice and sensible post actually. Kudos
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
Insaw the trailer of class though didn't find any gay reference although some shirtless guys were hot...
Will def watch ..
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
where can i find class
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
Cobalt blue is good , where can i find class ?
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
Cobalt blue had really amazing scenes between protagonist and pratiek .. very sensual
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
@topinandheri yes the Class has nice gay scenes and even it has a cuckold plot which i found bit exciting
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
A New oscar nominated movie "The Whale" Is now screening.
It is about over over weight gay guy who happens to become so fat in the memory of his boyfriend who passed away. Really slow and sad story but very strong.
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
Class is more or less same copy of Spanish version. But it is good. I watched it.
Gay Themed Movies/TV series
A new Hindi web series on Netflix called class is released. I have not watched it yet but it is based on Elite, the super popular Spanish series. The original had 2 really great gay and bisexual subplots so I searched and looks like they have kept those in the Hindi version as well so I'm definitely going to watch it.

Here is a video of the gay sub plot I found online - Watching young Indian guys in such scene is definitely something else. Do watch and post your comments here.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Hotels partnering escorts and masseurs
Some rules that I follow while bringing in a guy in my room.

1. Book 3 star and above hotel. 4 or 5 stars are better as they don't care.
2. Ask the guy to wait at hotel lobby. I go down to escort him to the room.
3. Talk with the guy for a minute in lobby and behave like you both know each other for years.
4. Once done with fun, I go with the guy and escort home out of hotel.
5. No overnight staying
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Wanted to post this long back.....

In parithabangal videos, gopi's was visible in a few shots... in one of the recent videos.... lol.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
This thread is dead now. Was good to c real videos wid sm hotness. *** is all fake we know, and here good videos and movie options used to be shared....
Beware of frauds and fraudsters
@Str8lover wadia college loo is always risky. This has happened with me too few years back. Cops came in and took some cash n one cop also asked me to come inside loo with him (he was rubbing his buldge,).i denied to go inside , started my bike and ran away.
Open relationship versus monogamous relationship
Hi Princy, i was the Top in our relationship that lasted for just merely 2 years. And yes i still miss him even today after nearly 15 years. No matter what he did to me and my trust for 2 whole years, I STILL miss him at times. It's not easy to forget someone you loved with full heart and soul. But guess what, over the period things would get better. But yeah, that empty space is something that cannot be filled by anyone. It's the hard fact and that's something no one can change.
Inquiries on Cruising Spots - Courtesy Protocol
And, a bit irrelevant to this post but applies to all posts. Have some sense to post queries or details about the relevant post instead of spamming the thread with an out of subject post.
Hotels partnering escorts and masseurs
And offcourse fun was while we shared a drink.
Hotels partnering escorts and masseurs
I have tried twice in Pune. On both occasions I was invited by a guest who had checked in on regular basis. The traveller's came to reception and led me to his room. No questions were asked. We had a drink and fun and shower together. It's was a wonderful experience. I was not asked any id though I was local.
Beware of frauds and fraudsters
At Andheri DN nagar... basically everyone knows what happens inside loo and behind parked buses including nearby people who are staying/cops/shops/etc....

But never found a cop trying to thug any guy.... instead fake cops who try to pose as a cop are nuisance...

Even if u stand near loo cops won't trouble you...

During second lockdown around 3am a cop on bike asked me what I was doing there... I simply said I was just taking a stroll... then he said not to stand here... I smiled and he left...

Hotels partnering escorts and masseurs
How about if we book one room but for two occupant/guest
Beware of frauds and fraudsters
@Biguy007 -
Am glad u were able to find ur friend.
But i didn't understand how u access his Grindr if he had that phone with Grindr installed.

I know u said something about a techie helping u, but if it was other way around, like then it would mean a techie can benefit with Grindr information and then that would mean Grindr has a big security hole.

Can u please explain.
Open relationship versus monogamous relationship
Thank you @shiva for ur words, some times words r like medicines bitter but help to come out from problem, i try to follow ur words ...
@guy27 bi.... Thank you so much....
Lot of messages nd wishes in my inbox also from lot of people.... Thank you everyone for ur blessings and wishes for my future..... Thank you so much 🙏🙏
Most attractive Indian celebrity man to you
i prefer mostly mature guys like
Raza Murad
Naseeruddin Shah
Planning for " Latter Days"
came across this article
Most attractive Indian celebrity man to you
Kay Dhundane skin is so smooth no doubt his candy will be super clean,
Rohit Shinde is guy i think might bi,
Nikhil Babar dance moves really make me think he is in from our community especially his pole dance.
Most attractive Indian celebrity man to you
Vidyut Jamwal
Rohit saraf
Dr rohit shinde (marathi big boss)
Jay dudhane (marathi big boss)
Rohit khandelwal
Nikhil babar (dancer)
Inquiries on Cruising Spots - Courtesy Protocol
People need spoon feeding here. They don't want to use their own heads and Google them. They need Google location and also the GPS coordinates at times. And they even expect you to mesage them personally about that place. Come on people use your head and Google the places.
Open relationship versus monogamous relationship
I feel Soul has no pain it is attribute less like this body the pain is for manas/manasu or emotional heart soul doesn’t know to differentiate between good and bad I guess manasu alone uses strategy logics anyway there is nothing to feel bad or sad as long as one is healthy and has capability to fill his belly. Nothing else is absolute a couple may be so bonded but if one dies what would the next one do he or she will live the remaining life in grief like wise our mom dad or sometime our siblings departs what would v do we still live until our turn comes so keep moving we are very much alike animals the rib cage organ shape and size the way of reproduction and milking the baby but due to formation of culture and some sort of artificial rules and laws we have severely failed to experience life we invented apparels and we long to c the body without apparel. We praise humans as supreme to other creatures but we fail to understand that we can’t climb a wall like a lizard secrete poison like a snake or fly like a bird each creature is unique and supreme we have to learn a lot from them. So I advice you to c urself inward than to c for external gratification of course v have morphology biology so the needs r there treat it just like hunger and thirst once it goes move to the next work. Wish u a speedy recovery bro I may b wrong in many ways but I wish to help u recover soon 😘😘
Open relationship versus monogamous relationship
@Princy it's so heartbreaking to hear your experience, this a the reality that most of the community live in , they can't come out of the relationships and suffer.
In your profile it says karma believer , I hope he gets what he deserves.
Wish you good luck on your soul rebuilding journey
Open relationship versus monogamous relationship
Very interesting thread....
One soul mate is enough for life time ?? But if the soulmate keep cheating us then ??
Here is my love life story...
9.5 years bfr i meet a guy in a party thru a common friend of us both...very good looking person nd well educated.
We exchange numbers nd meet one fine day nd had fun, he was d 1st person who fu***d me , i start liking him nd he proposed me for a relationship, we both move in relationship, he was like my life , things was going good , lot of storms came in life..he cheated me many times for *** with others but then also i was not having courage to leave him nd just ignoring things for d relationship, he want me to be in a cage but he can fly like a free bird which can sit on any one balcony, usually in relationship a top do lot for happiness of bottom but in our relationship always i was thinking what make him happy nd i was doing that things... On valentine's day i decorated my home with candles nd path of flowers for him nd more, i guess if i start telling that all then it's take 10pages, 8.5 years gone with happiness, pain but lustness of him nd loyalty of me didn't ended,1year bfr i seen his what's app chat with his friend ,my bf telling him that he is more comfortable with a guy whom he meets may be 10 times for *** then me , land shaked down from my legs , i was like in a big shock, i asked him nd he told ignore it, after that more strange things happened, he keeping me wait for 2 hrs to Talk over phn nd keep talking with a person whom he had sexual relationship 7 years bfr , he replying in midnight to other bottom msgs on whats app when we was together, finally i understand he wants me to end everything btwn us bit he don't want to tell that as i blame him for break up, lot of sleep less nights nd tears in eyes for me after all these things nd finally one day i declared him that things ending between us in what's app nd he happily said ok... It was like shock for me , that night I thought end my life also but god have other plans, 2nd day of breakup i saw him online on some dating app nd with a fake id i messaged him , he instantly shared his lot of nudes ,face pic nd even nd telling i will come if you have place right now , he don't have a pain or feeling of ending 8.5 years relationship... He need to pay me some money which i helped him when he needed, i asked that , he paid nd after that he called me and used a great line for me "U WILL BE IN THIS LINE ONLY" it was more shock for me ...which line am i? I didn't asked him any thing or didn't told any word also to him for that ... I didn't understand till today why he played with my life ?? May be o forget him after some time but d pain which he given to me that never be go from my soul nd for loving a person truly i paid my happiness, smile nd peace of mind nd more as reward ....i trust always in God .. after this all happened also i never stop trusting God bcoz i know one day my tears also dry.... At last i tell one thing... Don't play with any one feelings.... Don't do promises which you can't keep.... Don't cheat in relationship, don't compare ur patner love nd caring with a road side bitch....i am happy or sad but life going on... Nd it must go... May be one day again i rebuilt my soul ,may be again i smile one day....
Most attractive Indian celebrity man to you
Vicky Koushal,
Virat Kohli
Aswin Kumar (Tamil Big boss fame)
Tovino thomas
Rohit Saraf
Siddarth Malhotra

jst to name a few.. :)
Gay boss or employee?
i used to have mexican manager, he was hot as hell even in his 40s.. very nice guy !! always wondered what it would be to sleep with boss..! never dared to nor taken chance on !!
Gay experience with celebs
kannada guys are so freaking hot..!! which kanada actros @vickybot?
Handsome is as Handsome Does !!
I have a friend with whom I used to do it everyday in college and 2 years after college. *** happened naturally, nothing forced. Both of us are married now and we don't do it anymore. We never talk about it either. But we are still good friends and our families know/meet each other.

Even when I was on full swing with him, I used to get attracted to few other colleagues, friends etc. Even now, several years later I'm attracted every now and then to some friends and acquaintances. Almost always the feelings are reciprocated. Some of them are straight, some of them may be closeted gays. We never have ***, it's all about chemistry. And this romance/bromance feeling, that too without even knowing if the other person is also gay, is out of the world. It's better than any *** I'v ever had!
Handsome is as Handsome Does !!
I am sure, everyone in the community must have faced or pondered upon the nature of this urge and am sure 90% get into spiritual or meta aspects of life.

Let me share my story, the typical phases perfectly fit for me hence just sharing the phrases and not the whole story and bore you with details.
"No emotional connect at home", "Yearning for love, validation and acceptance from family and friends","Empty life", "Suicidal", "Early Bloomer - Realized sexuality at age of 12 ish", "Father straightened me with belt and due abuse", "Started acting straight with a face mask all my life", "I dont even know what being normal means?" , "Emotional drain - Social awkwardness" "Existentialist"

Given such traumatic experience, you are conditioned to fear, you are conditioned to be scared to go out and be who you are !! HENCE all gays become existentialists at some point or other, we just see physical needs as fleeting needs and we just address it and forget it. Popularly known as F and Forget..!!
I think i have fooled with about 10s of men, who were trying to connect to me emotionally, (probably i. was attractive when i was young) - But deep inside i am grown to be cynical, hence i fear having an emotional connect with any person, be it friend or a foe or a family !!

To connect emotionally, there should be some common ground for both, which we lack most of the times : Reason : "if he is from same profession - we fear being running into each other and getting exposed (paranoia)" - "If he is from different profession, we dont have commonality" - No common topic of caste, relitgion, tradition, likes, interests can unite - because all these cant give us a backstory to have a cover up.

All thats common in all interactions is "Fear" - Thank you Society, you have gifted me a living hell !! I am indebted to you so much, i ll for sure haunt all the straights when i come back as Devil !! :)

And thanks for making this thread, penning down thoughts always lowers grief and anxiety !
Keep the post active. Every life matters - Every journey matters. May god bless all !! Peace.
Gay boss or employee?
It’s natural for everyone to get attracted towards good looking person no matter if that is straight or gay.. girl or boy.. few of them go ahead and approach and few of them try giving hints and few of them do not dare.

As I’m vers I also got attracted towards lot of guys and girls too at my work place. But I never approached to any guy neither dare to approach any girl.

But I got lot of hints at every work place where I worked.. as I worked into calling profile and when I speak in English I tend to fake accent (which comes out naturally) and I sound bit thin and smart people around me recognise about my sexuality. Thankfully I haven’t faced a lot of issue with this. Now comes time where few guys want to take advantage of my sexuality( I’m guess this with hints I got from them) I worked for one call centre and my work time was 4pm to 1am, I use to travel self as work place was close to my house. There was one good looking guy and was smart ( hope you get what smart means here ) he was also working in same time 4pm to 1am but use to stay back and sleep in sickroom and go in the moring as he use to stay far he must be sleeping there at night and saving his time to travel in night. He was senior to me and they had their own group of senior. But this guy started speaking with me on random topics and one day he asked why are you going home ? Stay back we will sleep here in sickroom and you can go in the morning. To which I dined and went to home as I stayed close. But I guess he wanted to do some action with me to which he must have said this. Trust me guys all girls on the floor use to like him.. and he was smart not only by looks but with brain too.. he had gf too. I left the company in very short period of time and we are not connected.. there was other guy which I doubt was gay and we were in different process but hired in same batch even he approached me to stay back and sleep in sickroom and that too of girls sickroom and up on asking he said girls don’t sleep in the night there and boys sickroom is occupied.

In my previous job there was a hot sexy guy.. even straight boys use to appreciate his personality. Everyone use to feel he is client (he look like foreigner) he was senior to me. One girl at office party drunk and then he took him to some lodge and they had action and since thn they went into relation .. trust me guys that girl was zero in front of him ( I’m not disrespecting her but she really looks nothing as compared to the guy) and everyone in office was knowing he is using her and even they both knew it is not going to work for longer term. The girl became good friend of mine and we started talking about their relationship and *** life.. she use to discuss lot of things and once told me that he was asking for *** *** and he enjoyed that. She shared lot other things which will go too long but I wanted to specify this because this shows his interest for *** ***. As girl became my good friend and he also knew it ..we also became bit friendly. He use to ping me Skype for resetting password of some application and I use to reset with his girlfriend name. Once he called me at his desk and he was alone and started discussing about one ticket while our discussion I noticed he was tabbing his middle finger on desk.. but I ignored and went back to my desk at the end on the conversation. Once we all were talking about office party and I said I don’t drink alcohol to which he replied one day I’ll forcefully make you drink I replied back try your luck. But than covid came and nothing happened further. There are more small incident were I found he showed his interest but I never wanted to do any action at work place with guys who just want to use gays as their toy because I know they do things and prideful tell people I *** him .. and he blowed me and all ***.. meeting gay guys via gr I have done because I know that even front person is into it.

I was going to post this in missed opportunity thread. But I thought they were not missed but I left them by myself.

I will suggest everyone not to go carzy or allow yourself to use as a toy of their joy and then make you as topic at work place. Mostly bottoms like to seduce and show themselves but trust me we ourself are spoil everything.
Handsome is as Handsome Does !!
This thread should come up in the front page for anyone interested beyond seks to read and ponder. A wonderful read!
Most attractive Indian celebrity man to you
The search continues. Phew! Why can't I find out the name?! O⁠_⁠o
Open relationship versus monogamous relationship
This thread is pretty insightful. That being said, it's scary to think about multiple partners. I guess one soulmate can sustain us for lifetime. :⁠-⁠)
Paid services
99% online services are fraud and money traps. Don’t fall for it guys. Why waste money when you can have *** for free.
Paid services
also m one straight friend bbooked a callgirl online. he paid almst 4000 and when he reached to the hotel, the escort service manager said you have to pay Rs 10000 deposite for safety of that girl. lol, his all money gone.
Paid services
i called one bot from gay escort services pune, but even after paying Rs 500 online I the guy didnt come. the manager said he is busy with another client and I wasted my Rs 500.
Gay experience with celebs
i had been with few kannada actors
Gay experience with celebs
its all common in film industry
Beware of frauds and fraudsters
Yes, it is better to have VC. If any moron deny to have VC, just ignore. What's the point of having chat If someone not interested in VC. There are some idiots here for time.pass.
Beware of frauds and fraudsters
I got a message from one such fake doctor profile on Grindr. He looked muscular and told me he lives in Huoston , Texas. I texted but did not reveal my number. I insisted for a vc but he used to keep getting angry. I simply blocked him. A similar incident in July 2022, this time a doctor from Kenya.

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