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Effeminate behaviour or mannerisms
Being a below-average backbencher since childhood, I was always surrounded by the rowdy/rough male crowd which influenced my personality quiet a bit. Which is also why it took me way too long to realise my sexuality.
But that lifestyle also influenced my walking, talking, behaving, physique, and actions to be more "Manly" than someone would expect from a vers-bottom.
Recently (since 2019), I actively started pursuing cruising as a bottom and embracing the kind of "slutty" lifestyle. Which is why sometimes, when I feel confident enough during cruising, I start to walk, talk, and act like a female/hijra. And honestly, nothing feels more fun and exciting than that.
Walking on random secluded streets, one hand flowing back and forth while I groom myself with my other hand, giving the side-look and winking to hungry males, referring to myself as a woman, etc. It just adds to the excitement of getting frisky with a stranger at random places. Sometimes I do wish to shave all of my body hair (I'm quiet hairy) and crossdress to add to the feel, However, Since I haven't come out to my family and friends (long story with serious personal reasons) I can't go all the way without raising suspicion, but still, changing my mannerisms to suit my personality for that little period of time is a fun I never knew I wanted, but I'm glad I do now.
Missed Opportunities
@ragepember we all have our fair share of guys who get immense pleasure in arrange a meet only to not show up. It is very immature but it is way too common of an occurance. Having said that, i would encourage you to give it another shot. You may be in a straight relationship, but the fact that you are an active participant on a gay website tells me that you still might be looking to quench your bi curiosity.
Being bottom is it ok to like getting dominated?
With girls im very dominant but i let go off it when im a bottm n let the top take control. I choose fat n mature tops who hve thick nd atleast 6 inches tool because they always choke me n pull my hair when they r on top of me n *** deep.... n they are fat, so i am under the weight nd i feel trapped under their body .., can feel the hairy belly on my back curve nd i always *** becuse of that.....
Gay LinkedIn
I.m bottom 32 bhuj I like 45+ any interest sent me mail rocksoza7@gmail.com
Missed Opportunities
I am a bi curious person and have always been in straight relationship till date. 5-6+ years ago I was single and wanted to try out dating a guy. A guy on Ohmojo connected with me and we exchanged numbers. He was a married man and was easy to talk to. We decided to meet at a set time in one of the restaurants in Powai as he used to work there. I was so nervous as this was something completely new to me. I waited for that guy at the restaurant for hours, but he didn't come. Nor did he pick up my calls or message me. So I blocked his number and never again tried dating guys. Right now I am in a very good place and in a straight relationship. But God how different it would have been for me if I would have crossed the line. I still think about it.
Being bottom is it ok to like getting dominated?
I was very shy- band some how hesitated to take *** in ***, but once I met this man and he was very serious faced and dominating, through out he called me like girl and spanked me on my ***..he took out all.my manhood In a second and made me a complete girl. Then he gave his tool in to my *** even though I was reluctant. He *** nicely and squeezed my boobs. Wrote *** on my stomach after the session.i felt very bad, but after reaching home I felt very good and actually craved for such sessions again.
Being bottom is it ok to like getting dominated?
I like to being dominated but in a good way
Being bottom is it ok to like getting dominated?
I'm bottom too. I prefer lite spanking, nipple pincking etc. Not into total domination, humiliation and torture stuff..
Being bottom is it ok to like getting dominated?
I'm a bottom and also very shy, introvert and scared IRL. I crave for dominance, being controlled and toyed around. The scared me avoid being in company of so called dominant men because it can lead to scary things very easily. But the longer I avoid being in company, the more I crave for it and willing to try even more extreme and taboo stuff.
Effeminate behaviour or mannerisms
Workout wouldn't change your mannerisms. It will make you slimmer and shapely. Your butt would become rounder and shapely if you do the right exercises. You would look fitter and sexier. Only thing you can change is the manner of your walking. It could be like a man or a woman depending on occasions.
Effeminate behaviour or mannerisms
Thanks guys for talking on this topic. Your support means a lot to me.

@Akshat_Bottom I am looking for a change in career. I work in a MNC which has policies against such discrimination. However, the discrimination is subtle and exists in the psyche of the common folk. Sometimes they body shame or resort to name calling. I retaliate sometimes, but more often than not, pretend to have been deaf to those conversations. Such incidents are a blow to my self esteem and confidence. But I am very good at what I do.

Now I'm tired of my job and will shortly move to another facet in the same finance industry which will be more of a front end job. I do not wish to stake any chances with this new career. Would you have any advice to offer?


@Nishantkoaa How does workout help in changing mannerisms? I do not work out at present.

Effeminate behaviour or mannerisms
I have a friend who can put girls to shame in being femnine... He is as successful as any straight guy or rather more then that... He is a VP in a company and 100s report to him..

Its about ur confidence, knowledge and talent... no doubt he was also mocked upon... but if u are talented...no one can stop u in being successful...
Share your Happy non sexual gay moments here
Back in teenage years, my cousin bro to move to our house as he had some training nd he was going to stay with us for 6 months. Before that I had seen him quit a few years ago when I was child and he was a teen..so wasn't really looking forward to it
But he came n i was jaw dropped shock to see him a strong muscular man in his 30s. I immediately gone mad for his looks. I used to call him Dada and he was going to share room with me. He was very handsome and very intelligent guy. Soon we became a good buddies. Although I was madly in love with his looks but I respect the relationship and never crossed the limits. Soon summer started and he was almost shirtless all the time when we were in room. He used to insist me on staying shirtless as sweat can cause skin problems and all. He was well toned and I used to praise his body n ask for suggestions for weight loss I was chubby.. He would say stay like that chubby looks nice.. He would tease me your gf wl love teddy like your i used to shy.
There was incident i had fight with my best friend n i came home almost crying and went straight to bed n layed facinf down. Dada was there only. He got all worried about what happened and all he started comforting me.. Told me to stop crying n talk what happened. So I did n while telling I started crying n he held me to his bare chest. N I also cuddled him properly. He made me feel relaxed. He was moving his hand on my shoulder and back. He was so nice. Telling me life lessons n assuring everything will be fine. We cuddled till we fell asleep. It was very special moment.
Since then we both unintentionally started cuddling up daily..
In summer we joined swimming and saw each other naked n laughed but that was ice breaker n we would shower together.. I once said isn't it weird.. He was like chalta hai bhaiyon ke bich.
This was again led to staying naked n changing naked in front of each other. It was arousing for me but I didn't dare, perhaps I was enjoying the non sexual part
Before he was going back we once watched a very bold movie n he was like ab jana padega bathroom.. Frankly I didn't understand what he meant so I was like why so he laughed n shaked his hand indicating Masturbation.
I was like eww.. He laughed n went n came back Said now you can go.. I said no m fine.. He said dekh le nai rat mai gir jayega sapne mai.. I said nai hoga... Like this we used to tease n have non sexual fun.
He left after then and till now we never met again and now he moved canada with his wife.
โ™ฅ ๐Ÿงก ๐Ÿ’› ๐Ÿ’š ๐Ÿ’™ ๐Ÿ’œ
Effeminate behaviour or mannerisms
Yes one needs to be straight acting. Don't have that hum to bhai jaise hain waise hi rahenge attitude. Unfortunately, many people realize it very late when they are made fun of. Even girls are now a days copying boys' mannerisms. With too many news about gays and girlish gay characters in movies, a girlish child is predicted to be gay by the people around him and chances of him to be sexually exploited are likely.
Effeminate behaviour or mannerisms
@bottomboyvicky I don't know which corporate industry you work in but discrimination based on your physical trait / mannerism is strictly prohibited and goes against many company policies (at least it is where I work). If you are confident enough that ONLY your physical traits have caused any serious damage to your career, you can report this to appropriate channels meant for this kind of cases only (Usually its HR). But if you work in some private small company where such policies are non-existent then I am afraid you have no option but to find another job, preferably in some large western multi nationals where such laws do exist and strictly adhered to... Even better try to settle in western countries.

I know this sound far fetched but look at this way: changing your physical appearance or trait or mannerism is not going to work as it is quite possible that its embedded in you physique / psyche and you have not adopted such traits intentionally. Suppressing this (going against nature) could possibly lead to mental disorders such as depression.

Ultimately if you are not happy there is no point in working at such environment.
Missed Opportunities
I was travelling back from Ujjain to Ahmedabad and I had *** a *** in ujjain so thinking about it made me very very *** on the train. I opened up Grindr and changed my username to train number for convenience. Also, went on the chatovod side to ask for suggestions as to what to do when *** and in train. I had the top berth and it was night journey so everyone was fast asleep. I slowly started rubbing my *** inside my shorts. After gathering some courage, I decided to pull out my *** and jerk. There I was on top berth with my *** in my hand. Suddenly, on grindr a text came up. It was from a 40 yo man on the train. Showed 10 metres away. Straightaway he sent me his *** photo and that *** was thick, veiny and black!! I was extremely aroused. I told him I absolutely like your ***, so he said lets meet in S-7 Washroom. It was 2 coaches away. I so wanted to go and *** his *** hard while having my first experience in train. But I also feared a little and didn't go. Man I still regret that missed opportunity.
Missed Opportunities
I was 19 when this happened. We were on a college trip to the Northern India and were travelling from Jaipur to Mumbai via train. We had booked sleeper couch and just when the train was about to leave, a young chap, about 22-23 years old entered our compartment and he was carrying a lot of bags. He was having a hard time trying to find his seat with that luggage, and me and my friends offered to help carry his stuff. He found his seat, which was a side upper berth, which happened to be right near my seat which was an upper berth too. Now, he was this conventionally good looking boy and I was instantly attracted to him. All my friends either did not speak hindi or didnt speak it well, but I spoke it quite well, so we instantly hit off and thanks to the language barrier we two were left alone. We spoke a lot that day, he was really friendly, offered me some snacks n stuff, made jokes this n that.

After a point, i asked him to come sit on my berth, which was the upper berth so we dont have to talk loudly (lol) and sitting that close to the guy was made me kinda over conscious. We spoke for a long time, I dunno about what, may be about what he does in Mumbai, why he had so much luggage etc. he would occasionally touch my knees, or shoulder while talking and I would feel kinda excited. after a point he said he need to lie down and motioned to leave to his seat, but I said lie down here only, I will read something. He said ok, lied down and I sat at his feet side, reading some magazine and his feet were touching my ***. al the while he slept, his feet kept brushing against my ***, and it was clear that he was purposely touching my ***. I got aroused, but was scared to do anything, so after a while , noticing that no one is observing us, I kept his feet on my lap, he was still pretending to sleep but he slowly pressed my crotch, and my now erect tool with his finger, this happened for about an hour, it was arousing and I was totally hard. But thats it, nothing else I could do. He then woke up, near some station as he was supposed to get down at the next station and got his things ready. HE then sat next to me for a while and we chatted a bit, and i kinda sensed he was sitting very close to me, like he wanted to touch me, or hint at something. But I didnt know what to do.

as his station approached, he carried some of his bags, and me and another friend of mine carried other bags of his and went until the door to help him unload. the train stopped, he got down and we helped him unload his stuff and the other guys left. As i placed the last of his bag on the platform, he looked left and right once and straight away grabbed my ***. gave it one hard squeeze and said "I so wanted to touch it" and took my hand and made me feel his ***. It was semi hard now but man what a tool that was! now the train whistled and I had to get back, i said nothing out of shock and got back into the train. I tried to catch a parting glimpse of him but i could not as people were getting in and he got lost in the crowd. I quickly realised we could have exchanged numbers but it never occured to us (he had even shown me his sony ericcson mobile which played songs lol).

If only I had taken his obvious hints and if only I had shown some courage and responded, I would have had a good time with a beautiful man, but that chance was forever lost. I stil think of it, of what all we could ve tried, and ***,
Effeminate behaviour or mannerisms
It's unfortunate that society can't us be our natural self
People seem to get distracted by my hand movements when I speak - elbow downwards . Also my arms and fingers are long and thin.
On phone, I have been addressed as madam.
I had created a thread about my experience, teasing I faced.
There was a hint of feminism in my walk during my younger days .

Are there groomers, personality development courses for these traits? Model training classes? I wish to do voice training, not for others, . But when I listen to recording of my speech, I don't like it. Not that I find it feminine .
Being bottom is it ok to like getting dominated?
I like it when my partner tells me to do stuff even thinking about it turns me on
Effeminate behaviour or mannerisms
Well I to had this kind of behaviour. But later I overcame this by maintaining myself. Just try to observe yourself from a 3rd person view prospective half of your problem will end then and there. If you still think that you've became too much habituated then I think you should start doing workout (ofcourse if you don't do it now). If still it exists then make yourself understand that may be few things are not ment to be changed. At the end of the day satisfaction matters not the success it's good to be yourself sometimes.
Effeminate behaviour or mannerisms
Actually, i like to have feminine manners as i believe that it may please my top partner.
Effeminate behaviour or mannerisms
People are scared of something that is not normal
Being bottom is it ok to like getting dominated?
I m bottom and i also like to get dominated i enjoyed a lot when any top got control over me
Missed Opportunities
This happened about 12 years ago or more. I was travelling alone back to home late one night after some study sessions with friends by local train to Kandivali. I was standing at the door for fresh air and also since I had rhe risk of falling asleep if seated and could miss my stop. At Mahim there was a guy around 40 years of age who got onto the same door where I was standing. He was burly, tall and sported long hair that reached upto his shoulders and even a bit longer than that. He was dressed in a pathani suit like some Muslim men do. He had a look of a local gunda about him and was looking at me in a funny way even before the train had halted at Mahim and he got on. As the train moved out towards Bandra and beyond, he immediately flashed his *** from his pyjama to me. It gave me a lot of thrill to see it. A couple of stations later, he took my hand and put it on his *** making me tug at it. I was afraid someone may see us as there wasn't much crowd at that hour. I removed my hand after couple of tugs and he kept making me return to it and I would remove my hand. At Andheri he got down and was directly looking at me making hand gestures to get down too. I really wanted to do it with a guy like him, but I had my hesitation. As the train moved out he looked really crestfallen. I wish I had moved to atleast have a chat with him. I wonder what would he have done, if he had had his way with me ๐Ÿ™ˆ
Being bottom is it ok to like getting dominated?
Well I have met lot of bottom... It's all different with everyone but yes most like being dominated. But being dominated is not bad if it is with consent infact lt is escape from reality for both guys. Some married guys or bosses let you do anything with them and some just want respectful enjoyment.
Missed Opportunities
My gym was in 3rd floor. I used to go in afternoon when gym was empty. The entire building is empty. One shemale was coming down after collecting money. Met at first floor. She asked money i told i didn't get. She touched my ***. I asked why and she just smiled. I went few steps top and got Lil ***.. came back down and pulled her and kissed. Could feel her tiny *** also.. she told let's go to washroom in empty first floor. But i didn't thinking someone would see me and my shame would go.
Gay Vacationing in India
anyone travelling in Pune? Will be in Pune on 2nd Oct. Anyone for date or sift fun?
Being bottom is it ok to like getting dominated?
Yes we all love when thereโ€™s a hard male jumping on us. I love getting dominated (in limits) as it gives me the feeling of being under control of a marad. Who protects me and also controls me. Who uses me and the sense of satisfaction to see in his lusty eyes is loads of fun.
Being bottom is it ok to like getting dominated?
I guess most of the bottoms love to get dominated. Even i lile the feeling then the top pounces on me and pounds me with my legs in the air till i ***.
The NARCISSISTIC gay in you
I used to be the guy who judge people on apperance,I am not good looking either but even then had the audacity to reject them based on their looks,I feel ashamed now,it hurts.
Missed Opportunities
this happened with me some 7-8 yrs back (i was 25) when i was travelling from delhi to jaipur in late night train in sleeper coach, and mine was lower birth, since it was a late night train, i was sleeping, also that was summer time so the rush was huge and there were people with waiting ticket also and were lying on the floor as they did not have confirmed seat.. you guys know how it is with Indian railways :-). there was a guy more or less of my age then, he was lying on the floor, the aisle between two lower births. i was intermittently opening my eyes and checking for the stations, so when i was doing that i saw the impression of that guys d*ck (it was loose obviously) which seem to me like a big one.. and i thout of touching it, but i did not want to be direct, so i laid on the birth such a way that my hand was hanging out of the birth and i pretend to sleep, while my hand was trying to do the trick, and it actually did, i put my fingers on his bulging impression, and the next moment what i see was his d*ck started to grow, and when it was loose its was lying down (may be he was wearing boxers or trunks i donno) and with my fingers i pushed that upside as it was growing, while i was njoying all that and all my attention was there, i suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder, gosh it was him, i got scared and thot he might shout at me or accuse me or abuse me or whateva etc.. but to my surprise he said 'karna hai?' means wanna do it.. i said yes.. then he said ' chalo bathroom mai' means lets go to bathroom, since it was all new to me.. i got scared and did not want to get into trouble or anything by being caught up etc.. so i denied.. and i said ' yahi karte hain' means lets do it here.. to which he denied and turned his back on me and did not let me even touch his cr*tch. sad .. well i also then slept and when it was my station in morning around 5-6 am , i woke up and saw he was standing and was folding his sheets etc. and while he was doing that i could see his d*ck was fully aroused and was visible out of his pants ... which hw was trying to hide from sheets that he was folding.. i donno what i thought but i grabbed that with my hands .. to which he did not say anything but smiled.. well.. that is all that happened that night or morning or whateva .. i think if i had listened to his suggestion of going to bathroom. i would have i mean we both would have enjoyed better .. guess i missed the opportunity
How are you being treated by your family & society
Though I am not out and not planning of doing it ever,I simply don't feel it's important rn,but I think my family guessed it already,both my father side and mother side family too always tells me not in bad way that I destined to be a girl instead of boy.
Being bottom is it ok to like getting dominated?
Nice thread, I m bottom and like to get dominated, controlled. Restricted movement by top, pushing me on walls, asking me to do different acts to please him.
Gay LinkedIn
i am looking for accountant @ DELHI
Share your Happy non sexual gay moments here
I think I am particularly lucky with love and *** in my life,though for a few years the luck seems to be depleted, anyway,I had this cool cousin I had my crush on since childhood,I really like hima nd have told him that he is very attractive and good looking but it was a thing of past,now I am 21 years old and he is a year older ,so it had happened a few weeks ago,I went to his house and we were laying on bed,he was talking with his friend over phone and I was scrolling through FB,he suddenly holded my hand in his and started caressing it, it was just fidgeting for him but my insides were shaking.it was just it,I know it's not gayish or anything but just geting to see someone we like is enough to make our day .
Being bottom is it ok to like getting dominated?
I think I have been with a caring but dominant guy and I will share our *** experience so guys will know how it should be,he makes me swallow his ***,penetrate things in me ,we had sdone various *** positions and fetishes,he likes doing hidden ***,so there were many times we were just an inch away from getting caught,but he never hitted me never abused,there were times when I upset him as I used to *** much faster than him.
Missed Opportunities
This happend in 2016 or 17 I had already experienced *** with more than half a dozen,but I was just 16 or 17 then,my family were travelling from Rajasthan to Kolkata,I was in middle right berth,we reached asansol and it was evening,now there were some guys who were traveling on half seats ,and in one of them was an army candidate name shubham,he was approx 23 or 24, cute with tight body ,in late evening after everybody went to sleep, i was awake due to my horniness,by luck he say infront of my seat,where my little brother was sleeping,we started talking casually, everybody was asleep and it was dim and I started giving him compliments about his looks and he replied by same remarks on me and my brother's,and then after some time I asked him to sleep near me as I have enough space,we were sleeping with my head in window direction,his feet were infront of me and I started licking them slowly slowly then when he didn't react I started swallowing them,it was really a turn on for me ,then I started pressing his ***,it was super hard and with that all my hesitation were gone ,I tried pulling his pants but it was hard as they were really tight,then suddenly my father woke up ,he was just below my seat and started drinking water ,like an idiot ,I asked him for water and when he noticed that someone is sleeping on my berth,he woke shubham up and started yelling ,it was really embarrassed,later he was in next compartment and though I saw him many times he never met my gaze.unlucky me.
Paid services
Meri to koi free me bhi nhi leta. Bhagwan ne rang kala kya diya , pic dekh kar hi reject kar dete h. Paid ki dur baat h.
Paid services
We need to enjoy life in any way paid or free juat enjoyment
Paid services
Paid services are good in the sense you can get a guy when YOU are ***. Otherwise, one has to wait if somebody else has place. For money's sake young hot guys would not mind having *** with older guys which they would otherwise decline. I know a paid guy who offers free *** to young hot guys but charges money from old ones. I pay him because I am old.
Gay LinkedIn
I know someone who was hired in a cement factory by someone who he met on a gay site. It did not turn out to be a happening job for him.
Homosexual but heteroromantic
@hotlund i suggest u get married to get over with you past heart break, that way u will have a new partner u will be involved with. its a win win situation. if u feel u will not be able to over come from past memories say ALL IS WELL and move on with your life. this mantra does work. try out for urself. All the best.
Homosexual but heteroromantic
Oh My God.....I thought only I am there like this. I feel similar. When ***, I seek guys and their tools, although I hate kissing guys. But romantically have always fallen for girls, currently heartbroken from few years, unable to get over the girl, unable to delete her from my memories. It's a mess.
Drug addiction in gay life
It's ruined the natural *** fun for me
The biggest regret I have is I tried it over 5 times and although I am off it since a year I haven't enjoyed *** that way
rather in the high phase I really didn't have an orgasm but whatever it was it was something which I haven't been able to get that feeling in regular ***. Also I lost all inhibitions and put myself at so much risk that I am testing myself for past year regualrly just praying something doesn't come up.
There are lots of people luring others to try it and even if not try they just make the use of it sound so good and normal that one day you feel like trying it and once you on it I doubt there is a term safe *** on high fun.
This scare doesn't ever let me loose my control over it but I have had hard ons thinking just about the old memories.
It's not a encouraging post I am just trying to tell you all that don't try it in the first place to regret it later and let it haunt you for such a long time.
It's like the government has removed the restrictions on face masks but people consider leaving the below masks out .
I might have tried it in a very extreme way but I am thankful and just lucky I could resist it and be clean for this long.
Gay LinkedIn
So if anyone of is working for such LGBTQ safe workspaces or have a self owned company rooting for safe workspaces, can refer the talent from here, and help make a positive change in someone's life. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Gay LinkedIn
*recruiters who have Zero Discriminatory polices on LGBTQ workforce. This means when a "predator" is threating or has ill intentions towards a LGBTQ person (out or closeted) , they (predator) can be held responsible by the administration by taking appropriate actions, according to a company's LGBTQ policies.
Gay LinkedIn
@ente xperience well said, I agree with you. All spaces of work and life should be made safe for all. I am guessing, few of us here have misread the intentios on LGBTQ empowerment. LGBTQ people aren't "special or they don't need reservations"
We all are hoping for an accepting society and bring already much delayed changes and rights to the LGBTQ community.

Now, talking about "*** and work life" firstly let's understand the idea behind including diverse talents at work with NO discriminatory behaviour based on a person's ***, case, creed, ethnicity, sexuality and sexual orientation. ( Not to confuse with isolated ill interests based on these parameters )

inclusion at work simply means acceptance and zero discrimination based on above human parameters.
It has no intentions of "mixing *** with work"

This is only to create safe space at work. And there are lot of recruiti

Homosexual but heteroromantic
Do married and contact with one man also who can satisfied both of you means you and your wife both with happy in sexual life she will get strong *** you will get strong ***
Homosexual but heteroromantic
If once got married to a women then never & ever come back to have *** with men. Stay with her forever. Don't keep her into risk of stds
Gay LinkedIn
Let the LGBTQ walk through how a normal person walks through all over...
This thread could have opened up just with title "Talent sharing" .. Let we hire for anyone in the earth whose skill matches with req job...

If lust takes over employment in office, it's individual responsibility to come out.. And they won't stay strong in a company when situations changes..

Let's connect with everyone without cornering LGBTQ people as another category..

In mnc they make such announcement as per their ethical policy.. And to safeguard LGBTQ from harassment but not to discriminate.. Here we are discriminating and asking.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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