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Can friends have ***?

Submitted by AlwaysLusty09 Location: All India (All India, India)

I have recently made a couple of gay/bi friends, now I'm very concerned about getting physical with them. They really turn me on but I don't want to affect the budding friendship coz of something. After all, lately I've realised that how important it is to have gay/bi friends in life.

What are you views? If any experience please share. Thank you.

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Posted On Oct 31, 2022 - 12:28 PM

During college I was madly in love(one way) with my best friend.
It took a lot of courage and time from me to come out to him and express my feelings towards him. College was over by then and we seldom met.
He told me he is completely straight and nothing can happen between us. I tried my best to move on.

Last Holi we were partying with some other friends at my house and got drunk. After everyone left he seduced me. I was reluctant at first as I didn't wanna ruin our friendship but gave in as it was my dream coming true. That was the most memorable *** I had in my life. After we were done I was still in shock. I was walking him towards metro station when he told me that it was a one time thing and never to speak of it with him or anyone.

After that day he started avoiding my calls. There was a weirdness between us when I met him a couple months later. The comfort I used to feel with him as my best friend was gone. To make things normal I decided not to speak or remind him of that moment in any way. Whenever we met we acted as if nothing had happened between us and I was happy with it.

This weekend we(our college friend circle) were partying in a pub and were super drunk. He told me to come to parking area with him. We got inside his car and he asked me to *** him. And I did. Now I m feeling guilty again. Right now as I am writing this here I am praying that I don't lose him as my friend :(

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Posted On Oct 31, 2022 - 12:43 PM

He is using you as per his convenience, there are plenty of fish in the pond. Start socialising with other fellow gay guys, date them. Have your prejudice. Limit yourself with him, just have pure friendship.

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Posted On Oct 31, 2022 - 01:38 PM

Two incidents with friends during my childhood… many years ago

1. I had a neighbour who was in my college 11th grade. He was dark and handsome. We used to travel by bus together and I would
Always keep looking at his crotch area. After about a year, I dropped a a weird note saying I wanted to feel him there. Don’t know what he thought. He said no!! Few days later we were doing combined studies at his place as we were just two of us. When he was asleep, I slipped my and towards his zipper and started feeling. After few mins, he turned and was now sleeping on his back. I continued. I felt his hard on. Unzipped him and got it out. As it was pitch dark, couldn’t see it. I tried pulling his hand over mine. He resisted while I was still playing with his tool. Within few mins, he ejacul..d. After few mins he went to the toilet to wash himself and slept in another room. Things were not the same after that. Few months later he moved to a different city and we lost touch

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Posted On Oct 31, 2022 - 01:42 PM

2. During the same phase, I had another neighbour who was much younger to me. He was 6 years or so younger… once we while playing on the roof, accidentally felt each other there. We smiled and then pulled out Shorts down. Played with each other’s. He never had any liquid *** as he was too young. We continued this for many months. He also moved to a different city. I met him again after about 8-10 years. He was tall and grown up. Had a huge one. We again had fun at his house… we didn’t do anything after this as we have not met. Not sure if would be interested…

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Posted On Oct 31, 2022 - 01:51 PM

@prayag_bottom - you are emotionally getting involved with your friend while he is using you like a toilet paper. Nothing wrong with it. But someday, you will be very hurt… move on…don’t get involved when it’s one way

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Posted On Oct 31, 2022 - 07:20 PM

Thanks @Arwin & @Coolguyindi for saying the truth plainly.
I also feel being used by him. But I am so strongly attracted to him that it feels really tough to avoid him in those moments.

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Posted On Nov 1, 2022 - 04:10 AM

It's been years now but I am really good friends with some people i have picked at a cruising spots. We started as a cruising and now we are good friends. If it's a mutual feeling, there is no harm in it. And trust me, the *** makes our friendship better

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Posted On Nov 1, 2022 - 05:39 AM

well said @kdj...
*** and friendship complements each other... it creates more connect and closeness

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Posted On Nov 1, 2022 - 08:40 AM

Definitely friends can have ***.... if u don't want friendship to last long...

Generally, friends have *** and when it done they try to avoid each other... and when they again want *** they will contact you

So basically it will be only *** left an no friendship

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Posted On Nov 1, 2022 - 09:38 AM

Yes getting a friend who give *** to u is boon. How to *** with strangers. How to touch private parts

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Posted On Nov 3, 2022 - 08:28 AM

Saying this from my personal experience. Having *** with your close friend just ruins the friendship as it's either *** after that or guilt and loss of respect.

Its other way round as well.. in my case, met a guy via grindr and had amazing ***. But because we connected so well, went out for movies, shopping and now we r gud friends and dont feel like having *** anymore. Just some occassional kissing.

So no, I dont think friendship and *** "usually" go together very well.

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Posted On Nov 3, 2022 - 10:09 AM

Saying from experience.. i had a friend in first year of college.. we wer close n decided to take same room the next year.. second yr wen v vr in same room we got attracted and had *** in a rainy night.. it was sooo good. Then we both had *** for a year. Then I had to move out of hostel for personal reasons. After that wen ever i visited hostel i tried to go to his room. But he tried saying reasons n avoiding that to happen. Then wen college was abt to get over, he asked to come to his room. So i stayed in his room for three days. We had wild *** for 3 nights. Then after the college got over and v both kinda avoiding the calls n messages. He once was a good friend now i don't even know wer he is..

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Posted On Nov 3, 2022 - 12:27 PM

my sexual journey started of with a college friend it was great and we handled it nicely without ruining the relationship

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Posted On Nov 3, 2022 - 06:54 PM

When I was in school....in class10....my Benchmate used to touch my *** in class....he put my bag in my lap and used to unzip my pant....and touch my ***...he also used to take me to the school bathroom and press my *** very hard....I used to enjoy it but I never told him

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Posted On Nov 4, 2022 - 07:06 AM

Something similar happened with me in school as well. I had a guy friend and we both used to jerk off each other in classroom and in washroom. Wish I had done more than just giving and taking hand jobs.

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Posted On Feb 24, 2023 - 08:12 AM

Here we are speaking of 2 distinct catagories

1) having *** with friends who save same sexual orientation

2) having *** with hetro friends

1) this is pretty straight forward. - something to do with your emotional connect.
a) you meet a stranger, have great ***, keep meeting him again and again develope a an emotional connect, eventually he moves into family kind of zone , and the lust factor goes down ( another reason is u have had *** so many times , that nothing is new to you ). So *** - 0, friendship - 1

B) have a gay friend , and decide to have ***, again the primary reason why you got attracted to each other is physical attraction. So here again friendship can continue after having ***

2) so to say straight friend.
À) he is curious/ closeted - under influence of alcohol he might lower his guards and something might happen. If he is closeted, friendship might continue, but *** might not happen again

B) he is really straight and due to *** deprivation or alcohol he gives in and has ***. He might be so ashamed of himself that he might not see eye to eye with u again. Friendship definitely will go for a toss.

The worst kind of friends are discribed by prayag_bottom

They want to have fun plus they want to maintain their position as a straight dude. It it comes to that, they might not hesitate to put entire blame on you saying u seduced him, and go Scott free.
It's better to avoid this kind of PPL,
Not only for ***, but for normal friendship too

There are rare gems,
Who know about you, inspite of your verbal/physical advances they maintain neutral position, at the same time they have very normal behaviour with you, ( like they will come for a swim, or might share a room with you when on trip)
These kind of friends are absolute treasure. Cherish them
Now the responsibility is on you, to not to spoil friendship by doing some hanky panky.

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Posted On Feb 26, 2023 - 02:08 PM

Once it happened with me, one of my close friend visited me when I was a bachelor and staying alone in Delhi. One night I woke up after i felt he is touching me. I pretended that m still sleeping. So many thoughts whether its right or wrong, shall I move forward, shall I wait and watch ????
Finally I turned on the other side little away from him.

Its been 30 years now. We still are good friend, visiting each other some times with family as well. Never ever discussed or he never again tried....

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Posted On Feb 26, 2023 - 02:30 PM

Sahaisab , may be he was dreaming , it happens many times. So you can ignore that incident. Most importantly it’s been 30 year and u guys are still”GOOD” friends. Best would be keep *** aside , you can find many *** partner but not many good friends.
During my college time i have tried on almost every roommate and friends who stayed overnight. Few got seduced and let me play and *** their *** (forgot next morning as if nothing happened). With few i had good love making which continued for few months and then they went away to their girls.
But the problem is, in today’s date I don’t have a good friend
Either i am scared to make close friends , because with every friend I feel like getting intimidated.
Also don’t get connected to old friends because all of us have straight social life and everyone pretends like that was “bachpan ki bhul”, so I am less connected with them.

I feel *** has ruined my social life and during / after college life i became introvert, under-confident…..

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Posted On Mar 4, 2023 - 09:00 PM

@sundardeshmukha: in your case you have always been a bottom and so others used you to get their rocks off. they did not want you to be their friend or lover. yes that HURTS! but now that you are older and wiser, find someone who appreciates you and maybe will give you some oral *** too.

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Posted On Apr 20, 2023 - 01:08 PM

Ofcourse friends can have ***.
Me & my roommate in college hostel. It started when one day we were watching *** together. We both were in shorts but I was not wearing any underwear. So I had a hard on & I was trying to hide it, but he noticed my ***. He then asked me if I was in mood. This gave me confidence & I asked him do you wanna see my ***? He said yes I was trying to act shy & I told him that you will also have to show yours. We both agreed. Then we both got naked. He had a big one. We both saw each other naked but didn't do anything else
That was the 1st time with him & many more to come.
That day we just masturbated together seeing each other's *** & the *** .

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Boy_fun *
Posted On Apr 20, 2023 - 07:14 PM

Well most of the people have commented their thoughts regarding the topic, I just wanna share my experience where I had *** with my friends, and what is the outcome -

1. My first ever outcome was with my then best friend (class 3 may be, just saw him naked nothing else), but done masturbation upto class 10, then we ended going to different schools

2. Another friend

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Boy_fun *
Posted On Apr 20, 2023 - 07:33 PM

(... Contd)

2. Another classmate, who somehow came to know about us, wanted me to give him a handjob, so did I, also suc ked his di ck, he *** med as well, but the friendship is still there. Till date whenever we used to reunite sometimes we make fun of those incidents, but I don't feel embarassed as all my friends are super supportive.

3. Third classmate, with whome things went a bit more as he used to stay near my house, used to regularly visit my house, fu ck me, *** on my a ss, I used to su ck him, but eventually got disconnected. Though I have his contact but still we don't talk to each other now.

(There are almost 8-10 classmates with whome I have some memory, may be I gave him a handjob, or su cked them, or saw their di ck in washroom, but still everybody is my friend, one of them is one of my present best friend)

5. That friend with whome I used to have a great friendship, but eventually something went wrong, I don't know what happened. That day I went to attend his birthday invitation, but as it was late, stayed in their house. We shared the same room, was chating till late night, and then both of us slept. Suddenly at around 3AM, I wake up to remove my tshirt as I was feeling hot, saw him sleeping with just a short. Tried my luck and started touching his crotch area. After sometime he responded, turned towards me, pressed my Bo obs, even fingered me, I su cked him, and finally he *** med on my face. But the next morning both of us acted very normal as if nothing happened, but afterwards the strong friendship came to an end (he is straight, has girlfriend, and was not drunk also, still how everything happened I don't have any explanation)

6. One friend from my HS batch, came to know about him from my ex best friend (as previously they were in the same section), that they had a group of 3-4 and used to *** during class hours. One day I approached him asking that to repeat those things with me, and luckily he accepted my offer. Did many a times with him (classroom, washroom, Library, my room, lake mall, nu de vc during Covid, etc.) Still we are good friends and according to him when he will get married, still he will continue doing these stuffs with me.

7. Got a guy from GR, he is my batchmate in college, suc ked him twice in college washroom, but I don't share a great bond with him.

8. Got a great friend from GR. He stays near our locality, same age, has gf, but still visits my place. He is a damn good kisser I must admit. The friendship with him is kinda okayish.

9. Made many friends from GR, hooked up numerous times (being a side helps me, I indulge only into suc king, kissing, non *** stuffs), kept contact with few, rest all are NSA.

So what I can conclude is that all our fingers are not of same size, similarly getting a friend with whome we can perform *** or soft fun is upto luck. It completely depends on both of your perspectives.

(N.B. - Saying this out of context, never got a chance to have fun with any of my cousins, rapido/uber bike drivers, delivery guys, taxi drivers, etc. Wish me so that I can have fun and share those erotic experience with you guys)

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Posted On Apr 20, 2023 - 10:18 PM

A story that will make you ***, or make you super wet I bet!!!
Me and one of my best friend from our high school time use to study together till late nights and sleep together. We were straight and virgin then, but very horney. We use to watch porns together whenever we got chance. My friend was more horney than me always, as when we watched *** he use to get hard very early and use to tell me, that he wants someone to jerk him off or blow him as *** scenes we saw. We didnt knew about *** as we were virgins and no gfs till then. We use to drink sometimes wherever we could with our pocket money then.
One day he said his parents were out of town, and he invited me to his home for sleepover. I didn't knew that he had bought rum from somewhere. I reached his house and he showed me the whole bottle of rum, we were super happy as we were going to drink finally as much we wanted and as long. So we drank a lot that night. We use to dance after drinking which we did. Then i was very drunk so i said I'm done. He said no bro lets drink more, so i did but very slow, he was going strong. After sometime he was too drunk.. and as we had a lot to drink i removed my tshirt and i was in my boxers and so he was too. There was a difference he was only in boxer and nothing inside, as his hard big *** was visible.
He then played a *** on his dvd player dont know how he had it. And we started watching it. As the *** went on, we both were into it. I was already drunk n not in my senses. He was watching the *** and talking to me, very vulgar, that he is very horney and wants someone to do things with her or HIM. He said HIM and looked at me, but i was super drunk i didnt understand. Then he started praising me and my body, i was like what is it in me. And you are so handsome and im nothing. (Something about me, im very chubby, fair, and have a huge *** and had at that time too). He was prasing my *** and my chubby body the whole time, my nipples, my belly, and teasing me first verbally, later physically. I was lauging first and later he came to me held me from behind tickling me. I was laughing as i was out, but still i felt the *** poking me from his shorts.
He kissed my neck and said i like your body and started feeling me, i was not in senses and i like his touch as i was too horney due to booze *** and our vulgar talk. He kept touching me and started pressing my boobs, he even pinched my nipples with his fingeres and kept pinching. He then fingered my belly button which was and is very deep and again kissed my neck and *** on it this time passionately.
I was like mourning and saying what are you doing. He then inserted his hand my pants and held my hard *** and started giving me hj and kept on his my neck and then my ears licked my ear hole, i was mourning intensely now. He then removed my boxers and undies and i was naked now completely, my hands were moving and so was my whole body as was completely nude and turned on. When my hand reached behind and touch him, he was nude already dont know from how long. I held his *** and shaked it too dont know i was doing it, as i did just as i knew how to. Then i turned to him my eyes were closed the whole time, but now when i turned i opened my eyes, and saw it was completely dark and just the tv was on with the *** running in the background in medium sound. It was making us more and more horney.
Now we were completely nude hugging each other hard horney and super close to each other. He then whispered in my ear Baby, i have always loved your bouncy juicy ***, please let me have it tonight. I was not me anymore, i was already in his arms and had givenup myself to him. I said, i am already yours dear do whatever you wanna do. He was so happy felt it, as he held my *** cheeks from behind me with his both hands and pressed and spread it at the same time so haard that i loudly mourned his ear and held him tightly. He then threw me on his bed next to us and brought coconut oil from dressing table. I was out lying on the bed nude legs spread *** in the air like a bitch. He repositioned me picked me and threw me face down *** up hands up legs down. He took the coconut oil bottle applied on my whole body from my neck to my legs. He oiled me completely and then himself. He applied the oil to my front as well. Then huged me and we both were like bathed in oil. He started kissing me everywhere like drinking the oil. His hands legs lips his whole body was on my every body part. He enjoyed my whole body for a while.
Then he again put my face down *** up hands up legs down. I was already in no sense, i just was able to know what is happening whenever he touched me and but with no sense to stop him or anything else. I was just enjoying everything. He then put 2 pillows under my *** to put my *** up in air. He then emptied the oil bottle my inserting the remaining bottle of oil in my *** crack and filled my *** hole with oil. He stretched my *** cheeks with his rough big hand and poured the oil completely in my *** hole with other hand. He waas doing all this in the same manner as we use to watch ***. I felt the oil going in my *** crack and hole and later in my ***. My *** and me started mourning moving due to this. He again came to me lied on me and whispered in my ear, Baby are you ready to have the real fun. I was like what are you saying what fun, whats left and i felt his index finger getting in my *** hole very slowly. I mourned so intensely as it was tearing my *** and i was almost losing my *** hole virginity. He did it again and the again and he started fingering me intensely. I was mourning immensely now. And he was saying many vulgar things in my ear while fingering me, like how does it feel baby, how is my babys ***, you want more right and etc. He then stopped as his hand and me were tired. Then he was still lying on me, both soaked in oil. He then again got up, held my *** this time and inserted 2 fingeres in my tight hole and fingered me hard, i was shouting in his hand and mourning hard too. He suddenly inserted 3 fingers , then 4 and kept mourning shouting, i tried pushing him away from me due to the pain. But he kept fingering me. I was moving from one side to other of the bed in mourning, but his fingeres were constantly *** my *** hole. This kept on for around 15 to 20 mins. And was in imense pain and fun at the same time. But later we both were exhausted so he stopped and i very tired and fell on the other side of the bed.
We saw each other exhaustedly. He asked me, how was it baby, i said many tbings that what were you doing, were you gonna kill me and things. He was laughing, and later held me a glass of drink and took one his hand and asked me have it, i said no man I'm done, he said bitch have it now come on bottoms up. And held my *** with one hand and poured it into my *** completely, when i drank it somehow i understood it was nit and so he did too, and i was about to vomit as it was super hard. He again held my *** and stopped me from vomiting. I was now completely drunk more than before. I fell on the bed out.
He then came to drunk too, and said to me, baby open your eyes, are you gonna miss the big thing. I was out and murmured what the hell you talking about. And held me threw on my stomach again with 2 pillows under my ***. I was Iike seriously you wanna do this more, he said its just the begging my bitch. Your *** is mine tonight, it has to take many things yet. He started fingering me again. As i had already got finger *** my *** took his finger and later all 4 as well, i was mourning again. He kept on fingering me for a while, now the big thing which i was unaware and my eyes were already closed from a long time, he inserted his complete *** in my hole in one go as it was completely open till then. He held my *** tightly and removed his *** and again inserted it completely. My eyes *** my whole soul everything was open as my *** was .. i was in immsense pain and shouting while getting *** in real life. He then started stroking my *** with big and fast motioned strokes and *** me hard, he banged it so intensely that my pain turned into orgams and he kept *** me like never before i even saw in any ***, i was hit from behind and his balls hitting my balls as he doggy style *** me. He kept on *** and i kept mourning and mourning and making all kind of vulgar noise, later i kept on saying *** me, please more, yes *** me, yes hard more.. He started spanking my *** so hard and kept *** me and spanking and *** till he was exhausted and as was i. We both fell on the bed, we both were out of breath and out. He lyed on the bed for a while. He came to me after catching up his breath, and asked me, wanna do it again baby, i was like you wild animal, how much more you want to *** me. I was very tierd and he said baby, what i said before, your *** is mine and the night is still to go, and he held me from front this time took my legs in air and inserted his rod in me in missionary position and again started *** me, held both my hands and banged me for a while again. This kept on going for around 1 to 2 hrs in all possible positions he could and finally he cam, he poured all the load on my *** belly back on my whole body as it was so much load i never saw of my own too. I had *** already twice that night. He was so happy and so satisfied that he kept thanking me and kissed me whole time. He was in love with my ***. He kept on requesting me to never anyone let even touch it, and he will do whatever i wanted only thing is he will own my *** forever. I was like yes baby its yours, as i was in heaven after the session already. He then picked me in his rough huge hands as he already was heavy bulky and huge than me, and took to bathroom. He cleaned me we both showered together, he again got hard, and *** me while bathing again for around half hour. He dried me with towel, kissed me, caressed by *** which was in sever pain now. He brought a lotion and this time just applied on the hole slowly, and without touching it again, we both went to sleep nude itself holding each other.
Obviously that animal again *** me in my sleep in the early morning twice and then i somehow walked to my home with my bicycle in my hand as i couldn't sit on the hard sit for days.
He *** me the whole year till we separated sadly due to studies and jobs.
He is out of india and i never saw him!!
My sweet animal!!

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Posted On Apr 20, 2023 - 11:28 PM

@Roykhannaa lucky fellow :P

I used to do it with my best friend in college. He was just kissing me in the cheeks once in a while. I didn't think of it much. Then while sleeping in his room in final year, he started kissing me all over my face. It felt good and I started sleeping in his room often, until one day he just lightly kissed my lips while sleeping. Then little more and then deeper. My whole body was shivering. He was a great kisser. Then it became a regular thing. Almost every day I was sleeping in his room or he in my room and we kept kissing and sleeping. Even if one of us wake up in the middle of the night, we used to kiss each other. But we never used to discuss any of this during the day time. Then college got over and myself and all of my friends including him got placed in companies in Bangalore. During holidays, we both started messaging each other. It slowly went into *** territory and literally became *** chat. Then when we met in Bangalore, we had our first ***. No *** or *** but kissing, rubbing each other and eventually we both *** on each other. Only then I noticed he was like a *** star with huge ***. When we became roommates during our job, we used to have *** every.single.day, sometimes twice a day, so much of *** that we even used to *** each other under blanket while watching movies in group. The others in the house had no clue. We were like that *** and enjoying each other like anything. Those were the days!

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Posted On Apr 21, 2023 - 04:47 AM

Moving on to my first sexual encounter with the same friend
this happened during my college days.
My friend was staying in a flat with three other guys and one evening there was a drink party and I also joined them in that flat. So now there's a five guys including me in that flat. So the green party started and everyone was getting drunk. Somehow the conversation started about our straight sexual experiences. So everybody started telling their stories. When my friends don't came he said that he didn't have any *** with girl till now but in his childhood he and one of his friend used today naked and touch and play with each other in an isolated place near the house when there are other friends used to go back home after darkness. So everyone in the room started laughing and teasing him but in my mind I thought maybe I have a chance now okay my relation with this friend to the next level
So after the drinking was finished when everyone started getting ready to eat food I asked my friend that I want to do with you what you did with your friend in the childhood. He agreed and said we will try tonight because I was planning to stay back in the flat that night.
So in this fact there was one bedroom and one hall somehow both of us managed to convince others to sleep in the bedroom so the three guys slept in the bedroom and the two of us were in the hall. We waited till late in the night for everyone to go to sleep. Now this bedroom and hall didn't have a door so it was risky getting caught but we were so *** that we decided to take the risk.
So we took off our shirts and slipped under the blanket first up we started touching each other's bodies and then we started kissing without making any noise. We were getting very ***. I took his hand and kept it on my boobs. He started pressing my boobs while we were kissing. I told him do you want to *** my nipples. So he started *** my nipples and my boobs and I started kissing him on the neck and shoulder. I touched his *** from above his shorts and it was fully erect. I put my hand inside. This was the first time I touched his ***. I started to press and stroke his ***. I took off the shorts completely and he also took off my shorts. Now we both have fully naked inside the blanket. We both have stroking each other's *** and kissing each other. Gmail pressing each other's *** and stroking the ***. I didn't ask him can I *** your ***. He said he wants to *** my first. So he took my *** in his *** and started ***. It was my first ever bj. I was enjoying a lot. After that it was my turn to give him BJ so I started *** his *** and playing with his balls while he was pressing my boobs and playing with my ***. We both were really *** and mad. I said I wanted to ***. So we both started stroking each other's ***. I said I want you to come on my body. He said he will come on my boobs. So after some time I ejaculated and then he ejaculated on my boobs. We both lay down naked for some time without any blankets soaked in sweat and ***.
This was my first sexual experience with him and there were many more to come in the next 6 months when we stayed together.

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Posted On Apr 21, 2023 - 05:01 AM

Not sure about *** but me and my straight friend during high school days accidentally indulged in giving handjobs to each other after watching lots of *** together. My mother almost caught us but luckily didn't make it a big issue.

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Boy_fun *
Posted On Apr 21, 2023 - 07:18 AM

@dheeraju019 may be it was my luck nothing else, also I forget to mention another three experiences of mine, two with my school senior and one with a friend got from GR (that time my parents became very suspicious, will share it in the due course of time)

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Posted On Apr 21, 2023 - 09:34 AM

After reading this thread, I guess such incidents are normal, when I was in school, i used to touch my straight friends' *** (not everyone) some of them used to enjoy and we used to jerk together. I must say that was for short duration only, otherwise they were/are straight.

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Posted On Apr 21, 2023 - 09:42 AM

@sahaisab. Such thing happened with me but I was on other side. I tried to seduce my roommate, who was my childhood crush, as we were neighbors in my hometown. I touched his tool when he was asleep he was hard too but suddenly he got awake and removed my hand from his crotch, and changed his side and slept at distance. I never tried again as i did not want to destroy our frndship. From next day we behaved like nothing has happened. Still we are very good friends.

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Posted On Apr 21, 2023 - 11:20 AM

my everything started with friends only!

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Kiran 1580
Posted On Apr 21, 2023 - 11:31 AM

During my school days, once, while taking bath in hostel's bathroom, we, me n my friend was fully naked. Decided to have fun, but when we take position, our common friend who is very badmash, came their n we cannot success in that. We were tried thereafter many times, but did not enjoyed fully. After 10th we both went to different school. Remembering this, I got horney, but can't do anything now.

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Posted On Apr 21, 2023 - 12:56 PM

actually i hve been lucky enough to have had fun with some close school buddies with whom i still discuss crazy fatasies of fun with both guys n girls n though we are far apart , every opportunity we get to meet in India or abraod we enjoy guilt free fun. Happy to have such friends though very few both in school and in College

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Posted On Apr 21, 2023 - 03:33 PM

Kya Office colleague ke sath relationship me rehna sahi rahega ???

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Posted On Apr 21, 2023 - 04:26 PM

@rajrakesh yes and no
if you have stronger mind power than the other guy.
So you will not be black mailed or pressurised by other
Also,although difficult, if you are able to keep sexual relationship n professionall relationship differently
No if you don't pass above two criterion

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Posted On Apr 21, 2023 - 10:52 PM

Used to have fun during my school days at hostel. We were curious about our *** and used to mastrubate together. Over a period of time, we used to do anals as well with lot of coconut oil.
Awesome memories.

Met him recently after 15 years and had a quick hj and BJ at his place.

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Posted On Apr 22, 2023 - 08:29 AM

I also had some exeoriences with my friend in hostel first kiss and then first blowjob too. He used to *** on my *** ij dormitory when everyone was sleeping it was great time.

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Posted On Apr 23, 2023 - 06:13 AM

I wanna share some of my initial experiences in school...

1. The very first time I touched a *** was one of my classmate who used to sit by me in the same bench. It was class 7, one day we're discussing about *** and we both got a boner. We were so curious about the size of our *** so immediately after the class we went to washroom and touched each other ***...but unfortunately we didn't had handjob there ..

2. 2nd time with that same classmate but this time we had handjob in washroom also tried blowjob and cun on each other hand

3. Next time I had another experience with a senior brother,he was 1 class senior than me,but we're like friends, this time he was more enthusiastic than me. He tried to put his *** in my *** but being afraid I resist him( I have a lifelong regret for that action that day😐)

4. In class 11, I tried my first *** in my house with my friend but that was quite unsuccessful and gross as we both were unaware of how to have *** ***...
But still we enjoyed much

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Boy_fun *
Posted On May 19, 2023 - 08:47 PM

Hello guys, sorry couldn't post for a while as I was busy with my culturals, today will share my best experience till date, and honestly speaking I am very much lucky to get this person as my senior *** friend

I met him through Telegram. We both are a part of a particular community group, where I mentioned if anybody is from my locality can dm me. So the first text which came in my inbox was, "Hey, so you stay in Kasba? Even I am from Kasba as well." Through GR I have met many people from my locality, so it was not an wow thing to me. Then we chatted for a while, exchanged our pics (real ones ofcourse), and we both wanted to hookup. He is bi, and here comes the wow factor that I was the first guy he hooked up with. Previously he had many gfs, even did sexual intercourse, but he wanted to explore his orientation towards guys, to be precise sapiophilic guys (like me)

Days passed by and our chatting turned into gossip and discussion with random topics. Gradually I developed a soft corner towards him. Though he was not my first online friend, but the way he communicated, the pattern he maintained while communicating with me attracted me the most. Tbh he is not a muscular hunk, but indeed he has an appealing figure and I was impressed by his charisma. We both are fond of games, studies, and other stuffs as well. Not only we had *** chat, but also we talked about our career plans, family, food taste, favourite movie, etc.

Finally the D-day arrived. We both were a bit nervous as for him or was a first time, and for me I was thinking if that would be a NSA, what would I do, because expectation hurts, and I don't consider myself so lucky that I can have such a good friend thought social platform. He came riding on his cycle. I couldn't recall what he was wearing, as I was busy judging him top to bottom (which is one of my bad habits). Once I closed my room, then we again started our chit-chat, watched *** together in my lappy as I was trying to make our mood, because past few days we really had a nice bond.

The best thing happened was he gifted me two chocolates. Since 2021, I am hooking with strangers, and till date it's uncountable, NOBODY ever brought a single chewing gum for me, and this guy, out of nowhere, to cherish our first meetup gifted me chocolates. Oh God and I dreaming? if yes let me roam in this wonderland forever.

I think the readers are getting bored as in when will the erotic part arrive, so here you go; I was only wearing shorts, he undressed himself and came only with his undies, and started doing French kiss. Ohh damn, he is a damn good kisser and he was passionately *** my lips and I was mesmerized completely. I closed my eyes and responded him in a positive note, grabbed his waist and took himself over me and began to caress his body, while he was smooching me hard.

After almost 10 mins of kissing with slurping sounds of our saliva which was humming in the whole room, he proceeded towards my boobs, which were already hard. He intensely *** my man boobs with his spongy lips and I was on cloud nine and all I could do was moan heavily and say, "Ohh ***, ohh yeah, ummhh". Damn a person with so much positive attributes, definitely his partner would be very much lucky.

Afterwards, we removed our underwears and he jumped towards my ***, which was already rock hard. The way he gave me deep throat was terrific and I pressed his bouncy mam boobs harder and squeezed them like cushions. His head was continuously doing up and and down and that blowjob was again the best one because it was his first time *** a guy. Then, it was my turn to satisfy him. I throwed him on the bed and went to his top. I bite his nipples and he moaned heavily. Gradually I went down and took his juicy banana and didn't waste a single drop of precum. I *** it deliberately untill he cummed for more than 3-4 shots which was thick, creamy white liquid.

Later on, while kissing, he was jerking me vigorously, sometimes grabbed my ***, sometimes tickled my boobs and ultimately, I came out on his hands. My hot mam fluid spread all over my pubes and his hands and I was panting heavily along with the orgasmic moan. Then, we got freshen up, again chatted for a while and finally he returned to his home. I was so busy in enjoying the moment that I completely forget to offer him some water😭. But I promised him that next time the treat will be from my side (though the devastating part was that he enquired whether I will feel bad or not he this was a one time thing, I immediately responded yes, as in, man I like you, I need both the friendship as well as this sexual intercourse)

So, according to me, yes, friends can have ***, if the consent is taken and both the parties agrees to it. Though I am considering himself as "a brother from another mother".

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Sultanpurup007 *
Posted On May 21, 2023 - 09:43 AM

Why not? *** with friend are much safer and hygienic then *** with strangers.
I always prefer friends for *** instead of online dating or cruising spot. Online dating me kai bar dhoke ho jate h galat tarike ke log mil jate h. Kai baar aise log mil jate jise hum bilkul pasand nhi karte unke sath bhi karna padta h. Kai baar to ek bulata h do teen mil jate h. Ek baar to online dating ke chakkar me ek aise admi se jo bilkul pasand nhi tha mota sa 50 age ka but uske yaha Milne gaya tha. Usne bhi jabardasti kar liya do ghante tak rula ke rakh pura blood aa gaya tha. Usne jabardasti bed pe lita ke direct daal Diya Jaan nikal gaya tab mai online dating avoid hi karta h hu. Dusra cruising me thoda choice hota but waha bhi dikkat koi ek pasand aa jaye uske sath karna start Karo jitne bhi log waha hote fir sab number me khade ho jayenge. Ab apki mood ho na ho karna sabke padega.
Friends ke sath karne me bus ek dikkat unhe seduce karne ki ek baar seduce ho jaye fir jab marji comfort aur time ke sath enjoy kar sakte h. Meri to start hi friends ke sath hua aur ab bhi kitne friends ke sath group me bhi chalta h

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Posted On May 22, 2023 - 08:55 PM

This is a topic of interest to me and I will speak.I have never had *** with my friends but I love to see two friends having *** And now I will tell you how to fulfill this desire.I often do 3jm and arrange the threesome where they are best friends Then while taking both of them together in the ***, one's hand is on the other's *** and the other's hand is on the first's ***..And then I observe for a while whether they are pressing each other's *** or not.. .If those people are drunk, they have *** with each other. I can't tell what I feel when I see them having ***. If anyone has had such an experience, please share

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Posted On May 23, 2023 - 04:33 PM

i guess not proper s*x per se, but yeah some touching and feeling and hugging may be possible, i can say that based on my experience, during my early teens, i had couple of friends whom i have kdone this, like touching, stoking each others D**k caressing bodies etc.. but never had like a proper s*x like full nake*d and all, may be that age was like being curious and explore new things, but now when i am grown up, i do not try hitting on anyone whom i know even if i like that person a lot i do not make a move

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Sultanpurup007 *
Posted On May 23, 2023 - 06:17 PM

In teen age I lived in hostel, with 30 boy boys. There is big hall and 3 rooms where we live.
Mai Naya tha aur mujhe kuch idea nhi tha utna in sab chizon ka. Ek raat mai jaga to kuch awaj aa rhi thi rone jaisi. Hall me halka andhera tha fir bhi mai us bed ki or gya. To dekha ek blanket me teen ladke the dono side me high class ke senior aur bich me mera ek class mate. Age 13,14 hogi. Senior ki age 18 ke kareeb. Dono uski gand mar rhe the. Fir mai apne bed pe aa gaya sath wale ladke ko bataya usne bola Inka roj ka h.
Agle din maine us ladke ko bola tum ye ho sir ko bol dunga. To wo mujhse rone laga bola wo log uske gaon ke h isliye mana nhi kar pata aur ab mujhe bhi maja ata h. Maine bola gand marwane me kaisa maja. Wo nanga ho gya bola tum mar lo nhi to tum halla kar doge tab maine uski gand first mari but utna maja nhi aaya kyunki uska hole bahut bada ho gaya tha daily do logo se karwa ke.
Kuch saal bad chhuti me sare ladke gaon chale gaye mai ruka aur ek ravi naam ka humse ek class junior ladka ruka. Wo naam ka ladka harkat face sab ladkio wala. Mai single Wale room me sota tha wo aaya bola mai tumhare sath sounga. Meri adat thi pura nanga sone ki kyunki us room me akele sota tha. Maine sone par ek sart h. Mera peeth dabana padega. Bola thik h. Usne majak me bola yaar nange sote ho tumhare gand mar lunga. Maine bola tu bhi nanga jisme himmat wo gand marega. Maine use patak kar upar chadh gaya bola ab mar lu. Wo rone si surat bana liya bola dard karega. Fir maine bola koi tum mere taraf gand ghuma ke Sona . Wo mere mere Tarak gand ghuma ke sota mai uski fingering karta aur sata ke so jata. Ek din maine muh daba ke daal Diya wo thoda rone laga par dhere dhere wo maje lene laga, pure ek month ki chhutti uske sath bit gayi. Fir baki log aaye hostel koi baat kisi se chhipi nhi hoti thi. Senior log bhi hostel chhod diye the ab humlog senior the. Ab sare ladke lagbhag ye kaam karte the, ravi to randi ban gaya hostel ke ladke to lete hi the. Bahar cricket khelne jata waha ke bhi ladke use lete the.
Fir jaake ek ladki se setting ho gayi fir mai use lene ke chakkar in sabse dur ho gaya.

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Posted On May 23, 2023 - 07:02 PM

In my 8th class i used to be in a hostel and i am quite chubby and girlish at that time. One day i am asleep early and a friend of mine came late and slept next to me as my bed mate has went for home and after some time i felt my chest being pressed and i didn't quite got it so i played alongside acting like i am asleep and he started kissing and *** my boobs slowly. I liked that and after that he started to do romance with me while handling hhs tool and he then turned me backside to insert it and then i got scared so i moved a bit and acted like i just woke up and left from there

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