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Can friends have ***?

Submitted by AlwaysLusty09 Location: All India (All India, India)

I have recently made a couple of gay/bi friends, now I'm very concerned about getting physical with them. They really turn me on but I don't want to affect the budding friendship coz of something. After all, lately I've realised that how important it is to have gay/bi friends in life.

What are you views? If any experience please share. Thank you.

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Posted On Jan 8, 2020 - 06:28 AM


Great topic to discuss on.... If you have gay/bi friends then you both can try depending on how sexually attracted you both are with each other..... If not compatible sexually then stop having ***!

I met a guy few years back from dating site his friend was also bi both came to know after years and they tried having *** but didn't get a hard on as they were not attracted sexually but it was a bonding friendship and that continued

If you have straight friends than it is not advice able to attempt any physical relation coz that will definitely affect your friendship

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Posted On Jan 8, 2020 - 06:36 AM

I think if the both of you are mature enough to understand everything, then you can try, try to get physical. Both you both need to talk about all of these things. Cuz once you get physical, and if something happens your friendship can go to hell. So you need to talk first and get comfortable then you can get physical.

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Posted On Jan 8, 2020 - 06:45 AM

But how do we understand our friend is a bi or gay? Thts the greatest barrier

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Rahul xv
Posted On Jan 8, 2020 - 07:57 AM

Almost every boys like soft fun but not full *** like mutual masturbation or massage. It depends on him. You can make him to have soft fun with you.

I have already seduced one of my school friend..we know each other for mast 25 years. Whenever we meet and find ourselves alone... I pull my *** out and start playing infront of him.

One day he was so ***, he started masturbating in the terrace openly, I was shocked and asked him to stop as everyone near by students can see him but he was saying everyone does that what's new in that. No problem. But now a days he is not taking much interest but he like to watch me mastyrbating. We meet only once in a year as I am staying in Hyderabad due to job otherwise we would have enjoyed almost every week. Also we made one mutual masturbating video and uploaded in xvideos but it was deleted by xvideos. Some OK someone might be jealous of my video and reported as spam. But that video had huge number of views. Looking for same kind of friend in Hyderabad. 18 to 20 age is preferred.

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Posted On Jan 8, 2020 - 10:57 AM

Having a friend to have fun is really very interesting but I have never tried to reach any of the friend for a mutual *** or given any hint to then about me being gay. but I had mutual fun with my cousin brother. we both used to study together engineering and stayed together. there will be not a single day where we would not have enjoyed. we were nude once we are inside the home. in the night *** together, watch *** together. Noone ever get to know this. But after that because of job we hardly met in a year and we stopped everything and now I am even scared to bring that up. After so many years I am settled after marriage and still he is single. I found out from one common friend that he stays with one of his colleagues and he is refusing to get married. so I still have the chance to get naughty and relive the earlier days.

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Posted On Jan 8, 2020 - 01:02 PM

everyone will have friends.. gay friends are special. there are few feelings we can share and exchange only with such friends..
I really don't see any reason for avoiding *** with gay friends..

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Posted On Jan 8, 2020 - 02:02 PM

Yes Definitely you can have healthy sexual relationship with your bisexual or gay friends.but it should be mutual and not forced. You both should be willing and passionate about being intimate with each other.
I have many friends from the gay and bisexual community and i do have lots of *** with them. There are many friends of mine from the community with whom i share a great bond of friendship also and we never have *** as we feel we are not sexually attracted to each other and i do have many guys with whom i only get involved for sexual pleasures and do not share that great bond of friendship.
So its totally upto you how much u wanna get involved and what both of you desire.
Its very very individualistic approach but as per my opinion there is nothing wrong in having sexual relationship with gay or bisexual friends but never ever forget to use protection when it comes to penetrative ***. Enjoy and take care.😘🤗

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Posted On Jan 8, 2020 - 02:41 PM

That's great
Its a very beautiful topic.
But difficult to find weather our friend is into such things or not unless otherwise some movement not happened

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Posted On Jan 8, 2020 - 03:30 PM

Very nice topic. It's very natural to get physical with your gay friend. But it is very rare to get friend with similar mantality.

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Posted On Jan 9, 2020 - 03:31 AM

@All thank you for such a warm response.

I think some people are mixing it up with straight friends, kindly read the description where I've specifically written that I'm talking about having *** with gay/bi friends. So we both are already aware of each other's sexual orientation.

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Posted On Jan 9, 2020 - 03:41 AM

I think any 2 people can have *** with each other if they have same desires...
Whether they are in relationship or just friends or a mere strangers

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Posted On Jan 9, 2020 - 07:40 AM

@kdj you are right! Any two people can have *** if they have same desire and respect each other's privacy and feelings

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Posted On Jan 9, 2020 - 10:12 AM

@Peachipiy, Yes you r absolutely right. Searching like minded hi friends, with whom can share. Desire n mutual respect is always the prime need.

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Posted On Jan 9, 2020 - 11:36 AM

@R Raj yes man. I have came across many people who are desperate and keep on messaging and ask useless stuff.

Meet, talk, know each other, even if it ons has to be on mutual respect and secrecy should be maintained. Likes and dislikes of partner should be respected in bed

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Posted On Jan 9, 2020 - 01:44 PM

The best thing to do is to find a person who is interested in *** from a gay dating site who is also interested in long term friendship. So you can have a nice long term friend and a *** partner.

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Posted On Jan 9, 2020 - 02:13 PM

@dreamyeyes.... I totally agree with you but the thing is what if you find a person who is located far from you! How will you meet him? Then long term is not possible?
Even I'm also looking for the same thing which you have written but distance is always a constraints

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Posted On Jan 9, 2020 - 09:59 PM

I have had in sexual relation with my friend for almost 6 years since Dec-2006 until sometime in 2012.

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Posted On Jan 10, 2020 - 05:41 AM

yes.. friends have ***.. when we are teen we watching movies together.. when hot scenes show on screen i ***.. once he watching and take my *** and give handjob..

once in college hostel my dear friend hugging me on sleep and tried to *** my ***.. during his try he not enter and cumming on my thighs..

still i dnt get friends to this gay life

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Posted On Jan 10, 2020 - 12:01 PM

Avoid this as much as possible. It's not a good idea to make a friend a *** partner.

When another man does you, as a bottom it's difficult to take him as a friend any longer. He becomes my top, I become his sub, below him. It will definitely become like a wife, GF or a whore sought of relationship. Ones someone's *** touches by soft ***, everything changes.

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Posted On Jan 10, 2020 - 06:44 PM

Nice topic..I had *** with all my best friends..still we are best of best friends..we didn't had *** intentionally..but circumstances made us to have ***..we felt bad the next day after ***..then we didn't continue ***..we continued only our friendship..

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Posted On Jan 11, 2020 - 10:35 AM

In my case I and a Muslim boy used to go to Gym. One day he said why don't we massage each other. I agreed. So first I massaged him and then he massaged me.
Just few months before this I had come back after spending my summer vacation of almost 40 days at my cousin's place in another town
Me and my cousin used to sleep in courtyard and he was who took my a**. We used to do 3 to 4 times everyday.
Back in Mumbai for months I had no one to Fc* my a*s and it was like I was dying for someone to take it.
One neighbourhood uncle one day invited me to his place and he seduced me to sck his cck.
Once or twice a week he used to call me.later I learnt that mama used to regularly invite many young teen boys to his place.
The Muslim boy was also one of them.
So he must have being aware of me and so while massaging my back he removed my brief and with lots of oils and spit he inserted his wooden hard tool and took me.
Many times mama used to call us both so while I sckd mama the Muslim boy took me.
Later we were joined by another Muslim boy.
Mama is no more but i and the 2 Muslim boys now in our 50s are still good friends.

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Posted On Jan 11, 2020 - 10:58 AM

@proudqueer it needs lot f patience, first know wat they like in *** and pretend ur a big fan of tat topic too and start watching vids with them regularly whenever u get a chance and slowly make them feel really comfortable wit you. Then wen u get hard take it out and masterbate in front f him and ask if he wants to masterbate you r fine wit it. Most f them will hesitate, but u do it couple f times in front f him and slowly ask him also to join. Sure at some point they will also feel free to accompany you. Then it's all ur talent to take it up from there. Do not show tat u have done this before with someone and it's normal. Most f them r scared tat they will turn gay once they start doing this, so take it slow and it should look natural to them.

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Posted On Jan 11, 2020 - 12:42 PM

I started my gay life journey with one of my friend..
It happened when i was in class 12 during preparation leaves and use to go to coaching in evening with one of my frined. After coachings we use to take sm snacks from a nearby store and walk toward our houses. There was a T point from where we divert. We use to stand and talk for long at that point.

One fine day while chatting at that junction and i remember we were discussing something about ***, he said his mom dad went to a function and there is no body at his home and we can go and watch *** on his Video player.. I agreed and we wnet to his home.. While watching the *** scenes it was quite uncomfortable to control our emotions under our pants.. We both were adjusting here and there, putting cushions, legs on each other and what not..

Suddenly he said yaar muth marne jaraha hu.. I said even i cant control he said chal saath me maarte hein.. Me thoda hesitate kar raha tha but usne bola aaja kuch nahi hota.. We went to washroom and he took out his manhood and started stroking and i followed the same.. He was moaning and closed his eyes facing towards ceiling and than he realised i was also there and he saw at my dk for a while and said yaar tera bhi mast hai.. Maine bola sale tere se to jyada hi mast hai.. Usne bola dikha properly.. Usne bhi apna pura pant down kar diya and maine bhi.. Than he touched my ***.. And started stroking, i also did the same.. Fir usne bola yaar wo ladki kitna accha su ck kar rahi thi video me.. Tu bhi kar na mera.. Maine bola pagal hai kya wo ladki hai.. To wo bola to kya hua muh ladki ka ho ya ladke ka kya fark padta hai.. I said fir pehle tu kar fir mein karunga.. He hesitantly bent down and kept his face near my dk.. He was so resistant to take in *** that i forcefully touched my dk to his lips.. Pehle wo piche hata but fir dhere se usne liya muh me.. Fir dheere dheere baat aage badhi.. Ek do baar thookne ke baad he was really doing it nicely.. Trying to imitate *** girl and in hope that i will do him the same..

Next was my turn.. And i said chal bahar chalke karte hein and we went to his bed room and we removed our T shirts on the way..

Now it was my turn to return the favour.. I did same thing.. And while i su c k ed him for about a min, he pulled me up near his face and bola yaar ek baar kiss karein..

I without saying anything put my lips on his. at first it was just lip to lip kiss. After few mins we were smooching.. That po rn effected us so much.. Than fir pata nahi mujhe kya hua.. I turned down to grab his ck.. In such a manner that we were in 69.. We didn't knew anything about 69 till that time.. I took his in my *** and he did the same.. And wow what a feeling.... We kept sking and sking and suddenly i felt urge to ejac.. I stooped him and ran towards washroom.. He came from behind, i was stroking near WC and he hold me from back and was kissing my neck and allupper body parts and simultaneously stroking his tool..We came nearly the same time..

And than, after that "hawas" of ours went down the pot hole, it was damn damn awkward moment.. It was so awkward that we didn't spoke anything, i just dressed and left from there.. And while walking back my home i saw his parents coming on scooter about 50 m from his house. I was horrified and started running for my home.. Felt more guilty seeing his parents.. Agar 10 min aur late hota to pata nahi kya hota..

After that we never talked about it.. Actually fir kabhi properly baat hi nahi hui.. Boards exam aa gaye we got busy and after that we took admissions in colleges at different cities..

And there a gay was born that day.. May be two.. I am not sure about him

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Posted On Jan 11, 2020 - 12:44 PM

I had *** with most of school mates n I hav seduce my co workers too, thy r my friends but thy used to like my ***....n at end of d day, v had mutual ***......but not anymore as everyone r busy in thr life...

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Posted On Jan 11, 2020 - 06:11 PM

Looks like I'm the odd egg

Just don't feel attracted to friends. Straight acting around them. Maybe not acting, but maybe naturally. Always feel more lively around strangers

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Posted On Jan 11, 2020 - 06:13 PM

In fact, the more I get to know even my *** partners, I've felt less attracted to them

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Posted On Jan 12, 2020 - 10:24 AM

In fact, I came into this because of a friend.. have mentioned about this in some other forum too... it was in school days.. he used to kept his hand on my thigh.. I was not aware of his intention...and slowly he moved up day by day.. and caught hold of right place one fine day.. that gave me a different feel in my body.. slowly I started liking and am here because of that reason....and not to forget.. have made lot of nice friends via GR, PR and Ohmojo.. but after that first guy.. never made or had fun time with regular friends.. just that guys I met have turned into good friends..

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Posted On Jan 12, 2020 - 11:33 AM

Infact my journey started in dis because ofmy school frnd... In 9th std, when I was solving a math problem my frnd put his hand on my thigh, slowly reached to my ***. On schoolday annual function at night we kissed each other and gave handjob to him..
Now he is in Bangalore and I am in mumbai.. Dont know abt him now, but my gay journey continued 😁😁😁

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Siddharth Shirk
Posted On Jan 13, 2020 - 03:23 AM

I would be aroused if i had a roommate that was into the same thing. The amount of fun that can happen is unimaginable. You would have a *** partner right there when life gives you lemons then make lemonade out of it :p

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Posted On Jan 13, 2020 - 01:57 PM

One can have *** with friends with mutual consent. It does not work when one makes friendship for fun. I have the first experience at the age of 13 and another cousin at the age of 20. Forty years are over. Whenever we meet alone, we do have sessions.
My best friends are bi. I met a onco doctor fifteen years ago in a man2man chat room in India times. Probably not I have not met him, I might have a very bad time when cancer was detected. He had been my power who used to be present when chemo was administered. We are.still friends. The guys who supported me.more than my family are one with whom I have shared bed at times. There are no conditions and compulsions among us.

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Posted On Jan 14, 2020 - 07:45 AM

We were friends. It happened when we went school your while we were n 12th STD. I was trying to seduce one of my another black handsome friend but I got this guy. He is also one of my friends. Short and lean. Had good enough t**l. I helped him to c*m and slept. After this he started to speak to me on this when ever we meet alone. He was inocent in this. Explained all and showed in practical as also. He became more close and liked to be with me when he get chsnce. After twelth I joined a degree college and luckly he joined the same college by his daddy advise. We enjoyed fully for one year. We separated for second year...use to Mee when we get time. We joined hostel for third year...took same room. Enjoyed like anything for one year. After degree we sperated and took different feield to work. Both got married in the same year....both settled n Bangalore with family. Now my age s 40 and we use to meet once in a year and spend that night with all the feelings...sharing.... Will not sleep whole night. Not much fun...but playinh, massage.. Will be there..... Till now we have not tried a*al..... Still I remember my first encounter with him...... Good to have fun with friend with his full permission.....

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Posted On Jan 14, 2020 - 08:47 AM

One of the things I have been lucky about in my life is that I never felt bad, inconfident or abnormal for being gay. It was because I saw it happening around me all the time. And I guess I was smart enough to understand the homosexual relations around me. So in school I used to have this big circle of friends. Though after high school I moved out of town. But I was still in touch and used to meet these guys often when I was back. SO there was this large school gang in school and these guys all chose the same stream of education after school. SO they kind of had lot in common. I started the trend of night outs with one happening at my place. Sadly I left after that but these guys continued with it. The first time at my place that night nothing happened though hormones were raging and there was a lot of indirect touching and feeling up while joking that was happenieng. And after that I wasnt around to see more.

But when I visited after a few months, I was shocked to see so much going on. In the night when everybpdy slept or pretended to, these guys were making out. Acting as if they were alseep I could see these guys would be in close contact literally cuddling each other. SO by this time there were kind of couples formed who were "closer" to each other in a bromantic way. These guys I saw always slept with each other during these night outs.
And later on I would get up in the pretence of drinking water, and observe. Many were in close contact doing a lot of sexual things with each other. Especially rubbing crotches and their moths would be very close almost smooching, and who knows wat else. They probably stopped when they saw me. And I too got a chance later on to make out with one of them. He was giving me strong hints and we jerked each other off.

Even in college, I stayed at the hostel. And I could make out room mates who appeared to be very formal with each other but were having passsionate *** when alone. There were groups of guys who lived in rented apartments and many in college knew they had lot of "action" going on there. But none of this was every spoken of. It was a closely guarded secret.

So in my expreience, teenagers have raging hormones. And it really doesnt matetr who they are making out with. From 18 to 21 most guys have *** in some form or the other with other men. Because men are easily available and all are ***.

An observation for all gay men who are concerned about their sexuality and are fighting with acceptance : - Most men indulge in *** with other men. They will strongly disagree and pretend to be as staright as an arrow, But almost all if not all have indulged in the pleasures of *** with another man. And I dont want to label anyone. I would be happy if they just call it *** and a bodily need instead of getting into the labelling part. But they are hypocrites because they are scared shitless of being labelled abnormal.

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dals *
Posted On Jan 18, 2020 - 12:26 PM

If attraction really clicks it's safer to have *** with friends.mostly I have friends for satisfying my gay desires

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Posted On Jan 19, 2020 - 03:05 AM

*** with friends is friends with benefits or fuckbuddies..

I've had a few in my life! But then I prefer to keep my friendships platonic, it's less complicated

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Posted On Jan 23, 2020 - 06:25 PM

Yeah for me, friends can have *** too. I have a friend with whom we had great fun together untill he shifted to a new County. We still me meet whenever we get to. And we have mutual respect and sense of privacy for each other. We had all sorts of fun together..

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Posted On Jan 25, 2020 - 03:14 AM

i shared such a bond with my female friend, but it didn't last longer...so i highly doubt whether it could be.possible with men

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Posted On Jan 25, 2020 - 05:07 PM

@crash3257 it is possible. It just depends on your honesty and will challenge your friendship too.

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Posted On Feb 4, 2020 - 05:37 PM

what's wrong really if mutually agree...*** makes them closer friends.

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Posted On Feb 5, 2020 - 02:52 AM

In my case it's different.

I had *** with my friend with his consent, I had a great fun except ***. I gave him the pleasure by swallowing his meat completely. He was on cloud nine. But after it got over. I think he was very guilty and completely avoided me. It took me a decade to patch up with him. He used to be handsome. Now he looks like a Greek god.
I'm glad that I had that before anyone.

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Posted On May 3, 2020 - 09:43 PM

Yes i am having my best friend from last 10 years and we do *** whenever we meet,even now he is going to get married but still we do,when he comes to me, or i meet him, and our friendship is alsostrong enough, although i had *** with many ofmy friends but *** stopped with maximum people now when grown up except my bff

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Posted On May 4, 2020 - 06:15 AM

I see no wrong in having *** with friends. I had the best experience of having *** with one of my buddy, well it just happened on one evening out of the blue. I was always attracted to him but I never expressed the intent any time. We were drunk and we had a nice food which he cooked and I just started rubbing his tummy with my hand with chattering. And that's when I felt he is receptive and I just took the chance and put my hands under his shirt and again starting rubbing his stocky upper body. Whenever I was stopping intermittently, he was insisting me to start again and that encouraged sexual beast in me. Then I took it the next level and I slid my hand under his pant when I got to caught his "trunk". Initially he displayed bit of shyness and I took it bit slowly. I continued that naughty game for some time and eventually he came out of his shyness. I *** his ***, kissed his arse, played with his nipples and I made him *** three times the whole night.

That was the night worthful spent! Now that he is in Europe and we still talk to each other over phone and pretend as if nothing has happened between us.

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Posted On May 6, 2020 - 08:00 AM

Friends are for having ***, but make sure they are not straight, or do not go with person who saying that this is my first time, if u do not want to make urself insulted then first make each other hold ur *** and then kiss, do not go for *** *** or nipples. Because after that one of them will say this is my first time i will do next time do not trust such people. Find friends like us on grindr, romeo, blued, ohmojo, or gay parties in mumbai.

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Posted On May 7, 2020 - 04:44 AM

Yes definitely, friends can have ***, my first *** encounter was with my friend. It was during my PUC (12th), we were tuition mates from 11th std and he was staying near my house. He was chubby with boobs and round ***. Once I was at his house for notes and using his desktop for it, while searching found hidden folder and it had *** and naked girl pictures. Which made me courious and asked him about and from then we started watching it together whenever I was his home. After watching we were very *** but didn’t knew what to do, one day we decided to do get naked and *** together, this continued for a week, next I was looking for more and then my eyes went on his Chubby and girly body, I was attracted and started hugging him, even he felt good didn’t object, then started *** his nipples, then slowly moved for his ***.. *** it for a while and I was tired, then asked him to do same. We did this for months.. then was next part where I explored more and started *** him like my girl..!! I am more of top and never got ***.. we did this for about 2 years and we parted due to education and job. Now he is out of India.. no much contact..! But I still remember it..!

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Posted On May 7, 2020 - 12:29 PM

I had a friend in college. He used to kiss me on cheeks once in a while in public. I thought it was a sign of friendship. Then as we became closer I started sleeping in his room. He used to kiss me all over the face for 2 hours every night. Then one day he kissed my lips. I felt like an instant shock waves all over my body. Then every night he used to kiss me passionately. Then we started removing shirt and do it for few days. Eventually one day we removed both our underwears and I immediately ejaculated looking at his monster thick and long ***. Then we used to take bath together and started having *** (without ***/***) every night. He was a top and used to take over me. This went on until the end of college.
Then he went for higher studies. When he came after a year, I went to his hotel room and first time I *** his ***. It was so massive that my *** started paining. But I loved that pleasure and *** him like crazy. Then he *** me like anything. He was a bull and did not easily ***. It was so much pleasure that after he left I used to search for *** to *** in locanto. He is the one who almost made me a ***. Till then I was not that desperate for ***. We are still in touch and whenever he comes here or I go there, its not stop *** all the time.

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Posted On May 8, 2020 - 07:06 AM

M2M *** with friends might not be so common, but luckily some of us will experience this and they are actually lucky. It's my luck or my faith in don't know, but had two such experience with two of my friends. One I am writing here, one more looking for even more suitable page for that. The guy whom I am talking about now is not my closest or dearest friend, but one of my good friend. Actually ours is a duplex house and the top floor we have given for rent, they are family of 5 people, the guy name is kashif(name changed) he is of same age as mine, so it took us very less time to become friends. In our building I stayed in penthouse on terrace, terrace was accessible from 2nd floor as well. He use to come to my room to watch movies or to spend time and stuff.
One day it was slightly raining and after dinner I came to my room and was using my phone, my room had the windows, if anyone coming from staircase was easily visible from room, therefore from staircase person can also see in the room... as I was using my phone, there was a power cut and usually at this time no one used to come to terrace. I totally neglected the fact of windows are open and I was in such a position on my bed that my phone screen was facing towards window and I had forget to latch the door. On my phone is was using PR, ohmojo and I was watching some gay porns.

Unfortunately that day due to light rain and power cut, kashif was coming to my room, and I didn't had any clue on that. While he was climbing the stairs, he obviously saw me watching gay ***, he came close to the window and watched me for about 10 odd mins, and he has seen me using gay dating sites, watching gay porns and stuff (said by him). I was on headphones soo I couldn't hear that he came inside my room closed the doors and windows and stayed behind me for sometime saw me doing all these stuff.
He was in shorts, he removed it he become nude from bottom and I was laying there unaware of things going on in my room, can't blame any of us, I was in my mood of watching porns and he was confident enough that I will cooperate since I have been caught by him.
He became bottom nude, I was laying on bed. He laid on me in such a way adjusting his *** on my *** over my boxers.
I was shocked and clueless who was that, as I didn't knew the background of this story. When I turned my face to see him, he started kissing me madly on my lips and smoothed me, my actions were displaying my rejection as I was unable to utter a word due to his kiss... he stopped kissing and said "you like guys, don't you..?" "Let's keep it secret will enjoy this"
I asked him "do you also like guys..?" He said "No, but you and your body is not less than a girl"
Saying this he started his job kissing and licking my tongue, then he removed his t-shirt and he had a quite an average body without hairs on chest, only some at belly and private. But he had a massive *** of about 7inch and much thicker, nicely cut mushroom head red and black complexion.. *** watering... he made me *** his ***, he *** my nippels, he made me lick his balls and he wanted to *** me I refused. At that time it was hard for me to take such a huge *** as I had never taken anything that bigger. Now it's been 4 years now he makes me feel ever inch of his *** in my *** (that's what he calls my *** as). We still are the good friends but never been the best, as he knows only one of my all secrets and that which even my best friends doesn't know.

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Posted On Jun 28, 2020 - 02:14 PM

Lots of people (both M & F) have freinds with Benifits--But you have to be Mature enough to seporate *** from LOVE--

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Posted On May 14, 2021 - 06:29 PM

Nothing wrong in it. I hope every body hear might experienced few. My first *** experience was with my friend only. I was studying my diploma in cbe (PSG tech, 98-2001 batch). We were staying in hostel. My near by room my friend Joseph was staying.he is from tirunelveli.. We're straight initial days. On hostel day he was fully drunk and flat,he was sleeping in my room ( its a twin bed sharing) since in his room my friends were playing cards and boozing. I was not into booze that time and i was sleepy too. Its all started there. Sudenly in mid night he woke up and came into my bed and slept with me. I felt it was normal. After few mins he started touching my thighs, started his finger run over me. I got scared and ran to next room where other friends were there and told them ' i am scared coz he is behaving badly touching me n all'. They laughed and i slept in other room.
Next day he was pretending nothing happened. I thought he unknowingly did. But from that day something started experiencing someting different in sleep i feel his fingers running over my body and i started liking that. Next day i was feeling bad when ever i see him. i told myself no is not lke thatThe days went. One day again iunfortunately i need to sleep in his room. I was sleeping in the floor and Joseph was sleeping in low Rack in bunk bed. My other friend in above rack fell asleep. And Joseph it is cold in floor and come and sleep with him. It was winter time. So i also thought OK and i shared the bed with him. we both covered us with same blanket. After few mins his legs were on me and his legs fingers wes tying wit my leg fingers. that was the first time consciously enjoying the pleasure with my best friend.. His hands reached my shorts and stared squeezing my balls. I too responded and i un buckled his pant and directly holded his ***. First time. First time. My god thank you. That feeling no words. I started squeezing his *** and balls. Min after we both were naked. and hugging each other. Kissing and pressing each other *** with other *** and we cummed on each other. we Dont know what else to do fact. after that when ever we have chance we will be naked and *** nipples. Kissing and pressing each others *** and *** each other and ***. This was the routine.
One day we both were in internship and we stayed in hostel. Tat day in evening he said he saw some *** movie ( Alexandra) And in that a guy was trying to insert in *** n all and he asked me to sleep in his room. That day night as usual we started and he was trying to insert his *** in my hole. I got scared and worn my undies and told him we might contract some disease and he cummed on *** when my undies on. after that we didnt had chance for few months. One at we friends were watching *** movie. That was the first time i am watching a *** movie.the girl was holding boy *** in *** and stroking up and down. Omg. Be both were talking with our eyes and once our friends were asleep we both sneaked to other room and we removed our dress We lied down and he kissed my body and moved to my *** it was rock hard and he kissed my *** head and slowly *** my *** . his head was moving up and down. I was in different pleasurehe was done and it was my turn. I kissed him and when i reached his *** the pre *** was there and it was smelling like egg, i touched it with my tongue and it was nice. I licked all the present *** and started *** his *** head and soon i took his whole *** in my ***. *** him well and he pressed my head and we cummed each others body . We somehow lost touch. That time i dont know about *** and condoms. Top bottom. Etc. But we enjoyed every moments with each other.

If i would have know all *** types and how to do we would have enjoyed ***. So friend Dont worry. You r not alone here.

Joseph my friend if u r reading this if u r in ohmojo pls reply. To me. I will become proper CD for u and *** u raw and u can *** my *** nicely and i will drink your *** and u can *** me whole day

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Posted On May 16, 2021 - 02:35 AM

Yes.. I think most of the people hv their frst encounter with their friend only

I had oral fun with one frnd when i was in school, after joining college had fun with college frnd while we were sleeping together.. Later I had fun with offc colleague... I dont know why, whenever I sleep with any frnd, most of the time end with sexual encounter 😂😂

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Tanha dil
Posted On Oct 25, 2022 - 07:22 AM

I have a dream to indulge in some kinky stuff with my friend. Just 3 weeks ago had accompanied him in his car (his wife and sister were also travelling with us) for his dad's asthi visarjan. That day saw him bathing only wearing underwear. Since that day my feelings for him have intensified. Can't get how to make a move so he won't get freaky. We are friends since 26 years

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Posted On Oct 25, 2022 - 10:17 AM

This happened more than a decade back when I was in my first job. We were buddies in college who got placed in same city but in a different company. We were staying in 2 Bedroom apartment and 4 of us were staying and 2 of us shared a room. We used to drink in the room few times a week and my capacity is less and would get intoxicated quickly. When I become intoxicated he removed my shorts and used to give me HJ and made me ***. For me it was like a wet dream and never suspected him. This went on for weeks and one day I wasn't high and realized that he is giving me HJ in real and not a dream. He noticed that I am awake and started *** me and drank my ***. He had more courage from that day and started giving me HJ and BJ even on the days when we were not drunk. This continued for few months till I went onsite. Both of us are married now but we never spoke about this and still are best buddies.

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