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Do you feel insecure because your *** size? I do.

Submitted by Tallandbrown Location: All India (All India, India)

I am mostly a lurker here and all these sexual adventures are fun to read yet I can never have the courage to indulge in something like this because I am so conscious of my *** size. I am 6’ tall and slim and have people have told me that I am quite good looking(lol, I don’t think so but whatever) but I can never dare to meet someone or download grindr to hook up because everyone is obsessed with big *** and I feel so unworthy and unlucky. I am 27 and have met only 3 guys, all of them had *** bigger and thicker than mine. I am like 5” in length and 4” around, which is below average scientifically and that makes me very sad. I can never dare to go to gay cruising spots like Rajeshwari in Bangalore or to a gay nudist group because I am so ashamed of my size. Even the three guys that I met, I couldn’t finish *** with them because I was so depressed looking at the size difference and felt somewhat inferior. I lack serious self confidence because of this which makes me think that I am missing out on a lot of gay adventures. I wish I could be an extrovert but I just can’t. Even if I like a guy and want to talk with him, I immediately think of my *** size and how disappointing it could be to him and i never take it forward. Even though gay *** is legalised in India now, I can never express myself whole-heartedly.

Does anyone share this feeling or am I the only one?

P.S. I know my post maybe unrealated as it is not a cruising spot post but I felt like sharing my thoughts as most people seem to be nice here and of course I can’t talk about this with my friends or family, that would be embarrassing.

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Posted On Jul 11, 2023

being a bottom i would say small *** are much easier to manage and many time more enjoyable

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Posted On Jul 12, 2023

Will agree with that for sure. As a bottom, i prefer to go for smaller and medium *** because it's fun and enjoyable to blow them and easier to take them up for anals. Larger ones are big and beautiful, yes. But smaller ones are lot more practical:)

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Posted On Dec 27, 2023

Yes, being insecure about *** is a thing that needs to be addressed and talked about. Sometimes its just not about the size of the *** but also the the shape it is and also the curvature it has. Even i have been very concious about my *** about its size and the curcature it has that makes me feel insecure about it. The thoughts of people judging us bases on the size and shape is a constant thing that some people including myself go through. In a world where people praise and inclined towards big, thick and perfectly shaped penises its hard to adjust with your insecurities.

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Posted On Dec 28, 2023

I have a little one and I have no hesitation's showing off :-)
People who shame you should be ashamed of themselves as they have a small mind. Small tool is 1000 times better than small mind :-)

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Posted On Dec 28, 2023

Rather than size skills matter more...unfortunately due to *** most tops and guys r obsessed with size they have forgot the aer of seduction and love making

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Posted On Dec 29, 2023

All that being said, read and understood, still I worry about my small size. 🤣🤣🤣

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Posted On Jan 2, 2024

For some reason, no matter how many times I read anyone say "Size doesn't matter", it just doesn't seem true you know. I've seen, and I'm sure many or even everyone here will agree to the fact that, we all have met the people who say "Oh I want big black 15+ size ones and this and that". Idk why these people go for size so much. I mean if that is their preferences I'm not one to say anything, but because of those people, it feels surreal that a topic such as this one is here. Where I can see people appreciating smaller size ones. It's very touching.

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Posted On Jan 3, 2024

i am a bot and all the men I met had bigger dcik than mine. i am comfortable with them. i have allowed smaller to monster dciks into me. indian medium size is the most comfortable dcik for the hole. performance is more important.

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Posted On Jan 4, 2024

size matters when there is no connection between two people and its a fantasy for all those men who do not have even an AVG size, when there is a connection and attraction then size doesn't matter
its all about stamina and the way one makes moves on bed

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Posted On Jan 4, 2024

@nishh: please do not take people for granted and cheat them of their monies, as they are desperate. THERE IS NO MEDICATION THAT CAN INCREASE LENGTH OR GIRTH OF A ***! at your age and with your knowledge......you will ONLY SUCCEED in becoming a CROOK!

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Posted On Jan 4, 2024

*** SIZE:!!!
some wth small ones.....want bigger one! those who have a large one...want a smaller one!

it is not the size of your *** that gives you pleasure..... but 1) whats on your mind and how you use it to send signals to your *** 2) your stamina 3) your ability to hold on from ejaculation 4) the art of giving pleasure to your partner with your eyes/***/tongue/fingers/hands and finally ***, that COUNTS as good ***.

there are 2 types of ***...grow..ers and show..ers. so what you see on other men may or may not be what you expect it to be when erect!

generally most small *** are very strong and are ready for the second round sooner than bigger *** that are not so strong and need more time to recover. this is because the *** requires a lot of blood pumped into it for *** and so only if a person is fit, can a large *** be strong and recover for a second round.

*** actors are selected for their size and their ability to retain an *** (in front of camera and studio people). so not all of us can be *** actors, though we wish.

EVERYBODY HAS FLAWS/WEAKNESSES/ABILITIES/DISABILITIES.we must not compare ourselves with others, as we never know the flaws/weaknesses/abilities/disabilites the other man has. we must try and appreciate, give thanks for what we have as somebody else may have less than we do.

for those men who think that because they have a small ***, the only way out is become a sissy bottom is WRONG. if you have more female genes in you and your *** is small and weak, then you could be a good sissy bottom. however, if you are happy being a sissy bottom...so be it.

weak ***: can be due to smoking, diabetes, pre-mature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or poor diet.
erectile dysfunction: can be controlled with modern medical interventions.
pre-mature ejaculation: can be ovecome over some months by regular STOP-START METHOD exercise.
*** length: can be expanded to one inch using the pump. is it worth it?
*** girth: cannot be increaased except by taking fat from your body (bottom) and putting it on your *** via surgery. women appreciate it.

some are bald, some have crooked noses, some are intellectually deficit, some cannot sing or some cannot cook, some short, some fat.....YET WE ALL SURVIVE! we find partners or jobs that accept us for who we are!

the guys with small *** have something that i call...'one size fits all' (HOLES)! they are easy and comfortable to *** and get ***. the guys with big *** have difficulty penetrating or getting a good ***, unless the receiver is a professional.
indian guys with small *** should seek guys from the north east and ignore the guys who want bigger ***.
indian guys with big *** should appreciate small ***, as they could make good tops. big *** are visually great but there are limitations as what one can do with that.

why do some guys try to protray their macho physique or huge walrus moustache? most are weak (mentally) individuals and/or most with small ***.....NO SELF CONFIDENCE! those who are confident in their abilities and position in life do not project themselves on others....SELF RESPECT/CONFIDENCE.

choose your partner for what he is, as you cannot change him. so the choice is yours................................
big ***/small ***/hairy/smooth/bald/short/tall/skinny/chubby/rich/poor/handsome/ mr. average/dark/fair/loving/respectful/selfish arrogant bastards?????????????????? all guys have ***, but dont be a DICKHEAD!

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Posted On Apr 2, 2024

I have smaller one too...always felt bad seeing big ones in ***..now made my mind its what I have & can't change it..

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Posted On Apr 2, 2024

I use to have 4 to 5 incher *** in past years but now i have some ED issue i feel
Can someone suggest a (Viagra) tablet. I never have taken one
Neither no how to buy it discreetly online. Please help

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Posted On Apr 2, 2024

@roykhanna.... suhagra, assurance are couple of branded viagara. Starting out, 30 mg should be enough. Dosage should not exceed 100mg. It is best to take doctor's guidance if you have heart issues.
PS: I am not a qualified medical professional so it is not an advice.

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Posted On Apr 3, 2024

@neeta thanks dear.. i am curious about it if it will help bring me back my election.. i do get erect but not as much as i use to in past.. and i *** in very less time.. so..

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Posted On Apr 4, 2024

As a top..my thought is ....normal size is the best..
Over size is not comfort during ***...
Me and btm both feeling pain...

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Posted On Apr 4, 2024

@jaidesai69 & @anand84
i appreicieate the idea that u have rolled out here on this forum
but as per my experience goes
majority of the guys want big size
just as of my recent encounter (i mean like a day or 2 before today) with one guy, he was more interested in size 9 +++
and this is just one of the case i am posting here
there are many guys out here who are just into big size
and this i have experienced as having an avg indian size
and also seen with my own eyes in cruising areas where not just me but many others having avg sizes or small ones than the big sizes have experienced
so i dont agree to all this reviews posted here

P.S. >> not here to disregard someone but to put out reality and also not to hurt anyones feelings

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