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Intimacy with own Brother/ Dad

Submitted by sandynaveen Location: Chennai (Tamil Nadu, India)

I know the heading might be very awkward to few people.

But there are instances that few guys had had fun with own brother / dad. Share those experiences & instances.

I dont have such. But had with my few cousins & uncles long time back.

I jus very keen to know such any happenings in real.

Really sorry if it hurts someone.

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Posted On May 16, 2019 - 06:10 PM

This is not my fantasy.
Heard from my friend he had encountered with his own brother.

So love to hear more if any happened naturally

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Posted On May 17, 2019 - 02:51 AM

Story 1: True which I experienced. Twin brothers use to *** me.
I joined a hostel newly. 4 sharing room. 3 of us will always in room. 1 will come only for sleeping. Very less interactive guy. I wondered. But he always use to give a grand smile when ever or where ever he see me.

One day when i went to have my dinner, he was too having in same mess. But pretend like never known person. I jus left.
But wen i returned to room in night, he spoke with me. I just left and never mind these. As our room mets is not our options.

The very next day i was surprised to see the Brothers together, later only known that they twins staying in same hostel seperate room. One with me elder in 3rd floor and younger n 4th floor as there is no vacancy to accommodate together.

Now fun:
I daily use to return by 1am where every one will be in deep sleep keeping the door opened. I will jus enter , change my dress without towel ( nude ) as all in deep sleep. One day i did same , But im unaware he didnt sleep and full awake. He got to see my big white bubbly butt and all.
Wen i see

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Posted On May 17, 2019 - 03:10 AM

Wen i see hin using his mobile ten, i feel embrassed & slept n my cott. Its just next to his cott , not even with 1 feet distance, very conjusted.
I went to deep sleep. I feel some discomfortness like someone smooching my butt n night same day. Wen i woke, i was really surprised to see him smooching my butt directly by inserting his hand inside my shorts. The unexpected moment and happiness. Now i started extended my hand to his cott and tried to touch his ***. He is jus covering with bedsheet and nothing inside. His *** is awesome & almost 6+ inch thick.
V waited till morning.
The 2 guys will leave room by 6am to classes. Students. He leaves by 9am. I leave by 12pm.
So 6am to 9am..... awesome fun.... hope u can get guys.
Slowly i started asking about his brother intrest. At first He denied that his brother is intrested only in girls. But keep asking often and later left as no proper response.

One day surprisingly he himself asked my brother to wanna fun you. The dream day came true. He called his brother. He came and v had nude *** fun before him. After his brother , he started while other went for sleep.

Both are pure tops. Loved and had number of funs in 2 years and still in contact. They wont do fun between them. But both will *** before other.
Guys hope you could imagine. Identical twins.

My friends story i will post later where they together involue in fun

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Posted On May 17, 2019 - 05:20 AM

Fun with own brother:
My friends experience

My friend had a elder brother. Both a loving & caring. They share all gud & bads. More like friends such a wonderful bonding.

His brother joined college & hostel left native while he is in high school.
My friend already have G encounters & friends.
His brother use to come often & for summer holidays.
One summer holiday he came. Asusal family gathering and trips all went.

Both use to wear Lungi while at home. They share there pvt room and single bed. One night when my friend woke up to Pee in night, he stunned to see( in night lamp) his brother dresses removed & see his tool. He didnt feel anything( sexually) becoz he is brother & covere him with bed sheet. He pee'd & went again to sleep. Later hours nly he started thinking how erect & thick it was. He s glad that his brother got thick tool.
But nothing sexual feelings.

Next week wen tey went & booze( its there usual) , he opened up seeing him nude with big tool & started teasing like anything. Becoz he is over drunk. His brother got surprised & donno how to react. He just ignored & requested to stop non scence jokes.
Wen tey returned that night & slept, my friend could feel some one touching him all over. Wen he awake n half sleep & druken, it was his brother touching him & making him ***.
He is not in sense, & donno how to react or stop...
But before he comes to conclusions, his tool become complete errect & his brother started shaking him.

But both are in complete silence and donno wats happenings to them. He is done that day. Both slept at bed at ends donno how at act further.
The very next day both are uncomfortable in what happened & donno how to speak / react. Nothing much further interactions his brother left to hostel again.

Both became very guilty of what happened & how a beautiful affection lost becoz of this booze & ******

They were not able to speak to each other like previous & both felt like missing someone/ something deeply inside them.
Becoz both have such a bonding.

My friend told me all happenings & cried like anything. He donno how to react further.
But both were badly wanna speak with other like previous.

The next short leave his brother came. Things well casual without much interactions. His mother noticed some distance between them and asked everything are ok. Both said no issues and everything is fine.

One evening there parents went for market.
Both brothers alone. Mu friend in bed room & his brother watching TV in hall. Wen my friend came out to drink water & both started looking each other.
Unknowingly both started crying & his brother came and hugged him. Asked him to forgive for all and forgot this.

Its a emotional patch up of brothers & u guys know how it will be.

Later things got normal & tey started to speak normal again.

Later very few instances tey had fun when tey are full drink, but nothing problem like previous.

But my friend still loves his brother as always.
Tey accepted each other & accepted that accident fun.

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Posted On May 19, 2019 - 11:38 AM

Thanks sandy for raising this topic as this is very common and i predict at least 5%-10% of the people have had incest.

Now, this was shared to me by a guy i texted online.

they are identical twin brothers and all this started when they both were 12 years old .
they used to bath together it seems, and at one instant it so happened that one of them had to touch the other's pecker
and to both of their surprises it started erecting and seeing that the other brother's pecker also started erecting.
as it's new to them they both donno what it is and they started experimenting on that.
They have explored every aspect of that.

even today they both live in the same room and they both have *** whenever they feel ***.


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Posted On May 19, 2019 - 11:40 AM

they didn't explore everything on the first day itself, but over the years.
he also told that 69 is his favorite position.

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Posted On May 20, 2019 - 02:58 PM

It’s exciting to read the experiences here ... would like to share mine

This happened years back during my college days I seduced an young school boy in thi ru vi ka park ... later we become nice friend and I use to visit his house in Choolaimedu ... his whole family become close to me ... the school guy was in 11th Std and he is pure top with huge tool .... he was a football player and I loved his tool very much ... so every time when I visit his home and if I stay there we do have fun .... Nd this guy had a elder brother who was also doing college and almost at my age ... we 3 use to sleep in sameroom and one night I noticed the elder guy was watching us having fun and I got scared and slept off .. somewhere in the middle of night u felt a touch and this guy was rubbing my back ... we started having fun and while he was carrsssing my nipples I noticed he was rubbing his own brothers crotch ... the school guy didn’t open his eyes at all ... it ended up kind of 3some .. later came to know they both had fun also ...

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Posted On May 20, 2019 - 03:00 PM

Experience 2:

I know a small time celebrity dancers from reality show ... the dancer do have *** with his own brother and 3 of his cousin brothers ... I myself have had with both brothers same time

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Posted On May 20, 2019 - 06:37 PM

Ok couldn't resist posting it here. This happened about 10 yrs back. Got a guys no through a common friend and met him at tambaram. He was ultra hot. But we didn't had place. He said he can take me to his pace but we should be fast since his elder brother might come at anytime. When we went there our bad luck his elder brother was also there. He was shirtless and was wearing only a dothi tied up to his waist. He was almost nude and was drunken. He was super hot. He saw me with a confused look.This guy who took me introduced me to him as his friend and immediately took me to the terrace. When he came to the terrace he was only wearing a wet towel with fully erect *** and was also drunked. He said almost everyday he and his brother booze together. Sometimes his brother (who is married) stays here for the night while on other days he goes to his house. He forced me to *** him in the open terrace which i was very reluctant to do so. When I was half way *** him i could see his brother standing at the ground floor peeping in dark trying to figure out what we were doing. With a loud voice he called his brother and went inside the house. This guy said I can also join him downsters and stay with them for the night. Since both the brothers were fully drunked and were *** i know what was coming up.I said it is already very late for me and left his house immediately. Till i reached the station was in half mind. While half of mind said i did the right thing the other said i should have gone down and spent my night with these two ultra hot brothers.

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Posted On May 24, 2019 - 05:45 AM

I think its normal and nothing to be ashamed of with brothers. But with dad i dont see think the same. I like to have *** with my friends dad or other uncles but not my own.

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Posted On May 24, 2019 - 05:56 AM

@ Ultimate :

Yes ur right.
But there are some unexpected incidents( v can even say as accidental) /encounters couod have happened. Jus wanna hear such incidents.

Im sure all such encounters would be regretted later a lot and lot time needed for them both to digest accept and come out of this.

Looking for such incidents

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Posted On May 24, 2019 - 07:18 AM

Hi guys, would luv to share something here about my experience at KK nagar vijaya theatre that happened couple of months back. I read about this theatre only here n got so excited to either see or be in an orgy at this place. I went to this place on a weekday for evening show n the theatre was pretty much empty with hardly few people sitting as couples or alone mostly the crowd was not my type. Sat there bored through atleast 30 minutes of cinema nothing happened so was browsing through Grinder, found some guys bear the place n was chatting with them. Finally one guy agreed to meet me near the BSNL office as he was riding back home. I expected nothing coz no place nothing wud happen. Met this mid 40 guy good looking n good physique n shaved head. He smelt hot too I hopped into his car n we greeted each other. N spoke for a minute sitting inside the car. He suggested we find a place as he was *** as hell too. He opened his grindr n found one of the guys he previously met online n he was just 200 mtrs away. He called him straightaway n asked if he had place, the other guy said his brother is home too n asked him if he was alone. He smiled n told he had a hit guest with him. The place was confirmed n he drove me to a nearby apartment where we parked hid car away from the street n he silently led me into a apartment complex where we met this another young guy probably in his 25s . He ushered us to be silent n took his apartment in 1st floor n quickly took us in n locked the door. All the lights were off except for a dim red light in the house. Suddenly they both started kissing n hugging like wild animals. I felt aloof n left alone, in seconds they disrobed each other this young guy had a nice body smooth n a long *** while the car guy had a thick cut *** n little hairy. They came towards me n kissed me in my ears while the older guy unbuttoned my shirt n pulled my jeans down. I was so *** that I didn't wear any underwear beneath. We three were nude now n guided towards the bedroom. In the room I was introduced to another young stud wearing boxers n lying on the bed by this young guy as his brother. I was shocked n getting more hornier to do with brothers. His face was expressionless. He lay on the bed with legs spread n stroking his *** through boxers.
In moments these two guys were making live again like bunnies in the bed n I was looking at this brother n slowly crawled on to him n pulled down his boxers to reveal much longer n harder *** cut n juicy. I sat on his laps n started kissing him licking his ears n nipples over his flat chest. He didn't even moan a little it hurt my ego n I kissed him deeper n he bit my lip n I moaned . The moans if the other two guys besides me on the bed were driving me crazy the younger brother kissed me while the older guy pressed my chest n crushed my nipples n started to bite me. I needed a response from this hot idle guy, I rarely do go down to *** but now I had to year him moan. N I started to *** this guy badly took him deep in my *** until he *** my throat n gagged over his ***. His *** was so well lubricated with my drooling Saliva. His younger brother joined me in *** his *** too. Two mouths online *** that was hot n crazy. Will the older guy came down n rimming our ***. That was one hot encounter I had over years. I could slowly hear this guys moans my ego satisfied n he put his hands over my head n his brothers head to go deeper n ***. While I was *** his *** his brother was picking his balls. The older guy spread the younger ones *** n started to *** him. It was just like in movies. Slowly we were sweating our bodies n this guys stamina was wowwwwwwwwww. He didn't *** for so long n still was hard hot n erect. As time passed my *** was aching for a hot *** or ***. The younger brother attended upon my *** n served me well while the older guy was servicing the brother. Now the older brother stood up put a load of lubricant on this guys *** n wore a confomto *** him deep n in a wild motion. This guy was moaning in pleasure n pain. The entire room was filled with moans n asking for more. Finally we were done I. Two hours n totally spent but the elder brother was still hard n could take a few more hours I guess. It was totally unexpected interesting encounter with these brothers. My Theatre experience ended up into a group in an unexpected way.

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Posted On May 24, 2019 - 11:14 AM

i had a nice exp with my periyappa, who is a photographer who always roam. it happened several years back were i was an teen age. he was 50 plus that time.

i never had crush on him before. i remember it was my plus two vacation time. he came to my home to discuss about my collage admission.

so that day night i used to sleep with him. he was tall and salt pepper look.

i dont know what happened that night i was proposed him and had a very nice fun.

next day he didn't ask any about that. even me also.

we never discussed on that .

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Posted On May 25, 2019 - 05:16 AM

In my experiences I have known that my dad was also bisexual n he had fun with his friends n few relatives too. When I came to know this truth I was very shocked n never could see him or relate with him the same way.

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Posted On May 26, 2019 - 05:44 AM

hi guys this is my own experience of being a *** sucker to my elder brother for close to 15 years

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Posted On May 26, 2019 - 07:47 AM

it started from around age of 11 . it gave a great bondage he was just 14 when it started. it was a great feeling . i used to yearn for him. in abig family it gets pretty difficult for this to happen . but still we used to somehow find ways and means to makit happen. when we were alone it was heaven. he used to treat me with lotof love. i used to also get happy with his love making. it went on for more than 15 years. i am lucky

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Posted On May 26, 2019 - 12:15 PM

In my opinion the whole concept of incest in indian families would have started only because of lack of awareness. Compared to a guy who is 15 or 16 now to a guy who was of same age say 20 yrs back, present day guys definitely have more awareness and hence more options to pick partners. When you are in your adolescence with hormone surge and have no way to get a partner what would you do? Obviously to try to seduce guys in your own family and that how it starts. Another aspect is nudity. In a conservative society like india it is even wrong to wear trousers after a particular age and be bare bodied even in houses. This creates a strong craving to see a man's body. So apparently when a gay guy in his adolescence happen to see his father nude or even seminude, say may be during communal bathing or changing clothes or accidentally seeing them exposed during sleep etc he might get an arousal and might fall for them. I am just trying to look at it from a psychological perceptive. I remember having a crush on our servant when I was in my adolescence who was older then my father. Initially i had no feeling for him and his son and myself were close friends. Once i accidentally saw him nude while he was changing his clothes. His well toned body, smooth skin and long *** kind off triggered a strong hormone reaction in me and i fell for him. Eventually i got him in my bed after trying for 6 long years but after that the beautiful bond ended.

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Posted On May 27, 2019 - 06:26 PM

Well said.
Since lot things & topics are very kept secret , adolescent urges makes wrost happenings sometimes.

But few naturally develop love with immediate relations.
Lot of things should not be judged just like that.

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Posted On Jun 11, 2019 - 07:27 AM

It’s not recent. But I had a thing going on with my cousin brother 2-3 years back. We’re almost of same age. Were around 18 that time. I was at his place and we went for a nap in the afternoon and nobody was there. We were sleeping very close to each other and I was really ***. I placed my hand near his stomach and then gradually towards his ***. He turned his back on me and I got scared a bit. But I tried again after 10 mins. Got closer to him and moved my *** near his *** and pushed a bit in. I kept rubbing for a while and when noticed no response from his side moved my hand near his ***. So I was rubbing my *** on his *** and caressing his *** at the same time. He turned around and we started kissing. He asked me to show him how to *** his ***. So I went down on him and got rid of the pants. His *** was very small but I loved taking care of it. I *** it well and then he *** me. We *** a lot that day. But never really got a chance to do it again except for maybe 2 other times

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Posted On Aug 1, 2019 - 06:39 AM

Yes it happened when I was in 8th standred. We used to live in village and use to sleep in dormitory style big room having all the family members their own cots. But I don’t know why if any guest used to come home, I had to sleep with one of my brothers.

We being five brothers, the first one was treated as father hence I was never allowed to sleep with him and the being the fifth, my younger brother being very small used to sleep with my mom. hence the option was only to sleep with 2nd and 3rd one. The 3rd one happened to be abusive hence I used to go to 2nd elder brother. I have four times bj encounters with him and he made me see my real self.

He was a real man for me and at that time was in collage. He used to love me a lot. Before doing anything he will make me feel as though I am his. He will kiss me 100 times here and there. No lip kiss by the way. First time he just told me that he want me to see something. In night in bed I could not see but he let me touch his erected *** which was sincerely big and I assume more than 7+ which heppened to be true when one day he showed in toilet.

When second time he allowed me to touch. He let me go further, he taught me how to do hj. It was great experience but real thing happened 3rd and 4th time and in reality 4th time. 3rd time he said that if I taste his tool it will be very tasty. I obeyed and it went true. He inserted half of it in my *** as I was not ready for it since he was very slow and caring hence I didn’t feel hurt.

However, in reality it was 4th time which left me *** for nearly 4-5 days after bj and his *** going in my stomach. I still remember that experience 100 times and still crave for it. One night one guest came, I made a point that I would sleep only with 2nd one as he shares his bed sheet with me, but we knew what I was talking. Later in sometime midnight, he let me play with his tool and after half an hour when he had pre-*** he made to go down for s**k. that day he said that he want me to give some kind of sweet milk that man produces and it will taste good. He was very slow when was f**king my ***. Each time he will take little more inside he will pat me to let him know that if I am okay and after nearly 10-15 times penetrating his *** inside my ***, I felt that it has gone fully in my ***. I don’t know how he did but he was able to and then he was heavy on me. He was holding fast my head and was with full thrust. He used to take out for a while and used to let me breathe and after nearly another half an hour, some type of juice straight away fell in my throat and went in my stomach while he was holding me fast. At that time I was also very hot and feeling as though I am high moon and remain wants to be there hence was enjoying him like anything. Then when he was taking out after a while I got only one or two drop to taste his *** and I found it was sweet indeed.
Wow that was really great. I couldn’t sleep that time though he had slept after kissing me for 10 minutes. Beside I was left *** for 4-5 days. We never spoke about it later. He is married happily like me but I still wish if he could do this favour again to me. Beside due to family issue now we live far from each other.

Since then I tried to get that feeling back but I have not found anyone so far. Now am in my 40s and have got two encounters, of that both went bad. One guy showed me big *** pics and when we met he had small and could not stay even for 2 minutes and the other was though an average *** started demanding money as soon as we met. Hence, the search is still on to have that kind of experience….

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Posted On Oct 13, 2019 - 05:03 AM

This is something I can relate to. My nephew and I have very little vague difference (because my cousin sister is much much older than me). We did some naughty stuff when we were young. I wouldn't call it ***. It was just kissing and fondling etc. After that they moved to Andhra and we did not meet for 12 years. I had convinced myself that this guy has forgotten about me and our experiences. I had to attend a wedding in Andhra and he came too. He had grown into a handsome fellow . Yet I did not even think of anything. we stayed there overnight and in the middle of the night i felt aa hand on my ***. When I turned around to see it was my nephew and he whispered 'Hi Mama'. I was shocked! But also happy. I told him, no sexy stuff here. Both out families are sleeping here. We will meet At a later time.

But that never happened. Fast forward 3 years. I am working in Bangalore and he just moved to Bangalore and we have not kept hands off each other since. He thinks of me like a protective father figure. Interesting thing is he is an otter and I'm a bear. Our personal preferences for men are the opposite. I don't like slim men and he doesn't like chubby guys. But we are exceptions to each other. The only chubby guy he will hook up is me and vice versa. Our chemistry in bed is incredible. We do some really interesting stuff, like setting up hookups for each other and watch the have ***.etc.

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Posted On Oct 17, 2019 - 07:26 PM

I had wet dreams of having *** with my brothers but in real life I hate them.

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Posted On Dec 28, 2019 - 06:32 AM

I don't know whether this will count but I've been with my friend and his dad on different occasions without each other's knowledge. My friend and I were collegemates. We slowly grew our friendship into pure lust. I used to spend my evenings and weekends with him as he loved to receive bj from me as he watched hot song videos of actresses. He had the hots for my mom and used to say her name as i worked his kunju.
That summer, i needed an internship. I got one internship offer in a small company.
My friend put a word across to his dad and got me an internship in his factory. I had to stay in the factory guest house. On some days, this uncle used to stay in the guest house as well. On one of the days, he asked if I wanted to join him for drinks. Since I was on a budget and felt tempted, i joined him.
Slowly one thing led to another (i can give details to anyone who is interested) and i felt like a keep like deepika padukone who was now sleeping with both dad and son.