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Gay boss or employee?

Submitted by Shiningarmour Location: All India (All India, India)

Doesn’t it sound intriguing to be working under a gay boss or knowing that your subordinate is also a gay. Have anyone of you come across this situation? How was your experience working with a gay boss or a gay subordinate

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Posted On Jun 3, 2021 - 11:21 PM

I used to work with a tv director as his assistant director. So I was reporting to him. I wud go to his house in the morning and in his car we wud then go to the set. He always treated me like a younger brother. There was bottom crossdresses on our set who was open abt it. I always noticed my director checking him out. After a year or two I became friends with tht bottom as tht project was over . I told him I am a bottom too but I am a private crossdresser. We both were gujjus too and connected well. Gujjus make nice bottoms and cross dressers I guess. So tht is when he told me ur boss *** me and howcome he didn’t *** u. I said bcoz I maintain a normal image in public. Lol but she is like u shud get in contact Wid him again and give him some signals he has an amazing *** lol. And on top he has dis fancy of *** gujjus

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Tista V.
Posted On Jun 4, 2021 - 05:48 AM

I must admit that having a gay or bi top boss is a blessing for a bottom employee because of the power dynamics. When I started working in an advertisement agency, my HR did ask me casually about my views on LGBT community and there I disclosed that I am a gay bottom so I comprehend the community issues much better; in the interview. This honest answer opened up my path professionally in the organization as well as sexually.

The CEO, MD and Founders who were in there late 50s enjoyed my supple body and tight *** to their heart's content. I was a vital part of majority of business negotiations with offshore clients who loves Indian bottoms. It helped me tremendously in not just having multiple bonus but a good lot of learnings both work as well as ***.

I would say, if a bottom plays his cards right with the tops in the senior administration; everything remains in the bottom's favor as well as the work flows smoothly.

Now I am based out of North Goa and do attend to the calls of lust by fulfilling the carnal desires of *** older men; unrestricted.

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Posted On Jun 4, 2021 - 08:54 AM

Tista V. You're basically a prostitute masquerading as a corporate employee, you have zero respect in the industry and your peers, you will never get a job anywhere else because clearly you seem to have no professional skillset. I cannot understand why would you need to come out as a gay AND a bottom when asked about just views on LGBT community, it's like you were implicitly soliciting, but after reading the entire post, it's quite clear that that was intention from the beginning. I'm looking forward to the day when a young twink with a firmer *** is hired and you're let go.

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Posted On Jun 4, 2021 - 09:18 AM

I guess people are just living their fantasies and passing it off as opportunities. In reality no boss is going to jeopardize his position by having *** with an employee...because we all know how that's gonna end. I have worked it two organizations..one where both me and the employer knew about our orientation, but we respected each others privacy and kept it strictly professional. The other organization I knew about my boss but never used that as a stepping stone to success. I was confident of my capabilities. I guess very rarely this whole equation of gay boss...gay employee having great *** happens...atleast in the real corporate world! Unless your drop dead gorgeous and your boss is a Greek God with raging hormones....Again these are just my thoughts and mine alone!!ciao.

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Tista V.
Posted On Jun 4, 2021 - 10:33 AM

Well @CrazyCruiser,

What I did was what I wanted to do in those circumstances because that's what I found best to do. And yes, I had and still have solid skillsets for the related job and I did make profound impact in the industry. Hence, I was never at the receiving end of any jokes as I finished every assignment better than expected. Furthermore, I have always been satisfied and happy with my exploits since everything brought pleasure to me as well as my tops.

And yes, young twinks did think that they would replace me, but they neither had the expertise nor they had the pain-bearing capacity to tolerate the enigma the dominating tops would bring upon them.


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Posted On Jun 4, 2021 - 05:12 PM

At my new job at an MNC, my biggest mistake was to switch on Grindr and check guys around me.
I was young and mad *** at the time to think straight from my brain. So I messaged this cutie and next thing you know, we were making out on the staircase. It was hot, but it lasted for that moment. After that, he hits on me openly in front of everyone.
His body language is quite evident of the stereotypical gays that the media portrays and me on the other hand am a straight acting man.
It came to a point where he grabbed my *** on the floor. It started to get annoying and awkward. I wished I hadn't done anything sexual at my job.
I am not open to anyone and that boy seemed like he cared less what people would think of him. So yeah, I had huge regrets later.

Also, the risk of office people knowing your orientation might impact your growth at the organization because of the prejudice of the society towards gays. Typically making them question your capabilities and tagging with labels like incompetent or so on.

My take from the experience is "THE ENTIRE WORLD IS YOUR PLAYGROUND EXCEPT YOUR WORKPLACE". I learnt it the hard way.
And for people having fun at workplace, all I gotta say is that kudos to you and have fun. No judgements here! Every person has a different experience so there's never going to be a right or wrong thing. Just be vigilant, after all you don't want to loose your job or get things awkward.

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Posted On Jun 5, 2021 - 11:09 AM

This happened when I was working in the UAE. I was quite friendly with my company driver, a Rajasthani muslim in his early 30s. I invited him 4 dinner on many occasions and we spoke about a lot of things other than work. I knew that he enjoyed a drink once in a while and invited him home one weekend. We had a couple of drinks and chatted. I touched his face a couple of times and he didn't seem 2 mind. Wasn't sure if I should proceed since we worked together.Anyways, he cracked a joke and I hugged him from behind whilst laughing. I was wearing boxers without any underwear and hadn't realised that I had a hardon.He felt it and we just looked at each other. I took off my boxers and started unbuttoning his shirt. We were in the raw in the next couple of minutes on the bed. I enjoyed blowing him and he too was totally aroused. I was surprised when he tried 2 ride me. Since I was under the influence I was not rock hard and penetration did not happen. Foreplay continued well over half an hour and he wouldn't ***. I realized I would have 2 bottom 4 him.He did me in the missionary position and the pain was severe since he was well-hung. Luckily the foreplay helped and he came pretty fast. We did it on many occassions after that and each session was great. Coming to the point under discussion, what happened between us stayed between us. We maintained the senior junior protocol in office always. He never once expected or asked 4 anything although I had a very senior position in the company. It was a good relationship and I am still in touch with him after leaving the UAE for good. Hope 2 meet him before my departure to the other world. Had some sessions with a couple of other subordinates as well but they were with consent

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Posted On Jun 5, 2021 - 11:42 AM

I never take any chance at work place and I work inna call center industry trust me you open grinder and you will see lot of familiar faces

So always be careful at work if you really care about your job

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Posted On Jun 5, 2021 - 01:01 PM

I guess to each their own. For some its a kink to have *** with an office colleague or boss and for some its a no go zone.
I have never been with a boss but I am into recruitment I have seen a lot of bosses hinting if I can find them a "charming"man for a role who will be willing to travel on conferences etc for them as part of the job. In some cases since i had worked over years for some clients they had openly said they would prefer gay or bisexual men so there is a partner *** professional experience. These business travels sometimes get suspicious between colleagues and bosses. No judgements.

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Posted On Jun 7, 2021 - 01:04 PM

wow ..when i read all ur experiences i am surprised how i still haven't come across any one in the professional world with such intentions or maybe I didn't realise. But i would prefer to mix both the worlds as the chances of word spreading in corp world are much faster than otherwise.
Handling 1 or 2 is manageable but handling a bunch of them with word spreading is a nightmare ,,,

When i am reading all these amazing and exciting stories I now feel that one of my company's director had started sending me general hetro *** related pics and forwards to check my reaction but then i though he must be trying to find out if i am gay or straight just out of inquisitiveness as i am divorced since few yrs and dont have a gf so to make me a topic of office gossip ( being small minded in such topics ) so i use to some times ignore and at times answer in a more straight position manner ,,,,, now i feel maybe he's trying to find out so he can hit on me for his motives

I had heard abt girls being a victim but never knew that even guys are being hit openly and daringly without being concern abt their rep is everyone comes to know that too at their position in the company. Like Murtaza Khan mentioned.

The saddest part of our society is that they literally kill a living person by being after them to have a gf or a wife and if not to find out where is he going for *** ..... I have gone from an extrovert to an introvert since my divorce as anyone i talk to even generally for friendship n companionship the only thing they do is JUDGE ME and then decide to be friends or no and that is by trying to find out my *** life

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Posted On Jun 7, 2021 - 01:05 PM

Sorry typo error
But i wouldn't prefer to mix both the worlds

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Posted On Jun 12, 2021 - 10:17 AM

I personally do not see if the guy is colleague or stranger .. as long as we attract each other , nothing wrong making up with collegue .. there was a mallu team member .. I had a eye on him and we liked each other company . One day , we happen to sleep at my house. I tried to feel his handon. Nothing I coudnget . Then I left that attention. A few months later , we happen to drunk togather .. till now i don't remeber what happened that night .. I wake up next day felt something on my *** .. I was blowing his 9 inch.

There was another who is in top level. But he look so good. I used to watch and smile at him. One day we happen to pee at same time .. I finished and was looking if I could see his .... Am really glad that he was showing his .. and he took me that day in his car and made me to blow him

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Posted On Jun 13, 2021 - 03:32 AM

I have same incident.
I am working on client side and there was other team from our mumbai office on that side to.
So company made arrangements to stay at cilent side only.
There was a shared hell with beds. No problem for sleeping.
But in early morning things become like boys hostels 12- 15 member waiting for bathroom, shower.
So I contacted my friend in that location for my staying arrangements then I got I room in pg.

Then next day one of senior member from Mumbai team ask me about my room and said if he can stay with me I said ok and we stay together.

So there is two bed in room and I was stay alone so I join them.
When he come to stay . I started to separate the bed but he said leave it as it is. I said ok.

During this one month period in night he use to cuddle me from behind and some night I have noticed his full *** on my back but I never made a move.
I have scared to take any step.
He was a quite big down there .
But sadly I left the company but I am still in touch with him and he occasionally send me *** clip on WA.

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Posted On Aug 3, 2021 - 06:24 PM

I was just going through these threads, and it made me eager to share my experience recently at my job. I was at the studio last weekend usually I get over around 9pm on weekends, there was this office man in his 30's came to our studio to clean-up and organized it before the next broadcast. I always liked this guy, he was sexy straight man with hot body and attractive face, you just can't resist looking at him.

Neways last weekend night I was alone in the studio and was winding up to leave as it was past 9pm, before leaving I taught to use the rest room. When I was freshening up this man entered in the restroom, he greeted me and even I smiled at him. He asked me did you guys had party at your office this weekend, I said "Yes", he smiled and said yeah there was so much trash in the studio, we both laughed.

I knew I want to seduce this straight man, so I complemented about his body, he replied with "Thanks", then I got gutsier and more asked him “Can I just touch your body”, he did not say anything. I got the signal and touched his strong arms, he was not reacting, then my hands moved to his chest, back, arms...he did not resist at all. I kept on touching him and at one point his senses took control over him and he just toped doing what he was doing and started to enjoy my touch.
Even I was enjoying his body, I gently lifted his T shirt and nuzzled my *** on his manly chest and started to lick, *** and chew his wide chocolate chip nipples. He started to moa...I kept on liking is chest and *** those hot nipples for a while. Then I ventured on to his hairy armpits, and licked it, the sweet smell of his perfume and sweat was making me subconscious as I kept my *** nuzzled on his pits.
Meanwhile my hands were groping his trousers, I can feel his monster was getting bigger and bigger. He was *** *** by my and he couldn't control anymore, he unzipped his trouser and un-wrapped his sexy *** which was semi hard. I grabbed hit and started to *** it hard. It grew on to 7.5 thick monster.

He was straight for sure coz he said he never had this experience with guy b4, I grabbed his hands and placed it my hardon, 1st he resisted but later he too started to press and feel my 8+ rod with pleasurer. I dropped of my trouser we both were half naked in the restroom. I asked him “No one is gonna come”, he replied “It past 9:30 pm too late for anyone to come at 6th floor restroom”. we both laughed again. Then I slowly pushed his head down, initially he was not very comfortable to place his pink lips on my package, but with little efforts soon enough my *** was sliding in-n-out of his warm ***, he kept *** and liking my *** and balls for a while.
I got *** ***, I grabbed him by his strong shoulder and pushed on to the wall and went down on his rod, I ***, licked and chewed his balls, he was moaning in pleaser. This lead us to a 69 positions for next 40 minutes, we could do this easily as the restroom was very spacious. We cuddled, licked, hugged, kissed each other passionately for nearly an hour, later we both shot loads on each other’s body, we both were drenched in hot ***. It was indeed hot session and an amazing experience to turn a straight man to gay lol....

I wanted to go to next level on to a *** session since I am top, but I decided to take things slowly and didn't want to scare off this sexy straight man. Hence for the 1st session we just explored each other with body play coz I am sure he to enjoyed what happened last weekend and will definitely come back to me for more that is when I will venture on to next level of XXXX... 😊

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Posted On Aug 4, 2021 - 01:11 PM

I worked for an organization for only 3 months. One day I saw my boss phone on the table and ohmojo was opened in the phone.
That day I discovered that he also is interested in men like me.
He was a married handsome hunk with husky complexion.
On my last day I gathered the courage and asked him what are you preference ? To which he was shocked and asked how did I come to know.
After some time he opened up and told me that he loves to get ***. In the noon we went to office washroom and I gave him a nice blowjob. He was so *** and starving for a bj.
Same day in the night we had a office party. The party got over at 1am and then I again *** him for long in his car on the extension road in gurgaon. He had an amazing ***.and made my last day a memorable one
If u r reading this let me know man.

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Posted On Aug 11, 2021 - 06:28 PM

I work in rural survey where I always used to visit remote villages to collect data n my co worker is mr junaid akhtar he is senior matured tall man ,mostly we travel in bike together and I drive all the time ....I was married by that time it's been three years I still remember the evening where we get late due to lots of entry and as we left the village it was fully isolated muddy path when suddenly climate changed drastically ,it was lightening and a cool breeze make me feel so amazing and sudden raining make us stunned ,it was so heavy rain that driving was impossible so junaid said let's stop somewhere I said where not under trees ,we drive a bit further n in a small land we saw a old broken hut n stopped there it was big enough there we can shelter...When we were standing there junaid said why don't we dry out clothes it seems great idea to me so as to avoid cold I removed my clothes it was already dark n raining ,I pour the water from my clothes n hanged it somehow and was not aware of junaid intention as I was naked so he was ,he came closer n touched me I smiled n said what he smiled saying nothing and Care's me again I was feeling cold when he hugged me from back he was tall man so I felt his body all over my back and suddenly he touched n folded my *** along with my balls I tried to push him back but was useless for me and I realised it make me feel nice as I was getting hard he take him time and when I was hard he stroke me holding me tight in his arms ,I had no clue why I was enjoying him over my body n I started ejaculates and he stroked me until I shakes and he used my own *** that was on his hands to rub between my cracks and pushed down his finger inside my *** hole and I said please no he said u r such a sexy man ,he fingers me for few minutes ,frankly I was turned on enjoying like bitch ...
After few minutes he turned me and pushed me down on grass and rubbed his *** on my lips I can smell his aroma of cut flesh and he slowly make a way inside my *** n make me gag on his desire ,I was like helpless toy for him as he was just using me openly and I was behaving like I born to be used ....He was vey big and hard he pushed me in rain I fall on grass he climbed on my back and position me doggy it was heavy raining he was guiding his *** between my cracks and slowly he finger and rubbed his tip over my hole and gently he make a way inside just the head that was so unbearable pain I felt but he didn't let me move and a thrust was enough to shattered my *** hole in half as he was half way inside ,I was literally with tears in eyes in rain but he was aiming for more and in no time his balls hit my balls and he leaned n bite my ears saying now on you are mine ,he *** me like bitch hard and rough and stroke me again saying u r hard for my *** and he make me *** again and he was still *** me saying hope your wife don't find out what u enjoy saying he filled my hole and fall on my body n I remember I was laying down in grass for more than half n hour while he was saying u make my evening dear hope rain doesn't stop tonight so I can love u again ....

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Posted On Aug 13, 2021 - 03:14 AM

So this happened a few years back. I had a minor accident and needed assistance during the recuperation period. As I was staying alone, I hired an attendant for a short period. His job was primarily to help me move around, use the washroom, give me a bath and all. The guy was a Tamilian... late 30s. He was incredibly good at his job and used to ensure that I was not inconvenienced in the slightest. Now the problem was that, even though I was injured, when he used to give me a bath, I would always get an ***. I used to get a bit awkward but since he had worked with many patients in the past, it was not new for him.

Now we had been 4-5 days into this situation and every night, just before sleeping, he used to give me a foot rub. So I asked him if he could just give me a body rub as well and he happily did so. But of course... that led to another *** and this time I started laughing and seeing the humour of the situation, he also joined in! Finally I decided to sleep and that was it. Since I needed his assistance at night as well, he used to sleep in my room itself. At night he wore lungis and as my bed was queen size, our bare legs used to brush against each other once in a while.

Now to describe this guy, he was a huge guy, broad shoulders, hairy and all, but not muscular. He was fit, but in a regular kind of a way. And I'm slightly chubby but I have very low hair growth.

The next night, when I was going to bed, he once again gave me a body rub and then turned off the lights. Somehow I couldn't sleep and I asked him if he could just rub my shoulders and back once again. Since he was lying down, he just came closer and started rubbing me again. This time we both felt our legs brushing and feeling all that hairiness was making me very twitchy. He had turned me to my side and my back was facing him and I could could feel some parts of his body on me. He was wearing a vest and I was in my boxers. Gradually I could feel his chest hair on my back and a few moments later we were in a spooning position. And that's when I felt that hard thing on my ***.

I'm sure you guys are aware of this... a moment comes when both the parties who find themselves in this kind of a situation decide to just give in and let loose. And that was it. In an unspoken moment, he just circled his arms around me and started twitching my nipples with his fingers. I kept on backing my *** into his groin and we kind of got into a synchronised motion. And that was the beginning of our nightly affairs... absolutely unspoken, just pure *** in its rawest forms.

I put my hand behind and felt his *** and damn... it was one of those with a soaking wet head and an easy to peel foreskin. By just stroking it once the palm of my hands got lubricated and I was in heaven just thinking about how rubbing it on my *** cheeks and my inner thighs would feel. He pulled down my boxers and now I was butt naked with a beautiful dripping *** rubbing against my ***. I pushed it between my thighs and he started moving in slow motion. I placed my palms between my legs in the front and with every motion they kind of collided and covered my palms with his pre-***. With his other hand, he started stroking my *** and damn… It was insane… Slowly he took his hand off my *** and trailed across the side of my body and cupped my *** cheek. I understood that he was trying to access further deep and then he adjusted my body accordingly. Using both his hands, he started playing with my bum and slowly started spreading my *** cheeks. And then he made this super slow circular motion at the rim of my *** and I just felt the world stop. I don’t know how long he played with my rim but the next thing I remember, his finger was slowly going in and out of my ***. I was moaning away in pleasure and the feeling of his super hairy body on mine was just adding to all that fun.

Then he turned me diagonal and moved his *** from between my thighs to my *** crack. He started rubbing it and I could feel the enormousness of its head on my ***. I knew there was no way this would be painless but what was surprising was the gentleness with which he went forward. Actually he didn’t even enter me that night. Just kept on playing with my hole and it was just the tip of his *** which entered my hole.

Damn… just remembering and thinking about that night is giving me a major hard-on. So I’m gonna pause for the moment, but I’ll be back with the rest of my experience at a later point.

I hope you all not just read my words, but feel every second of it the way I felt.

NOTE: It took me four sittings to write this, just kept getting highly turned on!

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Posted On Aug 13, 2021 - 12:03 PM

Its not ideal to have sexual relations at workplace, especially with the boss. I say this out of experience. I learnt this in a weird kind of manner.

A few years ago I used to work for a start up, which was owned by my friends elder brother, i will call him boss from now on.

SInce it was a startup our working ours were erratic and since we were the only two men in the team, we would spend a lot of time together, travelling and working late. We became good friends in no time, but things were pretty much straight until this point.

Once during such late evening work, he was joking about having his wife as his colleague (his wife worked with us too) and said its so challenging. I jokingly asked "if ur wife works wit you, you cant check out other girls in the team, is that the challenge u are talkin about" to which he replied, possibly without thinking "The girls here are so unattractive, I would instead check you out". I was kinda shocked, kinda amused and I guess he realised that. He grew red with embarassment and said "dude i just meant you look better than the girls here". I did not pursue the matter much but something changed between us from then. I suddenly started feeling there s something hidden in him. Like your gaydar suddenly comes alive. I would often catch him looking at me while I worked in his chamber, he would almost always take me along when he went on smoke and tea breaks. No one noticed, they just felt its jus the guy thing that we were doing, and I enjoyed his attention.

On new years eve, we were working hard on some urgent delivery that had to happen on the new years day. Most people in the team finished their jobs and left for their homes, but me and boss stayed back for the last minute work that had to be done before the delivery. Due to work I had not planned anythign for new year and he too had not planned stuff. We finished work by about 8 PM and were about to call it a day, but then he suggested we should celebrate the project completion since we two had put the most effort on it. I had no plans, so thot its a good way to end the year. So we planned we shall get drunk and do night out watching movies, at the office, it felt quirky and fun so we planned it.

So we got drinks, ordered food and watched some show on the laptop for a while. As the drinks began to take us over, the boss said "chal kuch masti karte hai" and played a *** movie. We were sitting on a sofa in his chamber, next to each other and the laptop was on the table. he kept cracking jokes when the *** progressed, like "look at her boobs man, they re like pumpkin", "arey *** dekh iski kitni choti hai" etc and we were laughing n all. At one point he kept his hand on my thigh after a simialr joke. I was lost in *** and I had a boner, he noticed that and said "someone is all hard" and began to laugh, I was hard, I was also high, so in a moment of joking, I suddenly said "aap kya kum ho, aap bhi toh kaafii hard ho (you are no less, you are quite hard too)" and grabbed his crotch. He was hard as a rock. He was kinda not expecting this may be, so he pushed me off saying "saala kya samajh rakha hai (bloody what do you think I am). I got scared, i immediately recoiled and sat at a distance. For five mins we were quite, it was awkward. I was totally feeling I miscalculated, but suddenly he put his hand on my waist and pulled me to him. I was so scared I thot he might hit me or something, but to my surprise he kissed my *** hard. It was a very wet, very sloppy kinda kiss and I was shocked happy and ***.

my boss was an average built guy, he s tall (which is attractive for me) but is not that bulky hunk, he s fit but not well built. As a gay man I always had an eye on him, so I happily obliged to his needs. That night was spent in a state of shock, disbelief and tipsiness as we were quite drunk. I remembered kissing him a lot and giving him a hot blow job, but after that we were taken over by daaru and sutta. It was mid night when we woke up, we were sleepy and tired, so we did not speak about what happened right then. He dropped me home and since 1st Jan was a holiday, I saw him only on the 2nd. Things went as usual from then on, the only difference was that he would make me stay back on the evenings and we would get physical after everyone left. Most of the times it would be kissing and me giving him hot blowjobs. He would make me sit on the sofa and fill my *** with his *** and *** in my ***. He would then give me a handjob and help me ***. We never spoke about this separately, it became like an unsaid rule. I was his post-work blow job friend. I must have given him more than 500 bjs. But he never forced me for it, I did it voluntarily, coz I love to *** and I really really liked him. He was like my master, I would *** him like a hungry ***, then take his *** with joy. I guess somewhere down the line I began getting attached to him as well.

work went smoothly, he gave me pay raise (he gave similar raise to others too) and I agree he did favour me to an extent when it was needed. By the end of an year, I was totally in his infatuation, he was quite kind and nice to me. things would have been the same had I remained satisfied. I wanted more, I wanted to go beyond blowjobs. I felt I need to let him get more out of me. I once spoke to him about it, that was the first time it was discussed, I guess that was also a mistake I did. I spoke to him about how I like doing what we do, he said he feels the same but tried to avoid speaking more. I shoudl have taken the clue and stopped but I went ahead and said we should go beyond this and "make love". THis must have annoyed him, he said "you mean we should ***?". I tried to tell him it was beyond *** and I wanted to become one with him n stuff. He pretended to listen and said we can plan some day. After a few days, on a weekend I get a call from him. He said his wife is away during that night and we can meet. I was overjoyed, thinking I will now unite with (phew!!) my master etc and went to his place.

We started off as usual with kissing and me giving him bj. I quickly realised he has got no experience with men beyond BJ and kiss, so I took control. I put him down and undressed both, kissed and licked him top to bottom, played and *** his nipples, made him play with my chest *** my nipples, rimmed his *** for hours and gave him best sucks. He grew hornier and things heated up, and I asked if he would wish to *** my ***. He gve me a wide smile, and said "how can I let you go without that" and pushed me down and widened my legs. Although I was expecting something tender from him, he was really really rough with me from that point on. He entered me so hard and abruptly, I had no choice but to choke. I asked him to go slow, but he was like "you wanted this, didnt you?" and he pounded me for a long time, before cumming into the condom and turning away and sleeping. I was kinda hurt, my *** was bleeding a little and I was also shocked at how he had behaved. He had never been this rough when we got physical before. But I did not think about it much, I thought may be its his way, may be he likes it rough. Also getting *** from someone you are attracted to makes you do stupid things, so I ignored this.

things continued as usual from the next day, we would get physical every now and then, apart from ***, he would *** me at times, when there was less work and when he was in mood. He had actually turned a little rude after that night. He was ok workwise, things were the same but *** wise he had become like a stone. It was like come give me a bj, come kiss me, turn around today i need to ***, ok im done, you can leave now. One day I was overcome by passion for him after watching some cheesy love story, so I got all mushy with him, I called him lovey dovey names during the *** and I insisted we both go totally naked that day as I want to experience his sexyness (usually we would be half naked) he complied and we had a usualy rough session and when he was *** me I said "I love you, oh I love you baby" some two three times, I did not respond and he was busy pounding my ***, but that day I came off right at the time he came inside me, and during that moment of ecstasy I said somethign like love you my husband or something, and I hear him laugh in a weird way. I was like I had just said a joke. I didnt say anything. while dressing up, i tried to hug him, coz he looked beautiful in sweat and shirtless, but he pushed me off (We did not hug after *** usually). He said "bas bas, ab vapis ladka ban ja". I felt annoyed and we got into an argument, and at the end he said "hijde jaise mat kar, ladki nahi hai tu" and it hurt me.

Things begin to change after that within me, I kinda felt very insulted that he was rude with me. I would often try to talk about intimacy with him and he would say 'get a girl friend" or "ladki dekhu kya, shaadi karle tu". Our late evening fun reduced too, but i would still go to him and *** him once a week, I would let him *** me as hard as he wants just hoping he might show his loving side. I would myself go with him when he went out to smoke, I would voluntarily go with him everywhere, like it was before, but I also realised he had stopped calling me out like before.

Then one day, during an office outing at a resort, he was making jokes about all his employess during an informal session and he said he has nicknamed me "puunch", which is tail, coz I go behind him even without calling. The entire team burst out laughing, but I felt hurt and humiliating. Later that day, while excusing himself for a loo break, he called me "oye puunch, chal tera maalik jaa raha hai, peeche aa" infront of everyone. I didnt go bt he pulled me along and said "aaj badi tharak chadhi hai, chal loo mein kuch maza dede" (I am very *** today, come on give me some fun in the loo). I was so stupid, I forgot the insult and went along and give him a bj in the toilet room. it was horrible, someone walked into the washroom when were were inside the loo, so he made me sit up on the toilet seat (coz the doors were short) and made him *** him without making any noise, he came in my *** and did not let go until last drop of his *** was inside my ***. He then simply zipped up and left the loo, ensuring no one saw. I felt so hurt I started to cry right there. I felt used, hurt and insulted.

I stopped talking to him or giving him sexual favours after that. He would make me stay back but I d finish work and walk off when he made moves. He would feel annoyed and abuse verbally but I kept distance, hoping he would some day ask what happened and would say sorry at least. I waited and waited bt that day never came. But how long could I keep it all inside me, one evening he tried to fondle my *** again, I was naturally hard and he pushed me down and made me *** him, I *** him and took his ***. But when he was zipping up I asked him why has he become rude, why he no more treats me well, why he made fun of me. He said "I dont like faggots", He said that after seeing me do "gay things" with him that night, he feels uncomfrtable to be noted with me, because he fears that if people find out I am gay, they will call him gay too. He said he can do it in secret but nothing beyond that, that over time he realised that I am not "manly" which is why he s maintaining distance. I asked him, "when u make me *** you, when you *** me like a mad man, dont you feel scared that you are doing with a gay man" to which he got annouyed and said "you be in ur limits, u are prostitute, be one, dont act like my boss" and asked me to leave.

I quit that workplace in about three months from that day. He was not der even for my send off party, he just sent me the reliving letter throug post later. I havent seen his face from that day. BUt I still feel I should have understood when to stop and I should have limited our fun to physical. Never ever get involved with your boss romantically, or even sexually, this is a lesson I learnt.

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Posted On Aug 13, 2021 - 05:29 PM

I was majorly attracted to my ex boss. We were so close , the gaydar in me always tells me he has a thing for me , but he never expresses. I hope nature plays and brings our bodies together
At this point I am torn between my affection for him and my infatuation

Sigh , why are feelings so complicated

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Posted On Aug 13, 2021 - 06:23 PM

*** life always be separated from work life never mess up things

@kisses, what kind of company you worked at? Must be sucky co with no culture. Surely u caused a big problem but that dude was gay af and deserved to be outed in front of everybody, just send the story to his wife n see the revenge , now u say why to take revenge? Not becos he cheated u but he is cheating wife n entire team wirh deceit must be punished

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Posted On Aug 13, 2021 - 08:38 PM

@dipakjj, I ve moved miles away from what had happened so things like revenge and stuff sound silly at this point. And if i get to doing such things, what will be the difference between him and me :).

I have found my closure long ago, this post was just meant to share an experience of how workplace sexual encounters can turn nasty.

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Posted On Aug 14, 2021 - 04:22 AM

@kisses..... There are many straight/bisexual guys treat bottoms like this....... It is really a hurting scenario for bottoms..... I huv experienced tge same but took time to come out of that and when i get infactuation or lust with a boy i simply divert myself(takes a long time ti practise it).

Only thing we can do is just huv good friends and simply keep us busy.

Many straight/bisexuals are very very dangerous and spoil our routine

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Posted On Aug 14, 2021 - 11:09 AM

@kisses after reading your story , my eyes are full of tears and mind is gotal numb ... what else can we expect from this world 😔..

I m full angry on ur boss but then my mind says its your fauult too
Hope one day your boss will get punishment of what he did to your delicate mind.

If you ever want to talk do consider me as ur friend. 🙏🏻

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Posted On Aug 14, 2021 - 12:03 PM

Guys stop blaming @kissses for what happened after reading his story. He knows that he made mistakes and quite well acknowledged it in his post. The main reason of him sharing his story is to make people aware about the risk of forming sexual relationship at the workplace. He himself learned it the hard way and he hopes that we should rather learn from his story and not repeat those mistakes which can save ourselves from getting emotionally drained and hurt. So, just read his story and learn from it instead of blaming him.
P.S.- People sometimes tend to commit mistakes when they are in love with someone. Mutual respect is always a basis of healthy relationship and what we can learn from his story is that we should never bear a toxic relationship and move out as soon as we realise it. I know it's not easy all the time because we do get blinded by the emotions and the love for our partner but the earliest we get out of such relationship, the better it is for us.

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Posted On Aug 14, 2021 - 02:24 PM

@kisses I have heard these things in workplaces. It happens with straight *** also. You should be careful about this give and take relationship.
Other part is your story highlights the double standard used by most guys. While they do gay ***, they don't like gay. Many tops treat bottoms as slaves and inferior just because they bottom. Although I have seen many bottoms smarter and better in life than tops. This is nothing but false feeling of superiority my friend. And it happens everywhere. Funny part is noone can escape who they are and they have to face consequences one day or the other.

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Posted On Aug 14, 2021 - 05:02 PM

What happened with @kisses can happen in any relationship. Need not be boss- subordinate. Agree with What mayank_blr says too.
IThere is a book titled - why men want *** and women need love.
I feel it could be true for tops and bottoms too.

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Posted On Aug 15, 2021 - 07:39 PM

infatuations turn ugly when its only one sided, better get over it and move on

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Posted On May 2, 2022 - 12:38 PM

Umm, well. I had one cute boss. Super cute. But the thing is, he was retiring in that particular year when I'd joined the organisation.
It was a govt organisation, a messy place. But, he was an eye candy.

But uggh!, he treated me like his kid. His youngest son was elder to me :D
I was a kind gentleman. Despite him being hopelessly good looking and attractive,
I had to reign in my hormones because, you dont oggle at someone who treat you so
kindly, hai na? :D

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Posted On May 4, 2022 - 07:44 AM

I work into Small scale IT Company,
And our company hire lots of freshers for some small projects / Tasks. Some of the twinks are I candies.
My colleague is super HOT, He looks like Randeep Hooda, with a amazing Gym toned athletic physique and always shaved chest. he is around 32 and single. He make me crazy. I have seen his nipples when he was wearing a white shirt and he got wet in the rains while travalling. Also sometimes he rub his hands on pennies while working. we sits infront of each other.
I have seen him nude from the back while taking bath, when we went for the lake side camping there was a curtain type partition in the commom bathroom. I was super *** at that time.
I wish to c him naked one day. I am waiting for that day desparately. Waiting for the oprtunity to traval with him. so that he can take off his shirt for swimming or some beach.

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Posted On May 6, 2022 - 06:36 PM

It seems the topic is getting diverted a bit . Let us share the experience from the subject. I never come across the gay boss knowingly. As you all know that women are still fighting for their rights and safety; Do you think that gay bottom get recognised from the society at the moment? Being a bottom is not treated as even like a woman. At work place is a different ground in which you have to show the skill set required for the job . It's important always to keep our sexual orientation outside and keep and respect every one as colleague. There is an one advantage if your boss or subordinate is gay , you can get an instant hookup and relaxation but after sometime this would also get bored or might end up . On other side , there are lots of disadvantages, 1) you might distracted from the work , 2) you may be end with favourisim 3) there could be a chance of getting additional work not responsiblities 4) you might get mis used by anyone from the company by referrals 5) you might loose your dignity and self esteem.. what more , you get used by others and thrown at drash once you leave from the company. The work provides bread and butter but that should not come from by selling ourselves. We are not prostitutes ...

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Posted On May 7, 2022 - 09:50 AM

@thansrin's u r absolutely correct. All the point u added are 1000% valid.

favourisim in normal circumstances create a lot of disarray in team. I have seen in many organisations ( without gay/sexual part).

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Posted On May 7, 2022 - 03:19 PM

@desidesirex yeah it will take time to start with company, but in terms of job I don't think ppl will like to share if there are any opening here in any of the forums. Thats because releiving identity issue. And more over its kind of a lie thats been happening here. So thinking of getting jobs by any referels here will never work, nor thinking to start off a company

Just being honest about what I feel, experiencing the way ppl treat here is insane, there are ppl who are good but you will find majority bad ppl

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Posted On Feb 1, 2023 - 03:58 PM

It’s natural for everyone to get attracted towards good looking person no matter if that is straight or gay.. girl or boy.. few of them go ahead and approach and few of them try giving hints and few of them do not dare.

As I’m vers I also got attracted towards lot of guys and girls too at my work place. But I never approached to any guy neither dare to approach any girl.

But I got lot of hints at every work place where I worked.. as I worked into calling profile and when I speak in English I tend to fake accent (which comes out naturally) and I sound bit thin and smart people around me recognise about my sexuality. Thankfully I haven’t faced a lot of issue with this. Now comes time where few guys want to take advantage of my sexuality( I’m guess this with hints I got from them) I worked for one call centre and my work time was 4pm to 1am, I use to travel self as work place was close to my house. There was one good looking guy and was smart ( hope you get what smart means here ) he was also working in same time 4pm to 1am but use to stay back and sleep in sickroom and go in the moring as he use to stay far he must be sleeping there at night and saving his time to travel in night. He was senior to me and they had their own group of senior. But this guy started speaking with me on random topics and one day he asked why are you going home ? Stay back we will sleep here in sickroom and you can go in the morning. To which I dined and went to home as I stayed close. But I guess he wanted to do some action with me to which he must have said this. Trust me guys all girls on the floor use to like him.. and he was smart not only by looks but with brain too.. he had gf too. I left the company in very short period of time and we are not connected.. there was other guy which I doubt was gay and we were in different process but hired in same batch even he approached me to stay back and sleep in sickroom and that too of girls sickroom and up on asking he said girls don’t sleep in the night there and boys sickroom is occupied.

In my previous job there was a hot sexy guy.. even straight boys use to appreciate his personality. Everyone use to feel he is client (he look like foreigner) he was senior to me. One girl at office party drunk and then he took him to some lodge and they had action and since thn they went into relation .. trust me guys that girl was zero in front of him ( I’m not disrespecting her but she really looks nothing as compared to the guy) and everyone in office was knowing he is using her and even they both knew it is not going to work for longer term. The girl became good friend of mine and we started talking about their relationship and *** life.. she use to discuss lot of things and once told me that he was asking for *** *** and he enjoyed that. She shared lot other things which will go too long but I wanted to specify this because this shows his interest for *** ***. As girl became my good friend and he also knew it ..we also became bit friendly. He use to ping me Skype for resetting password of some application and I use to reset with his girlfriend name. Once he called me at his desk and he was alone and started discussing about one ticket while our discussion I noticed he was tabbing his middle finger on desk.. but I ignored and went back to my desk at the end on the conversation. Once we all were talking about office party and I said I don’t drink alcohol to which he replied one day I’ll forcefully make you drink I replied back try your luck. But than covid came and nothing happened further. There are more small incident were I found he showed his interest but I never wanted to do any action at work place with guys who just want to use gays as their toy because I know they do things and prideful tell people I *** him .. and he blowed me and all ***.. meeting gay guys via gr I have done because I know that even front person is into it.

I was going to post this in missed opportunity thread. But I thought they were not missed but I left them by myself.

I will suggest everyone not to go carzy or allow yourself to use as a toy of their joy and then make you as topic at work place. Mostly bottoms like to seduce and show themselves but trust me we ourself are spoil everything.

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abbasulli *
Posted On Feb 1, 2023 - 06:58 PM

i used to have mexican manager, he was hot as hell even in his 40s.. very nice guy !! always wondered what it would be to sleep with boss..! never dared to nor taken chance on !!

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Posted On Feb 27, 2023 - 12:00 PM

There is a very cute guy at my office. He's not my boss but at same designation as that of me. We collaborate many times on common projects. Whenever we work together, I can't help but think about giving him a nice bj and *** till last drop. But I know I can't do anything about it so all in vain.

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Posted On Mar 1, 2023 - 07:52 AM

I met a nice guy in a friend's gay get together. We had *** and met few times. I found him intelligent.

Few days later I got to know that he lost his job as his company had shut down. I was looking to hire someone with similar skill set. I spoke to him and hired under me. I was confident that we will maintain professional relationship and stay clear of the past. I was always unbiased towards him (treated him same way as I treated all my team mates) and we maintained our physical distance. This worked out fine.

I again hooked up with him only after leaving that job (thus he was no more reporting to me).

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Posted On Nov 17, 2023 - 09:48 AM

I had *** my college dean after graduation. It was fun . And it was my first gay experience of my life.

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Posted On Nov 17, 2023 - 04:39 PM

i once had an encounter with a a guy who worked for the same company different team
we did it in office bathroom, when he and i went to pee at the same time, i just out of curiosity tried to peep into his stall to get a look at his junk, he noticed me doing that and to my surprise asked me with smile 'do you like it' , luckily only two of us were there that time in bathroom as it was a saturday and very less employees had come for work. then we went into one of the toilets and *** each other with happy ending and lots of kissing and neck biting etc.. it was fun
but i never met that guy again donno why, i worked for that company for 2 more years after that at the same location

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Posted On Nov 22, 2023 - 10:24 AM

My ex boss was a very tharki man he used to rub his *** in full view. Once in office during holiday i caught him *** q junior guy in office. Later on he asked me did you enjoy the show

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Posted On Nov 22, 2023 - 04:53 PM

My boss is a 48 years old fit and fun guy. He likes my company most in the office and calls me in the cabin in free time. He asks me to have coffee, breakfast, snacks together as he is a foodie. He will tell lots of double meaning jokes and sometimes pass some comments about girls. Never had any progress and honestly i also don't think much about it but as i am on notice period, i think i should make a move.

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