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Gays matrimony

Submitted by fifty Location: All India (All India, India)

A petition for recognising same *** marriage is being heard in the Supreme Court of India. This will be a big step after decriminalisation of gay ***.

Most guys here are for *** date and fun. Nothing wrong with it. But there are quite a few who are seriously looking for long term relationship or gay life partner. Considering the vast database ohmojo has, number of such guys will also be sizeable.

This thread is meant for such guys.

We can share our details like age, location , sexuality, role, expectation and so on.

Some requests 1. discussion about viability of gay relationship, same *** marriage can be done somewhere else.

2. This thread os NOT meant for requests seeking *** dates

3. Do not share all your personal details as the page can be seen by anybody. Those can be exchanged in one to one message.

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Baadshah Bhai
Posted On Jan 28, 2023 - 09:01 AM

31 versatile from Aligarh Uttar Pradesh. I m looking for true love and life partner

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