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Gays matrimony

Submitted by fifty Location: All India (All India, India)

A petition for recognising same *** marriage is being heard in the Supreme Court of India. This will be a big step after decriminalisation of gay ***.

Most guys here are for *** date and fun. Nothing wrong with it. But there are quite a few who are seriously looking for long term relationship or gay life partner. Considering the vast database ohmojo has, number of such guys will also be sizeable.

This thread is meant for such guys.

We can share our details like age, location , sexuality, role, expectation and so on.

Some requests 1. discussion about viability of gay relationship, same *** marriage can be done somewhere else.

2. This thread os NOT meant for requests seeking *** dates

3. Do not share all your personal details as the page can be seen by anybody. Those can be exchanged in one to one message.

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Baadshah Bhai
Posted On Jan 28, 2023 - 09:01 AM

31 versatile from Aligarh Uttar Pradesh. I m looking for true love and life partner

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Posted On Feb 18, 2023 - 08:15 PM

A small intro abt myself. I am from south mumbai. My actual age is 34 but I look around 26-27. I look like a normal guy in public but I am a pure bottom and private cd. With a smooth and soft hairless body. I am a complete girl at heart and soul. Looking for a long term secret boyfriend or husband. Someone above 40-45.

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Posted On Mar 5, 2023 - 01:03 PM

Gay relationship is a joke, infact any relationship is a joke. Partners will go around *** others discretely.

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Posted On Mar 5, 2023 - 01:26 PM

Can be loyal in Straight life for this society and if they love each other

but for gay ppl being loyalty n relationship is impossible

ofcourse can prolong for few yrs but its very difficult

Bcz in straight life we dont have any other oppertunity to have fun with others but

In gay life is not like that both know this under ground community n dating apps n site ...

Taste cat never will be idiol to taste another thing ...

sorry if my statement hurst any loyal couple but bitter truth is that ............

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Posted On Mar 5, 2023 - 05:20 PM

tasteme2021, Straight couples do not have extra marital affairs? In my office itself I saw at least half a dozen extra marital affairs; some very closely.
Have you heard of tinder app? There are so many married men on ohmojo itself. Are they loyal to their wives? Not all straight marriages are happy. They are not broken, because getting divorced is considered a blot and women still don't have a say in their own lives. They are not independent, financially secure and their parent's might not welcome them if they leave the husband.

And this accusation of gay men being promiscuous. Have they been given an opportunity to stay in a relationship?

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Voyeur_exhib *
Posted On Mar 5, 2023 - 05:28 PM

Human beings are social animals. If given a choice these days, many straight men and women would not get married, not get kids and have multiple partners.

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kingofdesire56 *
Posted On Mar 6, 2023 - 02:15 AM

I genuinely don't understand. Why can't gay relationships be true and legit. It's not necessary that every single person will go out of their and have extra marital affairs and whatnot. There are people looking for comitted relationship as well. I'm one of them.

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Posted On Mar 6, 2023 - 01:40 PM

If loyalty means only *** one ***, one *** or *** one *** life long, then we need to seriously reconsider the whole point of being married.
Inspired by heteronormative relationships and a society which modelled around a unit of a man and a woman, sets a pretty low standard to qualify for a succesful and meaningful relationship.
For example a man/woman can be an absolute *** to his wife/ her husband. Can be emotionally unavailable, insensitive, abusive, manipulative, but as long as no *** is happening beyond society alloted pair (aka married couple) it is ok?
Personally I would prefer a partner who aces on being an awesome human being and a partner in life (*** or no ***), over a so called monogamous entitled ***.

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Posted On Mar 6, 2023 - 02:36 PM

Yes it is true any social restriction or binding not relevant if our liking and bonding not strong. If we like someone then it does not mean we are in polygamy. We have to be mature and full of enthusiasm to deal such issues.weather straight or gay transparency ; truthfulness and mutual trust can plays a vital role. Our feeling may vary person to person or 2 persons at same time but we should respect and understand each relationship as some may short term or some may long term based on our liking and circumstances.

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Posted On Mar 7, 2023 - 04:29 AM

Vishal_kumar, I agree with you. But since monogamy is the standard now, one tends to look upon it as a necessary condition for life partner
What I feel is we have different needs - sexual, cultural, entertainment, intellectual, physical activities and so on and it is not possible nor necessary that the partners tastes match in all these spheres So one should have their own space where one can enjoy these activities with another person , with the knowledge of the partner. Even having *** outside marriage is not an issue But there should be no double standards and secrecy, cheating in it
At the same time, there is a risk of getting drifted towards this third person and if one wants the relationship to stay strong and long, some compromise might be necessary Of course relationship should not become a burden.

These things are too complex .

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Posted On Mar 8, 2023 - 06:06 PM

Is possible same *** marriage?

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