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Missed Opportunities

Submitted by SalmanDear Location: All India (All India, India)

Some times we get a chance to have fun but somehow the opportunity gets missed. Please share your experiences and regrets of such missed opportunities and if again you get chance today what will you do so that not to regret later.

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Posted On Sep 30, 2022

Don't feel bad CDUma
Think it this way, your inner instincts guarded u agaist something.

Usually about these chance encounters..
Please be careful if the encouter includes visiting to that person's place. (Where you will be totally at his mercy) avoid any type of food/drink which was prepared in your absence. Even if you have a slightest doubt , back off. Your instincts are trying to protect you.
It's better to cry over loat opportunities than to be a lost/tortured person.

Lost opportunities with known PPL sound cute but oportunities grabbed with unknown PPL can be dangerous.

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Posted On Sep 30, 2022

Yup...Missed opportunity is as such a perception as we do not as such know what would have happened if we actually grabbed that opportunity....it we would know that it is going to be a bad experience we will call it best escape instead of missed opportunity

Also our instinct guiding us to be careful is so true.......many times i have not acted upon advances by other person purely by instinct.

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Posted On Sep 30, 2022

However, in case of safe set up if the opportunity is missed, we feel bad later on

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Posted On Oct 3, 2022

This happened to me post Covid 1, I was getting back from Mysore to Bangalore after a days official visit. Suddenly a meeting was schedule for the next the next day and so we had to stay back. I always travel with a set of change clothes, but my colleague was not prepared for this. We had dinner , and checked into a Hotel for the night , they did not have 2 singe cots instead one large family cot. Since he did not have change clothes for the next day he washed his unders & let it dry in the room under the fan , he came out of the Bathroom wrapped in just the towel & sneaked into the bed under the blanket & removed the wet towel & put it on the chair to dry.
I slept on the same bed.
This guy was quiet an interesting character & one of my gay friends had told me that he would make a good bottom if well groomed. And here he was sleeping on the same bed as me, under the same blanket full naked.
My sleep was disturbed that night, to do or not to do, was the dilemma, forgot to say he was my Director's wife's brother but a young chap all of 22 , hot & *** Muslim chap. I let the night pass by & hung on to my lust. don’t know if it’s a costly missed opportunity of played safe.

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Posted On Oct 4, 2022

It's an old story about 10 year old.
I had this junior in my team, i was (still am) very fond of him. He and I were in Mumbai for a conference. After the days event we checked into the serviced apartment room. Out of no where he said his *** was hurting and could use a massage. I laughed it off... I got conscious that as a senior i shouldnt do anything i would regret later. He then changed in front of me. Later when we were sitting on the bed working, his zip was open I pointed it out and he said "galti se reh gaya'.

I didn't react to that either, but to date i regret not responding to his hints. Years later much had transpired at work, while we were still working together our relationship went a bit sour due to professional matters. But my love and attraction only went on increasing. But he used to be very cold towards me.

Once during Holi, all my office colleagues we got together to play Holi. We all were rather high and intoxicated too. I was trying to get him to drink more, he just acted as if he drank.. but didt take any sip. When i said ..u didn't drink at all...he replied..my lips are wet..you can kiss and see.... Again because there were so many colleagues around i didnr do anything.

All this still haunts me .. and not just because of the physical attraction but also because somewhere i loved him.
It's taken me a lot of effort to get over him (or may i be i still haven't fully gotten over). We are still in touch, I am still waiting for him to drop one more hint - i wont hold back this time.

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Posted On Oct 5, 2022

Few years ago, I was with a friend in ticket queue at some theatre in Thane. A guy stood behind me and I happened to notice him being quite handsome. I turned back to see him once or twice. He then pretended to push me to which I did not respond. Seeing no negative response from me, he then started touching my body from behind. I let him do so and then he touched my *** too. All this was arousing me but couldn't express it to him being with the friend. He then came closer and started moving his erect *** on my buts and gave few soft jerks too. We bought the ticket and moved out. As I did not get any opportunity to check if he comes next to me or anything beyond.

Missed an opportunity to have some fun with him in the theatre ☹

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Posted On Oct 14, 2022

In my last year of college I was coming back home late from a friends place in shorts and a T-shirt and came across this guy who was asking for directions to Telecom layout. He asked me if I was headed in the same direction and I said yes. He offered a drop and I said why not. While riding I cracked a small joke and he slapped my knee, rolling my shorts back a bit. After some time he asked to take a pee break on the side of the road. While peeing he complained about some pain and that he was not able to pee, he convinced me to go to some shady area and check for him (I knew what he was doing at this point but I was pretty *** too) I pulled out mine and he was surprised that mine was so much bigger. I was handling his tool and went to some corner, I was jerking him off and getting ready to give him a blowjob but he became very nervous (can you believe that???) I told him it was too dark for anyone to come and that we were safe but he was super on edge. Eventually I got turned off and asked him to drop me home. He got all touchy on the ride but I was done with him. If he had bigger stones, would’ve given him the best bj he had ever had. Oh well. He was intimidated a little bit because I was slightly taller and fairer but he was Indian dad bod which is just my type. Would’ve loved to milk him.

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Posted On Nov 15, 2022

Sme.one said about BEST ESCAPE......it was long back in Delhi before mobile era when we use to cruise regularly. I was on my early twenties. I met a main average looking soft spoken nice built broad shoulders strong palms. We chatted for some time and decided to meet on Saturday evening at his place.

Saturday I met him near his place as decided. We went to his room, offered tea and in between we kissed other and started foreplay without fully removing our clothes.

He got a call on his land like which was in another room and I overheard "come WE are waiting for you". That 'WE' surprised me as I was unaware that he is planning for 3 some or group.

He was TOP and i'm BOTTOM. I got scared and planned to escape. I got an opportunity as he went to balcony to take the towel hanging there. I opened the front door and almost ran down the stares. Without looking back I crossed the streat and looked back waited for some time and I saw two guys entering the stare case.

I left the place thanking GOD.

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Posted On Nov 17, 2022

I had a friend who was a year older than me. Once me and him were alone in his room lying next to each other and just talking about random stuff. I felt his hand touching my lower abdominal skin very gently. I sensed something off and distanced myself from him without saying anything or raising an alarm. Once I did that he said "now we have both become teenagers." Actually I had just become a thirteen years old guy a few days ago. And he was already fourteen years old. Before that two three years ago we had had a fight. While playing football I had felt as if he had grabbed my groin intentionally. Whether he had done that intentionally or not, that i don't know. But I had grabbed his crotch and squeezed as well. I had even caused some pain by pulling his balls hard. So we had stopped talking for about an year. But then this happened. I felt his hand very lightly lingering over my lower abdominal area. I wish I had not gotten scared. I am so stupid. It's not like I had not played with *** before that. I had a friend in my class. And we both used to play with each other's penises. I wish I had taken it in my *** as well. And I wish I had given mine in his *** as well. But this other guy who was a year older than me would have been even better. Damn I am so stupid.

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Posted On Nov 17, 2022

I don't know if it's missed opportunity or not,but it do come close,so I was living with my taiji and tauji,and two of my cousins from mother family side had came for some work,it was summer time and they were sleeping on terrace while I and others in chobara,on one of the cousin let's call him y,I had a huge crush and I sometimes hinted that to him but nothing actually happend,so i was awake at the time,it must be past midnight ,he came down and went in this hall,the thought of him alone in a room,defenceless,excited me to the peak so as usually happens,If I get too much excited I need to pee,do I went and then returned straight to that hall,and slightly just slightly pushed the door closed,he was on sofa,I kept staring at his crotch,I wanted to *** his *** but I was super afraid to do anything,he kind of high temp.guy,but I was *** and just a slight chance of him accepting of situation was enough to make me do the immoral act,but God had other plans ,i heard the second cousin,coming downstairs and so I moved far away from y and sleeped on a futon,he came and we chatted ,how mosquitos were bitting him and all nonsense, I did missed the chance but I think it's for good of both his and mine,I still have a huge crush on him and I do hint that everytime I get a chance but I don't think anything will happen ,ever.

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Posted On Nov 18, 2022

This happened maybe 5 yrs back....i was on some site chatting with one person...he was really romantic in chat and he convence me to meet....we decided to meet he came in his car and i shave my self nicely for him with good perfume and something inside;)....but that was my first time so i was afraid too...it was night he took me to drive but since i was afraid did nothing and asked him to drop within short time....i missed the opportunity and most important maybe I missed a nice lover with good heart......if he is here please remember the incident and message me again ...u were with ciaz white car....sorry but since to remember itold ur car...

Hope i get u again as my lover of secret sweet world

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Posted On Nov 18, 2022

in my intermediate i used to mastrubate in net center whenever i felt stressful the net shop owner is an old man one day when i started to handle my tool he came near my system and started to presss my *** ikinda scared so i moved away but even then also he purposefully mastrubated mine but i left immediately i think its a missed opportunity if i made a move it might have ended in a different way after that i tried after many days but the net shop was closed

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Posted On Nov 22, 2022

I had a missed opportunity.

Inwas working as admin executive but don't have any boss on my head. It was a non profitable organisation.

I interviewed 2 candidates. One male and one female. Male candidate was hot. Young, punju sweet guy. Days passed and we became very good friends. He used to live in Kandivali area. I was in Goregaon.

One day, I called him to my friend's house to watch a *** movie. Ofcourse, a straight one. We enjoyed it. Later, we were talking about our lives. I took shower came half naked infront of him. He did not bothered. I felt that he wanted me to make a first move but I was scared to do so.

I lost that momentum and went to sleep in different bedrooms. He left next morning. I still feel something could have happen if I made a move.

I still regret that because he is not to be found even on social media.

My loss

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Posted On Nov 28, 2022

I am sharing my experince for the first time, althogh i had many more intresting story but this was unexpected for me,
On, 24 nov 2022 i was comming back from college to home,one of my friend usually drop me near the liquer shop beside the iffco flyover, i was coming onfoot from liquer shop to iffco chauk to take an auto, one old man came with his car and asked me to give lift if i want. I said i am going twards MG road, he was also going in the same direction so i sit in his car and we hand shake, then he putted his hand on my thie and started rubbing softly i thought he wold be doing this unintentionly, but slowly he started moving his hand upward and trying to catch my ***, for few instance i was confused what should i do?
He keeps rubbing on my *** over my pent, then i opened mt jip and take out my *** and gave in his hand, it was thick n hard, he started enjoying with my ***, started pressing it and strocking it. I was also enjoing his touch, he moved his car twise from sikandarpur to iffco chauk we both were enjoying, i putted my hand on his thie and started touching his *** from above the pent. He got discharged in few miniutes, i was also thinking to get discharged but he got a call from his home which turns me off, i told him to drop me to the MG road and go home. He did the same. We decided to meet their at 9:00pm night everyday, but could'nt meet.
May be if he is there he will definatly recognize me. Also droping hint here for him, i will cross the same place by today also.

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Posted On Dec 11, 2022

I was at a destination wedding. There was a guy in charge of the logistics. His name was tushar, he looked young. our stay and wedding venues were apart. He was frindly. He was traveling with us on day 2 and must have overheard me say I stay in khar west... the wedding was in the evening and delayed to late night. We friends has a suite in an lower section of the hotel to drink. post midnight I went out to pee in the common loo as the room one was occupied. Tushar was peeing there too.. I sad hi. asked him if he has a drink, he said no. he mentioned that he stay in mahim west and he does not drink often and is concentratiing on his body. I asked him his age and he said 30. i said wow you don't look.. as there was no one there i got bold and said lets see your body... he hesitentily lifed his kurta.. I touch his abs and chest... and lingered softly.. then i asked him if works on his legs.. he said ... then i said you should show.. still when my hand was on his chest... just then we heard someone coming so he left and i went towards the sink... next day i was leaving and told him that I still need to see him legs & left... I dont know if something would have happened or not... BUt...

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Posted On Dec 13, 2022

Its a real incident when i never thought of gay ***.I stay in kolkata. I was coming back to home on a public bus from a distance one hour from my home. It was a bit crowded bus. I stood behind an old man about 50 yrs. I was then about 20-22.I noticed that the old man (let say X) was wearing a dhoti and regularly adjusting his position between his legs. After some time i felt some1 touch my ***. I could not understand who it is. Then again. Now i saw that whenever X was adjusting his ***, he was extending his a little more and touching ***. My *** started having an and election. Now X was adjusting his position more often and I got full ***. Then he got a seat in front me. Now.he started talking to me like where I live , what i do and who r there in my family which I replied. Then he told me about himself that he lives alone not far from me. He also asked me to come with him. Then I also a got a seat just beside him but my bus stop was 2 or 3 stop from there. When I rose to get down he slightly touched my ***. When I got down,I asked myself was he offering me a chance?

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Rathun Mondal
Posted On Dec 14, 2022

Hello... Last year during winter due to my friend's marriage I went to a place called Bandel which is in West Bengal; its a beautiful place..As its my close friend's marriage I had to stay there for five days. Post marriage day my friend's niece (2.5 years old) was not well as most of the relatives were busy I had to take sister-in-law (bhabi) and niece to the paediatrician (Dr. D*v) for treatment. I dropped them at Mandalbag Chandra Nagar and waiting outside which is very calm and quite place and hardly find any movement. There is a guy named Vik**h who is attendant (presuming) of that doctor, requested me to seat inside as we have reached very early. That guy was very friendly and asking me my whereabouts and while talking he moves his hands and touched my *** several times and gave me sign to meet him inside. He was feminine type and mid 30's i guess but didnt have courage to venture in. Missed the opportunity.

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Posted On Dec 18, 2022

It was in 2013 and I was waiting in a bus stop on the evening. There was another person aged around 50, good physique,very fair and good looking waiting there before me. He was my type but I avoided looking at him just to control myself at the public place. To my surprise he came near to me and started talking to me. It was found that he is one of my senior colleague, works in a different department and stays in the same campus.

We boarded on the same bus and while placing luggages I felt that he is somehow touching me intentionally. This time I didn't hesitate and enjoyed his touch. Then we got different seats and all through the journey talked various things like office, personal life, etc. Before we leave he shared his number and asked me to call after he returns. He was going outstation for 1.5 months.
I was counting the days and at the same time imagining so many things about him. Finally that day came and i called him on the evening. He asked me to meet outside the campus after dinner.He was staying alone just 200 mtrs from our accommodation. We met outside and went for a walk on the road which was very dark and there was hardly any vehicular movement. He shook hand with me and held it for a longer time. I could sense that he too had certain feelings. While walking his body was touching mine and vice versa. I was enjoying each and every moment and didn't avoid. While talking he was touching my shoulder, thighs, back, etc..
On the next day, he left for vacation with his family for two weeks. The day he returned, he asked me to come to his room and drop him at his daughter's hostel. We are strictly prohibited to enter senior's room. Still he mentioned his room number and told me that room would be open and come straightway. As I entered his room, he closed the door immediately and hugged me tightly . He was in his brief only. It was like a dream come true for me. After a long hug, we both sat on his bed. He was holding me and touching and caressing my thighs, etc. At the same time he was asking about how I am doing, etc.. I could notice that he was hard and so am I. He advanced his hand towards my private parts where I held his hand out of some guilty feeling. Perhaps that was the moment I missed the opportunity.
Then he made me lie on the bed and said "will you marry my daughter". I replied I have to discuss about it with my parents, etc.. Then he got up and dressed up to leave for his daughter's hostel. I spent so many times with him, had food together, visited places, met him in office,went to his room again but I didn't find any sexual advance from him which I was waiting for.

After few months he moved out of campus with his family and i got a transfer. I didn't keep any further contact with him.

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Posted On Dec 18, 2022

Ok so this not exactly a missed opportunity. It's rather a crazy encounter that I could have never even anticipated. This is from 2018 January. I used to go to the Byapannahalli metro station on bike, park it there and catch a metro to MG road station since my office was on residency road. On a particular day I was supposed to go to office a bit late so I reached byapannahalli station by 12 noon and parked it in one of the dead ends of the parking lot. The day went on longer than expected and it was already 10 pm. I somehow managed to catch the last metro train from MG road and reached Byapannahalli by 10:45 or 10:50 I don't remember the exact time but it was pretty late. It was super cold and I wore the jacket that I was carrying. Got down from the skywalk and went to the tea shop for a tea and cigarette. I was getting constant calls from my home and my mom was scolding me left right and centre. I chose to ignore that continued smoking and took a 2nd cig. Meanwhile a very young guy around 18/19 came to the tea shop and started smoking. I noticed that he was checking me out pretty shamelessly. I enjoy being watched so I didn't mind. Didn't pay him any attention and after smoking I paid the tea seller and started walking towards the parking lot. I noticed that the young boy suddenly sprinted towards me from the back and asked "sir bike kidhar hai"? From his accent I figured that he was muslim. I said "bohot andar rakha tha, wo side me" and I pointed where I had parked my bike. I asked him if he worked there, he said nahi sir, mama k sath aya hu. Apparently he was covering for his uncle that day. I went all the way back and noticed that there were 2 bikes parked at a skin's distance from my bike. There was no way I was going to be able to take it out. That boy had taken out his torch and followed me there and sat on bike. He was pretty skinny and was able to easily slip onto to the bike. He asked for my key and he took out the bike effortlessly. I said thanks. He asked me "itna late kaise ja rahe hain sir" I told him that we had some event in office and it got late. I noticed he was looking at my crotch. I asked him "kya dekh raha hai", he felt shy and looked away. I asked him again "kya hua, bol na". He said your jeans looks very tight. I said I like tight jeans. And out of nowhere he touched my crotch. Just touched it, did not grab. I moved back a little and I said Abey koi dekh lega. He said nahi sir, abi koi nhi ata ye time pe. I asked him kya mood hai, he said "dikhaoge kya" and I told him sirf dekhega? Kuch karega nhi? He was blushing and said apko kya pasand hai and I told with a straight face, "muh me lega to dikhata hu". He agreed and took me to the back of the ticket counter. I was really tensed as I could see some people walking around and a watchman strolling at a distance. He looked at me and said chalo sir, koi bhi nhi ata. Went there, he got on his knees and started ***. It was probably one of the best BJ I've ever not. Not because he was good but that was my first almost open air experience. Just the thrill of it was insane. I came on the ground as he didn't want to take it in his ***. I zipped up and like a complete idiot forgot to take his number, didn't even ask his name. Post that I went multiple times searching for him late nights but could never find him again. So that was it. A crazy, unexpected exp.

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Posted On Dec 18, 2022

The story i am going to tell you is real and not a missed opportunity but i just wanted to share one real life experience which i couldnt tell anywhere else .
So i used to work in office and my shift used to get over by 2 am and since i didnt have any conveyance of my own i used to stay at office till 5am so that i could get bus . So as usual i got my morning bus from clock tower(Ghanta ghar). I travelled to kashmere gate bus stand and went there to the near public toilet. As soon as i started to finish my business i started to walk out and saw a person standing over right the exit . Since i have done crusing already too i am always up for someone if the other person gives signal . He came close to me and whispered “chalana hai kahi “? I said yes and he asked me to follow him. As i followed him there was a like a closed area that you need to parkover into a trash area. Area was full of leaves and woods that were broken . So he went over first then me . As it was Cold and was near 5:20 in the morning . I said zaldi karo . And he immediately dropped his pants and asked me too. As it was already winter and too dark i didnt hesitated and just went with the flow . He immediately sat down and took my *** in his *** . He started *** it and quite nicely while i was caressing his head . It went for like 2-3 minutes as want to do it quicker . He stood up and just asked me to hold his *** . It was the first time i ever got so close up of a *** . It was quite soft when i holded it. And it was the first time i *** my first ***. It was brown and it didnt smelled anything . It was soft when i took it in my *** . It felt like rubber and didnt felt anything disguisting and even i loved it . So i was on my knees and started giving *** him. I was doing like someone who would do in *** movies . I was *** slowly . I licked his pink top . And the same time he was caressing my head . Just to feel everything i tried deep throat so i know how might it feel . So i started doing greatly. And like i did it for another 3-4 minutes and it was getting bright as morning was going. He again *** me for like 1-2 minutes . I asked him to get up and finish quickly . He took mine *** and i took his . And we jerked each other . Atfirst he cummed over my hand and pant and seeing the same i got turned on more and shot my *** over his pant too. As soon as we both were done . We immediatly got away. I regret that i didnt took his number and we never met. This story is true and i just feel sorry that i didnt got the chance to taste someone’s ***

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Posted On Dec 21, 2022

I was in a saloon and having a hair spa. I was wearing a zipper hoodie and the barber knows me coz I always go for a hair cut and ask him to do it. It was late night and there is no one in saloon except one or two of his colleagues who has done with their work and are waiting for him to finish and go to their rooms. They were busy I their phones in a different place. Just while drying my hair with a blow dyer he opens my zip a little and saw my white body and boobs. He said, Bhai thoda Zip aur kholu, I said ok. He opens my zip a little more and said there are hairs inside and put his hand inside my hoodie and slowly press my boobs,I was shock coz I know him for a long time. He smile and said it is so soft and felt like a woman's. I gave a smile and was looking in mirror as I was looking at my Hair. He moved his hands inside and started to press my boobs and smiling at me, I got a little turn on coz he is a young guy. He asked will I stand for 5mins I said ok and got up. He immediately puts his both hands inside my hoodie and groped my boobs and started wild humping me from behind, he closed the door a little so that his friends won't see us. He started biting my neck and was completely wild. After 5-10 mins he cummed in his pants and smooch me hard. I felt like a gal who got groped by someone in a lone place. He immediately cleans his pants with tissue and told me bhai kisi ko mat bolna pls. I laugh and said it's ok. I won't tell anyone and I left for the home and he closed the shop and went to his room.

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Posted On Feb 9, 2023

Few years ago I was living with a friend in Navi Mumbai area. In his place there also lived 2 other guys in other room as well. Both of them were uber drivers and one of them was so muscular and hot 🥵. Was around 10 years older than me. They had their mattresses together so there was some empty space left. One night due to some issue I had to take my mattress into their room and sleep beside him. I already used to drool over his body.

So I was sleeping late night and no one was there since their shift was till very late and I was fantasizing about him all the time and suddenly he came. All drunk and not even conscious. He was looking so hot 🥵. He took off his clothes 🥵 and in tank top and pyjamas slept beside me. I kept touching his tool which was hard in subtle way and he may have noticed and then he came on to me and grabbed me tightly as my butt was touching his tool. It was so damn hot. But then my stupid friend came in to the room saying he will also sleep there and missed opportunity.

I was new and didn’t know his name but somehow he knew mine. He later once met me in stairs and politely called my name but just after 2-3 days they were shifted to some other floor so I just couldn’t bring myself to tell him how hot I find him and what I wanted him to do with my body.

If you’re here and reading this and know I’m talking about you please text me.

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Posted On Feb 13, 2023

It's better to miss. You dont want to spoil relationship permanently with the other person. Indians hate homosexuality.

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Posted On Feb 14, 2023

Recently missed an opportunity while taking a ride on Rapido ride on Saturday night from Pallikaranai to nanganallur metro . I don’t know if u are here reading this post msg me dude. The guy was new to Rapido I was his second ride, he reached the spot in no time as he was nearby . He must be 23-24 something was wearing shorts which was almost like boxers , revealed nice sexy thighs n quiet inviting . Ride started and I was trying to control my feelings because didn’t want to risk it , what if he was just a genuine guy who was trying to make some money through Rapido in free time . But during the ride my thighs n body was close to his n I was making all efforts to sit back away from him. He spoke nice asking where to drop n all but really wish I had touched ur sexy thighs or tried to see ur reaction n what if u were trying to seduce me. Lol no point now I guess. Just a seductive Rapido ride after a long time. Hey mate if ur reading this ping me

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Posted On Feb 14, 2023

When I was 20 yrs old.. In the train panvel to madgaon One uncle was reading the newspaper and also touching my *** with his finger... From that day to now.. M waiting for male to male encounter.. And finding *** for my ***

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Posted On Feb 14, 2023

It’s when I joined Chennai siruseri sipcot for a job. I was young 22 or 23 I guess. I used to go for a walk in evening tea break time and sometimes do ask for a lift to bike; just to see whether any of those guys will ask for date (yeah I know - I was that much innocent to believe those Tamil gay fun stories that I read those days). One day one guy who came opposite to me saw me eyes to eyes; and took u turn drive near me and asked whether I need lift. I said drop me nearby apartment. While driving I asked to stop to pee. While peeing he noticed how hard my duck was. I saw his tool. He asked my number. Next Friday he asked to meet. He was waiting near my office to pick me in a car. While getting inside the car only I came to know that it’s his friend’s car who is also wanted to have fun with me. I somehow curious as well as frightened but agreed. They took me to his house and enjoyed me well. Me too felt so heaven. That’s my first and best threesome that I had. But after that didn’t get a chance to meet both of them together. Miss you guys badly. I knew you could be in your 40s now. But please reach out me Balu .

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Posted On Feb 14, 2023

I was travelling to my office in bellandur by bmtc bus morning around 7-7:15 am. The bus was empty with very few passengers. I was sitting on the right row and when i turned to my left, i could see a young guy sitting on one of the left row seats, was trying to click my pictures with his phone. He was good looking but i didn't like what he did and because of that i didn't go sit next to him. But then i changed my mind and thought to go sit next to him. When i turned that side, to my surprise, some uncle had occupied that seat next to him and he wasn't looking at me anymore. Maybe he got embarrassed or scared that i saw him clicking pictures. We got down at the same stop and i walked behind him into the same tech park. Poor guy thought i was following him and stopped at a point ad waited to check if i would go ahead and i did the same cos i worked at the same tech park but i did turn back and gave him a little smile. I never saw him again after that. If you're here by any chance, drop me a msg.

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Posted On Feb 14, 2023

Once I met a guy at tilak nagar loo, I sat on his scooty, touched his hard tool he took me behind the park but there were people. We came back near loo and I was sitting at the back, Then one uncle came and sat on scooty behind me. They both were together and was looking for someone younger like me. I was feeling uncles tool on my back and was holding that guys tool, they took me to another park behind choti mandi. We went inside park but so many people were there doing jogging and all. We went to back and sat on a bench I held both of their tool. But people were jogging, it was dark but I was scared beat it was my first time. They told me to go down on uncle, i kissed licked uncle’s tool but i was so afraid pf getting caught that I denied and ran back. If any one of that guy or uncle is reading this then please meet me again.

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Posted On Feb 16, 2023

This happened to me in college. I had to travel in bus for coaching in chennai. During evening on weekends sometime it gets too crowded. I had to travel almost 40 min in evng time. Usually i get a seat as i get in sooner. But that day I missed n i had to stand. It was too crowded n i was in middle of the bus. A middle aged uncle stood behind me. As i was standing behind a lady i had to push back. So as i pushed back i felt his *** touching my ***. I got turned on a little. As bus moved he slowly rubbed his *** in my crack. I started enjoying it. But i had to be careful, because if my *** touches the lady before me,i might end up in trouble. So i pushed back further. This gave him postive signal. He slowly put his hand on my hip. Lifted my tshirt n kept his hand on my stomach. He started caressing my stomach as he humped my *** slowly as bus moved. He pulled me to him n started squeezing my stomach. He started humping. I couldn't do anything. He was fingering my navel n humped for like 10 mins. Then he came i think. He stopped humping n slowly jus caressed my navel. He jus moved backwards n got down in his stop. Later i boarded the same bus but i couldn't meet him ever. He only enjoyed n missed opportunity for me.

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Posted On Feb 17, 2023

This happened to me last summer, i was going home by bus at around 10:30 pm. But the bus broke down so every passenger took the other bus. I decided to walk a little as i was ***. I stopped next to a few trucks. The driver was sitting near the window. I pretended to wait for my risde and kept looking at him. He was a decent looking dusky guy in late thirties. I just turned and asked him if i could sit in the truck while waiting for my friend to pick as there were lots of mosquitoes. He allowed it. When i climbed up i checked him out. He was naturally built mascular but lean guy in a green check lungi and a white tees. I kept talking and praised his lungi. He was very happy to discuss how comfortable it is in the lungi during travel. I caressed his thighs while appreciating the softness of his lungi but suddenly the truck driver from the next trucked called him to make a move as it was time to head back. I could see some disappointment in his eyes too. I reluctantly got off the truck and went back home.

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Posted On Feb 19, 2023

In sleeper bus night time provide double sharing sheet and one guy is coming and sleep beside me and I am very *** at that time and looking at his pyjama and he suddenly looking into my eyes and I also feel very uncomfortable at that time . 2 3 time same thing was happens and he also try to touch my *** and also try to touch his *** and we are close to HJ but suddenly one guy come for exchange seat because guy was sleeping beside me it was wrong seat and I missed that good opportunity

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Posted On Feb 20, 2023

Missed it badly...

Yesterday booked an cab in ahmedabad from station to Kashindra which is out of ahmedabad..it was dark around 11:30/45
My driver was young in his 20s... Slim, handsome..no beard...well groomed.. wearing track n tees...
I took front seat..Ride started..& roads after paldi were almost empty.. i started conversation in general.. & asked to recommend for boy escort services.. he laughed little n asked me for timings.. so i thought he is interested n he was.. as after that he suddenly started rubbing is *** over this pants... So I placed my hand on his thigh n he kept on mine.. n reached n rubbed by tool too... I got reaction.. he inserted his hand in my boxer n ws playing with my sac n tool.. so i too dragged his track from sides so I can take out is tool.. n we were playing.. n enjoying ride.. suddenly saw few constables checking cars n bags.. so we had to wrap up... After that we didn't tried.. but lastly at my drop location i smoothly kissed his lips.. n he did dingdong like to my tool... N this way I had to leave my horniness wet in my inner wear😁

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Posted On Mar 10, 2023

Recently happend with me 2 times I missed the golden opportunity 🥲

1st one is I ordered the some fruts and veggies through online sites and also ordered condoms so delevery boy comes and I opened the door then he asked ki sir ye aapka parcel hai sab I said ki yes then he wait and ask sir can you please give some water and I give him a water and then he said nice choice of condom I also buy same flavour condom last week, I said yes I like this flavour then wait for a min and try to ask something and at this moment my cousin called me and said ki bhai tu ghar pe hai me abhi aa raha hu 5 min me and I missed the opportunity and delivery guy go for the next delivery

2nd time I went go for the holi at my hometown to dadar from vashi I booked the uber app then driver arrived and started journey he asked for the ac sir ac chalu kar du kya if garmi lag rahi ho to I said ki it's ok and we talked ki kaha ja rahe ho sab and then I have some call so the call take half hour and reached at destination but driver is in *** mood ask for the payment and he said 550 I said ki I have only 500 rs note in my pocket and my gpay is not working and he said ki no worries sir 50 baki hai mat do uske badle me kuch aur do then I realised ki he is in mood and looking at my zip and said ki sir age chale thoda idhar crowd jyada hai bcoz we are at station but then some police checking come due to Holi festival and planned droff off and leave the cab 🥲

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Posted On Mar 11, 2023

This incident happened today... Some carpenter came for some measurements, while at the door itself i was shocked to see huge ***.
He was a Muslim guy and I had gone all crazy, I've never seen a cut ***, I just wanna see once, feel it... I am top but someone have the curiosity...
Took him to all the rooms for the measurements and took some measurements which were not even required so that he can spend more time, he has difficult time adjusting while sitting down, i helped him while taking measurements.

Simply i made him to take mirror and bathroom glass partition size. He did and i was too close to his ***, he closed his eye but i had no guts to touch him, i was scared.

He opened his eyes with disappointment and he left .. while going he wanted me to open the door and i had an opportunity to be close to him, i was dumb to understand...
Later I kept seeing as he leave, he kept adjusting his ***... And turned twice.

I have his no. But too scared to initiate conversation...

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Posted On Mar 18, 2023

This incident happened to me last week. I was on a business meet @ Goa in a hotel and had to share room with other associate. My room partner was good looking and cute. After hectic day of meetings I went early at night to bed after dinner. My room partner arrived late, I was asleep till then. At midnight I could feel him rubbing his *** with mine. For some time i did not make any move asumming he did this in sleep. Later no action happened between us and we slept. In morning when we work up i was shocked to see him lying in his briefs only. The thought made me feel that I missed the opportunity, as we had to rush again to catch the flight. Guys What do you think was his intention?

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Posted On Mar 20, 2023

A month back experience. During the weekend, I wanted to go to my friend's place in Perumbakkam and was waiting at the Sholinganallur junction for a cab or auto. Even rapido was difficult to get because it was almost 11.00 PM. I tried asking for a lift after so many attempts, and a good looking chap stopped his bike. I told him I wanted to go to Perumbakkam, but he was going to Medavakkam. He still offered me a ride to drop me at half of the way. Just when I thought of attempting some moves, he started asking general questions, and in no time we started asking about each of us. He introduced himself as a modelling photographer and a professional masseur. I was totally excited and asked him where does he work so that I could go there and try my luck. But he said he has a list of clients and only attends them. I started asking him a few questions about his massage work and came to know that his clients are both girls and boys mixed. Then I asked him if he was gay or bi, for which he laughed and said I go with the flow, bro and in fact had *** with both girls and boys. This made me super *** and before even I attempt, he shared some of his experiences like how he gets treated. Then I asked another question, if his work is like a male prostitute he said he never gets treated in that way because all of his clients would have *** with him only if he is interested and they won't force at all. He explained some of his experience I literally had a boner and hit him from his back. Not sure if he noticed because he was nicely talking about how gay and bi people how they are mistreated and misunderstood by others and he was so genuine. That's the moment my lust reduced and for some reason started to fall in love with him. When we reached my dropping point he looked at the road and asked me how am I going to go from here I said by walking. He immidiatley said it will to risky and again offered me to drop him at my place. I quickly nodded and hopped on his bike. He talked a lot about his experiences and struggles and asked him why can't he just quit and his response was he does this work only out of passion, not for money. Though there were may pothole and speed breaker moments, I totally leaned on his back and he acted ap casual, with no indication of judging or showing any sign of interest. For some reason, instead of just having *** I felt like hugging him tightly and going for a little longer ride. Based on his experience I know if only I initiated he would've reacted in a positive way but there was something special about him not sure if it's his behaviour and attitude towards people like us or the way he cared for me. Something in me wanted to be friend with him and when we reached my house I complimented him for his smile, sharing his experiences and took time to drop all the way to my home. When I invited inside he told me he needs to go to his client place and it's almost time. I also asked him for his number as he was nicely talking but he politely denied and told me that he had some negative experience with some people. He also told me that most of time during weekdays he goes at this time on the same route, if there is another chance we can meet and smiled. Not sure if it's a sign but it did gave me a hint in case if I wanted to catch up with him again. Whatever he spoke throughout the ride made me realise the other side of people’s emotions and feelings that most of us usually ignore and think of as our advantage and benefit only. I have met so many people, but this guy was different. I am glad I missed this opportunity and felt a bit of love from him. 😇

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Posted On Mar 20, 2023

Again incident happened with me recently I booked a cab from navi mumbai to dadar station and cab driver come and said ki bhaiya bag piche rakh do aap aage aa jao and then I thought ki he is in mood I guess, then drive started and talked yahi rahte ho, kaha ja rahe ho etc etc. Then he 2 3 time adjust his tool and said ki aaj ka din acha nahi Gaya esa wesa and I understood ki he is in some action and then he told ki bhaiya seat belt tight lage to khol do aur seat thoda piche kar ke relax ho ke baitho and I said ki it's ok no problem I am comfortable and then again he 2 3 time show at my face and adjust his tool and he thought ki I took some actions, I am also in mood and *** but due to cough and fever I didn't respond back ki bhai samne vale ki bhi health dekhni padti hai karke I didn't do any thing. He is disappointed but some times we take care about our as well as other person health also. I missed that opportunity..

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Posted On Mar 22, 2023

A guy in my office, when I'm sitting in my chair, often comes and hugs me from behind, massages my shoulders and whispers in my ears that I'm cute. pinches my cheeks and tickles my hip whenever he crosses me and move. He is gym going fitness freak looks dusky and hot. I'm not able to make any move as he has a girl friend and often tells everyone about his relationship and how deep he loves her. Whenever he gives massage he caresses my hair and his fingers when they touch my ears, I'm on on cloud 9. I think I'm missing an opportunity. Sometimes I feel I'm over thinking.. however I'm unable to make any moves :(

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Posted On Mar 22, 2023

@Sriram you can make small moves by complimenting his physique example "seem u hit gym hard or chest is pumping" and feel the chest same time. And gradually see how things go. Trust me it is more fun with these flirt moments.

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Posted On Apr 23, 2023

This Friday I was waiting for my by in thambaram , one cute sexy Chubby guy also waited for his bus on red express to trichy. We had a convo but when I try to get his number his friend called, I know he is also looking for me, my bus came so I left with sad heart. If u r here message me dear, I love to get connect with you R**esh dear sexy

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Posted On Apr 23, 2023

I had posted here about a missed opportunity with a carpenter.. well here it goes part 2...

Pls read the initial part to understand the whole story...

Since I had the contact no of the carpenter, I msgd him in what's app. No response... Soon Ramzan started and i came to blr for some work. He informed my work is done but I said I'm in my hometown.

Was waiting for Eid to end as i don't wanted to do anything with that guy during the holy period. Today morning i called the owner saying I'm in blr. He said he will send the person to install. I've been following up since morning but to my shock 2 guys came at 9pm. I was soo upset, was in a bad mood. I just wanted them to finish he work and *** off. One job done was really bad but i was not in a mood to even talk to them.

They took pics of all the installation work and send it to the owner and the owner asked for payment. At 10pm, i got a call from the Muslim guy I liked and he said, he's coming to check the installation.. my mood was still off.

This guy came in, this time no ***... Both other guys had left. My heart started beating very fast. Dint know what to do... Finally went to the bedroom, he was checking the mirror door installation and we looked into each others eyes through the mirror.

He turned towards me, i was blank, he holded my hand and pushed me on the bed, still hold my hand behind my back... He kissed my neck, started licking...

His question shocked me!!! U wanna see a cut one ? I was so scared ... He said, u have guts to tell the story to millions on net but couldn't speak to me that day? It's your house and i can't do the first move, despite of giving hints i dint do anything but it dint take even 10 mins to post it online.

I understood he's using this site... I kissed him and spent the most romantic time, not only seeing but i felt the cut... Can't express myself how sexy it is to feel a cut one... I tried *** him, he stopped and did 69, nearly for 30 mins we continued and later he asked are u okay if i *** ? I said, I've never been but i want to... He was so good at it, I'm still enjoying the pain thinking about him.
We had two rounds, one time i *** him.. such a beautiful white clean ***.... Dont know dude it you will be in touch but if you liked, do come home. Thank you... You fulfilled my long waited wish

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Posted On Apr 24, 2023

Once I missed an opportunity where I managed to meet an old ugly slouchy guy(was perfect for who I expect as my top), met him at old car shed behind an old building where no one was there and was too dark.

He chatted dirty offering face *** *** spit and I was excited. And later getting boned by him. Turns out he got his *** stroked for few seconds and I rushed to give him Bj.

He was just standing there not pushing my head into his or anything. He came twice in like 3-4 mins and rushed back to his home without saying anything.

Had I started with something sensual and soft and slowly went for his ***, maybe he would've enjoyed and *** me right there. Turns out he just got afraid and went back. Missed opportunity right there.

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Posted On Apr 25, 2023

Hey all, this is not my missed opportunity moment not sure where to share hence sharing it here. This happened last week. Every day I go for a night ride, looking for any kind of opportunity to enjoy. While coming towards a bus stop opp.to DB jain college, there are some shops. Around 11.30 PM I saw a young guy sitting on the stairs, just wearing shorts. Just when I crossed him, I could see his *** peeking out through a hole in his shorts. Though he was wearing an inner still, it was hanging out and fully erected. He must have been watching some ***, and I think else his *** wouldn't be in an erect state. I am not sure where I got the confidence 😁 I just approached him. When I went near him, he adjusted himself so that his *** was not visible. I told him while crossing, I happened to see his *** hanging out, which made me ***. He kind of blushed and said yes, bro, it's old underwear. Without a second thought, I asked him now that I am *** can I *** his ***? Because I could see you are also full-on mood, if not ***, can we just mutually jerk off each other. He hesitated for a few mins and said ok for mutual HJ. Just above the stairs, there was a metal door. We climbed a few stairs and closed the door. He wasn't comfortable taking me to his room as his roommates were sleeping. Within a few seconds, I slid my hand inside his shorts, I felt a big one throbbing to come outside. I just took it out and caressed his foreskin. He just is around 23-24, I think, as his foreskin was tight to push it back. While I was feeling his *** and balls, he also put his hand inside my tracks and gently stroked it. Since he wasn't wearing any top I started giving gentle kisses on his neck and slowly touched his nipple and *** it off slowly. I think that must be turned on him so badly, he requested if I can ***, and when I nodded he completely removed his shorts. I just held his *** and started giving him a BJ slowly and his balls were also so big like his ***. After a 10 mins of hot session, he said he is going to *** and wanted to delay it by *** off mine. Again another 10 mins this guy fully satisfied me and we finally both jerked off each other's and left the place with a peck of kiss on his cheek.

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Posted On Apr 26, 2023

Okay! So am on Delhi - Mumbai night flight. Fairly attractive, now a bit overweight guy approaching fourties dressed stylishly. I'm at the window, a cute boy in late teens / early twenties wearing tshirt and loose shorts in middle and an old guy busy watching his movie in his aisle seat.
The boy settles on his seat next to me and sits with his legs up exposing his sexy thighs. I ignore first but he keeps sitting in that position. Moves a bit to show his lower thigh back from his shorts just missing to show his undies! I move and touch my shoulders to his. I touch his thighs once pretending to reach the seat back pocket. We both behave as if nothing has happened! In some time I pretend to sleep and lean towards him. He also tries (or pretend to) sleep leaning towards me. Falls on my shoulder once again behaving as if nothing has happened. We dont look at each other but I feel something. No one makes a move and we land in Mumbai! I think I missed an opportunity. Did I?
* Do you think his behavior was intentional or unintentional?
* Do guys his age get attracted towards guys like me?
* How to make a move without sounding desperate or suggestive keeping dignity of both the people and the public place?
* How to judge if someone is interested?

Guys please help me out with this so hopefully I dont miss an opportunity next time possibly with you itself on 'our' next flight! 🤗💋

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Posted On Apr 26, 2023

@xguy - u're joking right? Guys my age love guys your age. But then different ppl hv different approaches

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Posted On Apr 28, 2023

Mat a handsome boy in a Chandigarh state transport, started talking with each other, then *** talk, then we got down at same destination and I offered him come with me to hotel and get fresh up and go for Interview. He easily got convinced come to hotel and went to bathroom to freshen up. In mid time he opened door just in underwear 🩲 and asked are you sure should I take shower? I was like what a view did not understand was he asking to join or something else? I just said why not ....
Then he closed the door took shower got ready for interview and said bye....hope i cold asked him shall I join you for shower? Missed it yar.....

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Posted On May 1, 2023

Not sure if this comes under a missed opportunity or not... But I think it was so sharing it anyway... So I work in MNC in private sector and last month we had our boss from Singapore coming to visit our team... We have a team for 7-8 people's 50% girls and boys, as a team building activities we had some fun activities in the city and had a dinner together as well... After all this one day when it was just me and the boss was there in a meeting room... He started talking on some random topics unrelated to the work like what are the good places to hangout and eat etc etc. Since he had plans to be in the city for almost a month he needed some suggestions to spend time on weekends... I gave him plenty... While in the middle of this conversation he asked we can have dinner together sometime... "We as in not team just we" and I baffled a little about this question not sure what to say... I replied yes sure we can and that ended the conversation.... M not sure why but I felt little attraction towards him and felt he is interested in me as well don't even know if that is true... Just to clear boss is an Indian guy staying in Singapore for work in maybe early 40s but pretty huge like a handsome hunk... And he is married with no kids to rise up my suspicions..
If you are here lets get together man..
don't know what was it all about but it's stuck in my mind as missed opportunity as we didn't had dinner together neither any talks around it...
Community can help me if you think it was other way and i misinterpreted...

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Posted On May 1, 2023

I'm posting a missed opportunity -
I'm a submissive - a like to give up control to my partner. So, I met a guy online, he was a dominant from basavanagudi. We talked online, about my submissive nature and my kinks. And eventually we decided to meet at his place. I was very new to it and it was my first time meeting a guy outside for kink. I was very nervous, so he didn't have many demands - he only had specifications of what I had to wear while meeting him. A button down shirt, brief-type underwear, jeans, and a spare underwear.

I went to his apartment, and he opened the door for me, he was wearing tshirt and shorts. He let me get comfortable for some time, and then he asked me to stand in the center of the room and not move. I obeyed. I was nervous and excited at the same time. He said he'll inspect me, and he unbuttoned my shirt first, and told me to stand with my hands above my head. He proceeded to unbutton my jeans, and asked me to step out of my jeans. I was wearing only my undies, abs he started inspecting my body, pinching my nipples, thighs, Butt, my chest was pounding. He then removed my undies and proceeded to inspect my ***- and started to torture my glans, my foreskin, my balls.
I am an *** Virgin, and I had told him, so he wanted to start training my ***, he got some oil and tried to finger me, but I was too tight, so he got a thin toothbrush and put the end into my *** and told me to keep it there for the rest of the day.
We were supposed to continue but he got a call about his folks visiting him, and so we had to stop. He had to move to another city after that, and we lost touch, but I always think about all the things we were about to do, and how it was an opportunity missed

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Posted On May 1, 2023

@ketank it is hard to tell what the intentions were. Sometimes it is polite to offer an invitation to hang out, especially after soliciting suggestions on things to do. But he may also be interested. He would have followed up with a more specific invitation in that case though.
The best thing to do is find an opportunity to bump into him at work and make small talks around his stay in the city. Ask him if he visited any of the places you recommended. If he did, what did he think of the place. Offer to take him around one week end by saying I don't have anything going on the upcoming weekend, and you would be more than happy to take him to explore XYZ spot. Or offer to take him out for dinner, since he may be bored of eating by himself...If he takes you up on the offer and goes with you, closely watch for signals of him showing interest. If you are out at the restaurant or someother place, excuse yourself to go to the washroom [ but specifically say you are going to make a quick stop at the washroom]. If he is interested, he might say Ill also come...and then hopefully the washroom has urinals with no partition :)
This is a tough position to be in, but you will have to let him take the lead....

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Posted On May 4, 2023

Happened in a hospital near Medavakkam... Went to emergency ward for a relative. Saw this doctor (may be a final year student) in the ward. He too kept looking at me every few minutes. During the few hours, we would have seen each other at least a 20 times.

Every signal was clear... The situation and the surrounding wasn't good enough for both of us to further our interests....

If you're here around, ping me man...

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