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Missed Opportunities

Submitted by SalmanDear Location: All India (All India, India)

Some times we get a chance to have fun but somehow the opportunity gets missed. Please share your experiences and regrets of such missed opportunities and if again you get chance today what will you do so that not to regret later.

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Posted On Sep 30, 2022 - 06:26 AM

Don't feel bad CDUma
Think it this way, your inner instincts guarded u agaist something.

Usually about these chance encounters..
Please be careful if the encouter includes visiting to that person's place. (Where you will be totally at his mercy) avoid any type of food/drink which was prepared in your absence. Even if you have a slightest doubt , back off. Your instincts are trying to protect you.
It's better to cry over loat opportunities than to be a lost/tortured person.

Lost opportunities with known PPL sound cute but oportunities grabbed with unknown PPL can be dangerous.

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Posted On Sep 30, 2022 - 01:12 PM

Yup...Missed opportunity is as such a perception as we do not as such know what would have happened if we actually grabbed that opportunity....it we would know that it is going to be a bad experience we will call it best escape instead of missed opportunity

Also our instinct guiding us to be careful is so true.......many times i have not acted upon advances by other person purely by instinct.

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Posted On Sep 30, 2022 - 01:13 PM

However, in case of safe set up if the opportunity is missed, we feel bad later on

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Posted On Oct 3, 2022 - 10:36 AM

This happened to me post Covid 1, I was getting back from Mysore to Bangalore after a days official visit. Suddenly a meeting was schedule for the next the next day and so we had to stay back. I always travel with a set of change clothes, but my colleague was not prepared for this. We had dinner , and checked into a Hotel for the night , they did not have 2 singe cots instead one large family cot. Since he did not have change clothes for the next day he washed his unders & let it dry in the room under the fan , he came out of the Bathroom wrapped in just the towel & sneaked into the bed under the blanket & removed the wet towel & put it on the chair to dry.
I slept on the same bed.
This guy was quiet an interesting character & one of my gay friends had told me that he would make a good bottom if well groomed. And here he was sleeping on the same bed as me, under the same blanket full naked.
My sleep was disturbed that night, to do or not to do, was the dilemma, forgot to say he was my Director's wife's brother but a young chap all of 22 , hot & *** Muslim chap. I let the night pass by & hung on to my lust. don’t know if it’s a costly missed opportunity of played safe.

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Posted On Oct 4, 2022 - 06:56 AM

It's an old story about 10 year old.
I had this junior in my team, i was (still am) very fond of him. He and I were in Mumbai for a conference. After the days event we checked into the serviced apartment room. Out of no where he said his *** was hurting and could use a massage. I laughed it off... I got conscious that as a senior i shouldnt do anything i would regret later. He then changed in front of me. Later when we were sitting on the bed working, his zip was open I pointed it out and he said "galti se reh gaya'.

I didn't react to that either, but to date i regret not responding to his hints. Years later much had transpired at work, while we were still working together our relationship went a bit sour due to professional matters. But my love and attraction only went on increasing. But he used to be very cold towards me.

Once during Holi, all my office colleagues we got together to play Holi. We all were rather high and intoxicated too. I was trying to get him to drink more, he just acted as if he drank.. but didt take any sip. When i said ..u didn't drink at all...he replied..my lips are wet..you can kiss and see.... Again because there were so many colleagues around i didnr do anything.

All this still haunts me .. and not just because of the physical attraction but also because somewhere i loved him.
It's taken me a lot of effort to get over him (or may i be i still haven't fully gotten over). We are still in touch, I am still waiting for him to drop one more hint - i wont hold back this time.

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Posted On Oct 5, 2022 - 11:27 AM

Few years ago, I was with a friend in ticket queue at some theatre in Thane. A guy stood behind me and I happened to notice him being quite handsome. I turned back to see him once or twice. He then pretended to push me to which I did not respond. Seeing no negative response from me, he then started touching my body from behind. I let him do so and then he touched my *** too. All this was arousing me but couldn't express it to him being with the friend. He then came closer and started moving his erect *** on my buts and gave few soft jerks too. We bought the ticket and moved out. As I did not get any opportunity to check if he comes next to me or anything beyond.

Missed an opportunity to have some fun with him in the theatre ☹

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Posted On Oct 14, 2022 - 12:12 PM

In my last year of college I was coming back home late from a friends place in shorts and a T-shirt and came across this guy who was asking for directions to Telecom layout. He asked me if I was headed in the same direction and I said yes. He offered a drop and I said why not. While riding I cracked a small joke and he slapped my knee, rolling my shorts back a bit. After some time he asked to take a pee break on the side of the road. While peeing he complained about some pain and that he was not able to pee, he convinced me to go to some shady area and check for him (I knew what he was doing at this point but I was pretty *** too) I pulled out mine and he was surprised that mine was so much bigger. I was handling his tool and went to some corner, I was jerking him off and getting ready to give him a blowjob but he became very nervous (can you believe that???) I told him it was too dark for anyone to come and that we were safe but he was super on edge. Eventually I got turned off and asked him to drop me home. He got all touchy on the ride but I was done with him. If he had bigger stones, would’ve given him the best bj he had ever had. Oh well. He was intimidated a little bit because I was slightly taller and fairer but he was Indian dad bod which is just my type. Would’ve loved to milk him.

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Posted On Nov 15, 2022 - 02:01 AM

Sme.one said about BEST ESCAPE......it was long back in Delhi before mobile era when we use to cruise regularly. I was on my early twenties. I met a main average looking soft spoken nice built broad shoulders strong palms. We chatted for some time and decided to meet on Saturday evening at his place.

Saturday I met him near his place as decided. We went to his room, offered tea and in between we kissed other and started foreplay without fully removing our clothes.

He got a call on his land like which was in another room and I overheard "come WE are waiting for you". That 'WE' surprised me as I was unaware that he is planning for 3 some or group.

He was TOP and i'm BOTTOM. I got scared and planned to escape. I got an opportunity as he went to balcony to take the towel hanging there. I opened the front door and almost ran down the stares. Without looking back I crossed the streat and looked back waited for some time and I saw two guys entering the stare case.

I left the place thanking GOD.

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Posted On Nov 17, 2022 - 06:22 AM

I had a friend who was a year older than me. Once me and him were alone in his room lying next to each other and just talking about random stuff. I felt his hand touching my lower abdominal skin very gently. I sensed something off and distanced myself from him without saying anything or raising an alarm. Once I did that he said "now we have both become teenagers." Actually I had just become a thirteen years old guy a few days ago. And he was already fourteen years old. Before that two three years ago we had had a fight. While playing football I had felt as if he had grabbed my groin intentionally. Whether he had done that intentionally or not, that i don't know. But I had grabbed his crotch and squeezed as well. I had even caused some pain by pulling his balls hard. So we had stopped talking for about an year. But then this happened. I felt his hand very lightly lingering over my lower abdominal area. I wish I had not gotten scared. I am so stupid. It's not like I had not played with *** before that. I had a friend in my class. And we both used to play with each other's penises. I wish I had taken it in my *** as well. And I wish I had given mine in his *** as well. But this other guy who was a year older than me would have been even better. Damn I am so stupid.

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Posted On Nov 17, 2022 - 07:11 AM

I don't know if it's missed opportunity or not,but it do come close,so I was living with my taiji and tauji,and two of my cousins from mother family side had came for some work,it was summer time and they were sleeping on terrace while I and others in chobara,on one of the cousin let's call him y,I had a huge crush and I sometimes hinted that to him but nothing actually happend,so i was awake at the time,it must be past midnight ,he came down and went in this hall,the thought of him alone in a room,defenceless,excited me to the peak so as usually happens,If I get too much excited I need to pee,do I went and then returned straight to that hall,and slightly just slightly pushed the door closed,he was on sofa,I kept staring at his crotch,I wanted to *** his *** but I was super afraid to do anything,he kind of high temp.guy,but I was *** and just a slight chance of him accepting of situation was enough to make me do the immoral act,but God had other plans ,i heard the second cousin,coming downstairs and so I moved far away from y and sleeped on a futon,he came and we chatted ,how mosquitos were bitting him and all nonsense, I did missed the chance but I think it's for good of both his and mine,I still have a huge crush on him and I do hint that everytime I get a chance but I don't think anything will happen ,ever.

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Posted On Nov 18, 2022 - 05:36 AM

This happened maybe 5 yrs back....i was on some site chatting with one person...he was really romantic in chat and he convence me to meet....we decided to meet he came in his car and i shave my self nicely for him with good perfume and something inside;)....but that was my first time so i was afraid too...it was night he took me to drive but since i was afraid did nothing and asked him to drop within short time....i missed the opportunity and most important maybe I missed a nice lover with good heart......if he is here please remember the incident and message me again ...u were with ciaz white car....sorry but since to remember itold ur car...

Hope i get u again as my lover of secret sweet world

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Posted On Nov 18, 2022 - 01:23 PM

in my intermediate i used to mastrubate in net center whenever i felt stressful the net shop owner is an old man one day when i started to handle my tool he came near my system and started to presss my *** ikinda scared so i moved away but even then also he purposefully mastrubated mine but i left immediately i think its a missed opportunity if i made a move it might have ended in a different way after that i tried after many days but the net shop was closed

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Posted On Nov 22, 2022 - 07:04 AM

I had a missed opportunity.

Inwas working as admin executive but don't have any boss on my head. It was a non profitable organisation.

I interviewed 2 candidates. One male and one female. Male candidate was hot. Young, punju sweet guy. Days passed and we became very good friends. He used to live in Kandivali area. I was in Goregaon.

One day, I called him to my friend's house to watch a *** movie. Ofcourse, a straight one. We enjoyed it. Later, we were talking about our lives. I took shower came half naked infront of him. He did not bothered. I felt that he wanted me to make a first move but I was scared to do so.

I lost that momentum and went to sleep in different bedrooms. He left next morning. I still feel something could have happen if I made a move.

I still regret that because he is not to be found even on social media.

My loss

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Posted On Nov 28, 2022 - 01:06 AM

I am sharing my experince for the first time, althogh i had many more intresting story but this was unexpected for me,
On, 24 nov 2022 i was comming back from college to home,one of my friend usually drop me near the liquer shop beside the iffco flyover, i was coming onfoot from liquer shop to iffco chauk to take an auto, one old man came with his car and asked me to give lift if i want. I said i am going twards MG road, he was also going in the same direction so i sit in his car and we hand shake, then he putted his hand on my thie and started rubbing softly i thought he wold be doing this unintentionly, but slowly he started moving his hand upward and trying to catch my ***, for few instance i was confused what should i do?
He keeps rubbing on my *** over my pent, then i opened mt jip and take out my *** and gave in his hand, it was thick n hard, he started enjoying with my ***, started pressing it and strocking it. I was also enjoing his touch, he moved his car twise from sikandarpur to iffco chauk we both were enjoying, i putted my hand on his thie and started touching his *** from above the pent. He got discharged in few miniutes, i was also thinking to get discharged but he got a call from his home which turns me off, i told him to drop me to the MG road and go home. He did the same. We decided to meet their at 9:00pm night everyday, but could'nt meet.
May be if he is there he will definatly recognize me. Also droping hint here for him, i will cross the same place by today also.

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