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Missed Opportunities

Submitted by SalmanDear Location: All India (All India, India)

Some times we get a chance to have fun but somehow the opportunity gets missed. Please share your experiences and regrets of such missed opportunities and if again you get chance today what will you do so that not to regret later.

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Posted On Sep 9, 2022 - 04:50 AM

Yeah ! perfect thread for me as of now, I went for an exam and there was this hot manly guy . we both were in washroom and i tried to see his thingy . I guess he understood and initiated conversation with interest. I was that dumb that i did not even ask his name. but man! we had such a good vibe chemistry! This memory still haunts me. Guy gave his 100% and in nervousness i ruined it all

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Posted On Sep 9, 2022 - 04:54 AM

My friend and i were roaming around koregaon park, later we decided to check out wadia college, it was around 12:15 am. When we reached the spot, no one was around, but as we went a little further, i noticed a guy sitting in the dark ; he immediately got up to see who was there. I quickly told my friend to stop the bike, i got down to take a good look at him ; he wasn't wearing a mask. When i went up to him, he was seriously good looking, decent, felt polite. The crazy part was, we ended up chatting as if we knew each other for a long time. Just then, a cab pulled over and that guy kept checking his phone... it was his pickup :[ He couldn't wait & it was too late to cancel the ride as well. He was little nervous to share his number. I didn't impose though, not one bit. He left. My friend who was surprised and confused about the whole thing, immediately asked, "did you know him or something?" I was like no, not at all. But it felt good and quite funny too. I'll never forget that moment. And i hope to see him again .. someday.

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prayag_bottom *
Posted On Sep 9, 2022 - 08:09 AM

In my previous job I had huge crush on my senior who is 5 yrs older than me. We became good friends but he had a gf(who he is married to now) so I used to think he was damn straight. However, as time passed we had moments when he spoke to me seductively and I knew from his expressions that he knows how I felt about him.
Once he was looking at me seductively and I asked "bhaiya mujhe dara kyu rhe ho?" "Jab banda darta h to uski tight ho jati h fir maarne me jada maza ata h" he whispered in my ear. But as we were in office I couldn't say anything. Some days later we were out of city for work. We shared a hotel room and bed. I cuddled close to him and he hugged me back. We were like that for sometime then he moved away. After that I kept looking for opportunities to get close to him.
Another time I was staying over night at his place, we shared a bed but when I tried to put my arm on his chest he pushed it away and kept a pillow between us. Next morning, I was sitting on couch & he came out of bathroom in his briefs only and stood in front of me. His tool was hard and forming a huge tent in that amul macho just inches away from my face. I was surprise by that act. But as I was confused about his intention, I didn't grab that oppotunity.
Later, pandemic happened and he moved to his hometown and got married and I never got another opportunity with him.

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Posted On Sep 9, 2022 - 10:13 AM

Back then I was doing my training in a restaurant banquet and one fine day there was this event where He had come as guest.
I was super busy in arranging everything and setting up etc and somehow I noticed this guy noticing me and looking at me constantly sipping drink from far. I looked at him few times he didn't took off his eyes of me. I started feeling awkward n weired. I saw him coming towards me in the middle of the event, he was in his 40s but well built, seemed rich n successful. I got overwhelmed by his personality instantly
I was at water counter so he came there and said " very energetic boy you are. Doing non stop work very hard working. "
"thank you sir" I replied with smile
"what's your name my boy?"
"Rahul sir, I am trainee here"
'' nice nice '' he smiled and pat on my back and continued with event.
I overheard he also gave some speech, I enquired my senior who is he? I came to know that he was having recruitment agencies and was invited as a guest here

After the event is over I got busy in wrapping, almost all guest left. I saw him coming in and he said "if you are free can we sit and talk somewhere?
I looked at my senior they said go
I said ok and we went in same hall where event was, now almost all of lights were off n no one was in sight just some other trainees cleaning up in backsides.

He introduced as HR n having big agency in pune, he shook hand n we sat but he didn't left my hand n rather held with both of his hand
He again praised me being so hard working n said he can find a good job post training anywhere on earth and said he wouldn't charge as he was impressed with me. He started praising my looks also n slid his one hand on my thighs n kept talking n proceed till my *** n he pressed it
I was stoned n didn't move or say anything
He continued pressing n i got scared as anyone could walk in bt I still got hard.
I stood up and said I hv work to finish n go home now.
He said think about job n call me he gave me his card

He said directly u can just come home no need to come office as he mostly alone.. I said ok wl think.. I started leaving n all this time he didn't leave my hand so I force myself to leave n he said where is the washroom can you show? I escorted him to washroom.. He said come with me i want to tell you some secrets abt job..
Luckily I saw my sir.. N i called him sir do you need any help..? I signal sir say yes.. He did n u I told him I need to go n left
I'n few min he came back again n wid goodbye said call me when you are free, come for meeting I'll find high paying job for you and all. I said yes sure

But I never did.. I was scared and did not want casting couch type experience for career
However I regret, I wanted him dominanting me ;) I many times took his visiting card to call but did not
Mastrubated to his pics which I found on social media n imagination of possible things.
Ek call kar na chaiye tha ;)

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Posted On Sep 9, 2022 - 10:42 AM

Hey Rahul, you should have called him .. as you like him.. he too likes you.. its mutual .. and benefit too. Its not misusing anything.. but just a good luck if you had called him..

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Posted On Sep 9, 2022 - 04:27 PM

Those were the hostel days, my roomie n I watched horror movie Annabelle. He was normally used to get scare of darkness n black magic things. After watching movie , In Midnight he snooped into my bed. We were sleeping on our sides, he pushed his bum towards my ***. I was hard and he was feeling it but I didn't do anything further. There was always something between us but we never addressed .

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Posted On Sep 9, 2022 - 04:39 PM

This is about 8 years back. I have always been interested in masculine men / daddies. Especially hairy bottom ones get me drooling. However when i started out, I had major inhibitions regarding sleeping with married men. I was in Mumbai at that time, staying in Colaba and there used to be this hot bear, bottom daddy in Charni Road. Completely my type. We chatted on Planet Romeo and later on WhatsApp. There was an instant sexual attraction. However later I got to know that he is married & my overactive brain went into hyperdrive. I was full of conflict and my stupid inhibitions got better of me. After his much requests I begrudgingly told him no. When i look back, I feel like kicking myself, for being so naive. I don't know their stories, and i am nobody to judge. They are mature enough to make their own decisions, and if i am assuming ownership of their decisions (by assigning moral judgement) them it is a bit too egocentric. I don't get to decide ***! People do what they do based on their own personal situations and goals in life. I don't know their story. I have not lived their life or have gone through their experiences, so who am I to judge?

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Posted On Sep 9, 2022 - 05:01 PM

I was travelling in the local train in chennai around 6 years back and there was this guy standing next to me, his right hand holding on to the train and his left hand loose. Suddenly he started to press near my *** with the watch on his left hand. As the train was very crowded, I thought it was by accident and I turned slightly to thd left. After sometime, I once again started feeling the pressure and it was slightly more tight. I got a doubt this time and then I slightly turned further. After sometime, I once again saw him pressing against my *** and this time I was sure. My heart was beating very fast as this was the first time someone had touched me like that. He started chatting with me and I was nervously responding back. I so badly wanted to follow him to his hotel, but stop had come and I had to get down from the train.

Even now, I keep hoping someone will touch my *** on the train but such a thing has never happened after that.

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Posted On Sep 9, 2022 - 05:58 PM

Yes i should have called him but it was in my teenage years and I was not fully explored gay life plus I was there doing internship n if u know hotel industry employees are not supposed sleep with guest and there was chances of getting fired if someone came to know.
I had no guts. Small regret . It was in 2009 and for many years I felt it was a bad idea. Now I don't even have his number n I forgot his name..

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Posted On Sep 9, 2022 - 07:21 PM

Perfect thread!! In Kolkata (DKS Club).. I went to attain some cultural programme.. I was in Toilet and met a young chap named Rahul.. we had very lil fun n had to leave as its public toilet... but cant forget him... He might not remember me.. But I cant forget him still now... Rahul do you remember Me?

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Posted On Sep 11, 2022 - 12:44 AM

I missed an excellent opportunity. I moved to a new flat with unknown roommates as I saw the ad on it Park website in Chennai. All are working professionals. One weekend I just moved and I saw a nice handsome dude in my apartment bad luck. He was in another room I was awestruck by his looks and he was talking on a phone. He noticed me while talking and just frowned his both eye brows like hey what's up which was damn sexy. I just waved and went to my room. Freshen up. Knocked his door. We introduced each other. He said he is moving to Denmark for higher studies and leaves tomorrow. I was heart broken. We started talking about life politics cinema *** *** masterbuation etc with such an ease as I know him just a few hours back. He was drinking and I was his company he talked a lot. We definitely had a vibe and we had double meaning joke about me giving blow job and all... That night I asked him can I sleep in his room. He said eyes. He even joked bro please bring coconut oil tonight laugh and then bro I'm gonna apply on hair I don't know whre will u apply laugh... Like that I was thinking I'm gonna *** him dry tonight. He left to meet his friends and I went for dinner .. But he crashed at his friends place that night came around next noon and vacated and I even sent him off at airport. But we don't exchange numbers and nothing.. Missed an opportunity . He was too manly I loved him. Lucky guys girls who will meet him.

Do not want to contact him further. Boy. He will come back to India end of 2023

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Posted On Sep 11, 2022 - 09:41 AM

It happened with me. With my best friend in Hostel. He was my best buddy but we used to stay in different rooms. But sometimes I used to sleep in his room when his roommates are not there. We used to sleep together. I had thought that he is straight ( stull confused). He is very good looking guy from Coorg. We both were of same age. One day while sleeping in his room with him, i felt that somebody is touching over my lips. He was just enjoying my pink lips by his fingers. Nothing more than that. I dint move forward to kiss him even he dint. Because i wasn't sure of his sexuality and preferences. It happened with me repeatedly whenever i used to sleep in his room with him. But never got opportunity to have fun with my such a hot friend. So missed opportunity. Still confused what he wanted to do? Just enjoying my lips or wanted to move forward? Can anyone answer this? If a straight guy enjoys a others guy's lips in a bed, what does it mean ?

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Posted On Sep 11, 2022 - 12:20 PM

nice thread. . .
This incident happened when I was in college (say around 15 years back). When returning back from college by bus, I fell asleep by lying forward on the seat handle and I guess most of them had gotten off the bus except me and another guy, while asleep I suddenly had a weird tingling feeling on my thumb and I woke up to realize that the other person was *** on my thumb from the seat in front of me, It creeped me out and I was wide awake and just sat there, confused and hazy, trying to grasp the situation. By the time I could understand what was happening the last stop arrived and had to get down, the other guy signaled me to meet him somewhere but I was too scared and creeped out to follow him . .

Another similar incident happened to me while on the way to my college in the bus. Back then I had fashioned a long thumb nail on the left hand which was well taken care of and this caught the attention of a fellow traveler who was sitting besides me, he started a conversation on the nail and started feeling it which I let him to, me being so naïve didn't realize he was making a move at me, to make things even worse, he even asked if he can sleep on my lap and I let him do so without thinking anything about it. He later got down at the Lal Bagh stop and was looking at me and my clueless face. I was able to recall that incident and intension after a couple of years later and felt foolish about it.

Imagine what I'd not do to have those incident again. . *sigh*

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Posted On Sep 11, 2022 - 12:40 PM

I am writing about repeated situation there happened to me while I was studying MBA in 2003.

I was very thin and I had a classmate who is bulky type of body. He is not over weight, but his body style is like that. Though he is not my roommate, he used to visit very often. He used to hug me from back whenever we were alone in my room and I felt that "something something" feeling. He used to hug me from back while I am cooking, or simply standing, and keep his chin on my shoulder and keep talking. Sometimes I could feel his 'hard on' but I never expressed from myside. It was huge and thick rod. He used to love my ears (where we keep studds) as it has extra skin and smoothie. Some times at night, after a beer he used to keep his legs and hands on me and keep singing some songs in my ears slowly and feel my ears with his hands. No kisses and nothing more than this. I never proceeded he never proceeded. It's was excellent feeling with tense, heartbeat rising, bromance and so forth.... I had seen him nude many times during dress change and all...

After that we stayed for almost 4 years while sharing room during working, we had long drives, drinks together.... now I feel I missed him.

We are still in touch and became family friends. But just can't get those days back...

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Posted On Sep 11, 2022 - 03:14 PM

Oh god i have tons n tons of missed and quite a few catched oppurtunities too... but as we have a greedy lust, we tend to gusto over the lost ones more.

My puberty days were so full of those. I was this cutish smoothie elite guy in a rowdy school. Full of freshly stuffed with raging hormones and those were days of pre-internet and easy *** so no means to let go off the lust.
There was this new friend of mine who has just discovered his chronic erections and he needed something to grab or clench when he had one. (Mostly boobs in dreams but) he used to ask me to let him grab my crotch and touch my *** just once...I used to act pricey for no reason to show off i am so damn 'pure'. He once offered me to let me touch his if i allowed him. I said.."Remove ur shorts and show me urs and i will allow u to touch mine" We were in full class and his kiddish shy mind was not at all ready for this bold offer. He got shocke, he thought i am asking to shoo him away...and sadly never asked mine again...

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Posted On Sep 12, 2022 - 07:08 AM

This once happened at least a decade ago when I was traveling to Cuddalore from Trichy. It was a weekend and there was heavy rush. One guy, pretty decent, and looked educatied, fair and chubby, spotted me and came closer, stood beside me. I clearly sensed his intent and we exchanged a few stares. I really wished I moved ahead and cooperated. Something stopped me and I continued to remain silent. He might have thought that I was a straight and did not approach me further.

It was a travel post midnight and we both were heading to the same destination. Had i acknowledged his moves, we would have had a great fun that night in some secluded spot. Missed it.

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Posted On Sep 13, 2022 - 09:26 AM

This happened to me on my official visit to Satna.. met a really cute guy through Gr....he came to my hotel.. it happened that the hotel ws of some of his relative. He told me that he works/study in mumbai but satna is his home town... we really had a good session.. he noted down my name and number in his small diary which he use to do for his every date.. later that evening he texted me that he want to come to see me to station as i was leaving the same evening.. i allowed him.. he came rt on time and it was so glad and courteous of him of this gesture...

Last my train was about to move.. he warmly gave me a looong hug and even kissed on my lips for a moment.. thankfully no one noticed.. this was the boldest move i have ever taken in my life.. i forgot his name..
But if u r reding this please message me..

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Posted On Sep 13, 2022 - 10:25 AM

this happened when i was in college 1st year, i was staying in boys PG, it was a newly built PG with most rooms vacant. the owner was a young unmarried guy in his mid 20s. this was his business startup kind of thing, running a PG. his house was some 200 meters from the PG where he stayed with his family. he was very friendly and used to take good care of all the boys. he used to hang out with us and had all kind of boys talk. he often used to call his friends over and booze in the PG. there were many vacant rooms so it was not an issue. one day i didn't go to college, i was alone in the PG and the i noticed that he was sleeping alone in the next room, only wearing a towel, that too almost open. i forgot to mention that he was ver handsome too, and that was the reason i chose the PG in the first place :P , comming back to the day, he was lying on a wooden cot, no matress, only in an open towel, unconscious due to too much alcohol from last night. i went in with a pumping heart, locked the door, adored his sexy naked body from every angle i could, i so wanted to kiss him, blow him, do all kind of things to him but something inside of me said "don't". and then suddenly he he opened his eyes, looked at me, smiled and then again went back to sleep. i then came out of the room. he stayed in the same condition for another 3-4 hours in the room, i went in multiple times to check on him or rather to checkout him and treat my eyes but didn't have the courage to do anything else.
i still regret that missed opportunity :(

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Posted On Sep 13, 2022 - 03:08 PM

This happened to me before lockdown, i was on my way back home in a BMTC bus, boarded the Bus n waiting to leave, then an old guy comes in as the bus was full crowded, i gave my seat to him cz he was old, and this old guy got down and gave back seat to me, a guy next to my seat total stranger, started talking to me, like he has come here to meet his friend and he has come from USA, i was just noding my head with a smile, suddenly this guy statrted to talk about him and his wife like how many times he cums while having *** with his wife, he questioned me same and i dont know y i did not rebel to his question. but i answered him with a smile, then he told his *** is of 8 inch long i just smiled. after this he told he felt good talking to me as i did not over react to his question and instead was friendly with him. he did ask me to come to his home, and while this conversation my stop came and i had to get down.

i wish i could have taken his number atleast. if you are here please DM me. by the way the bus route was from Brigade road to Bannerghatta.

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Posted On Sep 13, 2022 - 05:42 PM

This happened to me last Sunday 11.09.2022 was waiting for bus at Iblur had to come towards Sarjapur road. Around 8:20pm one guy came with specs waring Jeans and T-shirt. I just seen him he was also waiting for Bus.. few minutes later i noticed that guy seeing all the guys. His expectations like he will eat them if he get. Chance 🤤. Around 8:30 bus came we all boarded. That guy went to last seat I followed him and sat next to him. It was less crowd due to Sunday. He keep seeing me after he got the ticket when conductor went front side he started rubbing my thigh with his thigh
2 to 3 times he did. Then he took out his phone and again open WhatsApp. I thought let's take a chance. I also rubbed his thigh with his thigh 1 time and he dr the same. But before moving forward my stop came so got down. Missed te opportunity to speak to him or take his number. I got down to Wipro gate. He got ticket for Kaannahalli.

Hey dear if you are here plz ping me. I really like you 😊

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Posted On Sep 13, 2022 - 06:43 PM

I went to Kerala recently and this uncle from my friends place asked me to drop him somewhere nearby, he was sitting behind me rubbing his hardon on me. He stopped me on the way, got down to *** and he was making me turn around to his side, with his conversations. I was trying not to look but it was obvious that he wanted something more. He took me to one of his relatives place and on the way back he took me to his under construction place, his house. It was pitch dark and a secluded place, he was using flash and asked as a joke if we should go in, to show me around. He didn’t make any other move though. I badly wanted to *** his *** that day. We came back without any action.

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Posted On Sep 14, 2022 - 07:39 AM

It was a missed opportunity when it's was raining in chennai probably August .I am leaving for my night duty around 7.30 ,one 50 year old men sat near me in the train .as it was Sunday the train was empty he talked to me after some time he put his hands on my shoulder I resisted but he pulled me closely and he was trying to keep my hand in his lap...s I was eager to do but scared I lied to him that my stopping came and got down caught another train leaving him alone....s still it was a good feeling and I missed it badly

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Posted On Sep 14, 2022 - 07:58 AM

We all that that one or many incidents in our life where we feel like we missed the Opportunity. I have many, and I will share one of them now,
while traveling from Mumbai to Ahmedabad for office work, in December 2021, I was traveling through AC Sleeper coach bus, I normally book single occupancy seats but that day due to rush i have booked double occupancy, I was wishing in my mind that some hot guy should come next to me. and my wish comes true at Vasai stop, one gym-toned and heighted guy come next to me, I was just laying and watching Queer Eye on Netflix. And I was like he is like Antoni Porowski.
It was a winter night and the AC was on in the bus, there were curtains to close the passage, And once he was settled he closed it. and after a few min chatting started between us, like where you are going and where you are from and all in general. He was a Personal trainer in the gym and also was working in HR. He was also traveling for work. and then he asked what are you watching on my mobile, I answer some Netflix show, and he asked which one, so I was bit confused and told him it's Queer eye. To which he said, ohh yes it's a great show. then I aked him if that have you seen it ? on that he said some of the episodes, I was like great, and we discussed about the show and then he was like i am sleepy so he just slept, he was wearing track pants and his bulge was clearly visible, as it was cold and its very common to get an *** at the time of sleeping, and I was able to c it clearly it was super hard he was adjusting it 2-3 times, and he saw that I notice its, he looked at me and smiled, i gave him a naughty look type smile, and I also kept my mobile in pocket and take out my blanket from my hang bag, on that he said ohh *** i forgot to bring blanket coz due to covid traveling bus stops giving blanket.
I said if you don't mind i have a double blanket we can share it. he said thanks, and we were in one blanket on a cozy winter night while AC was on. after a few mins the bus was super cold and we both were not able to sleep due to too much of cold. he said I will go and inform the driver to switch off the AC or increase the temp . and he went and at that time also his bulge was visible. he discussed this with driver and for few hrs he reduce the temperature. and after some time the bus stops at some of the highway-type restaurants. we went in the kind of open loo where there was no partition. and I saw his huge *** while pissing, and I got super ***, and after pissing he went into the washroom, and I came outside and was having coffee, after 5-7mins he came and said 'hila ke aaya main' and winked. and I was shocked what to react on this, i said 'wow amazing and hila ke sone main alag hi maja hain'. and then we went into the bus and again sleeping in one blanket and in sleeping we were touching each other many times. and in the morning In Ahmedabad, I left the bus and said bye to him.
And, I wish I could have helped him to *** in the bus, I missed the opportunity.

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Posted On Sep 14, 2022 - 10:19 AM

4 years back one guy in his PhD and I was studing b tech 1st year saw him in a dsnr busstand got eye contact and talked with him, he invited to his room evening I went to his room he made a rea for me and then he asked me to wait for sometime till neighbours sleep ..mean while he made dinner and we had finally we turned off the lights and he is just awesome we had lots of romance and then slowly he tried to *** me but it was my first time he tried his level best..i slept there only for whole night and morning we had little romance again n i left..later I missed his number and missing him very badly ...that moment i felt I was his wife.

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Posted On Sep 14, 2022 - 06:04 PM

This is become an interesting group. I was in my first job and this was 15 years ago I was complete new to gay world though I had did it with my cousin many times at home. There was a pantry guy in my office who use to stare at me every day and once he followed me to the toilet and literally asked me if he should come inside toilet cabin to which I just dumped the door on his face. Later he got embraced and didn't see him after that day in office. Missed him later as I felt I missed a hot guy just because of my immaturity

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Posted On Sep 15, 2022 - 01:21 PM

Hey yes.. I still remember my hostel college day. I ws my 20s and my roomate same age dark dusky and gym tone, with prominent face features like a model, he was my crush but those days i was not bold enough to approch him and express my feeling for him so i use to watching him secretly whenever he change his dress after bath. One evening after our college we both where resting in the room on our bed his bed was exact opposit to my so i can watch his full body clearly. That day he was wearing his short and tank and sleeping his short was torn from down and his *** was flashing out from it.. I was so horney.. It was chance for me to grab it but i not dare to that. Second time on our veccation we where staying together at one rental place for a couple of month on weekend we use to have beer party that time also he use to wear sexy short showing his sexy thighs.. I think actually he was aware that i am intersted in him but we both was not sure how to approch.
I still remember him and regret on not to approach him. 🍌💦💋

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Posted On Sep 16, 2022 - 08:21 AM

Just last month, I guess I did experienced a missed opportunity. Was travelling from tirupati to hyderabad via ac sleeper. I was wearing black full sleeve tees and blue shiny polyester track pant. At the boarding point I accidentally bumped into a guy who was stocky fat and bit shorter than me. He was a tamil guy who started yelling at me in tamil. Same dude got into the bus and happened to be my neighbour in the double sleeper seat. I got startled as he sat next to me, but he was being gentle. We had friendly conversation, and then all of a sudden, he pulled out his jeans and wore his track pant. As we slept, he started to place his leg over my crotch and even started brushing it. I thought it was normal as I felt he was asleep. Then he just placed his arms on my chest, So i turned towards him and hugged him, our faces were close to each other and it turned me ***, I wanted to kiss him badly. But was afraid as earlier we had a fight before boarding the bus. Luckily our lips did touch multiple times due to bad roads, but our night got spoiled as soon as the conductor pulled down a curtain, I got shy and moved away and slept separately. I slept thinking of missed opportunity, but early morning, he woke me up by catching my *** and giving me a slow masturbation. If only I knew he was gay, we could have had so much fun. I saw he had fixed the curtain, he whispered to me asking, did I enjoy. I told him only 30% and he laughed. But we had already reached hyderabad and he got down. Wish I had asked his contact number.

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Posted On Sep 16, 2022 - 09:29 AM

I missed one opportunity. So this happened when I attended my cousin's wedding in Bhiwandi. I saw one guy really good looking, tall and fair(i do not discriminate anyone here. Just giving specifications ). His personality was so attractive that I couldn't stop looking at him. Somehow he noticed me staring at him and since that time we were looking at each other. End of the day, i was talking on phone and I was outside of wedding hall. I saw this guy going to washroom and while passing by he looked at me. I wanted to go there but I was scared too as we are at cousins wedding and we both waited till end of the day so obviously he was close relative of bride. I was thinking should I go or not and it's been 15-20 mins n then I saw him coming back . My bad i was overthinking.

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Posted On Sep 16, 2022 - 10:29 AM

I still remember the tall dark handsome cop.....it was Durga puja and we had permission from house to roam whole night... As usual I went to famous Esplanade loo ZigZag...it was 3.15 am and very few soul was around. I was waiting outside the loo.. in came a cop in his bike with his helmet on... He looked at me and smiled through his vizor. Then he nodded at me to get inside the loo...I was very scared... Thinking it might be a honey trap....
Just then another guy went and stood beside the cop... And bent down to swallow his huge monstrous meat.... Ohhhhh how I repented that day... He was just the type I dream of....and i missed it for mh own stupidity.... Never again did I ever see him...... 😪😪😪

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Posted On Sep 17, 2022 - 12:56 PM

This happened exactly before Covid on my trip to Pune. One of my friend was getting married at a resort almost 3 hours from Pune. I was travelling alone and a car was sent to airport to pick me up. I was greeted by a young tall guy with my name on the placard. He was really sweet and looking hot and tall. He took my luggage and we exchanged pleasantries n started for our journey. He asked if I wanted to fresh up he will take to hotel in Pune and then we start from there. I thought it was a good idea to stretch a bit and freshen up n start on journey to a resort three hours away. He took me to a room and I got changed into something comfortable as it was hot n humid outside , wore some shorts n T-shirt and called him to pick up my luggage. He came to room and the way he looked at me was both inviting as well as strangely made me uncomfortable. He said ji , Appko problem nahi he tho mein bhi nahake aatha hoon( if it was ok with me he would like to take a bath n come), I sodnt mind. I was watching tv in meantime when he got undressed in front of me, he wasn’t built hunk but nice physique and no fat at all must be a hard working fellow, he wasn’t very fair too as a north or should be . But quiet attractive to my eyes. I was eyeing him the entire time, he went in took his bath n came back wet clad alone in a towel and went little away from my sight to change into his dress. I could lean a bit forward unsuspecting to see a bit . He was in his underwear n wearing trousers . Could see his bulge it was quiet a package and I imagined how it would be if it grew in my hands. A quick glance and I leaned back. He said Saab I’m ready. He took my luggage and handed over keys yo marriage party organziser who was there. And we started off for our trip, he said there was some festival happening in all the nearby villages on the way and expecting huge traffic, i was bit disappointed because I was alone and boring. We left the city n on way towards he resort at one point the cars were moving literally at snails pace. Felt as if I could run faster to reach the resort . I was bored n he was frustrated as well. He said he was tired with journeys and preparation for my friends marriage festivities . He also badly wanted to reach the resort n take good rest. I could understand the poor guy . I was bored in the back seat so after a while I moved front n started chatting with him. I was trying to bring as much topics as possible into our conversations because we were strangers n he was also calmly n patiently answering to me. He appreciated that being from south I spoke Hindi pretty well, thanks yo all the Hindi I learnt at school. I’m not a proficient speaker but I can easily manage through. Topics slowly started getting diverted towards girls, girl friends n even hitting *** here and there. He said he was 28 years n single n looking for a girl to marry soon. But he had to marry off her 3 sisters before that n how long he had to wait before getting married. I understood his urges n we laughed together n suddenly car Ac broke n wasn’t working. It was already very humid and hot n finally I dared to remove my T-shirt and asked if he was ok with it. He said he also wanted to remove n feel the air, we opened our windows and bare chested slowly driving towards, we often stopped here and there for chai and snacks . He became quiet a good company to chat with….. it was as if we knew each other for a long time. I could occasionally see him adjust his trousers to accommodate his bulge and package and I was doing the same but I was little more comfortable in shorts. At one point he started to feel very sleepy and we were just 45 mins to each the resort. I asked him to go back n sleep for awhile as he looked tired n it was getting dark. He said sorry n I said it’s ok don’t worry….. he said just half an hour sleep would do. He reclined his car seat and went to sleep just like that closing his side of window and car was parked on the side of the road were there were trees. I reclined my seat too and saw some downloaded movies on ma mobile and got little lost until I slowly glanced at his hot body top to bottom and there his package it was quiet tempting n inviting but didn’t dare to touch, I stepped out of car and put on some gay *** videos and rubbing over my *** over the shorts. I was really super *** with my nipples erect and *** with raging hard on and lost track of time and suddenly he came from behind n said ji abh chala ! I was suddenly shocked n was afraid what if he saw what I was viewing in my mobile. My heart skipped a beat but was wishing him to take initiative n seduce me further. We drove towards the resort and reached the place almost around 11pm and as it was late he took me towards my chalet / small cottage booked for me and asked me to freshen up and he will fetch me dinner. I took a bath and was drying myself n he knocked the door and there he was hot as ever with food in hands. He eyes me too to bottom like I did but even I was stupid enough not to initiate anything. I asked him to join for dinner he excused saying he will have with his friends and when he left he have a very firm handshake that was quiet strong n left. I ate dinner and watched some movies and little *** and mastrubated thinking of him. Really bad that I missed to take a bold step to see if he reciprocated my moves. I really feel that I missed an opportunity with this Maharashtra guy which I feel so bad. Hey if u are reading this post , hopefully u remember means don’t forget to ping me

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Posted On Sep 18, 2022 - 04:37 PM

I was travelling in a train from Churchgate. Starting near the dot way. After a few stations made eye contact with a guy standing opposite! Our eyes meet. He understood I was interested. But he didn’t move. I took the initiative and called him near me with my eyes. He understood. He came quickly beat me. Was very bold. Directly out a hand between my thighs and stared caressing me. I was terribly excited. Then he bought is face near my chest and started kissing and *** by chest very close to the nipples. I was excited like crazy. He started caressing my *** and kissing my chest. This was really awesome. The crowd started increasing. That made him more closer to me. The kissing and caressing continues. I was really not able to stand. Wanted to sit down and take his clock in my *** and start *** in the train. But was not practical. I turned around her immediately closed in with his tool and started rubbing it on my ***. In the mean time Bandra station came he was asking me to come to his house. I was very scared. I could not say anything to him. He was constantly saying chalo mere sath! In my heart wanted to go with him *** him to my hearts content and get banged. He even said there are more people in his place. It’s my dream to have a three some . But could not gather The courage. It’s been 5-6 months but I still dream of that incident. I swear if I see him again won’t miss it for any thing in world.

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Posted On Sep 20, 2022 - 01:44 AM

Many years ago once I was drinking in a bar alone. One Muslim man in his mid 40’s came there wid a young uneducated worker type guy. I am assuming he had plans to bang him after drinks and he saw me and joined my table. Started a conversation wid me on random topics. Then asked me till what time will u be here. I said I will be here till the bar shuts which was 12.30 am. He sent that guy away. Then I was abt to leave at 12 and he told me u said u wud be till the end and now ur leaving soon. I said ya it’s anyway going to shut now in 15-20 mins. He offered to take me to another bar close by which is open all night and offered to pay for my drinks too. But I didn’t go. I feel had I gone there wud have been action for sure.

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Posted On Sep 20, 2022 - 08:49 AM

There is one more incident /experience, but he missed it 😂
I was 14 y old, had gone to stay with my cousin who was recently married n they had house warming Pooja so we all went to her for stay. Her husband my Jijaji, me, my father we decided to sleep in living room. Rest all ladies and other relatives in various rooms. My father and me and jiju were sleeping in same order. We dozed of immediately. At midnight I felt jiju very near to me n his body was touching me. I was like may be in sleep. So I didn't move. Soon I felt he slid more closer to me. Now his beard was touching my cheeks n entire body to each other. My heart started racing but he wasn't doing anything soon. A bit closer n he kept leg on me n now his stomach n *** area was touching my left thighs. It was total slow motion but I felt he is now pressing his *** on me.. I got excited but as father was next to us we did not make any sudden moments nor he was using his hand.
I was so *** n was expecting something like grab me or grab him.. I then waited but he didn't do anything other than touching n pressing his ***.. Now I could feel his hard *** on my thighs. I then slowly took my hand near where he was pressing n slowly near by his *** n i could feel it.. But he got alret n stopped pressing so I moved my hand on his *** n kept there. So he moved n slept on his back, I could see his tent pointing up. So I once again grabbed it n pressed. He didn't move. I kept on pressing.
Now I wanted to feel it skin to skin so I turn on my one side n kept other hand on his ***. He didn't really move but just was enjoying. However when I tried to open his zip he kept his hand on me n moved my hand away hinting no don't. Maybe b'coz of fear as my father was not very far.
I then kept pressing for a while. N I guess he did come in his underwear. I also then rub mine on his thing for a while n didn't realize when I slept.
Next day after Pooja I was trying to get alone wid him bt he was avoiding that.. I got all confused. Once we both had eye contact with each other too n felt he was feeling guilty n was total silence. I wanted to tell him it's okay we can hv fun. But it never happened may be it was moment of lust took over him n this happened..
Later whenever we meet he was behaving normal with everyone but he had nothing to say when we were away from all. after a few years he got transferred to USA n both n nephews are in USA
Uhh he missed it.

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Posted On Sep 20, 2022 - 12:23 PM

It was during my college days at hostel. Me n my best friend used to play with our *** n balls. Like used to hold n feel each other. One day I couldn't control anymore n I got on top of him and *** his pointed nipples and licked his neck. But I wasn't used to blowing guys and so that thought never came to my mind. I wish I *** him. He had a long n a thick one with huge balls. That's a damn miss I regret even now.

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Posted On Sep 20, 2022 - 12:28 PM

There was this other friend whom I used to make out and kiss with. One night we planned to meet in his room and make out. It was quite late and he had slept off by then. But still invited me to sleep with him. He slept wearing only boxers which I removed as we played along. He was naked and I was totally dressed. He was half asleep and was enjoying my touch all over his body and kept playing with his *** all the time and he wasn't getting hard. I asked him why he wasn't getting hard and he said he would get hard if I put it in my *** which I eventually didn't do. I would get to strip him naked and play with his *** most of the time when we get on bed. I never *** any guy til then so I was apprehensive about that. Another big miss that I regret til now.

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Posted On Sep 22, 2022 - 07:02 AM

a family frnd of mine..brother.. who is 24-25 at that time.. he convienced me to booze together for one time.. so when i was alone in my flat as my parents went to native,i asked him to come and booze.. we had beers .. in nyt i hav plans to seduce him and *** him😬.. in nyt as planned i made my moves.. i hugged him and slowed reached him *** spot! it was erect! i touched and rubbed him in tracks! and within two mins i lost my control and in headache i slept 🥺 missed that opportunity to *** him! mrng he took bath and came out in towel which he looked damn sexy! still i could feel his erect *** in my hands! but poor me failed to take in my ***! he laugh when i look him in towel.. he left after dressing ... still i tried him to booze again in lone time! but he was busy and in bangalore.. so we cant plan in ryt time🤞🏻 missed him

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Posted On Sep 23, 2022 - 06:20 AM

I am a Straight acting person I liked one of my office colleague very much. We were very good friends and we used to spend a lot of time with each other.
He was a very good person from north of India specially excellent sense of humour. I always feel good and time flies when I was with him, yeah we were like this for almost 3-4 years. Many times we used to go for urinal together, he used to ask me, let’s go to the bathroom.
We did have drinks together many times, but I never initiated anything more. He was married having wife and you kids and later he was transferred to other country.
I had business trip to that country and I met him in my hotel. He was keen to meet me and I invited him to my room and we had some beer together. I was still confused and didn’t want to initiate it because of my reputation. I am very concerned on my reputation.
when we finished our beer and he was going to his home and next morning I was flying back to India. he just hugged me very tight and he kissed on my cheek and said goodbye and I miss you so much. I was not sure if there is anything I could do more or just leave it over there. So didn’t do anything more .
We are still in touch through calls, but meeting physically is very difficult now because of travel restrictions so I don’t know if there was anything from his side or not but would love to have a safe hygienic soft fun with him.
Can anyone tell me what should I do now?

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ente_xperience *
Posted On Sep 23, 2022 - 07:15 AM

@skyfall... I guess he likes you more as a soul mate and respects or value your friendship.. It may be more than a friendship but no lust...

If it's lust from both end and you have spent 3-4 yrs with more night stays and nothing happened except a hug and sleep then it doesn't mean he may be sexually attracted.. But you can think he is more comfortable with u and he gives rights on him to you at any level of his life..

So u have to live happily with him with highness of friendship and let it continue and create soul bonding.. Tahts also important...

Don't get confused more and enjoy that you got a person whom u have more rights on him.. Make a family life long bonding

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Posted On Sep 23, 2022 - 07:34 AM

@Skyfall Do keep in touch with him. It seems both of you have held yourselves back in some way. And it's slowly eating you up inside. You've got lot of unanswered questions. However, It's understandable though. But, try and be patient and see what happens if and when you meet him again. Keep in mind, communication is important. Never rush with anything, let it unfold as it should.

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Posted On Sep 25, 2022 - 06:35 AM

It was long back. I was 18 or just under maybe. Was returning from college in bus. One guy in his mind 40's started fondling me down below and made me erect. I realised his touch immediately, felt it must be by mistake but realised it was intentional. I was weirdly enjoying it (I was not sure that I was bisexual then). I enjoyed it so much but didn't have the guts to talk to him, so missed my bus stop and went 2 stops ahead. He got down and I got down with him. I followed him and after a good 500 mtrs confronted him. Instead of telling him I enjoyed and want more, I asked him what did you do and he said nothing and brushed it off and walked ahead and I turned back. I was really turned on then and would have loved to *** him off but didn't have the guts to tell him. I still think about that day sometimes and wonder what could have been if I would have shown a bit more eagerness

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Posted On Sep 25, 2022 - 02:12 PM

Back in 2016 I was studying in Loyola, Chennai. When I used to come late for college I'll go directly to the college library and wait for the 1st period to get over. While I was there reading magazines there used to be this guy that continuously stare at me. Where ever I move inside the library he used to follow me and where ever I sit there he'll be sitting right opposite to me. In that year it happened like 10- 15 times and every time he was there in that library. He looked really feminine and sissy type. Back then I didn't understand what it was and why he stared at me. But now I understand that he really liked me but he didn't have the guts to make a move and just keep on looking at me. And at that time i was thinking I'm pure straight and that it was silly. If it was now i would have really made a move. I miss someone watching like that now. And I don't even know his name or which department he was.

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Posted On Sep 27, 2022 - 09:23 AM

This happend in 2016 or 17 I had already experienced *** with more than half a dozen,but I was just 16 or 17 then,my family were travelling from Rajasthan to Kolkata,I was in middle right berth,we reached asansol and it was evening,now there were some guys who were traveling on half seats ,and in one of them was an army candidate name shubham,he was approx 23 or 24, cute with tight body ,in late evening after everybody went to sleep, i was awake due to my horniness,by luck he say infront of my seat,where my little brother was sleeping,we started talking casually, everybody was asleep and it was dim and I started giving him compliments about his looks and he replied by same remarks on me and my brother's,and then after some time I asked him to sleep near me as I have enough space,we were sleeping with my head in window direction,his feet were infront of me and I started licking them slowly slowly then when he didn't react I started swallowing them,it was really a turn on for me ,then I started pressing his ***,it was super hard and with that all my hesitation were gone ,I tried pulling his pants but it was hard as they were really tight,then suddenly my father woke up ,he was just below my seat and started drinking water ,like an idiot ,I asked him for water and when he noticed that someone is sleeping on my berth,he woke shubham up and started yelling ,it was really embarrassed,later he was in next compartment and though I saw him many times he never met my gaze.unlucky me.

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Posted On Sep 27, 2022 - 01:42 PM

this happened with me some 7-8 yrs back (i was 25) when i was travelling from delhi to jaipur in late night train in sleeper coach, and mine was lower birth, since it was a late night train, i was sleeping, also that was summer time so the rush was huge and there were people with waiting ticket also and were lying on the floor as they did not have confirmed seat.. you guys know how it is with Indian railways :-). there was a guy more or less of my age then, he was lying on the floor, the aisle between two lower births. i was intermittently opening my eyes and checking for the stations, so when i was doing that i saw the impression of that guys d*ck (it was loose obviously) which seem to me like a big one.. and i thout of touching it, but i did not want to be direct, so i laid on the birth such a way that my hand was hanging out of the birth and i pretend to sleep, while my hand was trying to do the trick, and it actually did, i put my fingers on his bulging impression, and the next moment what i see was his d*ck started to grow, and when it was loose its was lying down (may be he was wearing boxers or trunks i donno) and with my fingers i pushed that upside as it was growing, while i was njoying all that and all my attention was there, i suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder, gosh it was him, i got scared and thot he might shout at me or accuse me or abuse me or whateva etc.. but to my surprise he said 'karna hai?' means wanna do it.. i said yes.. then he said ' chalo bathroom mai' means lets go to bathroom, since it was all new to me.. i got scared and did not want to get into trouble or anything by being caught up etc.. so i denied.. and i said ' yahi karte hain' means lets do it here.. to which he denied and turned his back on me and did not let me even touch his cr*tch. sad .. well i also then slept and when it was my station in morning around 5-6 am , i woke up and saw he was standing and was folding his sheets etc. and while he was doing that i could see his d*ck was fully aroused and was visible out of his pants ... which hw was trying to hide from sheets that he was folding.. i donno what i thought but i grabbed that with my hands .. to which he did not say anything but smiled.. well.. that is all that happened that night or morning or whateva .. i think if i had listened to his suggestion of going to bathroom. i would have i mean we both would have enjoyed better .. guess i missed the opportunity

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Posted On Sep 27, 2022 - 07:32 PM

My gym was in 3rd floor. I used to go in afternoon when gym was empty. The entire building is empty. One shemale was coming down after collecting money. Met at first floor. She asked money i told i didn't get. She touched my ***. I asked why and she just smiled. I went few steps top and got Lil ***.. came back down and pulled her and kissed. Could feel her tiny *** also.. she told let's go to washroom in empty first floor. But i didn't thinking someone would see me and my shame would go.

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Posted On Sep 28, 2022 - 06:54 AM

I was 19 when this happened. We were on a college trip to the Northern India and were travelling from Jaipur to Mumbai via train. We had booked sleeper couch and just when the train was about to leave, a young chap, about 22-23 years old entered our compartment and he was carrying a lot of bags. He was having a hard time trying to find his seat with that luggage, and me and my friends offered to help carry his stuff. He found his seat, which was a side upper berth, which happened to be right near my seat which was an upper berth too. Now, he was this conventionally good looking boy and I was instantly attracted to him. All my friends either did not speak hindi or didnt speak it well, but I spoke it quite well, so we instantly hit off and thanks to the language barrier we two were left alone. We spoke a lot that day, he was really friendly, offered me some snacks n stuff, made jokes this n that.

After a point, i asked him to come sit on my berth, which was the upper berth so we dont have to talk loudly (lol) and sitting that close to the guy was made me kinda over conscious. We spoke for a long time, I dunno about what, may be about what he does in Mumbai, why he had so much luggage etc. he would occasionally touch my knees, or shoulder while talking and I would feel kinda excited. after a point he said he need to lie down and motioned to leave to his seat, but I said lie down here only, I will read something. He said ok, lied down and I sat at his feet side, reading some magazine and his feet were touching my ***. al the while he slept, his feet kept brushing against my ***, and it was clear that he was purposely touching my ***. I got aroused, but was scared to do anything, so after a while , noticing that no one is observing us, I kept his feet on my lap, he was still pretending to sleep but he slowly pressed my crotch, and my now erect tool with his finger, this happened for about an hour, it was arousing and I was totally hard. But thats it, nothing else I could do. He then woke up, near some station as he was supposed to get down at the next station and got his things ready. HE then sat next to me for a while and we chatted a bit, and i kinda sensed he was sitting very close to me, like he wanted to touch me, or hint at something. But I didnt know what to do.

as his station approached, he carried some of his bags, and me and another friend of mine carried other bags of his and went until the door to help him unload. the train stopped, he got down and we helped him unload his stuff and the other guys left. As i placed the last of his bag on the platform, he looked left and right once and straight away grabbed my ***. gave it one hard squeeze and said "I so wanted to touch it" and took my hand and made me feel his ***. It was semi hard now but man what a tool that was! now the train whistled and I had to get back, i said nothing out of shock and got back into the train. I tried to catch a parting glimpse of him but i could not as people were getting in and he got lost in the crowd. I quickly realised we could have exchanged numbers but it never occured to us (he had even shown me his sony ericcson mobile which played songs lol).

If only I had taken his obvious hints and if only I had shown some courage and responded, I would have had a good time with a beautiful man, but that chance was forever lost. I stil think of it, of what all we could ve tried, and ***,

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Posted On Sep 28, 2022 - 07:14 AM

I was travelling back from Ujjain to Ahmedabad and I had *** a *** in ujjain so thinking about it made me very very *** on the train. I opened up Grindr and changed my username to train number for convenience. Also, went on the chatovod side to ask for suggestions as to what to do when *** and in train. I had the top berth and it was night journey so everyone was fast asleep. I slowly started rubbing my *** inside my shorts. After gathering some courage, I decided to pull out my *** and jerk. There I was on top berth with my *** in my hand. Suddenly, on grindr a text came up. It was from a 40 yo man on the train. Showed 10 metres away. Straightaway he sent me his *** photo and that *** was thick, veiny and black!! I was extremely aroused. I told him I absolutely like your ***, so he said lets meet in S-7 Washroom. It was 2 coaches away. I so wanted to go and *** his *** hard while having my first experience in train. But I also feared a little and didn't go. Man I still regret that missed opportunity.

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Posted On Sep 28, 2022 - 05:55 PM

I am a bi curious person and have always been in straight relationship till date. 5-6+ years ago I was single and wanted to try out dating a guy. A guy on Ohmojo connected with me and we exchanged numbers. He was a married man and was easy to talk to. We decided to meet at a set time in one of the restaurants in Powai as he used to work there. I was so nervous as this was something completely new to me. I waited for that guy at the restaurant for hours, but he didn't come. Nor did he pick up my calls or message me. So I blocked his number and never again tried dating guys. Right now I am in a very good place and in a straight relationship. But God how different it would have been for me if I would have crossed the line. I still think about it.

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Posted On Sep 28, 2022 - 08:04 PM

@ragepember we all have our fair share of guys who get immense pleasure in arrange a meet only to not show up. It is very immature but it is way too common of an occurance. Having said that, i would encourage you to give it another shot. You may be in a straight relationship, but the fact that you are an active participant on a gay website tells me that you still might be looking to quench your bi curiosity.

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Posted On Sep 29, 2022 - 05:50 AM

My teen cousin brothers had come from Goa to Bombay and were staying at my place. I was hoping to sleep near them. They were like 10-12 ppl and there were about 15-16 ppl who had to all sleep in a 1bhk .. Fortunately my mom told us three to sleep on the bed. Others slept on mattresses on the floor. The older brother was 17 and the younger was 14. I was 13 at the time. I had a doubt back then that the brothers were probably indulging in some stuff as they would literally cuddle close at night. So when I got the chance, I was sleeping in the middle of the two brothers.. Just around the time most were asleep, my older cousin bro told me to come close to him. 13yr old me was excited but I didn't think about feeling his *** or anything. And stupid me fell asleep after that and the next morning I didn't have any recollection of what happened next. I do feel that he must have grind his *** against my *** at least but then I was fast asleep to experience all of that. Now he is married to a girl and has a daughter as well. Never met him after that incident.

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Posted On Sep 29, 2022 - 01:50 PM

When I was just out of college and came to Bengaluru in search of job, I had met a 6.6+ Ft tall 50+ year old uncle at Shivajinagar bus stop.
I was waiting for the bus, this tall and well built guy approached me, he was in all white kurta and stood right infront of me with hardly any space between two of us.
Slowly he held my hand and started talking casually like what I do, where I am from ....
Every minute he was coming closer and closer to me.
Me 5.5 ft literally had to look up and talk to him with a girly smile, girl in me was enjoying his closeness and smell.

After 5-6 minutes, I was leaning on the bustop wall, and he was pressing me to wall and rubbing my hand hand to his tool.
Though I did not hold it, I could feel it was a monster just like him, becoming hotter & hotter and larger & larger.

After pressing me to the wall in daylight infront of public for about 15-20 minutes as we talk casually, he offered me to join him for a coffee.
I really wanted to listen to him and go, but by his and his tool size I was scared what will happen if I go with him.

Though I was enjoying his closeness and every action, like making me to rub his ***, press on my cheeks, pinch lips.
Politely I said no and he kept trying to convince me with different offers such as he will help in finding a job, better place to live blah blah blah...
He tried his best to hook me up for about 1 to 1.30 hour, many buses came and left.
Suddenly I felt it it is getting late, what if I do not get a bus to go home and told him I will have to leave and took next bus.

Till date, I repent not obliging to his advancement, I always feel it could have been best day of my life.

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