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Missed Opportunities

Submitted by SalmanDear Location: All India (All India, India)

Some times we get a chance to have fun but somehow the opportunity gets missed. Please share your experiences and regrets of such missed opportunities and if again you get chance today what will you do so that not to regret later.

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Kiran 1580
Posted On May 4, 2023

Last Monday, I went to dahod. While returning I visited galteshwar. In river very clean water some persons enjoying bath in river. Some are in only underware and their coach seen very clean underwater. I tried one person by going near him and try to touch. He understood my intense but he was there with his family who taking bath near him. He smiled but nothing happened.

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Posted On May 11, 2023

I had a missed opportunity. This was 5 years ago when my cousin came from village to visit us in hyderabad. We were traveling in scooty, I was in full mood and I had wrapped my hand around his waist while he was driving. Slowly i was trying to distract him by pressing his ***. I could feel it was growing and buldge was seen and He was not saying anything nothing much happened then later that night he came to sleep with me but I was too afraid to make a move as I was worried about what he will think if he is not willing which till day I regret because I know he came to have fun that day.

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Posted On May 13, 2023

Well, let me share an incident that happened a couple of years back when I was traveling alone from Hyd to Mumbai by train. I love train journeys and more so when I am alone. It was in sleeper class. A guy came aboard with his family and sat in front of me. The way he looked at me made me feel that he was interested. I was wearing a blue denim shirt and a blue denim jeans. 2 of my top buttons were open (they are always open, i like it that ways) revealing my hairy chest which I saw he could not turn his eyes from. The journey wnt on and i was busy reading some book i was carrying and he was busy with his family.

At night i was on the lower seat and even he slept on the lower seat. He kept touching his crotch all the time adjusting it and so did i in sync with him. At one moment I just got up and asked him if he could close the window over his head as it was cold. First he said no then after a few mins he asked me if I cld close the window for him. I went near him, his head was almost touching my *** and i was trying to close the window. Then i acted as if I lost my balance and i just touched his crotch which was till then hard. I said sorry and got back to my seat. I cld not sleep as the anticipation was more exciting than the outcome. He once again asked me to open the window as it was getting a little stuffy in there. And the same thing happened. But this time I could feel him smelling and kind of licking my *** through the denims. Even I pressed my crotch quite hard onto his face and again deliberately squeezed his crotch this time.

But till this time his station was approaching and had to wake up his family to get down. I missed doing more things with him.

But I guess, sometimes such "missed opportunities" make up for great stories. And a life time of ifs and buts.

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Posted On May 13, 2023

@topgen nicely described...and you are right, sometimes these missed opportunities make for not only great stories but memories of a life time. We have so many regular encounters that we tend to forget over time but incidences like you described remain with you forever.

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Posted On Aug 21, 2023

Missed opportunities reminds me of this experience from bhubaneswar on the day of durga puja bisarjaan. Usually they take out all the idols together in the evening from vanivihar square to rajmahal square in a elaborate procession and the entire city gathers to see that, there is a lot of police force deployed as well to handle the crowd.i was standing in master canteen square and was enjoying every bit of the evening , at times people crotch getting rubbed on me accidentally or even intentionally . I enjoyed those touches where some would rub their crotch on my bums or squeeze it in a playful way. At one point I was standing near a group of police officer and one of them was around 45yrs old, in shape with a thick mustache they way I liked . I was standing infront of him and his crotch was near my right pocket so pretending to take out my phone I rubbed his *** and he had a thick meat I felt. Then I again kept my phone back amd my hand was exactly I front of his crotch. The moment in crowd made him rub his *** to my hand and it slowly started to grow . He kinda gave me a smile which was like a green signal to proceed I slowly placed my hand over his *** which was huge , must by 9inch and equally thick. He also took the opportunity to squeeze but bums is a playful way and aroused me but it didn't last longer than a few Mins as he got called by some senior officer and was asked to go to the other side . Then even I tried to look for him but couldn't find him again .

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Posted On Aug 21, 2023

I don't know if it's a missed opportunity or not, but I think it is.

I was traveling via train from Vijayawada to Hyderabad by a Chair Car with my family. There came in a hunk at the 2nd stop who I was looking at once in a while initially and later became busy with my family. He, from then on, was turning to my side on some or the other pretext multiple times, was not sure who was he looking at. I wanted to look at him too, but since I was with my family, couldn't dare that. I wish I looked back at him and may be take his number. 😉. He got down at Hyderabad too but at a different stop.

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Posted On Aug 22, 2023

Yes truly it felt horrible when think about missed opportunity... once i was traveling in train alone there was shower room in 1st class. I went for bath next day it was meeting in city quite early so no hotel and all timing to change and ready...
So while bathing i forget to lock my door just slide was there which can be unlocked by both side.. i was completely nude and semi erected enjoying moving shower then suddenly older men around 40-45 fair tall and slim by mistake open the door seen me naked but took a wild glance 😅 i immediately tried to close the door but tried to come inside.. due to shock i forcefully closed it.. and later when i thought it was hint.. but sadly till i came out he was with family on train door with luggage waiting for next arrival station... he was trying to make eye contact with me but family people around so just a 1-2 sec for *** ness i can see in his eyes and i came to my cabin sad face

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Posted On Aug 22, 2023

I agree, missed opportunity feels horrible knowing that we couldn't do anything about it. Once I was travelling in a crowded bus and I could see one guy staring at me standing on the passerway amongst the crowd. We just stared at each other. He was trying to navigate the crowd and coming towards me to stand nearby me but got stucked. After a while my stop came and I had to get up from my seat. While navigating the crowd towards the door he just touched my already hard ***. I got down at my stop. Felt bad. Another one was in Cubbon park on one Sunday. One guy was sitting with his family on the lawn. Just when I passed them he stared at me. I could see his *** eyes and at the same time helplessness. We could only stare with disappointment.

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Posted On Aug 22, 2023

i agree. missing a chance to have what could possible turn out to be one of the most heavenly moments of your life is horrible. i went for a jog one early morning and after i was done, i sat on a chair like thing (below the stairs leading from the street to the metro platform). so as i was sitting, a guy in his 30's, approached me and sat beside me. he was your typical middle aged man, balding, a small potbelly, hairy legs. the one unusual thing about him was that he had a really thick beard. i noticed this but took nothing more of it.

a few minutes had passed and a felt a arm on my leg, as soon as i looked at him, he took his arm away. i just brushed it off as an accident. then he touched me for a second time, only this time his hand was on my *** and as soon as i felt his touch, in a shocked state i just gave him a look of disgust and shock and quickly walked away. when i went back home, i re thought about the incident and it drove me crazy..! if only i hadn't walked away..! if only... i let him touch me...! if only i didnt get shocked...after all he had one of the best beards i've seen. oh how good it would've been if i got to touch his lips with mine, how it would've felt if we were shirtless, hugging each other tightly, and kissing each other on the lips very deeply. the more i think about it, the more i regret walking away......

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Posted On Aug 22, 2023

Had one similar incident today. I was waiting for bus along with my friends and I saw one guy fair, slim and about 25-30 yrs. I noticed him taking my glance and so I responded with the same. As the bus came, i stood behind him and asked about that bus and thus we boarded the same bus. As he got a seat, I seated besides him(the seat behind the back door) although my friends were there. He then started raising conversation about which college and all. He tried too well. In this mean time our shoulders and legs were brushing (he wore a short). It was such a great mood in such a monsoon season. Although couldn't do much as was with friends. And then my stop came 😢

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Posted On Aug 26, 2023

Well..I’ve missed many such opportunities either because of bad timing or not right place.. listing a few..about me- I’m a dusky rugged med-built guy wit big package smooth body n round sexy *** (as u can c in my profile)

1. 8 years back when I commute to college via city bus in Chennai, I usually stand near seat to escape from crowd after getting into the bus. There was a guy in mid 20’s with goatee and slim staring at me standing beside me. Seat vacated and he sat n I was standing holding the seat bar. He took a newspaper from his bag n started reading. He opened his paper in such way tat it covered my hip n below. I suddenly felt his finger pressing my bulge.. after few pressings i got hard. Slowly he pulled my zip down n let his middle finger n forefinger into my pant n started rubbing *** wit my undie..all this is happening beneath the newspaper..I didn’t know how to react..just stood thr wit our eyes staring each other..now he started pressing my *** by putting all fingers in n I couldn’t control. The moment he slipped his finger n touched my *** from left thigh side opening..I started leaking leaking precum n he could smell tat..after few just teasings he grabbed my *** inside undie..I was afraid as it’s happening in bus..my stopping came..I just backed out zipped my pant n went near d footboard to get down. To my surprise he stood n followed me n whispered in my ear tat he is going till 2 stops further n asked if I can come with him. I just looked at him confused n afraid..n said I have class. And got down without even exchanging numbers..i was *** whole day in class tat day thinking abt this..really missed it 😉

2. This happened around 5-6 yrs back in Hyderabad in one of the pub where I went with my colleagues on Friday evening. After couple of beers I went to the loo which didn’t have partition in between. When I started peeing a hunk with sexy round *** (my turn on😉😍) came n stood next to me n smiled at me while peeing. He stared at my *** n chest n said u r hot n made kissing gesture..suddenly I got tensed n my *** started getting tempted..he saw it n laughed n showed his which was hard already n 8in thick weatish. Mine is 7 in thick dark n cut wit big mushroom head..he grabbed d *** n pressed it..I started feeling his *** n squeezing. Suddenly wen someone else entered d loo, I came to my sense n went back to my friends..after tat the guy was staring at me from his table but v couldn’t exchange numbers..he left after sometime..😢

3. This happened few years back wen I shifted to Bangalore for work. As I love to gym though irregular, joined in a gym closer to my home and after few days I got a gym partner who also speak tamil. But 1 day my partner couldn’t come n I had to work out alone. My gym trainer introduced a new guy (from Delhi) n asked to workout with him tat day as he is new n don’t hav partner. He is also smooth like me but fair n as usual sexy round ***..one day wen we were doing pull ups - single bar n double bar, we helped each other. As u know helping from behind is not possible as legs will b fold. So v used to push the knee from down as help..most times d *** brushes d other guys face. I usually don’t wear undie for gyms 😉😃..to my surprise he also didn’t wear tat day as I can c d shorts getting stuck into his asscrack every time he sit n get up😍😉. Tat day gym was less crowded as it was a holiday n time was 9.30am. After few rounds, I could feel his *** brushing my face n lips during d movement more intensely n felt his *** growing. Smelling his crotch made me hard before this movement itself. When it was my turn of exercise. He noticed my *** n laughed n said pl mind my ***..😃. I didn’t understand then..but wat happened next was surprising as went I went up n down he caught my *** with his *** n teeth. I shivered n got down..while getting down he was so close that my face rubbed his n so is my lips..I didn’t know how to react as it was gym wit few ppl around. With this feeling v couldn’t continue workout hence went to locker room to leave. He removed his trousers in front of me without closing cabin door n changed..I was very hard looking at his plummy smooth fair round *** n hard ***. I wanted to get in thr but some other guy just entered d room n he closed d door. Tat other guy was my regular gym partner n started talking to me..this guy left then..didn’t see him then there ..seems he came to friends place tat day n did 1 day trial class in my gym..it was my both lucky n unlucky day 😃😉

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Posted On Aug 26, 2023

Yesterday at Delhi I missed an oportunity due to lac of time. I was there to see of my friends younger brother who is new to this part of country and going to Dehradun for an interview. So I picked him up from new Delhi station and we went to ISBT to take a bus. While urinating in one of the urinals in the main building one man looking like a personal body guard in a dark grey safari suit well built and very handsome came and stood next to me. The urinals are on semi circular walls and you can easily see others tool. He looked at me I also did the same. Suddenly his tools started getting hard. And I was seeing it in between.
I finished and went to wash my hands my friends brother was aslo washing his hands and that man also joined us near the wash basin. I looked at him and asked my friends brother that I will leave you on platform no 13 from there you will get a bus and I will be catching metro for office. I kept my voice little high enabling that man to listen to my plan.
I left him at the respective platforms, bus was about to leave in half an hr I made him sit in the bus and I left from there.
That man was waiting near the same toilet and as I came closer he smiled and proceeded towards the toilet. I followed him and we stood next to each other. Few people were there and they left in few minutes. By the time he was hard and I grabbed his tool and started jerking it. It wss not a huge tool but very thick and rock hare. He kissed me in between twice and touched my chest, waist and squeezed my *** chicks.
Suddenly a group of guys came in and we had to stop. He said m in security and we can go to his office if lucky we can have quick fun there. I followed him and to our bad luck two security personals were present there and I had to leave without fun.

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Posted On Aug 26, 2023

Today @kashmiri gate at 2am.. A tall handsome guy , around 6 feet , age around 30, don't know what he was up to , he entered the urinal and the crowd entered behind him.. He was not allowing to touch any one.. Probably he was finding someone of his choice... And he came out.. I was well dressed at least form the others in the crowd , I stood besides Him outside.. But dint had the guts to ask him as his personality was like a policeman.. I was to ask him What he likes, some siren came.. And every one Ran... It was An ambulance!😒… every one dispersed , couldn't trace him!
Hey if u r Reading this plz ping me!

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Posted On Oct 16, 2023

In Mumbai it is very common to fèel, touch and even *** a stranger's *** in a local train! I was in Mumbai longback and used to travel regularly from Kandivali to Churchgate! never took a seat and stayed near the gates. This gave ample opportunities to feel and touch people's ***. many atimes i unzipped them and held their *** and even masturbated. A couple of them became almost regular and would move towards me seeing me. then I also got closer to them and even went to their home to *** their ***! I still call it missed opportunity as there were many opportunities to get friendly with many more men! I miss mumbai for this one reason!

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Posted On Dec 28, 2023

I also missed some opportunities one when I was young like 16 yr old I used to go to ground for playing cricket one fine day I gone to ground in summer around 6 o clock some people was there but as it was getting darker everyone was going then a old guy came to me btw 55-60
said "beta mere sath ek chakkar lga lo" we both started doing a round of park after completion he said one more he asked me some tricky *** questions and I was getting erected after completion of second round he said one more but it was getting more darker and so I said him "meri cycle Bina taale ke khdi h to jaana padega" as no one was left there so I left
That's how I missed my first ever *** chance

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Posted On Dec 28, 2023

one month ago. i was traveling in chennai local train.

It was a late train which i caught at around 11 20.
The vendor compartments in the chennai local trains is generally boarded by men who are into cruising.

i got into that compartment.
after a few stops, the compartment had around 7 to 8 people.
out of which, 2 were eyeing me and one even tried to come close to me near the door i was standing.

but since there was no crowd it would be very obvious if he approached suddenly, so he did it casually, but since we were being watched he did make any physical moves on me. just kept giving me signals with his eyes. he was a cute south uncle,.with a cute haircut.

the other person who had an eye on me looked like a north indian service person, preferably army i suppose. i was not very interested in him, so ignored.

after a few stops, the cute uncle detrained. to my surprise there was a 3rd man who was monitoring all of this and came and stood near the door as soon as the train started again.

He was dark muscular uncle with huge biceps and white pants, he had a huge bulge in the front and the back., but he didn't give me any signals, so i also ignored him and was preparing to detrain.

when my stop came, i got down on the other door since the platform was on the opposite side.
and when i turned back,

i saw him giving me a devilish smile asking me to come back, rubbing his ***. I have never got a faster hard on.

But unfortunately it was one of the last trains so i couldnt board the train again.
What a missed opportunity!

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Posted On May 6, 2024

this happened with me few weeks back when i was on an official visit to USA (Boston) , now i am back , i attended a corporate event with some team building activity, there i was doing my activity it was more of setting a plant in a pot and decorate it etc.. while i was doing my thing, a guy holding a big camera came and started clicking pictures, i did not pay attention and kept doing my thing, but he stood there and kept clicking pictures from different angles, i assumed he was the event photographer, i realized this and lookup and smiled, he also smiled, he was good 6ft, slightly beefy built, with loose cloths, long hair and a broad face with full beard, total artsy type guy, angrez :-), he started complimenting for my activity like how well i was setting up the plant and decorating it etc.. then he complimented for my skin color (its brown for them and they like it i guess for them we are POC), he said "you got a nice colcor" and smiled and looked at me, at that point in time i did not get the hint as to what he meant and why he said that, kind of my lack of awareness, i was there for almost an hour, and obviously my other teammates were also there so i couldnt make any move, but whenever we made eye contact he smiled and nodded his head. well nothing happened after that as we had some dinner plans with team members so i had to leave, and also he was taking pictures of others too (his job :-)), wish i had more courage to talk to him a little bit or may be exchange the contact and could have actually had a nice time, but guess i missed the opportunity

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