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65 yr old Male from Bangalore, Karnataka (India)
Last Online: Sep 17, 2020
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male, 65, wheatish guy, matured, retired - a southie At 65 desire does not disappear. Performance and penetration diminishes. That is why resorted to ***
- Prefer young educated, well mannered, decent guys who ensure reliable and privacy. I also commit to maintain the privacy of your details.
- Prefer to be a friend without any pre-condition, with whom once can share everything of normal world and homosexual related matters. This does not mean long term relationship. what is expected is knowing each other well, being in touch for longer time irrespective of fun or not, not intruding to privacy or personal matters, respecting each other, no strings or in other words conditions
- Not desperate to jump to bed on first "Hi"
- Fun only after knowing each other well. Not crazy or desperate for fun
- I normally contact guys whom i feel like ***. not necessary that we should be nude in bed.
my age matters to many. But a few realise that a good sucker has no age. I Love to *** and love to get ***. A great transformation in my life from a pure top to a good sucker.
- Age brought the transformation..there is no choice. it is the best way to satisfy others and satisfy myself
- I have a great attraction to juicy *** of a fair guy or semi-fair guy with good face-cut. It doesn't mean that I do not like dark guys. I do share bed with them too.
- A good face cut is one of the attraction for me.
- Like to get my *** blessed by your *** since no more a top because of my age
- The acquaintance/friendship will prevail over the *** ***. Therefore, guys who only look for *** and no acquaintance, please stay away.
- Love to *** until the last drop is out and *** is dry
- Love to polish the red hot head with lips and tongue and ofcourse balls in *** if smooth.
- Not forcing the partner to do anything. I want you to just spread the leg and offer your ***
- I have decent looks. Not handsome. also aged. therefore guys looking for young and handsome guys, do not waste time
- Fair guys and wheatish guys more towards fair with good face fascinates me. My sincere apologies to dark guys for not being my choice.
- I am a cancer survivor, fought back to valuable and energetic life and living since last 4 years. In case hesitant due to my past illness, be away from me please
- Not into commercials
- I have place rarely. Guys intending to be in touch with guys only with place, do not waste time
- Know first, meet, make comfortable, then plan for fun. Not desperate to jump to bed on first "hi" and "Hello"
- no contact sharing until we know each other. you also do not share your contact
- Guys who have gmail chat can see me on request.
- My passion is to *** a *** with my dress on. love to *** my partner naked.
- No one night stand
- No strings attached
Wish you a good guy hunting....thanks for reading my profile. If I am online and not responding means, i cannot chat due to restriction in ohmojo site.. Welcome to chat in gmail.

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Action/Sex, Friendship, Dating/Romance, Long Term Relationship
Single and Looking
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Sep 17, 2020 - 09:31 PM
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5' 3" / 160.02 cms
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Slighty Hairy
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Clean Shaven
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IS/IT management
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