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Lost And Found

Submitted by HeadsTailsAndHo Location: All India (All India, India)

Many a times, we all look back and find that there was someone or were few people, we met on the way of the gay life, with whom we gelled well and spent some good moments... But those moments were not long enough that we could exchange contacts... Or even if the contacts were exchanged, we lost those contact details in this fast pace life.

Now looking back, we recall them and wish if somehow we could get in touch back to that one guy...

I hope OhMo allows this thread to remain on the portal, so people can post msgs about their LOST ONES, and can try to find them back.

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Posted On Jan 26, 2019 - 06:48 AM

Lol i missed meeting one man from ohmojo while I was in bangalore. But i know his id πŸ™‚

The others that I met and now miss aren't from ohmojo πŸ˜”

Pretty much miss all my hot dates from years ago. It's because I used to be overcautious and paranoid so always told them *** n forget,we won't meet again.

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Posted On Jan 26, 2019 - 07:23 AM

I suppose the idea behind this post is to share your encounters/meets with people whom you met earlier however coz of some circumstances could not meet again or were drifted away. Once you post something about the incidents and if the other person is also on this platform, there is a high possibility of you guys to meet again. I myself really liked this particular post and wish you guys reunite with your loved ones soon

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Posted On Jan 26, 2019 - 10:26 AM

I met this guy through yahoo chat.. He is a mallu guy stayed in Chennai mogapper. I met him twice once in his place and in my place. He was very perfect to my taste n we had very good fun. That time itself he told he will be moving to Kerala n then to Bangalore if his next job clicks. He called me after some days when I was in a family function. I could not attend his call. The next day I called him again, but his number switched off. After some days t went not in use.
I missed him a lot.

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Posted On Jan 26, 2019 - 04:32 PM

In mid 2012, I was in indore for some office work and office made me to stay in a good hotel (forgot the hotel name and loc of the hotel, but it was in a mall and on lower flooring was a movie hall, I think and on upper floor it was the hotel.

Anyways, on one of the days, I came early and went to the gym. The gym instructor was sort of, of my likes. I met him, seduced him to have fun in washroom of the same floor.
Exchanged the numbers, but somehow after coming back from indore, I lost his number.
He was very manly, typical raw naturally muscular guy from some small town, thick mustaches, bronze tone of skin, and a hath ***...
I still wish if I could connect to him again somehow.

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Posted On Jan 27, 2019 - 07:21 AM

two years ago my close friend realise my inner feelings that i m bottom.our friendship was quite old.but one day in his room.we done *** first time.thats not complete *** but i realise myself that day.actually he was not that good on bed.but he was my friend.
i miss him now.

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Posted On Jan 27, 2019 - 09:37 AM

Yup. This happened to me once. I was on local trains in mumbai and I found a short [Idk if he was a nepali guy, but looked nepali. The normal stereotype, no offense] and had fun on the crowded train. After we got down, went to the station loo and had lots of fun as well including a quickie BJ. Wish I had asked for his contact number. I completely forgot to do that. I hope I run into him again.

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Posted On Jan 27, 2019 - 11:23 AM

I have one guy whom i wish i meet again...duribg my college days...third year to be exact...met this guy in chennai room 9 in yahoo chat...we both clicked and he came to meet me at my home in few days time...no mobile those days and i ended up giving my landline number...he was the first person with whom i had wholesome fun...we did all in bed except ***...his age then must have been low 30s then...couple of times he had calles my landline and i used to blink how to answer him with my dad near by..once my dad even questioned who it was...he used to bring his friends for group fun..there were times he used to gulp my *** and our friendship even after i got job...have visited his house for fun and group ***...he was in mogappair and i remember his name was bala...in my second year in job...i went to US and after that i lost touch with him...i really wish i meet him again....

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Posted On Jan 27, 2019 - 12:54 PM

i met on North indian guy in marathalli griund behind vims, he is white fatty but nice bottom, his name is anil, i *** him two times, i love him a lot, his number is not working now. i m missing him a lot, a lot, plz help me if anybody knows.

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Posted On Jan 27, 2019 - 01:26 PM

In 2015. I met a guy through facebook. He was a good-looking guy something around 30 yrs. He was very pro in bed and very passionate. He introduced me to pleasures of rimming. He even gave me his contact no. He told me his name is srivastav.
We went to his friends place (guess not sure) in kondhwa and had fee hours of fun in night.
One day he called me and I was with friends so not to bring suspicion, i said wrong number without even hesitating and he disconnected call. After sometime i tried calling him but he did not answer. I regret it till this day.
If you are reading this, please call me or contact me.

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Posted On Jan 27, 2019 - 07:34 PM

Well for that you would need to listen to my full story this is about the guy who made me realise my true nature. Earlier I was a straight boy and he was a shopkeeper, many a times when I would go to his shop he would ask me to sit and just talk about life, one day he puts his hand on my *** and asks me to show it and I did and suddenly he closed the shutter of his shop and asked me to put my *** in his ***, I had never had *** before so I was aroused and I thought why not try, I did it even though I did not enjoy *** him but I loved the feeling of naked physical contact with him I was a slim guy and he was strong old man and I loved when he would pull me near him I felt like he owns me, I felt like I am all his so one day I asked him to *** me just to see how it feels and god I can't tell u how much I enjoyed that and he too liked my submissive nature, since then I would daily come to his shop he would close the shutter and *** me in the *** and in my *** and I would happily take all his load inside of me, even thought he only lasted for maybe 30 seconds but I felt happy in giving him the pleasure. Once I went to my hometown for about a month and when I came back I got to know that he shifted his shop to some other location 10-15kms away, I didn't know where was this place neither did I had his number, since then I have been looking for him, I found so many other guys who would treat me nicely and give me the pleasure I want but still no one could replace him.

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Posted On Jan 27, 2019 - 11:31 PM

This happeed in Coimbatore. His name is Govind Raj. I met him through yahoo chat. I learned what is foreplay from him only. After that I moved to Chennai. He must be in his 40s now. I would like to connect with him as a friend if I get a chance

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Posted On Jan 28, 2019 - 03:13 AM

Way back in 2007 i shifted to bangalore. I was staying in hotel accomodation organised by my company. I had to check out and move to self organised acco. Those days google maps were not uses. I asked some1 on the way, how to reach indiranagar. He sat in.my car guiding me. We started talking, swapped nos. He was hot himachali student in bangalore army college. I realised he was interested in me. But with my laptop n all stuff in car, making out was not good option. Late night we talk and we proposed each odr for fun ( not sure who moved first) we made out at his hostel. Later on we kept on meeting n had fun several times indoor n outdoor. Good memorable moments. He got a job in mumbai in 2009 and moved here. We were still in touch
I mived here in mum 2010, thats time he was planning to go somewhere else, may be leaving job al together. We were supposed to meet, i lost my phone n contacts. And after a month, once restored my friend is out.phone not reachable.

I miss u am**n.if u read this message me

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Posted On Jan 28, 2019 - 03:50 AM

I had a straight friend during school days.. He and his girl friend used to come to my home and make out during school days (11th, 12th) as my parents will not be there at day times. I had a crush on him at those days itself. Later after 7 or 8 years we stayed together with other friends as bachelors in chennai. He still brings the same girl to our room and have fun. Then they broke up and she got married. He was fully down.. Once I brought a gay friend home. Inspite of all warnings I gave to not touch anyone because my friends will doubt me, he still gave bj to my friend at night. Next morning my friend asked me who is that guy, semaya sappunan nu.. I gave a weird reaction and didn't say anything. Then my gay friend told me that while he gave bj, my friend too took his *** out and was shaking.. It was a shock for me.. Days later once when we were drunk my friend was teasing me by trying to strip my clothes off, and ended up in a great makeout as no one was there.. It was all shock and surprise.. Then we enjoyed many times for 2 years. He was my best mate till date.. We know each other very well and know what we like. We both gave eath other all the pleasures we like.. Later I got married and didn't invite him due to family issues. And he lost in touch with all our friends now due to his personal reasons.. We could never contact him anymore. I met his father and asked about him. He said he has fine but he is not willing to be in touch with anyone... Anyways miss u a lot da.. Wish to meet you some day..

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Deepak Verma
Posted On Jan 28, 2019 - 07:43 AM

In bangalore, I once was waiting for a cab below domlur flyover. There a guy approached me, and started talking about what I'm waiting for, where I'm going, etc. I initially didn't respond him positively, so that guy moved away from me and went across the road. I couldn't understand what just happened initially... I thought for few minutes, then went near him and started talking with him about random things. Then when he said "You look cute", I realized what it was all about :-D . We talked about where we both lived and what all we liked. He said that he has a car parked nearby and since my place is in the path to his home, he can drop me home if I want to. I said okay, and went with him. On the way, we started talking about what all we liked. We both were versatiles, and started touching each-other's *** in the car itself :-D . I went to his place, and we had a great fun for a couple of hours :-)

He gave me his number, and asked me to call back if again want to meet him. I somehow lost that contact number :-( So, if you read this, please send me a message.

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Posted On Jan 28, 2019 - 05:23 PM

Lost several good contacts. Long back when I was in US I was desperate to have fun. Met this guy in yahoo (I think). He said he lives in New Jersey with his friends and invited me to his place. After a long tiresome journey met him at his place. Since both of us were tamilians had a late night chat and when all his friends were slept had fun. Very memorable. After our return to Chennai he contacted me few times but couldn't meet. Now totally lost in touch. Another guy met through PR. Damn good looking. Went to his place and had fun. Then since our wavelengths matched we used to talk frequently. At one point we became so close no fun was needed. We met atleast once a month at annanagar towers and had very long conversation. It was absolutely soothing. Then he went to Canada and had settled there. Called me once but then eventually lost in touch. The final one, he was very cute doc. Again met him through yahoo chat. He was from Coimbatore and was quite innocent. Invited him to my house and had fun. Then we developed a kind of romantic friendship. I mistake I did was I didn't told him my original name. So once when we went for a scientific talk he say me writing a different name. He was quite offended. I asked for an apology but no effect. The relationship was severed for ever.

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Posted On Jan 28, 2019 - 05:38 PM

Nice thread !

This happened few months back, I went to one of my friend's sister wedding. As his place to rural area, I stayed in town nearby. Booked a hotel opposite Bus Stand. Room was spacious with AC. Got freshen up and left for the wedding. After good meals, I took a bus and reached the hotel where I stayed. Took a nap for sometime. I booked my bus back to chennai at 11pm. Till then I was bored and started surfing the net. I opened my Gr and found many guys around. Had few talks but none of them were up to my interest and some of them not free to meet.

Around 6pm, there was one guy pinged me. I started the convo and we talked for sometime. He is recently passed out 24 years chap. He too did his college in Chennai and now at his hometown. He told he is waiting for his bus and going back home from his sister's house. I asked for his picture, he immidiatjy shared. Picture was taken very professional way. He looked very hot with stud. Wheatish and built. Initially I didn't believe coz there are many who fake. He told he is more into bottom. So i asked shall we meet up, he told sure. To my surprise he didnt ask for picture. He told me to come near a shop and I went there.

I can't belive, he looked soooooooo hot and beefy. Perfect hair cut and looked like a model. He didn't know I'm that person but he keep on staring me. I acted casual. He was kept maging me asking where I am. I told on the way. I stand there sight adichings sometime. He too did that. I went and asked him what bus comes here and he replied. Then I told dei nan than nu. He was surprised and he told me that he guessed. Then we shook hand and asked him can we go to my room. He asked how far it is, I told near by. I asked when is his next bus. He told it's there till 10.30 so no issues.

He followed me, we went to hotel, the hotel room boy was looking one kind. So I purposefully went and told him to get some snacks and went into the room. I told him that he looked really hot and I can't belive he is bottom. He keep laughing. He told he really likes me. We spoke till the room boy come. Got the snack and pay him some tips and locked the door.

We both started hugging and I can feel his muscles. He told he never went gym and it's his nature. He removed my cloths and started licking me. Then I removed his dress and *** his nipples. He smelled so fresh. He pulled down my jockey and started ***. I removed his jockey, again to my surprisw his *** thick and long ( for sure 8+ inch ) and his *** was beefy. I went and started kissing his ***. He rimmed me. We almost engage in everything except *** ! I cummed on him and he told he didn't wanna get ***. We both dressed up. Talked for sometime. He asked for my number and I told will share it in Gr soon ( this was the biggest mistake I've done ).. till now I can't find him and really missed him. Best bot I've shared my bed with β™₯️

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Posted On Jan 28, 2019 - 07:53 PM

Two years before i was in pune. While chatting i met one guy. He is from kalewadi pimpri. Ihe is amazing guy wid big tool. He had whole night fun. After some days i lost his mobile no. Miss him lot :(

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Posted On Jan 28, 2019 - 09:35 PM

i met a guy from ohmojo last month, his ID was prakashom or something like that. he stayed in alone in an apartment near whitefeild and was versatile. we met on a saturday evening around 8PM and after few rounds of drinks we started kissing and licking and all sorts sexy stuff. then he asked me if he could invite his friends, i happily said okay. he invited 1 top and 1 bot and 2 verse guys. so we were 6 guys in total and had hot and steamy wild group *** whole night (till 7 AM sunday). the best *** of my life!! we met often for threesome and moresomes. then suddenly about a week ago he dissappeared from ohmojo and his number switched off. i really miss him.

if his friends are reading this, you know who i am and waht im talking about. please inbox.!!

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Posted On Jan 29, 2019 - 03:32 AM

10 years ago I had two boyfriends. Very Desi and hot guys. I used to take them to hotels. Massage them, kiss them, love them. But suddenly one day they are just gone. Their mobiles no more active. Never met them. Never seen them. Always wonder what would have happened to them. Are they even alive.
One more is.... I used to travel by local bus. Used to take extreme back seat. There was a guy in school wearing half pant, looking cute. I used to sneak my hand in his pants from under his bag kept on his lap. And used to *** him. I used to *** automatically after touching that big young juicy ***. And that expression on his face when he used to *** on my hands. One day I just lost him.
After almost five years there he is, all grown up driving bike with a girl on his backseat and not even a hint of homosexuality. He looked so in love with that girl.
I miss him a lot.

Ok one more ..... I had this electrician on my site. All white and cute and we fell in love almost at an instant. We were partners for 2 years. Then the bastard fell in love with a girl and ran away , got married. *** piece of ***. Then came asking for money from me, I said just FO.

OKOK this one is last..... The electrician I am talking about above had a brother. I had crush on him since start but he looked damn straight so never dared. And one day there he is , on my site coincidently and boy he had a bigger *** than brother and hell lot of smarter than him. But then again he just ran off one day.
I don't know why these strange people vanish strangely. Without a hint. Without a sign. How can be they so cold hearted. Don't they remember moments of love, passion they had or they want to forget it on purpose.
I have all memories of them. I guess they don't. Now I don't even remember their names.
Poor me.

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Posted On Jan 29, 2019 - 08:23 AM

It was my first day yesterday
I missed the contact of a hot mallu ***-***, a year ago. I couldn't find him in Grindr in my area. I lost his number also. Saw him in a groceries shop some time back, but couldn't talk as he was with his family. I missed him so much. He is a macho mallu guy with a hard ***. He *** my *** mercilessly whenever we met. Not able to find him was hitting me like hell.
Luckily, yesterday evening, he himself pinged in Grindr and revealed himself and asked whether we can go for a ride on his bike in our area's forest road. I was overjoyed and accepted, without hesitating for even a moment. He picked me on his bike. I hugged him as soon as I got on the bike. As soon as we were out of busy road, I couldn't control my hands and started caressing his hot hairy torso and touched his *** after such a long time of separation. It was throbbing in full *** already. I inserted my hands into his shorts and held his hot (in temperature also) *** and fondled with it and smelt my hands and I got intoxicated with his manly smell. I did all these when he was riding the bike. He couldn't control further, and took me to a secluded building, behind which I was already on my knees when he came after parking the bike little far away. He whipped out his awesome *** and me, without wasting a second, started *** his monster *** and he started his merciless *** ***. I gagged a few times but he doesn't care (I like it that way). Earlier, he used to hold on for long(30-40min). But yesterday, because of my caressing and fondling and ***, he couldn't hold longer and told "I'll *** soon today, be ready". I was longing for that moment. He sprayed the insides of my *** and filled my *** with his hot juice. I didn't waste even a single drop ;-)
When we were returning, I didn't stop hugging him and thanked him tonnes of time for getting in touch again. The happiest evening, after a long time

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Posted On Jan 29, 2019 - 09:41 AM

Now that's a true "Lost and Found" story πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

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Posted On Jan 29, 2019 - 10:04 AM

Reading the messages bring back loads of old memories.
When I lived in Chennai I had met quite a few decent guys.This was around 1992.
One from Purasavakkam (I think), we dressed chap and was in his 40s then. Nice tool to play with and we regularly met at Anna Nagar towers.
There was another guy from Adayar and we met in T Nagar and he would s*** off in quiet places near the Corporation play ground. He too was in his 40s then.
There was another one who lived in Mugappair and I even went to his aprtment for fun. I know their names, but no contact any more.
Whenever I come to Chennai, I have that urge to find them, but sadly there was no technological advancement at that time to have means of communication..

The last time I came, I noticed that Panagal park is not a hangout place anymore. It was the busiest those days.

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Posted On Jan 29, 2019 - 10:10 AM

Let me share my Lost and FOUND story...i lost this guy 1.5 years back and found him yesterdat, made out with him today...πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Must be 3 years back, I used to drool over one guy in my office..he was extremely manly, sooper fit..with broad shoulders and sexy biceps and arms...i have never seen him without girls surrounding him in office food court...i loved his arms more than any other thing...

One day, i was sooper *** and was looking in PR when some guy pinged me..we shared pics..he was lookibg for someone to blow him and i was looking for *** as well...i did not recognize him in the first pic...it was not so clear...asked for any other pic when he shared his close up full pic and i was on cloud nine bcs i could recognize seeing his arms...i asked if he works in same company as mine...he responded yes and we both decided to meet...

What i saw when i reached his house was manliness personified tamil naatukattai....i told him how i always used to sight adichufy him in offc...he had a monster boyh in terms of length and girth...he turns very rough some times and takes hell lot of time to climax...sexy thighs...i have wetted every bit of his lower body...that how much mad i was with him...few weeks after our 2nd meet as well, he informed he is on notice and moving to bangalore...but he returned back to chennai and same house few months after he got bored of the job there...met him few more times every now and then...we shared whatsapp and he used to call when he had place...all fine till June 2017 after which this guy disappered..i could see his profile deleted in PR...was not able to reach in whatsapp...i have this policy of never calling anyone..didnt want them to put in awkward situation...uses to ping in watsapp and it always failed...yesterday, i was again *** and bored...i was scrolling all the PR profiles in the vicinity and endes up browing profiles more than 20km distance...i was able to recognize very familiar ID...pinged to check if it was the same guy...that profile was offline for 20 mins that time...i got response after 30.mins....he remembered me very well...was extremely happy to have found him again...upon asking..he told me he thought of giving it a break and i learnt he got married during this time..no wonder he gave a break...he was bicurious is what i know...he always asked me if i would like to get *** which i was never interested...thankfully i had place yday evening and we decised to meet, but this guy dis not show up...later in d night he pinged in PR that he could not update me and he got some call...we decided to meet today around lunch...i skipped my regular lunch and instead ate him as lunch...it was the same guy...roughness..manliness...hard ***...tasty balls...rich creamy ***....

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Posted On Jan 29, 2019 - 12:52 PM

Hi all

I really like the way we all are sharing our LOST FOREVER or LOST AND FOUND stories.

Everyone, I think, has experienced something similar in past where he either LOST SOMEONE forever, or somehow he FOUND him back.

Most of LOST FOREVER cases were like due to confusion, due to conflicts, due to misunderstanding, due to mistakes (that we lost the contacts) we lost the person forever.
And MOST of the LOST and FOUND cases were, when one was BI-CURIOUS and decided to give a break or decided not to continue his gay life.

But the idea of this forum was mainly to
Narrate the details in a way that if the person is on forum (just as reader to the posts, regular or random), then he can directly discreetly reach out to you.
And for that, one has to keep his profile active forever (if he really wish to see him again). Also try to keep the post as detailed as possible like when n where u met, correct date and time details (avoid sharing full numbers, real names, PR GR IDs, email IDs etc).

I hope we all get our loved one back.

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Posted On Jan 29, 2019 - 12:52 PM

Let me share my experience.
When I was studing in 11th and 12th std. my classmate whose name is Nandu, was coming to my room for study. He was a smoker. He smokes in my room and talks with me regarding study. One day in the night we both ware sleeping on bed, he approached me n searched my **** unbuttoned my pant. He had brought his hand over my **** n started playing with my **** by that time I was woke up.We both started playing with each other's ****. Within short period we both cummed. Then we went a sleep. In the morning he asked me about yesterdays play, I just smiled and hug him. I gave him signal that I want to continue.
Then we kept meeting for about one year. After 12th we were apart due to admission in different engineering colleges.
I tried to search him over fb but didn't get him back. If he is on ohmojo give me a call.

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Posted On Jan 29, 2019 - 01:25 PM

I am talking about one of my penpal (guys born in mid 70s or early 80s will be able to know what is a PenPal).

It is the time when we used to have Yahoo groups for different purposes like sharing videos, sharing foto, sharing stories too.
And one of such yahoo groups was HindiGayStories. On this group, people used to write fictions about gay experience, in hindi or hinglish. Some where good writers and some were newcomers. Different writers different experiences.
One of those was AMBAR KHAN. And I am using this full name as I know it was his internet name, not real name.
He used to write long stories, story series, but his stories used to be very narrative, planned, structured and hence very arousing.

Being a writer myself, I always wanted to remain in touch with him. We were in touch on phone and on emails, and once the era of yahoo groups lost, I also lost his contact.
He disappeared in thin air. I tried to search him on Antarvasna too, but I could not.

So, I am writing this post, to locate him.
He was from Varanasi, I think.
And Ambar, I used to write to you as Abhay / Kaanha.

I hope someday you read this and revert back.

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Posted On Jan 29, 2019 - 04:02 PM

Every gay guys life is full of such lost and found stories in fact it can be an encyclopaedia. Most of us believe in a quickie and just getting over with it and moving back to our REAL LIVES. It’s almost as if this part of us is a big lie.
I can go on an on about my missed connections (as it is actually called - Lost and Found is for things, Missed Connections is the term used for People)
1) I met a guy years back on Planet Romeo while I was in BLR on an office visit. Was at the Leela and this guy a local boy. Very decent and well mannered I think he was a fashion design student. That night we made magic under the shower and then at the bed, nothing hard core but too much foreplay. He left a Sai Baba bracelet behind and when I called him he said he left it for me. Spoke a few times but then just moved on with our lives no contact. If I still remember the night it has to be special in my memories.
2) A guy I used to meet at Nungambakkam he would invite me home and was very gentle. Early days of mobile, I was in Mumbai and he constantly called me. Those were the days of expensive roaming and I picked the call to tell him not to call me as I was away from Chennai but I probably spoke in a irritable voice. He never ever called me back. I think he had a landline number and I could not reach him either or may be I did not try too hard.
3) I once met a foreigner took him home and he introduced me to the most passionate *** ever ( am mostly a bit guarded) . After a awesome night of passion and then a lot of chat he left. The next day when I called he blocked me. Like they say what you do to others always comes back to bite you. Karma
4) There are zillions of such missed connections but I guess some people come into our lives very briefly, they play their part ,leave a lasting impression and silently move on. No wonder Life is the biggest journey in itself.

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rocking 45
Posted On Jan 29, 2019 - 05:03 PM

A GREAT THREAD IT HAPPENS TO MOST OF US AS WE DEPEND SOMUCH ON OUR MOLIBLES - and when our Mobiles get Lost or numbers get deleted we feel bad thats why save the favourite numbers in a seperate page/book etc.

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Triumph *
Posted On Jan 30, 2019 - 03:02 AM

Mine was about more than 12 years ago. I stay at bommanahalli with place. Got a model guy who stayed nearby devarachikkanahalli. Met him a couple of times. Had great *** with him. He used to come to my place for x. Once during day time he had come. I had my family at home. We made out even then. He had asked me about future plans. That day he took my 2 wheeler and dropped back after his work. We were so close to each other. I didn't give him a clear thought. Now I would be very happy if I get him back as my partner or as friend. Dude I don't even remember your name. Don't remember how you look too. But I like you very much. Please if you are in this platform contact me dude.

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Triumph *
Posted On Jan 30, 2019 - 03:11 AM

One more guy I met in pr. Oh my God he was my type of guy. He wanted 3some with the other guy. The other guy came and met me, but he was not my type. From then onwards this guy is avoiding me. Tried to contact in pr also he is not responding. I like you dude. Please contact me. Let's both be friends.

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Posted On Jan 30, 2019 - 05:08 AM

I miss chand the complete girl bottom....he was from theater and just like minaxi the actress after makeup,....... we had a great encounter in night whole night we enjoy... missed you chand :(

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Posted On Jan 30, 2019 - 09:28 AM

I had met a Guy may be 10 years back, He said he is a Chef, we met first near to Secretariat Bus Stop, then we went to Banjara Hills a lonely place i have given him a blow job it was awesome then he left near tankbund, i would like to met you dear.

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Posted On Jan 30, 2019 - 01:42 PM

I remember Chand ! I met her on PR ! Unfortunately couldn’t meet her !

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Posted On Jan 30, 2019 - 08:54 PM

This happened ways back in early 2013. The guy was his in mid thirties. I was in my late twenties back then. We hooked up through PR. He was very quiet and very pleasant, I would rather say congenial even. Our first session was great. I am chatter box and he was a patient listener and that eased an off-the-bed acquaintance as well. In fact I was happy in his company since he was a bit chubby and could wriggle a cuddly hug while sleeping beside him. Yes in our first session we did a full night and it was so passionate. After I climaxed he just dipped his finger on my *** and slurped it saying 'I wish I could have it inside me so that I could have your baby'. I was shocked when he said this but secretly happy cos of the attention/adulation he was giving me. We did exchange mail ids and there was even a few mails too.. Long and personal ones too.. Those days I was not using whatsapp. Even we had short phone calls quite often between our next meet. During our second meet he insisted on having anals and I was apprehensive back since I haven't done that before back then. So the second meeting was not as great as the first. But we were still in touch through phone calls and mails. He mailed me when he got promoted and I replied him back congratulating him. But after then the connection was totally cut., like point blank. I replied over on top of my mails. I changed my number and texted him for my new number but no response.

He was a Telugu guy who was working for a famous grocery/provisional retail chaiN.. Hey dude if you are reading this just let me know what happened.. I don't know if we could re-kindle that passion, but why did you leave point blank without a word..?

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Posted On Jan 31, 2019 - 10:53 AM

I badly miss Noor. I hope you see this post. Met him in 2016, short fat and chubby, matching my search criteria perfectly. Our first time fun happened outdoor, in my office complex, during weekends, when it is mostly empty. Lot of kissing and frotting, totally blew my load over my pants. Second time in my room, third time was most memorable,as we did soft core for more than a hour, in his room. But that was the last time I guess, He is still in Bangalore, indiranagar, working for a startup. I miss those big wet kisses and the way you used crush my *** with yours. Hope we can meet again.

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Posted On Jan 31, 2019 - 07:54 PM

1.5 yrs back, when I was traveling to Sweden for an internship, there was a guy in the seat next to me in the flight.
He told his name was Alexander, ana student of Copenhagen business school, Denmark.
He was all built, super hot and was wearing a white T-shirt , a grey jacket and shorts. He had smooth legs and bulky thighs. I couldn't take my eyes off him.

But apart from being sexy, he was really sweet and humble. During our 7.5 hrs of flight from dubai to Sweden, we got along really well.

An as if this was not enough, he asked me if I am a gay just a few minutes before the flight landed. He himself was a gay. He had some further journey scheduled so he rushed out when the flight landed and I dint get an opportunity to ask for his contact.

I tried finding him on LinkedIn but couldn't.
I really hope I find him someday.

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Posted On Jan 31, 2019 - 10:25 PM

This is almost 6-7 yrs back
There was a cd and daam hot,carrying,friendly and with great sense of humour knew her with her alias name β€œbobby”.
We used to meet at her flat in one of high rise building in mira road Ga**** E******* and spend some quality time with each other (met her 6-7 times).
Than I moved out of country for some work and got occupied With work and our phone and chat got less for few months than lost her digits and all options to contact her as her pr account,fb account all got deactivated.
Still has pics of us which keeps my memory about lovely time spent with her fresh

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Posted On Feb 1, 2019 - 04:11 AM

It was years back. I was in Mumbai and used to go to one company for my office work. There was a Malyallee guy of my age in that company. We had no working relationship but I used to meet guys sitting next to him for my work. Sometimes he sued to solve crossword in Mid-day newspaper. Once I went near to him as he was struggling with some word, when I was near him both our breathing became faster. There was something between us. After that we did cross word together few times and had little chat few times to know each other. It was Onam next day and he said he has holiday and away from family and if we could out for a beer to celebrate Onam. We met a bar in Andheri West. I had gone on my scooter. On way back he sat behind me and I was driving, we decided to go to my flat, I was living alone in Versova. I offered him if he wanted to drive. Now he was driving and I was sitting behind..my hands on his thighs. I moved my hands closer to his crouch area and I could feel hardness. We reached my flat and I hugged him there. I m bottom... I pressed his tool... we kissed each other and had great time...We really enjoyed being with each other...After that I moved to another city and got married too.. I really miss him. I know he had moved to Middle East and after that could never contact him. He used to live in Bhandup...I miss u

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Posted On Feb 1, 2019 - 11:42 AM

It was a year back...at majestic busstand around 10 30 pm. I went to the toilet to pee n as i was peeing i saw this tall dark guy on my side flashing his big black *** to me. Trust me...it was the biggest *** i saw till now. It was hard, long n thick. Other guys around were watching too. I gt *** instantly n gave him sign to follow me outside. I saw one other guy following us too. We talked near a bus outside n he ws insisting me to book a hotel. but as i had to go i cudnt n i still regret not doin that. He then asked me to blow me right there. I was confused looking around wen he pushed me down so hard, unzipped his pant n pushed my *** on his flaccid *** before i cud stop him. My god...he ws so rough giving me a deep throat. Slowly i felt his flaccid *** going hard on my ***. I choked so bad as i cudnt take it all. I looked around n saw a guy watching us. He was the one who followed us frm the toilet. I did not mind, neither did he. It was dark n people were less so no other noticed us. He went on so hard that i hurt my lips. Later i saw it was bleeding as well. While he ws *** my throat i saw some people in near distance passing by. Even saw cops passing by but he did not stop. Oh god..i swear his *** was big i choked n choked. Den we heard near footsteps n so had to stop. We dispersed n lost each other. I was looking fr that man fr like half n hour. Very sad i did not find him :(

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Posted On Feb 1, 2019 - 12:07 PM

I clearly remember my first love. He was a foreignor staying in mumbai for a short time. I was 17 and he was 37. It was the first time I felt I was in love. We used to have a great time whenever he used to be in mumbai and then there was total silence. Then during one of the long periods of absence was when I met my current partner in 1993-4. We slowly became close and then fell in love. Then old boyfriend returns out of the blue and I am confused. But my new relationship was more important and so I chose him. So the first one then disappears forever out of my life. I still miss him and want to know how he is doing. I tried FB and google and tried different combinations of his name to search for him. But no result. I dont want anything physical with him. Just want to know how he is doing after so many years. He must be 60 plus now.

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Posted On Feb 2, 2019 - 02:19 PM

I met an elder age around 45 in night sleepr bus from chennai to tiruppur once. It was roshan travels very comfortable safe place for fun. It was a memorable experience I had. We exchanged numbers and met him few more times near vadapalani at his office private room. Few years before When I tried to call his mobile was switched off and till today not able to reach. He was gray haired average body and talks in malayalam slang. He mentioned his name as Ganesh Prabhu.

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Posted On Feb 5, 2019 - 05:42 PM

I met an old guy when I used to stay in Kothapet Hyderabad.
He came by car to meet me. I went to a More supermarket and asked him to park his car and wait for me to come. After a bit of drama we found each other. Since it's in public we couldn't do much but he drove around and we had a chat and we both are interested in cding. He offered me to show his cd pics when we meet again. He's not interested in sharing his number. We parted our ways after he dropped me at my place. Actually we met through planetromeo. We never met after that and I deleted
that pr account and I forgot his id too. Hopefully if you are in this platform please message me.

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Posted On Feb 6, 2019 - 03:49 AM

In chennai in the year 1998 I met a guy in geity theatre...had fun there...exchanged landlines numbers...met him several times in his mansion in triplicane....what a ***..big cut ***...I used *** them ..it seems he had moved to madurai or Tirunelveli. ..he was working in a company in mugappair ....his name was Sen...Mur. ...I would like to meet him again...

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Posted On Feb 8, 2019 - 01:25 AM

It was back in 2013, I met a guy from WeChat. He was handsome and masculine. His name was Sid. He asked me why I added him and what I wanted from him. To which I replied by saying " I want your ***". He asked me If I was gay and I said yes. We exchanged phone numbers and he called me and asked me If I can *** his cook. I was nervous at first as I had never done it before but eventually we decided that we should meet. He told me that he is straight he won't indulge in anything else. Just wanted a bj from me.

He picked me up from under Janakpuri west metro station. He had a swift( white or silver i don't remember correctly). He was muscular and tall. He told me his *** is too thick and asked if I'd be okay with that. I said yes. We browsed for empty roads nearby to park the car.

After looking around for a while we found one empty place. There we parked and covered the windows. He pulled his sweatpants and underwear down. I was impressed by his muscular and mildly hairy thighs. And there it was the best cok I had ever seen. He wasn't hard then still his dict was huge (about 5" and thick) with medium sized bushes around it. The tip of his cook was large & looked very clean. His balls were also impressively big.

"Go on" he said. I looked into his eyes. I loved that look on his face. He was pleased by seeing me drooling for his banana. I went down and took the tip in my ***. The taste was really good. I still remember that musky aroma. I started *** slowly. His cok started growing harder inside my ***. Wow I love that feeling when I take dik in my *** and it grows hard inside me. In some time he was fully hard ( close to 9"). I looked up at his face I still remember how he grinned. He asked me to dipthrot him. I took in as much as I could. I felt his tip hitting the back of my throt. He fuxked my throt a while. I was gagging. He took the monster out and allowed me to breathe. Again I took it back in and he again facefuxked me till I gagged. This went on for close to 15-20 minutes. He would fuxk me till i gaged and let me breath for few seconds that put it back in. Then he told me he is about to come expecting me to withdraw but i didn't. His com hit my throat. He tried to pull out while he was still coming and i tasted some of it that was in my ***. I'd giv anything to taste that again!

After finishing he drove me back to metro station.
Later I lost his contact I don't remember how. I hope that he reads this thread and would reply.

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Posted On Feb 8, 2019 - 07:20 AM

i dont remember his name, but it was gupta, sharma or verma, we met in hotel imperial b4 10-15 years back, 3-4 time, i lost his nos. he was from delhi, faridabad or noida, , he was carrying weigh scale with him,may be sales/markting for some company, he was tall, handsome, good looking guy, if you are reading this, then contact me.
this is nilesh

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Posted On Feb 8, 2019 - 12:45 PM

this is back in 2012. I was at gateway in Mumbai. just cruising for casual fun. I met this really hot guy. he was slim and fit. had a body of a toned twink. shaved and no hair. I too had a twink body back then. he cme to me asked me if I wanted a "massage". I didn't know he was a rent boy then.

he took me to his brothel where *** for atleast 2 hours. he smelt great and had an amazing time too. he told me had to take money or his manager would screw his happiness. we kissed for another 10 mins and had a lot of body play. that was truly an amazing night.

I paid him and then waited till he could leave. I then took him home and we *** for another few hours. he didn't have a phone so I couldn't get his number.

im sure hes not on ohmojo but if there is a slight chance he is I hope he messages me.

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Posted On Feb 9, 2019 - 04:43 PM

about 3 years back met this guy at Pune. He likes mature like me. He was fresh graduate , some where from MP. But working in Pune. He was artist too... used to make paintings. He came to meet me at my hotel. we had dinner drinks together and of course very nice ***.he was good looking and good in conversation. He was trying to more to Australia I think.. Lost touch with him... He was very nice

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Posted On Feb 10, 2019 - 03:05 AM

I met a guy from northeast on facebook. We chatted and I called him at my place. He was a 20 year old, cute guy. I fell in love with him instantly and wanted to *** him straightaway. We smooched, I removed his clothes, he had a hairless fair body. It was monsoon time, sexy weather. I *** him the entire day in all positions. He was so giving that i consider it the best *** of my life. But we lost contact later. He did not have a phone then and I could not find him on facebook also. I would love to see him again.

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Posted On Feb 11, 2019 - 09:51 AM

more than 10 years ago, i had a friend who lived alone in a room near nitibagh in delhi. i used to *** his *** and he used to release his load in my *** or face. i loved playing with his *** and licking it. but then he suddenly stopped communicating. i lost his phone also. would love to *** his *** again and taste his ***.

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Posted On Feb 11, 2019 - 10:16 AM

this guy with nick name popat met me at isb hyderabad some time 2005/6. he had a nice body and wonderful very thick ***.i loved *** it and was damn scared when he proposed to *** me. but he was very gentle and had soon pushed his whole huge rod in my *** without any pain. i thoroughly enjoyed it. would love to be *** by him again.

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