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TRAIN Journeys

Submitted by twink4U Location: Chennai (Tamil Nadu, India)

Hook up during train Journeys ! 1) Post your travel schedule as early as possible to enable others to catch the same train 2) Hang out frequently at the common areas, near the doors to connect with like-minded guys. A sure signal is when you seem to be looking at OHMOJO on your phone, or browsing male photos ;-). 3) Smile and ask what time it is, then carry on the conversation ;-) ;-)

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Posted On Mar 1, 2017

I almost always hook up on train journeys, especially long ones and night trips. I hang in the common areas or near doors. At night it's fairly easy to cruise and find *** young military or other travellers.

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Posted On Mar 28, 2017

Thursday night travel to chennai to namakkal

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Posted On Apr 12, 2017

How to proceed in train travel? Have had fantacy but never was succesful.. tried touching while moving in trains.. but the guys tend to keep their hand in between..

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Posted On Apr 21, 2017

Anybody travelling on howrah mail on 28th April..

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Posted On Apr 22, 2017

Anyobe travelling from salem to chennai on apr23

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Posted On Apr 24, 2017

Any one travelling on 28th in 12840 howrah mail

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Posted On May 19, 2017

Travelling from Chennai to Bangalore 19th may night

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Posted On May 19, 2017

i am travelling to bangaluru.. anyone join with me?

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Posted On Jun 20, 2017

Chennai to Coimbatore , 24th June, train 06033, 10.40 PM, any good looking for toilet ***?
Gay Massage Chennai

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Posted On Aug 5, 2017

Traveling mannai exp tomorrow night Kumbakonam to Chennai . Any one traveling?

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Posted On Nov 9, 2017

Travelling from KACHEGUDA to Tambaram on 12th Nov.

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Posted On Nov 12, 2017

Guys any one travelling in sub urban trains playing between tambaram and beach regularly

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Posted On Nov 20, 2017

This happened three days back in Chennai Metro. Me and couple of my friends were traveling around noon time from Ekkattuthangal metro towards Annanagar after lunch. I was wearing a white shirt and grey trousers in full formal attire. We guys were talking all the way, in next station a little older hunk well built dark guy but looked fabulous entered,. The moment he entered I couldn't stop admiring his physique and his face looked very attractive n inviting. Since I was with my friends didn't respond much but was eyeing him occasionally. One by one other guys got down at stations now I was with one more friend who would get down at Annanagar station. But definitely there was so much heat looking at this guy I got an instant *** felt so ***. There was an old guy look in for seat so I offered him seat and stood up and same time this hot guy also stood up. Annanagar station was just minutes away. We were standing close to each other, he glanced at me and gave me smile. I smiled back. He said there is so much dirt over back of my shirt n pants due to rain. I was trying to look back, he instantly patted on my back n close to the butt. His hands were firm n hot. In those few seconds it was erotic n he tried to clean the dirt on my shirt n patted my butt. He said don't worry it will go away. The station came I got down along with my friend n he also got down as he walked past me his hands brushed against my butt n erect *** in my pants . He walked ahead n suddenly he turned back n smiled at me. I knew he also wanted me, but I was stuck with friend, what could I do. He was talking on phone was loudly telling his number on phone, I thought he was signalling me. I noted his number. I am curious whether to call this guy or not....? Was it just my kinky thoughts or was he really giving me signal for some hot action. So should I call him or not?

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Posted On Dec 5, 2017

any one travelling from chennai to salem via bus on friday 08th dec @ 11 from koyembudu ?

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Posted On Dec 28, 2017

Chennai to Bangalore on 30th night and again Bangalore to Chennai on 1st night through Bangalore mail. Anyone travelling on the same days ?!

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Posted On Mar 16, 2018

Travelling in Kanyakumari exp.. frm salem.. verst.. need fresh ones fr fun... inbx me if int..

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Posted On Jun 12, 2018

I have many experiences and mostly it happened while travelling in general coach in crowded trains near toilet.i keep rubbing my bubble butt on *** of guys i like and sometimes they get hint and take me to toilet or i sometimes get down with them to their place.sometimes i sleep infront of a guy in general coach in upper bunk and push my tracks down while covered in bedsheet preferably in trains where there are no light sometimes.

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Posted On Oct 2, 2018

when i travel by beach chengalpet train it happened. traveled at last compartment. I am ready to getdown my train train i reached entrance where a guy with jeans watching mobile, i saw his big bulge. I am standing near by that guy. in my hand lunch bag is there. I tried to touch is bulge with my hand in that crowd. I did. He not hesitated. i proceed further. I pressed his bulge. He grows. It happened 30 seconds only. Later train came to halt. i get down to catch my another connecting train. I saw that fellow but not even see me. He vanished. It is really great experience to me.

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Posted On Jun 10, 2019

I was wondering why this forum is inactive since 2018 when the subject is most hot and happening thing!
My recent exp:
Last week, I went to villivakkam in public transport due some personal work. Soon done with stuff, took a walk to railway station to board the train to Chennai Beach. I was well prepared in mind to go for spiritual place post my personal work so dressed up as White shirt enclosed my neck with Grey Scarf and Blue Denim.

Took the ticket and stood at the platform waiting for the train; meantime, North Indian with the feature which makes me high standing aside me. Soon the train to central came, he boarded and stood near the foot; I got a instinct and simply took the same.

When I got someone with the feature, I love to rub my manhood in the crack. But surprisingly, he took the lead ;) :P !

I stood behind him and he carefully rub his *** so that my manhood get high.. that's it! Later, he is way to high on his rub and so I took charge to hit his back (you know all wild hit) and as soon confirmed his intention, I started crushing the chest as it is good to access. When train stops in next two stations, he got more into me and I, my manhood didnt turn high yet as I was with diff mind to travel. still he needs mine which I cannot deny... He started crushing my manhood now and want it badly which I can feel it!

Later, I alighted at Perambur as I have to take Beach train. I alighted with hope he would follow me. Same happened!

I took the seater availble in the platform, so he sat near me.. I initiate the talk! About him, calm face ( I always like), No mush or beard (Most Northies will be like that but ok for me as Im all blessed with manly beard n mush). Gentle physique with nice bulge butt(which I always look for) and decent attire.

When I spoke, I started liking him humble nature.. he's to calm and shy! Not good at English and Tamil But he can manage.. I asked all the stuffs to reconfirm if he's good to be encountered for being a pure top! He never exposed himself yet but had a desire it seems.

When I shot him a Qs, he replies with cute smile! Thou, he didnt try *** or getting *** yet (most top needs), he wants me and so me!

We both had a walk to the extreme of the station. Simply stand near for half an hour to take a lead to some private and safe place out there; we both waited with more patient with no major talk but for surveillance. As I was glowing with my attire, thou it's around 7:30pm. I was more concern on safety!

After a long, I Led him to safe private place out there by walking thro the dark place. Sort of interesting *** full of thrill.. He simply followed me. Found the place!

Kissed him gently as I like those lips.. crushed both the chest which makes me moan.. all by looking around.. he seems to be tempted.. got a small lean Dic (thou it's not my area) just, gave him a gentle stroke.. when comes to my Dic, he took me out which is not reacted much cuz of the environment but told his still he didnt wake up :P but with some little tempt; he seems ever *** but in the dilemma whether to *** thou it's pakka cleann... soon it got erected wildly, guy later never took his hand off from mine but wondering with Dic and stroking me.

As I knew he never expose, he must be free from std, so asked him to turn in such a way my raw thich hard n juicy *** can rub his back wildy.. soon i said, he turned and gave the position like ok for anything.. But I simply rubbed him on his underwear and then the crack of his butt little hard moves.. he *** so soon but still he wish to hold the time with me..

I just made it out by letting him stroke mine a quite strong way due got a good stamina! Soon things been done, he still stands like a baby and needs more. I again kissed and dressed up. Then, back to platform with nice gentle conversation and romantic cuddle with smile over the face.. and yes, sometimes i crushed both his butt and chest again and again ;)! we washed our face and especially the hands. Then it was ended with the nice bye!

What's then? when we happen to go for spiritual place, both soul and body has to be pure. So, simply head back to home after a long hard journey from the spot!

Nice Romantic exp with this Bihar guy. Thou it was not hard to make him *** mine and to taste my ***, as he had wish to expose with the right guy, the place has not cope us! All he need is the little encouragement and the dominant which I dont wanna train him at the open space! Still, he's good for romantic moves but my hot healthy *** landed at the deserted place!

Note: narrating with less amount of time so may be lack of good vocabularies and stuffs that makes it high mode imagination. still things are accurate!

Have fun..........

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Posted On Jun 10, 2019

Two small corrections... He Moaned when i crushed his chests (I never moan and it's not a quality of pure top/man).

The *** which was sort of lean and small was his one which doesn't matter for top guys!

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Posted On Jun 10, 2019

Again, this is does not mean that Im open for all but all depends on the mood and our own preferences!

Care to share another exp which was quite interesting but was in a high mode control me due some valuable reasons...

It happened quite a long years say 3 years before.. I stayed near Ambattur.

Journey was to visit hospital located near central so decided to take train. Again, even for hospital visit, wish to be so pure both body n soul!

Time, I was wearing the boxer( like tennis player), t shirt with jacket and yea sling bag.

It's around 8/9 in the morning.. Damn, soon boarded the train, couple of hands approached mine as it's ease way to access the shorts.. I simply ignored and turned away due the reason.. again and again happen with mix of most handsome to local guys but still I controlled myself due reason. After all being a human being, how long would you control! Gave a hard manly look and stood safely letting my man free to expose! Destination came after being attepmted by at least 8 guys!

Funny day it was.. I was like now a days, m2m are rapidly increasing!

Guys, always have your preferences before you move for action cuz we are not animals to hunt whatever on our way; controlling yourself is always good. you will get plenty and thing if it is worthy.. If it worthy, once then it can be last for long creating nice moments! As I always describes, like love *** is also an art which one should have passion and to feel it entirely not by encountering whatever or whoever crosses the way..


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Posted On Dec 26, 2023

Traveling regularly from beach to chengalpattu local train vice-versa...any tops are in same route of journey.

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Posted On Jan 29, 2024

Today morning 9am fast train from Tambaram to beach i got into 4th from last compartment and stood at door it was difficult to get in so I was literally hanging holding the bar and door with my both hands.
As soon as train started a school guy started touching me I looked at him and he looked me smiling. I was a bit tensed as he was trying to open my zipper and I would not take my hands as I could fall. He removed my tool out I was afraid if someone could see and asked him not to do anything but he started stroking and my tool got errect.
Chrompet station was approaching and I asked him to put my tool back in but he continued to stroke and became more faster and as soon as station came i had to get down with my tool hanging and quickly put it back inside... Don't know how many saw it.
The guy just got down at station and ran away.
It was thrilling and enjoyable but, it was very bad on his part as he did not consider my safety and expose me in public.

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Posted On Jan 29, 2024

Took the thiruvallur local train from central.

I would be lying if i say i was not expecting anything.

Do you guys remember the old times when guys looking for guys used to get on vendor compartments?
I still follow that rule and always get on a vendor compartment.

So i got on the first vendor compartment and there was a guy already sitting with a cycle.
Our eyes met and then i gave him a relook almost instantly because he was cute.
and then he noticed me looking and he started staring at me.
And we kept on doing this for a while.

then a group of boys came and were having fun in the train.
ome of them had a toy gun and kept on shooting everyone who entered.
and kept on asking his friends,

"paakalaama, en tuppaaki perusa unnoda perusaa."

which made me laugh naughtily, this the cycle guy saw and he gave me a devilish smile.
I took the opportunity and winked at him.
and then the entire journey both of us were sight adichifying each other and smiling.

then i got down at avadi. but it was a refreshing trip.
we were smiling so much that other passengers noticed us smile and they were smiling along with us tooπŸ˜…πŸ˜…

but the guy was hot, naattu katta.
hope i see him soon again

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Posted On Jan 29, 2024

Now days also late night aft 10 between 12 u can fins G friends in Vendor compartment, only things is be careful and choose corrcetly orherowise it is risk.
Last week also i had fun while coming from gundy to nungambakkam late night met superb hunk guy *** me like anything and didnt waste single drop. It was night aft 1130. Thilled to have fun in the local train