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Body massage parlours, masseurs, spas and baths

Submitted by manishbhat Location: Bangalore (Karnataka, India)

This thread is for posting details about body massage parlours in Bangalore that provide "extras" and masseurs who provide similar services.

Can provide details of other places likes spas and bath houses or similar in Bangalore that provide option to be naked or meet other men with possibility for action.

If you know of massage parlours with happy ending or about gay masseurs in Bangalore please share the information here.

Please do not disclose this info to owner of establishments as this may lead to awkward situations for the masseurs.

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Posted On Jun 1, 2020 - 09:34 PM

Went to studio 11 the guy led me to the room he asked me to change but there were no clothes provided hence just wore my underwear. He asked me to remove because he is going to use oil so I guessed this how massages are given here. He started massaging my neck and pushed his *** against my head later he went on to oil my *** and ended up pushing in four fingers.. He pulled out his fat *** and I *** him at one point I was gagging with saliva and he came in my nose and *** and *** me .
Massage : 2/10
S*x : 8/10

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Posted On Jun 2, 2020 - 11:27 AM

Prakruthi Ayurveda BSK BDA Complex

- I tried this sometime back. Smooth Guy is ready to do anything. He was okay to *** me without condom. N was saying please. He doesnt even ask for tips.
Gave amazing nipple massage. Even though I was super high, but said no twice to ***.

Another guy with beard, he asked me to *** his ***. Which I said NO. Then he started acting weird and did massage without much interest. And finished 10 mins before actual time.

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Posted On Jun 8, 2020 - 07:57 AM

This is my review, or rather rant, about Studio 11 Kammanahalli, about which people have posted quite a bit on here.

Raghav, the masseur, is a tall, fat and hairy guy, which is the opposite of my type. I've been lucky to go by ohmojo reviews and was never disappointed with the massage at any place but Raghav is a specimen. He seems to only want to hook up and not have to do any massage. He smelled of tobacco, an instant turn off for me, when he placed his crotch right next to my face while "massaging" me. His massage is not even a massage. He just keeps touching you, hoping that you will say no to a massage because he cannot massage to save his life. The worst thing is I was hoping he'd at least touch my *** when he was massaging my front side but no. It seemed like all he wanted was to get his *** *** and to *** me. To top it all, he used some shitty "baby oil", which was not even warmed. Really disappointed that I spent 1500 for this utter waste of a "massage".

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Posted On Jun 10, 2020 - 06:39 AM

Ok guys, so I visited Prakruthi Ayurveda BSK (Banshankari) and a middle aged guy in his mid 40's was my massage therapist. I believe his name was Vinu, I can't remember now, but he is from Kerala. Decent looking guy but with a mush and medium built. Since I prefer mature men, I was happy that it wasn't someone young. I have to say, his massage was very very good. I requested that I don't wear an langot and he said that was fine. during the massage, he regularly grazed the inner crack of my ***, very erotically and gently but never directly fingering me. I liked that cause it didn't lead to immediate fun but the tension was building up. Later when I turned over with my face and stomach face up, he'd graze around my *** but never touching or stroking it, even when i'd get hard as a rock. At some point he even sensually played with my body with just his fingers which was amazing to me. when there was about 15-20mins left, I made the move as I was *** at that point. I knew he'd respond but he was reluctant I guess because of covid. I touch his *** and it was semi hard but he wouldn't allow me to take his *** out. Eventually I insisted and then he let me. And then to my surprise, he has such a big ***, at least 8 inches. I wen to town and gave him a deep throat blow job. We played for a while but there was no kissing or ***. Just me *** him and then he'd play with my body while I *** him. Eventually I came out and I was happy.

Can somebody else tell me about the different massage guys at Prakruthi?

Anybody else encountered massage therapists who are 40+??? PLEASE WRITE YOUR EXPERIENCES.

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Posted On Jun 14, 2020 - 01:32 AM

Ayur sparsha!

Bang on. No second thoughts. Bit pricey! But the guys, the ambience, the massage and most importantly the seductive fun is all worth it!

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Posted On Jun 14, 2020 - 10:48 AM

just been to malanad ayurveda spa waste of money

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Msg1987 *
Posted On Jun 15, 2020 - 02:06 AM

After a longggggg hiatus visited Prakruthi Ayurveda in BSK. Turns out to be a decent experience for the amount that you pay at the counter which is 600 Rs for a massage without steam and 800 if you opt for steam.

As strado87 mentioned above in his review I got the same masseur whom he has described as middle aged guy with an decent physique. He escorted me to a massage room with decent ambience and a massage bed which I saw him clean with some disinfectant when the guy before me was taking an shower and getting ready to leave.

Asked me to strip and helped me tie the langot voluntarily. He tied the langot from the back and pulled down my undies himself. Then when you tuck the langot near your *** he reached down in the front and reached for my *** to ensure its inside the langot area well tucked.
He started with the massage with an head massage for good 5 minutes. He asked me post that lie on the massage bed facing up. Then he placed the cup of oil to heat up. While this was happening from the word GO he started giving a dry massage all over my legs. Reaching inside my inner thighs, grazing the balls with his fingers and then reached to my chest playing the area around my nipples, navel and then went direct into the langot to tease my abdomen near pubic area.

Then post heating the oil went on to massage the front of the body with good strokes and nothing sensual for good 15 minutes. He was not shy in reaching inside the langot and massaging the pubic region and balls and the *** as a part of his strokes. The string of the langot was like an hindrance for him while doing the strokes so he loosened the strings requested him to take it off for better access and he readily did it.

Post 15 mins of the massage asked me to turn back and did a good back massage and leg massage for a good 20 minutes. He again was not shy of grazing inner thighs and the perineum area but he didnt finger at any point of time just the way I dont like being fingered. Then he asked me to turn back and then did the front massage for my arms and chest for another 15 mins.

Finally I asked him to repeat the initial highly sensual strokes that he did at the beginning with the tips of the fingers now and he agreed. Started playing with those finger tips across my inner thighs, balls the *** without grabbing it and my abdominal region. Then he moved to the area around my nipples which is an highly sensitive zone for me and boy does he know to play with them.

He was wearing an apron over his clothes while doing the massage and wearing an mask keeping in mind the current covid situation. While he played with my nipples I couldn't hold it anymore and grabbed at his crotch and boy as Strados mentioned he has good sized *** which I was grabbing over the apron. He requested me to not remove the *** in the current situation and gave a go ahead for me to play with it over the three layers of protection being apron, pants and undies. But the *** was hard as rock. Continued to play with it. Then he moved to my *** and coated with some good amount of oil and jerked me off till I coated his fingers with a thick load of cumshot.

He cleaned himself off and then redirected to the shower which I might say is not very clean but at the same time I have seen worse where you don't even wish to stand inside. The ambience of the entire place is average and relatable to the price that you pay.

Ambience: 6/10
Massage Skills: 8/10
Teasing Techniques : 10/10
Value for money : 9/10(600 for massage and 200 as tips for him)

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Posted On Jun 18, 2020 - 12:31 PM

Guys, just a caution. Please don't book appointments at Prakruti all at once. It raises suspicion. It has happened a lot of time in lot of spas and the masseuse ends up quitting there. Last year, V**** went on a long vacation at Prakruti itself because a lot of us booked appointments there.

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Posted On Jun 20, 2020 - 11:46 AM

Cosmic men’s salon. Hennur Bande
I’ve been here before many times and it’s been a while. Thought of giving it a try. I called up to check and got to know a new masseur is giving massage.
Went there and this was a new masseur at cosmic.
I asked upfront if he gives hard massage. He said yes.
Was escorted to the room and he stood there when I wanted to changed and no disposable was provided. I got naked on the bed with face down.
Then the masseur poured oil over my body and started massage. He put another towel over my butt. I said I don’t want it. He removed.
Massage was good. Typical hard massage. It wasn’t deep tissue strokes, more of malish wala type strokes.
He didn’t massage directly on my butts but then kept inching towards it and decided to avoid the crack area.
2-4 times I felt him touching his *** to my hands, but I decided to avoid it till later as cosmic has history of masseurs who did bad massage in the past and in 10 mins they wanted to offer fun with absolutely no massage.
I turned around, and he massaged legs, thighs chest area.
Once he completed I told him pointing there. First he tried to ignore then he said it will be extra charge. I said I will give you tip anyway.
He then started stroking me I got his pants dropped he has a decent size cut *** with minimal pubic hair.
He grew harder and so did I.
I cummed and he stopped, I wiped myself and both of us got dressed paid him 100 and he said kya sir, then gave him 100 more and then paid 800 for massage and left.
Since this area didn’t have any place for massage, this one seemed nice.
His off is on Tuesday.

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Posted On Jun 22, 2020 - 06:59 AM

Thanks to the recent reviews on Prakruthi Ayurveda in Banashankari, I decided to check it out. I was a bit taken aback by the condition of the building but it was pretty clean. At Rs.800 for a 45 minute massage, followed by 15 minutes of steam, the price is a steal. The masseur was a middle aged man with a fairly normal body, neither too fat nor slim. Although he wasn't fully my type, he looked decent. I didn't get to see his face because he had a mask on throughout.

The masseur ushered me to a big massage room and tied my langot after I got fully naked in front of him. While he was tying it, he stealthily touched my *** and I got quite hard. While he was massaging my back, he didn't shy away from stroking my balls and the crotch. I was fully hard by the time he asked me to turn around and lie down on my stomach, and when I did turn around my hard *** was poking out of my langot. Soon, he removed it and stroked my *** whenever he could. He even let me touch his ***, which was fully erect by now. Unlike what others here have said, he doesn't have a "huge" but he was a good size - about 6" and a bit thick. Although he did't ***, he stroked me till I did. The bathroom looked old, like the entire building and there was no shower. But the steam, combined with the special soap solution they gave, was pretty effective in getting rid of the oil on my body.

I was pretty pleased with the whole experience and just wanted to thank all of you guys who post reviews. I would have never discovered all these places without ohmojo!

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Posted On Jun 23, 2020 - 01:59 PM

just been to prakruthi RR nager as mentioned by @Aksahy the guy with the beard will give handjob i think he is top as he asked if i blow him and he wanted to *** me for which i said no

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Posted On Jun 24, 2020 - 01:32 AM

Yesterday I went to Prakurthi RR Nagar, short fellow came and gave massage
worst massage and NO fun, wasted 700Rs.

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Posted On Jun 24, 2020 - 04:57 AM

yes as said by sunman1210 short fellow wont do any thing he not even remove langoti from back and massage waste of money will coming out i saw this beard guy who is taller then him and thought of trying him and tried

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Posted On Jun 24, 2020 - 12:40 PM

I went to Cosmic Hennur Bande, got a decent massage but the guy said no hand job etc and didn't remove his pants unlike in previous report. He said that this is not done in this saloon. So I had to come back disappointed. Gave 100/- tip anyway and 800/- for oil massage.

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Posted On Jun 26, 2020 - 05:26 PM

The guys in Four Fountains Brookfield do it. But they ask for money unreasonably. 1000 just for HJ. You may be able to negotiate for 500, but even then it's high.

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Posted On Jun 27, 2020 - 03:50 PM

Couple of my experiences:

Cosmic saloon hennur: I just walked in last month for beard.. Then asked whether they have massage.. The guy attended happily said yes.. Tried my luck and it tuned out to be fun.. I think only he does the massage a fair north indian guy

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Posted On Jun 27, 2020 - 03:52 PM

Today visited four Fountains Bellandur, the guy assigned was hot.. His name starts with P.. but no luck.. There are 2 more therapists, may will try some other time

After that tried, Aryan spa after Marathalli. No luck either.. Person is also not that great..

Both places massage was good.

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Posted On Jun 28, 2020 - 11:36 AM

Visited both Prakruti Ayurveda RR Nagar and then Prakruti Ayurveda Banashankari.
Here are my reviews:
1. Prakruti Ayurveda RR Ngr: Saw 2 masseurs there.

The cute looking mallu boy ( S*b*n) doesn't indulge in hanky panky I heard so I didn't go for him. I wish he did.
But he gave me a smile n came inside the room to help me tie the langot n left immediately.

So I chose the other middle age bearded fatty dark hairy guy (L*k*h*i) who does the hanky panky stuffs .He talks very politely .Right from the beginning , he asked me to lie on my stomach and was giving tender dry erotic touches to guage my reaction. Though he was not my type, I thought to make use of the 700 I had paid after traveling long distance. So I was rock hard n my d*ck was poking outside the G string . He was more interested in my front side ...so he asked me to turn on my back within 5 minutes n the very thing he was interested in was my d*ck...he was quite amused as if he has never seen a d*ck in his life...lol.
I always keep myself clean n smooth ...so he liked it...he was holding it in various angles n observing it curiously... He is mostly Top I had heard ...so I was not expecting him to s*ck me... But to my surprise he kissed my mushroom lovingly....and since romantic music was playing in the background , his slow touches without any haste n hurry was building the tension .. He didn't give a proper blowjob though but wrapped his lips around my mushroom head few times ..Then he got focused on my pink nipples n smooth chest ... He was wearing an appron...I was too *** by these touches ..out of curiosity just wanted to check out his size... So I held his tool from above his jeans ..n seeing me struggling to unbutton it, he himself took it out... It was a good size bushy black thick one with glossy red head ... Didn't get any bad smell.... It was clean 6.5" to 7" cut one.... I grabbed it ..while he was playing with my d*ck, I gave him a sensual BJ.. but he stopped me as he was close... So he continued playing with my body n after a while I again grabbed his member n gave a nice BJ n he came in his own palms.. I didn't want to ***...as I wanted to visit the Prakruti Banashankari next...but I was satisfied with whatever happened .. I took shower n proceeded to next destination..

2. Prakruti Ayurveda RR ngr:

Called and got B*nu as expected. Tall Middle aged guy with little tummy . He too started with front body with his dry sensual light touches which can make anyone hard instantly. I guess he follows the same patterns with all his customers as he knows very well no one is coming there for a genuine massage. As mentioned by other guys in the forum, he was very casual in exploring all parts of my body through his touches . And after 10 mins he asked me lie on my stomach... He kept brushing his fingers against my as*h*ole, balls n the d*ck which I positioned it poking backwards parallel to my thighs ..after much tintillation n arousal he asked me to again lie with face up...and then tickled my nipples, my groin, lightly touching my d*ck every now n then n pouring oil on it...touching it n leaving it....he was good at building up the tension ..he gave ample time to play around with my body ...but he was hesitant to be touched ..but finally he gave in.. I touched it from.above his appron..he didn't allow to probe further inside....but from the touch I could say he was hung..long thick one hanging inside...I massaged it too nicely as he was playing with my nipples n d*ck... After 45 mins... He teased my nipples more n kept *** my d*ck n I shot 12 forceful thick jets which flew behind my head ...it was too much for him n he was surprised..... Geyser was not working...so he had to hear water in a container in another room n bring it to the bathroom.. Tipped him.100rs though he didn't ask...He thanked . 600rs fir the massage .

Not too badday for me for spending 1400 in one day 😎😎

I only wished I got young twink masseurs. If anyone can give any guaranteed leads in an around Jaynagar, BTM, JP nagar, HSR, kormangala area it will be great.

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Msg1987 *
Posted On Jul 2, 2020 - 12:06 PM

Visited the much discussed Ayur Sparsha Ayurvedic center in JP nagar last week and its situated behind Ragi Gudda Temple in 2nd phase. Google map will do its job in getting you there.

It's an house converted into an massage center..called a couple of hours ago to book an appointment and from the word hello you know the person who talks knows why you calling about he says it starts from 1800 Rs onwards and I can choose masseurs whom I want to. A genuine ayurvedic center assigns who is available this choosing business assures you why they know you are choosing a masseur for.

Yeah its clean and has a great ambience and good hospitable staff I don't deny that ofcourse it has to have all of this when you charge 1800 onwards for a simple swedish massage and you are competing with premium spas like F0ur Fount@!ns etc..
Chose swedish massage and for 1 hour at 1800.

The receptionist guy who is very humble and hospitable took me to the room upstairs and showed me the facility and suddenly said he will send masseur. Now when you claim on the phone that you will let choose you need to keep your word and not assign anyone as you please once the person drops down. Annoyed started to strip to change into the langot but this guy refused to leave. He let me lose my clothes and when I reached for a langot he offered to do it himself. Generally people tie it around your waist and then ask you to pull down your undies and then tuck it in your back. I was showing my back to his based on the regular routine. But this guy reaches around my waist from either side and enters his hands into my abdominal region around the pubic hair and reaches for the *** and then pulls down the undies. Then takes his time to adjust my *** from behind to be placed exactly within the loin cloth and ties it on my back. Now you expect him to reach down and just tuck the Langot on my back but this guy plays with the balls and the region below it for good 15 to 20 seconds making my *** hard as *** and then finally tucks the Langot to realize the *** is already outside the cloth being hard. Asked him to not mind the langot. He obliged and just let it loose and made me lie on my stomach and said will send the masseur.

The masseur is a decent well spoken guy who did a good job for the next 40 to 45 minutes which I would not go into details. He did justice for the amount they charged? I dont know but it was relaxing for sure. Finally asked him to play with my sensitive nipples and he got me hot and bothered. Reached for his bulge and found average 6 inch ***. But the guy was either exhausted or not into it as it was a weekend. Finally I relented and asked him to fetch the guy who escorted me to the room. He soon left and came back with the guy who was at the reception. He was worried I was happy. I just said could you finish the massage he said the massage time was over and I need to pay 400 extra for another half an hour massage service. Asked him to continue. He massaged for next 3 mins on my back and started reaching for the *** from behind when I was lying on my stomach

Finally turned and he deep throated my *** like there is no tommorow. Could not hold back so asked him to play with my nipples why I shot a big cumshot all over myself. He helped me to the shower after cleaning up for the remnants of ***. While leaving offered some healthy drink which is an immunity booster and asked to come again and claimed they have another 5 masseurs. I left with a smile that some mistakes needed to be done once only

Massage skills: 7/10
Value for money: 2/10 (2200 for 1 hour of massage is worthless) but again no tips are demanded so appreciate that
Ambience: 8/10

For people who are excited to visit this place prefer it as a one time experience and dont waste your money on regular visits like as someone confirmed above there are 2 masseurs only and given the demand with the reviews here you might not even get to choose at the end of the day.

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Posted On Jul 5, 2020 - 03:54 PM

Had been to Zilla spa after lock down has opened. They speak of Covid protection, but not in place. They have become money minded with 60 mins massage for 1300 Rs. Fun part is also not inclded. They are taking advantage of the current situation. The same massage is available for 700-800 in all the Ayurveda clinic . Better to avoid it until they learn to respect clints and give monetary benefits

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Posted On Jul 6, 2020 - 04:20 PM

I also agree with Nudedude and Andrew05, For 60 min massage 1300 is too costly. Nearby there is Men's Freshup lounge and it is superb. They charge only 800 and the therapist is ready to do anything for you !!

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Posted On Jul 6, 2020 - 04:24 PM

Let’s clear one thing... half the reviews about men’s longue is that it’s not good, no hanky panky stuff. How is it now that’s the masseur is ready to do anything now

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Msg1987 *
Posted On Jul 25, 2020 - 05:07 AM

A friend of mine had been to Men's Lounge in Bellandur. The masseur is mostly the guy whom you see in their Google search results. And there is NO HANKY PANKY. He doesnt indulge and doesn't let you touch him. Yeah he gives you a good butt massage and that's it.
Yeah but the place has had a makeover and the place is clean and decent place itseems.

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Posted On Jul 27, 2020 - 01:32 PM

Based on the reviews posted, had been to Prakruthi Ayurveda RR Nagar. Couple of weeks before took the Rs.800 deal and went for massage. Asked the hairy beared guy to massage. He was soft spoken guy. During the course of the massage,asked him if he would massage the ***. He said no initially although I tried to convince him. He was mentioning Covid situation and doesn't want to do. Finally convinced him. He asked to wash my *** and come so he would massage it. But demanded 500 which I felt is too much. Negotiated for 300, still did not budge. So finally I deferred the decision and just took the massage with and left. Not sure why the reviews are different. As I am hairy and full beard too, he was not inclined perhaps. Others please post your comments if you have any other experience

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Posted On Jul 28, 2020 - 01:42 PM

just now i have visited aditya ayurveda rajajinagar waste of money no hanky panky and tat is not proper massage also totally waste

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Posted On Jul 29, 2020 - 05:55 AM

I went to Ozone spa CMH Road recently, since some ohmojo posters had mentioned it a few months ago. This was my first time there and I was very happy. The masseur is a NE guy with a good body. He started putting his hands in my underwear, and touching my balls and ***. So I asked him to remove my underwear and he did. Even while he was massaging my back he played really well with my crotch. Gave me a good hand job after I turned over and then continued massaging. He even let me touch his ***. The shower was pretty nice too. The massage cost me 1500 for 60 minute, excluding shower.

Fun - 8/10
Massage - 7/10
Ambience - 8/10

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Posted On Aug 1, 2020 - 07:41 AM

Ozone Cmh road is useless.. They charge 1500 for that shady place and so customer service.. FOUR FOUNTAINS itself charge only 1800 for that classy ambience and treat the clients well.

I went to ozone today, checked if they have any discount on therapy. The lady was like the actual cost is 2k, after discount its 1600 it seems.. 🤣.. Place is so unclean.. Not worth a try so just came back without taking service..

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Posted On Aug 1, 2020 - 06:36 PM

Been there Men's freshup last week
Called morning may be owner picked the call. He sent me price details an massure picture in WhatsApp. He is a Manipuri guy. So taken appointment same day evening. Reached on time. They have changed the Massage room. It is now same floor last room. After changing he started massage from back. It was average. After the leg part he lowered the disposal and given butt massage. That's it. No hanky panky. But while doing front side I got hard-on he just seen towards my face. That's all. Taken shower and let.

Those who are telling here you get Hj/BJ don't trust them. If you are looking for massage with extras then avoid this place.

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Posted On Aug 2, 2020 - 06:37 AM

No hanky Panky in Men's fresh up lounge. And massage is also just decent. Place is clean though.

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Posted On Aug 2, 2020 - 12:17 PM

I have been to men's Fresh up last week.. He doesn't do anything upfront or nothing seducing.. I asked for HJ, he gave with gloves 🤣. Looks like he is not in to it..

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Posted On Aug 4, 2020 - 05:50 AM

Knight Unisex Salon & Spa

.... is a waste of money. I had been there a few months ago, the place is quite clean (used to be unkempt earlier). The masseur is a young guy of around 22 years. I was all excited when I went in, stripped to wear a disposable undie given to me ... with a throbbing hardon bulging on full display.

I imagined I had made it obvious with enough hints about my (s)expectations.

But ... it was all so disappointing, the guy never came anywhere close to the edge of the bed as he massaged me (the massage too was ordinary). My attempts to teach out to caress his thighs/crotch was just impossible. He was simply not interested.

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Posted On Aug 8, 2020 - 12:33 PM

Tried this NYNY salon in Indranagar... excellent ambience and the masseur is great at massage and also provides happy ending.. Worth the 1200.. The masseur is a north east guy with sexy tattoo

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Posted On Aug 13, 2020 - 06:47 PM

Men's fresh up lounge is waste of money and time please don't visit if you are looking for some fun

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Posted On Aug 15, 2020 - 06:48 AM

Review for Ozone

So I visited Ozone spa in Indiranagar yesterday..
I have been to Ozone many times as it near my home.
The masseur is a soft spoken, kind of a submissive person. He does touch your crotch and tries to give you a signal right at the beginning and removes the disposable undies at your request. Also touches your *** in a subtle manner many times.
The massage was good.. I didn't really engage in anything sexual cauz I like my masseurs a little dominant and take-charge types.
But overall it was a good massage..

I did not ask for the masseurs name to protect his privacy.

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Posted On Aug 22, 2020 - 11:32 AM

Guys recently i had been to this place which is safe and good
Chiru Mens SPA Kengeri, Bangalore - 560060, Near V.k Mantapa There are two massueres one is owner chiru and other person name i have no clue
it's gay massage center no need do ask for any thing they will ask your likes and they do the massage , i had been there many times best place and Massuers are not money minded also.

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Posted On Aug 22, 2020 - 12:19 PM

Services Menue at chiru massage spa
1.full body oil massage- 800
2. Full Body waxing - 800
3. Shower Bath
4. Under Hair Removal - 600
5. Head Massage - 200
6. *** enlargement -600
7. Medecure and Pedicure -500
8. Facial - 500
9. Full Body polish - 1000

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Posted On Aug 24, 2020 - 08:30 AM

Since Fourfountain chains are closed these days, wanted to explore other spas ... Had to do a lot of reading over this thread 😅finally decided to try Ozone at Indiranagar as it looked to be a guaranteed one from the reviews... The entrance to the place is not so clear n you can easily miss that... had to park my vehicle in that dingy underground parking area n headed upstairs... therapist was ready and he took me to the adjacent room.. not too bad with a bigger bathroom .. since I knew he would indulge , I didn’t want to wear any disposable 😉however he insisted on me wearing that ... was a bit sceptical tho.. however later it appeared that he is more used to having that for his regular strokes by making it like a g string n going everywhere ! He jumped on to that already narrow table n started focusing mainly on the ***! Oh my he can literally go everywhere 😋 no major pressure points... all he focused was only on the *** with fingering if you wish... he wouldn’t do indulge more n also wouldn’t strip... so after some time you may tend to lose interest .. upon flipping , he would play with your *** too and jerk you off... very particular about timing lol... I just opted for 45 mins as I dint want to pay 300 extra just for 15 more mins... overall Okayish!

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Posted On Aug 24, 2020 - 06:34 PM

Meghavi spa does not have Male therapist.. I spoke to them and they said only female therapist available.

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Posted On Aug 25, 2020 - 02:34 AM

Thanks for the info @veeru2803. Even bliss Thai spa in Sarakki has only lady masseuse. But they offer all kinds of services. The only problem with the place is that they don't have doors to the spa rooms, instead they have thick curtains. I don't think many ppl object coz they come there for the same purpose. Besides one can hear the sounds generating from the rooms. I, personally didn't feel like indulging in any fun coz the sounds were distracting, but I guess for ppl who are more of sound oriented can get turned on by the sounds....

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Posted On Aug 27, 2020 - 01:20 AM

Any recent encounters in four fountain? Planning for a visit soon. Heard there are few therapists now.. my regular ones in kalyan nagar, brookfield are not available..needd to try with others.. in covid even they dont entertain..

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Posted On Aug 27, 2020 - 03:33 AM

@dhaasoo I went in June when they had discount offer at Kalyan Nagar. Massage was very good and relaxing, didn’t need fun on that day. Neither did he initiate it.

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Posted On Aug 30, 2020 - 02:43 PM

Hi Sagars,

I have seen waxing in Menu card of Ayur Sparsha, JP nagar II ph. I think it costs Rs 500.

I had a oil massage session here recently. AFter reading the reviews here, I thought everyone would offer fun part.
Though the ambience, massage quality was very good, there was no fun. Do I need to ask for any specific masseur?

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Posted On Aug 31, 2020 - 10:45 PM

Hi guys worst service for facial and pedicure and manicure at Chiru the guy don't know to do both suggest no to waste money on the this service

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Posted On Sep 3, 2020 - 04:47 AM

@Shijo, try Chiru Men's Spa. He's very good at pubic hair removal.

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Posted On Sep 3, 2020 - 11:30 AM

Hi friends, I wanted to share my today's experience. As per the note from perfectmsr I took an appointment for full body massage. He is a professional therapist he gave an amazing massage for me with happy ending. Really no words to express my feelings...he is very soft spoken and humble person. If anyone want to take good massage with fun please contact him directly.

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Posted On Sep 4, 2020 - 06:40 AM

Hi folks
last day, i was at my freakiest best. wanted to try something crazy and i came across this Chiru massage centre at kengeri from the inputs in Ohmojo. though its quite far for me, wanted to go there. i called up the number. it was a polite man at the other end and talked to me on kannada. Immediately he sent me his service details, from Full body massage to full body polish including *** enlargement (LOL). After having red his message i called him again to enquire about this *** enlargement as if i do not know anything. but over the phone he was assuring that this is so fruitful.And in the evening i set for Chirus spa.i did not have any trouble locating this spot. the centre is on the first floor. the building is pretty old.and from the main road itself i happened to see 3 men there.i was quite doubtful and nervous as i thought he would be all alone, anyways i stepped in and introduced myself. and he welcome me and asked me to go inside.Chiru, the owner is a little dark handsome man.Actually i wanted Chiru to massage me, instead he asked someone else inside to do so. he was this lean tall handsome guy, with thick beard on.the room is not that clean, so congested. looks like one of them is staying there itself, and the bathroom is in pathetic condition.its a usual bed on which they do massage, and i do not thing he knows it thoroughly.but i kept quite. and fun part is as usual.he touched he felt and he loved my body and c**k. once he was done with my body massage, he politely asked " bere yenaadru bekka sir". i asked him to go ahead with *** enlargement.that was also fantastic. and finally i cummed and he wiped that with a tissue.overall i liked it, but if you r going for an authentic massage, then this is not a good place to go. All the three men i spotted there were amazing.unfortunately this spa is quite far from the city, but if you have any means to travel, then you can try this Chiru Spa.looks like he liked ma as i received a message from Chiru today asking "how was the massage sir".h aha hahahahah

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Posted On Sep 4, 2020 - 08:14 AM

I booked a massage from URBAN COMPANY APP which is the happening one in bangalore, before it was URBAN CLAP.
The guy who came home for massage was from north and stinking with sweaty smell. The massage was not so great and i ended up in back pain. The massage booked was for 90 mins but it was not worth at all. I gave a feedback on the app about massage but these people take only positive feedbacks and not the negative one .they don’t publish the AUTHENTIC feedback of the clients. Found this as a very fraud one then I wrote a feed back in the apple store ,there people wrote the same experience and How they got cheated from this portal . I ended up in a back pain for more than a week

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Posted On Sep 5, 2020 - 04:59 AM

The owner of Zilla Spa opened a new spa called Zera spa. This was my first time visiting a place that wasn't reviewed on ohmojo. Zera Spa is located in Carmelaram and is in a better neighbourhood than Zilla. The masseur I got was a cute Nepali guy. The massage was pretty good and he gave me a hj, and let me *** him too. Afterwards, he gave me a shower as well. They charged me 1300 for 70 minutes, which is quite reasonable. Since this place is closer to my house I'm definitely going there again.

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Posted On Sep 5, 2020 - 06:51 AM

There is a new massuer in mens fresh up lounge he is good at massage and funpart too

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Msg1987 *
Posted On Sep 6, 2020 - 03:42 AM

Visited the recently discovered place on Ohmojo named Chiru Men's Spa. You will get the images and the phone details of the place on Just dial. You need to look for Chiru Men's SAP to be particular. The is not very hard to find if you can reach Kengeri Signal. After Rajarajeshwari Nagar its another 5 or 6 kms straight drive to the place.

Called up and the phone was answered by the politely spoken owner Chiru himself. He said he will forward the services they offer and I can call back what I wish to avail. He immediately sent the above mentioned list and yes it included Pubic hair removal and *** enlargement 😉😉 Called him back and said will take the body massage for now and depending on how that goes will take the *** enlargement service too.

First things first the place is far reached there after a hours drive reached the Place. The spa is situated on a first floor of what seems like a residential building. The place itself is like a 1Hk which is converted into a spa. The outer hall is the office and the inside kitchen has bathroom attached which is the massage room. Someone said that they are using a regular single bed for massage but with the number of people thronging from ohmojo itseems they can afford a massage new massage bed. The owner himself did the service for me he escorted me into the room after the last customer left after checking me out top to bottom which meant he knew why were here for. Once in the room the masseur asked me to strip naked while he disinfected the bed and cleaned it. Put an disposable sheet over it and asked me to lie down face up.

Now comes the catch he directly held my *** to gauge the pubic hair and said he can offer body massage, hair removal and *** enlargement massage all together at 2k which is there actual price. Asked him for a best price and suggested 1600 he settled down for 1700. He applied good amount of shaving foam and then with new razor which he showed shaved it clean. I mean clean to the last strand of hair. He made me kneel and shaved the pucker clean as well. This took up a good 15 mins.

Then he started the massage with almond oil which smells pleasant enough. And next 20 mins was exclusively spent on my back and it was not extraordinary and nor it was it bad. He went way deep in the inner thigh region without actually fingering. He played with the inner perineum and boy does he know to play with that clean shaven area.

Then asked me to flip over. Applied copious amount of oil on the navel and then massaged the upper torso and spent good amount of time on extra sensitive nipples. Then massaged the arms. Now reached the inner thighs and shaven balls. After another 15 mins of front being massaged. He declared he is starting the *** enlargement process. 😂😂 Not sure about the genuinity of that but he played with individual balls and the region around the shaft and then did some stretching of the shaft and some crazy finger play with my mushroom head. He got me to the brim a few times and then let me relax and then again repeated the cycle. Finally the third time couldn't hold back any longer and spurted *** all over my stomach. He cleaned up with tissues and washed his hands.

Then directed me to the bathroom. This was shabby I agree he had heated two buckets of hot water with immersion coil which isnt very fancy. But the bathroom was not the best looking one nor shabby cause I have seen worse. He assisted me in bathing and used body wash and cleaned my back and left me to wash the front. Gave a fresh towel to clean up and asked me to dress up.

Once I came back he advised the *** enlargement is an 8 sitting service and from the third time onwards I will start seeing its effects 🙈🙈 He said I can take this in weekly gap and I can avail the same service alone for 600 atleast another 2 times and continue if there is a change. Cant vouch for it. I wouldn't mind going weekly for another 7 times but the distance will kill me.😂😂

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