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Body massage parlours, masseurs, spas and baths

Submitted by manishbhat Location: Bangalore (Karnataka, India)

This thread is for posting details about body massage parlours in Bangalore that provide "extras" and masseurs who provide similar services.

Can provide details of other places likes spas and bath houses or similar in Bangalore that provide option to be naked or meet other men with possibility for action.

If you know of massage parlours with happy ending or about gay masseurs in Bangalore please share the information here.

Please do not disclose this info to owner of establishments as this may lead to awkward situations for the masseurs.

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Posted On May 12, 2019 - 10:46 AM

Yesterday I went to 7c spa at indiranagar there is a new therapy join there he give me an excellent massage with Happyending guy's try him

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Posted On May 13, 2019 - 02:09 PM

I visited 7c Healthcare in Indiranagar after a long time this weekend. I found that they now have only one male massure - a new hire there. To my surprise it turned out to be J*s*n - who was working elsewhere before and I was looking for him for long. I was elated coz I had previously got excellent massages from him. He kept up his reputation and gave me an excellent massage with his magical hands. Overall 9/10 (massage and fun both).

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Posted On May 13, 2019 - 06:21 PM

I went to 7c spa there is no therapist called Jason working there and the therapist there only does handjob no fun

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Posted On May 17, 2019 - 03:18 PM

I tried studio 11 salon and spa, located, opposite jal vayu Vihar. I called, ali picked up the phone and asked, he said it’s 1700 plus tax. I said my friend got it done for ₹800. Then he said that was offer last month for ₹800 for 30 mins. I asked for lesser amount, he said ₹1200 inc tax. I said ok. Went there, Raghav is the only masseur. He was taking time, so the receptionist ask some girl to give me dry head massage. The head massage was so so good.
The head massage at these barber shops is bad, they just pull the hair and do it roughly. She knew the exact place to press and to release. It was very relaxing.
After that went for massage. This guy is South Indian, kinda with slightly large body (not lean and muscular).
I Wore the undies and got on the bed, he did a nice dry massage touched everywhere and the stretches were good. Started with oil massage. Good pressure techniques.
He stuffed a bit of towel in my undie, told him it’s tight and remove it, he did that in a jiffy.
He did a nice *** and inner thigh massage. At the end he said it’s over. When asked him for hj. He said he won’t do on *** but everywhere else, he however didn’t touch the *** head and gave me a hj, when I cummed, that’s when he grabbed my *** and rubbed more till the *** was out completely.
He didn’t come back in for tips. I however wanted to give him a handsome tip.

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Posted On May 19, 2019 - 08:59 AM

Today gone to ayur chaitanya new thippasandra. The only massager S####L attended me.

Masaage was good can be better. He is not into any fun.

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Posted On May 19, 2019 - 05:58 PM

I lucked out at Avyang once. The guy did not let me touch his ***, but he fingered me and jerked me off. That was fun.
Second time at Four fountains indira, got a super awesome butt massage from this short guy. But did not get him to jerk me off.

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Posted On May 20, 2019 - 07:07 PM

@eternal. Avoid 7c because as luv confirmed the new therapist does not do any fun. So it will be waste of your time and money to go there.
Eastern spa in Thippasandra someone mentioned.
If u widen the areas to visit.
Body craft in hrbr layout. Good massage and assured fun
Studio 11 Kammanahalli. No fun there though.

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Posted On May 21, 2019 - 12:41 PM

Hey Folks !! 🙋

Went to Club Citrus next to indiranagar metro station for the 5th time for a massage.

I demanded the new joinee, a small hot looking & slim NE guy fr the massage . He has good knowledge on pressure points and is good at stretches. He is quite polite and well behaved.

Ambience : 6.5/10
Massage: 6.5/10
Hj,Teasing : 7.5/10

I have tried K***r before, he too is pretty decent and we'll behaved.

Massage: 8/10
Hj,Teasing : 8/10

Both guys allow you to feel their d**k, anyways I dont s**k, so just stroked them.

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Posted On May 23, 2019 - 02:40 PM

Hi guys. Went to Sushruta Ayurvedic in Jp nagar 9th phase opp Nandi gardens. Masseur did a good job. After a nice massage with warm oil he undressed completely and was very co operative. U should take a condom if u want a bj. Steam and hot water shower.
Tipped him 200. Massage 1000. Worth it.

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Premkund singh
Posted On May 25, 2019 - 03:22 AM

Best place in Bangalore.
I called sushruta ayurveda 9th phase jp nagar. A lady picked up the call. I asked is body massage available. She said yes 1000 rs. I told i want to come tommorow at 1 pm. She booked it. Next day i went there. She asked how u got to know abt this place. I told through my friend. She looked more strict. Anyway i didnt bother about her. The masseur came . Therz only one masseur. He is hot and sexy. I was happy to see him. He took me to the room. Asked to change. He started massaging my back. He did a good job. His bulge was touching my fingers. I just touched from my tip of the fingers. He didnt mind. Still i was scared to go further. Then he asked me to turn front. My tool was already erect. He looked and laughed at it. I told sorry. He told its ok sir. Its common. Then he continued massaging front side. While doing my legs he accidently rubbed my c**k 2 times. It became fully erect. I couldnt control. My tool got full erected and poped out of the undy. He just took my tool and put it inside and said .. Its quite big sir. I was high in the air. When i was holding mine.. I suddenly grabbed his. Shockingly it was erect. I removed his jeans, undy and started stroking. In no tym he became full nude. And we jerked eachother

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Posted On May 27, 2019 - 03:24 PM

Finally went to Studio 11.. Hbr layout.. 1200:/ 40 mins.. He is bulky and normal

Massage technique was good.. Once u r done he will ask for shower.. Ensure you proceed to fun once you are done with massage.

Massage 8/10

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Posted On May 30, 2019 - 03:39 AM

I totally agree with Rohan and Po... Sushrutha Ayurveda is worst. The masseur is also not that good looking. He is an average guy. His intention is not massage just fun..

When I entered the massage room.. he locked it and got naked before I rempve my shirt. Then he started applying oil all over my body.. that's it. Nothing as massage. Later he jerked me off.
1000rs. is a total waste. Avoid this place.

Zilla spa is very good for that cost. The masseurs are good. They will not start the fun. Ask them to remove the undies when they massage near *** area. They refuse but tell them u will be confortable naked. Then they will tease u.. at the end ask them to jerk u off. They will do it..

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Posted On May 30, 2019 - 10:16 AM

Star raj salon
went there quite crowded.
there was not room for massage

and there no guy, whom was described here

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Posted On May 30, 2019 - 11:34 AM

I agree with ridrob, Its a simple hair cut salon, there is no room for massage

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Posted On May 30, 2019 - 12:21 PM

Yes I've used urban clap massage .... very professional and no hanky panky

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Posted On Jun 3, 2019 - 04:25 AM

Visited 7C Indiranagar.

Was not a good experience for me. Maybe it's good for the regulars or the people whom they are familiar with, but as a first timer, it was not good for me, and I am not going there again.

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Posted On Jun 4, 2019 - 11:28 AM

Went to bombay saloon.. Was highly disappointed to see the therapists. Walked out without taking any service

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Posted On Jun 4, 2019 - 01:42 PM

Guys, whosoever saying BWC is assured fun, either they are BWC sales people or owners themselves.
There is no more fun at all. They are no more into Fun and all.
Still anyone wanna try go and try and waste money.
Serious disappointment

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Posted On Jun 4, 2019 - 02:54 PM

correct BWC is waste of money and time

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Posted On Jun 6, 2019 - 03:59 PM

Hi, sento is reopened now :)

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Posted On Jun 7, 2019 - 12:19 PM

Some of the recent experiences recently.

1. Visited Studio 11 for the second time this time they thanks to the constant clientele said its 1200 for 45 mins massage and 15 mins shower. Was escorted to the same massage room by the single masseur present R*****v. But the disappointment was in first three minutes of the massage on the pretense of doing massage got into the undies and kept lowering the undies until they were near knees almost. Didn't want to give a reaction but he persisted pushing undie lower finally said lose it which is all he needed. Removed readily and for massage sake rubbed some oil for 15 mins and out of which 10 mins was in inner thighs and Assole region and played with my *** from below.
Asked me to turn around and mind you not a single drop of oil was used for the front. Went straight for my nipples and massaged with his finger tips. Let me play around with his *** but said won't shoot as he doesn't like to ***. Was leaking precum. Immediately jumped to jerking me off and made me shoot all over myself. Cleaned up and didn't bother to touch a place in front. Asked me to head to shower. With shower done am out by 35 so imagine what it has become. Useless 1200 Rs I spent. Never going back.

2. Visited Club Citrus for the fourth time and found a new guy. Typical North East looks and very sweet and polite kid. Payed the usual 900 for 45 mins massage and shower. He escorted me to massage room and asked me change soon to return before I lost my shirt also. Stayed in the room while I changed. Wore the disposable purposely really low. Gave me a good dry massage with a towel over me so was disappointed that it would be all along the massage. However after dry massage was done asked whether you need the towel. I jokingly answered I don't need the undie only so why would I need towel. He laughed and lost my undies too. So knew was in luck. Next 25 or 30 mins was good decent massage with a lot of teasing around inner thighs and slight groping of ***. Finally once on my back facing upwards asked him to play with the nipples and he enjoyed seeing me getting more hard and leak precum with the nipple play. Groped him and grabbed his bulge he said you enjoy sir I am okay. But I said I *** soon if I play with a ***. He relented and let me jerk him off. Finally jerked off together and shot loads and went to a shower. 900+200 tips was a good deal for a decently skilled and polite and non talkative masseur who did some justice for the massage.

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Posted On Jun 7, 2019 - 03:49 PM

Mars Salon - Malleshwaram 16th Cross (near to Sampige Road). One northie is there, not sure his name. Average looks, 30s, slim build, but guaranteed fun. Small massage room out the back. He has a really nice big cut *** (muslim guy) and will surely give HJ if you ask. He will also allow you to *** his tool. He told he fucks some customers too. 1000 for massage plus 200 tips. His massage skills are okay.

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Posted On Jun 8, 2019 - 11:11 AM

Sento - only bath section open means we can still have nude bath right ? We can see nude guys right ? or any changes in dress code ?

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Posted On Jun 8, 2019 - 04:53 PM

Yes you are still having nude bath in sento... They only added new clause. People with tattoos are not allowed

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Posted On Jun 14, 2019 - 05:00 AM

Visited Bangalore wellness centre.. message was ok.. he was just spreading the oil on body.. no fun. disappointed

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Posted On Jun 15, 2019 - 05:16 AM

Visited Sento Yesterday in the evening and the place is useless. The steam room and sauna both are shut down and u have just the showers and pool in your access. There is nothing you can spend time. Apart from taking showers multiple times and getting into pool. The locker area as far as I remembered was with carpet which has been removed because people walking into it with dripping water the guy comes often to clean it up in locker area and enter the closed bath area too not sure just for clean up or keeping a check on what's happening inside. Spent couple of hours and just he came once. Spoke to him when they are expected to open and he said he has no clue and a set date against it.

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Posted On Jun 15, 2019 - 05:39 AM

Then it's better not to waste money for limited service. How can they charge so much when facilities are shut down?

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Posted On Jun 15, 2019 - 05:42 AM

That's true. Maybe they will open. But yeah if you have a package for 10 tickets then it's not too much to ask for 350 for a good Sento pool experience along with shower. But yeah for a single service 700 is expensive if that's what they are charging for with the updated limited facilities.

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Posted On Jun 15, 2019 - 05:51 AM

Hope people raise questions or opt for refund! It's not worth spending 750Rs for a pool and shower. Even for people with tokens, it is a waste of utilisation. Didn't expect this from Chancery.

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Posted On Jun 15, 2019 - 10:00 AM

Tried avyang at koramangala first its good but they were in hbr layout too which i got to know from nearbuy and i tried it here this time... tbh its really good massage here and was very happy

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Posted On Jun 15, 2019 - 01:00 PM

Even if only bath area pool is open .. wont it get chance to see nude guys there ? Pool and shower area wont we find nude guys in sento ?

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Posted On Jun 15, 2019 - 05:34 PM

Yesterday, I went for a team outing and bcos of many fun activities I become so tired and was looking for a massage.

As it is near to my place, I prefer to go for Bangalore Wellness.

There was a new guy , slim, fair, very cute, young, hot and with beard. His name start with 'J'.

After getting my details, he has taken me into the room, locked and asked me to undress, I have done even my undie. He don't mind seeing me naked, then he tie a paper cloth to cover my private parts and had given a nice head massage. And asked me to laydown on my stomach. He removed that paper cloth and kept my legs wider. Omg the way he touches my body and applied oil was very erotic. I got hard-on at the very beginning. Once done on my back. He gave a awesome butt massage touching my ***.
His massage was very seductive, he touches *** holes, under arms, even near to ***. As I am very tired I didn't get continuous ***. So i couldn't get a chance to give him a hint. I guess he is into fun. Wanna try next time

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Posted On Jun 16, 2019 - 05:43 PM

I went today to senti, at 6:50pm, I expected no one will be there, but I could see 3guys one decent and two chubby guy, I thought this decent guy will be a treat for me,
Was about to approach him saw a HUNK, stepping into the room, I was mesmerised, I felt my day was done, after a lot of roaming around and sitting in the pool I *** him to my satisfaction and felt him, but was a paid guy I guess because he left with one of the chubby guy in a big car. But I just loved him, he too enjoyed getting ***. But don't know what stopped him from having me with him..

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Posted On Jun 17, 2019 - 11:35 AM

Went to cl*b Cit**s at Indira Nagar, wanted to avoid driving, just went by metro as it is next to metro station. Was awesome experience. Masseur a fair NE guy Ku**r. Both massage and fun was very nice. Gave me a very thin disposable undie which could hardly cover my tool and back. When he came back I was still changing, did not mind seeing me naked. started with back massage. Did some massage dry on back. loosened the strips from back and started butt and between thighs too. Pressed with hands in *** area and also he was putting the hands from back all the way down touching the co*k. I was fully erect. He did it a few times and gave good massage too in thigh area. Was really nice feeling. He was moving around the table for massaging different parts and I too tried to touch his c**k with my feet and hands too, but could not reach :) :) His soft touch was really awesome.
Then he asked me to lie on back to massage stomach side. He did not even tie back the undies. My erect one was standing up hard with a loose disposable undie on it. He started massaging the thighs and leg. And gradually touched my co*k again and started massaging it with oil. Aarh.. what a great feeling. I tried touching his tool but he now refused. He allowed me to touch his butts and press it. I lifted his T shirt and su**ked his boobs lifting my head, he has a sexy chest. he gradually continued shaking my tool and by this time the undie was completely gone. finally I threw out my load. What a great feeling it was. Even better part was, I felt the massage too was good. Just wiped my *** with the towel and continued the massage. I lied closing my eyes and even slept for a minute or so. Was a great experience. Will definitely go again next week.
Very clean, awesome ambiance, good massage, great fun. Only room is a bit congested. Overall a very good experience after a long time with a masseur.
800 (Nearbuy) + Tips (masseur is not much money minded and was not even waiting for tips, I went inside and gave him after bath).

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Posted On Jun 18, 2019 - 04:24 PM

Bangalore Wellness in Bellandur - visited last Saturday.
- No fun
- 900 rs for 45 mins massage
- Massage was also bad.

Radiant Spa - Bannergatta road
- Massage was very good
- cost 1000 rs
- Rooms are very clean
- No fun

Raj Star Salon, Maratahalli
- Massage good
- He will even show starting time. Good guy.
- Touches you every where, I had to jerk myself.
- But he won't let you touch him (even for extra tips) or maybe i didn't try enough :P
- Cons: Place is unhygenic, towels not clean.
- 600 rs. Value for money.

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Posted On Jun 18, 2019 - 07:11 PM

Went to BWC last to last week and last week based on reviews here. First time got T**y as the massager. He is 5 ' 2" Mallu. Personally did not find him attractive. From his expression it is clear that he is not into hanky Panky. Just enquired him about lingam massage but he said he does not do that.
Next time got the twink (forgot his name) Found his massage much better, particularly his strokes. But his communication is not very good. It felt like it will be a task asking him for fun. So did not ask him nor did he ask anything after massage.

I found this place is a bit expensive considering the ambience and massage. Also these guys are not into fun. At least that was my experience and the claims of guaranteed fun are surely false.

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Posted On Jun 27, 2019 - 05:10 AM

Just came back from 7C spa indiranagar very nice massage was given by the new therapist who has joined there He will give you good happy ending.

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Posted On Jun 27, 2019 - 02:53 PM

@luvguys24 thank you for reminding 7c again and again.
FYI I went there last week and I got Jason and he straightaway said ₹1000 for extras even for a hj. As soon as massage got over. I said I don’t want it. He then said bargaining. From 1k he kept on reducing 100 on each bargain and stopped at 500.
I said I don’t want it. And he started why you don’t want it etc. I just left never to return back again.

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Posted On Jun 28, 2019 - 01:49 PM

Hi just wanted to say that the new therapist at 7c takes only 500rs for hj and not 1000 like someone mentioned earlier

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cute boy
Posted On Jun 28, 2019 - 04:19 PM

I called sento. They said they fully shutdown steam bath/sauna due to management decision. As sento is only japanese bath. They will be providing only hot water pool bath and shower for 700.

Guys dont be *** addict to go for fun.
Just if you need good relaxation it good place.

Please take out from your mind *** thoughts or fun. Dont club fun in that. Its japanese traditional bath.

Beaware that is not *** meetups or for hookups or happening place.

Its a common bath house for all visitors n people who direct walkin to sento. Its not meetup or gay spot.

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Posted On Jun 29, 2019 - 04:40 PM

Had an amazing experience in Sento today!

I always felt more than the *** part, seduction is what keeps me on toes

I had a similar experience in Sento today

I reached by 3.30 & went inside the changing area, when I opened the door of the pool there was an old man bathing alone! Was so disappointed but decided to go in. I lost my clothes & got nude. Went inside the pool area, took bath & got inside the hot pool! By then the old man had left so I was all alone. Got bored came out in 20 mins & was about to change!

Saw a guy entered the changing area & I stopped for while & decided to go back to the pool. Got nude & opened the door! To my surprise a hot, super hot Japanese guy was nude in the pool. With my *** jumping in joy, I entered the pool too. We smiled at each other and I slept next to the hot guy in the pool. He was very well built with six packs! We started talking. In between we both got out of the pool, sat on the edges & talking. We both noticed each others ***! I complimented his body!

After a while he got up to take bath. Couldn't take my eyes off his bum! Very tight & milk white! I was just watching him throughout his bath. Got a hard on! I got up from the pool with my rod on! He noticed & just asked if I stay at the hotel there. I said no! We both started talking about *** and how Indians have medium size where as Japanese have small. As we both were top we didn't do anything else.

Both of us got out of the bathing area together. Changed clothes. As he left I waited for another 5 mins! But no one turned up

Not worth for 700 bucks. As I do it for the thrill of getting seduced, I may go once more after making sure that the place is crowded with people

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Posted On Jul 1, 2019 - 07:10 AM

Hi guys. Wanted to update on a massage place I visited yesterday. This is for those who are interested in mature 40+ massage therapists as most posts on here are about young 20-something therapists. I visited ISTA ayucare in Rajajinagar and got a massage therapist who was in his 50s from Kerala. Typical uncle with a beefy body. He was definitely my type, but for those not interested in mature uncles, this guy won't be for you. I got there and was escorted to the massage room. The place is very clean, big and spacious. The therapist gave me a disposal underwear type thing, and I immediately said I don't want to wear it as it is quite chunky as asked him if it was ok to take it off and be nude. That i would prefer that. He said that's fine and then said "I'll close the other door to the hallway as well". I took this as a hint that he knew what I was expecting. I lay on the massage table on my stomach so he proceeded to massage my back and legs, and he also started to massage my butt. All very very sensual strokes as I said I don't want it too hard. Soon he started to slowly run his hands through my butt crack. At this time, I was so *** hard. He continued running his hands from my feet all the way up to my ***. At this point, I purposely kept moving around, lifting my butt. I think he liked my *** as well as it's quite a bubble butt. Soon, his hands were caressing my hole. Soon after this, I turned around so he could massage my front side and he clearly saw that I had a big hard on. He then started to tease my ***, by which time I moved my hand to touch his ***. he was also very hard. Then he straight up asked me if he should take out his ***. I said yes, and started *** his nice sized ***. I then told him to take off all his clothes. He was a bit hesitant and said no, but I insisted and then he agreed to take his shirt off and pull down his pants. At this point, we literally were having full on ***. The best part was, I got to see his *** which was totally bubble smooth big ***. I rimmed him for a good 15mins. I wanted to *** him but he said he doesn't do that but he could *** me. I didn't want that yesterday so said its ok. We ended up having more oral *** and finished off.

Massage - 9/10
fun - 10/10

I would suggest visiting the place. If you want the guy's name, please private message me. Or just call directly and make an appointment.

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Posted On Jul 2, 2019 - 02:17 PM

Had gone to ISTA ayurveda in Rajajinagar. Good place and the massage ws gr8. However, it ws totally professional and there ws no hanky panky. I did not giv any signal as usual. Still I got the feelin tht the 50+ yr old mallu therapist is straight. He did not venture anywhere near the groin region. Dint even bother to look whn i ws changing as well. Mayb if u giv the right signals he may respond. Dont knw. anyways had a long converation wit him. He did say tht there are a lot of customers today. Mayb due to the post in ohmojo. The spa is givin away appointments evry hour. So he ws complainin tht hes not even gettin time to complete a normal massage.
This ws my xperience. Its a ayur hospital and well maintained. Hopefully people wil not create an issue for the masseur by tryin shady things

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Posted On Jul 2, 2019 - 03:48 PM

Visited Gloria 2 Spa in HSR near Somsundarapalya due to a recommendation by someone in the forum. Very disappointed. Bought the voucher from the
Nearbuy app for 1299 for Signature Massage as per the description which was supposed to be 60 minutes massage which actually turned out to be
rubbing oil for near 40 minutes with no signs of pressure points identified or relief to be provided for the tense muscles.

To begin the place is situated in some Garage kind of setting on the first floor and is shady as hell. There are no rooms but wooden partitions with fake climbers growing
all over and creepy interiors with no roofs so that a single sigh that you take is heard next in the room adjoining you. Had asked for the Male masseur and they
quite rudely said for we dont offer cross gender massage. However once I got into the room and was undressing a guy got into the next room and was on call.
Soon in 10 minutes there was a woman masseuse in the room and 15 minutes with all her bangles clinking in tandem she was clearly offering him an Handjob.
So people on the hunt of the female massuese can visit this place.

Coming to my massuer he is an only male masseur maybe and is young mallu chap and I dont know his name and please do not ask the same in Direct Messages.
He asked me to undress and went to get oil. Wore the disposable undies quite low and started massage on my front and asked me to lie on my back facing upwards.
He didnt venture into inner thighs region or went any down after the navel. Did a mediocre job for 20 mins and asked me to turn over. Now he rolled the undies to make
them like a thong and expose my butt cheeks. So got excited. However for next 15 mins once didnt go in the inner thigh region or massaged the *** cheeks by mistake also.
Went on to massage upper back and kept sliding the undie a bit low during his strokes. Asked him to lose them. He did instantly again some amount of excitement and no action
even after dropping several hints. Asked him massage inner thighs and would tip you so guy chose to not understand what I said and massaged butt cheeks from outside.

Asked me to turn over and came near my head and massaged chest again. Asked him to play with nipples again after showing via Sign language chose to not
understand what I meant. I could not speak with fear of being overheard as I already was listening to the conversations of the next guy and his female masseuse.
Got frustrated finally and asked him to make the steam and shower ready and he informs no steam only shower. Took a shower and left.

Massage: 5/10
Ambience: 3/10
Fun: 2/10
Value for Money: 3/10

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Posted On Jul 2, 2019 - 06:38 PM

@saarth12... If you are in need of a real good massage, you can visit Avyang healthcare in HBR layout. The male massuer there is well trained and and does a great dry massage before putting oil. If you have tight muscles etc, this would be a great massage to go for. However, he didn't massage the *** and neither I asked for. He ventures within the disposable with clear massage strokes.

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Posted On Jul 3, 2019 - 02:36 PM

Had been to Prakruti BSK. Dark mallu guy talks a lot. Massage was ok with fun. He said he would leaving Prakruti from 3rd of this month.

Massage 7/10
Fun 8/10

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Posted On Jul 4, 2019 - 01:08 PM

Four fountain JP Nagar.

Fun 0/10
Massage 6/10

Keva BTM layout. Had fun with straight guy.

Massage 10/10
Fun 9/10

Four fountain Sadashiv nagar. Hot masseur.

Massage 8/10
Fun 10/10

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Posted On Jul 7, 2019 - 05:54 AM

yesterday i went to Sushruta Ayurvedic its a nice place i went at 1:30 a lady was sitting in reception she asked my name for conformation and she said to pay 1000rs i paid and was waiting for my turn and i got mine
and i went inside he gave me disposable langoti and i wearied it and he said to sit and he started massaging my head and then my hands and then he said to lay down first he started massage my back massaged my shoulder and then he came near the leg he was teasing me then he removed the lagoti from back then i gave him a hint and he massaged my *** crack tried to finger it and then he said to turn front and he massaged my belly and then he massaged my legs and touched my balls and i was quiet and then after finishing the massage he said to come this side but i got up and he said lay down he remove my langoti and started giving hand job i touched his *** he said wait and went to bathroom washed his hands he got nude and i was giving hand job and i wanted to give him blowjob and i said to wash his *** and come he did it and i gave him blowjob and he gave me a hand job then i bathed and came outside by tipping him

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Posted On Jul 7, 2019 - 08:53 PM

So I did visit Sento last Tuesday. Damp squib. Various guys sitting in hot water. One walking up and down holding small towel partially covering his ***. 2 japs visited as well. One of them almost slipped at the edge scary.

The temperature is great. You feel relaxed after it.

That’s all.

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Posted On Jul 9, 2019 - 03:26 PM

Visited the Avyang Spa which has been open in recent times in HRBR Layout. The location can be found easily on Google Map. Just like the one in Kormangala this is also an home converted into a Spa. It has very beautiful Ambience. I went in with an Nearbuy Voucher for 1199 for the massage which is 1 hour and Shower. I called for an appointment and specifically asked for a Male Massuer. When I reached the facility was offered a glass of water to drink and was asked to present the voucher by the guy at the counter. I was again asked if I wished for a male therapist for which I replied in affirmative. He asked me to wait for a couple of minutes while he validated the voucher and then introduced himself to me as the Masseur who will be doing the service.

I was escorted upstairs and let into a very clean Massage room with nice ambience soothing music. I was asked to change into the regular disposable underwear and given 5 minutes to get settled. Then the Masseur came into the room and started with the dry massage and stretches. OH MY GOD! These are the best body stretches and strokes I had so far. He makes you realize how tense your muscles are and at the end of the Stretches you are bound to be relaxed beyond your initial state. He has various types of stretches and they are incredible in giving you relief. Some of these stretches are extremely sensuous and you feel like you are being teased but thats that its a part of the massage. Please do not jump on the masseur and make it not what it is supposed to be. A good Massage. As for me throughout the course of the Massage sexual tension goes out of the window. I am not hard because I am so relaxed and at peace. Finally after 15 to 20 mins of Dry Massage and Body Stretches did he begin with the Oil Massage.

The Massage was divine as well he massaged the front and back with ample attention to strained muscles and good pressure strokes. Finally after another good 40 minutes of Massage let me rest for a while on the bed and went to get the shower started. Informed me I can go ahead and take a shower. I know the *** was not on the table and in this case it didnt matter. The sensual dry stretches and good Massage techniques were enough at the end of the day. Its not always about the cumshot after all.

Ambience: 9/10
Massage: 9/10
Fun: 7/10( Even though it was not sexual but still match to this score)

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