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Expats in India - How do you have fun in India?

Submitted by Voyeur_exhib Location: All India (All India, India)

I am settled permanently abroad and missing out meeting fellow Indians. I just wanted to know from other expats and their friends. How do you have fun when in India? How often do you come to India? How do you balance spending time with friends and family in India and meet potential dates in India at the same time? Where do you travel? Any cities, bars, clubs etc.?

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Extemporaneity *
Posted On Feb 25, 2023

I have settled abroad for 3 years now. I visit India once a year and whenever i come, I first land in Delhi, meet many guys and have fun and then fly to my hometown. Guys, Aerocity delhi is really fun to meet hot Indian guys who are always open to pleasure.

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Posted On Feb 26, 2023

I am personally thinking of spending 3/4th of my vacation time with friends and family. 1/4th of the time, I spend by myself in a big city mostly from which I depart at the trip end. New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad all seem to be good cities to spend time.

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Posted On Mar 6, 2023

I have been settled abroad for a while now. It isn’t hard to meet Indian guys especially in US. So when I visit india I spent most of my time with family. Plus place is a big issue most of the guys here despite being financially capable choose to stay with roommates and most of my encounters with them have been adhoc if their roommates are out. I did explore some fun outdoors but not everyone is down for that. A few of my frnds generally spend a part of their trip in a bigger city like Mumbai, Delhi etc and stay in a good hotel. I think that’s a good idea because bigger cities do offer a lot in terms of gay life. There isn’t a concept of gay bars and clubs but there are gay parties which you can go if you wanna socialize more. Personally I am more *** inclined so Grindr is mostly my bread and butter but if you are lookin for more try tinder and bumble !

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Posted On Mar 6, 2023

Another US expat (lived here 25+ yrs)

Its definitely not hard to meet Indian guys unless you live in a very isolated area and never travel to a big city. Of course, that assumes you are not very picky in meeting only studs. If you are, then its definitely tougher.

Re: travelling to india, if i travel with family, its definitely tougher but still where there is a will, there is a way.

If i travel on business, its quite easy to meet. Grindr definitely helps. I do still cruise as well but I know thats not everyones cup of tea anymore.

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Posted On Mar 8, 2023

I had wonderful experiences in gay life. When I was a teenager, i started my first gay relationship accidentally. The pleasure i received from that guy made me mad and I started searching for tops and vers . I get guys very rarely because I was too afraid of being caught. I just wander in the lonely places and I made many guys happy who approach me. But after the social media influence, i started gay account and had many relationships with many people. Now it's time of Grindr , but that's not lucky thing for me. Because many people use it only to identify the people who is gay. But Facebook I'd is very good. And safe also.

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Posted On Mar 10, 2023

Though not an expat but have lived in over 14 countries. My usual stay in each country is 6 months to 2 years. I always make sure I havevan independent apartment either studio or 1BHK because personally I like my freedom. Guys are easy to get if you have place as most desis stay in sharing accommodation. I also travel alot staying in hotels. So it makes things easier for me. Kind of a nomad wanderer guy 😀

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Posted On Mar 20, 2023

Im from Australia and have been in India 10 months now. I have meet nearly all my gay friends / *** partners via Grindr or blued. I also found phillips Mykonos spa in Delhi and g parties in Mumbai best for fun.
Seems to be more money boys online in Mumbai than Delhi. Lots of young guys contact me even though I prefer older guys. It can be overwhelming how many guys message me - I would never get this in Australia.
Overall its been a great experience in India. I have meet a guy I like in Delhi now albeit married which most of the older ones seem to be. I plan to keep returning to this wonderful country and hope gay married will be legal one day

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Posted On Mar 21, 2023

Was born and raised in navi mumbai and moved to new york city after my undergrad, have been settled here since. Every time I visit India i make it a point to make a plan even before I get there.

I usually try to come at least twice a year, for around total of 6 weeks which I usually divide in 4 weeks (mostly work from home for those and catch up with everyone at my own pace) and 2 weeks where it is dedicated time for my parents and friends

Married to an amazing man so do not date in india but def indulge in a lot of hookups with some of my old fwb’s from my undergrad days.

I do travel on weekends for quick north trips friday-sunday or some nearby beach towns. Usually avoid bars and clubs whenever possible as i get to do that in NYC a lot plus they are not very conversation friendly usually, visiting friends in their apartments for dinners or lunches are way better to catch up.