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Paid services

Submitted by SalmanDear Location: All India (All India, India)

What are the views of members on paid services for gay fun? Do you feel it is appropriate or otherwise? Any good or bad experiences?

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Posted On Aug 28, 2022 - 01:14 PM

Glad to know there's some positivity among so much haterd for the paid service. It is genuine, legitimate and you get what you want. But at the same time only because you're paying money doesn't mean you can do whatever you want without consent.

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Posted On Aug 28, 2022 - 05:42 PM

i have no prejudice over paid guy or escort. but in the name of paid guy, there r many fraud. who ask part advance & block u. so be careful. n if anyone genuine, then better talk clearly so that both hav clarity, about money, what u expect n what he can provide.
& no ,genuine paid guy wil not consider this as time pass. but u should be genuine too. there r not many known parler or center where there can be a possibility of genuineness.

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Posted On Sep 4, 2022 - 02:23 AM

it's a matter of enjoyment for both Tops and Bottoms
where enjoyment is more than money
I am Pure Top Need Enjoyment

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Posted On Sep 7, 2022 - 02:07 PM

Recently I opted for paid service. The guy was humble and good looking. He was a gentleman. My only problem was .... when he started, it was straight out of *** movie. The act, poses and even sequence. Now I m person who is more into romance and I like it slow and smooth.... not at all rough. So I told him so , he tried but then you develop a habit na. Another thing is when guys know that you r bottom, they have an urge to dominate. So overall it was nice but I wish I could have told him what exactly i want in the beginning itself.

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Posted On Sep 10, 2022 - 06:38 AM

It's better to Hire . Nobody bothers -Love n care , inner beauty and all the *** fails. Just mention your needs before engaging in to *** acts

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Posted On Sep 16, 2022 - 01:35 AM

I take services of paid guys regularly

Some str8 for *** , some measure
I enjoy it

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Posted On Sep 22, 2022 - 07:38 AM

I never used paid service. But now a days I noticed that commercial guys have increased. Even on Grindr, I'm seeing a lot. Shockingly most of them are below 23. For most of them, it has become the money making option(I do know some are just fake). Even after saying no, they try to attract by sending nude pictures and even video calls. And they even start reducing the amount. Some youngster are going in bad direction.

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Posted On Sep 25, 2022 - 03:18 PM

I was never ever disappointed for paid services

check - book - hook - have fun - pay and leave. Delhi has always been #1 for paid services.. because guys there are no less them models and less than 2k, 1K and on offer days 800 :)

but few prior research is always better. in fact i walked off near 2-3 guys when i really didnt like and paid some money to them just bec i have wasted their time.

But please choose wisely and be careful

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Posted On Sep 27, 2022 - 08:21 AM

Paid services are good in the sense you can get a guy when YOU are ***. Otherwise, one has to wait if somebody else has place. For money's sake young hot guys would not mind having *** with older guys which they would otherwise decline. I know a paid guy who offers free *** to young hot guys but charges money from old ones. I pay him because I am old.

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Posted On Sep 27, 2022 - 09:00 AM

Meri to koi free me bhi nhi leta. Bhagwan ne rang kala kya diya , pic dekh kar hi reject kar dete h. Paid ki dur baat h.

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Posted On Sep 30, 2022 - 03:58 PM

Is paid guy is option for person who want first time *** and is afraid of pain and all

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Posted On Oct 1, 2022 - 02:48 AM

I prefer paid if u have money
Its safe n easy

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Posted On Oct 1, 2022 - 10:57 AM


You can try paid for first time also but be very clear on what you want with the service provider. Openly tell him that you are afraid of pain and whether he can handle you nicely.

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Posted On Oct 1, 2022 - 10:58 AM


You are getting rejected for whatsoever reason should not dampen your self respect.

You can also try paid service in the sense that you need to pay and you may get some one of your choice

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Posted On Oct 1, 2022 - 11:00 AM


You are right.....i have seen such comment in Grinder where they say that for age above certain limit, they will charge

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Posted On Oct 6, 2022 - 03:00 PM

As i mentioned earlier in my comment that by paying money anyone can fill his wish. Today i got f#ked by 3 tops
And i full filled my wishes. I tried all positions
One my life time wish that 2 will li@ked my nip$$es and one will su$$ my weapon

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Posted On Oct 7, 2022 - 03:43 AM

There is nothing wrong in availing paid service as far as the guy is genuinely worth the money. But there are more fraudulent ppl exploiting this and creating a bad image. After all the much sought after male to male massage is also a paid service . I have come across some straight guys doing it for the sake of money to study or to manage the families n some who are bi do it for fun n why not make some money while having it. However if we get what we looking for that’s shouldn’t be an issue. But the quality of paid services in our country is poor

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Posted On Oct 7, 2022 - 04:51 AM

yes if we got good enjoy with a good partner then paid service not bad its good in safty or enjoyment way

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Posted On Oct 7, 2022 - 06:11 AM

It happens in all fields. Not just massage .

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Posted On Oct 7, 2022 - 09:07 AM

I don't think we have paid escorts in INDIA. The true escort knows the essense of this work.. from his presentation to his behavior... to his act... He knows CUSTOMER SATISFACTION... He is proud of his work...
Masseurs who offer ++ services are not escorts but more like whores... for those who dont know the difference..

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Posted On Oct 7, 2022 - 10:41 AM

@dramsheth, absolutely.
I think you should start an escort service yourself , with you being the first true indian escort and show these whores their worth.

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Posted On Oct 8, 2022 - 08:02 AM

Horrible experience with a commercial guy. spent almost 3.5 L in 6 yrs. now I prefer not to b wd commercials.

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Posted On Oct 9, 2022 - 07:22 PM

People who charge money can never be sincere in their life no matter what it is. *** or normal life.

Normally Prostitutes or Transgenders earn money because people don't give them such importance in life neither they're accepted in normal culture though things are changing now. Such Prostitutes or Transgenders will never involve in any such activities after their work is done of earning money against ***.

But these gigolos or men who charge some money also are very dangerous. Can harm you long-term. The cases we see in news are similar cases where things just start with a small amount of money and then u r trapped and blackmailed. Such Person who sells his body is useless and can never be trusted.

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Posted On Oct 10, 2022 - 02:14 AM

@raju1987 i agreed what u r saying.... Paying for prostitute is ok ,but for gay *** ...i mean seriously... If we have a proper place ..we can get tops/bottoms easily... No need to pay for gay ***... Ha if you rich ,then we can't do anything...

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Posted On Oct 10, 2022 - 03:56 AM

If charging money for *** is bad, then so is for doing office work, teaching , treating patients, serving food; what say?

Even some husbands are not sincere towards their wives, grown upchildren towards their parents and we are judging CSWs?
Most prostistutes are forced into it. They are sold as young girls, raped, tortured. You are okay with it. And male prostistutes who do it on their own , are bad?

don't judge people from your cocoons.

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Posted On Oct 10, 2022 - 05:14 AM

Its not the *** workers who are wrong. But having a market where body can be sold or purchased leads to other terrible crimes like Human Trafficking. It is an undeniable truth that even today little children are kidnapped, sold & bought into prostitution. This is the worst thing that can happen to a child and their family.

We the LGBT community fight the world for our dignity, identity and freedom. How can we overlook crimes happening to children because of the existence of prostitution?

I don’t blame or look down on the people who are forced to be into this profession. It is the greedy people who want to be rich by forcing others into prostitution. We must think by ourselves .. by being consumers of *** services are we enabling those greedy people to do these crimes?

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Posted On Oct 10, 2022 - 08:38 AM

Agreed... Gay *** is available for free.. why to pay for it.. but exceptions are there..
There are few who dont get dates may be due to their body type, colour or physical appearance.. but they have money so they can purchase what they want and is available in market..

On the other hand , their are few who needs money, may be students or the ones not getting jobs or in low paying jobs, they sell their bodies for some money.. so its win win situation for both.nothing wrong.

Problem is when anyone of them crosses the limit.... Some psycho money giver thinks that they have bought the person with money so they can do anything to them, even if against his wish..
On the other hand money taker some times become greedy for more and more money and start blackmailing and other illigal activities..
Like any other market, this *** market is also the same.. u have to keep caution while selling or buying bodies for fun...

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Posted On Oct 10, 2022 - 11:00 AM

*** is not a commodity to buy paying money, in *** there is no business gain.....
It's the mutual fun between 2 parties so paid *** is ba

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Posted On Oct 10, 2022 - 11:48 AM

Lol. A lot of gay prostitutes are getting defensive. You just can't compare prostitutes with doctors, engineers, teachers or any other professionals. You can't. That's it. Why? Because being a whore or a prostitute requires you to simply lay on your back and spreading your legs and *** open for someone else to treat you just as an object of pleasure or a piece of meat. Doesn't matter whether you are getting penetrated or doing the penetration as the prostitute. The fact of the matter is that a prostitute is only going to be a temporary fix or dirty fetish for the user.
There is no emotional bonding between the client and the prostitute. You are just going to be a fuckdoll to your client. Anyone can become a prostitute. Anyone who has low self esteem and has no other talent can become a whore. But not everyone can become a doctor, engineer, pilot or astronaut. You can't say that engineers are just glorified calculators. Millions of lives depend on engineers, doctors and teachers. One mistake and all will end. Do you *** understand? A lot of feminists and gay prostitutes support prostitution and compare it to other professions. That is completely immoral and disgusting. First of all there are no strict rules of having intercourse in prostitution. You can do it whichever way you want. But let's assume that the *** or whore makes a mistake. Even then it's only going to ruin the fun of the user. Your life or the client's life doesn't depend on how well you can *** his *** or how well you can take his *** in your ***. Because of any mistake the only thing you are going to lose is probably your own reputation and nothing else. You will be known as a *** who can take a *** the right way or can't satisfy his or her client. Nothing more than that is gonna be lost. No one's life will get changed or shattered if you fail to give complete satisfaction to your client. That's why it's completely stupid to compare prostitutes to doctors or engineers.

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Posted On Oct 10, 2022 - 01:37 PM

Tanuj69. Your correct 👍
there’s lots of free *** online and cruising places
guys need *** all the time .. some everyday. ..
And they give it away for free!! 🤗
Get a regular partner or several friends
Save your money and buy a bike or car

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Posted On Oct 11, 2022 - 01:21 AM

its very good point to discuss but all person have different thinking about *** and enjoyment

yes paid *** good as well as very bad

but its all depend on many conditions like --wt you need

in that not only *** many things
if you got a good frnd for enjoyment then you r too lucky but if got any bad person then u have many problems

but we know well all person not same and so please not consider all in a same way .

i have not much experience but meet regularly meet with only one frnd and we enjoy full when got chance now he shifted in his native
we both full enjoy when we got chance .

yes one thing i want to say to all

we got that life only one time so enjoy its
we do job oe business to make happy life so try to stay happy in any way its paid or free its on you and you luck
thx dear frndz

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Posted On Oct 11, 2022 - 11:19 AM

It is not right to compare one profession with other profession. Or even comparing one work to another work.

At the same time it is equally important to understand that the word "profession" and "professional" are construed differently by general public. We identify the word "profession" with qualification like Doctor, Engineer, CA etc. However, in normal parlance word "professional" is used very loosely. Like some one gives you good service of serving food at restaurant, you will say his work style is "professional". Even some one time electrician or plumber does good work, we call "yeh to professional kam karta hain". So "professional" word is identified with quality work to the satisfaction of customers.

Each human being as basic urges and *** is one of them. So it will be safe to say that *** workers exists since ages. However, it is never considered as respectable work and in India I suppose it is not legal also to be *** worker. So the social stigma and people shaming the *** worker is common. But again it depends on society to society. Even in Western countries, *** workers may not be respected but some countries have recognized them as legal services. So they are expected to give bills for the *** service and pay taxes on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mind well in India even consensual gay *** was illegal only till recent past and it took efforts and courage of many to get it undone.

I will personally not like to make any judgement on *** worker because it will be based on my perception, upbringing and social influence. Its a matter of choice i suppose and would not like to shame some one only because he is a *** worker.

As regards bad experience or blackmail etc. , chances are same in paid as well as unpaid services. So one need to careful any which ways. Many incidences of gay romance through gay dating sites (suppose to be free ***) gets in to blackmailing trap. And that chance is also their in case of paid services.

As regards "why to pay when something is available for free?" I again feel its a personal choice. Lets take a classic example. When you go to good restaurant, the normal water they serve is also of good quality but still many will prefer getting mineral bottle. Can we make fun of them or ridicule them just because they pay for water which was anyway available for free? One can argue about difference but still.

You cook purchase batter of Rs. 40 and make 25 idlis at home. But you prefer to call Idli from Zomato and pay Rs. 150 for 2 pieces of Idli. Again one can argue about difference but still.

You can watch any movie on OTT platform after its release plus 4 weeks wait then why to spend ticket price and popcorn and go to theater? But there is a difference. So again its a choice. Some one may wait for OTT and some one may pay high amount to watch in theater.

So the examples are unlimited and again here also some one may say that there is difference and the actual experience in theater and that at home are not same. However, the main point is why to pay if something is free? is not a question to be posed to someone who is willing to pay and buy. Period.

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Posted On Oct 11, 2022 - 11:52 AM

Salman dear, absolutely. Maybe they are feeling jealous that some is getting paid for what they are offering free ;)

I have enough money to buy a car. I am not buying one, as I don't need one. It should be fine if I go for paid ***, right? ;)

Jokes and taunts apart. Let those who want to have paid ***, have it. They have their reasons for it. Nobody is forcing everyone to go for it.
We can discuss about what are the dangers and what precautions to take while going for paid ***; just like we discuss about risks and precautions w.r.t. ground cruising and online dating.

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Posted On Oct 11, 2022 - 03:50 PM

Personally, I would never pay for *** but then, I am a guy who has seen myself in the mirror and hence doesnt have too high of a standard :-).

However, what is about the LGBTQ+ community that we like to judge other people so harshly (see this and the fem thread)? Maybe someone prefers the convenience? Maybe someone doesnt want to cruise and *** *** in a smelly toilet? Maybe someone isnt attractive enough to get the type of guy they want? Maybe they have some other reason they prefer to pay? Why does it matter to you. Its their money.

To the guy who said *** is not a commodity to buy using money, dude, people have been paying for *** for as long as money has existed. There is a reason prostitution is called the oldest profession.

And let me say this, most men pay for *** in one way or the other at least in the str8 world. You take a girl out on expensive date after expensive date and hope that she opens her legs up for you. Or you pay an escort to make it a sure thing. Sure, there is a difference in how you may feel in one versus another and how you paid.

In the same vein, how many stunningly pretty wives do you see married to some butt ugly indian guys. What do you think those arranged marriages were based out of? And did you think those women would have married those guys if there were not literally rolling in money?

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Posted On Oct 12, 2022 - 11:11 AM

I love paid *** .... My choice, my money, no strings attached and on my own terms.

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Posted On Oct 13, 2022 - 01:08 PM


Thanks for kind words and reading the post.

You are absolutely right and i have already pointed that in my post that there always lies a difference in paid vs free. However, the point which was debated is why to pay if something is available for free? And as you right pointed, there lies a difference and its once own choice.

100% agree with you

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Posted On Oct 13, 2022 - 05:18 PM

You get food at home but still go to hotels. We can watch movies on TV but still go to theatre. There is bus and train but some prefer cab...... It's a paid *** not love or relationship.

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Posted On Oct 14, 2022 - 04:29 AM

@nagesh you well said

its realty we just thing about *** not about enjoyment but overall we all do that for enjoyments only as like othere enjoyment activity similarly we for that they why we think in different way for ***

if we pay for movies fun park and other hotels food then why more thing about *** enjoyment .

*** enjoyment very good for body relaxation its make full body active and energetic

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Posted On Oct 16, 2022 - 06:22 PM

I am always against such guys who charge money for *** and more worst are the people who pay them. They encourage all this and then we have such crimes and frauds. Plz stop this it should be for pleasure with no money involved.

Wherever you involve money forget ur privacy unless u r a big shot who knows how to handle such bastards

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Posted On Oct 18, 2022 - 04:12 PM

I thinks its paid services are totally fine,
If u like/afford u can go for it. Nobody force u to pay.
Its ur choice.

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Posted On Oct 19, 2022 - 03:26 AM

@fitmayank you right

its all depend on both partners and no one force for that if u need or agree then only you meet otherwise try any other but mostly its safe and secure .

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Posted On Oct 23, 2022 - 02:45 AM

Hi People
Just wanted to give some advice and this is coming out of worst experience, I am not saying bad I am saying worst experience.

Please don't pay any advance or share your original id proof or agree to pay any security deposit, booking cab is fine or booking with very minimal charges is fine.
But please please don't pay advance or id proof. Cant say anything more

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Posted On Oct 29, 2022 - 03:46 AM

@samu its good information as u share
But here too many fake and cheater so all think same due to one bad person all society seems bad

Plz dear frnd chat clearly and respect eachother felling and enjoy life

Paid ita very safe but not all same so think qnd decide good

Try to enjoy life every movement

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Posted On Nov 5, 2022 - 11:18 AM

People don't mind paying Lady Prostitutes whatever the charges.

But they make nakhraas when it comes to paying Guys and Crossdressers even if the charges are nominal.

It's like having *** with guys/CDs is their RIGHT.

Getting ready and trying to look decent takes an effort and there is a cost that goes into that.

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Posted On Nov 5, 2022 - 11:32 AM

Usually most of the straight/bi guys relying on paid services with guys because of cost.. even they will.bargain with girls too..
If cd and shamel charge the same.. that is what they feel.. why should I pay..
If a guy is genuinely looking for a cd/shemale then they will pay.. because they don't want girls.for sure.. that's the difference...
And most of the paid service providers are rude.. if you talk little nice.. I mean for example.. not like street vendor or road side shop vendor selling goods.. but like a sales person in a mall or jewellery shop... That's the trick

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Posted On Nov 6, 2022 - 02:42 AM

Dear all frndz please think that *** is also just a enjoyment way we pay for othere entertainment and enjoyment activity then why we think bad about paid *** .its also same like othere pay and use .in that just mutual agreement not force if both person agree then only processed otherwise its not a forcefully..

Yes if some one realy want with a special person or that person's paid then as like other mall and movie theater you need to paid he fix that charge and enjoy it dont think too much about money just enjoy full that moment because you pay for that so enjoy life and be happy.

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Posted On Nov 9, 2022 - 11:35 PM

I would love having fun with men and been like this from young age. I also know that I have some needs beyond emotion and trust with my partners and I love when I’m returned with monetary benefits. It’s the same for all people who’ve been with me they always return.

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Posted On Nov 11, 2022 - 06:35 PM

I feel paid is ok. Am pure bottom and need someone who can do as per my wish and requirements. Other may just look for their satisfaction and behave badly. My opinion

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Posted On Nov 17, 2022 - 01:05 PM

I Never Encourage Paid Services, I have personally met Many Gays & Even Staright Guys who love to get blow job, first they meet you, try to be Friends and then after few days They start demanding Money under name of Various Emergencies. I met One guy who after i met him Said He is a paid Guy... Quite Dissapointing it was ! I avoid Any sort of Money Transactions with my *** Partners, if its about renting a place i make sure to Dtuch....No Favours Needed No Favours Given...We are meeting for Mutual pleasure let that be the focus.

Paid *** encourages lot of Wrong things !

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Posted On Nov 17, 2022 - 08:25 PM

Bit i have observed that many paid guys give it service compared to the regular guys you find at the loos
But they should be genuine paid guys not some Money borrowing jackasses

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