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Paid services

Submitted by SalmanDear Location: All India (All India, India)

What are the views of members on paid services for gay fun? Do you feel it is appropriate or otherwise? Any good or bad experiences?

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Posted On Aug 28, 2022 - 01:14 PM

Glad to know there's some positivity among so much haterd for the paid service. It is genuine, legitimate and you get what you want. But at the same time only because you're paying money doesn't mean you can do whatever you want without consent.

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Posted On Aug 28, 2022 - 05:42 PM

i have no prejudice over paid guy or escort. but in the name of paid guy, there r many fraud. who ask part advance & block u. so be careful. n if anyone genuine, then better talk clearly so that both hav clarity, about money, what u expect n what he can provide.
& no ,genuine paid guy wil not consider this as time pass. but u should be genuine too. there r not many known parler or center where there can be a possibility of genuineness.

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Posted On Sep 4, 2022 - 02:23 AM

it's a matter of enjoyment for both Tops and Bottoms
where enjoyment is more than money
I am Pure Top Need Enjoyment

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Posted On Sep 7, 2022 - 02:07 PM

Recently I opted for paid service. The guy was humble and good looking. He was a gentleman. My only problem was .... when he started, it was straight out of *** movie. The act, poses and even sequence. Now I m person who is more into romance and I like it slow and smooth.... not at all rough. So I told him so , he tried but then you develop a habit na. Another thing is when guys know that you r bottom, they have an urge to dominate. So overall it was nice but I wish I could have told him what exactly i want in the beginning itself.

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Posted On Sep 10, 2022 - 06:38 AM

It's better to Hire . Nobody bothers -Love n care , inner beauty and all the *** fails. Just mention your needs before engaging in to *** acts

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Posted On Sep 16, 2022 - 01:35 AM

I take services of paid guys regularly

Some str8 for *** , some measure
I enjoy it

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Posted On Sep 22, 2022 - 07:38 AM

I never used paid service. But now a days I noticed that commercial guys have increased. Even on Grindr, I'm seeing a lot. Shockingly most of them are below 23. For most of them, it has become the money making option(I do know some are just fake). Even after saying no, they try to attract by sending nude pictures and even video calls. And they even start reducing the amount. Some youngster are going in bad direction.

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Posted On Sep 25, 2022 - 03:18 PM

I was never ever disappointed for paid services

check - book - hook - have fun - pay and leave. Delhi has always been #1 for paid services.. because guys there are no less them models and less than 2k, 1K and on offer days 800 :)

but few prior research is always better. in fact i walked off near 2-3 guys when i really didnt like and paid some money to them just bec i have wasted their time.

But please choose wisely and be careful

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Posted On Sep 27, 2022 - 08:21 AM

Paid services are good in the sense you can get a guy when YOU are ***. Otherwise, one has to wait if somebody else has place. For money's sake young hot guys would not mind having *** with older guys which they would otherwise decline. I know a paid guy who offers free *** to young hot guys but charges money from old ones. I pay him because I am old.

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Monsterck *
Posted On Sep 27, 2022 - 08:36 AM

We need to enjoy life in any way paid or free juat enjoyment

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Posted On Sep 27, 2022 - 09:00 AM

Meri to koi free me bhi nhi leta. Bhagwan ne rang kala kya diya , pic dekh kar hi reject kar dete h. Paid ki dur baat h.

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