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Are Cruising spots slowly dying?

Submitted by rajawadi_randi Location: All India (All India, India)

This is something I have been feeling for a long time now and have noticed a similar pattern in most reviews and spots nowadays.

Cruising spots are slowly becoming more and more scarce, and the act of cruising is becoming more and more risky. Every time I read about a cruising spot nowadays its soon followed by a description of how the place is not happening anymore because of scams and frauds or honeytraps laid by the police. Either that or the place that was once there doesn't exist anymore due to newer construction or developments.

Meanwhile other places which have serious potential of being cruising spots just aren't safe enough because of thugs, goons and *** addicts. Even trusting someone online nowadays has become a fatal risk due to news reports and stories of attacks on the LGBTQ+ community members wherein the victim gets lured and trapped by someone posing to be a member of the community.

I personally have visited cruising spots which were super active in the past only to be completely dead, demolished, and/or risky due to surveillance or thugs/goons nowadays.

I wanna know the community's views on this, do you guys feel the same? Or am I just way too paranoid regarding the entire cruising scene here?

Share your views. All views are welcome.

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Posted On Sep 24, 2022 - 08:34 PM

Old, young, smart, stupid, it doesnt matter whoever it is, the truth is that cruising spots are dying a quick death, especially in Bangalore.
The closing down of the mother of all cruising spots, Rajeshwari Theater is perhaps a metaphor for the death of such spaces. But I guess it is also inevitable, there is nothing one can possibly do to stop that. I do not think one can 'create' a cruising spot, especially in these days.
So my funda is, if you are into cruising and know of such a spot, enjoy it until it lasts and let others know too. Coz you never know when that space will be cordoned off and soon turned into another apartment or a mall.

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Posted On Sep 25, 2022 - 09:48 AM

Yes.agara lake was a paradise for cruisers till 2013.i would say of the best best spots i have ever seen.RTO at hulimav is also died coz of development.there was a spot at silk board, it's way gone.

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Posted On Feb 11, 2023 - 11:50 AM

The invention of the "gay" sect (so called "community") was a catastrophy for the sexual freedom everywhere in the world. First reason : because the provocations of the western "gay" gurus led to a hate never seen before against the man to man ***, non only in traditionnal societies, but also in the western countries. A practice which was tolerated before is becoming more and more risky. Second reason : the "gay" sect locks people in invented categories never seen before and it is very difficult to free oneself from it. So more and more men avoid the cruising places because they fear being marked for life. Moreover, the leaders of the "gay" sect don't like the cruising places: they prefer the "gay marriage". Third reason : the growing "online meat market" like grindr, etc. is responsible of the gradual disappearance of the cruising spots and turns cruising into a boring and often disappointing practice. This is my opinion, based on my long experience and many travels worldwide, and I don't think I am wrong.

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Posted On Feb 13, 2023 - 10:24 AM

This is an interesting thread and No I don’t think you are paranoid this a truth cruising spots are dying. But in my opinion this is an inevitable change. Cruising spots were a necessity in early days with no internet no apps they were somehow the only ways gay men met each other. Your success depended on how good are you at the art of cruising. In a secluded place the action was more bold, in a busy spot the idea was to be subtle and identify a prospect before making a move. Some people brought up an excellent point about movie theaters that were a safe heaven for the community. Unfortunately these are gone most of them have closed or are on the verge of closing. In my opinion people running these had known for ages what goes along in them but for one reason or another they operated allowing people to play in a much safer environment.

Now let’s come to public loos. Because these are open to everyone and visited more frequently by straight/homophobic people the play needs to be more subtle and cautious. If you aren’t careful the word spreads in the wrong communities causing it to become an easy target for honey trapping and goon let’s be honest most of the guys goin out cruising are discreet and low key they don’t wanna get into trouble hence easily blackmailed into looting.

Most of the guys I see cruising do it for the kink the act of having fun outside with a rush being caught. But it needs to be done with caution. Know the laws and take a calculated risk. If a place is under radar leave it for a few days. Just because you are out cruising does not mean you have to get lucky. It’s always gonna be a hit and a miss. Use eye contact and basic cruising etiquettes. Spread a word in the community if a good spot comes up and warn others if a spot goes bad.

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Posted On Feb 13, 2023 - 10:35 AM

@amorous_desir well said buddy. Shortly you mentioned everything and in very effective way. As many of us do Crusing we should always help each other if any good or bad happening at any Crusing spot

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Posted On Feb 13, 2023 - 01:51 PM

I don't think cruising places shall disappear. Because it is the only way to have successful encounters. The "online meat market" do not work. A profile and even a photo is nothing. You must meet the guy, look at him, feel his desire. You must click together. All this is impossible without physical meeting. Even if the "traditional" cruising places disappear, everywhere shall become a cruising place. For instance I was in Pune, a city which is now less than zero for cuising, and I had *** with the security guard without being in a cruising place.

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Posted On Feb 14, 2023 - 07:05 AM

I also don't like online searching people to meet this is west of time
and increased our feelings to meet with someone, after long chatting we not getting any helpful result
some of people showings fake profile this is also west of time and upsetting our mood
my requests with like minded people to make healthy cruising sports in our city's this is helpful.

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Posted On Feb 14, 2023 - 10:32 AM

Yes, there used to be many in earlier days.for.eg, agara lake was a heaven once.what all used to happen inside, day and night.wow..such a huge lake , and bushy both the sides of walk way.and there are many spots where we could go too inside and enjoy.then there was a spot opposite side of the lake.now there is a huge building of BBMP I guess.and coming to silk board junction, there were 2 spots.one is at the main road itself, towards Marathahalli side and the 2nd one was lil inside(and there is a public toilet now).Udupi gardens park was the next best once.and there was a vacant place next to jayadeva once.and there was a hidden place in between appolo and Fortis hospital on Bannerghatta road.arekkare forest was a best one once.now they made it so private.RTO office side fast vanishing because bof construction.arekkare lake opp bata showroom is also getting renovated.the ground opp Meenakshi mall was the best in the recent times.but that's also gone as they r constructing walls all over their property.they literally cleaned the whole space.and last but not the least, the vacant spot at singsandra ,opp royal Enfield showroom is also fast vanishing as they have started some construction.it was really a damn good place.and there was a hidden spot next to singsandra lake,which has gone way long ago.

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Posted On May 16, 2023 - 11:44 AM

Many spots become risky because of selfish people who come for looting, timepass, etc. Naturally if a crime takes place, Police become cautious with such places and free movement becomes restricted. Just 1 happening will stop most of the people going there. Yes, urban transformation is also a cause.

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