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Fun while traveling in flight

Submitted by Dsrimojo * Location: All India (All India, India)

I had few encounters while flying

Please do share your experiences here

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Posted On Oct 14, 2021 - 06:12 PM

I had experience in flight while my andaman visit

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Posted On Oct 14, 2021 - 08:09 PM

Well you girls r lucky, i can only dream of fun in airport let alone in a plane, i just used to ogle cute flight attendants (men), everytime they walk up and down the aisle, my head gets turned towards them in admiration and appreciation of their beauty! Most of their attitudes are not pleasing, so i don't feel anything beyond a good eye-***..

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Posted On Oct 16, 2021 - 08:37 AM

i seduced few men during my journeys... luck turned up 3 times ...... exchanged numbers .. planed matting/meeting in hotel ........

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Posted On Oct 17, 2021 - 06:25 AM

How do u seduce men in airport, pray tell for the benefit of everyone.

The best i could do was find nearby one in geo based dating apps and then they r near boarding gates on different destinations.

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Posted On Oct 17, 2021 - 06:27 AM

wingedcupid : can u rephrase... i didnt get the message what it was intended...

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Posted On Oct 17, 2021 - 06:49 AM

Guideme, i was asking for tips and techniques to meet and have *** with men in airports

Dating apps don't work as i often find men heading to different locations so its just a meet and greet, nothing more

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Posted On Oct 17, 2021 - 05:41 PM

Not very sure of how things work in domestic airports as there is usually not much layovers but in international ones, things work pretty well through dating app. Meet guys waiting in transit for their flights and move over to a restroom. Gotta keep it tight though because airport restrooms are cleaned much more often and because they don't have closed cubicles, chances of other passengers interrupting/getting creeped out are quite high. Also, because it's an airport there usually ain't a lot of dark corners and unsurvaillanced areas. Quite risky if you ask me.

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Posted On Oct 17, 2021 - 09:03 PM

I usually cruise around Airport loos and have spotted hung guys while urinating several times... I really wish I knew how to talk to them into getting more Outta it. I mean how do you really talk to strangers. Please advise

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Posted On Oct 18, 2021 - 05:07 AM

In international airports, added complexity could be there due to local laws, dare not open your fly in middle East :-) you wouldn't then be able fly ever in life time. So it's all eye-*** and eye-*** mostly.

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Posted On Oct 18, 2021 - 07:43 AM

Well it's actually happened with me last year. Me and my friends planned to visit Darjeeling. Tickets prices were bit cheaper because flights were slowly started opening after the lockdown. We reached Mumbai international airport early in the morning around 4. Airport was not very much crowded. We finished the COVID guidelines protocols and security checking procedures and went to near the dedicated gate to relax. My friends we're just taking nap because we got up quite early in the morning. I logged in my Grindr and this cute gym toned flight crew member just pinged me. I wanted him badly😁 He asked me to come to this staff member loo. I followed the direction. As soon as we entered. We removed our masks and started kissing. He unzipped and took out his ***. It was not long but quite thick. I *** for good 10 minutes or so. It was quickie and he cummed a lot inside my ***. Aaah!!quite satisfied he was looking. Then we cleaned and bid goodbye 😊. It was unexpected. It happened so quickly that I pinched myself to realize that it was for real.

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Posted On Oct 18, 2021 - 02:25 PM

In flight it just not possible, unless it's a long journey extends more tan 6/7 hours, where u get a blanket, in that situation u can slide your hand to touch your ur neighbour's ***, if he responds, if he also covers his spot with blanket, it's merely ur luck not always

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Posted On Oct 18, 2021 - 05:34 PM

@Neeta Actually I went to the public look first. But this crew member guy indicated me to come outside and followed him to the staff look which is just opposite to the public loo. He was waiting for me outside the door. Luckily the security guard was not there. And due to Covid situation airport was not much crowded that day. We had our quickie session for 10 min Or so. He came out first and after few minutes I came.

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Posted On Oct 18, 2021 - 06:53 PM

nice topic .. But sadly it got mixed with experiences on ground like airport loo n all ..

I am definitely a mile high club member so i can share my first Experience in Flight

it was 2016, Fall in USA .. I was traveling from San Francisco to Newyork, tho it was domestic flight It was airbus .. So I checked in n was waiting at boarding gate there was a really chizzled body hot white Gora dude in front of me waiting .. so I initiated a discussion as I noticed he was alone. We talked a bit about our company n jobs .. n then i praised his biceps ( as he was just wearing a tank n half pant ) i also noticed his soft bulge was pretty hot n huge by this time my eyes were falling from his face to crotch .. n then he got call from someone so we parted our ways n guess what one i got in By luck we were seating in middle 4 seat but on asile seats .. damm I smiled at him n waiting for flight to land ..

As it was red eye flight we flight attendant served meal n after dinner lights went off .. i was going through movies n i saw milk was available to
Watch so i decide to watch that movie again ..

While i was watching that movie i noticed he got up twice to take something from his bag n he noticed what I am watching..

Third time he stand up n went to access washroom n after returning he bypassed his aile n came from
My side so i hv to pause movie n stand up n smiled n said sorry n sat just next to my seat i was surprised n then he started talking .. about our job n within a 2 min he changed topic n ask what are u watching n i said its movie named milk .. n he raised his eye brows n smirk at me .. n he said “ ahh u got balls to watch that movie on plain.” To which I said “ U r my inspiration for it “
N we both laughed but this time he got too close to me .. we both were coved by blankets n he put his stromg biceps hand touching to
Me to which i made a move n strated rubbing .. i made another move n started touching his nipples n i noticed he changed side of his croch n i made another move n slowly put my hand in his half pant n his monster *** was errect n also it cut .. i got *** *** .. i was playing with his *** for 10 mins n then he said lets go to washroom ( in flight )

I was bit nervous but followed him .. as lights were off 95% passenger were sleeping n we went to washroom together..

Ohh god what an experience he had amazing body n he removed his easy to wear cloths n I started *** his hard *** n kissing n smooching to him too .. he finally about to *** n i strokked him n he came n now he *** me just a min we hear a some voice so i decided to come out ..

I noticed no 1 was there so went in again .. we had too much body rub n passionate kisss n then he jerked me off .. n we came out washroom n slept next to each other .. we exchanged our number n during my stay in hotel in NYC we had a full fun .

But this is how I entered in High Mile club n yahh flight was *** 37k feet above while we did that ..

Hope u all liked it .

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Posted On Oct 19, 2021 - 12:09 AM

I took my flight to US from chennai to frankfurt. At frankfurt airport i posted in CL(craigslist) aout my flight and layover at FRA. Much to my surprise got an email response from a Hot Sri Lankan Tamil hunk whom i had fun with in a place of his choice and that choice was inside an empty sleep room for FRA employees he could use and that top hunk made the best use of me & the room.

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Posted On Oct 19, 2021 - 03:37 AM

@sudip33 Lucky you😊. Actually in domestic flights it's bit impossible. Unless you're taking long international flights chances are high.

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Posted On Oct 19, 2021 - 05:50 PM

I had so many experiences in my globe travel when flying to Europe via dubai/ flying from Melbourne to Singapore and so forth getting blown up in the air is amazing… it’s an experience in itself if you had the right choice sitting next to you as your travel companion over a 9 hour flight…
Airports and flights are the best spot to meet greet and mate 🤣

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Posted On Oct 26, 2021 - 01:55 PM

I had an experience at ahemadabad airport, this was few years back. This cute guy was running a coffee shop, I went to buy a quick coffee, and we looked into each other's eyes, he asked the other person to look at the shop and went to a nearby toilet, I followed, we shagged but sadly could not do much as there were people coming in , I had to rush but this was a great experience at the airport.. sometime you get lucky and feel like if this could repeat.

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Posted On Feb 19, 2022 - 04:34 PM

Nearly two decades ago the dubai airport had just started a gym, swimming pool and hotel above the airport and they were just testing out the facility. During a long layover I decided to take a double massage and booked two appointments as the hotel was practically unaffordable and not worth this (the massage was cheaper). The facilities were relatively new and not as advertised, but most people didnt want to spend this money and the people who used this were very few those days.

The massages were no fun and strict professional (it was the middle east after all) and I came out refreshed and went for the shower stalls where a young man - must be early 20s is in a towel was near the basin and must have shaved and looks at me. This was around 3 AM. He then walks to one of the shower stalls and before entering it removes the towel and I can check out his behind and its glorious. He pitches the towel on the door and enters the stall. He closes the door but doesnt latch it and is checking out the waters and I can check out his *** is stiffening and it looks ravishing.

Its the middle east and anything can happen and I am in two minds. Inside the massage room itself if people are scared what about a shower room.

the man looks at me checking out and I am literally swallowing as my *** is watering. The man looks at me and seems outraged and comes out of the stall. NAKED. I am not sure what to do and also *** scared and smile weakly.
He comes close and tugs at my towel and I hold on to it and ask him in English - is it safe here. There's no one here - I just skinny dipped in the pool its great fun.

I enter the shower stall with him and we have frothy fun for about fifteen -twenty minutes and I am not even thinking of a condom as there is a high of doing this in the airport with a hot looking guy.

We finish and I open the door slightly to check if anyone is there while the man laughs and says dont worry. I move to the next stall and take a shower and change.

But when I thought about it later, I just realised it was absolutely not safe - right from the lack of condoms to doing it in the middle east - avoidable. (was a relief when I checked with the doctor and did my tests when I returned to Singapore)