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Men shows their interest in public

Submitted by Sudip33 Location: All India (All India, India)

Hi back in before era of GR n PR, i herd many men used show their interest in guys by somehow,

Like i heard,

piercing on just on Right Ear.

Piercing on left eyebrows.

Or tattoo on neck of only 3 stars.

What all thing u know ?

I herd some dress code used on Goa beaches when u wanna show u like guys discreetly.

Of course now we can show pride flag, but if someone not out then ?

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Posted On Jan 10, 2024

The best trick is having no trick.
I simply find men in secluded places (parks in late evening, cab drivers, security guards) when they are absolutely lonely with no one around. And I start with normal greetings etc. and I politely ask 'aapko bura nahi manoge to ek baat bolni thi'. They always ask what? Then I say 'muze mard pasand hai. Kya mai aapke liye kuch kar sakta hu?'. If they're straight, they'll say no. Since you're asking politely and since no one is around, they mostly don't take offence and reject you. But if they're interested to experiment, they will agree and show further interest.
Best way is to ask openly with respect.

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Posted On Jan 10, 2024


Yeah I can imagine getting slapped or like beaten for such acts. Idk if anyone has ever gotten such experience and like have successfully succeeded. This is India we are talking about. At least in metropolitan cities this is not possible. As far as my personal experience goes I mean.

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Posted On Jan 13, 2024

somebody commented that some guys take so long responding....'like growing cobwebs in your head'...🤣🤣. it is true! some of the shy guys or those not in the game suddenly feel that somebody has taken interest in them and are very very hesitant to respond. one step back and 2 steps forward...a courting dance.
about being confronted by someone you were staring at (as happened with me).....a quick reply....'you look like someone i know....but it not...sorry'. WALK AWAY.

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Posted On Jan 14, 2024

Lol @LoveLust_1.

I hope you dont try that in real life. Pit jao ge.

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Womaninmanbody *
Posted On Jan 23, 2024

@oh_desi_guy , I have worked at a lot of noida bpo call centres. Drugs, hook up and homosexuality is more than common amongst call centre employees. The uber and rapido bikers parked outside my previous office often complained that men used to blatantly ask them for sexual favours once they reached a secluded spot during the journey.

Mostly you can tell by the dressing sense, face, make up or attitude itself whether some one is gay bottom or not. Many many feel offended but don't be. In my previous office I used to see men with lipstick, make up on their fair and lovely face. They always stood out in a crowd. And you could tell that they were into men. But I look manly. Only on the outside. Deep inside I am a sissy randi gay slutty bitch who would deepthroat any disease free ***.

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Posted On Jan 25, 2024

"Shaadi shuda ho?" (are you married) is a good intro while chatting to young men...have picked up many this way

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Posted On Jan 28, 2024

for me, i never had courage to speak up to strangers in this manner, whether m in a cab or auto or on train or in a public area etc.. i would simply either keep looking at them and make eye contact, and try to give signals if i like them, or just pretend to touch them accidently by walking past them or standing next to them etc., which is inappropriate i know and sometimes it worked sometime it backfired, like about 10 years back , i tried to touch a fellow passenger in a late night bus, while he was dozing off, and it backfired at me in the sense he thought i am a pickpocket and trying to steal his things etc.. and he informed the conductor, it was very humiliating and embarrassing for me and i got really scared, somehow i managed to convince him that i fell asleep and it was my mistake etc.. and changed my seat. so not sure about men showing their interest in public, but we all people here think its an easy way to hook up without much chit chatter and judgement, but its scary too at the same time

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Womaninmanbody *
Posted On Jan 28, 2024

I show interest by revealing little bit of my lacy girly panty or little bit of my bra in public. If any man feels attracted then he would himself approach me. And I also scan people from a distance and observe their actions. I intentionally go to known cruising spots and just try to make eye contact with those type of people who are waiting for my type of people to show up. We both just want a quickie. So if an auto wala or a truck driver sees my panty sticking out of my jeans while I am pretending to tie my shoe laces then he is going to approach me. I intentionally lower my jeans a little sometimes.

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Posted On Jan 28, 2024

Seduced an Indian guy working in an airline lounge in a big city outside of Asia. I am a frequent visitor to this lounge and as such always nice to the people working there, always saying Hi etc. Went to the lounge at around 8am, it had just opened and bumped into this 40 something fit, hot Indian giy who works there. Made small talk and then did a catwalk while trying to find a place to sit. I honestly didnt think anything would happen, but went and sat opposite the bar.
Soon e ough he came to pick up glasses n stuff/clearing a table and he looked st me. With a sparkle in my eyes and a naughty.smile, I looked at him and then his crotch and then again him and bingo, I hit the jackpot.
He made eye movement and head nod and from what I could read his lips said "bathroom". I n9dded and headed straight to the bathroom.
He followed, i kept the door unlocked and he quickly entered. It was a big bathroom. I opened his zip and buckle to let 7.5inch cut monster out. May habe *** for a minute and he said aa raha hai.
I pulled out and there he came gushing....what looked like a weeks worth of ***!
Looking forward to my next visit to the lounge, which will be soon in few weeks!

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Posted On Jan 30, 2024

Recently at Arambol beach Goa I met a Goan guy while walking on the beach just before sunset. We started talking after long glances and exchange of smiles. He took me to an isolated area of the beach and we had a wonderful time in the nude right next to a pathway to the beach. Lovely memories!

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