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Submitted by Lostboy1908 Location: All India (All India, India)

Recently there was news of 4 Men in UP gang *** & thrashing youth met on Grindr. This news is not fake just copy the above in Google and check yourself....I know you all are aware of these crimes happening in the name of cruising or fun mostly online but yet the cases are rising and not to mention i am sure 90% of cases like this are unreported. I don't know why people in our community are being so irresponsible and ignorant on this issue THIS IS SERIOUS..See i am not here to lecture anyone or giving any moral lessons i am just here to ask why still the majority of the people online are not taking this seriously i mean why the *** you guys are taking the risk..I know we have our needs and that needs to be satisfied but you have to be a little aware a tleast i am multiple online platforms and literally met numerous people daily online and they agree to meet at my place or to spend night just by seeing my pic(Obviously i don't invite them) but i think this is the case for everyone around us you have to realize just because of your impulsive fun you life can get ruined...No matter how tough you are you'll get trapped if you ever encounter people they are pretty smart and doing this for a long time so act wisely...I am listing few points to remember before cruising it's up to you if you'll keep this in mind or not -:

1. Do remember to ask 2-3 pics always of the person on the first online encounter (Ask them to send a live pic of them hours before meeting amd verify if they deny *** them off nothing is more important than you safety)

2. If possible try to know about his background (like education, job, family, friends) most probably if he's a criminal he would try to avoid these questions or give unsatisfactory answers.

3. Never Go for the paid ones only if they are verified or known by your friends.

4. Don't write New in city/Visitor/Discreet guy in your bio

5. If possible try to get engage over long phone calls or texting before meeting for fun and if they behave oddly just cancel them off.

6. Lastly a major one if you are really suspicious on any account do step 1 &2 and then make a fake id few hours later and ask the same details if he's lying or giving different answers chances are he's a criminal.

It breaks my heart every time i hear such disturbing news so please be careful guys you have your family, your life , your dreams don't ruin them for some moments of fun by doing anything stupid God bless you all ..Happy cruising

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Posted On Jun 23, 2021 - 04:29 AM

Yes don't get scared. Give him/her last warning ,take the screenshot of threatening. If they repeat them file a complaint in nearest police station.

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Posted On Jun 30, 2021 - 03:19 PM

If at all you get caught having fun somewhere, and if the people who catch you threaten u or try to fleece money, make sure you do not get scared! Even if u are shitting in ur pants, simply stand firm, raise ur voice and walk off. If they dont budge, ask them to come with you the police. Usually such people are habitual offenders, thieves, frauds and will leave the scene if u are serious about getting the cops involved. I still regret getting scared during one such instance and I had to lose a lot of my stuff. If only I had stood firm, it would be so good, even financially and mentally.

There are something one can do to avoid getting cheated or getting caught in compromising situations
1. Never carry valuables when u go to cruise and if u happen to come across such spots while carrying valuables like ornaments, or laptops, card or cash, simply avoid doing anything and come back at a later point.
2. Do not go to random homes or closed places where u cannot escape with someone you just met, it will be like walking straight into a trap in that case. Especially if u feel that the person is very clear about taking you to one particular spot, BE CAREFUL and be ready to leave at any moment.
3. If something goes wrong, do not fear, do not give away your valuables, gay *** is not illegal, yes its wrong to do *** in open spaces, but you cant be physically abused for that, you cant be looted for that. Remember even straight couples make out in parks and they are usually given warning (or a petty bribe, nothing beyond that) and sent off, you do not deserve any punishment beyond that.
4. Google and keep some LGBT organisations/ activists/ lawyers numbers handy just in case you need it. (in most cases you will not)
5. If you are an adult, no one, not even cops can threaten you that they will call ur family and tell them what you are doing, NO, they cannot do that unless you yourself ask them to call your family or friends. Be brave and simply do not undergo any punishment out of guilt.

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Posted On Jun 30, 2021 - 04:47 PM

What if the cops catch u making out in open… sme of them r usually r v harsh against m2m *** , i dnt knw y ? Wat is appropriate in such scenario

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Posted On Jun 30, 2021 - 05:30 PM

The main reason for all the problems is GUILT. This is what the parasites exploit. First - DO not feel guilty for having ***. Gay, Straight, or bisexual. You can have *** with anyone who is an adult with mutual consent. IN India gay *** is still considered a sin and this guilt is the root of all problems. STOP feeling guilty for doing what nature has made you do. Once you are out of that whole guilt mindset be confident and know you are not doing anything wrong. No matter who questions you, it is first of all nobody's business. Second of all, you are NOT doing anything wrong. Having *** in public is an offense I think. SO it should be avoided. Otherwise having *** in private spaces is your private affair and no one's business. So be confident.

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Posted On Jul 1, 2021 - 02:01 AM

Very true.

Also this incident happened to me last week.... I was planning to go chennai. Was looking for commercial top so that i can get satisfied. Pinged a guy and he said 1800. I was ok with that and he shared his whatsapp and i was not sharing when i land chennai i can ping so i kept quiet. After a hr he pinged me do u huv 500 in that online platform saying now i dont huv money can u help. I was shocked. So my inner mind said better avoid this guy and hence avoided......

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Posted On Jul 3, 2021 - 04:40 AM

Wanted to share this but was kinda scared, but somehow after reading all ur experience, here I go...

I love to give 1st lowjob experience to straight man so i made a profile with a girls name... I chatted with many, met some all was going good.. I came across a profile of a sexy cop, he was cute, sent rqst, told him the reality and told him that i would like to blow him.. he called me to his flat near Roadpali, Kharghar. I was really happy as I got him as a friend for life...despite of trains not allowed for all, I traveled through train, taking a risk and reached on Kharghar stn, I generally dnt do ola n all as its expensive but that day, ws so happy that i didnt care n just booked one and met him.

As i entered in, he was in good mood but wasnt friendly he just said seat down and gave his ***... I loved *** him, he then made me sleep and came over me within 5 mins just by rubbing his *** on my stomach. He came....and it started... He went in brought a cloth, wiped his *** n thrown it on my face and asked me to clean his *** on the floor... I did it...

Then i started leaving as he was so unfriendly so der was no meaning to stay n talk to him... As i started leaving he took my watch n said, ye mast hai...i was like ok, then he started asking cash kitna hai tere pas, i understood now its turning bad, I said i dnt have n he started searching my bag, i didnt hv any...then he took his cop belt n started abusing me... He said tere jaise bohot milte hai and hamari gang hai jo tum jaiso ko sabak sikhati hai, ye puri building me cops he rehte hai...to jada awaz mat kar... And he started asking my phone... He saw phonpe app and asked chal ab isse transfer kar... I said bhaiya im jobless ftom last 6 months (i really was) and askes him to leave me but he started abusing more... I somehow managed to give him money and then he took my photo. He said i will keep it and then i just somehow ran away from der... While going he also showed me a very young boys profile n said ab ye next hai...ye to maar khane wala hai... I remembered his name n dp n i contacted that boy and told him not to meet him.

I felt bad as i was searching a friend but all i got is this experience. The way he had disgust in his words while saying "tum jaise log bohot milte hai" was very very disturbing... Im glad im out now but somehow he has my personal number now so im also kinda scared.

Some good things happened that are I also has his personal number linked to his bank acc, i have his real profile link and know whr he stays... I will certainly not going to spare him.

Take care people, all are not friends even if they talk friendly. TC.

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Posted On Jul 3, 2021 - 06:22 AM

Guys some guys creating mess
There are two guy from malad
They have many account on (blued/walla) other I dnt know some account like paid top type
They say they have nice size and go for threesome and all

I said I dnt want .. am okay with one person ..
So it was late around 7pm and they called me to dana pani( near aksha beach )
From my inner I was like not to go such place .. but was so *** and they way he chated made me more ***

So I went .. but before reaching I asked him are u alone or with frand .. he said he is alone .. he asked my number but I didnt share I I said I will contact u from this app only ..
On chat i asked what u wearing and all ...
And I said wrong info that I am coming from auto .. but I was on scooter and also wrong dress what I was wearing ...

I buyed cold drink .. and searched them and set nearby and act like i was looking for someone else ..
He was not alone .. he was with two more guys and all where chapri ... Q local from that area
Some words i heard aaj toh maza aayega

Then I again texted him .. that am about to reach ... Are u alone ? And did u reached .. he said yes he is alone and he is waiting alone .. and then I said on chat i searched hotel here they not allowing .. but he know. One place in manori .. he said we will go there .. on texted I act like i am okay and I reached Aksha ..in one min m reaching ..
And soon he said his frands he is reaching .. stand far .. and they were having two bike ....

Then after 10 min I didnt replied he was keep texting where are u. And all then he called his frand again near and said .. gaya aaj ka bakra .. then used very amusing words with each other .. then they took bike and went ..

I just prayed god and went back home
Bata nahi kya hota mere sath vus din

So guys everyone here
Never visite
Mahd jetty / Aksha beach / dana pani late evening with stranger

I saved my life ..

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Posted On Jul 9, 2021 - 12:23 PM


Its abt myself some yrs back.... was very *** so deicded to to go andheri kokilaben side to find some good shemale. Went there & found 1, charges 250, v went behind the wall. I checked around, there were other 2 enjoying so i felt its safe. After the fun as i left from there i was on scooty. I checked my mobile phone n then i saw a rickshaw came and parked behind me. 1 person came out & told me bike ki chavi de kya karke aya pata hai.. chal chowki... i was like shocked n surprised... he told me come in d rickshaw, i went he started slapping me & then said gv me money to settle so i gave him 4k & he was demanding 13k. I somehow gave him 4k & said i wont come here again, i pleaded... he dropped me back made me pay the rick fare & told me to go... i couldn sleep but then just recollecting the story... i felt something is fishy... so next day again i went there but in car n was smoking...

saw dat guy in d rick & he was drinking & looking on the other side of road... i waited there to see how it works... like me d other was caught.. 1st d shemale came out of the bush, on her torch n off the rick guy got the signanal... as the guy came, that man in d rick followed n caught him...

So guys these all is a game plan... u hv to b smart which i wasnt to talk....

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Posted On Jul 12, 2021 - 01:50 PM

I am here to share my first experience when I was 17 years old.At that time I got my first android phone and started using facebook for the first time.on facebook I found too many hot guys's fake account and public gay groups where *** top bottom try to find their Partner in crime for one night👍.So I decided to open a fake facebook account using fake profile pic and fake name.After many days without having no messege request,I got a friend request from a unknown guy named Aman.Their was no profile pic of him on his dp so I was not much more interested in him.But we started chating and after 2 days He told me that "he is a muslim".I got afraid when he told that he is a muslim but in those 2 days I got really connected to him so I asked for his original facebook profile.He shared his original facebook id and yes it was real and he was really hunky like macho man.I got in love but was afraid because meeting someone like this could be dangerous and the person whom I talking is not from my city.But as we all know *** is something that doesn't understand risk.😜
He asked me for my Personal number.I gave him my duplicate whatsapp number and started chatting.I told him all fake things about me like I am from MP,and I have one big brother,I am college student in that city and many more fake things.We decided to meet.He asked me to come over to his place but I refused: rather I asked him to go somewhere out of city like transport nagar because I can't risk my Reputation.
He agreed!!!!!
I was really afraid that time my brain was not permitting but my heart didn't want to loose that chance.

That evening before meeting I told him that I gave his number to my brother and if He(my brother)calls for over check then tell him that I'm with you and it's your birthday.He agreed.
We choose a place out of city and He was 28 that time really macholike with medium ***,We enjoyed.The whole time while having *** my eyes was wandering watching his eye expression his hand expressions.

It was my first experience about gay cruising and i think that I didnt created any situation that could lead me to any Danger.I played very safe.
If you are younger then always play safe.Try to follow my strategy.
Mature men

1.Never meet someone from Facebook or any Gay dating apps in india as most of them are fraud and fake.There are too many crimes happening with sexslave bottom likes us.

2.Always try to seduce some straight men as they ll be very great in nature and good in bed too.They will care about their reputation more than yours.

3.I always seduce Truck drivers,Bus drivers,Local workers,Landfarmers,Mechanics and daily workers.Advantage of them are Really great on Bed with a good physiques athletic body.They always Understand your feelings and care about your pain.And as it would be a one night stand so no harm on Reputation.

4.No chances of getting Hivs ,Aids or any STDs.

5.Their masculanity,their Macho physique would give u great pleasure A Memory of life time❤️

Always play safe.
Don't let Lust destroy your health and reputation 🙏

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Posted On Jul 12, 2021 - 02:51 PM

Having *** with truck drivers and no risk of hiv, std?
There was a special campaign of condoms for truck drivers. I believe they are one of the high risk groups as they are away from family for long durations.

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Posted On Jul 13, 2021 - 04:13 AM

Two years ago.. I met one guy in facebook..he is from andheri.. He is a lawyer by profession..fat versatile guy... Since we both dont hv place we decided to meet casually in his car.. He was very nice guy, he has shown me entire juhu, celebrities home, juhu beach etc... After that he parked his car in juhu.. Where crowd is very less... There we kissed each other and *** each other..

Later after few mins, i was on his shoulder..suddenly one cop came in bike.. He asked us what are we doing. He started shouting.. I was getting scared and Situation is getting awkward as people are looking at us.. After sometime he asked for our id card.. I gave mine.. Later he slapped me and asked me what am I doing... I was clear that i will not tell anything.. So i said we were just talking .we. did nothing wrong.. He asked us to come to station and told he will call our family members

I was really worried as i am Discreet ..later he asked my frnd for 2000rs..once hw gave the money, we left

In my life frst time this happened and decided that in future i will never do anything in public..

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Posted On Jul 13, 2021 - 05:21 AM

This story dates back to when smart phones were new. Very new and equally attractive!

If you remember, dadar western line platform no 2 loo used to be too cruisy then. Now the loo is broken and newly built. Not sure if it's still cruisy because I don't travel that route anymore.

I was waiting to board a down fast train and thought I'll pee before boarding. Went in to the loo and there followed a guy of my age, typical college looks, tshirt and jeans. He came and stood exactly next to me. Watching me pee, he too unzipped to reveal his tiny hairy thing. He never went hard and remained that way but he kept looking at me and eyeing me. He signalled me to come out.

We had a face to face talk when out. He praised me for how beautiful my thing is and he would love to *** it. He asked me for my number immediately and I don't know why I did not smell the rat. In the flow, I gave my number. He too gave his number and asked me to save it. Plan was to meet some other time.

On one pretext or the other, he again insisted that he has a place in Mahim of his own and we must go there. I was very hesitant now. He had cross and a black thread around his neck. Typical Christian guy and not being judgemental or taking sides, Christian men are very sweet and genuine. So, I gave up to that too.

We took train to Mahim, got down on the east side. He made me walk around 1km and there come some public toilets in some chawl area. He told lets get into one closed door toilet and do it as his house is still far and he can't wait etc etc. This was very new to me as I have never been to narrow lanes of these chawls and at night 9pm it was dark.

We got inside one of those closed door toilets. He asked me to pull me entire pants down and did not bolt the toilet. I bolted it. He opened it again and said let it be unbolted. I started doubting this fellow now. Also, when I pulled my pants up revealing only my *** for him to ***, he insisted my whole pant be down. He kept pretending to be ***, actually he was not even ***. His *** was much far from my *** . He was still soft and not ready to strip.

In next few seconds, I couldn't understand anything. There was a loud sound, as it was dark I could hardly make out anything. Slowy light starting coming in and I realised he had left with my phone. My new smart phone. When I came out of the toilet, the locals starting asking me what happened, whats the noise about etc. I realised it was a trap.

Points to note !

1. If the guy shows extra interest, shows urgency to have ***, continuously insists on going to a particular place, avoid.
2. He made me save the number only to see what phone I'm carrying with me.
3. He was not hard all these while though he showed he was getting turned on by making noise. Another alert flag!

I'm very careful now and execute my steps using my brain and not my d#ck.

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Posted On Jul 13, 2021 - 05:28 PM

yes there is stranger danger everywhere. KEEP ALERT AND PLAY SMART.
some points to remember:
do NOT go with truck drivers unless you want aids/std/hep c. yes highly sexed, but DANGEROUS!
the safest guys are married men but please DO NOT tempt them with your wickedness. dont push! if they see your interest in them and are interested, they will respond with a smile or a twinkle in their eyes.
next safest are military guys ( though some can be rough and nasty).
do NOT take someone to your hotel room if you have valuables....money/passport/gold chain/expensive watch or phone. if it is too late and the person is already in your room, convince him to use the toilet/bathroom while you hide your stuff under the mattress or in your old shoes.
ALWAYS ask to meet in a public place for chai/coffee, so you can observe him and he can be identified from security cameras, if anything harmful happens.
ask if you can give his number to your (imaginary) boyfriend, so that your (imaginary) boyfriend knows with whom/where you are. you dont need to give him anybodys number, EXCEPT yours ( if you trust him). this is IMPORTANTANT if you are going with him to his place or his special hiding place. if he is not ready to share his number with your (imaginary) boyfriend, WATCH OUT!
take a guy to your room if you trust him, but ask him to leave by 10pm. never know what crooks are up to when you are asleep! tell him you have paid for a single person and if that he stays , he will have to show his aadhaar card to reception and you will also have to pay more.
an alternative is to register/book the hotel room in both names (with identification). take a bottle (full/empty) covered in paper to pretend that you are going to have a few drinks and ask for 2 glasses.
these are some of the lessons that lessons i have learnt.

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Posted On Jul 13, 2021 - 11:11 PM

There are a lot of frauds, literally everywhere, I happen to experience one few years back, few months before this Pandemic,
I was hunting at the famous loo of Borivali Station, and then a cute looking chap stood right beside me, checking out and peeping.he must have been around 22-23, fair, clean, waist not more then 28 and height about 5.6
Soon he went out and I followed him, he asked me If i have place, i said no as i wasn't comfortable taking anyone home in first meet,
Towards East of the station connecting to SV road is a Shopping Centre which is used by businessmen’s for small scale industry, he said to use that loo.
I had fun at that place few years back so didn't think twice, and followed him, this time the only mistake I did was going at around 10 pm where the shopping centre is closing and few of the entrance gets closed (towards SV road).
Now I am quite a huge guy myself around 5.10 with a sturdy built, while climbing stairs when we turn for few seconds you get to see whats below the stairs, I was someone following us, I totally ignored as I was driven by L*st.
We entered Indian style cubicle and before I could even strip, that lad started moaning loudly, I smiled at that innocence and when I was about to start my business, there was a lout thud on door, "Kya Chal Raha Hai " the most common lines used by frauds.
I was pulling my jeans up but that lad opened the Door and stepped out,
I put my clothes back and followed him in the pretext of protecting him from that man, same man who was following us.
He started abusing and using G word and thats when I lost my head and started giving back while pulling that lad behind me to keep him safe.
That Con man was trying to gather public, luckily and unluckily no one was there.
He said he is a Police Man, i knew the moment he started using foul language he isn't from Mumbai or even Maharashtra .
Strong Built, 6.2 and Kashmiri/Punjabi Accent, Clean shave with moustache, I couldn't take him down under any circumstance and didn't try either.
While both of us were abusing each other, I stood my ground saving that lad, I pretended to call a imaginary friend who was at Borivali Police station, I told him I was having fun with a guy in loo, privately and I am harrowed by a con man saying he is Cop please come fast and get few hawaldars to arrest him as i feel its a honey trap,
Hurling abuses that Con man left, I knew the truth I had no friend in police station and no on was coming.
That Lad was standing in 1 corner, shaky.
I went back to wash my face and wet my hair and when i cam back no one was there, it was a long Aisle with shops on both the hands and all were Shut.
I was Pop*ing bricks, Because i knew no one is coming for my rescue and it was pitch dark ,to add to it, the gate i came in from was closed now.
I put on the lights of my mobile and pretended to be speaking to the same fictional friend on earphones guiding him to me and where I was, reading name of the shops and level etc, I just wanted that con man to feel some one is there outside trying to find my location.
around 1035 i found my way out and lighted a smoke standing close to the watchmen of that shopping centre, seeing lights and public I was safe now.
I was a little worried about that lad, where he went or if he was safe, to my surprise I saw them boarding a rick together by the bus stop, it seemed they had bought my story and were running, lol, just like how i was.
Jokes apart, I promised myself never to enter that shopping centre or any other young lad to secluded place. thanx to my voice and tone I was saved that day my by fictitious friend Sawant bhai.

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Posted On Jul 14, 2021 - 05:16 AM

@Sinful - Well done buddy. Never get scared of these thugs and that will scare them away...More power to you... I know it isn't easy in those circumstances, yet you were brave.

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Posted On Jul 15, 2021 - 06:45 PM

@letsduck bruh, i wonder why we ket such things happen to us, i have heard and read about such situations happening to str8 people too, but the ratio is too low compared to our community, I feel its us to be blamed, we easily get lured and walk straight into such traps, most of the times our intuition tells us to turn back, but every single time, duck wins . there are so many stories as mine, from wadala to sion, from railway station to public loo, we are easily picked and to save ourself we give in all that we have.

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Posted On Jul 16, 2021 - 04:57 AM

@Sinful - I disagree with you ! Strongly. It is our choice to do what we want to do with whom we want to do, of course with consent. People luring and looting innocent gay/bi men are criminals. They are the ones who should be punished. It is the same as offering lucrative schemes and taking your money away. So NEVER blame yourself for being who you are. No one of us is at fault. It is very natural to seek and have *** with the partner of our choice. We are not "easily" picked or anything. What if a woman lures men in public? There will be hundreds having *** anywhere and everywhere. Straight people are as easy as gay or bisexual men. They are more easily lured than us. SO remove this thought from your head that gay men are easily lured. All human beings are driven by sexual desire. It is very natural. It is the people who use this to take your money away who are the criminals. Always !

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Posted On Jul 16, 2021 - 05:43 AM

if someone is luring you too much or coming as easy its a red alert. be careful not to go to secluded place with such person. don't go in complete lonely area to do *** with unknown person. that is very danger. even if you are hook up outside always be in a place where you can raise an alarm if anyone attack you. your life safety is the first.

once one person scream at me at toilet in Santacruz because I was going in and out many times. I also scream back saying none of your business what I do here as I am not coming after him. he was trying to blackmail saying will call police. I said lets go to police and then he dint say much but he was becoming aggressive. I ran away in that time as he can beat me or something as it was very lonely. but me not getting scared made him little weak so I can escape.

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Posted On Jul 16, 2021 - 05:44 AM

The real danger is from police blackmailing itself while cruising.

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Posted On Jul 16, 2021 - 06:31 AM

If you are confident of your rights and haven't done anything illegal then, in most of the cases you can easily avoid being getting harassed and that includes getting harassed by the police too. Also, remember that the law is with you and not against you, which wasn't the case couple of years ago. So, you need to be a bit vocal and stand your ground.
Also, i would like to suggest one thing. If someone is trying to blackmail or harass you while in public then try to record the act, if possible. It can prove really handy and can also be used as an evidence afterwards. Also, such recordings can be used to expose that person and such acts to a wider section.

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Posted On Jul 16, 2021 - 07:26 AM

good idea shapeoflove

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Posted On Jul 29, 2021 - 11:41 AM

Guys as somebody who is in the know of things I can say if somebody abuses , particularly if it's from a police, contact senior officials. Most of them have their number online and you can text or call. They ll be helpful. They ll definitely not come after you even if they choose not to help. This will work. LGBTQ sensitisation is there at senior officer level. Its the bottom most who are ruthless, criminal and opportunistic

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