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Submitted by Doorellin007 Location: All India (All India, India)

Hi All.. I'm an avid traveller and I travel all around the Globe to Cruise for exciting encounters... mostly within India for the love of Brown 😍

Punjab has been my ultimate destination.. Punjabis are the hottest with best packages whether to just look at while cruising in Urinals or have them in bed... Love to travel there again and again.

Share your experiences mentioning the place/ cities where you have travelled or travel frequently to cruise or to fulfill your dark desires 😌

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Posted On Aug 14, 2020 - 05:13 AM

Once I was going from ernakulam to Trivanduram by bus.i reached ksrtc busstand ernakulam by 7.pm .the bus was at 8 pm. I went to the road that goes to the railway station from side of the bus stand. There were 4 men passing urine.one 24 year's young man was there passing urine. He wasn't wearing any underwear and his *** was rock hard.i bend and started *** his ***. Other 3 men were watching. Then 4 more men came. I *** 7 men and one person *** me.while this was happening plenty people's were passing by the road

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Posted On Aug 14, 2020 - 05:21 AM

On January 2020 15 th morning 4 am i went to Trivanduram bus stand to catch bus to Thrissur. I saw 2 boys around 20 years standing near the parked buses at the bus stand. I went by side of one parked bus to pass urine. One boy came and knelt down before me and started *** my ***.he pulled my mundu full up i wasn't wearing any underwear. The other boy came from behind lifted my shirt and started pressing my manly boobs and inserted his *** between my thighs and started pumping. My *** was in *** of one boy and one boy's *** between my thighs. I *** in the *** of that boy at that time 2 north Indian boys around 22 years age came i bend and started *** one boy's *** at that time the boys pressing his *** between my thighs *** .I *** for both the north Indian boys and one boy *** me again and made me ***

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Posted On Aug 14, 2020 - 04:18 PM

"Apart from world class saunas"
World class sauna(s) in Delhi ???? That's news to me !!!

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Posted On Aug 14, 2020 - 05:47 PM

@Ebubu..I have read about the saunas in delhi as well. I read that the saunas are on par with the ones around the world....Since we lack those amenities in India I guess this comes as a basant surprise to all of us.

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Posted On Aug 16, 2020 - 07:36 PM

This is a recent story.. I visited bangkok during new year with a top. He is one of my sugar daddy. Destination we set as Bangkok and Pattaya (this story is in Pattaya. I'll post another experience in Bangkok after someday) so that I can dress up and roam around the cities freely no one will bother you.
So as planned.. after checking in I transformed myself into a woman (they have beautiful makeup shops for CDs like us). One night as a dare my daddy asked me to dress up as a whore and stand at one of the creenzy street of Pattaya, where you can get ladyboys, girls, CDs etc etc (this is near walking street of pattaya). I accepted it.
That evening I wore a pink mini bodycon dress with a pink wig. I took couple of tequila shots and went there. I stood there chatting with many of tourists, many professional prostitutes gave me dirty looks as I'm new there and taking their clients (they thought). After half an hour one the ladyboy approached me and asked me why I'm doing this and taking away their clients. I told her that I'm not taking their clients, I'm just here because of a dare and a role-play. She said something in thai language with others (which I didn't understand ofcourse), but after that they really welcomed me in their group. As I'm standing with them the ladyboy who approached me and said that this is nothing and offered me to come with them at a nearby whore house. I got my courage and went with couple of ladyboys to a lodge type establishment. Oh my god.. what a scene.. it was mad over there.. everyone is drinking, smoking.. some *** getting *** and what not.. one of the ladyboy offered me to a group. It was full of *** oldies. They took me to a corner and forcefully I got in my knees and started *** one by one. I don't remember correctly as I was drunk but I was there *** *** for atleast 2hrs. I got a *** bath. After that one of the ladyboy took me to her room helped me get cleaned up and told her pimp ( bike taxi) to drop me at my hotel. As I was dropped in my hotel in my Lobby I met with an African American man and he approached me. I went with him in his room...gave him a nice bj to my surprise he gave me 1000 baht.. then he *** me and tore my dress. After he came.. I went to my room and saw that my lovely sweet daddy was waiting for me drinking all alone.. I felt bad and gave him a nice bj and slept with him cuddling, with his *** in my hand.
I'll never forget this experience. I love you Thailand ❤️❤️

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Posted On Sep 29, 2020 - 02:25 PM

Traveling to Mumbai from Pune on Weekend. Anyone interested can pm privately.

Personality, taking all Covid Precaution is most welcomed.

I have my own car so it will be safe and can have discreet fun😉

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Posted On Sep 29, 2020 - 03:46 PM


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