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Submitted by Doorellin007 Location: All India (All India, India)

Hi All.. I'm an avid traveller and I travel all around the Globe to Cruise for exciting encounters... mostly within India for the love of Brown 😍

Punjab has been my ultimate destination.. Punjabis are the hottest with best packages whether to just look at while cruising in Urinals or have them in bed... Love to travel there again and again.

Share your experiences mentioning the place/ cities where you have travelled or travel frequently to cruise or to fulfill your dark desires 😌

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Posted On Aug 12, 2020 - 03:05 AM

Last year was coming from Indore to Mumbai. When booked I wanted to have solo sleep cabin. And I got last one it was in cross position so driver cabin was just infront of my eyes. i didn't wanted that way but it's ok I had to reach Mumbai.Upon reaching highway .Lights were dimmed single sleepers box r good .gives privacy.I sat and removed everything only was in bra and panties and changing in comfortable clothes. Shorts and shirt. Cabin were covered by curtain so just next cabin man was able to see me through curtain and was looking at me. He was South Indian kind middle age. firstly I ignored.Then He said acchi body hai tumhari..I ignored .then said kaha ja rahe ho ...i said mumbai. He said he also going thre and ll b staying in hotel and ll go surat. We then started talking. He was drinking .He offered me and I sipped with him. He said yaha aa jaisi uske cabin me i denied no ..u come here it's more private.He came and it became lil congested.I transferred my luggage to his place..and he pressed my boobs from Bra.... I touched his thigh and crotch area.. his *** was tight ...he covered himself in blanket and I laid on his lap between legs ND *** his ***..it was wet already and hairy..I sniffed it and started *** it..it dropped some pee drops ummm what yummy it was and i got *** i started licking his balls thn thighs thn i lickdd his *** madly nd soon he holded my head and pushed *** in my *** nd cummed inside my ***..We smooched nd started talking.Midway came we bought some food and went to freshen up...We both went inside the washroom closed the door and he *** me there...had tea and food after that...thn other saw we entered in my cabin...I covered myself in blanket and become full nude..he entered from behind ND applied Vaseline on my hole ND fingered me.bus brakes was doing it work I cummed CZ of it and he fingered three inside my hole .thn he came on top of me nd inserted his 8 incher fat ***... We talked while he *** me nd after while he cummed nd we slept for while there..he left nd went to his cabin ...upon reaching Mumbai ..we went to his hotel and slept nicely..he sat over me whn I wokeup nd had *** facial ..nd one more *** session before i left. It was nicetime