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Submitted by Doorellin007 Location: All India (All India, India)

Hi All.. I'm an avid traveller and I travel all around the Globe to Cruise for exciting encounters... mostly within India for the love of Brown 😍

Punjab has been my ultimate destination.. Punjabis are the hottest with best packages whether to just look at while cruising in Urinals or have them in bed... Love to travel there again and again.

Share your experiences mentioning the place/ cities where you have travelled or travel frequently to cruise or to fulfill your dark desires 😌

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Aashupnair *
Posted On Aug 14, 2020 - 05:13 AM

Once I was going from ernakulam to Trivanduram by bus.i reached ksrtc busstand ernakulam by 7.pm .the bus was at 8 pm. I went to the road that goes to the railway station from side of the bus stand. There were 4 men passing urine.one 24 year's young man was there passing urine. He wasn't wearing any underwear and his *** was rock hard.i bend and started *** his ***. Other 3 men were watching. Then 4 more men came. I *** 7 men and one person *** me.while this was happening plenty people's were passing by the road

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Aashupnair *
Posted On Aug 14, 2020 - 05:21 AM

On January 2020 15 th morning 4 am i went to Trivanduram bus stand to catch bus to Thrissur. I saw 2 boys around 20 years standing near the parked buses at the bus stand. I went by side of one parked bus to pass urine. One boy came and knelt down before me and started *** my ***.he pulled my mundu full up i wasn't wearing any underwear. The other boy came from behind lifted my shirt and started pressing my manly boobs and inserted his *** between my thighs and started pumping. My *** was in *** of one boy and one boy's *** between my thighs. I ejaculated in the *** of that boy at that time 2 north Indian boys around 22 years age came i bend and started *** one boy's *** at that time the boys pressing his *** between my thighs ejaculated .I *** for both the north Indian boys and one boy *** me again and made me ***

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Posted On Aug 14, 2020 - 04:18 PM

"Apart from world class saunas"
World class sauna(s) in Delhi ???? That's news to me !!!

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Posted On Aug 14, 2020 - 05:47 PM

@Ebubu..I have read about the saunas in delhi as well. I read that the saunas are on par with the ones around the world....Since we lack those amenities in India I guess this comes as a basant surprise to all of us.

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Posted On Aug 16, 2020 - 07:36 PM

This is a recent story.. I visited bangkok during new year with a top. He is one of my sugar daddy. Destination we set as Bangkok and Pattaya (this story is in Pattaya. I'll post another experience in Bangkok after someday) so that I can dress up and roam around the cities freely no one will bother you.
So as planned.. after checking in I transformed myself into a woman (they have beautiful makeup shops for CDs like us). One night as a dare my daddy asked me to dress up as a whore and stand at one of the creenzy street of Pattaya, where you can get ladyboys, girls, CDs etc etc (this is near walking street of pattaya). I accepted it.
That evening I wore a pink mini bodycon dress with a pink wig. I took couple of tequila shots and went there. I stood there chatting with many of tourists, many professional prostitutes gave me dirty looks as I'm new there and taking their clients (they thought). After half an hour one the ladyboy approached me and asked me why I'm doing this and taking away their clients. I told her that I'm not taking their clients, I'm just here because of a dare and a role-play. She said something in thai language with others (which I didn't understand ofcourse), but after that they really welcomed me in their group. As I'm standing with them the ladyboy who approached me and said that this is nothing and offered me to come with them at a nearby whore house. I got my courage and went with couple of ladyboys to a lodge type establishment. Oh my god.. what a scene.. it was mad over there.. everyone is drinking, smoking.. some *** getting *** and what not.. one of the ladyboy offered me to a group. It was full of *** oldies. They took me to a corner and forcefully I got in my knees and started *** one by one. I don't remember correctly as I was drunk but I was there *** *** for atleast 2hrs. I got a *** bath. After that one of the ladyboy took me to her room helped me get cleaned up and told her pimp ( bike taxi) to drop me at my hotel. As I was dropped in my hotel in my Lobby I met with an African American man and he approached me. I went with him in his room...gave him a nice bj to my surprise he gave me 1000 baht.. then he *** me and tore my dress. After he came.. I went to my room and saw that my lovely sweet daddy was waiting for me drinking all alone.. I felt bad and gave him a nice bj and slept with him cuddling, with his *** in my hand.
I'll never forget this experience. I love you Thailand ❤️❤️

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Posted On Oct 7, 2020 - 03:26 PM

Hi I am bottom and want to know that .... how to approach a room service guy for *** me or blow job.
Suggestions and tips ...

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Posted On Oct 7, 2020 - 04:34 PM

Simple hai yr
Smile do
Bar bar touch karo use
Usse uski shadi ka pucho
Kisi ladki ke sath kuch kiya h ki nhi ye pucho
Pyar se Mobile number lo
Thodi der me bar bar bulate raho

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Posted On Oct 7, 2020 - 04:52 PM

Or train journey me kaiser approach kare kisi copassenger ko

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Posted On Oct 7, 2020 - 04:59 PM

@Jacky_sharma I have wondered same thing about hotel staff. I had *** multiple times with hotel handyman at one hotel but that was because he was on gay Grindr app.

If I left a gay *** magazine under my pillow would the guys making my room clean each day get the hint and be obvious they wanted me or would they be offended and report me to hotel management?

For room service bringing a meal I have wondered if I should pretend I just stepped out of the shower and be naked except for a towel? Surely their eyes would betray them if they looked at my *** or ***.

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Posted On Oct 7, 2020 - 09:41 PM

@lips4hugepoles maybe there are some hotel employees on ohmojo who can coach us on what to do.

I'd imagine when they bring food to the room they're on a tight schedule so the best we can hope is that they'll return later to 'make sure everything was ok'? If we put our tray of dirty plates outside our room do we take away that play for them?

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Posted On Oct 7, 2020 - 10:04 PM

O actually this just made me realise a lost opportunity. I almost have never ordered food to my room. And very rarely a beer. Most of my interactions are when they're showing me my room or when I ring them up to send someone with an ashtray or something lol

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Posted On Oct 8, 2020 - 02:53 AM

If housekeeping guys get click then it's the best on ur stay..
Thy allow some advantages too... in Bangkok I did ..bt in Mumbai I tried got lucky twice thrice...called for early morning breakfast nd whn knocked i in only bra panties opened door nd he entered i came on bed covered wd myself up.. he saw.. thn gv him tip ..thn in dinner called ..nd we clicked ...had two free meals c f that.. let he and his partner stay wd me n night

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Posted On Oct 8, 2020 - 05:28 AM

I had a friend from a 5 star hotel. He was a well train HM guy... He worked into house keeping also.

He told me that the management gives clear instructions to all of its employees not to honour any sort of sxual advances from the guests. Ignore the hints. If the guest is inside room and is dressed inappropriately, it is his/her right to do so. Don't look at the guest body parts in that case, talk normal looking into eyes. If anything belongings are left behind (like *** books, sx toys, condoms, gel etc), deposit the same to Hotel's vault (later those are discarded).
It is all to avoid any sort of complaints raised by guests.

In small hotels, mainly where one or two guys are there to do all the tasks, being at reception, showing room, providing drinking water and towel etc, there it is possible.
I have seduced hotel guys in small cities, small hotels... And few times even hotel guys showed the interest (like it was very hot and after check-in I was just in briefs and the guy came to give the towel to me... And even after giving the towel, he was standing at the door (blocking the view from outside), and was talking to me randomly for no reason... Smelling the things, under the pretext of going for bath, I slides down my briefs before wrapping the towel and there was a gap of few seconds between two... He was still there... Then it was clear... So I told him, नाईट में आ जाना, ड्यूटी के बाद... And he came down around 1am. But by the time I was done with 4 5 rounds... So I was not getting hard on even... Sad I could not satisfy the poor guy...

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Posted On Oct 8, 2020 - 06:39 AM

I got lucky a few timea, while staying in 3star hotels. I scored only since a couple of them where on grindr as @billpotts said.

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Posted On Oct 8, 2020 - 06:43 PM

This was way back in 2014 I suppose...I went to Mumbai on a business trip as I had plans of enjoying *** decided to book at decent hotel and avoid all relatives there....I searched a lot then found this hotel in andheri (now I lost the name) I checked in around 8 in the morning...One hattakatta pahadi ladka of 28yrs old was room service ...He helped me checking in to the room and left to bring water...In the mean time I undressed myself and was in my briefs those too dropped a little down from backside...And when this guy came I just pretended to come out of washroom and moved towards bed to show him my wealth...When I turned back noticed that his *** is solid hard ..As he was not wearing underwear I could easily see his bulge...I just smiled at him and asked kya hai ye... Underwear nahi pehni kya? He was like much nahi and immediately left the room...I thought he is not interested but to my surprise in next 5 min he came to ask if I need tea coffee breakfast and I told him yes bring coffee as I am going to take bath I will keep the door open u can enter...In next 10 minutes he was back with coffee and was waiting for me outside the bathroom..
I came out full nude...He just looked at my assets once again got hard on...But when I winked at him and starred at his *** he left immediately acting as if he is straight.. I went out for my work and returned back around 4...When I entered lobby this guy came and opened life door and asked smilingly sir kuch chahiye? I immediately replied yes water bottle leke room mein aao..Again when he came I was in towel ...Kept one local *** magazine on bed wide open....When he came this time immediately he noticed the magazine and asked me sir jaatey huye ye mujhe de Dena Na please...I said fine ruko paisa let jao...While taking out money my towel got slipped and again he had hard-on..This time he came from behind and said wait sir let me wrap it properly around...I said rehne doh... toh he got courage and started touching my bumps caressing and started rimming my ***...It was first time I was getting rimmed...It was so high feeling...In 2 min he pulled out his *** out pant zip and penetrated it inside my ***..But what just in 3 to 4 shots he came out...He said duty par hu Malik bhi aaya hai so jaldi Jana hai...I said what about my satisfaction...toh he said he has one frnd who can stay night with me....But he charges 2k I agreed after seeing his frndd in pics...Night extract at 10 he came along his frnd and said dono enjoy karo jab mujhe time gap milega I will join...fir kya had such a memorable full wet *** through out night and in the morning around 7am...And in between this room service guy also came twice but wahi in 4 to 5 shots he came out...Next day he gave me his number and told ki next time aao tab call karke aana will arrange best guy...Still I have his number but never contacted him yes he called at least thrive then but I said no plans to visit Mumbai...Then he too never contacted...

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Posted On Oct 12, 2020 - 10:15 AM

Yes I have. I had fun with hijra beggar in train. Somewhere in Andhra, not sure where. It was fun. It was my first ***.

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Posted On Oct 16, 2020 - 09:33 PM

If any traveler ever visited banglore. Please visit rajeshwari theater. Its a heaven for guy and public nudity. Not sure what it will be like after pandemic.

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Posted On Nov 5, 2020 - 05:51 PM

Thailand part 2
Part 1 posted on 17th August (check if interested)
Me and my sugar daddy were having some awesome time in Pattaya. Usually I start the morning *** him while he sleeps and wake him up by ***, then he fucks me. Then after taking shower we'll go out for different activities and tours. Even we meet with other ladyboys and CDs and chat for hours. One ladyboy suggested a ladyboy / gay bar, it is on the sleezy side. She told us that in that bar we can do anything we want (sexually), even other people will join, will share their partners. Me and my daddy planned immediately to visit there. We went to room. I changed into a slutiest ourfit. Wore a thong, over that I wore a micro mini skirt and a crop top. I didn't wore any bra. My nipple was so hard that it was visible from outside. Over that I wore a long coat (because I didn't wanted show my *** to everyone in the road 😛). We went to the bar.. it was near walking street in a ally. The ally was completely secluded and in that allyway all the bars are either gay bar or ladyboy bar. We went inside that bar we were told to visit. There are 2 doors.. 1st door I gave my long coat in the counter. I can collect it back when we leave. As I was standing outside by the door with minimal clothing people were giving me *** looks. My daddy grabbed my *** with one hand and took me inside. Oh man!! It was completely full, from outside we couldn't guess that inside the bar will be this much busy.. the whole bar smells like booze and dirty whore with loud music. Some ladyboys were dancing on the pole wearing just a G-string. We got a seat in the corner and sat there3.. immediately one ladyboy came gave us a smile showed us her boobs while taking our order. It was already 11pm so we ordered only beer. After some time we noticed that some people are having *** openly (as it was very dark inside, we didn't noticed at 1st). My daddy and me were making out. After some time he told me to standup and start dancing for him. I stood up and started dancing slowly. By that time the bar was completely packed with *** guys. As I was dancing some people came and started dancing with me while dancing I could feel that some of them were rubbing their *** with my ***. I didn't mind. From the front my daddy got busy with my boobs. He was squeezing at 1st, then he removed my top partially and started ***. I was still dancing, moving my hips. Many people came played with my ***. As I was getting my boobs *** I took out his *** and started rubbing. He was already hard. I got down on my knees and started ***. As the atmosphere was ***, he came soon into my ***. I drank it. I stood up and saw some tops with their *** out in their hand. They politely asked me if they can use me and *** me. I turned to my partner for permission and to my surprise I saw that he got busy with some othe CD she was thai.. and beautiful and hot...even she had silicon boobs implanted.. I whispered in his ear for permission. He told me I can go but meet him in that seat within one hour. I nodded and turned. Those guys then took me to a back door. Behind that there was 5-6 cabins with curtains and sofas. The music was not that much loud. We can hear each other's voice clearly. Now I saw that 3 guys were with me they're on their early 50s. Couldn't recognise their ethnicity as it was dark. They were holding my *** and thigh and caressing. They took me to a cabin. There was one pole in the centre. They asked me to get on the pole. I told them I don't know pole dancing. They told me just move your hips, they are not looking for a serious dance. I got up and started grinding that pole slowly. They took their *** out started rubbing themselves while drinking beer. I danced for 10-15mins, meanwhile they slapped, grabbed and kissed my ***. Suddenly one guy pulled me on his lap..as his *** was out and hard I could feel his *** against my ***. He took of my top and burried his face on my boobs, I hold his head tightly. He grabbed my *** with his hand started pressing, I got out of control.. meanwhile othe 2guys also getting close with me, they were touching and squeezing my whole body. After some time I got up sat on the sofa with my knee and bend over one guys *** in a way that my *** will be completely visible to others. I started ***. With every stroke of tounge he was getting bigger and better. As I was *** other guys were playing with my ***. They slapped very hard and started licking my *** and rimming my whole. My G-string was getting on their way so they lowered my panty and continued to do the same. Meanwhile the other guy who I was *** grabbed my head and started giving me deep throat.. after some time he stood up. Took a condom from a bowl (there was a bowl fill with condoms inside that cabin) wore it and pushed his *** inside me. By that time his *** got so huge that I screamed out of pain. As I was screaming one guy came put his *** inside my ***. I stopped screaming automatically and getting *** ***. The other guy started pinching my nipples and rubbing himself. This process went for like another 15 mins. The guy who was *** cummed then the other guy came behind and the 3rd guy came in front of me and started ***.. the 3rd guy cummed soon while *** (I guess he rubbed too much himself). He cummed inside my ***, mannnn! it tasted bad. I washed down all the *** with beer. The other guy *** for like another 15-20mins. After that he cummed. After that I picked my top and panty wore it and got outside to the main bar area. I saw my daddy was getting *** by that CD. I went their sat beside him and started smooching. After some time he cummed AGAIN!! We sat their holding hands and drinking for another couple of hours then left. On the way put I collected my coat covered my body and came outside. It was almost 3am. We took a share tuktuk and went to our room and crashed. (We were very tired). Next morning I woke up with hangover and a pain in my *** but a long smile on my face.

Thailand part 3 will be posted after a week.

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Anoop m
Posted On Nov 30, 2020 - 07:36 AM

Guys....I have travelled Goa many times....but never had any fun there. At Baga beach there are lot of water sports activities available. Many times I have seen hot young guys with only shorts take you for ride in the sea in water scooter. I was tempted to take one ride and stick close to the boy, but did not dare do it as it is public place and if the boy is offended then I will have it tough. Is there any way where we can find out if the boy is interested....I would love to have with one of them as they have well defined tan body.....Experienced guys please guide.

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Tista V.
Posted On Nov 30, 2020 - 08:41 AM


Please do not try to hit on young Goan men. They have their huge share of white *** in Goa to pound and they get to pound their *** as well. Those white girls have better breasts than us as well.

So eye the mature men who will *** any hole that moves.

Rest, make sure you have protection and lubricants handy!

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Posted On Nov 30, 2020 - 12:07 PM

What I learnt so far based on my experience.

When you travel or trip to a place for leasuire.

Mutual agreement or consent for fun (Online hookup, curising spots). You can also try secluded beaches, adult theatres, etc.

Never try to look for seducing guys, you never know in what horrible situation you will end up and you have to deal with embarrassment and public humiliation.

Touchwood, I always been loved by guys as I follow the concent and mutual agreement very well.

View Gay Profile Picture
Posted On Dec 1, 2020 - 10:00 AM

Planning to goa alone on January second week.Im fair decent good looking guy 27 yrs old.5'8 height and toned body.
Is it possible to meet any forgiegners or any decent india guys for time pass and if comfortable fun....just want to try please suggest

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Posted On Dec 14, 2020 - 03:37 PM

Hi friends, I never experienced at Saunas and plan to go Thai end of March. Please explain me how to activate there- actually what kind of activity going onside. Thanks in advance

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Posted On Dec 14, 2020 - 05:42 PM

@pradeep68 I have been to Babylon in Bangkok, it was really great. U will find guys of all races, go near someone and chat. If they are interested, go to the dark rooms available and have ***. Use condoms placed in those rooms. It also has steam room, jacuzzi, pool and gym. The entry fee is if I remember correctly it's 200Bhat. Enjoy...

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Posted On Apr 1, 2021 - 11:13 AM

Is it possible to get travel friend .

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Posted On Apr 1, 2021 - 01:34 PM

Getting a travel 'friend' is not difficult... But getting a good travel friend is a gamble...
Not sure if he is a genuine guy or some dangerous guy
Not sure if he is a true companion or a gold digger
Not sure if his nature is aligned to yours or mis matched
Not sure if his temperament is as yours or otherwise

So, it is typical gamble... Still one must not stop looking for new friends in random travel buddies...

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Posted On Apr 2, 2021 - 12:38 AM

That’s true finding a travel buddy is like gamble with high stakes.

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Posted On Apr 2, 2021 - 05:51 AM

@headsTailsandho, it's not always a gamble... I met with a good travel buddy from this site and this weekend it would be our 5 th trip together we have travelled many places last couple of months and hope we can do it more... It's all about perception and the part you DNT mess it up...

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Posted On Apr 2, 2021 - 06:01 AM

Probably you don't know the meaning of word GAMBLE.
Gamble = A game where one has equal probability of win and loss.
So unless one has fair number of tries of finding a good travel buddy (out from random guys from social media), and every time he succeed (ie never ever found a bad travel buddy), it is a gamble.

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Posted On Apr 2, 2021 - 09:16 AM

Completely agree with @HeadsTail. Its a gamble to get a good travel mate.
Thats why never went out with a stranger travel mate though i love travelling.

Lot of things need to be matched.

1-Purpose of travel (Travel a priority or ***?)
2-Travel choices? Boozing, partylover or peaceful staycation type.
3-Spendthrift or Golddigger or dutching expenses

Though i feel these kind of matches also exist in normal dating too.. But casual dating can be ended in 30 mins, in travel espesially long ones lot of time n money is at stake.

Would like to know how do you all sort n filter your find for a travel buddy?

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Posted On Apr 2, 2021 - 01:14 PM

Agree with @Tarunskaran.
Well I am peaceful staycation type with travel as a priority willing to share price.

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Posted On Apr 2, 2021 - 01:18 PM

Agree with Headsand and tarun
Vibes must match

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Posted On Apr 22, 2021 - 10:56 AM

First part of the post is truth and second part of it is a plan of execution in future.

Last time when I was coming back from Kerala, at Cochin airport, I was in Mundu (Kerala style dhoti, which is tightly wrapped around the waist).
I was wearing tight V shape underwear inside the mundu and because of that even my dik was semi hard, the bulge was prominently visible from the Mundu.
I did not notice this but at security check, the CISF guy got suspicious and tapped my bulge with metal detector to check if I am carrying any metal inside my undies.
He infact asked me what is this. But before I could reply, there was no beep form metal detector and the metal detector hit my soft dik, so he understood that it is just bulge of the dik and there is no metal inside. So he let me go.

It was quite thrilling... Now I am surely going to wear mundu in same way whenever I am boarding from Kerala airports. And will keep some coins inside the undies so that the metal detector surely sounds for the metal inside.
This will lead him to take me inside the covered cabin to check inside... This may lead to some quick fun (or exchange of numbers if he shows interest)... About the coins, I can always excuse that I kept it as I don't have pockets and later I forgot to remove those.

Let's cross the fingers.

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Posted On Apr 23, 2021 - 10:54 AM

@letsfuck, @RakeshForYou, @Jockey2018...
I agree with you but it is just a plan... Also idea is just to keep some coins... Coins kept in Mundu are justifiable as Mundu does not have an option to keep the money...
Also Kerala does not have huge or crowded airports (except Trivendram).
Also, I have faced coin issue (left in the pocket of jeans accidentally, which beeps out at security check) multiple times.
And so far, I have not found CISF guys harmful... I mean, unless one argues with them for no reason, they are polite.
I know they are not keen into dcks, but a planned execution of idea can lead to the things. Calculated risk can be taken to gain something.

I hv done some soft fun with some of those at Airport loo during non peak hours... Even at delhi and mumbai airports.

Most of these CISF guys are from Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, western UP, Bihar etc, and most of the times they are ho.rny too as they are away from family for months.

Anyways, definitely I will be very careful and will play only if I find the scene easy (not difficult to insert coin at last minute).

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Posted On Apr 24, 2021 - 07:53 AM

Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore airports are huge and overly crowded.
So I often reach at airport well before time and if I am still left with time, immediately after clearing the security check, rather than heading to my boarding gate, i sit at couch near the security checking area.
As the security check team (of CISF guys) is on this side of the airport, so randomly they keep going to loo, every now and then... Like on an avg of 1 guy every 5 mins or so.
And they use this time as a break too, to wash the face, to comb hair, to tuck in their uniform well, etc...

So I follow them to the loo (as if I am going to pee).. and from the corner of the eyes, I keep noticing if the CISF guy has reached to the urinal stall... After few seconds I too go there, and start to pee in very next stall (I don't care if he notices that I left all other stalls and chose the stall adjacent to his stall).
I also don't care what he thinks about me. I shamelessly yet casually look at him and his tool... I make sure that he notices me peeping at his dik.
Most of the times, the guy asks back (in words or by gestures) what I am looking at... I don't reply but smile back...
Now it is 50 - 50 chance.... If the guy is *** and bit bold too, he looks around and if none notices us, he signals back to me that he is going to the toilet cabin and I should come in after a while...
After that I go to wash basins to wash hands but in actual to wait for a while... And then I enter the cabin... And then the game starts...

Mostly it happens in late night or early morning... when there is not much crowd in toilets. So standing close to CISF guy, looking at his dik, talking in the eyes, following him into the toilet cabin, and coming out one by one does not become an issue.

Still it is 50 - 50 chances of success. But yes, did not face any trouble so far. At max, he would either turn around a bit when he finds me standing next to him or looking at him... Or he does not respond my smile...

No Picture

Hungry for ***
Posted On Apr 24, 2021 - 09:18 AM

My experience traveling to Goa in 2018 when I travel from Ahmedabad to Madgaon by train happa Madgaon is very interesting and remember me in my life one passenger come from Panvel station he sat near me and we talk to much in train some time he puts his hands on my thai and after Ratnagiri station the coach is look empty and I got for sleep after sometime I show that the passenger come from Panvel station he plays with my *** and make his hand up and down than I say ok you can enjoy with my *** after he see coach is totally empty he took out my *** which is clean shave he started to *** my *** deep and deep and what a fantastic blowjob he give me he drink my *** *** up to last drop and asked him where you will go he says I am up to verana so that time he give me 2 times great blowjob and I remember in my life
Still I am looking for good. Healthy bottom for *** satisfaction if any interested bottom who wants to enjoy with my *** they send me message i am from Gujarat Ahmedabad

No Picture

Posted On Apr 24, 2021 - 11:25 PM

@headstailsandho....similar experience for me. Once in Madurai which is a smaller airport, I sat right by security, then walked around for a bit jist to kill tile, but eyeing a hpt candy the entire while. He noticed me too. I was wearing a tight short,so my boobs could bw seen and was walking girly wearing tight track pants( almost like leggings). After a while, it was his turn to go to the washroom and I followed. Stood next to him but he got nervous so immediately zipped up amd went to wash his hands. I pretended to finiah my business and then stood by basin. By then he had washed his face, combed his hair and was adjuating his uniform. Luckily no one else was there. But I didnt think anything would happen....but nwxt thing I know, he went back to the urinal and I hit the jackpot hehe.

No Picture

Posted On Apr 24, 2021 - 11:28 PM

Another common airport cruising tip is to Tip the urinal attendent 100Rs. and wink at them. They are so happy to get the tip and then they dont bother you when you go to the urinal multiple times. One time a hot bathroom attendent let me fondle him when I tipped him.

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Posted On Apr 24, 2021 - 11:31 PM

Thirdly, if you are flying internnationally, sit by the gates to destinations most traveled by hot guys( I know its all subjective) but from Delhi, back in the day, flights to Toronto, Vancouver, Birmingham, London carry plane load of young punajbi studs....Before the flight is to board, people go to the urinals ...good eye candy but busy time so no other fun to be expected.

No Picture

Posted On Jul 22, 2021 - 07:13 PM

There's a rainbow trip to Goa in September. It could be fun. I'm thinking of going. Anyone else ?

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Posted On Jul 29, 2021 - 01:38 AM

Am looking for co traveller friend to go weekend and holidays ..trips to hillstation ,or other pilgrimage places ..just looking co traveller who wanna relax in weekend ..

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Posted On Jul 29, 2021 - 02:55 AM

Any one from West Bengal to travel with me?

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Posted On Aug 13, 2021 - 06:36 AM

Hi,I'm sharing my true,real story. I went to Delhi/Himachal for a trip.I booked night Volvo bus from Delhi to Dharamsala.My fellow passenger was a punjabi gentleman.He was 59 years old.I was 18 years old then.We spoke a while.Then,for washroom/dinner purpose our bus stopped in near Sonipat something place beside highway.While peeing,I was amazed with his tool.I think,he noticed it that I was trying to look at his tool.I was not looking with any bad intention,but just out of curiosity.Then,we walked for some 5/10 minutes on the nearby road.He was slowly slapping at by back.He asked why my back is so big.I just laughed.Then,we went back to our seats.All lights were off.He said me "Oye puttar,ek hi chaddar ke niche aajate he".I said okay.He asked me why I am so shy.I said him,this is my first ever journey alone,so I am scared.Then,he just laughed ,while the emtire conversation,he was softly slapping my back continuously.Then,without saying anything,he took my nips in his *** and pressing with hands etc.He asked me how I am feeling,I said good.Then,he locked my lips.He asked "Kaisa laga".I said good.Then,he asked me to open all my clothes.I did.Then,he asked me if I would like to take his tool in my ***.I said yes.I started blowing him.After some time,he discharged in my *** only.But the taste,smell was so bad I spitted.Then,we didn't say anything.We just slept.I was fully naked under chaddar.Then,at around late midnight,bus stopped at/near Mandi.He asked me to wear pant without underwear and come with him.We,went in a dark place,he asked me to bent down.I did,and he inserted his tool in my back.I cried and said I can't take it.Its too painful.Then he said,okay,take it in ***.I did as he said.Then,ultimately we went back to bus and slept.He got down from bus when I woke up.I never had any interaction before that or after that.

P.S :- 1)This is a real story in late 2019. I am still a virgin and that was my one and only experience.
2)I would be very happy to go on a short trip with a matured uncle this year.I am of submissive type.

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Posted On Sep 9, 2021 - 03:16 PM

While traveling from Hyderabad to Banglore, I saw an old man near bathroom, he was wearing lungi and while sitting I could see his ***..
Now I am bottom so I was imagining his *** in my ***... I went to him and I just started asking him about his journey and told him his *** was awesome he wanted me to *** it there but there were lot of people around and in the night when all wre sleeping I went to him, he was awake then we went to bathroom and man the *** we had there was amazing.. he came inside me and it was best experience ever...
We had *** twice it was heavenly

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Posted On Sep 25, 2021 - 05:55 PM

I used to travel a lot in bus and train in tamilnadu due to my work. Last week i had to travel to bangalore, and in between place the bus stopped for dinner break in some small town. I entered the restroom, since its busstand toilet, there is no light. I went and stand between a man in corner, i opened up show my *** for sometime. Then he followed me outside of busstand, gave me signal to come outside the busstand. It was a slutty experience following him, some other guy noticed and followed us too. I got scared and came to bus stand toliet again, and the two guys came inside, show them my *** for sometime. They tried to touch my ***, since other people came i realized its risky and came oustide. Needless to say, i missed my bus. Then waited for sometime and catched other bus. It was scary, slutty and i dont know i will attempt again.

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Posted On Feb 7, 2022 - 07:57 AM

Is anybody going to Surajkund Mela in Faridabad this year? Or if anybody has experience there?

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Posted On Feb 9, 2022 - 06:16 PM

While in a trans jurny I got a shemale was collecting mony from the passenger I am standing in front of toilet and I she ask me for mony I told him kitna logi and I show him a 500rs and ask me to go inside the toilet and we both had fun this wag a good experience

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Posted On Feb 17, 2022 - 05:15 AM

Planning for Goa trip in March. From 20-25 of March. Any cheap and gay cruising place in Goa? Or any one can Guide the tour plan for that??

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Posted On Jun 14, 2022 - 04:01 PM

Any information about surajkund mela in Faridabad

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