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Submitted by Doorellin007 Location: All India (All India, India)

Hi All.. I'm an avid traveller and I travel all around the Globe to Cruise for exciting encounters... mostly within India for the love of Brown 😍

Punjab has been my ultimate destination.. Punjabis are the hottest with best packages whether to just look at while cruising in Urinals or have them in bed... Love to travel there again and again.

Share your experiences mentioning the place/ cities where you have travelled or travel frequently to cruise or to fulfill your dark desires 😌

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Posted On Sep 25, 2021 - 05:55 PM

I used to travel a lot in bus and train in tamilnadu due to my work. Last week i had to travel to bangalore, and in between place the bus stopped for dinner break in some small town. I entered the restroom, since its busstand toilet, there is no light. I went and stand between a man in corner, i opened up show my *** for sometime. Then he followed me outside of busstand, gave me signal to come outside the busstand. It was a slutty experience following him, some other guy noticed and followed us too. I got scared and came to bus stand toliet again, and the two guys came inside, show them my *** for sometime. They tried to touch my ***, since other people came i realized its risky and came oustide. Needless to say, i missed my bus. Then waited for sometime and catched other bus. It was scary, slutty and i dont know i will attempt again.

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