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Travel Explorers and Cruising
I always wanted to book a resort in ecr nd group of guys can hav fun overnight but I don't see such plan is going on
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
There's something sexy about darkskin .... recently had fun with the metro station cop....one wish ticked off my bucket list....was a quicky..... considering it was the metro station loo...but was such a hot encounter....kept thinking about it all the way back home and for the next two days....
Fantasy with your favorite celebrity
Akshay Oberoi is quite hott....I remember liking a song and then wanted to check the movie and the actors....that's how ended up watching him as he was the hero of the movie...I always thought he was related to Hritik Roshan....should watch his series....thanks for the info.
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
Luv dark skinned guys....
Fantasy with your favorite celebrity
Couldn’t find. That’s why asked.
Fantasy with your favorite celebrity
google them
Travelling in Group
When will we go ?
Travelling in Group
Please add me too
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
I like this thread, interesting experiences. I was traveling in a sleeper coach and a dark guy boarded next to me. He was on his mobile for long time, and by seeing him i was *** and was waiting for him to get to sleeping position. I got up and made sure screens were closed and slowly started touching him. He did not object. He pretended sleeping and slowly turned facing me and i can see the bulge. I also pretended to sleep and touched his t00l, it was semi hard and started growing, i unzipped his pant and took out his tool, unfortunately within seconds he came immediately. Nice start but ended very quickly :(
Attraction towards dark skin Indian men
I like not very dark security boys between 18 to 25 some of them have lovely bums which turn me on.
Some of them are on gay sites also.
I have had *** with 4 security guys and they are pro at *** job and will give u a good time.
I dont encourage them 2 much because they ask 4 money after sometime same with construction workers.
Wannabe tops

I am sure you and every user here can contribute to removing any knowledge gaps.

Sharing knowledge will help remove misconceptions.

Meeting fem twinks who will *** harder than hyper musculine men is not a solution :(
Fantasy with your favorite celebrity
Any link for these nude pics?
Wannabe tops
Lack of information and education leads to strange misconceptions and prejudice. Also, societal patriarchal norms dictate one's attitudes about *** and intimacy. Sadly it restricts the ability to completely enjoy pleasure. In this whole mess of labels so many men lose out on pleasures that need them to forego compartments and definitions.
Wannabe tops
Reading all these comments really make me feel hopeless about Indian LGBTQ society. All I see is is toxic masculinity in these comments. We have a long way to go, and I wish for a day when everyone can get out of their narrow minded approaches towards sexuality. Shocked to see such boxification of tops and bots lols. Yall need to meet some fem twinks who will *** you hard better than any hairy hyper masculine guy can ever do. Decriminalisation to go gayi par bekaar ideas Abhi bhi hai?
Travelling in Group
I m in for group tour
Enhanced Performance
@knightcruiser I have used delay spray also. It make my tool so numb I cannot feel anything and after sometime I shoot my load without any pleasure.

@rohit12131 Excessive of everything is bad, just keep in mind that you must do thing in moderation.
Enhanced Performance
@smacarbon I don't think anyone will buy viagra after this 😌
Enhanced Performance
@HeadsTailsAndHo thank you I will try.
Enhanced Performance
Have any one tried delay sprays here.. Heared that they are effective any good leads
Travelling in Group
Please count me
Have you ever found love at hopeless place?
Us2chennai, love at so many place or list at so many places??🤭
Fantasy with your favorite celebrity
cute_sarah, have you seen shane watson's nude pics?
James Anderson , chris tremlett also have done nude shoot.
Travelling in Group
Yea Goa sounds nice n naughty
Travelling in Group
Good idea
Travelling in Group
Let's plan for Goa. Top, bot, cds including all.
Travelling in Group
Include me, if there is any plan
Have you ever found love at hopeless place?
@US2Chennai share in detail experiences
Travelling in Group
I have 7+1 seater car .if we can plan Ahmedabad to near bye place for 1 day
Fantasy with your favorite celebrity
I have a thing for Shane Watson, love his look and physique
Fantasy with your favorite celebrity
His name is Akshay Oberoi
He is distant cousin of Vivek Oberoi.
Have you ever found love at hopeless place?
I found my love from work, beach , shopping mall, gym, theaters, barber shop, park etc.,
Travelling in Group
I’m interested tour please count me
Fantasy with your favorite celebrity
Recently i watched web series flesh... Abhishek oberoi was really hot..some gay scenes was also there in series 😍😍
Travelling in Group
If it's in Jaipur let me know
Travelling in Group
I am interested too.please count me in
Enhanced Performance
Viagra is available at many pharmacies. But sime are reluctant to sell it without prescription. Although you can buy generic viagra from brands like Manforce (manforce50 price 350 for 4 tabs) viagra is hella expensive (maybe 500-700 for one tab). Just ask for slidenafil citrate and there are many unknown brands with this salt.

Caution: do not take more than 1 in 24 hrs period, there could be loads of complications if you take 2 or more in 24 hrs. Like your heart may fail or blood could start leaking from nose and ears or you can get er3cti0n which will not go down. If you get constant er3ct1on for more than 4 hours you will have to go to doctor for minor operation where they will make a cut in your p3ni5 to remove blood.

Actually this dru g will shoot up your blood pressure which can result in all those things mentioned above. Like uncontrollable bleeding from nose and ears and heart failure.
Fantasy with your favorite celebrity
Now when we have talked about Scam 1992, I would like to talk about by crush on Pratik Gandhi, playing Harshad Mehta in the Web Series. Specially when he is shown in HM in early days, just in shirt pant and tie.

Later I found a small video about police's duty during Diwali. In Police uniform, PG was looking stunningly killer.

His long face, long pointed nose, those thick moustache (in Scam 1992), his height... Somehow my love to common guy next door type guys will never die.
Wannabe tops
Hello, I to recognize myself as a top but sometimes the curiosity overcome me and I recognize myself as a bottom. Even now with no experience I call myself a top but that pleasure you received being a bottom, that’s amazing, and that is what I need. After reading this thread I understood that people are not fixed to one. They orient themself from top to bottom and vise-verca.
Enhanced Performance
I have never tried such enhancements but would love to try if my partner is ok with it
Travelling in Group
Please count me in for the plan.
Fantasy with your favorite celebrity
I hope many of you have seen scam 1992.
The guy who plays role of employee of sbi who comes to kerala to his colleague is gay.
Enhanced Performance

In short, you have to learn how to control the PELVIC MUSCLES to HOLD the release right at the moment.

The Exercise says
When you got for urination, release for 10 secs, then abruptly stop urination using your pelvic muscles, Hold for 10 secs, Now release for 10secs, continue this release n hold technique untill ur bladder is empty.
Follow it religious 3 to 4 times a day for 1 month and u will see the difference.

More u practice, more u last long in bed.
Enhanced Performance
Have more ***...ull get control...
Enhanced Performance
My *** is 6.5inch but i *** out very fast 1st time may be within 2-3min second time
it takes 4-5min, I tried 'Dabur shilajit' capsules but no use 😵 anyone help pls
Enhanced Performance
yeah.. try to avoid chemicals when you have natural products to boost... also some were referring ashwagandha.. which is herbal based..
Fantasy with your favorite celebrity
They are saying his name is KUNAL SINGH... Nice lun... But itna tedha?
"Tedha hai par mera hai" is in trends.
Enhanced Performance
ED is a normal issue, temporary though, which is faced most of guys in different stages of life

But rather going for chemicals, go with natural way...
Go for good diet, quit smoking, reduce tea, coffee and liquor... And you will see results in 30 days... But yes, if you can't quite smoking or can't reduce your intakes of Tea, Coffee, Liquor... Then you have to rely on Chemicals.

Raw Garlic, Soaked Almonds are good to improve blood flow in veins... Which finally works on good and solid ***.
Also avoid too much of *** and masturbation.
Fantasy with your favorite celebrity

Actor from Nagin season 4
Enhanced Performance
Hey guys. I am suffering from ED and have been using Viagra. It sure helps alot but then has its side effects too.
Is there a permanent and natural solution for ED.
I am physically fit and go exercise.
Enhanced Performance
Does manforce 100mg works? Keeps hardness for long time?

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