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No Country for Old Men !!
Matures and Older mens are the best. They play good role in sexual fantasy as well as a good guidance in real life. I have quite a few older friends who will be around 50's and so. I meet my friends quite often and sometimes it happens that we meet at a safe place and have good chit chat and spend the time without doing any fun. I feel, rather than only keeping sexual relations, older's like to keep friendship and wants someone to give them good company
No Country for Old Men !!
Looking for older tops to sleep/cuddle with...
I want to be tied up in spread eagle position and then have a line of men *** me one after another. I want them to keep *** me even if I tell them to stop. I would like men to slap and hit my balls and *** while I am tied up. Also pinch, twist and bute or lick my nipples. Please can someone do all this to me? I don't have place. But if you have place then you and your friends can gangbang me in bdsm style all night. I am for free.
No Country for Old Men !!
Looking for old bottom to ***
No Country for Old Men !!
During my teenage years, my cousin's father caught me red handed getting *** by his son. He told me to let him *** me as well as he was going to tell my parents about my sexual orientation otherwise. At first I was underestimating this old man's power. But later when he started *** me, it turned out that he *** even harder than his son. I later came to know that the cousin's father already knew about our relationship. It was all pre planned. Seeing how well he could ***, I did not mind at all. He told me that my big fat *** reminded him about his wife's big fat ***. He had lost his wife. Before her death, he used to *** her daily three to five times a day. Ever since her death, he was feeling lonely and was not able to control his urge to ***. He says that my chubby body is a lot juicier than the bodies of skinny prostitutes he fucks. I too prefer him over his son. He is very fit and muscular for his age. He was into weight lifting since his teenage time. That is why he completely makes me his sissy bitch on his bed and doesn't let me escape his grip at all.
No Country for Old Men !!
Yes old men are the best things that happened in my life so much pleasure which is beyond expectations. They treat bots really well satisfaction beyond imagination all that experience and lust in them can be explained in words one can only feel. They kee you warm and satisfied on bed all the time.
No Country for Old Men !!
Yes I had a long relationship with an old man here in devanahalli.we used to meet whenever possible at his place or mine.
He is respectful n very neat.he was a top earlier in his days but now prefers been versatile due to his age.
His main liking is to play with my back.makes me sit on his lap and does everything he likes..I oblige to his needs
No Country for Old Men !!
Yes I was in a relationship with my old daddy.... At first he used to give me instructions what to do where to sit and when to eat. It's like giving me instructions and i was blindly following it. We didn't *** as it was very painful for me but he use to seduce me made me *** as I rubbed on mattress. Being long distant I met him only 2-3 times and rest of the times he used to make me feel *** and made me *** through phone ***. Lost connection of him though. Donno where is he
Confusion on Sexual Orientation
Yea *** and romance are two different things. I can't do romance with men, while with female I prefer and love to do more romance and foreplay
No Country for Old Men !!
Yes, Its true that Old daddies are difficult to find. Especially fuckbuddies.
Some old men get emotionally attached or possesive.
No Country for Old Men !!
I also love older tops
No Country for Old Men !!
Yes you are right @Rjkapur older tops are very good in bed with big or small tool. They are very understanding and cooperative. If u say don't do this way it's paining they stopped immediately and support you.
Confusion on Sexual Orientation
@naninaku thats very true
No Country for Old Men !!
Nothing like that, I would prefer older guys. But difficult to find, where as younger guys are much easier to find
No Country for Old Men !!
I love old guys
I am part time cd
But sadly I haven’t found one old guy till date
Online vs Offline Cruising (All City & town)
*‘ગે’ એપ મારફત પાર્ટનરની શોધ ભારે પડી:* રાજકોટમાં સંપન્ન નબીરાનું વિચિત્ર 'હનીટ્રેપ', ‘ગે’ પાર્ટનરની લાલચ આપી 4 લબરમૂછિયાએ અર્ધનગ્ન વીડિયો ઉતાર્યો, 50 હજાર માગ્યા
Confusion on Sexual Orientation
Being Happily Married & having Bi Orientation is always nice. I think 90% of men are Bisexuals
Bukkake, its activity in which several ppl *** on another person. Nothing to do with bareback.
I have got bukkake fun. *** 5 guys, full nude in open. Ate all of there ***. Would love to do that again
I'm seriously tempted get a bukkake with loads of *** from 3 4 ppl while I'm on my cd dress. I have dressed up many times but not sure why I feel like doing a bukkake.. Looks like chances are blick but ping if you are interested
Gay Vacationing in India
I wanted to visit delhi n go to gay spa on chhattarpur n hammam
Anyone interested to fly from pune ?
Gay Vacationing in India
Any LGBTQ travel company in Pune? I want to book a gay group trip for myself. Please ping me
Gay Vacationing in India
Goa in the rains is very romantic! Lesser crowds, Less nosy intruders, More properties, More indoor times, More lonely beaches ! I love Goa trips ☺️⛱️🎉
Bsdm is not a kind of punishment or slavery things..
It had to come naturally for a master towards slave and its both responsibility which one should you wanna do. Like i like dominance so i do as my routine activity not like that i need to become master or get in on off role...
You dont need to imitate yourself.
Ping me if you are interested in p**d c@$h masters
I would (train)make you as perfect submissive for any dominant.
It's not easy it's not hard to be a submissive
It only takes acceptance and discipline with a consistent effort to explore your sides of sexuality and ecstasy in exploring BDSM
It's an art ,so does it requires disciplined artists who will carve themselves into best doms/subs
Ping me if you are interested in paid cash masters
I would train you as perfect submissive for any dominant.
It's not easy it's not hard to be a submissive
It only takes acceptance and discipline with a consistent effort to explore your sides of sexuality and ecstasy in exploring BDSM
Life of a Bi
I'm a bisexual. I met few in this site. Started with gay. Then experienced 3some with their wife's.
There are people who's living Happyly after marriage also.
Life of a Bi
@Lovelust_1 "Living world works for each other's benefit, nobody likes anybody" thanks for sharing that verse. It is so true and profound.
No Country for Old Men !!
I don't think that's the case..
My BF has a very huge fetish for OLD Guys.. and before we met he had *** many OLD men.. he loves Silver haired big belly daddies not the shabby ones.. but the groomed ones..

I literally had to fight with him over some *** daddy he *** after we met..

It's a real big problem for young guys to compete with daddies..

My BF is super hot, well off and also big dicked.. so no he isn't a sugar boy.. or sugar daddy..

And I'm a guy who prefer guys around my age.. like 28-34 is my safe range below that and above that is something I don't prefer..

Things have changed a lot recently, it's not the same it use to be earlier..

Just keep yourself well groomed, use a nice colonge/perfume and dress nicely.. there is no end for daddies to get babies of any age..

Love, Simon
No Country for Old Men !!
Yess I have recently hooked up one old guy...it's good
No Country for Old Men !!
As a pure bot I love matured old men they are like the best
No Country for Old Men !!
I like old man, as they are more safe and reliable..
And most of them are very experienced, so they don't abuse you.
I have enjoyed with many matured / old guys upto the age of 60 yrs old...( I am 38 Yrs old)
No Country for Old Men !!
Nice old man's are more romantic and fun loving!!!
Fun under open skies - Farmhouse trip Fun
Most of these pvt villa's etc which people let out have CCTV camera's all around
So, i don't think it open area fun as described above would actually materialise.

My idea of open air is totally different.
I'd love to enjoy behind the bushes or on the beach
Ideal place is picking up people in the dark spots of the highway towards Pune or Surat. Best places
But yes it's highly risky as well.
But yeah ...it's a fantasy.
Life of a Bi
And a very few people get into marriage out of love for each other. At least in Indian society. Be it straight or queer.
It's almost like a social contract for two individuals to offer each other the social, monetary and heritage benefits of cohabitation.
In my opinion, which might be wrong, love is just another emotion too overrated. Nothing exists like true love. It's always give and take. Even your parents don't love you unconditionally. Start misbehaving and be inconsiderate, they'll disown you. I'm not saying this, it was written thousands of years before - "अर्थार्थी जीवलोकोsयं, न कश्चित कस्यचित प्रिय:" (Living world works for each other's benefit, nobody likes anybody). Therefore, I believe in preserving one's individuality and personal space even while being married. Just see what you're offering in exchange, and make sure it outweighs enough. Many would find this irritating but I'm being pragmatic here.
Life of a Bi
Guys, do what your heart feels right. Want to get married, get married, don't want to get married then don't.
Marriages are not always doomed after partner comes out bi. I've had at least 3 friends who came out to their wives, by accident or willingly, and they were understood and cared for by their wives. Of course, there was friction initially, but they made peace for whatever happened and still continuing. Even if you search online, you'll see many blog posts/YouTube videos about such couples. Year is 2022. Everyone has the right to set their own moral boundaries for their own comfort zones. It's foolish to consider what society thinks it's the right thing. It's always best to open up/hint about your inclinations to your partner before a decision like marriage is taken. And It's not that all straight married couples are always loyal. It has to do with one's own conscience and not sexuality, whatever it may be. Married or single, one must learn to control their sexual urges and put that energy to good use. *** is not everything. Even I'm struggling in that zone, but progressing day by day.
Life of a Bi
Hey racecourse
Dont worried abt ur desire
From my experience i *** two married guys, they have same feelings as u have.
I ask them why u like this, their answer is same, they said the i touch their body, kisses their body, rimming b4 ***, (i am a slow fucker ) they enjoy it very much, this is the thing dat they are not getting from wife.
Even i ask them what about attraction towards men, they said, yes its is there but they dont indulge that.
Thank god still both happy with me
Life of a Bi
Hey people.. I love women and always get aroused with them.. I also get aroused when I think about getting *** by men. I have been in sexual relationships with both for years, & I always acted as TOP who liked to get ***.

But, nowadays I have feeling towards *** ***, I would like to give it a try. I’m looking for a person who would like to suk my dik & *** my ***.

I don’t know how to put my orientation now? Can someone help me on this?
Lot of bareback sex these days ?
Now, scientists of Israel, developed vaccine against HIV. Only one dose require, hiv will be cured. When, it will be available worldwide, we will enjoy without fear of hiv.
I am in need of 30000 rupees... I have taken from someone in my badtime and niw i need to return ...this is a huge community, if people can help contributing littile amount ....i will make sure to return everyone within two months...because i was jobless but now i got my job and will be able to return.
Travel Explorers and Cruising
Any information about surajkund mela in Faridabad
Hi I am very submissive from banglore, I am short fair and little plum type. Yesterday I had one of my best experiences in my life being a submissive to 2 truck driver for 1 hr and they shared me with 3 more from other truck for 3-4 hr I was tied and beaten like hell but I love it. I couldn’t breath when they try to double penetrated and bleed so much and they made my boobs very soft and loose by *** biting . When everything was over I felt like I have no ***. Walking on highway without dress than getting *** was best experience in my life
Best Gay Destinations to Travel !!!
From my experience,
Orissa is best for matures, matures high demand in Orissa.
South India gay heaven place sply kerala, off course language is problem.
Kerala is awesome for tour and ***
Hyderabad is another
Mumbai also, but place is problem there.
So kahani shuru hui ki humne Grindr pe baat kari Voh bola ki voh vers hai Decide hua ki uski place mai jayenge voh lene aayega Jab voh aaya toh voh dusra Banda tha ugly man nahi ugly admi samjho Maine fir pucha tum kya ho Usne top bola Maine na kaha toh bola mai bhi chus lunga tumhara Mere hormones jage and uske sath gaya bike pe Ek gali mai ghar hote hai na vese jagah thi and voh mujhe gali mai hi uska karkhana(factory) tha udhar le gaya Aaju baju jaise gali mai hota hai normal ghar the Karkhana bada tha length mai Usne mujhe bola ki ander karenge But maine bola nahi aage vale room mai karenge coz last kamre mai jo diwar thi usmai holes the and light aa rahi thi and kisi ke bolne ki awaj Toh voh man gaya aage vale room mai krne ko Usne sari light off kr di taki aaju baju jo ghar the unhe Shak na ho ki ander kya ho raha hai But maine apne phone ki torch on krke madiye ke side mai rakh di taki light ho Fir show shuru Usne mere sare kapde nikale and madiye mai fek diya Fir voh mere sath zabardasti krne laga Like itni zor se kat Raha tha ki khoon nikal aaye Maine usse bol diya tha ki mai 10.30 tak hi uske sath rahunga and voh man gaya tha coz mujhe ghar jana tha Jab maine usse yeh bola toh bola tu kahi nahi jayega Then I came to know ki voh drunk tha Fir voh or agressive ho gaya marna and all then too maine bola tum ne bola tha tum mera chusoge then hi said mai pure top hu mai nahi chusta Aab situation laga karab ho gayi Maine kaha mujhe ghar jana hai usne bola nahi tu kahi nahi jayega Mai bola mai chilaunga Toh bola chilla tere kapde mere pass hai jake dikha bahar Fir maine ane dimag se kaam liye and soocha ki esa kuch nahi hone vala Mera pehla Kam tha ki kapde pehne hai vapas Maine usse kaha ki jo bolega vese karunga pan kapde pehen ke Pehle toh voh nahi mana Fir mana pan dhamki di ki agar bhagne ki koshish Kari toh tu janta nahi mai kya kya kr Sakta hu Usne mere kapde diye Maine pehne and apna earphone jo le gaya tha voh jeebh mai rakh liya Fir maine apna phone apne hath me liya and bola mujh andhere mai krna hai kyuki light se koi dekh lega Voh maan gaya And voh mujhe neck pe niss krne laga Fir voh ese feeling mai dooba tha ki dheere dheere mai usse darwaza ke side le gaya Fir mai niche baitha uske jaise mai uska *** choosne vala tha Lights off thi toh andhera tha and kuch dikh nahi Raha tha Voh mere muh mai ungli dal kr foreplay kr raha tha Mera dimag darwaze ki kadi(sakal) pe tha Mujhe usse kholna tha Mai ek hath se dheere dheere usse khol raha tha Adhere se usse pat nahi chal raha tha Thode der ke baad darwaza ka sakal khul gaya Maine usse Dhaka diya or bahar nikalne ki koshish ki pan voh strong tha usne mujhe rok liya mere dimag ne bola it's time to fight Usse 3 4 punch diye diye aache se itne powerfull the ki bichara gir gaya paka dant tute honge And mai itni deer mai vaha se full speed mai bhaga And ghar ke liye maine dusra route chuna Kyuki usse pehla route pata tha Coz usne mujhe pic Kiya tha Mujhe ek baat ka garv hai ki mai koi lachar ki tarah vaha se nahi bhaga Usse mar ke bhaga.💪
Planning for " Latter Days"
Shantanu .no worries. I manage my lonliness . Whole life i have been so after my college life no one in life .all is well . Don't worry for me. I know how to manage my lonliness . Just i shared my self . You take care . All cant go hills and all . We need to find a solotion ourself .
Planning for " Latter Days"
Dr u can give up ur loneliness
Try to love urself
U r so nice that u wanted to part time teacher without salary, so why not teach street children
U will enjoy
Try to travel, if u like hill go to hilly area, if u like sea, go to sea beaches
Talk with local people, eat local their local food.
Join a health club.
Dont try to make urself in isolation.
I am sure u can
Take care
Planning for " Latter Days"
I dont like *** with who call me uncle or brother as i belive within family no ***. Plan to learn somethimg new
Planning for " Latter Days"
I m 52. I saved enough..not wotking . Enoug o tollerated bullying so i dont want wotk..single ..lonliness is there. Managing visiting temples. Prefer to work as part time teacher in service organisation without salary . I m not qualified teacher . Nothing i got so far. I m single whole of life . After college was in strict control. Parents paased away. Managing my lonliness . I dont like friends online. Wish i can get him in real life . Interested in travel
Planning for " Latter Days"
How to delete comment frm here.. i typed this by mistake...sry :((
Planning for " Latter Days"
How to control suicidal thoughts 😒 i m feeling i'm nothing for anyone.. for family for frnds..

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