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Recovery fromSex Addiction/Sexaholism/Lust Addicts
Having *** feeling is like avalanche. More u think about *** more u want it and vice versa .. so it's ok.

U can enjoy any *** orientation with consent of partner. U can think wild for ur *** drive, but just don't derail and go to path of *** and other things. Enjoy responsibly.
Recovery fromSex Addiction/Sexaholism/Lust Addicts
Testicles get loosen when body temp is high.. like in summer and shrinks in winter season. So it's normal.

Don't apply any medicine for increasing *** size.. It's natural it will still get increase as u r 26. Massage ur *** with oil once in two days for 15 mins, you may see some difference.
The Cousin Factor
Well it's not cousin but incest.....had blunder of my life which am still paying for it...It was an accident... after which am lil cautious.....
Mistake - I searched top in my hometown and that too as a crossdresser

Incident .- it was blind date as we planned to meet at one place near to hotel ofcourse .and i was wearing pink shirt nd tight low waist denim with panties inside nd bra....bt no makeup so was looking as guy only. In public but the person I was supposed to meet came as my uncle....blunder it was as i would hv gone bt we both given each other our cloth color shoes color appearance etc ...nd cudnt ignore ..i though tried to b normal as met him accidentally but my cards were open...he was shocked too....bt thn later on he had with me..thn with his frnds ...on his business trips ...so on
Recovery fromSex Addiction/Sexaholism/Lust Addicts
I have same problem as @Madhu2602
Travel Explorers and Cruising
Yes mumbai local are best......
Recovery fromSex Addiction/Sexaholism/Lust Addicts
yes addicted to MFM bi ***..woman, babes, MILFS , INCEST shags... mutual shags.. ***......
Recovery fromSex Addiction/Sexaholism/Lust Addicts
@Rahul xv
My age is 26
But my testicles hanging down
Experience with politicans
Yeah...all these guys are quite sexy... especially Anurag Thakur....
Recovery fromSex Addiction/Sexaholism/Lust Addicts
I am *** Addict, i masterbate from last 20 years (i am 29). I am married but till want daily *** but my wife don't support so i search for gay. Who is always ready for *** and ***. Till i masterbate someday for 2-3 times.
Recovery fromSex Addiction/Sexaholism/Lust Addicts
Masturbation is good for health. It reduces mental sexual pressure but depends on body and diet you take. Masturbation reduces the chances of prostrate cancer.

Premature ejaculation can be controlled by stop n start method.

@Madhu2602.. Wats ur age
Experience with politicans
Like Tejaswi Surya very much super hot, young, Fresh, single like to enjoy with him what ever he wants
In my imagination he have nice size also

My second crush is Anurag Takur wav.. what a sexy guy whenever I see him in TV feel like to hold his tool immediately such a sexy guy he's

Last not least Mr. Prathap Shima Manly guy saw him once in shorts he's having heavy size tool
Recovery fromSex Addiction/Sexaholism/Lust Addicts
I'm mastrubuting past 15 years and my *** size is right now 4.5 inches. And I have premature ejaculation my sperm out within a moment
Maybe my *** also in not very hard, and my testicles size also little big I need check my *** and testicles status it's in good condition or bad condition
Can someone guide me for my problem.
I need to go for my testicles scanning
And how should I checked my my *** report ( scan or how)?
I'm staying at vijay nagar Bangalore
Recovery fromSex Addiction/Sexaholism/Lust Addicts
When I started masturbation when I was 8 years old and right now I am in 25 years of my life.

What I gained?

What did I lose?

When I look back I found I am not having friends.

Always ***,

once tried to escape the trap and succeded for one year then again I meet someone and again the cycle started.

Now I am trying one more time.

Planning to start whatsapp group. If we are together then motivation will be high.
Please tell me about your suggestions.
Fantasy with your favorite celebrity
I love to have auch romantic time with mamootty, chiranjeevi, surya, prabhas ....awesome
Fantasy with your favorite celebrity
I wanted to get *** by Mohan lal, Shakti Kapoor....
Travel Explorers and Cruising
@Shylacrossy below are a few that I know of. Reply with other few that you know or message me

Majestic Bus Stand loos
Jayanagar 4th Block Bus stand loo
SRS Travels loo near Aanand Rao Circle
Travel Explorers and Cruising
Sure..but that's when I visit Mumbai...for now have to be in Bangalore.....but hey thanks fo the offer..@Patricknorman.
The Cousin Factor
I am a bisexual and my experiences with guys started with one of my younger cousin and without even knowing much about it we used to lick each others ***, we were in class 4-5th at that time, later by sixth I got with one of my elder cousin who started showing me *** and told me about ***, now we used to go to cyber cafes to watch them, slowly I started getting this feeling that I wanted to experience the girls part and I started asking questions about them to my brother, this resulted in a dry humping once which made me feel good and more curious, so one day I clearly asked him that is it painful to take things in? how do the girls feel when it goes? to which he said that it’s painful but they enjoy it, now I wanted this sweet pain and I started putting pen inside my ***, I was not successful properly and I really wanted it so I confessed about this to him, he agreed and he said he can try *** me, I was very ready and that night we both decided to sleep in the terrace room, but as we were kids he was unsuccessful but from that day he started fingering me a bit everyday and I used to take it with all my joy.
After few months of this he *** me one day and then every next day, then once I even got *** by my younger cousin whom I used to *** as a kid.
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
@Hardy_G...wow, You had with your father's best friend.We would like to hear how you both started (of course if you are comfortable only then)
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
Hardy_G.....that's great being with elders
Travel Explorers and Cruising
Thx ricky3636. Use me in local train from 12th
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
Ohhh....that's something new that i have heard...I have fantasized about a few but never happened...@Hardy_G
Travel Explorers and Cruising
Yaaay!!! That's good news....BTW you have a lovely *** @Patricknorman.
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
i had *** with my best friend father
Travel Explorers and Cruising
Trains are starting on 12th Aug. Cant wait to get fondled.
The Cousin Factor
Ohhh yeah this has happened to a lot of us. I would not say my initiation was by my cousin but I had regular *** with him..i started with him when I was 8 I guess....he is atleast 12 or 13 yrs older to me...when we sleep he used to keep his *** between my thighs and dry hump me until he ***.....then progressed to making me *** him and drink his come...later he got posted elsewhere and we drifted apart...now he is a grandfather.....we have dinner and drink with respective families...but never talk about the past.....I still remember how he used to jerk his body when ***...and his *** throbbing...
The Cousin Factor
I had sessions with many cousins ...it all started during summer vacations when we used to stay together and sleep together on roof top..my cousins used to keep my hand on their *** and I was pressing it and it was growing. I started liking it and then started ***. *** 3 cousins many times. no ***.
Travel Explorers and Cruising
yes i have fondled so many *** in suburban trains 2x2....it was lovely days..could not enjoy last 6 months
Travel Explorers and Cruising
Any hotels or dormetories in kolkata.... where u can get group banged day night......especially by thick circumcised ***.....if any... please advise
Fantasy with your favorite celebrity
Even I have crush on Srinivasan Jain. I imagine sometime that I am *** him.
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
Thank you so much and I liked it very much ...
Travel Explorers and Cruising
Mumbai locals are the best!
Travel Explorers and Cruising
Thats true. Mumbai locals are the best for quick adventurous fun. I have been fingered so many times in the train
Relationship with a married man. Acceptable or not
First of all that friend is no one but you . And all the that ngs you mention is nothing but result of some king and loneliness and at last I say this type of relationship is no longer so better to no go with it
Travel Explorers and Cruising
woww i heard so many stories of the mumbai local and right now i have gotten an offer to relocate to mumbai... I just wud love to be back to this great city and meet all you lovley pple and have a hot time...
just cant wait to be there and experience this naughty sensations and share my pleasure with u wonderful guys
Travel Explorers and Cruising
U get the most erotic encounters in Mumbai locals.... Rock hard πŸŒπŸ‘‰πŸ»πŸ–•, handjobs, n πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ 🀩😍😘
Travel Explorers and Cruising
Yeah...I have always loved that...because almost everybody is game for fun...and I have heard that there is a specific compartment in every train which is uses mostly by g...s.....so if you know that then..it's damn easy for fun......but at times it can get embarassing.....I remember once during travel...there was a Panditji... absolutely cute...and kept smiling...once we got close I just put out my hand to touch and he was already hard and in upright position in the underwear his *** pointing towards his belly.....we started getting closer as the crowd got more he started doing his hip movements...and in a few minutes...I could feel him *** and his *** went soft...we both got down at Bandra ans as we started walking he said softly...ab ghar jaake kapde Badal kar snaan karna padega..phir pooja kar sakta hoon...I felt guilty...but amused at the same time......
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
I want my first time to be with an older top guy. I love mature, clean and decent tops. But they are kinda hard to find in Mumbai.
Travel Explorers and Cruising
Mumbai locals were fun. I hope this virus goes away soon and we're back to fondling in the crowds.
Travel Explorers and Cruising
I had a lot of fun in mumbai local. Though it was a long time back, the memories are still fresh
Experience with politicans
Plz let me introduce some politician in delhi except north indian
I'm btm I will serve him as per his desire I'm hearless and smart
Travel Explorers and Cruising
Planning to go to Mumbai if crowd still gathers around train stations and bus stands
Travel Explorers and Cruising
Just wondering if trains are running currently like before in Mumbai???
Travel Explorers and Cruising
Guys even traveling by the local train in Mumbai is so damn hotttt...I have always had guys either holding mine...or rubbing their hard-on on to me...quite an experience!!!
Relationship with a married man. Acceptable or not
Do not expect ny thing just enjoy the moment while it lasts like i enjoyed with my classes accounts teacher, for 4 years the only thing that excites me is we hooked up more than 100 times that even more *** than he had with his wife, also jerked eated each others *** more than that, if u think abt future n responsibility u would lose the moment of being together.
Born straight and became gay
I became interesting in bisex coz of my friends brother , he talked like girly style he had a stunning jaw clean shaved when i suddenly started talking more with him and he asked if i like him or what he understood the sign n i shared my first kiss, first bj with him but unfortunately we could not have *** coz he was not ready for any discreet relationship. I kissed lot of guys but he will always be my first love
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.

I'm in my late 20's and actually for me it's vice-versa..... Many matured men used to ask me for money and I had no option but to refuse and never contact them.....

Did I stop contacting matured men? No... I'm just more careful now!

I don't know why people has such mindset that young guys are after matured men only for money... Just coz you might had few bad experience that doesn't mean that all young guys are same.
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
Iam in my late 40s...And attracted to decent guys...Not too old...neither too young....But have had issues with the younger lot with regards to asking for money...Drinks...Etc...If I want to do anything voluntarily I will do..But when somebody demands like it is their right it pisses me off...And I have asked some.od the guys to *** off...On their face......So now I am extra careful when somebody young approaches...My mail box and messages is usually filled with messages.... Best is just read and delete....Peace of mind....So please choose guys wisely...
Born straight and became gay
I am not sure if I was born gay or became gay because of encounters in early childhood. I remember when I was 3, there was a neighbour boy may be in his teens, 13-14 years, his both parents were working. He would call me to his home to play...my parents knew him well. He would offer my some sweet and would ask me to *** his. I started liking it, I remember salty taste of *** too. Then we shifted to another place. In summers I used to go to my cousins place during school holidays. Manytimes, cousin used to keep my hand on his *** while in sleep. I started liking that too.. Then it happened with different cousins. I *** too.. many times. I used to loom forward to summer vacation to enjoy. While in school after 9th or so, I started liking handsome strong guys of my class/school. I used to dream about them and wanted to *** . Nothing happened in school or college though I had crush on many. After internet came I met few guys and had ***. I m married now but always look for sexy handsome guys. Had crush on many office friends too ... told one office friend that I like u. he did not react .. we are still friends.. No *** though with him...I am not sure if childhood incidents made me gay
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
I have only been with mature guys aged between 42-65....best thing about them is they are very much understanding, accommodating and goes extra mile to make their bots comfortable...most of them have a dad like pampering abiity.and when they act dominant u just cannot resist and disobey them coz u don't wanna upset their feelings ..

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