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Planning for " Latter Days"
Is anyone having group *** in pune is anyone having place for group *** any top bottom versatile with safe place please post it
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
Is there any spa or ayurvedic massage cebtre in noida where we can get fun with massage ? Noida or nearby area
Erectile dysfunction

NPT - Nocturnal Penile Tumescence - is medical term for early morning hardons in men .

REM ( Rapid Eye Movement ) and NREM ( Non Rapid Eye movement ) are two types of sleep that we all go through every time we sleep. For interesting details please google because discussion on this will be off topic.

Rapid Eye Movement ( REM) sleep is the one during which we get intense , vivid dreams including Sexual dreams and is associated with NPT / Hardons ( with or without accompanying sexual dreams ) and occasionally spontaneous ejaculation ( Nightfall ) sometimes referred colloquially as Swapnadosh ( though this is perfrctly normal and adjective 'dosh ' which implies that it is some kind of disorder is totally wrong ) .

Normal NPT during night but unable to have or sustain erections while being awake ( during masturbation or *** ) implies psychological causes for Erectile Dysfunction.
Erectile dysfunction
Ok those who want to try vit d can sit under sun it's free, and non risky. They can see the reults if they are facing ed due to vit d deficiency. Vit d is majorly deficient in india now especially in cities, anyone can check. Ed can happen by many reasons, this can b 1 reason too. Sunlight vitamin d helps heart and brain function so it helps in ed if ed is related to mood, and moreover I did not recommend supplement for vit d, I said to sit under sun for some time which is totally harmless. I shared what I know, i am not giving any medical advice to anyone, any one who need consultation can connect with doc and get treated.
Erectile dysfunction
What is NPT and NREM & REM sleep???
Please enlighten
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
How much nudity is allowed?
Erectile dysfunction
NPT happens atleast 3-5 times during sleep each time sleep goes into REM sleep ( from NREM sleep ) . Only last one is remembered while waking up. So just because you don't sense NPT does not mean that you don't have NPT. You may be having one during early cycles that you do not know.

Masturbation definitely affects nightfall. If you are masturbating regularly then there may not be sufficient semen for spontaneous ejaculation. But whether excessive masturbation causes decrease in NPT is not known.

Since you are otherwise having normal *** and if there are no other sleep problems then no need to worry about absence of observable NPT. As I said you may be having that you are not aware of.
Testing for NPT in your case is not required.

Medications which reduce REM sleep such as antidepressants , SSRI etc can reduce NPT.

Please see if you are not masturbating excessively. Make sure that you are not dependent / addicted to it.
Erectile dysfunction
@Drgoogle, is it normal to have normal *** life with absence of NPT can too much mastrubation cause it? Any remedies?
Erectile dysfunction
Thanks @ Gayashish3 for important clarifiction

Indeed mere ' Googling' can be dangerous.
Lot of information on internet is uncureted , unedited , unchecked. In era of Fake News and Information war mere googling and bekieving something just because there are millions of hits /pages means nothing.

Vitamin d deficiency is less common these days in India. India being a tropical country adequate sun exposure gives some vitamin d . Other sources of vitamin through food are adequate esoecially given so that commonly used food articles like milk are fortified with Vitamin D.

Vitamin d deficieny may be seen in muslim , marwari women who observe strict heejab/naqab and purdah resoectively and stay indoor most of the times ( all of which also have reduced considerably )

Most of the scientific evidence available for correlation between vitamin d and erectile dysfunction is borderline , low quality.
Erectile dysfunction is a very important concern for most men ( therefore lucrative market for pharma companies ) . Preying upon insecurities of men , pharma companies are willing to support poorly conducted research that may support vitamin d supplimentation in such setting. At present evidence is borderline , low quality.

Erectile dysfunction , as you all can see , is a very emotional and important topic for lot of men. It has varied causes. Vitamin D deficiency is less important among them. Severe vitamin D deficieny as you noted is not so common these days due to reasons explained as above.

Singular thrust on Vitamin D checking should not be promoted. It could be part of thorough evaluation in patients with persistent unexplained Erectile Dysfunction.

Self testing for vitamin d and self medication for supposed deficieny to treat erectile dysfunction should be avoided as other important causes may be missed.

Erectile dysfunction
Vitamin D is related to hundreds of diseases, if u google search like this , u will get connection of many diseases with vitamin D , it isn’t the correct way of correlating !
Erectile dysfunction
Check vit d, it is related to testosterone and sexual issues. If vit d is low for long time, u will get low or no erections bcoz body drops t hormone in absence or low levels of vitamin d. Check ur vit d level and sit under sun and begin ur erections and morning woods. It is done through simple blood test and range of vit d should be 30-100. If u don't believe, google vitamin d and testosterone (or ed problems), u will get many research links on it. Hope it helps. Happy healing to all
Lost And Found
Had soo much memorable moments during school.. especially during 12th STD..
Did my schooling at the school in Deviyakurichi, Salem. There I got some gay friends and had fun in bathrooms,rooms and hostel terrace. Now also iam searching for those guys on social media..but not found.. I Donna if they are still bi or gay.
Their names are Ana**** Raj, Anba***San, Vi***sh
I really miss you guys.. let's connect again
Erectile dysfunction
@Doctor and @Doctor google is absence of NPT directly links to any problem? I get good hardons but i think due to over masturbation im not getting NPT
Dealing with a lonely life post 30-40

Very well said and summarised.

Though it is true that Queer relationships have different dynamics and template of Heterosexual marriages ( I strongly dislike term 'Straight' ! Gays are what then ' Crooked' ? 🤨 .
Though on lighter note - some of us may be 😉 )

Such differences , I believe , are only outward and shaped by society.
Deep down it is same thing - Two ( or more ) individuals who long to belong , yearn to be yearned for and love to be loved. This is the crux of all relationships whether heterosexual or homosexual.

They can be of many hues and flavors - Kinship , Friendship , Comradeship , Companionship and what not.
Everything shouldn't boil down to sexually motivated relationships though I don't underestimate the role of lust in fostering love. But after certain age-phase lust becomes less important.

And these other relationships make life far beautiful whether singled or partnered ( before and after 40s or ...whatever number one wants to put to one's stage of life )

Dealing with a lonely life post 30-40
Golden Rule : Grass is always greener on the other side. WHich side you choose doesnt matter.

All the discussion here is from a heteronormative perspective. We have to realise that gay relationships are different from straight relationships. One cannot use the template of straight marraiges to gay relationships. The dynamics are very different. The means for LGTQIA++ relationships and marraiges are still evolving. SO one cannot analyse queer relationships in the same light.

Dealing with a lonely life post 30-40
Dear @hotbotpop

My apologies if I appeared fierce. I mean no malice for the pointed words I deploy except to make a point rather forcefully.
Thanks for enlivening this important topic.
We all look at things from our own prejudiced perspectives ; been there and done that, hence it is alright to err. India ( and other countries too ) will get better if each one of us broaden horizons of our compassion.
When people change societies do although it is generally a painfully slow process.
But atleast our posterity will enjoy their rights in better manner as we do compared to those who came before us , strived and made things little easy.
The reason why we are able to have these conversations today is that some brave people pushed the envelope further.

It is our great fortune and must say kudos to those who made 'Ohmojo' possible that a space has been created and is being maintained to enable such interactions and exchange of ideas.

So there goes one important solution to deal with loneliness and that is to reach out to likemended people , interact and have heart to heart conversations !

Wish you all the best in your life.
Planning for " Latter Days"
Dear @Jaidesai

Thanks for sharing your personal experience and insight about dealing with ' Latter Days'.

So far discussion has been largely general , impersonal hence your post is much needed and welcome change. You have shared with us your real life experience and practical tips and must I say with much flair and wit.

Your words of wisdom are deeply appreciated. I am sure many guys ( me included) will find them useful in planning our own ' Latter Days '.
Dealing with a lonely life post 30-40

Hmm I'm married and closeted, so society does not look at me like an outcast. That's probably why I did not understand the challenges enough. Here in US, influential people extend support and even celebrate anyone coming out (like Apple CEO Tim Cook, Lady Gaga and many others). They also get equal opportunity, one of my own teammates is a trans woman, so yes there's a lot of difference in acceptance. Sorry for being indifferent. Hope things change in our country for the better.
Planning for " Latter Days"
yes ...i am an oldie. i am an uncle (single)...not a daddy.
retired...well deserved.
so what do i do?
sleep most of the time.
meet family and friends now and then (am overseas so dont have the indian context of family and friends living with me or next to me).
get on the net: keep myself informed of the latest news going on in india and around the world (nothing worth talking about!). check facebook and vent my opinions on those who think they are superior and that they can easily pass judgement (as an oldie, we grow wise and can easily identify idiots and trolls who need to be put in their box). i check forums like ohmojo and planet romeo that keep my sexual interests alive.
i also volunteer....gives me satisfaction to see that i can help another person with my education, life experiences (non-sexual) and my physical/mental abilities.
cook for myself and listen to music.
dont know how time flies...but i require more than 24hrs a day!

i read some good advice here by ohmojo members including dr google, for those growing old like me.
money is IMPORTANT! save what you can. you dont need a rolex watch to keep time.
health is MORE IMPORTANT!! so keep your body moving. keep your mind alert ( by reading or internet or computer games ) or you will loose it. eat healthy foods and too much sugar is not healthy! enjoy *** or *** (at least once a week or you will suffer from prostrate problems).
a happy life is MOST IMPORTANT!!! happiness is what you give to others and that reflects back to you. do things YOU WANT TO DO...you are your own boss! smile....dont become a grumpy old man....nobody like them! take time to visit family and friends (we all need each other in this life). teach someone to learn to read or to do somethings that you know but they dont, offer the poor some food.....dont take your talent and/or money to your grave where it will turn to dust!
Dealing with a lonely life post 30-40
Correction - regarding post above I inadvertentently wrote ' Hima Das ' instead of Dutee chand.

I meant to say that when athlete ' Dutee Chand ' came out as Gay nobody supported her. Her mother , sisters , villagers disowned her.
Dealing with a lonely life post 30-40
Dear @hotbotpop

Thanks once again for your rejoinder.
I am glad that you admitt that there are 'certain' differences and 'deeper' challenges as far as LGBTQIA community issues in India vis a vis US are concerned .

Now let me share that the differences and challenges are really of extreme degree. LGBTQIA community enjoys several rights ( including legalised marriages / civil unions in several states there , rights to parenthood , rights to adoption ) that Indian LGBTQIA community can only dream of. Even societal acceptance is far better there. Here LGBTQIA has to celebrate ' decriminalisation' of *** *** as a major victory ! LGBTQIA community existence is rarely referred to let alone be acknowledged. Forget about dignified equal rights in all domains. When athlete Hima Das came out - nobody from mainstream ( politcians , celebs ) supported her. There was absolute silence about her coming out. US is developed country ; even prisoners in US get better amenities and food. In US nobody bothers what you do in private because ' privacy' is respected. In India family , peers , neighbours act as sadist -voyeurs. Societal pressure to marry and produce heir to family is stupendous. Please don't try to blindly prescribe American solutions to ' Indian ' setting. Indian gay men and women have families to look after. Family bonds , responsibilities , oblgations are enormous.
Even today women and their spouses continue to be murdered because they married partner of their choice that family did not approve. THIS is our INDIA.

If you really want to understand challenges faced by Single / divorced LGBTQIA members in India you need to experience our life. Before you 'preach' us that shoe is good enough , please wear this shoe and walk in it atleast a mile . You will know exactly where it pinches and how much. Perhaps you may consider coming out of your own marriage of convenience , move back to India , live with your Indian family - neighbours-community and then practise your 'coping strategies' and then share us their efficacy in Indian setting.

You ask what I expect you to say.
Well first and foremost ' Don't exclaim your 'surprise' ! Acknowledging that problem exists is a good first step. Empathising with those who are suffering is a good next step before you 'preach' them any solutions.

Please understand that to love and be loved is a basic human need. Loneliness arising out of not having anyone to share and experience love is a profoundly debilitating suffering. We ought not to belittle this huge and significant challenge that millions and millions of fellow LGBTQIA members face here in India and elsewhere . Since you are in US , I strongly urge you to look at US data and statistics about Depression and several other mental health challenges within LGBTQIA community there. I think after going through that data your own observations of How Single gay men and women are happy in US will appear deceptively untrue to you.

No Country for Old Men !!
I love loveee Oldej...........
Dealing with a lonely life post 30-40
@fifty - Yes, he does. It's mutual. I hope you do get your bond. Socializing as @kingofdesire56 is one way and probably the only way.

@DrGoogle - No, I'm not minimizing issues faced by single gay men. Some of them assume being married is a solution to all loneliness, so I just wanted to clarify that is not the case.

It's only a few years since I moved to the US and I've lived in India all my life, so I do have an idea of how things work there. There are certain differences and deeper challenges, I agree.

My problems are not overwhelming now because I did find coping strategies. It's so much better now. Similarly I thought of providing some coping strategies for unmarried lonely people from my perspective.

So what do you expect me to say after all - "Oh you feel lonely? I'm so sorry to hear that!". Is that it?
I am 18 Years Top From Mumbai Worli. Any Slave for me with place i want to make him cry by Giving pleasure to Him. Anyone who wants to drink my ***, drink mine pee shake, I will be master Blaster for my slave.
Dealing with a lonely life post 30-40

Thanks for further contexualising your earlier post with newer post with your personal details.

To paraphrase your situation
You are an Indian guy in US who is married and is facing several problems that you can't discuss with your wife i.e. your life partner but with your close gay friend with whom you share platonic bond ( you have not had *** with him ...yet )

I totally empathise with your predicament which you allude to , with as many phrases " N number of problems , unable to speak to wife , marriage is not everything etc etc "
It seems you are struggling with your issues arising from heteosexual marriage and your sexual identity conflict. It is great that you have a nice gay friend that lends you a patient ear ; professional help from LGBTQIA friendly counselor may also help as they have expertise and show you coping strategies or make you aware of various options that you may be struggling to come to terms with.

Now , your comments need to be seen in light of your situation. Please note that it is common mental defence strategy to seek to enlarge your own issues by trying to minimise issues others may be facing.

Subtext of your post screams " You all have no idea what gay man trapped in heterosexual marriage faces. You all have no idea how lucky you are with freedom you are oblivious off "

I really feel for you. Please take care and seek help if your problems are overwhelming. But please do not try to undermine gravity of mental health issues faced by single / unpartnered LGBTQIA members.

Each os us have issues to deal with and there are strategies , methods for that.

Issues pertaining loneliness post 30-40 are real. Sometimes you can be lonely despite and inspite of marriage and you seek and find solace in platonic companionship / friendship . This is one of the way you are dealing with it.
May I also add India and US are thousand miles apart - physically as well as figuratively. Each society has own set of strengths and challenges. It is a grave error to directly extraploate situation US to Indian setting. LGBTQIA members in India face much more waried and deeper challenges. We can't and shouldn't compare American Apples with Indian Oranges.
Dealing with a lonely life post 30-40
Idk if I post my comment, will it feel like a silly one or not. But I genuinely don't see how this thread got extended so much. I think people do forget to do the simple things. As such if you're lonely, and if you're bored, then there's only one thing for you to do. "Get out and try to make yourself not lonely anymore". Geez. Go socialize. It's not like there's no 10,000 apps and other social media platforms where you can't connect with people worldwide. I'm working from home now-a-days, so it's easy for me to keep myself connected with people online using other platforms like Discord or Facebook, where I interact with people from different countries. It helps me because everyone's on different timezones, so at any point of the day someone or the other is always online to talk to. Besides didn't someone say "Idle mind is a devil's workshop ?". So don't keep yourself idle. Try to keep yourself involved with work and other stuff. You won't feel lonely at all.
Dealing with a lonely life post 30-40
@hotbitpop, about your previous post? Doesn't everyone crave for what they don't have? You crave for freedom because you don't get it often. We crave for bond, because we don't get it. Will you give up your bond to be free forever?
Dealing with a lonely life post 30-40
@hotbotpop, the first para lists the symptoms of loneliness. These thing accentuate it. But cause remains the same.
Does your gay friend share his problems, thoughts, feelings with you?
Dealing with a lonely life post 30-40
Ok I see the below problems for unmarried gay guys that makes them feel lonely past a certain age.
1. All their straight friends are married and they talk about family, children and stuff and you wouldn't fit in.
2. No company to share joys/sorrows and nothing much to look forward to.
3. Any questions of why you are not married makes you feel embarrassed.

We look around and that's what we see everywhere. Everyone is married, everyone have kids and everyone is posting pics on insta and we feel inferior may be. But 70% of it is because, we are conditioned to believe life is all about marriage, kids and family.

What's stopping you from having a close friend? Let's say a gay friend with whom you can share everything in life? I'm married but still have a very close unmarried gay friend, with whom I share every problems. Sometimes problems which I can't even discuss with my wife. I've never even had *** with him.

I'm living in the US and I see lot of people here (even straight ones) are not married or they are divorced. They live single lives past 40-50 years of age. They spend their times working out, running, dating, traveling with friends or like-minded people or just working. All these things even we can do provided we are financially well-off. What's stopping us?

So it's all about comparison and the deep ingrained thought that marriage is a must. Marriage is not a solution for your loneliness. After all, if you are married, there are N number of problems none of which you would face.

Dealing with a lonely life post 30-40

Perhaps such 'surprise' is not unexpected given that you are just 34 and married. You will not be able to understand what single gay guys goe through ' after' coming out.
Only when you look at it from various perspectives as to how lonely life can get and feel.

You should feel grateful for life you have.

'Grass is always greener on other side ' perhaps describes the situation better.
There are pros and cons to each of these situations though odds are heavily against single men and women ( whether heterosexual or homosexual ) but more so for single homosexuals especially in latter part of life.
Dealing with a lonely life post 30-40
I'm quite surprised to see this post. I'm 34 and married. I crave for such times where I can have solo fun with myself. When I'm alone I don't look around for *** buddies or anything. All I do is just relish my own time where I don't have to put up with anyone's expectations. I can read, watch movies, go to beach, explore places, go shopping, go temples, ***, laze around, browse grindr or do whatever I feel like. Business trips were so much fun where I can be myself for a few days. Unfortunately with Covid, it's not happening off late. I used to think those gays who are not married (whether or not out of closet) will have so much freedom to do whatever they want and can have so much fun. So in a way, I'm quite surprised by this post.
There are so many places to travel, so much to read/watch and so much to experience that one lifetime is not sufficient. As long as you are physically healthy and does not need full time care (which may be a long way for most) AND if you are financially well-off, I'm wondering what makes you feel lonely. Is it comparison with your straight friends or the society conditioning that marriage is a must to fit in?
Lost And Found
we should discuss more on this forum.. its a emotinal ride to see people openly discussing their long lost love/friend/ crush
Sometimes anonymity is a bliss
Lost And Found
@hotlund I loved your confession, it happens after the *** we feel guilty and leave the place. Happened with me also later we regret.
Lost And Found
Hey .. Munni,

If u are reading this.. then message me.. we were in contact through we chat .. it's ur id I guess..

Remember.. one night we were *** and I came to pick u from ur place .. could not happen much.. as we were not prepared..

U shifted to banglore and we chat was blocked from playstore..

Please contact me u u remember me .. Up
We had lots of video calls
Ur I'd was munni
Lost And Found
Had a colleague in my office. I had a crush on him from day 1.
In the initial days I sensed that he was showing interest but I didn’t do anything about it due to office rules. Later I started developing feelings for him. But now he didn’t pay any heed.
We went through a terrible rough patch where we had lot of Arguments and fights.
I thought i would lose him forever. He then left the job.

Thankfully the worst was over. We never got involved romantically, but are in touch with each other even today.

Not day goes by when i don't think of him. I even gave him a lot of hints and at times Direct messages about loving him.

He would know it’s him if he reads this message.

Pls come to me, it’s been 10 years and i haven’t stopped loving you.
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
@desibrownie.. u just go there and after the complete session u will realise that it is nothing as compared to those SPAs which charge 2000-3000 buks
Lost And Found
It was December 2016 in Bhubaneswar. I think I found this guy on this site or some other. I was in my graduation 3rd year and this guy was in the city for a few days staying at the Hotel Ginger just beside Swosti Grand in Jaydev Vihar. He was a CA originally from Mumbai and was on visit in Bhubaneswar for office work. He was just a great guy I can't tell you. We were of same height, similar physique, he was a bit slim though. And what a beautiful *** he had, it was circumcised and just perfect from every angle. Those *** that you see and immediately want to put in your ***. Unfortunately I was very nervous and in excitement couldn't do much in his hotel room. I was jerking him with some oil and he was stroking me, we cummed together and as usual after ejaculation I started feeling why am I even there. I told him bye and left. I have been so regretful after that, meeting a dream guy with cut *** and I could do everything that I think of doing but lost the opportunity. I hadn't even taken any contact details of him too. He was a great guy, just fantastic.
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
@Pran75 Thanks for the video. Btw 700 for a very old bathhouse is insane and not value for money!
Lost And Found
This is about a guy i fell in love for the first time in my life.
We met at a cruising park in agra while i was there for my training.
He was from delhi he told me but basically from gorakhpur.
He was 33-34 and i was 24 at that time.
What a breathtakingly handsome guy he was. Tall, fair, little stubble, lush pink lips and beautiful hair. Almost like a model
We did a quick fun at the park, he gave a handjob to me as the place was risky but he said he will come back again next month and we exchanged numbers.
He came next month and we met again, this time he called me in his hotel room; he was too shy but we did some fun and he said i’ll come again then we’ll meet.
I guess i got really attracted to him and kind of used to msg him or call him.
He wouldn’t reply much on msgs, rarely picked up call or just said hello hi kaise ho 2-3 minutes duration of calls, thats all.
Probably i was too immature and i think i was disturbing him unnecessarily but for me it was something else; like u know when u fall in love with someone, u wait for their reply/ or ur call getting picked up by them? lol.. i laugh at myself now how kiddish i was being.
Then i stalked him on facebook and requested him on DM to add me as a frnd, he talked nicely but did not add me and later on he kind of hid all of his photos.. think he was using 2 IDs but later on i couldn’t find either as he might have blocked me.
months passed and then one more year and i learned that he is not interested anymore but one day he called me that he is visiting and would u like to meet? and we met again in a mall and he did some shopping and we went to a nearby restaurant; then he said he is getting late blah blah.. but honestly i was not looking for *** that day; i was happy that he met me. He did ask me in the end “yahi number rahega na apka, change toh nahi karoge”? i said yeah
That was the last time i saw him.
Then years passed i completed my studies came to delhi for job, changed jobs but till now i remember his number (which ofcourse has been alloted to someone else lol)
Searched him on insta facebook linkedin, couldn’t find him anywhere
and i moved on
but honestly he is a special person to me
That was the first time in fell in love with someone and realised that love can also happen in gay community
Initially i used to laugh at love shov in gay community; i felt it doesn’t exist and its all sexual thing that everyone wants. ( i thought we all want a release thats all)

If u are here i want to let u know R.P. that i miss u till now.
Could be possible that he is not in India anymore/ might have moved overseas

Erectile dysfunction
The primary cause of ED is not in the p**is but in the mind.. sort out the cobwebs in your mind, clear ur thoughts, relieve your stress and your pe**s will start performing. yes, some may have physical issues and those could be resolved through tablets but before u try any of that be sure that your mind is not holding you back.
Boy's Love BL Series
There are some Korean series? Since jio tv, we can access lot of international channels.......

Thai are the best, but there are a few Korean ones

Download an app called BILIBILI comics
After downloading and installing , open the app and search. Boy love or BL

If you like comics , you shall love the gay comics.......enjoi
Lost And Found
I met this keralite who was working as a teacher in madhya pradesh when i went to the university in coimbatore. We shook hands and he didn't let my hand go. He was holding it while having conversation and i got the hint. We got in the bus together and he took the ticket to where i was going. He told me how cute i was and so so and gently kept his hand on my thighs. I was in heaven and was hoping that he would touch my ***. But he didn't. I think he was scared. I wanted to meet him at a hotel but was not possible as I had to return fast. He got down and we didnt share the contact numbers. If you are here, please message me.
Enhanced Performance
Yes *** rings are effective.One of my sub top used a *** ring,he lasted longer than his usual time.
Erectile dysfunction
Wow we are so lucky to have doctors on this forum.
Guys just don't put so much pressure on yourself,it's ok to relax. Not Everyone has a 100% success record ,not everyone has a 10inch ***,not everyone has the stamina to *** for hours at a time , not everyone has a hard on whenever they want .And speaking of *** videos , they are edited to look like they have a hard on for hours but actually not all videos are true .
Take some time off,exercise a bit and eat healthy .
Even then if you have problems then just contact a doctor.
Don't ever take some tablets or some tv commercial meds without consulting a doctor.
Reading a lot of guys telling about some meds and potions but don't take those , just consult a doctor and be safe.
I have personally seen many guys go into depression just becoz of ed.They just say that they can't perform or satisfy their bottoms ,so they have never met anyone from years.
Sometimes in bedroom when many of my older tops couldn't perform they just become too sad and withdraw from the mood.I had a situation where one of my older top had tears in his eyes when he couldn't perform.,I was shocked becoz it was my first time seeing this reaction.
I had to console him and get him to face the facts and told him to visit the doctor for treatment.but after I gave him a good hot oil massage and started to tease he was hard and he lasted for about 20min ,we had good fun.
Later met him after 2 months again , the doctor had given him some meds and it was working a bit , he was 58year old and had a heart problem so the doctor didn't give him any viagra.
So guys don't think too much on your problem.Consult a doctor.until then there are lots of ways to satisfy your partner other than ***.
And plz stay away from the fake tablets and potions they market on tv
And plz stay away from Viagra if you are on heart meds

Erectile dysfunction

Human bodies are not *** machines 😉
Even machines don't give consistent 'performance'
Sexual act is a result of comple Psycho-Neuro-muscular process involving diverse Brain , Spinal cord , Sacral nerves , pelvic floor muscles !

A large number of psychological neurological factors can affect individual *** acts.

Failure to have adequate *** on certain occasions should not be cause of worry. In fact too much focus on and worry about 'occasional ' lapse can affect subsequent acts. Only if failure to achieve and *** consistently should be a cause of worry.

Important to relax and let it play out naturally. It is not a race or competetion. It should be treated as 'play'.

Routine use of medications should not be encouraged. I am not qualified to comment about Hamdard majun or shilajeet though my personal opinion is against untested medications for which there is no scientific evidence like hamdard stuff or shilajeet and so on.

I will like to add this general comment ( I don't want to add multiple separate posts ).

Penetrative *** is not everything.
There is a huge scope for all other aspects of sexual experience.

*** is not everything.
Life is more than succession of different sexual experiences.
Constant preoccupation with *** is unhealthy.
To try to fill void within one's life with *** is detrimental in long run. *** is pleasurable and pleasure is conveyed to brain by release of Dopamine - a key chemical in all ' pleasure' pathways. Same dopamine is involved in food pleasure , high from drugs , gambling etc i.e. it is involved in addiction of all kinds because of its role in pleasure circuits of brain.
Many people use '***' as anti depressant , anti stress strategy. This is ok , occasionally. But real danger is getting ' addicted ' and subsequent ' de sensitisation' where for same pleasure you now need more than initial stimulus.

Constant *** watching , masturbation , *** , *** with different people/ partners , *** in different settings , *** orgies , *** with drugs , *** in high risk settings like public *** ....*** in all extreme forms ...*** with violence ...*** with animals ... this is how it progresses.
If in the beginning mere thought or touch was enough for arousal ..desensitisation of brain due to constant barrage of *** / *** leads to need for more stronger , vicious sensual stimulation to achieve same effect

That is how the ante is upped and for same ' pleasure ' effect you need more and more ' dose ' of ***.

Body however can't keep up with demands placed by the brain which needs more and more of it for same ' relief '.
Many will experience erectile dysfunction resulting from such abuse. There is only so much that you can push yourself . There are limits to everything.

What you watch in *** is highly unnatural. Everything is 'edited'. Please exercise caution and take care of yourself.

What happened to courtship , romance ?
Instant gratification has sidelined these and short circuited the '***' .

Websites , digital content , apps , peer pressure all have created toxic environment ripe for *** and *** addiction.

Please take a pause , introspect and act accordingly.

Lost And Found
Was in transit in Pune. Might have been 1999. Had to halt for a night. I cruised n found a guy close to swergate near a hotel named some Raj. We took a room and spent a memorable 4-5 hours. He was such a good guy to talk to. I remember I had a copy of the Bombay Dost with me and I gave it to him. He was on a Rx100. Tall guy with a thick moustache. Thanks man. If you are here, please contact me!! We met, talked and had a good time. Remember, the meeting, discussion on gay life, the magazine and the good time? Even then, you seemed a bit hesitant to share any contact details. Please send a private message!!
Does being gay allow us to touch without consent?
Dude if you are gay , bisexual , asexual, straight or etc. It doesn't matter. You can't touch someone without consent. Its illegal. If you try to touch a girl without consent you will get legal notice. Same thing will happen in foreign countries if to try that with gay people too, soon in india too.
I don't know why this discussion is even going on. Don't touch someone without there consent please.
Boy's Love BL Series
Bad buddy has one of the beautiful kiss.

SOTUS (available on Netflix and Youtube) is another thai BL college series. They have 2 seasons.

Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten (Good times, bad times) is another old German Bl series. This one is good because it deals with experiences of coming out, dealing with own personal and societal homophobia, family dynamics. Must watch.

Insaeng eun Areumdawo(Life is beautiful), a classic Korean gay family drama... released in 2010. It is way ahead of times. It portrays the family dynamics of 2 gays , 1 unmarried, closeted gay and another who was forced to get married by the family but now divorced and their relationship. Everyone, irrespective of their sexuality must watch this one to understand what it is means to be in love and having a supportive family. And what standing up for your loved ones means.

Chinese industry use to release many bromance series with undertone of homosexuality. Because of their censorship they will never depict gay relationships in their media. Addicted series was a 34 episode series, but was banned after release of 15th episode. The popularity of the both actors rose so much in China and some Asian countries that China actually banned both the actors from making any public appearances together. Now they have put a new rule in place that no Chinese actor will be depicted as soft character (basically gay or gay interest)

India is way way way behind (as always), a country that gave Kamasutra to the world, has stories of gays, lesbians and queers acceptance in their mythology are in so sorry state that in film like - Kapoor and sons- not a single time the word GAY or HOMOSEXUAL is used. People who are smart would have to figure out that Fawad Khan's character is gay.
Erectile dysfunction
To the doctors here, thanks a lot first!!!
My query is about ED. Since last one and a half year I have stopped getting morning wood, get an *** when aroused and also masturabte but it reduced considerably. Morning wood is almost kind of gone. Plus old problem of PE is there, *** within 20 seconds during masturbation.
Please suggest.
Any hot Insta celebs known to offer paid services?
I think kapil lohiya also offers spid services
Anybody knows about this?

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