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😂 A good skilled surgeon is required rather than a good looking one
Do gays like sports like cricket?
I am great at sport, almost any sport I try. I got to lowest professional level in three different sports. Following the logic on this thread I guess it makes sense that I'm bi not gay?
Cure for Moobs (Manboobs)
Today I got drenched in rain while driving back from office to home. When I was about to enter my home my neighbour enquired n started a conversation, I have nice juicy lil moobs though not very big but I luv my assets. As I was having conversations I could feel his eyes were all over my chest n it was little uncomfortable initially but I liked the guy very much n he was literally savouring what he saw n after a while I went into my home n saw in the mirror that my moons n erect nipples where clearly visible through my wetshirt n that neighbour really had a great show enjoying them. I never knew until today that he was interested in me
I know a good looking surgeon in Bangalore who does Circumcision. DM for contact.
Cure for Moobs (Manboobs)
Yeah if any body wants to get rid of man boobs it’s there choice
I for one love my boobs wish they were even bigger
Cure for Moobs (Manboobs)
Yeah moobs are sometimes a discomfort for a few men ...i have moobs ...i cant go shirtless in a swimming pool nor i can wear t shirts and go out as they look like womens boobs and i dont feel comfortable ...in *** i love it when some one squeezes them and sucks and licks them but other wise i like to have a normal chest like any other man ...its good to share views every one has their right to voice their opinion ... A hairy chest is the best turn on in a man ... I have hairy boobs if i get a chest it would look amazing with pink nipples and nice hairy toned chest
Cure for Moobs (Manboobs)
To anybody who thinks exercising and wanting to look athletic/toned/healthy is body shaming, please remember that there are people who want to look toned/shredded/built etc, no harm in people wanting to work out and get a healthier body and life. If you don't want to exercise then that's your choice and nobody is allowed to shame you for it, it's your body your choice but the same applies to people who want to work out, it's their choice to do something about their body of it makes them happy and your choice if not doing anything makes you happy. Either option is completely respectable and acceptable. Nobody is allowed to tell you otherwise.
Cure for Moobs (Manboobs)
Man boobs is just because of a high body fat%. Concentrate on burning fat rather than losing weight. Clean up your diet and start eating healthy home cooked meals, you can go into a hypocaloric state (basically eat less calories than you burn) a lot of websites that let you calculate an approximate BMR. You can plan your calorie budget from that and incorporate some cardio (walking, running, HIIT) and strength training (squats, pushups, pull-ups etc) so you gain muscle while losing fat.
Fantasy with your favorite celebrity
Anyone like sachin tendulkar and his back side.... i love his *** and love to rim it like hours
Cure for Moobs (Manboobs)
Rigours exercise can reduce moobs. Push ups can make it look like nice chest than boobs.
Cure for Moobs (Manboobs)
@letsfuck !!

Speak for yourself!! This thread was started by someone who was uncomfortable with his moobs and wanted to do something about them.

No one was shaming anyone, in fact if I read correctly while going through this thread, guys with moobs are asking for suggestions on how to deal with it.

This is NOT shaming !! People are asking for suggestions/help.

Those who are comfortable with it - well they’re fine. Those that aren’t - well they have every right to look for solutions.

hemorrhoids or Piles - Anal sex
Ohhh man, bleeding *** could be very risky for STD. Try to avoid and get it treated. Home remedies and precautions and homeopathic medicine can help.
Just keep in mind, avoid spicy Food and ginger.
Increase intake of fruits , milk with esabgol is best way to get relief.

Alopathy and surgery can the situation worse.

Start *** until you as* is ready to take dic* again.
Cure for Moobs (Manboobs)
very well said. As long you enjoy and comfortable about your body and more important is you should be comfortable about yourself. Then *** this judgmental world.

I flaunt my moobs or boobs or whatever you call it is and I have real admirers and lovers who likes by body or the way I appear physically. Rest all you should learn to ignore and think doesn't exist.

Cure for Moobs (Manboobs)
STOP THIS DISGUSTING BODY SHAMING. Body is a god-given gift. Treasure it and wear it like an ornament. Stop abusing yourself. What is this criminal need to look and have a body in a certain way. Be confident of whatever you have and the positivity is much sexier than muscular bodies that look like broiler chicken to be cut for chicken. If you think that taking protein shakes 10 times a day and having puffed up bun bodies is sexy then you are mistaken. ANd mind you it is definitely not healthy. It destroys your internal organs permanenetly. I can go on but I will stop here. There is nor perfect body type. If you have moobs then be proud of it and be confident of the body you have. It is as natural as being gay, being straight or liking both sexes. As long as you are healthy and able to everyday work then you are fit and fine. There is nothing to be cured.
Cure for Moobs (Manboobs)
@puffynipples same here bro
I am too chubby smooth and have moobs and beautiful smooth belly button.
That must a great experience getting your moobs *** and belly button fingered!!
Do gays like sports like cricket?
And guys, please dont make this another nudist thread or something related to ***. Let people voice out their thoughts and May be they can find someone of their common interest.
Cure for Moobs (Manboobs)
Reduce your body weight, stop eating broiler chickens, take alternative for Proteins. Try going for jogging, if not daily go on alternative days.... intermittent fasting also helps..eat sessional fruits... adequate amount of water. Stop eating carbs and sugary items..easy to tell, difficult to follow ...
Do gays like sports like cricket?
Totally agree with Verstop Hyd. Another ridiculous stereotype! I love to watch and follow tennis and I play table tennis too. I am quite good at tt and played in tournaments too.
Do gays like sports like cricket?
I've always had difficulty in blending in with my friends since very young age. When I wasn't even aware about my sexuality i suked at every sport. I tried but i couldn't. Eventually I stopped trying. Now I work at an MNC. Everyone here loves talking about cricket or football and i feel left out.
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
Gay dating in india is kinda sad story!!

Firstly being Gay is a taboo still, so people (Gay, Bi, lesbian, trans, curious ....) looking around for dates, hookups, or relationship no matter what size and type of body you have, all I have come across any platforms is one thing in common, people carry 'GUILT' and shame (is this right thing to do?!) sadly this takes out 99% of self-love and fun from FUN itself.

Dating apps and sites just offer a platform to socialize and connect. Use it wisely. and most importantly respect each other. Educate yourself about sexual health and wellness.

My suggestion:
Be confident about your body, soul and mind.
*** is a beautiful thing, so is Love. Try to get the best of both.

I'm a Mental Health Counsellor and have been counselling LGBTQ+ individuals in Bangalore.
Do gays like sports like cricket?
I dont think ones sexual preference doesnt have any relation to his/her interest in sports. I dont like cricket but i like badminton.
Do gays like sports like cricket?
Why only cricket, we can have vollyball, basket ball, yoga. I practice nude yoga at home , its fun, in group it will be more fun.
Do gays like sports like cricket?
We should organise nude cricket in closed space
Experience with politicans
My fantasy to *** Manish Sisodia he's so cute , I know it's crazy but really he's always my dreams
Experience with politicans
Recently i met one man who called me to the guest house ..and met him first at lunch ..he was around 50 and wearing kurta pajama kind clothes..got to know he is politician...he cudnt get kuch *** asked me to *** him nd feed him my boobs ...had him pee on me...thn called in evening his other three frnds...all were politicians .....had nice time ...
Do gays like sports like cricket?
Playing nude cricket unimaginable... must be thrilling to watch...
Do gays like sports like cricket?
Hardik, dark, slim slender lengthy :->
Do gays like sports like cricket?
I don't think it's depend on sexual orientation.
Do gays like sports like cricket?
I think this thread is about interest in Cricket or such other sports to say.

not cricketers or sportsmen :)
Do gays like sports like cricket?
Playing cricket being nude is nice idea
Do gays like sports like cricket?
Gays are highly interested in sports , specially in soccer
Do gays like sports like cricket?
I wish we could organize a naked cricket tournament. So many jumping *** on the field.
Do gays like sports like cricket?
Want to *** virat kohli n many young Indian players
Do gays like sports like cricket?
I love cricket n many players
Do gays like sports like cricket?
During yesterday's cricket match one player Nggedi ....What's muscular black body n his muscular boobs n nipple ...zakash...
Do gays like sports like cricket?
@Headstails yes agreed footballers and Kabbadi r superb eye candies. Their thighs r just something to drool for. Generally cricket has boring uniform but this time see the ipl it’s sexy tight uniforms. Most of them u can see their sexy thighs, bulges and massy a sses. That’s y I got so interested.
Born straight and became gay
Came across a very interesting documentary and tedtalk which explores the scientific theories related to homosexuality https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-4P_D_ge0A
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
I'm tired of Indian tops to be honest. Especially ones who have good bodies. They think having a *** and a good body is all that is required when it comes to ***. They know how buck their hips and that is pretty much it and that gets old and boring after the first few minutes. Honestly I would go only for foreinger tops but it's hard to find one especially in Delhi. And if you're not a feminine bottom with a feminine personality, they kind of get intimidated which is a complete turn off.
Do gays like sports like cricket?
I love sports, am active in outdoor activities. I follow cricket very much ❤️
Do gays like sports like cricket?
Bt i dont think, being gay is correlated with less or no interest in sports..
Even i love cricket n badminton alot.. n hv been in my cricket team in my collage team..
Do gays like sports like cricket?
Now a days Cricketers wear dark cloths... (Most of the teams)... making it difficult to see the outlines...

If you talk in terms of Eye Candies for the gays... Then Kabaddi guys are better eye candies... Footballers have better chiselled body... Hockey players are better legs...
Do gays like sports like cricket?
I don’t like cricket at all. But suddenly watched yday as some family members were watching. N omg wat grt some eye candies were. I wud literally make out the border of *** for some of them. Wat thighs some had. N grt shaped bouncy *** and legs. The bulges in their *** Made me watering in *** and made my a s s wet.
Shemale wife or partner
I am not generalising , but most TG’s , shemales , cross dressers , feminine bottoms , we are looked upon as *** objects ( I don’t have a problem I enjoy *** ) but someone of us are looking for love and life to settle down but men are not bold enough to take that step .
I had a boy friend for very long time but he broke up with me because he had to get married but could not take the step to tell his parents the truth .
Recovery fromSex Addiction/Sexaholism/Lust Addicts
I am big time addict.. My entire day goes by being busy with office work and remaining time helping family with household. have Gf with whom have healthy physical relationship and had bfs in past. Still whenever i get time i just love to have *** or like to jerk off. Its always in my mind. I may not always meeting anyone for *** but always curious to have pleasure. I love my *** and i love others peoples ***, ***, *** and *** too. I have been active in *** since I was a kid.. Started with neighbour bhaiaya and then couldnt stop and to be true I never thought of recovering from it as i love it.. But it might affect my life in future
Recovery fromSex Addiction/Sexaholism/Lust Addicts
i have some suggestions to get rid of *** addiction,lust addiction

first thing is this the lust takes you under its control mostly when you are alone . Lonelyness is the biggest reason for making one a *** addict .When you are alone you start feeling depressed and you start masturbation for overcoming from lonelyness .

if you want to overcome from lonelyness then open your windows, go out of your room, listen some high bass musics on headphones .
make a habit to keep yourself engaged in some kind of activities .

monitor your mental and physical health regularly , start doing some yoga and workout .
after some weeks of yoga switch to cardio exercise , you sweat and you will start feeling happy.

if you are a male ( not a crossdressor etc) then start taking some testoboosters, it will enhance your mood and u will feel confident.

start engaging yourself with new friends in real life because social media platforms give you number of friends but it also brings lonelyness at the same time .
hemorrhoids or Piles - Anal sex
just give a break for any kind of *** *** for some months.

hemorrhoids are curable , so don't worry about it , just do consult with a physician and he/she will start treatment on you.
Recovery fromSex Addiction/Sexaholism/Lust Addicts
Just keep engaged,, show interst in every thing,, add on new hobbies,, focus on health, yoga pranayam meditation, so on,
Postpone your *** urge,, by convincing that,, you have done enough,, schedule for weekend *** only, if possible or weekly twice,, . But enjoy it upto the core till you are satisfied,, 👍 Good luck, wish you positive result.
hemorrhoids or Piles - Anal sex
Gay doctor? Pile or hemorrhoids is not only impacting gays . 🤣🤣
hemorrhoids or Piles - Anal sex
You dont need a gay doctor for this ! Any general surgeon is fine unless u have other intentions 😂
hemorrhoids or Piles - Anal sex

Instead of people giving remedial measures they should be matured to give details of gay Doctors who may help people here treat if they have the medical issue....all are trying to be doctors and advise😄

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