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No Country for Old Men !!
I. Searching for an old man for one to one relation....
No Country for Old Men !!
I want only old man.....I am hungry for old...
No Country for Old Men !!
i think old TOP men are in demand. Most young / twink believe old men would treat them as a female. If you are old and bottom, then yes, you have less opportunities BUT i will not call it discrimination. They are not saying to old men because of any discrimination, they are just not attracted to older men. So as you get older, find one or two people who are comfortable with you OR go for escorts. I dont see any other solution. The word discrimination is wrong.

Really well said
No Country for Old Men !!
Hehe I agree that older mature guys r goooooood in bed.
The submissive one's are a treat absolutely.
relationship with bi guys
If u r a bi never get serious with a gay!
Attraction doesn’t always end up in commitment!!
Eventually the bi guy will get bored and subconsciously he will never accept relationship wholeheartedly with a gay coz bi are mostly closeted and they like it that way only.
Eventually the guy will marry a girl so there is no future with a guy!
These kind of relationships do happen; very very exciting in the beginning but they fade with time or they end up very ugly!
A gay who loves u will never accept the fact that his man is having *** with a woman; he may not show it or pretend to be ok with it but in reality he will be jealous if the bi guy won’t give him time or give his share of time to a girl/wife!!
so in my opinion gay-bi relationships are largely a bubble

relationship with bi guys
23 being a young age, once he finds options outside and feels independent, he will leave

So don't be too attached and go with the flow

Been in relationship for 3 years, he left without a reason
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
Wats darkroom .?!
Can Porn Make People Gay/bi
Nope, it wont
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
Yes Sudip33, I m going. Hv laernt abt dark room, it's available.
Will share my experience.. eager to try something new after long
Can Porn Make People Gay/bi
Interesting discussion.

I too have been hooked on *** for years. But it's only recently that I really enjoyed deep throat scenes and love the way the pornstars *** ***. That's how it broaded my interest from watching straight born to shemale ***...but I don't feel like watching any guy ***
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
Unfortunately I am living in india where even a old bottom friend is available for me....
How I miss a man soulmate only I can know....But after all I ake me understood that I am to stay with whatever available with.....
No man is for me in spite of love for him...I don't know who is for me....
Now I think I will have to die without a man friend....Cause I am a family person with 2 kids....
I always attract to man whoever walking on road...
But no one for me here in rajasthan...
After all I am bad luck....
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
The same situation is with me....
Nothing can be done...I thing I am defined for it after all.....
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
Someone mentioned that he is going to visit spartacus indore spa ...

I am eager to know feedback .. howz spa and facially and also the crowd. Any darkroom or something?
Best Gay Destinations to Travel !!!
Any gya friendly destination in India or Maharashtra?
Youngsters in Indian Cricket
Shubman Gill has a nice round ***, really enjoyed his full chunks in whites while he was batting during the second innings of the Mumbai test. I also love Surya kumar Yadav- he is not conventionally handsome like Gill or Deepak Chahar but has a hot bod and is so so manly,
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
Any similar bathhouse/ steam sauna place like mykonos at Ahmedabad ?
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
Any gay activites spa in madurai in TAMILNADU

Suggest me please
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
@raajiv ... that’s really a great man Indore guys are really lucky ... I will definitely visit.. I keep visiting Indore at least once in year to Indore ..

Aayye hayye .. yaar Abb toh indore main bhi aaya but when will we get in Pune ?

Any business person reading this .. plz open male spa in Pune yaar
Youngsters in Indian Cricket
I *** love Sanju Samson. His black muscular body is too hot for me to handle. He seems so sexually enticing. There is an image of him, shirtless. He looks so divine. I have a huge crush on this beautiful black god.
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
Anything like this in Kolkata
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
@Msg1987 : Any similar Mykonos in Pune?
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
is there any Steam sauna massage or bathhouse in bangalore or karnataka
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
Mykonos and Phillips spa have been merged the location details are here:

Location: https://g.co/kgs/M1D7C7

Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
Spartacus in indore
Only for gays
Steam sauna massage

Friday nite group fun
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
eflirt2006: Scroll up, Mykonos Delhi is closed now
Can Porn Make People Gay/bi
If watching straight *** can make gay people straight then only the other way works.
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
Where it is @headspace ?
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
1000 for entey and 1000 for massage (if you want) . Lmk if you are coming. I am going today
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
Mykonos and philips what is the cost of massage? Not listed in website
Can Porn Make People Gay/bi
@bendferyou & @BiASeS lovely story, reading to both of your first encounters got me hard LOL. I wish i could hear it all in real
Dealing with a lonely life post 30-40
@Curiousboy92 dont feel low, its solace personality that is making you stop, but to overcome it you can find a companion for starter who is just a long ride buddy, that will lead you to meet new ppl whom you can rely on. So till then enjoy your long / short refreshing rides. Dont overthink, and yes do not *** very often LOL :).
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
Can Porn Make People Gay/bi
My first encounter with a guy was while watching straight *** in browsing center. It’s true that *** watching wit company will make u try something different to satiate the *** drive and curiosity. My college mate took me to a closeby browsing center to show introduce *** to me through a legendary ‘Tarzan’ movie😉. That was the first time I see a man and women full nude on screen. It was a small closed cabin with both of us sitting closer. During the *** scene my friend touched my thighs n started caressing it. When I looked at him he smiled at me which was my first warming experience. Then v had mutual *** n hug. But not *** kiss. V kissed each other on necks and did. After tat day v frequented d cafe so many times till it was closed a year later😉
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
Do you have any Glory Holes concept in Mumbai.
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
Sudip, obviously not. Mykonos is a great place and no person can sit out like that to loot. It is not a cheap public loo, it is a properly run standard spa with facilities like dark rooms , massage rooms in the basement and so on.
Can Porn Make People Gay/bi
*** could stimulate your hidden desires (if you didn't know it already). But *** did set me on my path. Strangely, straight *** though.

I was surfing the web (back when cyber cafes were a norm). It was Friday and the Muslim call for prayers broadcasted. Suddenly the cafe was empty. I immediately switched to ***. A few moments later a tranny entered expecting alms. She saw nobody but me and stood next to me watching the screen. She started rubbing my crotch. It was a bit startling for me as I was straight as a rod. But my straight rod reasoned and won. She then unzipped me and straight out started ***. It was a thrill. And the thought that anybody could walk right in was exhilarating. She stopped and asked for some cash. Ten bucks was what I gave (Yeah, this story is that old). This went on for some time. ***, stopping, ten bucks, *** resumes. Suddenly she stopped and walked away outside. I was frustrated, but the gateway to gaydom had just opened up.

So, *** kinda could make you gay
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
Sudip, Mykonos is not a public loo for taporis to be sitting outside. It's a safe place to go w.r.t. administrative legitimacy. Read up about it online. It's not something that will be randomly raided.
No Country for Old Men !!
Always had this fantasy to make love with a mature man on the terrace at night when the moon shines. Feeling his lips on mine... feeling his hands squeezing my ***...
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
Hey guys ... is there any one recently visited Philips aka Mykoons ?
I wanted to know ur reviews ? Also want to know is it safe place to go ? I mean are there any tapori or goons sits outside waiting for a person to come out n then they will mugg them ?
Can Porn Make People Gay/bi
Yes, there is a possibility *** can make you try new things but again its completely under your control and decision how you want to take it forward.
Dealing with a lonely life post 30-40
irrespective of personality type, its very hard to hold this secret in everysecond, it is such a huge baggage, that will impact us soo much. no wonder, there is high suicide rate in LGBT particularly Gay men community.
Only thing i can say is, we are born way ahead of time. just pray, this life passes on smoothly until another one.
Dealing with a lonely life post 30-40
@curiousboy92 one of the characteristics of interovert is shy, its not same for all, I have seen introverts who as not shy and also who are so shy that they don't come out in public not even when there is a relative come to meet him / her.

Its is not necessary that an introvert should be shy. Most of the time its seen that an introvert has shyness by nature.
Dealing with a lonely life post 30-40
I am a 27 year old..I was thinking that I am an introvert, but now I am understanding that I am shy not introvert.

I dont have any friends. I enjoy my own company. Wherever I want to go, I go alone. But somewhere I feel I am lonely. Because of this I feel depressed, don't know how to overcome this.

I can meet an unknown inside four wall to have S*x, but when it comes to meet a person and make friends os a big task to me...
Experience with politicans
Has anyone checked out Lavu Sri Krishna Devarayalu MP from Andhra?

Check out his speech in Loksabha on the Covid. He looks smart in his dusky tone.... well built n smart

Dealing with a lonely life post 30-40
@viahal_Kumar, I agree,
Ppl who are introverts can manage but ppl who are extroverts find it hard to overcome this lonely feeling, according to me if we have to overcome the loneliness we need to bring positive energy within, one way is being religious, at least you will have your god to hear you, instead of relying on ppl which involves risk of getting preyed, one way or the other by hurting or being hurt each other.

Other way is by going out for a long drive over a weekend, when you are lonely and don't have anyone to worried of then we can have an adventure of going out. If not a perticular place we can enjoy the roadside beauty, that's how I overcome my loneliness.
Best Gay Destinations to Travel !!!
Goa is definitely a dry for gays .. i mean if i open GR in Pune Zzz i will get tons of profiles around than in Goa ...

Also, local goan guys are hard to find mostly rude visitors or hotel worker staff ... so for me it was not good experience in terms of Gay fun

but but but ... I love beach beer and fun in goa .. one should not miss it.
Your attitudes for foreigners
Well I am married to a Foreigner but I met him here in New York, in-person and dated, moved in together. Do I have a fascination for white/caucasian or certain ethnicity, NOPE. It is kind energy and shared passion to watch drag shows that connected us in our dating phase. (Also no offence but I found all the South asian guys I dated here kind of controlling, one even wanted me to not pursue my masters anymore - which he wasn’t even paying for!)

Another aspect of attitudes for foreigners comes from them having processed their sexuality and being out, So there is no baggage involved with being in relationship with someone closet. Not to forget the mindset matters as well, i have gotten so many message about my views on open relationship which is what me and my husband align on as a couple

If someone is not nearby(or out of India), suggests they want to meet you I would have a bunch of red flags going on immediately, also anyone asking for any monetary thing is an absolute NO.

Also when you come across some scams like these it is important to report them before blocking (especially if it is over gmail, we have a dedicated team to work on those reported cases at Google)
Dealing with a lonely life post 30-40
I don't know your life, so can't comment or suggest anything. So here are few snapshots of my mind, which I can share. Hopefully I would be able to word a glimpse of my inner life, with sincerity. Being lonely...well not a great feeling. Not saying that I don't enjoy solitude, I do. However no matter how stoic I am, there are moments when I need someone. Not always romantically. Even being with someone (a friend) I can be myself, is a great relief. It is like taking a much needed break from never-ending drama of life. A drama where I have been given a script to act. Employee, son, colleague, neighbor, brother..... each dictated more by perceived collective normality, than being in line with my inner self. If you are lucky maybe you would enjoy a greater degree of authenticity in few close relationships, yet the plot remains the same.
Hence friendship for me is probably one of those very few relationships, where I can chose the degree of authenticity, and in case my authenticity is a bit too much for others to handle (or not compatible), we can always part ways on amicable note.
In effect what I end up getting is a safe space where I can let my guards down and witness each other. It is like a weight being lifted from my shoulders and I can breathe again. It might not last that long, it might not happen as often, yet I can still derive sustenance from memory of my experience. To know that there is still a safe space, helps me in getting over those days, when sadness tends to break boundaries of my sanity.
I see my married friends facing the same issue but with more intensity. Many of them want to be in a romantic relationship, but given the family situation, can’t. Most of them do benefit from a small intimate friend circle (emotionally not sexually), where they can be themselves. It kinda acts like a safety vent, to let off steam before it gets a bit too much.
PS – When I say friends, I do not mean *** buddies.
Best Gay Destinations to Travel !!!
Taipei, Taiwan during Pride is fun too!
Best Gay Destinations to Travel !!!
Check out gay cruises!!

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