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Burst Condom
Precautions for not facing the issue.
The only thing i know is a major cause is the air filled in the condom , so don't fill the condom with air i mean while wearing take care the condom is sticked to *** like gum and you see no bubble types bums on it. Because of air filled inside the pressure increases while penetrating or thrusting and the movement increases more pressure while you *** . So take care while wearing it and avoid any air traces if u see any just press and rub back till your *** shaft beginning so that air comes out.
2. Over doing or excretion of more pressure when the *** is not perfectly lubricated. Why my condoms broke are i like raw as so i *** without adding lubes sometimes and sometimes i use lubes. As a mastee i always try to be very dominant and give pain to my slaves to i do it without lubes. When on a romantic date i use most of my Saliva while fingering and lubes while ***.
Burst Condom
It happens with me always.
Whenever i wore a condom , it breaks it breaks just after few strokes and i get turned of with fear of hiv/aids. But never wanted to bareback removing it but sometimes i did without noticing it torned so after taking my *** out and seeing the torn condom i wash my *** with soap so that i can avoid the infections if any
Remember to wash your *** with mild soap if you notice a tear in condoms after or in ***.
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
I love older men 45 + ... because they are mature and not harsh in sxx. Anyone who like my profile & have a place they can ping me without hesitation.
Burst Condom
Once i was with one guy and his *** was too thick we were using durex ultra thin condoms n the condom tore off while putting it on his *** . We broke 3 condoms but could not put it on as his *** was too thick . Then we did it without condom only .
Burst Condom
happened few times. once it was with a police guy. i wanted to do without condom after seeing his di ck. but he insisted to fu ck me with condom. i said ok. then I sat on his di ck and took it my a ss hole. i started riding and after few jumps somehow condom got burst. the pleasure was uncontrollable and v didn't realize till the end. after breeding me, he realized he fu cked me without condom. i was so happy to bred by him. v had 3 sessions till morning and to avoid condom bursting he didn't use it.

another incident was with a afghani guy who came to chennai for business trip. he had thick long whitish di ck. it was very difficult for me to take it in my hole. but he was talented and easily opened up my hole and entered. after few fu cks, the condom somehow slipped inside my ***. i guess my tight a ss stripped his di ck. he noticed what happened and didn't bother. i started feeling the difference, but it was ecstatic.

i was scarred after both the above incidents. i keep testing myself regularly. fortunately both of them were clean.
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
Am 44 I too like your taste
With pleasure I will make you happy..
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
Even i like older men. All my experiences have been with them
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
can try me out @ 41
Cruising and Online Hookups Safety
@raju1987 I was scared at that time and that guy was clapping like a hijda and shouting. He said lets go to police station. But now I think he was blackmailing me. Because he didn't share his no. I learnt a big lesson. I would have taken him to police station or called police. If anyone is in this situation don't be panic, they will encash your fear.Be brave.
Cruising and Online Hookups Safety
In my native there was a railway yard for goods train. Frequently macho guys will come and pee..... I huv nice fun with them. Once i saw a hot macho guy and he said me will u *** meanwhile i said yes and was happy.... While He was removing his front camera was on and i started *** i suspected he is taking a video and said to off(5 sec video he took) he said ok but he didnt and i said again to off.... He gave me a blow and i lost concious for 2 mins and i started crying .... He was saying will call police and said where is ur purse by getting courage i pushed him and ran to my scooter which i kept 15 metres away..... I got into scooter and while starting it he was near me and trying to stop my scooter.... I shouted like anything help help. He got scared on hearing my help help voice and he moved away from the bike and i started in a furious speed and escaped from there...... Its one and only by gods grace i escaped that day.......... 5 sec video is with him i didnt care about it it wont create any issues and this happened 2 yrs back.....
Burst Condom
Aloe vera is an irritant to lot of people. It cause itching .
Cruising and Online Hookups Safety
I had one such experience when I was trying to have fun in cruising place. It was a loo which was quite famous for all such activities. One fine day I went inside the loo for having some fun Inside I saw an man in his 40's who was standing beside me and trying to get my attention. As the man was shabby and not good I denied him. Later after 2 mins he went outside and another man came inside. He is kind of good looking and okay for me. So i decided to grab his tool and shake a bit. He was screaming me to do slowly and gently and i was like okay. But Later I changed my mind and went out of loo and soo did the man followed me . While i was walking he was walking with me and then asked me , that i have place and all, but later after walking a small distance 2-3 more men came behind me and followed me. They took me to a corner and started shouting on me , what were you doing in loo , this and that , started to threaten me that we are cops and catching such mens doing all this non sense in loo.... They had surrounded me from all side and where not ready to leave me. I tried and gave various reasons that I dont have money and all, but still not ready to leave me. They acted like they were calling some higher authority and all, I found that I was in big trouble . Now finally they told me to solve this matter and keep it as secret Pay 6k in total and they were 4 of them. I tried to negotiate a lot, still they weren't ready. Finally I had to pay 6K to them and then they left....
I had a doubt considering the nearby area and people but still i did the madness

This incident was happen to me at Mulund Loo , the one which is near Panch Rasta

I have observed few things while having fun in cruising place..
1. Never try to start action by yourself first, let the other man start the actions, and if you are comfortable then only do more.
2. Always check the surrounding before entering , check if any men are standing around and looking towards gate.
3. Avoid places which are near the slums and such areas.
4. If you have not done any actions still they catch you , you don't feel low, have confidence , shout to them and ask for ID card of them.
5. If not sure about person or new to the area , never go to place he is taking
6. Cruising in loo is not really recommended now , specially in corona times .
Cruising and Online Hookups Safety
I had a similar incident, i m ready for pd fun. Found one guy who asked me to meet near a metro station. I went to that metro station, called him. But he did not answer my phone. (It was first red flag) Something in me told me to not step out of the metro. I waited in the metro for 15 mins then I went out. He called me to meet me on the other side of the road, i went their. Then he grabbed me by my collar, and asked me why I am lying. But then I activated my bitch mode, held my calm. Pushed him on, crossed the road and came running inside metro station.
So guys before meeting: 1) always do video call, ask random questions about them multiple time like what they do, where they live, with whom they live and all. If you see anything thats sounds fishy. Dont meet him
2) first meet in public place, probably in an open market or if you have metro stations. Then meet in front if those guards or. If he makes a wrong move scream, make a scene the guard will come to your rescue
3) if you bringing them into your place, bring them from a linger route.
4) dont be scared, hold your ground. Dont show your fear. The moment you show your fear you have lost it and finally
5) Always listen to your gut. It will save you. And happy cruising.
Any hot Insta celebs known to offer paid services?
Well i think many insta models and gym trainers are always ready to earn few quick bucks.
Cruising and Online Hookups Safety
One incident happened with me last year in Gurgaon. One guy approach me with 3 pics and had good conversation with him, he seems like good person so I called him to hotel as I was visiting there. One person came there after 10 mins but that guy was different and started asking me money and started abusing with very bad language. I gave him some money and my watch after that he left but staying in same hotel will be risk to my life as this ppl out there are very pathetic. So I booked another hotel and checkout from that hotel. That was Very dengerous incident happened to me. Never faced such kind of issue in any other area. I personally feel that north India is not at all safe for gay or bisexual ppl.
Cruising and Online Hookups Safety
i am 42 now even i met so many guys. guys attacked me in public urinals and few years back i met a guy in my car he told lets have beer i bought beer and than he start touching me when i tried to touch him he said 1 st give me my charge i said what charge than he start hiting me and forced me to withdraw money from atm and paid me around 8k and got rid for him.
the main issuw is i am bi and settled now its my deficeiancy i can not afford to get expose in any manner. This is main issue every one faces due to which we have to suffer.
it is easy money so guys just cheat / hit or blackmail any gay/bi easily
Cruising and Online Hookups Safety
@vikranth, you should have just told him get lost else i will call police and atleast have made an attempt to do that. Really such people should die in corona, all these who demand money blackmail everyone should die, earth is not for such morons
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
I find older tops to be very hot... I get super excited thinking about being with an older man. Especially if the older guy is decent and well spoken.
Cruising and Online Hookups Safety
Yes. Even in my case he looks like bit feminine ,he was using ladies handbag. Later he edited his profile 6k per hour.
Cruising and Online Hookups Safety
i wanna share one incident.. this happened with me in USA, i chatted with man and he shared his pic he looked like 40-45 yrs which is fine for me.. and he looked good.. when i reached his place.. i asked him to come out.. he came and i saw a 60 yrs old guy walking towards me.. i thot to run away.. but i had to pee badly.. so when he came to me i asked wats his age .. he lied then also.. said 50.. i said we are not a match he said ok... then i asked him if i can use his bathrum to pee.. he allowed me.. i went to the bathrum and relieved myself.. but when i came out i saw that man standing naked in front of me.. i was shocked and afraid.. but thankfully that guy did not force me.. i told him i should leave and i opened the door and walked out.
Cruising and Online Hookups Safety
I chatted with a guy in grinder 3 years ago. He said he stay in halasoor. He agreed to come to my place I shared my pics and location. After sometime before starting he was demanding money per session 6k. I said I am not into paid fun let's not meet and then I deleted the app. He reached my place stared belling each and every house and showed my pic, he even belled my door I didn't open as I was getting ready to the office. When I came out he was standing there only threatening me. He already had the chat screenshot and my pic. Give me 6k else I will call all my hijida gang and show all pics and chat screenshot to each and every house. Then I tried to convince him and went with him and withdrawn 4k and paid he didn't agree he started threatening that he will complaint. He was very smart he didn't share his no. then I paid another 2k. Totally 6k. Then he went. That day I literally begged him. This happened around 2 p.m. it was not crowded. Don't take anyone to your house. God only saved me that day. I bet he would have got covid and went to hell.
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
I personally like being wid daddies bcoz of various reasons

1) I feel they are more trustworthy than younger guys and are more discreet, younger guys may end up being crooks or blackmailers
2) I personally get attracted to old uncles and also like to have Long conversations wid them
3) wud love to have a few drinks wid an uncle and then make out

Unfortunately haven’t been able to find the perfect uncle / daddy till now
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
@Elder51forboys generally, for me it's the maturity, discretion and understanding. Tops in their 20s and mid 30s are a lot more aggressive and unchained and have no intention of building a bond with their partner. Building a good bond with your top makes *** significantly more enjoyable as you trust them, you know they will treat you with respect and focus more on making the experience last longer for both parties. And nothing compares to the foreplay that mature men offer. They're slow and patient and ensure you're comfortable before progressing to the next stage. Most of all they're so appreciative of your time! They think that because you look more youthful and attractive, they need to make it worth while for you. But I've always found nice chunky daddies so attractive, so them treating me like that is just such a bonus. I hope I find a partner like that soon. This virus is really taking away the most enjoyable years of my life. I should spend my Saturday nights on the lap of a daddy as he explores my *** with his tongue, not on a bed masturbating by myself. :-(
I love to see and have fun with mature daddy who is most of the time in formals clothes or suits.. Specially in corporate world once will come across this a lot.... My Instinct gets very attracted to such mature daddy who are in suits and when thier belly sticks out and tight fit clothes. Infact many a time I request mature men to come in formals clothes when in video call.. I would rather get more *** to see daddies in suits and formals clothes attire rather than seeing them nude. Its an amazing feeling , seriously. This is really true - Formals & Suit give men a gentleman type of look.

Any Daddy / uncle or mature man (40+) who will have such type of fun with me , please ping me in my inbox.
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
I am ready to come. I am bottom. Age 51
Cruising and Online Hookups Safety
*** in North India is dangerous. Period. Plain and simple especially if you are different racially and stick out like a sore thumb. I never do cruising maybe a little bit in malls and airports where it's kinda safe but never in some shady place.

I also very rarely go to other guy place and usually host and only invite guys after video calling and see how he carried himself. Even then I'm always ready.

Always have a chilli spray, small knives and if possible a gun license.
Be aware about your surroundings.
Listen to your guts.
Video call always before meeting not only to see the person but you'll get to see body language and the type of words coming out from his ***.

Last but not the least if possible hook up with non Indians its calmer and peaceful with very little risks.
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
my experience as a friend to young top was great, it was one to one more like an affair, physically continued till he got married. Now it is good relationship. *** is just an expression of love, one gets emotionally closer to a person whom you shared intimate moments. If it is not possible due to constrains of society it should continue as a normal close relationship. The problem occurs when one partner interferes with the freedom of the other.
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
Looking for matured 50+ kindly inbox.
Lot of bareback sex these days ?

Nowadays amature having BB, not just one time but multiple times. If somehow people caught STDs and same person having multiple parteners which can turn a chain so all of them will have STD's ?
I can understand BB is pleasures, but is taking a risk over a good health and 3-4 injections and diseases worth it?
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
this nessage to all the young guys who prefer company of elderly men both in and out of bed

what makes young guys seek mature elder men?
different guys wud hv different answers

lets hear them
Kinky Fiction Story
I have a story in mind about me and my my childhood friend who is now a well built dark muscular guy (he doesn’t exist in reality though) have *** while swimming in the well inside our/his farm and start a relationship eventually coming out to society and living together.
Cruising and Online Hookups Safety
Thanks for sharing
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
For me I too never like men below my age, maybe it’s just the way my mind is. For *** I am more into middle aged men 30-35 years (I am 23) who have a daddy body.
Cruising and Online Hookups Safety
Reading all the comments, i also want to share some story...in 2017 i was just 18 yrs.....met a guy on Facebook..he showed his photos and told he is 25 yr old nd stuff.. I asked him to meet casually first then head towards room but he tricked me into going to his room alone..saying he was busy in some work...i went to his room, he locked...he was in late 30s and not what he showed in photo...I was shocked since that was my first encounter...i didn't wanted to do anything but i was feeling that i am doing something wrong and i was small ...i didn't want to create any scene...I lost my virginity that time...it still hurts me...i feel sorry for myself....This is the first time i am sharing about this....reading all the comments gave courage to share my incident..Now I don't visit far places only look for nearby one .
Kinky Fiction Story
Hi all i crossdressed that day with tank top and padded bra and at wadala truck terminal ohh god so many truck drivers and people came and approch me and wanna see my boobs and nipples i tried 3 of them . 3 people *** my boobs nipples licked my smooth armpits and deep navel…
Gay boss or employee?
I have same incident.
I am working on client side and there was other team from our mumbai office on that side to.
So company made arrangements to stay at cilent side only.
There was a shared hell with beds. No problem for sleeping.
But in early morning things become like boys hostels 12- 15 member waiting for bathroom, shower.
So I contacted my friend in that location for my staying arrangements then I got I room in pg.

Then next day one of senior member from Mumbai team ask me about my room and said if he can stay with me I said ok and we stay together.

So there is two bed in room and I was stay alone so I join them.
When he come to stay . I started to separate the bed but he said leave it as it is. I said ok.

During this one month period in night he use to cuddle me from behind and some night I have noticed his full *** on my back but I never made a move.
I have scared to take any step.
He was a quite big down there .
But sadly I left the company but I am still in touch with him and he occasionally send me *** clip on WA.
Cruising and Online Hookups Safety
Tats why I meet with a regular foreign guy in Chennai and pondy apart from them I know some guys but never visited.it gud to hav a regular guy than meeting new people at diff places
Cruising and Online Hookups Safety
it's better to have ordinary friendship first, understand the temperament and other things before indulging.
Cruising and Online Hookups Safety
Feeling bad to read all such experiences. Guys be careful do not call somebody home. The combination of young and old is becoming risky day by day.
Cruising and Online Hookups Safety
Always share your live location while cruising at isolated place like National Park. Carry less money with you , which will be enough for traveling . I'd u find yourself in trouble just make any excuse and try to escape. Don't cruise near slum area.
Cruising and Online Hookups Safety
After my incidents above. I planned to do *** only with known trusted people and commercial trusted macho.

Dnt want to stuck in issues.

Even when i cross roads i get very *** seeing macho truck drivers, auto drivers, ola drivers but i somehow control..... If not controlling seriously it will be very dangerous for us in future life
Cruising and Online Hookups Safety
Thx to god i meet with some good frnd they are kind hrt and realy love to enjoy with me
Yes i confirm all and clear all posiblity like and dislike then only vc and then meet with
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
Love mature uncle type men.... they r caring... loving... not force u.. they do things softly
Cruising and Online Hookups Safety
Seeking *** is not a crime. Especially after sec 377. We need to be aware that consensual *** is no longer a crime. NEVER NEVER EVER FEEL.GUILTY FOR HAVING GAY ***. You are not breaking any laws. The morality and ethicality is not your concern. It is the people who can't deal with it. Their problem. Not yours. Be bold. Fight. If there are goons, fight them.

Golden rule :- Never get scared. These bastards feed on fear. The moment you are scared they get stronger. No matter how bad the situation seems to be, ALWAYS remember , you are not committing a crime. They are. They are the culprits. And be bold and strong and reply with threats and police complaints. Never be scared of neighbors or people around. Start shouting loudly and abusing equally. You can always tell Ur neighbor these people barged in and forcefully took pics or stripped you or whatever. Our neighbors and family will always believe us once they realise you're not scared they panic because they are guilty. And the guilt will always make them nervous.

Threaten them to go to the police station. Tell them your neighbor is a cop. Such stuff will scare them.

You are not doing anything wrong. Be fearless and watch them run away.
Cruising and Online Hookups Safety
Feeling sad for all those who faced bad experiences:( I really thankful to god that I never faced such situations.
Things to remember:
It's better to avoid to meet a completely stranger person at night. Well if he/she is in reputed hotels then chances are less that he/she will be a fraud.
I never keep wallet with me. Just few cash currency I my pocket. I rarely visit far away places from my location. Nearby places are familiar.
Chat first, ask few question. Ask for photos/video call.
I met many age group people, tops, bottoms, trans etc. But I really never faced any horrific situation.

Feel free to ask me anything. :)
Gay boss or employee?
I personally do not see if the guy is colleague or stranger .. as long as we attract each other , nothing wrong making up with collegue .. there was a mallu team member .. I had a eye on him and we liked each other company . One day , we happen to sleep at my house. I tried to feel his handon. Nothing I coudnget . Then I left that attention. A few months later , we happen to drunk togather .. till now i don't remeber what happened that night .. I wake up next day felt something on my *** .. I was blowing his 9 inch.

There was another who is in top level. But he look so good. I used to watch and smile at him. One day we happen to pee at same time .. I finished and was looking if I could see his .... Am really glad that he was showing his .. and he took me that day in his car and made me to blow him
Cruising and Online Hookups Safety
I too went through a bad experience...this happened around 2 years back.. I was 42 years that time I met a guy on Grindr he was a cute looking teen guy around 18 years as soon as we had started chat he was just very desperate to meet me which made me just curious as to why such a cute looking guy is so desperate to meet me so just to be sure if he is genuine or not i asked him to share his mobile no and have a video call with me so just to confirm if he is the same guy he shared his mobile no we had a video chat and tht guy looked really cute and spoke in English so i was sure now tht this guy is genuine. So i fixed up the time and place of meeting had a coffee with him and once i got confidence I took him home. As soon as we reached home he asked me whether he can use he washroom to get freshen up he went inside and he took bit long so i knocked and asked him how much more time he asked me why not i also join him and we can take bath together before we hit the bed...I was more then excited with this offer and i too joined him, within 5 mins of I joining him in the bath there was knock on my door I was not expecting any one so i got curious as to who had come So i wrapped up the towel and opened the door there were 2 guys standing and they pushed me in and asked ,e as to where their brother is...i was now quite frightened and they were speaking in loud abusive language so i told them to calm down and told him that no one is there with me and they have come to wrong place looking for their brother now they started threatning me and told that they have followed their bro and they saw him entering with me in my room now i was nervous and then i told them that his bro is in washroom they rushed to washroom pulled out their brother out now we both were standing in just towel wrapped around our body then one guy pulled down my towel and clicked my pic and the other guy started hitting his brother abusing him for doing wrong things i was now very nervous as i was standing nude with my pic clicked then one guy slapped me hard saying hat I hv ruined his brother life and now they started blackmailing me saying hat they will go to my neighbour and show them my pics and tel them what all am doing with small kids who are of my sons age....and now i was trembling and begging in front of them to forgive me thats the time they opened up and started demanding money from me....finally i had to shed a substantial amount of money after which they deleted my pics and they left....but i thank God that they did not come again nor they called me again for more money.......from what i understood is that as soon as that guy entered the washroom he must hv send the live location to his so called brother along with my building and flat no.
Lot of bareback sex these days ?
Listen... never did oral or *** till now... does oral *** causes HIV ?? IF yes, why people doing it?? I saw many doing in public toilet
Post Covid Impotence
Covid has nothing to do with Impotence.
I was doing mastrubation 10 times a day, now
I'm unable to get HARD.
Cruising and Online Hookups Safety
Because of above reason only going with masaagers that too centre.

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