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Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen

Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
bidesi: yeah he is genuinely hot and so so manly n virile. Has a packed crotch and when he smiles, it's so kinky and crooked. Must be hot in bed
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Saw KBC on 22 sept, the rollover contestant tripathi guy... Whej he walled towards the hot seat... Was quite a sizzler packed in there.

Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
I think Akshay and Saif are nude in this


"Side" - Being side and beyond convention
No idea where i stand. Till then..no anals for me.
First time Anal - Tips?
Can't we try only small *** first and avoid large *** in Beginning
Men shows their interest in public
Eyes, so true.. it reveals. Some say its the gaydar like the radar.. it gives it away. But who makes the first move?

Its also a gentle touch that works. Just the hand, or even the little finger 😛
First time Anal - Tips?
Yes...ive heard but never tried Aloe Vera gel....i always use ky gel... it's a good lubricant honestly and everytime it's successful since i really have a broad girth lund and many times it really hurts while inserting (for me as well as many of my bottom friends have tight hole and it stretches my foreskin too!) but will surely try Aloe Vera!
First time Anal - Tips?
Coconut oil is my thing.. its a good lube for my hole.. also being a bottom be prepared to get pain.. for bottoms pain is pleasure.. so sometime it hurts but in a good way we should accept it.. being bottom is not easy..
First time Anal - Tips?
does KY jelly numb? I am not sure..
but ur suggestion of aloe vera gel is awesome.. would be helpful for both tops and bottoms to keep it with them without others getting any doubts or questions...
will try soon with my bottoms...
First time Anal - Tips?
Aloe vera gel is the best....is so cool and soothing and so lubricating....
First time Anal - Tips?
KY Jelly or any numbing lubricant in my opinion isn't good.. It numbs the area and if you *** after using it, it will numb your lips. Just feels weird.. If you have the money and privacy then buy good durex lubes. Otherwise if you're like me and don't have privacy at home to hide stuff, then use aloe vera gel.. It's the best natural lube I've come across. You can get a bottle of it on Amazon, and since it's a great moisturizer for your face, you can tell your family that you use it for your face ( which I actually do, so it's multipurpose ;) ) . Although it doesn't numb you, it makes penetration smooth.. In my case, although I can take most average sized *** well, it does hurt for a while when a guy first enters me. So your top needs to be gentle at first.. Once your hole has been stretched enough, you can raise the pace of penetration.
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
Cluelesshubby: I really feel for you as I know how it is to walk all alone in this path of struggle which you went through. During such times all you need is someone who asks no questions and has no judgments and just gives u a simple hug when you need it. Its a indirect way of being tortured in ones life span, and kudos to you that you could majority overcome your miseries and continue your life with the acceptance of the situation as its surely not easy as many like me get stuck up in past and find it difficult to move on.

It makes me wonder how your friends reacted to all this and their acceptance level towards your pref in this whole situation you shared above as it is a crucial part or else one breaks down easily. Hope you had some support system where you could pour it out to survive this hardship all alone. As you so highly said one is always going to feel lonely whether married or single as I dont remember last when i was not feeling lonely though i socialise and keep busy in work to pass on more yrs to reach old age and get done with this life to start afresh with new life lol (stupid thought i know ). One tends to loose out on goal of life and just leading life scattered and go in any direction it takes you post such horrific experiences and sufferings. The wrong choices we make in our life is supported by the societal pressure where we are compelled to take that choice and many a times have no control over it as if its already decided by the almighty.

I hope all turns out perfectly well for you in life ..
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
@cluelessHubby... I would understand the pain u would have gone through, when ur daughter was taken away without letting u know... but big kudoos to you, atleast now you were able to come out clean... Hugs..cheers....
Any hot Insta celebs known to offer paid services?
@jordan3895 arman Malik
First time Anal - Tips?
@Saksee Lox 2% Jelly is a local anesthetic and not a lubricant!!!!! It will numb the area for painless *** butyou will never know if you're hurt anywhere during the act. Only after the effect is over you might feel the pain. Please avoid using that. You dont want to numb it but make it smooth and hence use legitimate lubricants.
First time Anal - Tips?
Lox 2% jelly is a best lubricant. Available in all leading Medicine Shop.
"Side" - Being side and beyond convention
Feeling so powerful!! Reading posts here has made me feel so much better!!

I was blaming myself for all those relationships that did not work out for me; only because I never could bring myself to have penetrative ***. I do enjoy oral *** a lot but men I date aren’t always compliant without *** ***…

I’m so glad to hear I am not the only one!!
First time Anal - Tips?
When u r using JET spray, check the speed of jet.. and do not fill ur ***/rectum too much. The interior of *** is delicate can NOT hold more water or high speed jet.
Enema bag is right options.. syring also may hurt..
Also, do not use too much of anaesthetic cream coz when we clean or do some inserting act, we need to feel tht so we can understand if something goes wrong.
First time Anal - Tips?
@pappubglre thanks
I have tried cleaning my *** using a jet spray and did workout superb..
Just never got fingered or rimmed by anyone than me..
First time Anal - Tips?
@nudeboy This worked well for me in the beginning.Get a 50ml syringe or an enema bag. Fill Glycerin+water and pump it up your ***. Within 5 minutes of holding,you will feel to poop and be clean in few minutes leaving tickling sensation in your *** making it more open. Feel free that it's ok to play with your *** and stop worrying about poop. Push *** to maximum and then insert oiled fingers. Do it every alternative day. Start using carrots,work it up to do larger ones like brinjal. Gradually, your size will improve.
Wishing all best to you soon to take a Pepsi bottle up your *** and *** oozing out of your little *** from its "feeling full" orgasm.
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
CluelessHubby u really know how to express urself with words... and a big hug for u...
First time Anal - Tips?
Use Kamasutra strawberry flavour gel, its water based totally safe. *** slides in easily, feels good inside.
First time Anal - Tips?
Hi... I m new to Bottom can l use Vasilene for ***.. Or in my hole
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
Deeply touched by the concern and feelings expressed in the five responses above.

Honestly, I am at peace with my choices and consequences after long. Attacks of self-pity do return. Blaming others is the easiest thing- but it doesn't help.

Ultimately it's important to realise I'm responsible for my choices alone. Pointing fingers won't change the present.

Maybe we chose this experience in this life because another generation needs more understanding and supporting parents.

Believe everything happens for the best, keep faith and the universe will gently lead you the best options in the worst scenarios. Love.
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
Mr.Cluelesshubby , I hope you have a much better next life.
First time Anal - Tips?
I heared ***, chewing, *** head for longer time causes blood after ***? ..
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
@cluelesshubby Giant hug to you!!!!
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
@Cluelesshubby Probably a best read after a long time. Hope you stay strong!
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
@Cluelesshubby Goosebumps 🥺
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
that's heart-wrenching, do good buddy... idk what to say more...
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
I'm married. Out to my own family and in-laws.
The only unfortunate thing me not standing for myself when I had the time and space to choose for myself.
I am bi- Wife is my college sweetheart. It was one sided. I proposed. She disposed. I moved on.
Later, fell for a man, got heartbroken, came out as a bisexual at home. Was asked to leave.
I came out to the girl- still not in love with me. I wanted her to cancel me so I could move on once for all.
She accepted me with my past- marriage was still not in sight. We remained friends.

Five years on, I grew disenchanted with the M2M world. Considered marriage.
She had her share of ups and downs too, we got married ultimately.

Marriage turned out to be eye opening after the romantic phase.
We were simply mismatching characters. No one was bad- but we were simply poles apart.
We gave enough heartache to each other- yet stuck together through a horrible medical event, deaths in the family and tumultous job switches.
As much we needed each other as humans- we despised each other. We were very kind, and incredibly mean in our own ways.
I slept out of the marriage.
Our distances grew and grew.
She smelled a rat and confronted me. I came out clean.
It was very violent- parents and in-laws got involved.
She moved out with the daughter we raised for four years.
Without telling me- it was a surprise.
It was difficult for our daughter who was dependent on me- I was the default parent.
It's been two years. We're healing one grain every day.
We don't bay for each other's blood- we're not enemies.
We're not even great friends- but we know each other as a person.
We're living in our separate homes, not far from each other.
We live together during festivals- the child lives with me for months (thanks to remote schools).
We even exchange stock market tips and investment ideas- BUT- we're not returning to the world we thought we had.
You see her in pain- whether in career, life or any other aspect- you wish to hold her hand, let her cry in your arms- but that is lost.
Physical touch is very rare- I do pat her on the back when she's done something great- an achievement at work, a superhit recipe- but those touches are one-sided.
Our child needs both of us- which is why we're still hanging by a thread.
We know the other partner will still support unconditionally in a life-or-death situation, but that's it.
I chose marriage, I chose my sexuality, I chose vents and outlets for me in angst-
I paid the price for it.
It's easy to blame parents and brother for shutting doors when you came out.
It's easy to say marriage was a decision because I was scared to die alone.
Marriage didn't cure my loneliness either.
Only I'm responsible for my choices and their fruits.
But, we haven't given up on any possibility of little smiles and sunshines.
Love entirely on our terms may be a possibility for another birth now.
The man dies. The father lives.
Grateful for access to child, occasional privileges of visiting and hosting the child and her mother.
Grateful for the possibility that the one left behind will still cry if the other one dies first.
The best chance is reunion in afterlife- where we'll meet again without judgement, and meet in love, light and warmth.
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
*** about what you*
And when you write*
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
@vinit, you don't know a *** about you are talking. Stop preaching your unnecessary and unwanted gyaan. Every human have their own struggle.
Two below the poverty line or extremely rich guy, may not have a similar life experience. Everyone have a different battle. Just that you are able to work it out, doesn't mean everyone can or should..
Married men have highest number of suicide ratio in India.
And when you right in such forums, ensure that you don't expose your narrow sighted thought process.

Take care, and stop replying to everyone who oppose your school of thoughts.
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
Okay am on this forum for this exact reason darkdude! To tell people be yourself and accepting! Sure you are sad and tormented what about your wife (who is not sad, yet completely in the dark!!)

I am preaching because Even if one guy doesn’t marry a girl under pressure because of what I “preach” it would be a personal victory for me!

Sick and tired of all this “unfortunate/sad/tormented” quotes. You are not the victim it is your partner that is the real victim. And of course I am gay out and proud because it came at a cost that you are not even ready go think about paying.

Whatever choice you made darkdude was to save you and your family’s face. And you sacrifices an innocent girl and her family for it. And when someone tries to tell you the reality it suddenly becomes preaching.
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
@vihit2345 please stop imposing your opinion on others and putting it as a global statement. it os is you who feel that way and this thread is not for you to preach what is right and what is wrong.
express your thoughts and opinions but don't judge people. don't play that "i am gay and proud and out" mentality on everyone. if so would have been the case you and everyone else wouldn't have been using this platform.
before trying to show how enlightened you are, learn to listen and let others express what they want to.
and stop putting your nonsense attitude of commenting and demoralising everyone who don't write what you think is right.
go and live your life happily in the real world and leave us sad tormented people to share and express our views and situations within us wrong people.
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
If you want family you can have one, you don’t have to marry an unaware girl for that purpose and then train yourself to stop living systematically!

However tough the decision is, you are not even letting the girl know all the facts when you make your “tough decision”. And then to compensate you say you won’t be happy either (which is a really bad logic).

No matter if you or Gay/Bi, just let the other person know. Talk it out and see how you can make this work (open relationship for example but there are many other ways). Make the decisions together as opposed to creating a world full of lies for your wife/kids and then suffocating in it.
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
There is an edit ... Being a bi/ gay and married to a girl is always a tough decision.
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
Hi guys.... Being gay/bi and married to a girl is always a good description....Yes if u want a family then get married and stop sleeping with men..I agree it's difficult but not impossible.... slowly with time when u have kid with other responsibilities...u ll be busy......I feel everything is in mind.
Men shows their interest in public
Eyes, eyes, eyes...draw the attention and those looks will make them decide what your inner thoughts are.
First time Anal - Tips?
So it is risky to use such objects.
Again it will not fullful *** desire compare to have *** with real ***.
First time Anal - Tips?
@Mine4You69 generally avoid inserting objects that might break easily. if it does happen the best you can do is sort of douche it out with the help of lube and water. It will be super annoying to deal with though. Worst case you might have to go to the emergency room. If you are inserting something up your bum, make sure it is something won't break easily. For example if you are using a banana, use an unripe banana as it is much harder than a ripe one which can easily get crushed by your anus itself. We have only one butt hole you guys. Love it and care for it!
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen







Cruising and Online Hookups Safety
Never share u r mobile no. ,Face photos, Avoid *** public places and Always use Hangout for communication chat or calling it is free.
First time Anal - Tips?
Use olive oil of Figaro it is very best for top and without figured you can enter your d. K in A s hole it goes Very easily and you will be satisfied and enjoy I have used to much time massage your di k with oilve oil and put 2 to 3 drop of oilve oil on the top of di k and push your di k in a s hole
First time Anal - Tips?
Numbing agents like lox are a big no, but I'd definitely suggest using a good lubricant like ky ( even though this is not specifically an *** lubricant it is still medical purpose and safe). The lubricant will help you from damaging the iner lining of your rectum and will also help pushing the dildo/finger/brinjal in with minimal friction. You can then patiently work your way around stretching your butthole. Just be slow and patient. Don't rush things or accidents might happen
Unfortunate people in straight marriage
Societal pressure? An ailing parent? What exactly is it. If you are from a metro city, there are enough of stories that emboldens one to live a single independent life.
People are not unfortunate, Worst is, their legal partner is the most unfortunate one.

It is absolutely sham to see how uncouth these married people tend to prey on platforms like ohmojo.
Men shows their interest in public
BT is more tech driven where lot of guys using BT earphones .mostly on any mode of public transport travel &places
sleeper trains .buses .metro .suburban trains .malls . movie plex are places where people use BT ear phones in public
can rename and change ur device .to visible mode and pairing
Romeo SMS xxxxx xxxxx .Grdr SMS 10 digit.numeric can get send SMS to No and can look out on getting SMS for any visible GUY signs in BT range

can be alpha numeric xode with service provider in alphabets first and last five numbers to be more discreet
First time Anal - Tips?
Don't try lubricant.
Try to use your finger or long brinjal to loosen your ***.
Day by day *** will be flexible.
Try to be natural.
First time Anal - Tips?
Ideally you should only use the brand KY jelly, its imported but most safe for *** ***. Indian versions contain anaesthetic contents besides lubrication which should be avoided as it numbs your inner *** lining and will not come to know if you get injured during vigorous *** ***.

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