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Wait a minute you guys are paying for ***...😂😂
Effeminate behaviour or mannerisms

If I talk about me.. My voice is completely husky, my friends told me to start smoking may be it change voice, I tried but not happened.
My body is soft like a female, I start going gym and after 3 years also body same soft, walking style also bit feminine, I tried a lot to change things but finally understand God maken me in this way so I am happily accepted, I never faced any issues like that in life when I am in normal manly clothes nd when even I do CD I don't face any big issues by people, and if any one laughing on me, I stopped caring about it.. I maken my mind and heart very strong to handle my self in every situation, self attitude & self thinkingchange a lot things in life.. I am a business men need to meet lot of people but never faced any issue...
Effeminate behaviour or mannerisms
Behavior and body language are interlinked . I still remember one of my boss had mentioned that you are doing great but need to correct your body language to be more successful. Feminine body language makes others to you get notified as being a man have famine postures really guys tries to make fun of you or tease you .. women with manly body language is getting respected but it’s opposite in man’s situation. Many people facing difficulties to overcome this feminist body posture but it’s necessary to correct it if it helps you to be confident and successful in career. Here is the situation, a professional female doctor is walking in mid of night casually and her assistant a boy with feminine body language was walking 200 meters front of the doctor, the guys started to tease and called loudly for *** .. so understand the importance of behavior and body language
Dark patches near thighs and croutch area
I suggest everyone to use natural almond oil regularly after shower and before going to bed... Any moisturizers or ailment will just be a instant relief but will adversely increase darkening...

U can also try applying natural Alovera gel...

They have no side effects
Fun under open skies - Farmhouse trip Fun
@Nudelove I'd love to go on a trip with y'all. This is something that I've been looking forward to do for quite sometime now.
Travel Explorers and Cruising
I'm coming to Bengaluru from 30 November to 4 December in Yeshwantpur area. Interested people can DM me.
Effeminate behaviour or mannerisms
Amen! Fem boys blow, they *** and they swallow;) they are the best!

P.S I'm drunk☺️
Effeminate behaviour or mannerisms
Don't judge.
It was huge turn off for me to hangout with fem boys forget *** until I happened to date one.
Since then I love *** feminine boys, they make great *** n are very submissive makes man happy
I enjoy dominanting fem boy.. I have done with few boys who are fem. You should really have open mind n enjoy them too.
Effeminate behaviour or mannerisms
Me thinks Effiminate behaviour is actually a huge turn on for me. Being Bisexual, it gives you a feeling of being with a woman, that too a woman with a ***. The best of both worlds!!! The only thing that's a spoiler is when a bunch of effiminate folks get together and start acting like they are on a mission to prove that they are the most smart *** around trying to do all those overtly girly gestures (like eunuchs clapping, swearing, calling each other Randis and all sorts of nonsense) If they eliminate these gestures and carry themselves with pride, dignity and aplomb, they would automiatically start commanding respect as opposed to demanded it.Nothing against eunuchs either...just relate your own experiences ,where a solo eunuch you meet would generally behave well and bless you (after getting money) but if its a group everything changes (even after getting money) they would try and extract more and embaress themselves and everybody around them.
Effiminate folks cheers to you!!
When my sxual advances backfired
Yes the more time taken to understand the signals..its more better and less chance of backfire

But one need to be also aware that there are few people having "Homephobia" and they may give wrong signals just to make you initiate something and then they will object it in public place to humiliate you or get you physically harmed.
Paid services

You are right.....i have seen such comment in Grinder where they say that for age above certain limit, they will charge
Paid services

You are getting rejected for whatsoever reason should not dampen your self respect.

You can also try paid service in the sense that you need to pay and you may get some one of your choice
Paid services

You can try paid for first time also but be very clear on what you want with the service provider. Openly tell him that you are afraid of pain and whether he can handle you nicely.
When my sxual advances backfired
Its better to talk first to see the mood,you should never just touch or feel them without their consent,it's sexual harrasment but if you find the signals and true ones even then it's better to talk a bit ,the desire will be more clear then.
Paid services
I prefer paid if u have money
Its safe n easy
Effeminate behaviour or mannerisms
Its everyone's personal choice. Calling it disgusting is just entitled behavior : "what I like is perfect and what other like is disgusting" ? wow!
I am sure many will find likes of you to be disgusting - old man preying on young boys - won't they? But I am not here to say that, its your choice, your preference.

Here in LGBTQ community nobody should consider other's personal preferences as "disgusting" If one does, then he is just plain bigot.

I totally agree with @adicooliyo
he does not like effeminate guys and he let it know in his profile, I am sure 99% effeminate bottoms would never bother him after reading that he doesn't prefer effeminate guy.
Paid services
Is paid guy is option for person who want first time *** and is afraid of pain and all
Gay LinkedIn
I am looking for a job as data scientist/analyst in Bangalore.
Completed PG IN data science from IIIT BANGALORE, have 2 years of relevant experience and 9 years of total experience in different sectors.

PS. I am desperately looking for a job so pls don't mind.
Missed Opportunities
However, in case of safe set up if the opportunity is missed, we feel bad later on
Missed Opportunities
Yup...Missed opportunity is as such a perception as we do not as such know what would have happened if we actually grabbed that opportunity....it we would know that it is going to be a bad experience we will call it best escape instead of missed opportunity

Also our instinct guiding us to be careful is so true.......many times i have not acted upon advances by other person purely by instinct.
When my sxual advances backfired

So true... its forum where we learn from mistakes of others and no point in becoming judgmental

Many times reading thread like fun during travel or fun with rapido, people may try to become adventurous but the bad experiences shared here shows all of us rad line

It takes lot of courage to share the experience which back fired and i salute all those who dared to show the humiliating experience for the benefit of community
Gay Vacationing in India
anyone in to travelling or biking
When my sxual advances backfired
Once when my roomate had gone out of station, his younger cousin staying I a college hostel neary wanted to have beer and spend the night with me, this kido was a good friend of mine & comes to my room for freedom when his cousin is out.
We had 2 rounds of beer & dinner then around 12 we decided to rest he said was feeling a bit dizzy I said it will be fine when he gets up in the morning.

When we were in bed, I rolled my hands over his chest , & felt his nipples I loved the feel no hairs clean chest & pointed nipples , he said wish there was a girl now for ***, I just laughed at it. Slowly I ran my hands over his tracks his *** was hard pretty hard. I pulled his tracks down & underwear’s also , & slept over him removed my clothes also , I was trying to remove his T shirt he himself did remove it. I pumped my *** in between his thigs he enjoyed & held me tight I kissed his pink lips at first, he pushed me when I kissed his lips then he was ok, he was thin small guy but his tool was 7 Plus.

After some time I went down & took his tool in my *** & started he was moaning pushed me aside then ran to the bathroom & shot a huge load.

He came back dressed & said he wanted to sleep , we held each other tightly & slept around 2 in the morning I started feeling ***, same thing happened but this time he was more co-operative. & after 30 minutes actions he said lets sleep after we both leaked.

I woke up at 6 in the morning he was sleeping , seeing him sleep I felt *** & kissed his lips he moved around & hugged me, we did it again this time was the best he was doing more than me doing .

We leaked 3rd time & then he got ready I dropped him to his college.
evening as I was casually trying to message him on WhatsApp I noticed that he has blocked me I called him he cut my call, I texted him, he replied saying do not try & contact me I hate you….

Guess I spoilt good friendship for one nights pleasure .
Effeminate behaviour or mannerisms
I feel people are ok with fem behavior . In community also .but to the fact clapping hands most often loud speaking crusing passing comments on fellow commuters or PPL at same place are bit awkward for alies n people from community also. I totally understand at certain extent that behaviour is natural but one can control. Who wouldn't mind walk along with so call famous fem behavior male personality out their .one can limit few things to normalise it
Missed Opportunities
I fully agree with @daddyrunner, Missed Opportunities with strangers may be a blessing in disguise.
Effeminate behaviour or mannerisms
We live in a society where all kinds of prejudices exist. A very large percentage of population consider same *** relationship as disgusting and deviant. What I find really surprising that within gay population such prejudices also exist. And when they bring those prejudices to this forum, one sometimes wonder it is worthwhile to be here at all.
Missed Opportunities
Don't feel bad CDUma
Think it this way, your inner instincts guarded u agaist something.

Usually about these chance encounters..
Please be careful if the encouter includes visiting to that person's place. (Where you will be totally at his mercy) avoid any type of food/drink which was prepared in your absence. Even if you have a slightest doubt , back off. Your instincts are trying to protect you.
It's better to cry over loat opportunities than to be a lost/tortured person.

Lost opportunities with known PPL sound cute but oportunities grabbed with unknown PPL can be dangerous.
When my sxual advances backfired
@kisssirs ....
Thanks for standing up
Gay LinkedIn
Hi all
One of my clients has planned an Inclusive Recruitment Drive on Saturday 8th Oct 2022 for Pune and Trivandrum location

In this drive we are planning to hire people from:

PRIDE Community (LGBTQIA) and
PWD Community (People With Disability)

Date :: Saturday 8th Oct 2022

Skill Sets : Java (1- 8 years ) and .net (5-7 years )

Mode :: Physical interviews ( no virtual interviews )

Location :: Pune and Trivandrum.

DM if you have any references
Effeminate behaviour or mannerisms
Omg, the femphobia from the fellow members of the LGBTQA+ community reflects the patriarchal upbringing of our society. There is nothing wrong with you. Work hard & Smart, invest in self learning & upskill, be abreast with technology and latest trends related to your work field. Learn to be self confident! And the most important thing is to accept yourself!! I am saying this from my personal experience. Be the queen of your destiny!!!!
FYI, there are a lot of men ( gay/Claiming to be straight/bi/ queer/ pan)out there who like to have *** with fem boys. So don’t let the low self esteem ( due to sexual orientation) projection of other people decide your behaviour!!!!
Effeminate behaviour or mannerisms
exactly my point @Edler51forboys its same gender, we like men .. but if a men behaves like women wat diff does it make... infact if you are with a femme guy outside somehwere .. people get the clear idea of you being gay or pervert :-) rather if we are with another masculine men then people do not judge and we can easily pass as two male friends (obviously no PDA) but i think to each its own, we all are different it just our preferences and desires are diff .. again my personal choice and preference nothing to offend anyone. i mention in all my bios on diff dating platforms no to CD femme etc..
although i have huge fantasy to date a masculine FTM (female to male trans men) .. what a treat it would be.. manly body and mannerism with a vag*na
When my sxual advances backfired
This is a forum for people to "share" their experiences "without" the fear of being judged and rebuked, yes its wrong to do things without consent, YES it IS wrong to assume rapido guys are all gay, but people make mistakes, and learn from it. If not they learn from others mistakes.

SO it will be better if we dont start scolding, judging the people who confess and stop acting holier than thou pls. No one is doodh ka dhula over here.
Being bottom is it ok to like getting dominated?
I think the concept of domination is quite misunderstood here.

A guy forcing himself on you against you will is not domination.

A guy *** a bottom like me hard is just *** in my opinion. I mean, unless a top has premature ejaculation issues, a top has to *** hard to *** even in the tightest hole.

Domination(usually in a D/S relationship) is more about willing to give oneself up for a tops pleasure, in letting him expand your boundaries both physically and mentally, in making you do things willingly that you would not even dream of doing. It could be something that not even fully sexual like asking you to stand naked on your balcony. It usually takes a lot of trust to have such type of relationship. It has nothing to do with being fem either though yes, given the way us indians bottoms were raised, most bottoms do act fem in bed regardless of how they look physically (myself included).

When my sxual advances backfired
Very bad tanuj. Guys plz understand rapido guys are not gays stop acting weird.
When my sxual advances backfired
Yes this is very risky especially when people think u are thief which is but obvious for someone who is straight. In such cases always eye contact is important. Just because its a sleeper or bus to Rajasthan or gujrat and people post their experiences here it doesn't mean every such experience will be wonderful. Always understand situation and then react if other person is responding well
Effeminate behaviour or mannerisms
As a versatile guy I change my behaviour according to the situation I am in.. If I am being a bottom I can behave femme for that particular amount of time if and only if my partner wants that..and whenever I'm being the top I automatically change to a more "Manly" guy... But I personally believe that being femme isn't a gay trait.. As a gay man I'm attracted to the manlyness of my partner I want to feel like I'm in presence of a proper man, not a guy acting femme....but this is just my preference... People are free to behave and act however they want.. We should not have any objection to that...
Effeminate behaviour or mannerisms
I find effeminate behaviour or mannerisms by males in public or in groups very disgusting.
I mean.. if they think that they can attract a man by such effeminate mannerisms, then they shud remember that such a man wiud rather go to a woman instead of effeminate male.
Then where is same *** attraction?
When my sxual advances backfired
it happened with me when i was travelling in bus to my hometown in rajasthan, it was a late night 3-4 am regional bus, there were less people and most of them were dozing, i was sitting near a middle aged men may be in his late 30s or early 40s or something, i was also half sleepy and half awake, somehow i was *** then so thought to try my luck with the guy sitting next to me, i started touching his nips with my fingers, he did not notice as he was sleeping soundly i believe, and i could actually feel his tough nip and half chest, i thot he enjoyed it, so i made advances to his cr*tch, and touched his thighs, i donno what happened, but he woke up and started shouting at me, he thought i was trying to pickpocket, like a thief, he called conductor and told him that i am trying to steal things from him, to which i said no nothing like that etc.. i got very scared as i couldnt say what exactly i was trying to do ;-), the conductor also started scolding me, and asked me get down, luckily it was only 5-10kms ahead of my destination, so i got down, called up my brother to pick me up from there, and went home. thankfully i got away with this embarrassing situation. i dint think back then that there is anything wrong in doing such advances with strangers without consent etc.. which i know now and do not try unless i sense signals or other person advances on me
Missed Opportunities
When I was just out of college and came to Bengaluru in search of job, I had met a 6.6+ Ft tall 50+ year old uncle at Shivajinagar bus stop.
I was waiting for the bus, this tall and well built guy approached me, he was in all white kurta and stood right infront of me with hardly any space between two of us.
Slowly he held my hand and started talking casually like what I do, where I am from ....
Every minute he was coming closer and closer to me.
Me 5.5 ft literally had to look up and talk to him with a girly smile, girl in me was enjoying his closeness and smell.

After 5-6 minutes, I was leaning on the bustop wall, and he was pressing me to wall and rubbing my hand hand to his tool.
Though I did not hold it, I could feel it was a monster just like him, becoming hotter & hotter and larger & larger.

After pressing me to the wall in daylight infront of public for about 15-20 minutes as we talk casually, he offered me to join him for a coffee.
I really wanted to listen to him and go, but by his and his tool size I was scared what will happen if I go with him.

Though I was enjoying his closeness and every action, like making me to rub his ***, press on my cheeks, pinch lips.
Politely I said no and he kept trying to convince me with different offers such as he will help in finding a job, better place to live blah blah blah...
He tried his best to hook me up for about 1 to 1.30 hour, many buses came and left.
Suddenly I felt it it is getting late, what if I do not get a bus to go home and told him I will have to leave and took next bus.

Till date, I repent not obliging to his advancement, I always feel it could have been best day of my life.

When my sxual advances backfired
I hired a Rapido in Bangalore the captain was a young chap 20 years age was doing it in place of his uncle who was not well, he was wearing a Karnataka Athletes Jersey, started speaking very friendly chap, reached out to his waist, his tummy , he said representing some sport at Junior level, my hands went to his thigh he was ok, both my hands were rested on his thigh he was fine, I though he enjoyed made the next move, & tried reaching his ***, he said excuse me can I stop, I said yes, he said can you please get down, he took a stone & was about to hit me & shouted worst abuses in Kannada & said go stand on MG Road like a Chakka people will give you money, & he went off.
Effeminate behaviour or mannerisms
Well...I think, Mannerisms defined by another human like you and me. We come to conclusions about being manly or feminine, from how the highest percentage of people act. But again it may not be true.

For example, Many gods in all culture are portrayed generally without moustache or beard in physical form and smooth and sensitive at heart but in real world, it's just opp for humans. So, i dont really believe if someone say particular trait is manly or not.

I think, by being in this society, we discriminate ourselves first by observing others. We have a thought inside our head that we are feminine or not manly. Before other say, we make up our mind. People are in general tend to criticize whatever might be your character and how ever you behave. It's us that need to accept ourselves. Once we ease up our mind, we start to ignore who tries to hurt with distasteful comments.

Professionally, discrimination may happen, but that alone can not stop your success if you are really worth it.
Being bottom is it ok to like getting dominated?
My first penetration was by a dominating Top, during discussion he told that it is going to be only ***, but the way he was acting domination and manly. I could not oppose him, it was first time ***, it was painful and his *** came out due to my moving in uneasy way. He didn’t say anything but his looks was so strong and showing unhappyness I bent immediately and he continued
When my sxual advances backfired
I tried with my uncle's paying guest. He was also his disciple and came to learn for poetry from him. We also became good friends. He was from a small village. Bit desi. Slim but good height was very fair in fact.
I was in collage he was just 2-3 years older than me.
Cutting short one day we were alone at uncles home, it was afternoon time. He was on bed for taking nap. I said I'll sleep too for a while and slept next to him.. Kept my hand on him directly. He didn't object.. N we were talking and came to know he left previous room b'coz of roommates behavior so I asked him what exactly they used to do, he said all smoking drinking habit they had..they would bring girls to room etc
I said why didn't you do too? He said no no its not good.
I thought he might be gay too. So I then cuddle him more he wasn't objecting anything.
Then I asked do you want to have fun? He said what fun? I then grabbed his chest n said like this.. He laughed n I thought its signal to go ahead n i grabbed his *** n pressed.. So he immediately stood up and yelled hey what are you doing.
I said sorry sorry I got carried away
He said nothing. I felt awkward, I couldn't leave so was there only to face him. I again said sorry n told him you are good guy m bad..sorry. He kept quiet
But later things became better n he behave nothing happened
After a while we again happened to sleep together n I decided to try my luck again.. After he slept I started caressing his body and moved till his ***. He was still deep sleep but i couldn't touch his *** n it was not erect but I could feel its flesh.. I tried to seduce a alot bt nothing so i grabbed his hand kept on my chest then moved his hand on my ***.. He slowly took it away.. I was *** so I matrubated n *** in underwear n slept.

Next night I again tried same but nothing, he turned on his stomach so I started caressing his *** n i could insert my hand in his ***.. Slightly hairy bum I grabbed it n he again stood up n yelled what are you doing n went n sat on chair.. I didn't say anything felt bad.. I woke up n went inside n slept since then never tried on him or on anyone else. Sorry Dinesh I know you will not be reading this here but still... 😔
Missed Opportunities
My teen cousin brothers had come from Goa to Bombay and were staying at my place. I was hoping to sleep near them. They were like 10-12 ppl and there were about 15-16 ppl who had to all sleep in a 1bhk .. Fortunately my mom told us three to sleep on the bed. Others slept on mattresses on the floor. The older brother was 17 and the younger was 14. I was 13 at the time. I had a doubt back then that the brothers were probably indulging in some stuff as they would literally cuddle close at night. So when I got the chance, I was sleeping in the middle of the two brothers.. Just around the time most were asleep, my older cousin bro told me to come close to him. 13yr old me was excited but I didn't think about feeling his *** or anything. And stupid me fell asleep after that and the next morning I didn't have any recollection of what happened next. I do feel that he must have grind his *** against my *** at least but then I was fast asleep to experience all of that. Now he is married to a girl and has a daughter as well. Never met him after that incident.
Effeminate behaviour or mannerisms
Being a below-average backbencher since childhood, I was always surrounded by the rowdy/rough male crowd which influenced my personality quiet a bit. Which is also why it took me way too long to realise my sexuality.
But that lifestyle also influenced my walking, talking, behaving, physique, and actions to be more "Manly" than someone would expect from a vers-bottom.
Recently (since 2019), I actively started pursuing cruising as a bottom and embracing the kind of "slutty" lifestyle. Which is why sometimes, when I feel confident enough during cruising, I start to walk, talk, and act like a female/hijra. And honestly, nothing feels more fun and exciting than that.
Walking on random secluded streets, one hand flowing back and forth while I groom myself with my other hand, giving the side-look and winking to hungry males, referring to myself as a woman, etc. It just adds to the excitement of getting frisky with a stranger at random places. Sometimes I do wish to shave all of my body hair (I'm quiet hairy) and crossdress to add to the feel, However, Since I haven't come out to my family and friends (long story with serious personal reasons) I can't go all the way without raising suspicion, but still, changing my mannerisms to suit my personality for that little period of time is a fun I never knew I wanted, but I'm glad I do now.
Missed Opportunities
@ragepember we all have our fair share of guys who get immense pleasure in arrange a meet only to not show up. It is very immature but it is way too common of an occurance. Having said that, i would encourage you to give it another shot. You may be in a straight relationship, but the fact that you are an active participant on a gay website tells me that you still might be looking to quench your bi curiosity.
Missed Opportunities
I am a bi curious person and have always been in straight relationship till date. 5-6+ years ago I was single and wanted to try out dating a guy. A guy on Ohmojo connected with me and we exchanged numbers. He was a married man and was easy to talk to. We decided to meet at a set time in one of the restaurants in Powai as he used to work there. I was so nervous as this was something completely new to me. I waited for that guy at the restaurant for hours, but he didn't come. Nor did he pick up my calls or message me. So I blocked his number and never again tried dating guys. Right now I am in a very good place and in a straight relationship. But God how different it would have been for me if I would have crossed the line. I still think about it.
Being bottom is it ok to like getting dominated?
I'm a bottom and also very shy, introvert and scared IRL. I crave for dominance, being controlled and toyed around. The scared me avoid being in company of so called dominant men because it can lead to scary things very easily. But the longer I avoid being in company, the more I crave for it and willing to try even more extreme and taboo stuff.
Effeminate behaviour or mannerisms
Workout wouldn't change your mannerisms. It will make you slimmer and shapely. Your butt would become rounder and shapely if you do the right exercises. You would look fitter and sexier. Only thing you can change is the manner of your walking. It could be like a man or a woman depending on occasions.
Effeminate behaviour or mannerisms
Thanks guys for talking on this topic. Your support means a lot to me.

@Akshat_Bottom I am looking for a change in career. I work in a MNC which has policies against such discrimination. However, the discrimination is subtle and exists in the psyche of the common folk. Sometimes they body shame or resort to name calling. I retaliate sometimes, but more often than not, pretend to have been deaf to those conversations. Such incidents are a blow to my self esteem and confidence. But I am very good at what I do.

Now I'm tired of my job and will shortly move to another facet in the same finance industry which will be more of a front end job. I do not wish to stake any chances with this new career. Would you have any advice to offer?


@Nishantkoaa How does workout help in changing mannerisms? I do not work out at present.

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