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National/International Travel
I'll be at Dubai Airport on 27 December full night till 28 morning. I'll *** any gentleman top's *** and swallow his load too
Shemale wife or partner
@Sameer93392 you are one of lucky guy man
Shemale wife or partner
I would love to have have a Shemale in my life ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—
Shemale wife or partner
Where can I find shemale near carmelaram railway station
Shemale wife or partner
Anybody know any shemale near carmelaram railway station
Shemale wife or partner
im crossdresser. looking to shift bangalore. need a top and also flat shared rent. can both be like husband and wife.
Shemale wife or partner
@samir93392 How much you paid her on monthly basis?
Gay LinkedIn
What a pathetic idea ๐Ÿ˜, its good to keep professional & personal stuff separate. Linkedin is for white & blue collared professional. There are separate platforms for *** seekers , job seekers and relationships seekers. Please donโ€™t mess everything In one plate. Everything have different flavours and you canโ€™t have everything in one dish aaaannddd if you try then that will only end as kichdhi ๐Ÿ˜œ
Gays matrimony
@ fifty
Agreeing with you completely. A favourable verdict could have many positive effects. Like I said, It could make coming out a little easier.
I also wish that it opens up LGBT matrimony portals to make our search a little easier.
At present on apps like Grindr, we're competing with a good majority of guys looking for a good time just for that night.
Gays matrimony
A supreme court decision favouring same *** marriage will give legal rights to same *** partners. Too many issues here- owning property jointly, naming as next of kin -in medical or other situations and so on.
Thats why I had requested in my opening comments that this discussion about viability of long term same *** relationship can be taken elsewhere. I know a handful of men who are resolute about having a gay long term relationship or marriage. If the supreme court decision is favourable, more gay men will think on these lines. I read somewhere that after 377 was scrapped first by Delhi High court and later by Supreme court, more guys could show the courage to come out. Instead of whining about *** seekers we could focus on what we want for ourselves. For me being gay means loving a man, not just having *** with a man.
Gays matrimony
@Aarav, true that with new venues opening up, *** has become free commodity and its become an undying thirst for many, money for few and life for very few. Expectations are almost as much as any other straight relationship as well.. family financial status, physical appearances are some of the factors that decrease the chances of settling down. Media is the most blamed reason coz of tiktok and other social media reels, people have started to fantasise and would want to lead a life like them!!

Not sure where we are heading for but not a good one though and wondering what will the next gen of guys will do about it?
Gays matrimony
@unimate agree with you. Even if government legalise it , how many people are actually ready to get married and settle down with a guy. Many gays want to marry girls because of family pressure or societal pressure or any other reason. Its difficult to find a male who will be ready to stay with you entire life. There used to be such discussions initially but now with apps like grindr, gay community has moreover become *** oriented and nothing else. And moreover everyone doing paid *** now.
Gays matrimony
I dont understand why do we look upon SC to deliver a verdict here. There are (few) instances of men having entered into a relationship and have married as well. You can still get into a live in relationship or marry a man of your choice and be happy. Whose endorsement are we seeking here? This govt is in a way radicalised owing to political and societal pressures and vote banks, will remain a mute to this.
All you need is find someone who is strong and brave to be your partner and stick with you for all times (good bad or even worse)" till death do us apart "

The million dollar question is -- Who is up for the game?
Gays matrimony
Good innisiative ...
Gays matrimony
Hello everyone,
Princey here from jp. Nagar , bangalore.
A business men for society nd a part time CD for self,
Looking for a soul mate with whom I can share my pain, my happiness, my laugh, my tears, everything, I will be loyal to him till he will be loyal to me, if any one interested let me know, looking for long term relationship, I can't give guarntee of life time but yes if that person really want me to be with him I will be forever, guys who stay around jp. Ngr and interested ping me personally, below 38 years guys only please, looks really not matter much, character is important, guy who can be loyal nd with a good character ping me
Thank you
With love
Gays matrimony
I am really looking forward to a positive verdict from the Supreme Court. It will help in so many different ways once the concept of marriage is introduced.
I for one have always dreamed of taking marriage vows with my guy ( if I manage to find him first lol). Just the thought of saying those words especially- to have and to hold,...love and to cherish till death do us apart. With his and my family and friends around.But I know it sounds like a fairy tale now.
On another note, I believe marriage will give more people the strength to come out atleast to parents. All parents worry about their child's future. They are worried that gay relationships have no foundation and hence break up very easily. Marriage or atleast recognized civil partnerships would help to convince parents that there is some kind of structure in place even if this generation is the one to take the first steps.
Gays matrimony
I'm looking relationship which leads to marriage .. I want to settle .. want to family life ? Any one here want gay life partner
National/International Travel
Any tops travelling to Dubai mid December message me
National/International Travel
Anyone in Seattle usa ?
Gays matrimony
Are you not happy with ur wife?
You are giving open invitation for cheating on her.. shame
Gays matrimony
Hi I am from Hyderabad i am Bi but can maintain the secret relationship. Looking for well settle partner decent here
Most attractive Indian celebrity man to you
Now invested in this, who could be this newsreader? Are you sure he read the news and didn't anchor another program?
Gays matrimony

36 Hairy Top frm Jaipur Rajasthan
Most attractive Indian celebrity man to you
Shammi narang?
Most attractive Indian celebrity man to you
Trying to find his name but failed. Will Google him out! ๐Ÿ˜
The mentioned sirs are not him.
Gays matrimony
Wow, this is news to this site.. let's rock guys!!
Gays matrimony
Is it possible guys to get married officially as gay ......
As my father is lookng forwards to get married officially as gay ..... Please help me guys if u guys know something
Gays matrimony
Guys from Pune....
I'm 28 m bi ver looking for mutual fun... Companionship... A to be friend and then we can see where it leads us in future... Anyone interested, hit my inbox. Be decent, genuine and you'll be my rock star๐Ÿ˜‰
Most attractive Indian celebrity man to you
Among moustachioed English newsreaders were Bhaskar Bhattacharjee and Suneet Tandon. Again these are late 80a, early 90s. Shammi Narang also had a moustache but he used to read the Hindi news.
Gays matrimony
Nice ....
34 years old feminish bottom at chennai..
A simple guy by living, a well qualified professional here..
I prefer a simple living though...
I love classical music and pursuing it too...a bit introvert..
I m not really looking for a matrimonial,but if luck favors...why not...
Most attractive Indian celebrity man to you
The guys I named are from 1980's. You might not be even born then.
I don't remember much from 90s as I had started working then and didn't have much time to watch tv.
Most attractive Indian celebrity man to you
Just Googled the names and sadly, they aren't. I can't recollect the name. He would be mostly suited, had thick black hair and moustache. He had great command over the lingo.
Most attractive Indian celebrity man to you
Tejeshwar Singh ? Or Ramu damodaran?
I was in love with Ramu Damodaran.
Most attractive Indian celebrity man to you
There used to be one English news reader in Doordarshan in the days of yore. Thickly moustached, he was the object of desire for me. He had such a commanding personality, totally delectable! Yum..๐Ÿ˜
Gays matrimony
Age - 35

Location - NE India.

Orientation - Versatile

The above being my basic, let me state that I'm not seeking marriage here. What I'm seeking is a companionship.

A kind of relationship where we lead our individual lives as what we are now (married/single) but be there for each other in times of need or as the case may be.

I'm seeking a monogamous relationship where we remain connected - by any media. I was into such relationship sometime back in my life. It was a beautiful relationship. He was based in Bengaluru, I was placed in NE. We would take out time to drop a message to each other, never sulking if one of us didn't get message from the other person. We just knew each other too well, the trust in us was real. We had plans for our lives. He went on to be with Gods.

If there's anyone who believes in such arrangements where we are together but not always, do ping me. :โ -โ )
National/International Travel
I am traveling to Dubai from 16-30 December,pure bottom here
Gays matrimony
Anybody around 35 reading me ๐Ÿ˜‰
Gays matrimony
Sorry. I have changed the settings now.
Gays matrimony
@fifty, i can't send message to you.
I see the note
This profile has been disabled by the member

Techniques of Painless anal
Hey Fifty, old india *** is taboo that conspept doctors not even understand they also love same ***. Natural way for enhanced *** whole by massage so it wil not effective for *** also. Clear incert and enjoyment.
Gays matrimony
So here are my details . Me- 54, never married single, Maharashtrian , based in northern Mumbai, worked in financial sector -now retired. Ht 152cm wt 53kg, darkish complexion. Come from a family which ate eggs, fish, meat but I dont. Dont drink, smoke or do drugs. Secular and liberal. interests are literature (mostly marathi) music (hindi marathi, semi classical) cooking (indian) and education. I enjoy being a side , but open to being a bottom for a loving partner.
I am out to some of my folks - relatives and friends but not to immediate family yet. But will .
What I am looking for - single guy, preferably marathi speaking as except for the education and work, I think in Marathi. But that is not a must.
You can eat anything and tempt to it. Must be secular -liberal. No compromise there. No issue if our other interests dont match. No smoking, drugs or tattoos. An occasional or social drinker will do. You can be anything but a pure top or pure bottom.
More in one on one conversations.
Gays matrimony
At the risk of diverting from the topic of the thread I myself have created, I want to say that this reason sounds strange. Our External Affairs minister is married to a person of Japanese origin. A former president was married to a woman born in Burma, now Myanmar.
Gays matrimony
Saurabh Kirpal is not elevated, not because of him being Gay. His partner works with Swiss Federal department of Foreign Affairs, so there is conflict of interest.
Gays matrimony
There could be others reasons for that. Just because he is gay maybe ur assumption
Gays matrimony
Itโ€™s very difficult This government yesterday has returned back supreme courtโ€™s recommendations to elevate advocate Saurabh Kirpal to the post of high court judge because he is a gay. Itโ€™s suffocating in India
National/International Travel
How's gay life in Kathmandu? Any activity there?
Gays matrimony
I am crossdresser. I am looking for a top for marriage. also want to share room (compulsary) in bangalore. banashankari or near location. ping me if only serious. no timepaas chats.
Techniques of Painless anal
I am shocked to see that, on practo two doctor have recommended local anasthetic cream for *** intercourse. One has even mentioned a brand name. Even doctors do not have proper knowledge about these things.
Some doctors still believe that homosexuality is unnatural /against nature.
Gays matrimony
Need a lesbian girl marriage of convenience
Gays matrimony
OnlyNSAfun, I am very much there.

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