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Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Naagin 2 actor karanvir Bohra
Idk how anyone can post such pics...did he do it intentionally?
Check the last photo👇👇

Men shows their interest in public
I wanted to approach people who take a leak on roadside. How to do it.
Gay boss or employee?
I worked for an organization for only 3 months. One day I saw my boss phone on the table and ohmojo was opened in the phone.
That day I discovered that he also is interested in men like me.
He was a married handsome hunk with husky complexion.
On my last day I gathered the courage and asked him what are you preference ? To which he was shocked and asked how did I come to know.
After some time he opened up and told me that he loves to get ***. In the noon we went to office washroom and I gave him a nice blowjob. He was so *** and starving for a bj.
Same day in the night we had a office party. The party got over at 1am and then I again *** him for long in his car on the extension road in gurgaon. He had an amazing ***.and made my last day a memorable one
If u r reading this let me know man.
Gay boss or employee?
Good experience for many people.
Gay boss or employee?
I was working as a paper deliver boy oncs upon a time.. and my boss used me like a whore.. i drank his *** so many times.. and he is the one who teach me to do rimjob..
Gay boss or employee?
Nice story
Gay boss or employee?
I was just going through these threads, and it made me eager to share my experience recently at my job. I was at the studio last weekend usually I get over around 9pm on weekends, there was this office man in his 30's came to our studio to clean-up and organized it before the next broadcast. I always liked this guy, he was sexy straight man with hot body and attractive face, you just can't resist looking at him.

Neways last weekend night I was alone in the studio and was winding up to leave as it was past 9pm, before leaving I taught to use the rest room. When I was freshening up this man entered in the restroom, he greeted me and even I smiled at him. He asked me did you guys had party at your office this weekend, I said "Yes", he smiled and said yeah there was so much trash in the studio, we both laughed.

I knew I want to seduce this straight man, so I complemented about his body, he replied with "Thanks", then I got gutsier and more asked him “Can I just touch your body”, he did not say anything. I got the signal and touched his strong arms, he was not reacting, then my hands moved to his chest, back, arms...he did not resist at all. I kept on touching him and at one point his senses took control over him and he just toped doing what he was doing and started to enjoy my touch.
Even I was enjoying his body, I gently lifted his T shirt and nuzzled my *** on his manly chest and started to lick, *** and chew his wide chocolate chip nipples. He started to moa...I kept on liking is chest and *** those hot nipples for a while. Then I ventured on to his hairy armpits, and licked it, the sweet smell of his perfume and sweat was making me subconscious as I kept my *** nuzzled on his pits.
Meanwhile my hands were groping his trousers, I can feel his monster was getting bigger and bigger. He was *** *** by my and he couldn't control anymore, he unzipped his trouser and un-wrapped his sexy Lund which was semi hard. I grabbed hit and started to *** it hard. It grew on to 7.5 thick monster.

He was straight for sure coz he said he never had this experience with guy b4, I grabbed his hands and placed it my hardon, 1st he resisted but later he too started to press and feel my 8+ rod with pleasurer. I dropped of my trouser we both were half naked in the restroom. I asked him “No one is gonna come”, he replied “It past 9:30 pm too late for anyone to come at 6th floor restroom”. we both laughed again. Then I slowly pushed his head down, initially he was not very comfortable to place his pink lips on my package, but with little efforts soon enough my Lund was sliding in-n-out of his warm ***, he kept *** and liking my Lund and balls for a while.
I got *** ***, I grabbed him by his strong shoulder and pushed on to the wall and went down on his rod, I ***, licked and chewed his balls, he was moaning in pleaser. This lead us to a 69 positions for next 40 minutes, we could do this easily as the restroom was very spacious. We cuddled, licked, hugged, kissed each other passionately for nearly an hour, later we both shot loads on each other’s body, we both were drenched in hot ***. It was indeed hot session and an amazing experience to turn a straight man to gay lol....

I wanted to go to next level on to a *** session since I am top, but I decided to take things slowly and didn't want to scare off this sexy straight man. Hence for the 1st session we just explored each other with body play coz I am sure he to enjoyed what happened last weekend and will definitely come back to me for more that is when I will venture on to next level of XXXX... 😊

Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
National/International Travel

I'm going to Bangalore tomorrow..
Any gay friendly hotels available near majestic bus stand?
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
Any places in bangalore?
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
I too wanna try mykonos the coming week.
Where is this philips where all are mentioning about
Travel Explorers and Cruising
Anyone travelling to delhi on 6th of August?
Men shows their interest in public
I'm shy. I can't do anything!!! Eye contact increases my heart beat.
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
In their flyer philips + myokonis comain to have 4 dark rooms and glory holes . Perhaps not safest or crowded due to corona but if anybody visits a review will help . Never tool massage at myokonos but dark room and steam were fun
"Side" - Being side and beyond convention
Quite an interesting post .. have been rejected so many times as I don’t get *** nor I do ***
Travel Explorers and Cruising
This month 6th n 7th anyone wanna join for sakleshpur? Ping me.. i wil b staying in Tamohara resorts
Men shows their interest in public
Eye contact and smile is best
National/International Travel

Anyone from Mumbai who wants to do a weekend getaway to some place nice around, please hit me up. Looking only for guys who can share the cost of travel stay and everything else. Not looking for folks who expect a free trip. Want to get away to just chill and wind down. I'm a top here by preference but ok with any guy since it need not just be something sexual
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
I have always wanted to got to mykonos but could never go, and now it has closed. I would like to pay a visit to the new mykonos and phillips but I'm not sure it's the same as before.
Men shows their interest in public
This happens so many times when on street. Whenever i like anyone. I first make eye contact continously without blinking. And if it is the same frm the other side then i move to the next step of straight non stop looking at the crotch. If he is intd he wil get the mesage or will feel ackward and move.
"Side" - Being side and beyond convention
Oh My God.......this is such a relief......thank you so much @shapeoflove for writing this post. I have always been thinking how come there's no term for what I like......but side is exactly what I enjoy.....great to know that I am not alone here with similar interest as I do not like *** at all.
Men shows their interest in public
Yes, eye contact is good sign to identify top or bottom, I usually, if I hv taken a liking for the guy, I look at him straight and move my hand over my crotch give rubbing, if he is equally interested he will respond with same move, some times quivering lips like licking, he then responds the same, I hv encountered in suburban train, when not much crowded
"Side" - Being side and beyond convention

so am i a "side" too

have been *** by guys, *** guys....lots of nude play n kissing too....never *** till date....

thanks for this term....
How to become attractive?
First of all al many said earlier you need to feel beautiful and attractive from inside

Focus on being healthy and happy and your energy will attract right kind of people towards you

Stop underestimating your self n love your self be happy

That's it

You don't need expensive diet medicine or gym

Eat healthy homemade food , exercise and I'm saying again be happy and positive

Have a blessed life bro 😊
How to become attractive?
Hey, does anyone know any pill or medicine that helps to loose weight and loose it fast?

Yes I know calorie deficit, nutritional diet, exercises, walk 40 mins, alternate day cardio and weight sessions.. know all of it.

I'm talking about pills that sheds 25-30 kgs in 2-3 months. If it's there? Costs? Side effects (coz I'm kinda desperate, so willing!!)

Would appreciate if anyone from fitness industry or medical field suggests something

PS. I've tried green tea extract pills, steroids - anawar, growth hormones n peptides.. please suggest something effective in real!

Thanks in advance.
Men shows their interest in public
I usually gaze into the eyes of the guy ..chew my lips to show interest. Many times have git guys . Also if u live near a beach , try there also
Cruising and Online Hookups Safety
Guys as somebody who is in the know of things I can say if somebody abuses , particularly if it's from a police, contact senior officials. Most of them have their number online and you can text or call. They ll be helpful. They ll definitely not come after you even if they choose not to help. This will work. LGBTQ sensitisation is there at senior officer level. Its the bottom most who are ruthless, criminal and opportunistic
"Side" - Being side and beyond convention
m also side ithink, i love getting *** n rimm
Men shows their interest in public
@UtkarshXXL real time incident is with myself only actually.
. When I'm traveling somewhere in the night time (sleeper) I wore a dress like that only... Extremely transparent tees and low hip pant with bright colour inners, and a mild perfume...

Two sleeper - nearby guy usually get attracted to me in most of the times with such outfit... I always ensure the first move is from them only.. they slowly make a move and the fun begins😝

Men shows their interest in public
@patilboy...yes indeed... The 'look' trick is something I recognize very well. I have met many men using this method. I keep looking in every man's eyes and when I see that 'look'. Then I give him another look and if he wants me, then I get another look from that guy. I then stand there and see what he is doing. If I find him waiting for me, then I don't waste my time and skip the boring part and ask him if he has place. Then I go with the flow.
Men shows their interest in public
For being a bottom, use low hip jeans and transparent shirt or tight tee shirt...

U can unbutton the first two😝

When using low hip pant, use bright colour inner - that will attract more.

Transparent shirt worked really well for me
Travel Explorers and Cruising
Any one from West Bengal to travel with me?
Travel Explorers and Cruising
Am looking for co traveller friend to go weekend and holidays ..trips to hillstation ,or other pilgrimage places ..just looking co traveller who wanna relax in weekend ..
"Side" - Being side and beyond convention
I am dont prefer *** penetration. But like to rim and get rimmed.. am I a side?
"Side" - Being side and beyond convention
Wow. Thanks for sharing name of this category to which i belong. I dont prefer ***, and love getting handjob and blowjob, frottage and docking. mutual masturbation and foreplay. I thought verstop was name till now, as some of the guys calling themselves versatile often dont like ***. Guess I am a side.
Ever convinced anyone for sex by offering favors?
Dude. Prostitutes are not worst. None of them forced to have *** with u. Their clients wants ***. And they want money. That's the deal.
"Side" - Being side and beyond convention
as per my view me also like side most of the times bcos for anals its depend on the partners way of thinking in anals *** .
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
"Side" - Being side and beyond convention
I’m a side too
"Side" - Being side and beyond convention
I didn't know about this term. Good to know it. Till now I am a side . Few attempts at taking *** were too painful for me and I also feel that I should engage in *** intercourse only with someone who I feel is special for me.
"Side" - Being side and beyond convention
i'm SIDE too
"Side" - Being side and beyond convention
There are so many elements to our sexuality.. Its so beautiful.. I am a Side in as much as I don't like *** (giving or receiving) with ***.. but i love being fingered deep with partners fingers or a dildo or massager.. Now am i a confused Side :-)
"Side" - Being side and beyond convention
ooh.. its totally a new information for me.. never heard about it.. but yes, could see this meaning while googling.. good there is a work which denotes "no ***". Thanks for the info.
"Side" - Being side and beyond convention
Interesting. So what about someone who doesn't like penetration (giving or receiving) and also loves *** but doesn't like to be ***. But enjoys all other things like kissing and foreplay. Is their a term for that?
"Side" - Being side and beyond convention
Definition: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Side
"Side" - Being side and beyond convention
An old article for more insight on this term.

Link: https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.huffpost.com/us/entry/3082484/amp

"Side" - Being side and beyond convention
Yes, this terminology is very simple, instead narrating big explanation that I don't do or like nal ***, I used to say vers/top. But this "side" very apt terminology, will soon catch up as universal term
"Side" - Being side and beyond convention
These days it seems everyone wants to *** or get ***. Good to know this community exists.
"Side" - Being side and beyond convention
I was thinking it is called as soft core fun whereas hard core involves *** penetration but good to know that mew term 'Side'

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