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Nudists in India
I did it in sweeming pool my master caught me amd asked me to wear clothes hope vo mujhe kuch or krne ka bolta yaar
Nudists in India
Any groups in Delhi?
Lot of bareback sex these days ?
fully agree with Kharbottom that testing each other makes one feel confident and then enjoy more. It's always better to spend for your safety
Can friends have sex?
Nothing wrong in it. I hope every body hear might experienced few. My first *** experience was with my friend only. I was studying my diploma in cbe (PSG tech, 98-2001 batch). We were staying in hostel. My near by room my friend Joseph was staying.he is from tirunelveli.. We're straight initial days. On hostel day he was fully drunk and flat,he was sleeping in my room ( its a twin bed sharing) since in his room my friends were playing cards and boozing. I was not into booze that time and i was sleepy too. Its all started there. Sudenly in mid night he woke up and came into my bed and slept with me. I felt it was normal. After few mins he started touching my thighs, started his finger run over me. I got scared and ran to next room where other friends were there and told them ' i am scared coz he is behaving badly touching me n all'. They laughed and i slept in other room.
Next day he was pretending nothing happened. I thought he unknowingly did. But from that day something started experiencing someting different in sleep i feel his fingers running over my body and i started liking that. Next day i was feeling bad when ever i see him. i told myself no is not lke thatThe days went. One day again iunfortunately i need to sleep in his room. I was sleeping in the floor and Joseph was sleeping in low Rack in bunk bed. My other friend in above rack fell asleep. And Joseph it is cold in floor and come and sleep with him. It was winter time. So i also thought OK and i shared the bed with him. we both covered us with same blanket. After few mins his legs were on me and his legs fingers wes tying wit my leg fingers. that was the first time consciously enjoying the pleasure with my best friend.. His hands reached my shorts and stared squeezing my balls. I too responded and i un buckled his pant and directly holded his ***. First time. First time. My god thank you. That feeling no words. I started squeezing his *** and balls. Min after we both were naked. and hugging each other. Kissing and pressing each other *** with other *** and we cummed on each other. we Dont know what else to do fact. after that when ever we have chance we will be naked and *** nipples. Kissing and pressing each others *** and *** each other and ***. This was the routine.
One day we both were in internship and we stayed in hostel. Tat day in evening he said he saw some *** movie ( Alexandra) And in that a guy was trying to insert in *** n all and he asked me to sleep in his room. That day night as usual we started and he was trying to insert his *** in my hole. I got scared and worn my undies and told him we might contract some disease and he cummed on *** when my undies on. after that we didnt had chance for few months. One at we friends were watching *** movie. That was the first time i am watching a *** movie.the girl was holding boy *** in *** and stroking up and down. Omg. Be both were talking with our eyes and once our friends were asleep we both sneaked to other room and we removed our dress We lied down and he kissed my body and moved to my *** it was rock hard and he kissed my *** head and slowly *** my *** . his head was moving up and down. I was in different pleasurehe was done and it was my turn. I kissed him and when i reached his *** the pre *** was there and it was smelling like egg, i touched it with my tongue and it was nice. I licked all the present *** and started *** his *** head and soon i took his whole *** in my ***. *** him well and he pressed my head and we cummed each others body . We somehow lost touch. That time i dont know about *** and condoms. Top bottom. Etc. But we enjoyed every moments with each other.

If i would have know all *** types and how to do we would have enjoyed ***. So friend Dont worry. You r not alone here.

Joseph my friend if u r reading this if u r in ohmojo pls reply. To me. I will become proper CD for u and *** u raw and u can *** my *** nicely and i will drink your *** and u can *** me whole day
Nudists in India
Any nude gathering in chennai.. add me pls..
Nudists in India
i also love to be nude whenever possible. i have even sat in a garden in night completely nude. in my balcony stood nude. i would love to join a nude party in delhi.
Nudists in India
Also add me in the group
Can friends have sex?
I found a clip of some foreign movie... Which somehow goes well with the topic...
In the scene, it seems two straight college guys make their gay friend to such them in some garage type place... So erotic...

Thrill of having sex in open area
A guy I had known in Grindr i hired as QC for my company.. it was fun since we regularly had in my car during day times around Kengeri areas safe places park the car and he drinks me up all clean....he stayed alone i stayed alone but the joy of doing in open was awesome .... once in my scooter he sat in front where u keep legs and *** me in the dark on nice road
Nudists in India
Iam in
Life of a Bi
Even I am bi too I like both genders I had some physical relationship with bot guy and girl I fell *** like it's normal and it doesn't matter to me
Nudists in India
Bangalore nudist group is active. DM me to join
Lot of bareback sex these days ?
I like to *** *** without using the condoms but *** I want my partner to use condom while he *** me
Lot of bareback sex these days ?
If so desperate for bb then plan it ans spend some money...Get yourself and ur partner tested for HIV .
..HIV RNA Pcr tets is recommended..detects early infections.. cost around 5000/-..get STd panel tests...Cost around 3k...
If all r negative then enjoy fully take *** in *** *** wherever u want...
Lot of bareback sex these days ?
Pappubgirl...Don't u get scare of STD or HIV. I also want to do all these things from last 10 years but have been compromised with HJ , BJ with condom, nude sleep and nude bath. I also want to take test of *** and test of clean ***. But couldn't do till the date.

Can anyone advise what all sexual activity can be perform bareback which doesn't have chance of getting HIv or STD?
Lot of bareback sex these days ?
Feeling the hot *** of a guy in *** and thereafter being *** again in that lube is one of the best feel of bareback.Been 6 years in Bglre,always shared room with good top guys,who enjoyed cuming in my *** and ***.
Lot of bareback sex these days ?
@Arun - its not true, with the time & technology options have increased, people try exploring new cruising spots, new people of various dating apps & sites. Watching different categories of *** people have now different and weird fantasies.

Trust me some years back we had very limited options.
The way people are open now was not 10 years back.

I would request some 40+ member to put more light on my point.
Modeling Experience and Gay Sex
@Tista I got hard reading your experience
Modeling Experience and Gay Sex
@Tista V

Nice experience
Lot of bareback sex these days ?
I am looking for a trustworthy partner for bareback in Pune. I had done bareback in my college time with my hostel roommate. We were together for 2 years of our college. Then parted away due to jobs.
Lot of bareback sex these days ?
Barebacking was and is happening in the same amount...since technology has improved like cam phones, internet, you re seeing the videos... before times there are no opportunity to take such videos....in before times, ppl were not aware of condoms!!
So it's not new!
Thrill of having sex in open area
Way back in 2004 or so I had rode my bajaj pulser on M G Road in Bangalore (one of the busiest road of bangalore that time) in shortest possible shorts... The shorts were made by cutting an old jeans, in a way that even pockets were coming out and the join between legs (under the crotch) was hardly an inch wide... It was clearly falling under girls' Hot Pants category.
My legs were clean shaven that moment, and many eyes from nearby bikes and cars were ogling out on my smooth thighs.
Luckily it was about 8pm or so, and due to dark, not many people (including cops) noticed me...
One local, rowdy type guy, started following me and I started enjoying the attention I was getting.
Later I turned my bike towards commercial street side and stopped it much before that, where both sides we have army area.
The guy was still following me, so I went bit inside under the trees to pee... It was dark so I unbuttoned my shorts, opened the zip and started peeing.
In a minute he too came there... And without any pretext, he started feeling back of my thighs and when he noticed that my shorts are open, he inserted his hand inside and started pressing my butt cheeks... Soon my shorts were down to my knees... But before he could do anything, I saw one armyman coming out of the army gate... So I quickly buttoned my shorts and ran to my bike... It was electric start bike, so I zipped off on my bike swiftly before anyone could do anything.
Not sure what happened to that rowdy guy...
Life of a Bi
Bisexual means those who have equal attraction towards both male and female. They can satisfy both
I have same feeling to both and I enjoy both way of life
It's there own thinking
Thrill of having sex in open area
I have driven naked waist down more than 30 km in heavy traffic with my tracks pulled down below knees with buses , other xars and suvs goin past or even stopping at 2-3 signals ...not trying to look if anyone else is looking or not and was quite thrilling
Lot of bareback sex these days ?
yeah.. I too have noticed that and felt that BB is increased a lot now a days...
While doing bare would give such a great pleasure, people should also think of the safety and health too.. With dedicated trusted partners it might be suitable.. but the vids which are coming out doesnt look in such way. Wish people to be more careful and try avoid bare with multiple partners. Though prep might be available, i doubt if everyone trying bareback are using it. Also, prep is also a chemical by end of the day and would result in some or other health issues in future... why not enjoy the pleasure with enough safe.. than getting into trouble later....
Lot of bareback sex these days ?
I never did bareback in my life. Though wanna try it once with a trusted partner. Never met anyone till now.
Want to have that hot *** dripping out feeling.
Lot of bareback sex these days ?
having bare back with one partner is safe which i do these days with others strictly no , its for everyone's safety. have safe ***
Thrill of having sex in open area
I want to *** *** of agri guy somewhere outside
Thrill of having sex in open area
Open in the Agri field is quite nice
Modeling Experience and Gay Sex
I am a life art nude model and I pose naked in front of artists who wish to draw a man naked. I have a slender slim hairless dusky body which allows them to practice a lot of contours on my surface. It did happen at times that the senior artists desired to have me pose with another model nude. I did it. And there were times when the artists wanted me to pose erotic with another male model nude in an explicitly depiction of penetrative sexual act. It was hard for the other man to not move while his ***-head was up my boy-*** and the second man to not slide down his *** in my throat; it was a threesome sketch with me being the only bottom.

Anything for the art!

P.S.: Later all three of them feasted on me, and I became their permanent life model, ***-toy, ***-dump and fantasy role player.
Thrill of having sex in open area
I have *** so many *** out doors. In worn down mills, theatres, loos, bushes, in car, etc. My majority encounters have happened outdoors. Its just that u need to know the right place.
His Story - new gay themed web series
@Desidesirex, the series based in Mexico and not Spain, that is why it depicts issues with LGBT community.
Thrill of having sex in open area
Which metro stop u talking about?
His Story - new gay themed web series
@Notorious it's not ended yet new season yet to come . But don't know if Netflix cancel it before concludinng it

But sense 8 is also a good series having multiple gay couples. And *** sense are so hot. Must try it.
@boobi101 I didn't know it about legal status. But the way this series present it seem there are still issues.
Nudists in India
I am a nudist and naturist.
Modeling Experience and Gay Sex
Any models or actors for stuffs?
Life of a Bi
@fucccc.capri well said πŸ‘πŸ‘
Life of a Bi
Lots of mouths ....lots of opinions ...and lots of frustrated soul too

Lots of people hate here bisexual and few like to call them pure top .... now the thing is each one has their own weakness and liking and no one can compel you to do stuff which you dont prefer or like...trust me *** is not all enjoyable when your partner doesnt enjoy it with you...you wanna be rough?...take consent of you *** partner if he is ok willingly then it's ok....remember it's just *** ...for the sake of a *** you can't lose your self esteem , your dignity ... when I used to hook up I used to play Top but never have *** a ***...people use yo tell me so you are "pure Top"... I was like bhenchod pure kya hai?... quality check hai?... it's just that my preference in *** was that...I can kiss a guy like hell and chew off his lips...but whatever you do it should be mutual... none of the partner should be felt he or she has been used for *** or just to get a satisfaction ..... certain people like to get a boost of male ego by treating others as a inferior breed... their mentality has been set in such a way in this society while upbringing them...

And I pity for lots of guys here...who say they are bottom , they want to be treated as slaves , who feel they are Randi and born to be abused,even they enjoy filthy language about their wife , mom , sister .... bedroom *** talk in the moment of heat is different and totally giving up your self respect is different we all have got kink in ourselves but a line has to been drawn between being used and enjoying together ...

And trust me labels are not that important it is just to identify what you enjoy ...it is no award you are getting and there is no shame in admitting it... arey bhai hai toh hai jo pasand hai woh hai...be comfortable in your own skin and once again

Any hot Insta celebs known to offer paid services?
Surjit Sahu is also very hot
Thrill of having sex in open area
I meet in train many time and enjoy in train toilet in metro stop toilet also i had enjoy
Wannabe tops
You expect that so called straight people should kiss a bottom or not to have ***.
Many parents who are having a gay child, they expect to be a straight people, get married, have kids and live a normal life
No one is going to work others way
Let people live the way they want!!
Wannabe tops
Whether they like lgbt community or they hate
It's their concern
You can't change their mind or thinking

I personally respect transgender community
Have few friends as well, some people will respect them as we are belongs from LGBTQ we accept everyone.
Those hole seekers hate everyone, even their parents in day but in night they need ***
If you want to have *** have with them, if you don't ignore them.
If there's a person named XYZ wants to *** that hole seeker and get *** or used without even kissing
That's their concern, who the hell are we to interfere?

Let them do whatever they want, just mind our own matter.
Hole seeker is happy, the one who is getting used he's happy too, what's wrong with you ?
No one will live the way you want, even if you are God!
Their life , their choice
His Story - new gay themed web series
It's a poorly written series, hated the ending. The only character that seemed sensible was the female lead.
If its wrong zsr circumcision, better reach to the doctor as quick as possible and immediate. Have seen cases getting more and more complicated to threat of life as well...
Thrill of having sex in open area
I *** while in train.. there was a passenger train which was fully empty.. except for one uncle.. so i approched him and gave signals shown my butt and finally in running trian i ***..
Wannabe tops
Just to add, this is not at all about how one like ***, it’s completely personal choice and preference. Master, slave, degrading, rough, brutal, BDSM, with fetishes, romantic, soft or harcore, humiliation etc. anything, that is upto person to person. All I am ranting is about those who do not respect the LGBTQ community. These are the guys who do not respect individuals, which i would like to add, have no self respect as well. There are many imposter in the community who could not find a chick for a night or wife refuses to ***, and then they get out of the houses to find bottom *** to bang with disrespectful manner. And even in that they carry their male egoistic demands, and that is really annoying, like I am top, i dont ***, but you should *** me, just for an example. Man you are not a "TOP", in fact you re not even bi sexual, you are just a lusty *** looking for hole and your regular *** is unavailable. These are the same people who don't want to spend money on escorts or prostitutes. They are looking for free of cost hole to dump their load.

So its not about the bottom or tops or those who switch, or how they treat or how dominating they are, its a personal choice and consents, as every individual know how to say No. But the regular heterosexual who are taking advantage of term TOP and using community members for their pleasure.
Wrong zsr means if the surgery went wrong ..

If it is not what u have expected... About this..!
Wannabe tops
@Rahul_Mumbai93 thaks for your comment dr. We sissy bottoms are always have our self respect. But when we are into master slave we will turn into maids or even dogs our only intention is to please master.. do whatever he asks.. rimming *** lucking anything..
Wannabe tops
I've met few slaves from Mumbai who are ready to serve me the way I want, they don't even expect me to kiss, like they just want to get used by men.
Half of them having a fantasy of getting used, being a slave and serve top, few like to get groped n being touched, get *** hard by top men
It's their choice, they are tired of normal *** as they say before session,they have their own choice.
I treat people with respect even to my slaves, for a fantasy we do many things like bdsm, dirty, humiliation n many
N post session we have lunch or a coffee together and we both are satisfied.
It's just about mutual fun.
No offense against anyone just to clear the heat which is going on in above posts.
Recently I've got many messages from btms about they want to explore kinks n bdsm also dom sub roleplays, that doesn't mean tops will hurt bottoms, it's about a little pain which gives a pleasure in hardcore ***
Tops n bottoms knows what pain I'm talking about the one who like hardcore. This type of pain many guys like so they come into this to explore and get satisfied fully.
It's not about degrading but just about mutual satisfaction.
Wannabe tops
Hii guys I am btm guy loves be a slave to nice *** love to *** for hrs plzzz use me I can do as u say abhhhh

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