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Thrill of having sex in open area
In the 80's and 90's Azad Maidan and the Oval were the popular gay meeting spots in south mumbai. Did it there on many occasions with navy guys as well as paid boys who frequented the place. Met, had fun and went our separate ways. Great time
Thrill of having sex in open area
Tried outdoor *** few times but never got caught ,though sometimes random strangers did startled me and chill ran down my spine but tha kfully nothing disastrous ever happend.
Thrill of having sex in open area
Usually near tech parks many pg construction work going on.so one day i was walking from office and saw a under-construction pg wanted to try my luck .A young boy who is working in that place goty attention.He was standing at first floor.I started to rub my tool on pant and he noticed and told to his co-worker something and came down.then he started walking towards secluded place where no crowd is there.
I followed him and we both entered a abandoned building after bushy area.we made sure no body is watching and lowered our pants to play with each other tools.then had a wonderful bj and i leaked after 10 min.

Wonderful experience with construction boy and i hope will get like one soon.
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
I am 38 top Ahmedabad looking for old daddies

Dm me if anyone from ahmedabad
Thrill of having sex in open area
Oh what a thrilling experience
Guys keeps sharing
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
Hello. I am a Mumbai based 45 hairy *** chubby daddy. Am educated, well spoken and am looking for young, educated men under 30. Looking for smooth slim guys. Any other daddies wanna try a 3some?
Thrill of having sex in open area
I have *** a *** in an open area, while my pants were below my knees...kissed the guy too.....

I have also *** my ex gf under open night sky
Thrill of having sex in open area
I have *** in a moving buss, inside bushes, inside cars, in movie theatres, in a fort, in a train.
Gay Confessions
omg.. that extreme doctor.. :)) never do that.. :)
Gay Confessions
a real confess : I badly fell in love with a straight guy, tried seducing didnt work. approached tantrik baba... saw some good changes but mission still failed even after paying lumpsome money...
Gay Confessions
I got groped while sleeping by my uncle..he rubbed my *** and jerked it off i couldn't say anything just acted like i m sleeping but he know that I didn't sleep..
Monogamous relationship
Need safe genuine guy to me...online relationship could also wrk..
Travel Explorers and Cruising
Anybody gng frm howrah to Vijayawada or Chennai or Hyderabad???
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
I feel really turned on by flight stewards... Most r dam hot and i have heard r gays to pilots ...
I once met a gay flight steward at Delhi airport . Had fun in his room close to d airport...
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
I am 55. Daddies in mysore area DM me to chat and be of support to each other as we grapple with similar issues. And young ones from Mysore area looking for daddy DM to explore further
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
I like to be a top daddy for a bottom baby, but no cross dressers and campy men. Open for Mumbai and Hyderabad! Please ping me :)
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
looking for top daddies from hyd!!! love to give long sucks!
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
Love older daddies..... They are the best
Gay Vacationing in India
I'm on sabbatical leave. Looking forward to stay with like minded partner from any City, around India. Expenses WILL be on sharing basis.
Erectile dysfunction
Or super manforce 20 or stay long manforce
Erectile dysfunction
Suhagra 100 or vigora 100
Lot of bareback sex these days ?
avoid gay encounters in public places.
Find a partner and stick to them and stay loyal.

Things are not good.
Lot of bareback sex these days ?
you never know what the other person have... even that person might not know that he's infected with std's as many lay dormant for years before killing you. There are many dangerous ones and ugly ones that you can't get rid off once you contact it. Stay safe guys
Earlier HIV is called as gay cancer as majority of patients are gays and now this monkeypox is treated as one too
Gays have very promiscuous lifestyle which make us vulnerable to many diseases... it'll further fortify the stigma that being gay is bad
Use condoms even with trusted partners. It's safe for you and the community
Erectile dysfunction
Daily do kegels excercise
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
Daddyrunner, what an experience! Truly thrilling, at flights when I travel alone, I never feel ashamed to catch glimpse of their bums everytime they walk by, your story is very encouraging to go beyond that
Erectile dysfunction
Pls suggest any medicine for getting hard *** and delay discharge. Pls no lengthy discussion.my age 67
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
another story frm 2009 or so..
flight raipur-delhi jet airways. took off frm raipur late evening.

a twinky kind of attendant was there. my gaydar twitched. tried to exchange looks but he was not responding.

meal was served. finally i wrote my mobile no and seat no on a tissue and kept it under the tray. they collected the trays back and he didnt pick up d tissue. i was quite heart broken

then the lights were dimmed. i decided to take a nap.i kept my book on the foldable table, with little hope kept the tissue tucked inside the book.

after few minutes felt a light touch on shoulder, by the time i opened my eyes the tissue was gone :)

landed at delhi, while getting out of the flight he was not stading at my exit to say good bye. so couldn't get more signals.

disheartened took a prepaid cab to my hotel. 10 minutes in d cab and my mobile rang. it was he
luckily he was staying in d vicinity of my hotel. we caught up late at night and had a rocking session.
he was just 22 23 y/o guy originally frm lucknow.

that was one of the most u forgettable experiences i evet had
Cockpit crew and Indian Pilots
this story goes back to 2006 or so
i was travelling patna to kolkata in sahara flight,
it wasa small , propeller flight,
where the cabin crew and first row passanger sit facing each other. tbere was an attendent, who i could make out was frm community. we exchanged looks and all while take off he sat just in front of me , facing me and we started small talks

flight was reaching kol at night, and i was to take morning flight to mumbai.m6 hotel was inside city area
so i cribbed to him about how less sleep i will get that night.
to which he offered that i can come to his place, as he stays very near to airport.

hesuggested this more than once.

i was too shy/timid to accept that offer. :(

finally you repent only the chances you have not taken.
Lot of bareback sex these days ?
I do bareback only with my 3-4 known persons...which i know they r family men and not meet usually to others....otherwise i do with condoms only
Online vs Offline Cruising (All City & town)
True @smileguy
Online vs Offline Cruising (All City & town)
To be honest, offline is far better because of two things, firstly, it gives real identity, many times the person looks different than his pics and generally people keep fancy pics in case of online. Secondly, its less time consuming because you can ask whatever you want and get reply on the spot. If you like then proceed or reject on the spot.
Online vs Offline Cruising (All City & town)
Hard to decide. Because both are Risky these days for sure. Earlier online was better since not many people ( non gay/bi) did not know much abt gay cruising sites. Now many straight guys started blackmailing and looting by creating fake profiles.

Offline was always risky. Cops + goons. However offline is the one which always pulls me towrds it. Thrill of cruising. I hardly get any guys to be true while cruising. May be because i run away many times but still its the best experience
Online vs Offline Cruising (All City & town)
I like offline as there is no waiting and fake photos
If you like guy then proceed or else wait for someone else.its simple.
Online vs Offline Cruising (All City & town)
both have pro/con, i was once robbed by a syndicate operating @ churchgate, Bombay and there is no guarantee the online guy would be real and will not be a timewaster.

I have had good experiences while travelling by train/bus or even in libraries back in India. Those were safer and the build up towards it is very sexciting
Online vs Offline Cruising (All City & town)
online is better anytime as one can take his time to research the potential date,
phone no - true caller - name - insta profile/FB profile is usual path.
you atleast have an idea with whom you are dealing with
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
I always have crush on older men
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
All I can say is daddies are best 45 50 plus age or more I don't mind

Well behaved and matured in bed know how to treat his bottom partner, they are patient and wild ( depend on person to person)
Know how to make love.

If they have silver hairs on chest that turns me on the most I don't know why.
I have been with a daddy once and since the I'm in love with daddies.

I wish I could have a mature person in my life with whim I can have long term relationship.

If any daddy is interested let me know I'm open to have a relationship with a daddy
Do you feel insecure because your dick size? I do.
If u have good stamina, *** size doesn't matter. It is experienced by me, those who have 6 inch cummed after 3 to 5 minutes and having 3 inches *** guys, enjoying 15 to 45 minutes. I enjoyed with like guys. So dont feel insecure.
Do you feel insecure because your dick size? I do.
In my view *** size is only depends upon the family Genes only no need to depress feel happy for what you have ...
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
Two incidents i liked to share
1) i have been new year farmhouse party in Mumbai, its famous as *** party.
I was *** a guy on open air, one nephew watching us, i stop *** without discharge bcoz i have to enjoy more, that watcher nephew came to me, touch my tool, i said wanna ***, he said its not clean, i said i used condom, then started ***, i ask him, is ur first *** with uncle or teacher? He whishpered in my ears, no with my daddy, i said really, he said yes..
2)i meet a northeast guy in planet romeo,
He completely obsesed on his dad, in his childhood he saw his dad in naked, from then he bcom obsessed on his daddy..
Later we chat over phone, he share all his feelings towards his, lastly he said u r the only who listen my feelings. I try to console him, but i understand its difficult to console him over phone. I lost his touch.
Dude i am criticizing any1.
Some incidents in our is pre written good or bad
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
Thanks guys/nephews
I am 60yrs old
Last 15years doing dating with young guys those r obsessed with uncles.
They shared their feelings, secrets with me.
Those are non cities nephews, in their early age they feel they are in this world..
They really love to share with their childhood memories.
I ask them why they like matures, 98% nephews said matures are caring.
Some nephews are used say while ***, oh daddy *** me😃
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
Ya this is a reAl thing and not that uncommon. Many think this is just about young guys being with mature guys to feel the kindness,protection ,caring ,etc
But there are many things that influences this, lot of it is psychological.
Many younger guys only seek older guys to hook up with.
There's a diff between calling your partner daddy and just hooking up with older guys only.
This doesn't only apply to younger guys. Mature guys also have some daddy issues . This might seem uncommon to many but this exists.
Once I met a guy, he was 38yo he couldn't get hard and while discussing he did say he had daddy issues and his dad was dead and he explained his issues, so we chatted a bit more about that and I designed a session particularly for him. He booked a room and had bought a pair of his dad's old shoes and very old blazer,a belt,shirts,underwear,that belonged to his dad.
So I wore the blazer and shoes even though those were small size and I made him blindfolded.I made his hands run through the pockets and stitches of the blazer while I had stuffed his dad's old underwear in his *** , it was so sensual for him that just with this I could see his *** get a little hard , I removed the undies from his *** and made him lick his dad's shoes which I wore , he just said yes daddy and he did that politely and I tied his hands and legs to the bed and I started hitting his *** hard with his dad's belt , all this while his face was covered with his dad's old shirts to give his dad's feel.he screamed daddy daddy daddy the whole time , his *** was rock hard during this .
He was so surprised that his *** had got hard after 5 years , he had tried medication and exercise it didn't work,doctors even had said to him that it was a physiological problem but during this session it stood up.
I didn't stop there we had a perfect bdsm session and ride him a bit too hard to be honest.I made him *** at least 8 times.at the last states there was no him just water coming out lol.But he was so relaxed and happy .he even offered me a large sum of money but I flatly rejected(most might not believe but this happens in reAl life) more over he wasn't a paypig but just a slave.
We met up after that a few times and I did receive some gifts .he said after this session he used to wear some of his father's clothes while having *** with his wife which was not possible before the session as he couldn't get hard.
This is just one reAl life example which prove daddy issues do exist and not only in younger guys.
And to the older guys looking for younger partners be careful while meeting others, this goes to both the age groups so please think with your mind and with ur *** plz
Do you feel insecure because your dick size? I do.
Personally size doesn't matter. Its all about how you use it properly.
Lot of bareback sex these days ?
@Kandivali Lad - https://www.teenhealthcare.org/blog/you-asked-it-how-do-i-have-safe-***-as-a-gay-guy/

This might help or you might check YouTube. There are tons of good educational videos.

It is a big topic. However to put it very briefly, it is to protect you from sexually transmitted infections like HIV (later on becomes AIDS), syphilis etc. There are lots of them.
Lot of bareback sex these days ?
I m a bi, gf k saath to protection use karna padta hai, to avoid preg issues... Why to use for gay ***?
Lot of bareback sex these days ?
Not only that, i have seen that even very sensible people in the heat of the moment, agree to *** bareback.
Moreover this whole high fun crap is really making a mess for everyone. Two friends of mine , who are professionally very successful and highly educated, have struggled with this issue in past and still have to deal with craving during those weak moments.
Based on my discussion with them, condom is the last thing you are bothered about when you are *** after being high on drugs like MD.
Thankfully they were able to get out of it early and took required professional help. Not everyone is as lucky and as financially equiped.
Another thing i have heard is that, many time people who are addicted to MD and can't afford to buy it, act like recruiting agent for the peddler. Even the peddler if they see that someone is financially well off would give the first few doses either very cheap or free, just to get the person hooked on to it.

It is really crazy *** which is happening these days. Instead of judging and shaming someone, we can equip ourselves with right information and proceed with caution. Help ourselves and help our friends by providing support they would need, while dealing with addiction issues.
Do you feel insecure because your dick size? I do.
Yes upward curvy *** can make you *** when you’re humped….tooo satisfying
Lot of bareback sex these days ?
Most of the pics I see here have bareback riding , no protection in those pics. Don't know why those guys are risking their lives for just an hour of fun.
Guys do use protection during *** .just plainly reject those guys who ask for bareback and don't be tempted .
Do you feel insecure because your dick size? I do.
@vikky - a curved *** is my favourite. It reaches my prostrate and I *** without touching myself while you're inside me !
Let's talk about rejections.
It happens often in Grinder

Because of my slim body many rejects.. At the same time many get mad over my slim hairless body..initially ot eaa hurting when someone rejects me... Now I understood it depends in person to person..now I dont care if someone blocks me.there are many people who loves me😁

After getting hurt I never blocked if I dont like someone.. In a sodt manner I refuses and move on

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