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Gay Vacationing in India
Yes sonusharma...u are blazing hot....
Gay Vacationing in India
Anyone up for me?
Mental Health - Depression - Procrastination
I wish you were in Mumbai
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
Any such place in Mumbai
Gay Bathhouse/ video parlors / gay resort in India
List down your experiences of any spa in various cities in India.
Mental Health - Depression - Procrastination
Hello, I'm a Queer Affirmative Therapist/Counselor for the LGBTQ+ people. Reach me out for therapy sessions.

I understand that mental health is crucial to all in day to day lives, any compromise can affect one's physical and psychological health adversely.
Drug addiction in gay life
Thanks you to all my good wishers...
for your good advises...

I am not going to try

Yes Say and stay away from drugs
Drug addiction in gay life
Please Say NO to chemicals and other unnatural highs....momentary pleasure yes but brings along long term sufferings.. say no to drugs
Mental Health - Depression - Procrastination
@nikhilsingh n others

The resolution to our depression is within ourselves. From my personal experience, I think we should accept ourselves first and be proud irrespective of the shortcomings/weaknesses which are largely not in our control. There are several humans with physical deformities and yet lot of them excel in life. The devil is within our minds and get negativity build up to the brink and get shattered.

Instead believe in yourself and work on turning your weaknesses into strengths. The moment you look at yourself differently, the world will follow suit.

I was also bullied, teased, provoked, failed, demotivated etc leading to severe depression, however now I believe I am the best...Learn to ignore what's not needed for you and you will end up being the most wanted :p
Gay Vacationing in India
I am planning for Nepal any bottom interested can join
Mental Health - Depression - Procrastination
@nikhilsingh, a big thumbs up to your brother and parents for being what they have been towards you!
Paid services
I booked a guy from g69 spa. He sent me 5 photos. All were decent guy. I choose one. He came at my home. He was more smarte, handsome then photo. He gave really good service,because at home we were relax. there was no frear like spa. we enjoyed three time in one hour. we took bath also together and enjoyed. It is better then spa.
Mental Health - Depression - Procrastination
I too have seen such moments wherein you have to be physically strong and look bulky or atleast as fit as others of your age to be called a man. Otherwise you are just weak, feminine and not fit to be in a man's class.
And masculinity is badly decided by the kind of rudeness, toughness and brutality you show off the world rather than your compassion and gratitude towards the world.
For the world we are living in, you can't be a man and be soft. You can't be a man and not live cricket, football or any major sports that other men does(boys may be).
It's already pre definitive,that a man is strict, is hard and he looks that way.
People even call off the hygiene and neatness as feminine. Man doesn't care about his beauty. He shouldn't worry about his looks at all, because he is a man and he is wanted however he is.
A man is only man if he is able to satisfy a woman and give ger kids. He has to control the feminine class and he should be the boss of it
He had to overpower the things and people around him to be called a man.
And if we are not doing anything they expect us to do,
They we are all chakkas or third gender or someone who isn't a man or a woman or not even useful to the society anymore.
The world is Cruel enough.
We must know the game at all the times to be able to turn the tables around and live a life that doesn't have anything to do with what they say!!
Paid services
The most important point is the transparency. In any conversation on gay dating site or App, the first assumption people make is for mutual fun without any payment. Hence, it is very important for the person who are paid to disclose the fact that they are paid at very early stage preferably in the first chat itself. I have seen people who upfront write in their intro itself that they are paid. Its honest thing and its their choice. Period. Even some people write that they are not interested in paid guys which is equally good thing.

The conflict arises when transparency is missing. Two people start chatting and at 4th and 5th conversation one guy says he is paid. That may put off other person.

So the moral of the story is be transparent in the beginning itself. Here also some one has nickname @Teen_Top_Paid which amply makes it clear about his preference and hence the person who contact him should be clear that he is paid. So if you are not into paid, stay away and let other live their own preferences. Do not be judgmental.

In ancient India, water was free. People used to put Pots for the people to drink water. Such things were there just 10-15 years back in Mumbai also. Some one may think charging for water is bad but there is wholesome business of packaged bottle.
Mental Health - Depression - Procrastination
And as u said u r into ur ealry thirties...then it means u have just started it...and long to go...don't think much about past... everyday is a new start..!! Enjoy it !
Mental Health - Depression - Procrastination
@Nihalsingh, i can see me in each of the words you wrote. Some way or the other we show ours skills and people start addressing them as feminine. But there are only two ways to handle thing, you go in your shell, cut from the world and feel like a victim. Other way is face it, accept it and move forward, whatever someone thinks about you, this is a responsible mindset. This path is a bit tough and we have many odd, so be it. You /me/we are unique and God had given us many qualities and skills and the way we see things is different. Let's not question god's creation, any unpleasant comment or gesture should make you more strong.
We have to face the world, we are in this era where there is so much awareness and acceptance. Try and stay with yourself, love yourself and do what you want to do.
This is not easy, trust me we all are struggling in our own ways to work it out. Find your ways and keep moving with positivity.
You are a beautiful soul and worry only about who matters to you like your parents/siblings.
Have a few friends may be someone from this community with whom you can share your feelings freely and spend some quality time.
Warm tight hug from me.
Take care and stay blessed.
Few of
Mental Health - Depression - Procrastination
@nikhilsingh... If i may suggest, love yourself most, than anybody else..do what you feels like to do, without being having a thought what other will say.. because if you don't express still someone is there to say say something about you..or judges u....
I must say don't keep hard goals..keep / set very small and tiny gaol for a day and achieve it. And may it be another goal for another day......that it should be one which you like most and which will make you feels it's something done in regards to love for urself... Be Happy..be. Jolly and be independent and be beautiful and most importantly love urself..like you want someone to love you ....be your own someone...keep it simple and live Life courageously.... living alone is pleasure when no sadness/ no boredom is around, and only our love for ourself with happy mindset their in ur life....My life My rule...if if you want to battle ...*** any fear inside you....and u will notice outside hatred world will get fear from you....try to.be better version of yourself eachday... ... promise yourself that u will take care of your own self... protect your feelings... enjoy life's each moment and day...and
Mental Health - Depression - Procrastination
@NIKHILSINGH May I give you a tight tight hug, pal? And also let me tell you that you are in no way inferior to anybody else around you. You are God's unique creation. You are very special, if not to anyone else, atleast to your own self. So, *** the rest of the world. Rise up, not for the world, not for the fellow gays, but for your ownself. This world is beautiful, and you have all the right to cherish it, just like everyone else.
Paid services
I guess it all depends on how welcoming and open we are.
We just use free speech and anonymity to abuse people rather allowing ourselves to explore.
It's not I am suggesting you to go for paid.
But there is a way you talk to people even when you are spending money or not.
We must have our grounds firm. We hate people for not letting is in with them because they are not available for us.
Why can't we just let go?
We wish people to have fun with us, we imagine doing with them, and when they say, they are paid, we despair. All of sudden our intrests, love and lust and the desire will fall apart and we start taking the negative side.
Rather we could just feel sorry and let them go if we are not interested.
None is forcing you except you over expectation that everyone who is on gay dating site will be over to sleep with you.
Accept it , you are not everyone's choice and neither they are.
Do not despair at any point of time.
Drug addiction in gay life
Hey what is poppers ? Why it's use for
Is it habited and harm for.body ?
Mental Health - Depression - Procrastination
From early childhood, i was , what people call "feminine". He walks like a girl, see his reaction to surprise is very girlish, he like TV seriels, he run like a girl, chakka, etc was almost everyday thing.
All this time, all i could do is ignore these things. With passing time I want to be invisible rather than hear these things. Did not have anyone to talk about it. Left school. Stop all the contact with friends from school. Left college stopped all the contact with friends from college.
Maybe I had inner guilt of being different and the best thing I thought for me was to move away from anyone who are/were aware what I was called.

Got a job post college resulting in financial independence. This gave me more independence to be away from people. First time started living independently.
Started to stay away from people in office. Just dont want them to call me or think of me as different.

But with dwindling confidance, I started getting locked up in my room. On holidays / long weekends for days, i wont come out of my room. The only thing I would do is go out to office and get back home.
With time I increased my weight,body becoming very inflexiable and hair started getting greyer.

joint a gym , did for few days, but stoped going due to inferior complextion in me.

Pendamic hit, got locked up in home for 2 years. Went to my hometown. This was a blessing and made me relise how important by parents/brother are to me.
I never thought, but it is very unlikely that they never heard or observed about what people call "feminine" about me. But never - never they said anything to me.
There were time in my cutting-people-out plase, where my call/visit at home was very limited. But now there is thing new found respect.

Saying all that, i dont think I have or will have the courage to come out to them. But God, I wish I could.

Now back to place of work, again alone. Again thinking of stepping out of the room I am staying at. Again thinking of joining gym, again imagining if I could look like those greasy athelete, or dance like Hritik.
And again, not doing anything about it. But hope I will get the courage to go out and do things, without thinking what other think or say about me.
Hope I get courage to be out there rather than being stuck and invisible.

At my early thirties now, and yet I am not giving up ( though not doing anything) ......well atleast not yet.....there are still many waters to taste .....many skys to see.....many things to eat.....
Paid services
Some paid guys are very professional and they are worth for enjoyment. Its always better to have safe play with them
they even provide full satisfactory services
Drug addiction in gay life
J6 5inch don't try. Many cases starts with small and become uncontrollable
Paid services
Yes i am agree with @karanthakkar
Paid services
Any daddy/ older guys who want to get paid services?
Paid services
@ karanthakkar

Yes Paid guys don't do Navtanki....
Erectile dysfunction
Also check with doctor if you have uncontrolled diabetis. Diabetis caused erectile dysfunction is a thing. Diabetis is attacking everyone irrespective of age.
Paid services
Few are talking about 'LOVE' ... Seriously??
What percent of gay meets another gay for love. It's more of ***. If it was for love, you would have not dated the other guy in your life.
About paid ***, O have met both types, paid and unpaid.
What i realised, unpaid guys are with too much fuss, they do too much of nakhra, Aisa nahi karenge, waisa nahi karenge, mujhe aisa hi pasand he, mujhe aisa nahi pasand he. Whereas paid guy will do all that you say.
This is my personal experience, no intention to offend anyone.
Paid services
Paid service doesn't give any satisfaction. No exchange of love involved. I only had once and it's not at all interesting. For them, isex is routine and boring exercise.
Kinky Fiction Story
Hello everyone ,
Well this is not a fictional story neither a promotional story.
I happened to encounter this really amazing kinks in my lifetime with some really good people.
So this happened a week ago. I was to meet a guy ,he is from pune. We have exchanged all the information and what should be key takeaways from the meet.
And both were excited to meet.
He paid my traveling charges in advance and I went to his place. Well that's not his home. I was bit scared too.as it looked too good to real. It's a fancy hotel which I never been to. I generally met people at normal restaurants and hotels which are medium level. This is the first time.
I made him wait outside and I checked for cameras and all.but the room was safe and told him.there is no risk.
He is kinda business person I guess we didn't exchange much personal information.
So we were talking more and more , now things started changing,
We talked about having bdsm session , but this guys is really not much into that. And he just told me, you been sweating a lot because of travel, let me help you taking off the clothes and let's get freshen up . I was in whole surprise and disguise because I thought I got a pretty decent slave but .... He isn't into it.
I lost interest in him but now this man's started his game.
His real fetish and kinks are only sweat and armpits.
He's never done it before and but he badly wanted it so he lied to me to be wanting to be a submissive rather than saying sweat fetish. As he thought I wouldn't just meet for that.
I wasn't convinced, he started to make me feel better by saying don't worry all the things would be same, i will pay you the same. But we will not do much punishment and physical pains.
Just workout and sweat, let me dwell in your dripping sweat. Don't stop me, enjoy my sweat fetishes.
Then I sent him out to buy some fruits and ice creams, chocolate.
And I started to workout (i do home workout). So continued core excercises and was sweating a lot by the time he came back and rang the bell.
I opened the door, but by this time the room was full of my musky aroma and is heated as I switched of ac and all the fans.
Windows were shut.
This guy was on high seeing all these
The red bed lights are the only things that's making it more sensual. He came in , he locked the door. He is enjoying the musky smell, he came near and whispered in my ear " thanks sir", I laughed back.
He came near my neck, licked of all the sweat just in snap, and then went to my armpits, he couldn't get enough of them. I don't use perfumes for underarms, I use rosewater as they are quite natural and less harmful and they make my pits smell good and taste too.
He sniffed both pits for 15 mins. He continuously thanked me.
Then he licked it off all the way down to my waist.
He licked my back, it was such a tickling feeling. I wasn't even in my senses, i was floating down the river.
He started sniffing my underwear and licked all over my thighs,pubes and perineum and he didn't stop it at all until he made sure , there no drop of sweat on my body.

There is even more but will share later .

This is the first time ever I didn't get any blowjob,rimjob and no penetration but at the end of the session both were absolutely happy and we slept naked for the rest of the day.
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
My mom's mama (my grandpa in a way) had this crazy habit of providing bathe to us kids.... it was in my teens, at 15, when I'd visited his home, a nice lofty villa, over the weekend that he personally took me to shower and bathed me with gentleness and love - something that I couldn't identify correctly until a few years back. While he didn't cross any boundaries directly, his insistence on cleaning me is now as clear as daylight, he was quite curious to see me naked and spread his warmth over me, in the well placed guise of helping me in the shower.... :) He passed away last year, and I couldn't forget how gentle he was when he fondled me and that's something I will reminisce for the rest of my lifetime.... :)
Kinky Fiction Story
Hi Shan saha, check out nifty.org. You will get hundreds of kinky *** stories. It is awesome.
Kinky Fiction Story
Like to read kinky *** stories
Looking for bdsm stories
Drug addiction in gay life
It means hair fall 🤦😂
Paid services
It depends upon situations. I was in Indonesia few years back and tried paid service. I hired three guys...all versatile. One of them had a curved thick ***...really big. I enjoyed with them fully...***.. getting ***..***...rimmed ..mutual *** ...etc. It was a real fun and enjoyment. My experience was OK for paid service
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
As long as things happens beyond the age of 18, there nothing to fret about.
Erectile dysfunction
@SHANTANUnu did any doctor pressibed u? if so try. but alwys try with min 5 mg.. its much better thee viagra.. but in any case. dont use these type of med often. it will make u habitual and also have long term side effects... also try natural ways of curing it.. lifestyle change, sleep, exericise all is imp.. try homeopthy instead whihc is much safer
Gay Vacationing in India
I am planning a solo trip to Jaipur this month. Would like to have your help in planning my itinerary for touring the city. Places to visit and the foods to try. Would be grateful if anyone can spare some time to help me in this.
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
I dont like spoiling youngster
Drug addiction in gay life
I'm a gay but I donno what is HF?!! What's the full form of HF? 🤔
Paid services
I want to get into giving paid services. But I love giving blowjobs. Being paid to *** a guy and drink his *** will give me that extra feeling of being a whore. I want that feeling. And earning a little this way compensates for traveling etc expenses also. Passion in *** is most important. The payment part doesn't spoil the fun if the *** sucker is passionate about ***.
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
In my case i was may be in class 5th when in some marriage function I had encounter with my chacha... In UP in farms there are tubewell for irrigation purpose so we used to bath so i went there with parents for function.. Then I remember I was bathing nude with him. And he also did same . I remember coz I said chachu shame shame lol.. Well thn we bath he used to giv me bath many times I visitd his place slowly slowly I got puberty I started knowing things in school but chacha used to do with me.. Body play most of all... I remember I said this to chachi and she ignored it.. Later in 11-12 I met one classmate wheere he made me wear his sister clothes and we had fun.. That day I realised that awesome feeling of wearing cloth which I used to miss with chacha ... Next time I had with chacha I wore chachi clothes for him and from that day onwards we started doing fun.. Bt still no ***.. Thn on pr I met one man who became my mentor.. He *** me first time.. That night I orgasmed multiple times in his 4 -5 fucks with one of his lady friend.. And thn I explordd the world.. And with chacha also.. And learned mature are good for me
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
Hi friends,
Being a mature person, each and everyday, i get knocked from all nephews in gr and blued, most of the pings from long distance, u. P, bihar, assam, odisha, even Bangladesh.
I used to ask them why they like matures,
Most of stories is that their first experience with their dad's friends
Erectile dysfunction
Can anyone tell me about the side effects about Megalis 20
Capsule, i heard its better than other viagra
Drug addiction in gay life
I hate people asking for stuffs and high fun
I always stay away from those bitches
Paid services
Of course nothing is for free I do charge for a date or ***
Drug addiction in gay life
Am getting more quarries on HF as soon we telling we not into HF people will block us and more over they treat u like aliens
Paid services
i m from jaipur & never used paid service & never ask for it. *** should be freely available. bottoming without money gives a insane satisfaction. wanna try with multiple tops this time 😜 sometimes i observe people demand for paid bottom don't know why.
Paid services
I am from Kolkata. Visit my profile and contact if interested. I never ask for payment though if you like you may tip me anything.

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