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Can friends have sex?
Oh i was introduced to this fun world by my school friend only. We started with rubbing each other to bj *** swapping to golden shower. He was way bolder than me and had many partners both in school and college
Are Cruising spots slowly dying?
I am from Delhi/NCR. I used to visit Yamuna banks and lake sides in Delhi in the year 2021 during summers and used to find a lot of guys just sitting under the trees. People were relaxed and used to be carefree. I am not confident sexually, but I was able to at least talk to them. However, I noticed something wrong in the year 2022 as the number of people visiting such places started reducing. On this website, the cruising places that are mentioned had been guarded in 2022. Recently, in the year 2023, at one such place, I was trying to go to the banks of Yamuna but was stopped by the guard and asked about my intentions. Ofcourse, I said I wish to go by the river side, but then he said that there is no need to roam about this area. He said that police has said not to allow anyone to go there.

To top the anxiety, gay dating apps are already futile. All I see in the coming future is mental stress for people like us who will not have any safe cruising places. The reason of all places dying are construction in the name of development and active patrol by suspicious police. India has become a police state for certain.
Missed Opportunities
I travelled to hyd for work yesterday
Today there in a food festival and music with in the IT campus
My collegues took me there
There was a very nice looking guy of my preference he also started looking ar me
But bcos my collegues were there
I cudnt proceed further
Dude if u r here pls ping me
Expats in India - How do you have fun in India?
any expats around Delhi/NCR for NSA Fun? Kindly inbox
Hotel Recommendations for Visitors : Major Cities
I have tried Hotel Alka in Thane....very close to the station and good privacy. They accept local IDs as well.
Hotel Recommendations for Visitors : Major Cities
There are good hotels in Amritsar near crystal chowk. If you are solo traveller you can find the people on Fb, Insta, Grindr. Not an issue for local ID.

Also hotel parkway deluxe was good just nearby to New Delhi railway station. Not a problem. Staff & reception was good to me.
Hotel Recommendations for Visitors : Major Cities
I had few bad experiences in Hyderabad hotels, hotels in secunderabad are less costly, but less hygiene and then there are hotels who have rules like bachelor's, male only groups not allowed. There was one particular oyo room which had cameras in bedroom behind mirror, which I had visited last in 2018. Hopefully it's shutdown post covid.
"Side" - Being side and beyond convention
I in my childhood and teenage got played with my ***. My friends use to finger it, put toothbrush rare ended and etc. I initially didnt knew what was happening later i started enjoying it. Also sometimes on nightouts my friends use to play with my body, my *** balls, my belly button, use to lick my nipple kiss my back. I use to get used always. But i never refused anyof it. Most importantly i never got *** nor i *** anyone. Never felt erge to get *** or *** anyones ***. I guess i am side. Ioved all the rest stuff. But its been a decade now, i touched or any guy touched me and my ***!!
"Side" - Being side and beyond convention
I am dominant top. I like bdsm fun too and I have mentioned I am not into *** but people will still text me for ***. And some don't believe because they think if you are dom then you must ***. You can write whatever you want but people behave as per there di..ck mood.
"Side" - Being side and beyond convention
What do you mean by dominant side or submissive side or top-side and bottom-side? Wasn't it the whole point of not having those and just categorizing people who love ***, enjoy playing with them but no ***.
Hotel Recommendations for Visitors : Major Cities
Let it be any hotel... they can't deny local IDs... local IDs are specially denied by 1star and 2star hotels...

During lockdown when every bar and restaurants were shut... I & my straight friends used to book hotel room and party.... No hanky panky... we used to check in around 10pm and check out same night by 2am...

Later they knew us well and didn't checked for IDs.... even we used to bargain to reduce the prices as we required only for few hours to chill....


If you are going there and acting girlish and if they feel you're too loud in personality then they might deny..... So act normal and don't try to exaggerate things there...

"Side" - Being side and beyond convention
@tsamaranai I think the demarcation already exists as top-side & bottom-side. I read this somewhere a while ago, but can't recall where or any links to reference.
"Side" - Being side and beyond convention
Identity expression is important and this word gives that to a lot of people. I would suggest for side(s) to be able to identify better we further classify it as dominant and submissive sides. We can call them side upper and side lower.
"Side" - Being side and beyond convention
I'm in this category as well.
It's shocking though how people feel stigmatized. Being subjected to ridicule and rejection.
"Grindr" on the other hand .... has recognized it. Which is seriously a good thing!
Hotel Recommendations for Visitors : Major Cities
Ramdafaqq same.issue with aerocity pride plaza. Big, nice , busy hotel...visitors need to be escorted through the lifts.

I guess the question is what qualifies a hotel to be a fun friendly hotel?
Hotel Recommendations for Visitors : Major Cities
Guys book your hotels on StayUncle
Their service is specially for lovers
Hotel Recommendations for Visitors : Major Cities
Delhi aerocity pride plaza
Hotel Recommendations for Visitors : Major Cities
Neeta it happened with me in Jaipur hotel Radisson I met there but was not having key to use lift so went through stairs and meet my friend stay there whole night.
Hotel Recommendations for Visitors : Major Cities
@softsmooth, the only problem with sakinaka holiday inn is the requirement to use room keys for the lift. While I understand it is not advisable to call someone directly to your room, it.sometimes is easier if u know.who i r meetimg to.come directly.
Hotel Recommendations for Visitors : Major Cities
Gays, best is to book through Airbnb and try to get full 1room flat or house. They have option to filter basis self checkin. No one will disturb you and no need for local IDs too
Hotel Recommendations for Visitors : Major Cities
I had good experience in holiday inn saku naka Mumbai
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen

perfect link to this tread.
you may need to login to view. but lot of clips.

enjoy !!!
Hotel Recommendations for Visitors : Major Cities
My Recommendations for following cities:

Jaipur: Hotel Royal Poly Victory Jaipur; Hotel is walking distance from Sindhi Bus stand. Hotel is huge and having more than 100 rooms, one day charges are in the range of 1000~2000 per day. Guest and local ids are allowed.

I mostly stay in this hotel and met with people staying in same hotel through grinder.

Ludhiana: Hotel Town House Tlksonz Ludhiana; Hotel is walking distance from Ludhiana railway Station . Hotel is huge and having more than 100 rooms, one day charges are in the range of 1000~2000 per day. Guest and local ids are allowed.

I mostly stay in this hotel and met with people staying in same hotel through grinder.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Gays matrimony
Very interesting forum and a much needed one, thank you @fifty.

As someone who has been in this "line" since his teens, I can honestly say that monogamous relationships are very rare. Nearly all hetero friends of mine - old and young - have had extramarital relationships, and many continue to do so. Especially men. The same applies to homosexual relationships as well.

If being in an open relationship were an accepted norm, then many a marriage or relationship would have been saved the agony of the irrational expectation of fidelity.

I may be wrong, but being in a relationship with one person gives one the sense of stability, structure and comfort; and accepting the openness of physical liaisons along the way with others removes the the threat of betrayal and the sense of guilt.

Having said all of the above, I myself am looking for a relationship with someone mature who has a kind heart, is physically fit, intelligent, very hygienic (no compromise there!) to spend my "twilight years" with. Other qualities like a fondness for travel, good music etc. would be a bonus. Must be financially independent; I detest gold diggers.

Gays matrimony
I'm looking Gay Husband
Can friends have sex?
In my 8th class i used to be in a hostel and i am quite chubby and girlish at that time. One day i am asleep early and a friend of mine came late and slept next to me as my bed mate has went for home and after some time i felt my chest being pressed and i didn't quite got it so i played alongside acting like i am asleep and he started kissing and *** my boobs slowly. I liked that and after that he started to do romance with me while handling hhs tool and he then turned me backside to insert it and then i got scared so i moved a bit and acted like i just woke up and left from there
Can friends have sex?
In teen age I lived in hostel, with 30 boy boys. There is big hall and 3 rooms where we live.
Mai Naya tha aur mujhe kuch idea nhi tha utna in sab chizon ka. Ek raat mai jaga to kuch awaj aa rhi thi rone jaisi. Hall me halka andhera tha fir bhi mai us bed ki or gya. To dekha ek blanket me teen ladke the dono side me high class ke senior aur bich me mera ek class mate. Age 13,14 hogi. Senior ki age 18 ke kareeb. Dono uski gand mar rhe the. Fir mai apne bed pe aa gaya sath wale ladke ko bataya usne bola Inka roj ka h.
Agle din maine us ladke ko bola tum ye ho sir ko bol dunga. To wo mujhse rone laga bola wo log uske gaon ke h isliye mana nhi kar pata aur ab mujhe bhi maja ata h. Maine bola gand marwane me kaisa maja. Wo nanga ho gya bola tum mar lo nhi to tum halla kar doge tab maine uski gand first mari but utna maja nhi aaya kyunki uska hole bahut bada ho gaya tha daily do logo se karwa ke.
Kuch saal bad chhuti me sare ladke gaon chale gaye mai ruka aur ek ravi naam ka humse ek class junior ladka ruka. Wo naam ka ladka harkat face sab ladkio wala. Mai single Wale room me sota tha wo aaya bola mai tumhare sath sounga. Meri adat thi pura nanga sone ki kyunki us room me akele sota tha. Maine sone par ek sart h. Mera peeth dabana padega. Bola thik h. Usne majak me bola yaar nange sote ho tumhare gand mar lunga. Maine bola tu bhi nanga jisme himmat wo gand marega. Maine use patak kar upar chadh gaya bola ab mar lu. Wo rone si surat bana liya bola dard karega. Fir maine bola koi tum mere taraf gand ghuma ke Sona . Wo mere mere Tarak gand ghuma ke sota mai uski fingering karta aur sata ke so jata. Ek din maine muh daba ke daal Diya wo thoda rone laga par dhere dhere wo maje lene laga, pure ek month ki chhutti uske sath bit gayi. Fir baki log aaye hostel koi baat kisi se chhipi nhi hoti thi. Senior log bhi hostel chhod diye the ab humlog senior the. Ab sare ladke lagbhag ye kaam karte the, ravi to randi ban gaya hostel ke ladke to lete hi the. Bahar cricket khelne jata waha ke bhi ladke use lete the.
Fir jaake ek ladki se setting ho gayi fir mai use lene ke chakkar in sabse dur ho gaya.
Can friends have sex?
i guess not proper s*x per se, but yeah some touching and feeling and hugging may be possible, i can say that based on my experience, during my early teens, i had couple of friends whom i have kdone this, like touching, stoking each others D**k caressing bodies etc.. but never had like a proper s*x like full nake*d and all, may be that age was like being curious and explore new things, but now when i am grown up, i do not try hitting on anyone whom i know even if i like that person a lot i do not make a move
Do you feel insecure because your dick size? I do.
i prefer very small ***, when i was young a school friend had a very small ***, i used to offer him my a** and i had a great sensation around my anu* , i could feel the warmth of his body so close to me, in collage one had a monster *** (his sister used to be after him even after her marriage :-) ) we used to sleep naked and he used to place his organ which touched my entire stomach till my chest, i enjoyed that but never felt like giving him access to my.....

i am from navi mumbai, anyone with a small *** is invited, my fair, soft.... will welcome you.. and is waiting
Can friends have sex?
This is a topic of interest to me and I will speak.I have never had *** with my friends but I love to see two friends having *** And now I will tell you how to fulfill this desire.I often do 3jm and arrange the threesome where they are best friends Then while taking both of them together in the ***, one's hand is on the other's *** and the other's hand is on the first's ***..And then I observe for a while whether they are pressing each other's *** or not.. .If those people are drunk, they have *** with each other. I can't tell what I feel when I see them having ***. If anyone has had such an experience, please share
Adult Webseries on OTT
Elite is a serial where cuckold scene is played
Adult Webseries on OTT
Watch the movie acrobat! It’s available on b4watch.com. It has a good story plus 2-3 full unsimulated *** scenes between the lead actors.
Adult Webseries on OTT
My favorites are,
Gandu movie- Full frontal oral scene which is the only scene in entire movie in colour,
Lie with me- Full frontal of main lead actor,
June marathi movie - Frontal of main lead in one scene,
Shawn Gupta official channel on YouTube - All short gay stories

Gay experience with celebs
Sanjay Negi is not the way he seems to be on screen.....as i had done with him long back many time before he got fame and also after he got fame as he stays in Navi Mumbai Seawoods as home whenever he don't have work or shoot or else he stays in Lokhandwala or Jogeshwari or Goregaon or Bandra depends on his shoot location but he is not a *** *** neither have *** lust to get laid, he will have communication and will literally judge u based on your communication tone as well as looks and all as well as your past sexual experiences and body count
Adult Webseries on OTT
Yes u ll find the last match movie on YouTube. Both the actors look so sober and manly still they fall in love.. I really loved that movie. I so love to see two straight or bi boys kissing each other
Gay experience with celebs
I just recently chatted with Sanjay Negi from Roadies.. he was in Grindr in Bangalore.. he is here for some time.. he is a bottom like me..
Adult Webseries on OTT
the last match is on YouTube
Adult Webseries on OTT
Can u please post the link for the last match - complete movie?
Can friends have sex?
Why not? *** with friend are much safer and hygienic then *** with strangers.
I always prefer friends for *** instead of online dating or cruising spot. Online dating me kai bar dhoke ho jate h galat tarike ke log mil jate h. Kai baar aise log mil jate jise hum bilkul pasand nhi karte unke sath bhi karna padta h. Kai baar to ek bulata h do teen mil jate h. Ek baar to online dating ke chakkar me ek aise admi se jo bilkul pasand nhi tha mota sa 50 age ka but uske yaha Milne gaya tha. Usne bhi jabardasti kar liya do ghante tak rula ke rakh pura blood aa gaya tha. Usne jabardasti bed pe lita ke direct daal Diya Jaan nikal gaya tab mai online dating avoid hi karta h hu. Dusra cruising me thoda choice hota but waha bhi dikkat koi ek pasand aa jaye uske sath karna start Karo jitne bhi log waha hote fir sab number me khade ho jayenge. Ab apki mood ho na ho karna sabke padega.
Friends ke sath karne me bus ek dikkat unhe seduce karne ki ek baar seduce ho jaye fir jab marji comfort aur time ke sath enjoy kar sakte h. Meri to start hi friends ke sath hua aur ab bhi kitne friends ke sath group me bhi chalta h
Gays matrimony
I m looking for long term relationship with crossy
My family knows about me n they are ok with
Gays matrimony
That's true many men are not loyal to their wives as I have noticed many men having extra marital affairs
Adult Webseries on OTT
Zukzuk07 : Do watch Brokeback Mountain. It's award winning movie.
Can friends have sex?
Hello guys, sorry couldn't post for a while as I was busy with my culturals, today will share my best experience till date, and honestly speaking I am very much lucky to get this person as my senior *** friend

I met him through Telegram. We both are a part of a particular community group, where I mentioned if anybody is from my locality can dm me. So the first text which came in my inbox was, "Hey, so you stay in Kasba? Even I am from Kasba as well." Through GR I have met many people from my locality, so it was not an wow thing to me. Then we chatted for a while, exchanged our pics (real ones ofcourse), and we both wanted to hookup. He is bi, and here comes the wow factor that I was the first guy he hooked up with. Previously he had many gfs, even did sexual intercourse, but he wanted to explore his orientation towards guys, to be precise sapiophilic guys (like me)

Days passed by and our chatting turned into gossip and discussion with random topics. Gradually I developed a soft corner towards him. Though he was not my first online friend, but the way he communicated, the pattern he maintained while communicating with me attracted me the most. Tbh he is not a muscular hunk, but indeed he has an appealing figure and I was impressed by his charisma. We both are fond of games, studies, and other stuffs as well. Not only we had *** chat, but also we talked about our career plans, family, food taste, favourite movie, etc.

Finally the D-day arrived. We both were a bit nervous as for him or was a first time, and for me I was thinking if that would be a NSA, what would I do, because expectation hurts, and I don't consider myself so lucky that I can have such a good friend thought social platform. He came riding on his cycle. I couldn't recall what he was wearing, as I was busy judging him top to bottom (which is one of my bad habits). Once I closed my room, then we again started our chit-chat, watched *** together in my lappy as I was trying to make our mood, because past few days we really had a nice bond.

The best thing happened was he gifted me two chocolates. Since 2021, I am hooking with strangers, and till date it's uncountable, NOBODY ever brought a single chewing gum for me, and this guy, out of nowhere, to cherish our first meetup gifted me chocolates. Oh God and I dreaming? if yes let me roam in this wonderland forever.

I think the readers are getting bored as in when will the erotic part arrive, so here you go; I was only wearing shorts, he undressed himself and came only with his undies, and started doing French kiss. Ohh damn, he is a damn good kisser and he was passionately *** my lips and I was mesmerized completely. I closed my eyes and responded him in a positive note, grabbed his waist and took himself over me and began to caress his body, while he was smooching me hard.

After almost 10 mins of kissing with slurping sounds of our saliva which was humming in the whole room, he proceeded towards my boobs, which were already hard. He intensely *** my man boobs with his spongy lips and I was on cloud nine and all I could do was moan heavily and say, "Ohh ***, ohh yeah, ummhh". Damn a person with so much positive attributes, definitely his partner would be very much lucky.

Afterwards, we removed our underwears and he jumped towards my ***, which was already rock hard. The way he gave me deep throat was terrific and I pressed his bouncy mam boobs harder and squeezed them like cushions. His head was continuously doing up and and down and that blowjob was again the best one because it was his first time *** a guy. Then, it was my turn to satisfy him. I throwed him on the bed and went to his top. I bite his nipples and he moaned heavily. Gradually I went down and took his juicy banana and didn't waste a single drop of precum. I *** it deliberately untill he cummed for more than 3-4 shots which was thick, creamy white liquid.

Later on, while kissing, he was jerking me vigorously, sometimes grabbed my ***, sometimes tickled my boobs and ultimately, I came out on his hands. My hot mam fluid spread all over my pubes and his hands and I was panting heavily along with the orgasmic moan. Then, we got freshen up, again chatted for a while and finally he returned to his home. I was so busy in enjoying the moment that I completely forget to offer him some water😭. But I promised him that next time the treat will be from my side (though the devastating part was that he enquired whether I will feel bad or not he this was a one time thing, I immediately responded yes, as in, man I like you, I need both the friendship as well as this sexual intercourse)

So, according to me, yes, friends can have ***, if the consent is taken and both the parties agrees to it. Though I am considering himself as "a brother from another mother".
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Adult Webseries on OTT
Okay thank you .

If anyone knows any movie in which two men ( straight or bisexual whatever) fall in love with each other. I saw love to see two bisexual man doing with each other. 'the last Match' is is one of the amazing movies with such storyline.
Adult Webseries on OTT
@sweetrolls7 @Zukzuk07 I have also seen the trailer, it's awesome, s sombody please suggest me how to watch the full movie
Adult Webseries on OTT
@zukzuk07 movie name is jaggi. Looks like its not that popular so its not available for download, saw the trailer and its awesome. Hope its out on Ott soon
Adult Webseries on OTT
Friends, there is a new movie released - Juggi. It is a Punjabi movie and best on a life of an impotent person who has been considered as a gay. It is nominated for an foreign award as well.
Please help me get this movie from anywhere
Adult Webseries on OTT
B4watch movies( Asian gay movies) this channel would be better if u want to watch any gay related series.

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