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Kinky Fiction Story
Continue. But be raunchy
Kinky Fiction Story
Kinky Fiction Story

I did my schooling in a boy's school. There was a PT master who was very strict and have more authority and control over the school than the school principal himself. Our principal is academically very good but when it comes to life skills he is zero. So the PT sir was the one handling all the management stuff. He is short and stocky with thick mustache with a broad chest. His fingers are very thick. He was wearing a gold ring and chain. His thighs are broad and large. Totally he is kind of a bull.

One day in the middle of the math period I felt very *** and went to the restroom to *** as almost no one will be there in the middle of the class period. As expected, there was no one. I went inside at the end of the corner to *** so no one could watch me easily. I also had an eye on the door to check whether anyone comes.So I started masturbating and when I reached the orgasm I forgot myself and enjoyed for a while. But when I came back to my senses PT sir was standing behind me recording video of me masturbating on his iPhone. My heart almost skipped a few beats, I badly wanted to run as fast as possible from there. But as he was recorded what I was doing and is very strict I couldn't do anything. I was simply standing there in front of him without uttering a word in deep fear.

He asked me about which class I was studying, who is my class teacher, what my parents are doing, and some other personnel information. Then he asked me to meet him evening after school was over in the chemistry lab. The chemistry lab is a very big hall but most of the time it will be empty. During the remaining classes, I was very nervous about what is going to happen at evening. Once the school was over, I was heading towards chemistry lab and seeing it closed I felt happy as I could go home and have some time to think about the solution. Suddenly from my back, PT sir put his hand on my shoulder and walked me towards the lab. He closed the door and sat on the teacher's chair and I was standing in front of him.

SORRY FOR MY POOR ENGLISH, if you want me to continue please let me know. thanks
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
People would've been in the closet otherwise also
How many people dare to go upto other guys and ask him out for a date ?
Very few.
So had it not been for these dating apps, people above who are feeling bad about the online dating troubles wouldn't have even had the share of fun which they've got through these apps.
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
@Blr_Rajajinagar I think i have just stated the fact. I'm not against people putting their private pics in their profile. Everyone has the right and freedom to date the way they want. But just ask a simple question to yourself. By putting your private pic in your profile what you are intending to show? It's clear that you are looking for a hookup and not a ltr. Then coming here and complaining about not getting a real relationship doesn't make any sense, does it? Because in reality you are not looking for one. Just think that a person looking for a partner would like to see your private pic as first thing Or would like to know about you and your interests? Because if i don't like the person then, his private pics are not gonna make any difference untill and unless i'm not just looking for a NSA relationship. And tbh i'm not against random hookups too. Everyone has their own way of living their life and i respect that. All i'm saying is that we should change our outlook towards gay relationship. People should look beyond *** because a relationship is not about *** only. It's more about knowing each other, supporting your partner and being with your partner during good and bad times. *** does play a part but it's not everything.
And as far as my profile is concerned then, i'm not looking for a relationship in my life right now. I come here just for exploration. I like reading people's views on different subject. I'm not in a position in my life where i can carry a relationship. But when i would be looking for one, i will make sure that i make a true and an honest profile. And *** will not be the base of it. It may play a small part but not everything.
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
Basically these online dating apps is keeping all gays bi's in the closet, if these apps would have not been there people would have found alternative way of meeting directly hence no fuss. People need to innovate something different.👍
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
Kya bhasad macha rakhe ho 😂
Mat karo online dating bhai
Just have the guts....approach the person you like directly. Ask him/her if he/she would like to go out with you for a coffee/dinner etc
Man up and accept rejections if you come across them.
And yes good luck and hope for the best that the things work out eventually.

All the above only if you're looking for dating. Which clearly most of you'll are not. Not atleast on this portal you see.

If you want to date, use the right platforms or always socialise more to end up meeting more people and have a better choice

There are always pros and cons to everything
So yes there are restrictions and risks for online transactions as well
How can you expect that online dating would be simple 🙂

Take care guys
Everyone got your point abhi relax karlo
Mast rainy weather hai bahar ...

Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
It sucks indeed. It's like fishing in the ocean. You may get good fish if you are lucky.

Being a bottom, I had lots of bad experiences.

1. I shared a pic of mine. That guy liked me. He sent his *** pics in response . He thinks bottom does not have any taste in men and all they need is ***.

2. Most of the tops think of themselves as straight. Lol 😂 I met a few who told me this. They think they can have romantic *** with girls with bottom it's just give it to *** and ***

3. Most of the times, I was left unsatisfied in bed. When tops are done. They zip it and move on.

4. If you are bottom, you are bound to sleep with any top guys. You are not entitled to have preferences.

5. I was a naive bottom who was into body play romance *** that's all. Now down the line, I am into *** play, deep throat and rough fun. Owing this to rough top guys I have met.

6. Online dating sucks because many of them are using for time pass not willing to meet anyone.

Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
@shapeoflove. I see that you haven't put any pictures in your profile, so I don't understand why are you bragging about people in dating apps. It's everyone's choice on how they wanna date and how they would describe or not describe their profile. It's better to understand that not everyone are same in this world.
Travel Explorers and Cruising
Last year was coming from Indore to Mumbai. When booked I wanted to have solo sleep cabin. And I got last one it was in cross position so driver cabin was just infront of my eyes. i didn't wanted that way but it's ok I had to reach Mumbai.Upon reaching highway .Lights were dimmed single sleepers box r good .gives privacy.I sat and removed everything only was in bra and panties and changing in comfortable clothes. Shorts and shirt. Cabin were covered by curtain so just next cabin man was able to see me through curtain and was looking at me. He was South Indian kind middle age. firstly I ignored.Then He said acchi body hai tumhari..I ignored .then said kaha ja rahe ho ...i said mumbai. He said he also going thre and ll b staying in hotel and ll go surat. We then started talking. He was drinking .He offered me and I sipped with him. He said yaha aa jaisi uske cabin me i denied no ..u come here it's more private.He came and it became lil congested.I transferred my luggage to his place..and he pressed my boobs from Bra.... I touched his thigh and crotch area.. his *** was tight ...he covered himself in blanket and I laid on his lap between legs ND *** his ***..it was wet already and hairy..I sniffed it and started *** it..it dropped some pee drops ummm what yummy it was and i got *** i started licking his balls thn thighs thn i lickdd his *** madly nd soon he holded my head and pushed *** in my *** nd cummed inside my ***..We smooched nd started talking.Midway came we bought some food and went to freshen up...We both went inside the washroom closed the door and he *** me there...had tea and food after that...thn other saw we entered in my cabin...I covered myself in blanket and become full nude..he entered from behind ND applied Vaseline on my hole ND fingered me.bus brakes was doing it work I cummed CZ of it and he fingered three inside my hole .thn he came on top of me nd inserted his 8 incher fat ***... We talked while he *** me nd after while he cummed nd we slept for while there..he left nd went to his cabin ...upon reaching Mumbai ..we went to his hotel and slept nicely..he sat over me whn I wokeup nd had *** facial ..nd one more *** session before i left. It was nicetime
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
Here hard truth

1- gay dating/dating site doing excellent work that they are intended to do.

2- in case of LGBTQ community there is complexe and complicated structure
- some men are gay curious
- some men are not out
- some men living dual life.

So in above case it not working correctly as it should work because.
- people don't share there real pic/information
- some married/curious men checking these site for one time fun.

Dating site experience depends on your use case.

Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
We can't help in dating in stuff, time have evolved everyone on online sites think that gay bottom of are just *** toys, and it's because many *** members of society. But by chance if you get someone, but in a day or few they will get bored of you and can't keep things healthy for kyunki shadi ko ladki se manani hain . It hurts me to learn that I gonna live alone all my life coz it's really hard to get a partner and I can't ruin any random girl's life . Waiting for the day when people would normalise us too
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
Most of the people(not all) here are complaining about not finding anything 'real' on a gay dating site are just not real themselves. Just look at their profiles. People can't show their face pic but are very comfortable in showing their private body parts on a public platform.If someone is really looking for something 'real' then, putting pics of your private part in your profile is not a way to go. And if you are shy in putting your face pic then, how you are comfortable in putting your private pic on a public platform? So, it's a clear indication of what you are looking for. A guy looking for a 'real' relationship' is not interested in looking at your body pic as first thing. So, it's better to connect and try to know the person instead. But then, very few people want that. All they want is a secret relationship.
Another disturbing aspect of online dating site is that almost half of the men available here are married and are having children. Well, in actual they are leading a double life. Now, if you are expecting a 'relationship' when you are already married then, it's a delusional world that you are living in. So,either you are fooling yourself or the person on the other side. Because i , personally, would never be interested in forming a serious relationship with a married guy I perfectly know that it's never gonna work. So, it will be 'f**k and forget' type of relationship Or nothing. And no one should complain in that scenario. And many people don't even mention they are married. Their relationship status says 'Rather not mention'. But in actual they are married.
Another thing i would like to point out is that majority of people in India don't believe in gay love. And few don't even accept the fact that they are gay. It kind of hurt their male ego. And many guys are not comfortable in seeing themselves in a gay relationship. For them society and it's views matter more than their own happiness. So, untill and unless we don't accept our self fully, we can never find anything real. So, we should stop being hypocritical. In actual, we should change our outlook towards gay relationship and then only we can find love and a 'real' relationship.
Travel Explorers and Cruising
Looks like we will have Corona vaccine only by Nov or Dec. People are there any Fair, Mela or Festivals in your Cities or towns during that time. Where we have good crowd of Men??
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
WOW.... Hypocrisy at its Best in this thread 🤥😂

Cross your heart and come forward that one person who hasn't rejected anybody ever online for something and for not being "Not my Type" human. I mean sure why not, everyone has certain preferences.. and why not. So then what's wrong in judging and being judged. This is a game of attraction and only strong contenders win or say get lucky. So either look good or thicken your skin and keep fighting until you get what totals you.
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
Religion, native, race, body colour, age, sexual prefs. You name it people always differentiate. Somehow I developed a thick skin to all these idiots.
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
@C4LeB - totally agree with u ... Not to brag but there are a hundred other things which are the REAL reason for amazing ***. Maybe bottoms should just stuff large vegetables if size is the only thing that matters.
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
One more thing I want to highlight here is religion plays a important role in selecting guys online, even if the other person is open minded about others religion or don't care about it some how people don't accept it ,I don't know why? Am not very good in articulating what I want to say but I hope people would understand my point of view.
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
I agree with @Aarif2018 biggest reason is even after SC order our own people have issue to come out in society as gay coz if many reasons. And every society have pros and cons like ours. Most of people miss use it as commercial. I like CD tops or smooth guys only as I m hairy but for that everytime I have to pay to get desired guy
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
Welcome to real life. This is the kind of chu****s u meet. Thats why trains are best. And second best are public washrooms
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!

Chasing the (socially constructed) dream of smooth hung gods - all driven by media and movies. Guys obviously don't know the advantages of a small *** on an experienced top: nice comfortable painless sessions with someone who knows their way around a guy's body? Priceless!
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
I start enjoying as bottom with my seniors roommates they will passout so I start searching for top here. They are interested in photo phone number only not meeting you give number he want more and more photos you block him he will call from different number. I don't think top here are for real meeting
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
Please stop top shaming. I have been refused and insulted by many 'innocent' bottoms for not having an 8" ***. We are all the same. We are meat obsessed and *** obsessed men. Muscular, hairy and toned tops only is not an uncommon demand on all gay dating apps.
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
A needle in a haystack or a *** in a park?

Safer online...
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
Why being partial to online??
Online people are not alien, they are just the reflection of the real people who live among us..

The real admittance should about be people's mentality being promiscous and non committed..
WE cant blame anybody, its individual's preference..
99% people here look for ***, fun and looks..
And if they get a greek God like person, they become insatiated and look for another one..

The blatant truth is, seeking for true love or friendship here, is like looking for a needle in haysack..

Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
Hi all
Im being Top here have some other thoughts.
I also look for feelings and love from bottom but what i get is paid bottom/CD.
Its not always the TOP people are seeking to release there load but there are few like me who whats feeling mixed with passionate love.
If anyone who is genuinely looking for secret relationship kind thing then do DM me.
All details about me will be shared on DM.
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
Most of d tops are actually just looking for hole to release their load, they don't have feelings towards gays. I being mostly bot always gets msg that will u *** or u take in ***? But very few people are there who does complete *** like kissing bodysex and many such things.
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
True. GR usually helps having a quick session. Not beyond. In fact, if you are bottom on GR, the opening message from the 'hole seeking d*ck" always is "Do you have place" or "Will u su*k". The other thing a bottom receives is pics of d*cks. The intention is not a date - it is not a long term relation. I did not see LTRs when I began searching on these websites - but then, not interested in quickies either.

I think PR was a bit better on that count - I measure the intent of the person from the way he responds to messages. Desperate hole seekers do not chat longer - they head off the moment they understand I am not looking for a quickie. I usually continue with people who continue talking beyond a day - I've experienced them to be not desperate hole seekers.
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
Daddies.. they are lovely! My daddy loves to spank my buttocks, *** each other. Although it is never a penetrative episode, I love my experience with him always.
Fantasy with your favorite celebrity
Hardik hardly seems to bulge in his photos so I don't think he's hung, as much as I want him to be.
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
Are we talking actual dating or hooking up? Most people seem to be confusing the too. It's easy to find *** on Grindr but it can be tricky to find someone to date, because we're as much the problem as the victims. Sexual compatibility is just one part of the relationship but people can't seem to think beyond it.
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
@StraightCurious.....that sounds so true for so many reasons and most of them seem right...but I guess guys do not have the patience or time these days...also because there is so much available out there without any of these restrictions or expectations....my story was different...when I was much younger I used to dream of real love...I would fantasize about guys I used to secretly like and then imagine the things we will do...ohh but reality turned out to be so different...not that I did not enjoy only ***...it was great..but that was it....no body wants anything more...but I sincerely do hope you meet some nice guys who would meet all your expectations and have fun...because time does not wait for anybody...ciao...stay safe ..🤗🙂
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
You will be 100 years old and still will be looking and waiting for the perfect guy ....congratulations
Fantasy with your favorite celebrity
I am having huge crush on Hardik Pandya....he is hot hard body and seems to be real ***.......and I am sure he has big tool....I also love his complexion......would love to have heated *** with him
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
Personally for me, the area in Mumbai Metropolitan Region that I live, doesn't have much active cruising spots. Not to forget, the constant risk of undercover cops and thug gangs. I love top men older than me, but I've had to let go advances from such sexy men while in local trains because of their cop like looks/attire.

Now people will tell me to take the bait but I've seen a poor cruiser getting beaten up in public. Nope, thank you, I don't intend to be that guy. Although my family knows that I have bisexual tendencies, I'm not gonna take unnecessary risks.

Secondly, the threat of STDs from unknowns is very much real. No amount of 'fun' in the world is worth an STD. When you meet someone while cruising, you have 0 back info about them or the risks they carry.

For these reasons, I'm not a fan of cruising spots and will always prefer online apps. On these apps, we get to;
1) Find out if the person is well spoken and from a decent background.
2) Know their expectations and avoid unwanted surprises.
3) Filter out guys who have no bio, a fake looking picture, is in a hurry and doesn't put in any effort. Overall, suspicious traits and a possible scamster.

Now I might sound like I'm too picky, but I'm in no hurry and not at all desperate. If a guy ticks all the boxes on my checklist, I'd *** his *** all day. Otherwise, it's always better to be safe than sorry..
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
No body having place....thats the problem
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
I'm not looking for some love type relationship but Friends ? Sure. Friends with benefits? Absolutely 👍. But many guys or boys on the online platforms are just there cz they have nothing better to do. And there's nothing wrong with that. But , they pretend like they're ready for the real stuff and then *** out later like usual which has become kinda frustrating .
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
I have been using PR,, GRINDR AND OHMOJO for quite some time,, I have met many people from ohmojo and pr but not from gr, there is always a risk factor but I first try to meet them in public place before proceeding to *** and stuff,, and I have also met tops via fb but most of them are just for hookups and are not interested in anything more then ***
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
Recon (fetish site)
Butterfly (transgender, NOT CDs)
Scruff (masculine)
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
@letsfuck (and others),
The break from the Anglo/Colonial past will come when there are safe spaces for same-*** socialising: when gay venues are patronised without scrutiny or oppression, only then will men who have *** with men be confident and comfortable enough to move beyond 'the quickie'. Open a bar, and kiss in public!
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
PR = Planet Romeo
Gr = Grindr
GX = Gay Exchange
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
Pr is Planet romeo gay dating.
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
What is PR ?
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
Most guys with age <26 are just there to show off their physical features. Muscular bodies are just to attract men but actually they aren't interested to even meet up. It's just pure show off there. Trust me people don't even read your profile before they ping you and for some reason they just keep tapping you with no guts to say a hi. It just sucks!!
Fantasy with your favorite celebrity
is it true about bengali actor Jeet? somebody said he fucks at Oberoi grand in Kolkata? any updates?
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
I'v met my tops on PR. I generally meet guys who have been in touch for long -this way I kinda rule out people desperate for a hole. I've met three guys till date - still in touch with two of them. My best f**k was also with the top I met on PR. I've not had good experiences with GR. Did shortlist a guy here - but couldn't meet him due to some issues at my end.

Are there any better suggestions?
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
as number of users going up on all such apps, its not surprise that there are decent number of fake profiles too got increased...
there are many factor... some are into just chatting, some shows off, some fakes around, some looking for fun, some looking for more... so everyone's need is different..
though online dating sucks sometime, the fact is that most of the meet ups happening because of these online apps.. so, though it helps, it also irritates sometimes depending on the person whom we end up chatting... in any ways, its better to know the other person properly before proceeding on anything to be in safer side.. ignore if some irritating messages from some..
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
@naiduhot, totally nailed it bro. Most of the guys who are in PR are just there for time pass and not really someone who you'd meet you. They are desparate straight ones who need to jerk off and they hunt gays. I really found and met a few here than elsewhere. Unfortunately owing to distance and covid restrictions we aren't able to met.🤷🏻‍♂️
Daddy issues. Uncover the secrets.
@C4LEB by referring to heterosexual *** as normal I didn't mean to say that gay *** is abnormal, however when I say that it automatically infers that the rest is abnormal. Which is not right and was not my intention, I apologise. However I believe that since most people are not out of the closet yet, we have trouble while phrasing stuff in accordance with LGBTQ+ linguistics
Let's face it, Online Dating Sucks!
Is it safe to go to meet semeone who u get from PR or ohmojo

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