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Instagram non celebrity Indian hunks!
He created new profile Aesthetic Adam but I think that also is not available anymore. He is freaking hot and his other two friends also.
Goa Trip Plan
We can team up for Goa mid October. Lemme know!
Instagram non celebrity Indian hunks!
Anyone knows about this account @blackadam.official
His new account or anything... Twitter account???
Instagram non celebrity Indian hunks!
All three of his friends r hot.. can imagine them doing a group.. all chiseled and sexy bodies ..
Instagram non celebrity Indian hunks!
Arush Bhola is hot but his friend Mannu Chaudhary is even better- bulked up, great face and an absolute wet dream. They keep shooting videos together to increase their following and have Dilli gang account too. Check this one out https://www.instagram.com/p/CwAzWhPpQfN/
Hotel Recommendations for Visitors : Major Cities
I will recommend any 3star or better hotel in any major city.

you can meet the person in the lobby which is safe to have casual conversation with him.

if both like to take it further, you can invite them to your room.

generally star hotels allow guests inside the rooms and u can enjoy it safely and also the hotels does not restrict timings. as long as you have room booked anyone can come and meet at any time.
Instagram non celebrity Indian hunks!
Ha I saw him in real near inox patel nagar a few days back
I think his friend has purchased a new car.. So they were 4 celebrating .
He was damn hot.. The other 3 were hot too.. A typical Delhi guy!
Instagram non celebrity Indian hunks!
What about this guy arush bhola.. dam hot...
Instagram non celebrity Indian hunks!
Nudists in India
Hi all. Any nude meetups planned for long weekend in Bangalore?
Goa Trip Plan
Thinking of weekend Trip( Dates not yet planned) - Start on Friday evening and return on Sunday. Yes a short one to any suitable place that fits well. While fun is obvious but a good connect, conversation etc would be great. I'm a bottom, vers and interested vers/top can ping me to plan nd take it forward. All expenses on sharing basis.
Your big gay celebrity man crush
I like harjeet singh in his get up jija ji chhat pe hai
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
@Johnsword cool tool... makes it 🔥
Your big gay celebrity man crush
Matt Bomer. Everything about him is perfect. I want to learn and copy his walk in white collar.
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Instagram non celebrity Indian hunks!
I met Raj amen last month. Not so good guy. In real he look like begger.
Instagram non celebrity Indian hunks!
Instagram non celebrity Indian hunks!
Do you know this guy called Tarun Molri? I get bi vibes from him. Can anyone confirm?

When my sxual advances backfired
@hungryforlove, don't compare hunger and sexual pleasure. Without sexual pleasure you will not die.
Also, you should have not run at the very first place, once you run, they will obviously think negetive about you
Hunting in the night is not a crime, but how, when, where to what extent.... These limitations one needs to know
Best Gay Destinations to Travel !!!
The best places for enjoyment in Thailand 🇹🇭 are Pattaya and Phuket. In 2017 me and my friend went for couples massage near Patong beach in Phuket. Both of us booked for 2 on 1 milking massage. There was one ladyboy and one girl for both of us. The massage tables were next to each other and we could see each other getting massaged. Both ladyboy and girl massaged our front side with balls massage. I could see him getting ***. Finally when we were about to ***, they asked us to roll over to our back. As it was a milking table, there was hole where we put our diks to be hanging freely. Then the girl started massaging our *** and the ladyboys got under the table. Then they started milking our diks. I could see my friend moaning in pleasure from the milking. The ladyboy was *** and milking him like a cow. I was having the same feelings. Was having so much pleasure while the girl was fingering my *** and the ladyboy milking from under the table. Finally, it was my friend who came first. The ladyboy collected his load in a small glass. She milked him to the last drop. His body was trembling and he was crying in pleasure. And then, the same thing happened to me too. They both showed us our load before throwing them in sink. We both lay on our backs for few minutes smiling at each other. It was one of the most memorable things in Thailand.
Best Gay Destinations to Travel !!!
@submissive stay in gay area Silom.it the best location,bts sala deang( sky train) is the stop to get there.
Dj Station,God are the 2 gay clubs to visit.
Lots of bars,resturants n shopping close by.
When my sxual advances backfired
Just neglect him ,if serious just file complaint in station.
When my sxual advances backfired
I m a discreet gay I am not marrying due to my stamina and size, When I first installed gr and BL I found out within 30 MTR of my area there is another gay. He was a vers and humble guy so I approached him. I thought I might find my soulmate. We had *** then he started asking money. I am still a jobless guy but have a reputation in society. He tried to blackmail me that he will come to my home, as he now roams with trannies. I am always worried and threatened about this what I have to do?
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Instagram non celebrity Indian hunks!
Not an indian celebrity but if somebody is interested in mature men the check this profile, it's an icandy
https://instagram.com/xamindancer?igshid=NjIwNzIyMDk2Mg== (Arthur Sat)
When my sxual advances backfired
Hello guys,
Im in early 40's. I used to be straight top in my youth days but eventually have started enjoying playing bottom to the teens and youths. I try to find a mate especially by night crusing. I have enjoyed upto 12 young d..ks in night also so
It is Ganesh utsav in Mumbai. Last week youngsters were busy putting up Pandals to welcome Lord Ganesha. Last week i was a d.ck hunt and reached the area where boys were putting up a pandal. I tried to check if i cud approach any guy from a distance and pretended to drink from a Matka. However i did not notice couple of boys were also
Observing me from the closet. They immediately raised an alarm "Chor Chor" and started calling other boys in the wadi to catch me. I had run away from there to save myself however they were chasing me, only to realise it was 10-15 of them.
I was lucky to near the Vithalwadi railway station. I was yelling that i was not a chor but they were chasing me to pull me down and beat me up.
I staright away ran to the railway police cabin which was closed but some constable were sleeping inside. With all my might i banged their doors to wake them up but by the time they opened the door. I was already caught. To my luck the doors were opened and i straight rushed inside to save myself.
The boys claimed that there was a recent robbery in their area and demanded to handover me to them. The railway police hit me and asked me to leave as they felt that the crime had happened but it did not happen in their jurisdiction. I refused to leave also i asked the boys to call the local polixe and handover me to them. I was thoroughly checked by the RPF and obviously did not find any thing that cud have for robbed. I lost my wallet while running to save my self.
The boys outside were talking " ya to chor hoga nahi to gudwa hoga".
To my luck there emerged two mediator boy who interoggated me and took my video and was convinced that i was not a chor and encouraged other boys to leave.
Finally the boys left and the other 2 boys still were with me. I felt as if the God was there to save me. I never expected such a thing to happen to me. It was a life and death situation i faced. The 2 boys offered to escort me through a safe way. I started following them. They led me through bushes and finally stood at one place to ppee and started revealing their thick ***. I was still trembling and pleased them to please show me the way but they started abusing saying "Randi we know u r a gud and we know u like to get *** from youngies. I was threatened to satisfy them otherwise they wud call other boys again, *** me and throw me away naked in public. I was shocked but had satisfied them in public. After they were done they were called up and were inviting their friends to come abd satisfy themselves also. While they were speaking they had turned their back to me. I took this and opportunity, ran and hid myself in the tall grass nearby. I came out of the closet after a long time and to my luck there was nobody. I went to the nearby railway station and got the local.
This incident has left shocked, in scars and and also with some questions as for why do people behave like animals. Why do boys predend to be straight in front of others and exploit when caught alone. If feel there are two biggest pleasures of anybodys life i.e pleasure of having food and the sexual pleasure. When some has to offered one of the biggest pleasure of the life then why the double standardness and the exploitation.
Best Gay Destinations to Travel !!!
Visiting Bangkok next month. Solo... Any help on where to stay and tips will be helpful
Instagram non celebrity Indian hunks!
Search cupid_clark on twitter
Your big gay celebrity man crush
@ Nielsin is Farman Haider is into GAY stuff?
Your big gay celebrity man crush
Farman Haider
Instagram non celebrity Indian hunks!
Insta account merman_dxb check it out, he is hot!
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Came across this actor from Indian daily soap..he looks hot. I loved his nipples so much..you can check out this https://youtu.be/7TDopdbKCzA?
Instagram non celebrity Indian hunks!
Do you guys follow anyone on Twitter for Desi *** videos? Please share link/ID if anyone does!!
Your big gay celebrity man crush
there used to be a model called lascelles symmons in the 90s who appeared in fashion shows and TV ads and is now active on instagram
even at this age he is still hot and maintans a great body
He is married now but still my fantasy guys from Goa
Gay experience with celebs
I *** Prasad bidappa in Cochin once
Instagram non celebrity Indian hunks!
Seems like he is g
Instagram non celebrity Indian hunks!
Check his profile he is super hot
Instagram non celebrity Indian hunks!

Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Check this video from 7.55 minutes!!!
Relationship without Sex
This one is a nice thread. Here every one is looking for fun. If they dont like they exit. Beyond it there exist friendship, exchange of views, thoughts, hobbies. But no one care about this. I would like to have friends who are interested in other things instead of fun. Fun is not altimate that u enjoy aleays but art, hobbies, will bring the iternal love among us.
Relationship without Sex
राह,,,, भरी है राहगुजरो से,,,,
मगर् राहगुजर की तलाश अब भी जारी है,,, 🙂

हम किस्से कहानी कहने वाले लोग है,, बड़े शहर मे आ गये,,,
यहाँ अमूमन लोग मकसद से और मतलब् से मिलते है,,,

और मुझमे ठहरी आवारागी्,,, 🙂

At the end if *** not there...or you take time to go n meet ( people dont want to come...they ask I should be reach to them)
They feel either i am either timepass or fattu...or waste...

खैर कोई कुछ भी कहे,,,
जवाब कहाँ देती है,,,मुस्कुराके चल देती है,,,
Gay LinkedIn
I got lucky once via linkdin. I got message for job opportunity person offered me direct interview to his office. I went there (fyi office is in Manyta) it was small workplace for 30-40 people. He meet and greet me showed the office and then we went to his room (he was around 45-50) first 20 min it was interviewig question. Later he asked me to wait in his office and went away. There was bathroom attached so i just stoodup and went to pee.. there i found his undies stripped one and a lube with dildo i got shocked. I immediately came outside but bad luck he was already there.. with evil smile he came forward to me. Then i also got excited we kissed then he pulled me pants and stated *** for a while then offered me 69 on sofa nearby.. we were totally nude in office that was quite more fantansy to me... we could not finished fine because someone knocked up .. so quickly we dressesd and he told he will call back... but i didn't join the company there because of work ethics and future repercussions...
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
Male Genitals or its outline visible on screen
This comment has been deleted for violating posting rules. Links to videos promoting channels are not allowed.

For this specific thread, scripted videos of massages, fake wrestling or other scripted activities designed to deliberately titillate do not fit the topic. Further violations will see a ban on profile posting such links.
Your big gay celebrity man crush
Parth Samanthan
Instagram non celebrity Indian hunks!
@NottyHotty1 Are there some more profiles like bonghunky i e Arnab Swarnakar? Can you please ping here
Your big gay celebrity man crush
I have a crush on allu arjun
Your big gay celebrity man crush
I want someone like jaickee shorrf is *** me
Instagram non celebrity Indian hunks!
@matured_bott i think you talking about arnab swarnakar https://www.instagram.com/bonghunky/
he has done both gay and st8 ***..
Paid services
Paying for *** only makes some encounters possible. Also hot straight curious guys are available in exchange of money only. I remember I once hired a model who is supposedly straight and during the act I kept admiring how damn beautiful he is. Every part of his body is perfect. So see and feel every bit of him up close and personal is a privilege that only money made possible for me. After I finished he started to get on top of me (I dont know if that was part of his service or he really started to like the experience) but I said I am not comfortable and ended the session right then and there. Still adore his beauty.

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