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Male from Bangalore, Karnataka (India)
Last Online: Sep 21, 2021
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Versatile guy loves trying everything.I love satisfying two or more guys at same time.Msg me if you got a friend too.

Watch my video dildo *** by fem dom lady

Favourite fantasy: To sign contract with legalporno agency for 7 days to do *** scenes ticking the options of ***,  double *** (DAP), *** swallowing, facial cumshot, blowjob, deep throat,*** to ***, milf, gaping ***, big black ***, interracial and 15men gangbang.

My stay was arranged with 4 women who also had signed for legalporno shoot.Diet was strict for the *** queens in instructions,a list of non spicy dishes and lot of juices.All of them were naked and walking around with buttplug in their ***.It was to make sure their *** is well dilated and loose enough to do the *** extreme scenes and no time is wasted during the shoot.On settling,I was first asked to spread my ***,waxed to baby skin soft,one of the girls gave me an enema.I had to *** right there in the bowl placed in front of all 4 girls.If any shame i had or privacy I needed,all of it was lost there.They oiled and loosened my *** with gloved hands,then inserted an inflatable dildo deep in my ***. My *** was so full and i had to walk around with that all time.The girls told me that there were about 40 guys in legalporno and everyday they had shoots.When you sign for 7 days,the producers make sure maximum is ripped off through our holes by all the 40 guys.They also sell you to other agencies or networks if that's more profitable for them.8hrs of *** job everyday.Few girls try enjoy sessions with poppers/drugs as most times with huge *** ravaging ***,its painful and you cant say no in between and waste shooting time of others.This scared me a bit but i wanted to do it raw and feel it.Anyways i took female hormones which helped me feel much submissive.I was made to watch sissy hypnosis videos to alter my mind to total bottomy. My first *** shoot came by the evening at studio adjacent after 30 minutes of makeup and grooming using concealer brushes over whole body covering all skin to perfection.It was a scene with *** toy,dilating *** and finally *** and *** out 2 guys.There were 7 guys including the camera crew and it felt good being naked around them and playing with my *** using the dildo.Soon,2 black guys joined me and the shoot improvised.Usual *** script of *** both and then opening *** for them.As my *** was already loose with inflatable dildo for day long,it wasnt that hard though the big black *** ripped my *** apart in the 45minutes of shoot.They wanted to do double *** too.I had done this before with normal guys in India but these guys were pornstars and huge black ***.Surely my *** wasnt dilated enough for that and it was a failure.I realised finally how much hardwork it is to be in *** industry.The director guy really got mad at me. He humiliated me in front of all crew saying if I can't stretch my holes, contract will be cancelled and told me to practice well going back home putting a speculum.In the end to cool him off,i agreed to doing a *** bucket scene.I spent the next twenty minutes on my knees as each of the 7 guy crew took turns *** my face. They each finished by shoving their *** down my throat and forcing me to drink down their ***. The last guy,the producer fat guy, he did not go easy on me.I was seeing stars by the time he was pumping his *** down my throat. His load was big,it felt like he was never going to stop feeding me.
By the time he pulled his slimy *** from my ***,i looked down and could see that my stomach was actually somewhat bloated from all of the *** i had swallowed.i felt incredibly full and it was from nothing but spunk from all of the guys.i was an absolute mess of saliva and *** .I was by then used by all guys in the room including the cheap light boy.Though the ravage,humiliation and rough using me emotionally broke me a bit down being first day,overall it felt really good to be a *** in front of camera.I really did wish for some time alone once it was done.After the shoot,the buttplug was put back in my opened *** by one of the guys,it went in so easily and i was dropped back.The girls at home checked on me and helped me cool my *** with some cream.I had some food,meanwhile told them i couldn't do double *** with those huge *** and cried.The senior lady,who was quite an expert, brought speculum,inserted it in my *** and turned the screws stretching my *** open to maximum limits and finally i had to tell her to stop.My rectum was all exposed to open air with the *** gape.She told me as i signed for 15men gangbang also which is on last day, i should practice even to do triple ***.I checked on that option in the form out of curiosity to try but now i was getting a bit scared.I went to sleep with speculum *** gape.Finally I had some hours of privacy and I really enjoyed the value of it that day. waiting for my next days shoot.

The senior white lady came up to room and woke me up at 9am.She told me to clean up and my shoot schedule for the day was read to me.I had an *** fisting session with two girls at 1pm where they will be playing with my ***.After that,my prolapsed *** will be *** by 3 guys.Total 2 hour schedule.
By 12.00,i was ready and went to set.Got naked and had makeup out all over and concealed. Again there were 5 camera crew,two beautiful white girls and the 3 male actors there. They all loved watching me *** myself with toys in the introduction video shoot. As i watched, the 2 girls put gloves on and came to me.I orgasmed very much at the thought of those two girls gloved hands ravaging my ***.Unlike yesterday, today's crew was very friendly and I was enjoying it.Also,I got used more to this public nudity.
They started slowly and one of the girls wanted to see how many fingers she could get up my ***. To make the scene more enjoyable and fun, the director told her to count out loud every time she added a finger and a finger did not count unless she was up to third knuckle.

She agreed and had me get in the doggie position. I had already used a few dildos in introduction video to prep. So when she started,it quickly got up to four fingers. When she added two fingers from her other hand and said six, she told me to relax as I was clenching at times. I told her that relaxing was easier said than done and that she should try relaxing with six fingers in her ***. She giggled and then leaned over me and rubber her big tits on on my lower back. She told me to take deep breaths. After a few minutes, she said "7" and then proudly "8".

My eyes were rolling out so full and I looked over my shoulder and she leaned to one side so I could see the 8 fingers,4 on either sides and stretching opening my *** more and more. She then slowly pulled them out to her first knuckle and pushed them back in again. When she pulled her fingers out, she would pull to the sides to further stretch my *** open. After just five minutes or so of this action, I could not believe how the pressure/pain become less and the pleasure more.This girl knew what she was doing to my ***.She asked the other girl to crease gloves and allowed her to insert fingers.I was now having 2 beautiful girls 4 fingers each stretching my *** from both ends.As they pulled out,the camera came close and shot the *** gape i had.I could see it in screen.

Next, I was asked to roll onto my back on the couch and lift my knees up by my shoulders for the fisting part. Director wanted a better view and wanted both girls face close to my *** if i came. I had a black leather strap around my *** and balls which kept my *** hard and balls swollen.
Once on my back, the girls started back using the 8 fingers. Without me asking, the senior lady then started using just one hand, with her thumb inside the middle of her palm to make the shape of swan's head. She started to push her swan's head shaped hand up to the third knuckles in a cork screw motion. With her other hand, she rubbed my belly and chest and told me take deep breaths. Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain, then some relief. Shortly after, I felt a flush over my body. My *** and balls felt ready to explode. I looked on the preview screen.Incredible.She had her hand and one inch of her wrist up my ***.

The other girl,a novice, needed a moment for her eyes to adjust to dim light. She then exclaimed, you have your whole hand up his ***!I told the girls and director, I was getting sore and could I ***? But it wasnt my call.I had one more hour of session taking both girls fists and then 3 guys on my ***.They handed me some glucose water and some poppers to stay *** while her fist was still inside me.Now,i understood why these people were taking it.

The director told,if i cant hold it,they can shoot me cuming now and then edit it for later.I agreed.Now the girls were told to get their faces close to my ***, which they did. They then agreed to spitting on my ***. I used their spit as lube. As I stroked myself, the girl with her hand up my ***, clenched and unclenched her hand. I came in a minute in the most intense orgasm of my life.It was all captured on camera.
Both girls smiled. As the girl took her hand out my ***,the camera captured all that huge gap and prolapse.The lady told me she could feel my *** twitch from inside my *** every time I spurted. She thought that was way cool.No rest,The director told the girls to step aside and now the 3 guys surrounded me.I was getting high from the poppers and *** them good.The 3 guys took turns ravaging my ***,hold me up,easily double penetrated me *** as i was squirting,i couldnt even actually clearly remember from the high,only a bit of sense that my *** was being stretched out as a cave.Later i saw it on the video preview,how prolapsed my *** had become.They were even filling my rectum with pee and i was laughing and pushing it out like a real *** making big fart noises.The 3 of them filled my *** with their *** and i was gargling it and then swallowed.
I had no rest.Soon,the girls joined again and ravaged my *** with their fists taking turns opening it up.By 3pm,my *** was fully deflowered,no more fluids to flow out and i just faded.These things,i dont remember and saw them in video preview only later.Previous day,i had trouble taking 2 *** dp but next day,my *** swallowed the 2 *** like a fish ***.I was suprised what poppers can do to you,what a *** it can pull out of you.My slutty performance was liked by many other producers in the europe *** circle as the preview got around.My shyness had gone that day.In a week,i was even doing a stage show flashing the same performance without poppers but a free open *** before a 100 people crowd at Showporno's fetish club.Will tell that story later.
Back to the day,once the poppers kick started to fade,i could feel my *** was throbbing and hurting after that destruction and me barely could walk.I was dropped back to room and one of the girls put ice pack in my bum.
Day 3:
I woke up next morning hearing the news that I was being sold that day by my agency to czechgangbang.com.I had heard about them doing big 150 people gangbangs.If so,my *** was quite sore from previous day shoot and it will be a total torture.I was quickly asked to get ready and taken to a place one hour away.They had natural sets for *** shoot.
I was crossdressed as a lady in black thongs and dropped into a set of truck parking lot at 11am.
As thought,there were more than 50 guys there and already 2 whores were there satisfying truck guys at many dark corners.Director asked me to strip off cd dress to get some attention.Soon a bearded guy came over and fondled me.Soon he pushed me down,pulled his *** out and pushed it up my ***.A nice shaped smelly ***...i enjoyed that mastering.*** him well and in few minutes,I tasted his sweet *** in my ***.He was enjoying and screaming and soon guys came all around and i kept *** them in turns.More *** in my *** replaced by a new *** in the ***.About 5 guys,*** of all sizes and tasting different too replaced by next 5.Loved eating the cums one after another. It just made me more ***. Some old chubby truck guy then took me to a shack.Some beds here and there. Looks like resting place for truck drivers.He went all over me stripping me in the bed. He licked my *** ,put some oil and slowly *** me.I looked behind,there were 2 more other big belly uncles with hard *** waiting.All big belly uncles and me. How do I always end up in such old ugly uncles group? The other two uncles came to my face and I *** them alternatively. One of them was very huge and thick.My *** throbbed imagining that *** filling my ***.After squatting on the second uncle too for 10 minutes,finally it was time for me to squat on the thick uncle.I tried, it was as thick as a hand,I couldnt. "I paid for this ***" he screamed. The other two uncles told him they will loosen me up, took me off,put me on four legs and took turns *** my ***.pluck,pluck,pluck,it felt so good and with screams,one uncle came deep.I felt so good the warmness filling inside me. Soon the next uncle too,pluck pluck and zoom...and soon as he removed,I pushed hard and both of their *** drooped out of my wet open *** making a prolapse now pushed back in by thick uncles huge *** who was waiting for screwing. I felt like my *** was tearing as he moved inside into me.I tried pushed back that thick *** and I was cuming without even touching my little ***.  While I was struggling,two more uncles came in.Wow,boy you already have lot of action !! Unzipped their pyjamas showing their *** and got around my ***.Me *** in all holes now by total stranger truck driver uncles. The thick *** continued to destroy my *** and he took out leaving a gap on my *** and came big screaming in my ***. The two new uncles replaced,took turns and finally I started fainting. I had pushed and *** many times peeing all around.My *** totally prolapsed and destroyed, I was ready for it to end. They kept *** me but for another 15 minutes and came in my *** one after the other. 2 guys *** in my *** and 4 guys *** on my ***.I was totally done with these uncles stamina lasting 2 hours.They got some booze and food for next one hour and again the *** continued in marathon and what started at 11am finalizing ended at 4pm. A totally unforgettable day again .Back to room with icepack between my *** cheeks to cool off 5 hrs of *** destruction.

The secretary called and checked on me.As my bum was sore,next day,another *** agency was taking me for their shoot of a gloryhole gangbang,so my *** gets a day of rest but my *** will get occupied. i had to be ready by 2pm.These bastards were using me maximum and making atleast 10 times money out of me.Only 3 days done,4 more days in contract giving permission to rip all my holes.But i wanted this.Anyway I had now time to sleep and rest for 16 hours.

I slept good, while shitting in morning,my *** was still swollen and painful due to 3 days of continuous *** destruction.I ate good breakfast, rebuild my energy levels and waited to be a *** in a blowjob gloryhole gangbang.
By 2pm,the car came to pick me up and drove me to some underground garage like party hall where DJ was happening with around 100 guys in crowd and there were toilets like small rooms with gloryholes on corners with pay counters where few were taking turns enjoying.Already few sluts were in there satisfying the guys.There were cameras in between shooting all the actions.I was locked in one of such rooms and with 3 gloryholes.I kneeled down at it.
Voice came from other end."Okay ***, you're gonna take turns *** whatever *** come through that hole,getting them nice and hard and ***" As the counter guy is ordering me, I can hear belt buckles, jeans, shoes, etc being removed and know some three strangers are stripping down in preparation to use my *** like a cheap whore.

The video was running from top.A *** comes through the hole,I smell it a moment before I feel the long but still semi-flaccid *** slide across my cheeks. The tip pokes at my somewhat parted lips but I don't immediately start *** like I normally would when presented with a *** while in sissy mode. This *** was quite dirty,I was completely unprepared for smelly *** like that, I wanted to insist they shower first but before I can, the other two guys are presenting me with their own pungent scented manhoods and smearing pre-*** on the sides of my face through other holes.
"What are you waiting for ***? Open up. Work the other *** with your hands." he orders from behind walls pushing on me causing my lips to finally part all the way. With an open *** as an invitation, whoever was in front pushes their *** forward and into my waiting ***. The salty sweaty taste is overwhelming at first but as the man's *** hardens quickly in my *** I grow used to it. My two hands reach up blindly for the other two men's *** and try to stroke them as I *** the first man. ***-stars make this look a lot easier than it is. The walls certainly didn't help either but eventually I got some kind of rhythm going. Just when I was starting to get a hang of it, bobbing my head forward on one *** while jerking off a *** in each hand,the door opened up exposing me.
Some Mexican daddy guy got in along with a video crew and his cool slick finger at my *** reminds me that he was gonna get my hole ready for to ***. I signed today but only for blowjobs and he said, who cares. I had no choice but to submit my poor *** again for the 4th continuous day.He pushes up more lube into my *** and then works his way up from two fingers to a third. I begin to gyrate my hips into his fingers all the while moaning around the smelly ***.

"How's that ***, Manuel? Better than your wife?" The daddy guy asks the man who's *** I am *** and repeats a few of the words in Spanish. "Si si,Larry ..." Ok,so the daddy guy name is Larry. I start to pick their names.Manuel answered continuing on in Spanish and making his buddies I was jerking off laugh again. I was starting to finally let myself get into the depravity and perversion of being the star of my own gang-bang. I quickened my pace on Manuel's ***, causing him to hiss in pleasure as I blew him. I could feel Manuel's member growing harder as I took him deep down my throat and held him there. He suddenly gave a grunt and thrusted forward, lodging his *** even deeper down my throat before it spasms. Hot and salty *** floods down my throat forcing me to gag and pull back from his ***. The camera crew was focusing on my *** and the guy ordered me to open ***,show *** to camera and swallow it.Instinctively I gulp down as much of the thick hot creamy semen that I can. His massive load fills my *** but some escapes my lips, dribbling down my chin.

I pant for a few seconds, letting it sink in that I just swallowed the *** of a man who's face I've never seen. Before I can come to terms with the first load, the guy on my right is forcing me to turn toward his ***. Soon another *** is pushing at my lips, and although its aroma is strong too, I don't hesitate this time. The taste of the first man's *** is still strong in my ***, making me *** the second's with a little more fervor. I expertly work my *** up and down on the second guys meaty shaft. His *** wasn't as long as the first guy, but it was thick and I had to keep my jaw stretched wide to give the man the best blowjob I could. His *** pumped into the back of my *** as pushed down to the base. He begins to thrust in time to me bobbing up and down on his ***, forcefully *** my face and making me gag.

"Oh yeah *** that sissy's face! She loves it!" Daddy Larry encourages from behind as he continues to play with my *** preparing it for ***. While I was loving it, I knew he must've been loving it even more as he was cheering up other guys. The guy *** my *** didn't really need the encouragement though as he was just about at his limit. Putting his hands on each side of my head, he begins to brutally push and pull my head up and down harshly on his throbbing ***. I gag and gasp for air but I can hear this only exciting him more as he muttered more Spanish slang at me. Then that *** forces himself deep and I feel his spasming *** shoot spurt after spurt of hot jism down the back of my throat. I swallow it down as he continues to groan but then finally releases his hold on my head. His *** slowly slides out as I can finally turn my head again. I'm out of breath with *** on my lips when manager guy pulls fingers from my opened *** and announces, "Okay she's ready to take one in each end now." And then,I was thrown right into the crowd.It felt like meat was thrown towards a pack of hungry lions.These men did not waste any time, pushing me on my knees and rubbing their *** on my face,many times splashing their cums on me. The *** had formed layers all over my body and the look of a *** covered *** sent these men flying more over the edge. My *** was once again destroyed by one *** after another.
As I *** so many ***, I was made to stand up and made to bend over as one of the men entered me.My legs were lifted and I was on air with hands supporting my legs,*** in *** and another in ***.A guy came up in front and pushed in.I smoothly took it in to feel the *** double penetration.I was so full.I pushed hard,I came and I peed all over several times.I was being spit roasted and now became a proper gang bang *** once more.It all started at the very rear audience crowd and then I was kept on air, passed on from one *** to another at both ends and it did not seem to stop until I was reached at the stage.No count of how many split roasts I had to pass to reach there.Can you imagine how opened up my *** and *** was? I was made to stand doggy in the stage finally before the large audience.Some guy parted my *** cheeks to expose my gaped *** to the crowd and cheered "Who all needs it? Come on" Hard metal songs added to the background.
Men soon lined up behind *** me doggy style. Each man had 2 minutes to *** and ***.So it was vigorous *** from each to *** as fast as they can.You know that last minute *** before cumming. How hard the strokes are.The guys had literally had turned my *** into a *** booth!I was pushing out farts and *** every other minute. Everytime i looked,the line behind me was still long.I was being *** to a big crowd of men's heart's content, being creampied, cummed on my *** cheeks as well as my face, left right and center. Finally, it stopped.Some strong guy came,lifted me on my thighs facing the audience and stretched my abused *** before all. I could feel my *** prolapsing out. The tons of *** inside me slowly oozing out once again.He screwed his *** in immediately and another macho guy came in front.He cheered up the crowd "Double *** the ***" They roared. And in he goes,stretching my *** rings and squeezing the other *** thats already in there.Oh God.Thats so full.They moved in rhythm,my *** was feeling like a big open highway.The pressure on my prostate was oozing *** out of my little *** too on each thrust.Thats the best orgasm I had lasting for many minutes.They finally put me down after about ten minutes of brutality. More guys rounded around me.
So much *** again hit all over my face covering my cheeks, my forehead, my hair and my *** too. *** started dripping off my face all on the floor, forming a small puddle. As I was defamed with ***, crowd started laughing at what a pathetic *** I was.
Phones were flashing taking pics of my oozing ***. I fell on the stage floor, flat on my stomach from exhaustion.The bouncer guy showed up and lifted me up on his shoulders and put me in backroom.He told me 88 guys used my all holes in that 4 hour session.Yes, I got into that fuckhouse at 2pm,now it was 6pm.First day I took 7 people,second day 5,third day 50 ,fourth day 88 and still counting.A real *** I am,the thought made my mind *** once more.
The manager came in and told i did well,they got lot of money.Now I had 3 hours break and there is one more show at 9pm for me and they will pay additional.Night is their prime time with more guys. I asked how many will be there? He said around 120 booked.Oops!! If they all take me, it will be 200 plus guys I ll satisfy in that evening.My slutty show being success,the manager wanted to sign a new contract with me after I was done with legal *** contract in another 2 days.Two shows on every Saturday night with better pay. It means taking 200 plus guys every weekend.All other days,I can rest or do my own ***.
I felt my *** with my fingers.It was deflowered, open and throbbing,utterly destroyed.It was telling my mind,please no more today and my *** mind was replying,comeon we need more.I took in lot of fluids and glucose so I could regain some energy back.

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