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Slave and Master, Group ***

Submitted by Vincent raj Location: Chennai (Tamil Nadu, India)

Any Slave and master experiences. CBT, BDSM, or group fun.

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Vincent raj
Posted On Dec 27, 2017

I had a experience when I was in my 6th std, I went my classmates house. He was not there. His elder brother was there alone. He was studying 11th std then.
I knocked the door and asked for my friend. He said he is gone out with his mom and I am alone here. And he asked me to come in. Let's see TV. I said ok and entered the house. He latched the door and took me inside. We both were watching TV. Suddenly he cought me from behind and tied a rope on my wrist and legs. I dint know y he was doing like that.
Then he started to unzip me. I was going mad. I said what ur doing bro. He said just for fun and started kissing my lips. I felt like current is passing in my body. Then he removed my pants and took my *** out. I was 90°. Then he started to pull back the skin. It was very painful. Then he started to *** my ***. Waw I felt I was in heaven. I had no words. It was my first time.
Then he put his *** in my *** and asked me to *** it. I felt like vomiting. Then he don't leave me. He forced me. He hit me. Then I was still resisting. Then he lit a candle and started to pour the hot wax on me. He poured it on my *** and balls and told that he will stop this only if I *** his ***. Then I did it. He started to ooze out precum and told me that I should drink it. I had no other option. Then he pored hot wax on my *** hole. He opened the hole and started to pour inside. I was shouting in pain. Then he fingered my *** hole. Then he made me drink his urin a little. Then he said I am his slave and should obey his orders. He cummed in my *** and forced me to drink it. I drank it but vomited.
Then he taught me to masterbate. He told me to do regularly, and only if I get sperm I ll be have a baby in future. So I started to masterbate from then.
Then I used to go to his house when he is alone. We enjoyed many times. I missed him now coz I shifted my house. And he also shifted.

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Posted On Dec 28, 2017

Basically, am a versatile top but when it comes BDSM then am a dominant master. It all started when a bottom frnd who asked me to tie and *** him...also he imported silicone gel from US so tried fisting too with gloves...he took upto wrist and he enjoyed it well...then I met a slave guy who had rope, stick and wax..I got binding clips which I used on his nipples and ***..he was in great pain but enjoyed..poured wax on his body, *** and balls..pissed on him, made him to drink my ***..without washing made him dry..his body smelled with urine smell..again I pissed on him...his *** was his full ***.. without touching he Cummed..he satisfied well..later *** me deep throat and swallowed my cums..tried face sitting, trampling, spanking, feet lick, armpit lick, pony ride, *** swapping and many..

Am always wants to be a slave's master..so it would be mostly in mutual

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Posted On Dec 28, 2017

This sounds so sick to me but I understand some people get a thrill out of down and dirty ...

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Posted On Dec 31, 2017

want to be a slave. don't have experience

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Posted On Jan 3, 2018

One of my experience was during the time of my college i attended gay party in bangalore and my friends gave me bra panty to wear and all was naked watching tv and told me to serve snacks to them in bikini. I was feeling very nice as they were spanking my *** trying to put their toe in my *** when i was bending down and painful yet pleased part was when one guy gor *** and hold my balls tightly and started squeezing my balls tightly it was tickling and painful... He bite my nipples very roughly and made me scream and them he hold my *** in his hand and started pulling me from my *** and took me to room... All guys was smiling as i was about to get *** and he kept the door open so others can see. And he *** me in doggy style and *** inside my ***... And it was a nice slave master activity not so rough not so booring... He twisted my *** when it was hard and i felt great.. Whenever i use to moan he use to put his a tongue deeply in my *** and started *** my *** with his tongue... It was a nice play as he allowed me too to *** him deeply and made me come over his ***

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Bottom sasi
Posted On Feb 19, 2018

Actually this is a dream for me for more than 6 years and still don’t get one.. I’m afraid 😟 but want to exp this thrill at least one time in my life pls someone inbox me and then I will share my experience

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Posted On Mar 9, 2022

Finding a master is hard but the effort is worth it if u find yourself a trustworthy guy.
There are a lot of fake masters out there and the experiences I have heard of my subs are just horrible, like ask them to send money before meet and just block them after they send the money or just blackmail them or not showing up at all.
So fed up of this bullshit many people have not been exploring bdsm .
Guys having a session in a good hotel room with all the safety is important .Always know your limit in the bedroom, if you are a first timer then take it slow .
Be open with ur master or sub so there isn't any confusion in the bedroom.
Always have a safeword decided before the session begins.
While you meet masters don't just blindly pay them before you meet , make sure you pay them after the session.Always have the session in a neutral good hotel rooms. Sometimes it gets messy so don't worry about that.
Be patient and use safety .

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Posted On May 10, 2022

CBT requires a lot of experience if you are looking for extreme and professional level cbt.
There's a diff between just slapping a *** or balls and
From my experience the right ways to do a professional cbt is to actually holding the balls in your grip, putting the pressure or taking a flogger to the *** and balls or hot wax or using weights , clamps , ropes,riding crops,forced orgasm , ball stretching, or using other ingredients like hot sauce or ice cubes or toothpaste.
In extreme cases kicking.
But the main thing to consider is safety of your partner and making sure you don't cause any trauma .
I have had personal experience where I had to do cbt to my subs in all their sessions , it's fun to do but being careful while doing these are important.