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Spencers loo

Submitted by Lckiraul75 Location: Chennai (Tamil Nadu, India)

OK I have not tried Spencers plaza as a cruising spot. The good old specer plaza is just deserted but still very useful. But can recommend the loo there when u do not get place.

I went with my date there we got so ***. We checked out two loos in Spencers on the first and second floor. And finally zeroed on one and the rest was just amazing. I was scared but it did not stopeven and my date from keeping ourselves off each other. A thrilling experience I must say.

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Posted On May 21, 2017

Interesting ...

Have heard many vendors in spencer do fun with guys in look ...lots of Kashmiri Muslims are hot

Anybody can share more informations

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Posted On May 22, 2017

Have not tried but if any one with similar experience can share we can make use of it....
The kashmir I Muslims there are not that great as how it use to be earlier......

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Posted On Jun 6, 2017

@ rogertoni22 @ For the benefit of others, Which rest room you have choosen ? Ground Floor or some other floor ?

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Posted On Jun 15, 2017

any specific washrooms ??

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raja bot
Posted On Jul 27, 2017

Nothing happens here
Dont waste yur time here

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Posted On Jan 25, 2018

Nothing happens there. But still restrooms are so private. Can enjoy if you have a partner.

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Posted On Jan 26, 2018

I never said you will get guys there.... however, it could be nurtured as a cruising place.

Believe me... 3rd phase restrooms are soo secluded and not may people use it.... you can just take your partner and have a quickie...
quite a private place.

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Posted On Oct 9, 2020

Spencer plaza restrooms are secluded one
If anyone wanna join with me
Inbox me
I know the restroom which is more secluded than others
Let's have fun 🍌💦💦💦

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Posted On Mar 9, 2023

An interesting incident happened today at spencer. After my work, I just thought of going to spencer and trying my luck. After I entered I was just going to all the washrooms in all phases and waited for some time. Since it was late evening, many shopkeepers were shutting their shops and coming to the washrooms so it was kind of busy till 8.30 to 9.00 PM. I thought nothing is going to happen and finally wanted to check the phase 3 washroom. The whole place was like a maze, just before entering the washroom corridor, I saw a couple of guy closing their shop, it think it was a sweet or chat shop. I was praying at least one guy must come to the washroom before leaving. I was just waiting in the washroom, thinking crazy. Within a few mins, I heard their footsteps and voice. They were talking in Hindi for sure. When they entered I was standing in one of the urinal and shaking slowly without looking at them. I know if any one of them is curious will stare at me. As I expected, one guy came stood next to me and acted as if peeing and slowly peeked at my ***. Since I was just acting, my *** was flaccid and this guy spoke to me like enna sir ivlo neram shake panringa ungalthu nikkave millage nu. Then I asked him neenga vena nikka vekkireengala nu. This guy told the other one something in Hindi, he quickly went outside and came again told him something. Sir velila yarum illa ippo try panalama nu. To my surprise the other guy also joined and we 3 entered the toilet. I just hugged one of the guys and he smelled damn good. Both of them were lean and fair and one guy was quite tall. While I was hugging the tall guy that other one came behind me and hugged me and tried to thrust his *** on my back. Slowly we all removed our shirts and t-shirts and in no time fully naked. One guy literally smelled like some sweet. Without *** kiss, we just kissed everywhere possible. While I was kissing the guy from back came front and started licking my *** and balls slowly which gave me chills. He took turns to *** mine and his friend ***. I *** the tall guy nipples gently and reached down with my hand fondled his balls. His *** was like a pencil but lengthy one covered with foreskin. I just tried *** only the foreskin and moved it back to reveal his pinkish edge. His balls were quite big, licked all well and swallowed one after another and gave a swirl in my ***. Then he told me nanga daily panrom but ipdi feel pannathila nu. After like 10 mins like this he asked if want to *** or get ***, I told them I am not into *** and he offered me to watch them doing a hot session. They hugged and kissed so passionately and the tall guy turned the other one bent it insert his *** and starter *** him slowly and increased his speed. The guy getting *** asked me to come front so that he can *** my ***. For nice 5 mins, he *** it off drank all my *** without spilling even a single drop and continued to *** till my *** became so small. The tall guy shot his load and took his *** out. It looked like a super hot rod. Then we all wahed ourselves and left the place. I never had 3some before and this was one hell of a experience.

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Posted On May 7, 2023

@cobra your experience sounds FAN-***-TASTIC! Hope we can meet and have a 4 some maybe?! I'm a twink, whom you guys would love to do with. I guarantee *wink*

Also guys I swear PHASE 3 bathrooms are just the perfect spot to have a quickie or hook up. It's isolated and you can pretty much have all the fun there!

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Posted On May 16, 2023

Such an Happening place yesterday I just got a blowjob from one unknown worker over there….but don’t expect any discent guys over there……why not we make spencer as cruising spot??? Because in banglore there quite few cruising places

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Posted On May 25, 2023

Unbelievable suff guys. I went there the day before to get some phone case, i was thinking of this post and just went there to pee. I thought i would give it a shot by staying there on a phone call for sometime incase someone passes by n seemed bottom lol!!! Just for kicks. To my luck two guys came there and one was bottom for sure cos he was giving me the kinda looks that make you feel nude. Eye contact with small glances directly down to my pants. he was so open about it. he said something to the other guy and he left. So it was just this bottom guy and me. he said hi and asked where i was from. I was literally getting hard by then. I said Chennai and smiled. he smelled good. That was a real good thing. He asked if i was hanging out for a while and if i finished my work or if i was waiting for someone else. I said i was alone. he then asked if i come here often. I said no n smiled a him. By that time he was standing closer to me and i was real hard.
He suddenly touched my hand 'accidently" and said i had soft hands n smiled. He then got to then point n said you look good n smiled. I smiled and asked him if he was gonna pee or what to which he smiled. He said he wanted to do more than just pee. He asked if i wanted to pee again and to come in. I was expecting this from the start and it was happening. Guys, You have no clue how my heart was pounding there. He was so cute and smelled nice n fresh. We went in and seen that one toilet was under service and only one was functional. Did not want to take the risk. It was around 8.45pm that time so he stood next to me n started to pee and i simply stood there watching him. He smiled n said to take it out...so i took mine out and he said wow that looks so yummy. He said that n immediately put his hand on my *** n stroked it so gently, moving my foreskin up n down. it was too much for me to take. I asked him if it was safe. He said not fully safe but there was time. So he made me stand by the door and peep out and immediately without wasting a moment of time He got on his knees and slurped the entire thing into his ***. He literally took the whole thing inside and i felt his throat and tongue licking at me. It was HEAVEN. I wanted to moan but stayed silent and held hic face in my hands. he smiled n looked at me and slowly let my *** slip out. He kept licking hard on my tip and swirling on my head and nibbling it fully. I was peeping out to see if anyone was coming and i heard footsteps. I ran into the toilet nn stayed there until the people went away. I came out n seen him still there waiting for me.

I went back to peeping out to see if anyone was coming and he immediately went on his knees and started *** me so hard like it was the last penisnfor him before he dies. He suddenly turned me around pulled my pants down, spread my *** cheeks and started licking my ***. his tongue felt hard and warm and it was almost probing inside me. He licked in large strokes and his tongue felt so hot. It was hurting but felt so damn good. I whispered that i was about to ***. he nodded and pulled my *** back into his *** by digging his hands into my butt cheeks n drawng me deep into him. I felt my *** cheeks wet with his saliva and that made me feel so ***.

He *** me deeply and hard and then i suddenly came like a bloody tap...It lasted more longer than it normally does. the pulsing continued as he *** vigorously at my *** and nibbling the tip and rolling hiw tongue on my head all together at the same time. It was a feeling i would NEVER ever forget. the best blowjob from this wonderful bottom guy. He drank every drop LITERALLY and kept on kissing my tip making me twitch. We have a date there again in a few days. He said he loved the way i tasted and invited me to his room. He is not on this site and does not want to be online.

I would NEVER forget this day in my life.

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Posted On May 28, 2023

@Darkmallu It was the loo opposite the popcorn/ice cream shop close to the lift. Straight down it was. It's all about luck basically. What happened was totally luck only i would say.

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Posted On Nov 29, 2023

Any landmark places inside spencers?

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Posted On Nov 29, 2023

Lets meet tonight at spencers 8.30-9
Third phase

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Posted On Dec 25, 2023

It's been a long time since I went there so i honestly don't know. But i heard the spencers bathroom is quite active

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Posted On Dec 26, 2023

It's happening In 3 Rd floor ?? What time around?

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Posted On Feb 2, 2024

PHASE 3 is the spot