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Tales of Melmalayanur

Submitted by Zain007 Location: Chennai (Tamil Nadu, India)

For those who know, it's a far off dream.

For those who've been there, it is an addiction.

One of the trending cruising orgies, has anyone been there?

Please share your stories, and what's the biggest *** you've seen there?

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Posted On Jul 2, 2023

It's purely temple place, don't do anything their pls. She is powerful

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Posted On Jul 3, 2023

Don't do anything there? It is already a well established place. I have never been there, only heard stories.

Nobody said anything about temple. It's a ground.

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Posted On Jul 5, 2023

Zain007 as you mentioned it is an addictive place if you visit that place once.
Two reasons
1. it's a temple place where thousands of people visit melmalaiyanur due to their belief in the deity.
2. And for guys like us it is a heaven to meet new people and friends from far and near.
You can meet guys of all ages colour and shapes and sizes.
You get tops bots CDs TGs and genders of all types.
Once you visit that place you get hooked.
There is no way out.
I was there on 17.6.23.
I visited melmalaiyanur 4-5 times.
It is heaven.

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Posted On Jul 7, 2023

Wait a second. I did not mention anything about the temple.

Yes the village is famous for temple, but that is sacred, let's not talk about it on this forum.

I am talking about the ground on which it happens. Since there is a large flow of crowd into the village, many many men go for *** too.

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Posted On Jul 19, 2023

Do you know any specific place where this encounter will happen?

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Kama Raj
Posted On Sep 7, 2023

12.3490255, 79.3243133

Paste this in your maps and opt for a walking map

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Posted On Nov 11, 2023

Anyone planning to go on coming monday? (13th Nov )

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Posted On Nov 20, 2023

hi anybody is going this dec 12th? am interested to join. this is my first time. can anyone share abt the happenings?

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Posted On Jan 2, 2024

So how do we cruise here. Just go to the ground during daytime ?