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Inquiries on Cruising Spots - Courtesy Protocol

Submitted by SalmanDear Location: All India (All India, India)

Ohmojo is voluntary member site and people share here details of cruising spot and also try to find partner. I am summarizing few courtesy protocols and etiquettes one should ideally follow. Members can add comments in agreement or disagreement as well

1. Before asking for details of cruising spot in a thread. Please read all comments in that thread. There is a high chance that your query is already answered and people may not be keen to answer it again and again. You may feel dejected but the answer was already there. For example , many times i see in the thread that a person will ask for direction to reach cruising spot which is the already there in top of the message....Do not be casual...read and then ask

2. Do not personally attack an opinion. We are in democracy and we can hold our own opinion unless something is illegal.....

3. Never share name and contact numbers in the open thread of yours and someone with you had fun...........

4. Do not always be in inquiry mode....Many people just seek information but they will never provide information which they have about a cruising spot... follow give-and-take approach and share

5. Never start a thread on which there is already an existing thread

6. Try to put updates in your knowledge...some times a cruising spot is no more active and its better to put note that its no more active

7. While sharing cruising spot information, please provide direction correctly with landmark and also the risk or any important information first timer should take care

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Posted On Feb 2, 2023

People need spoon feeding here. They don't want to use their own heads and Google them. They need Google location and also the GPS coordinates at times. And they even expect you to mesage them personally about that place. Come on people use your head and Google the places.

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Posted On Feb 4, 2023

And, a bit irrelevant to this post but applies to all posts. Have some sense to post queries or details about the relevant post instead of spamming the thread with an out of subject post.

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Posted On Feb 21, 2023

everything is in the thread but some people really dont take seconds in proving themselves to be stupid fucks by msging you directly and asking “hey can u tell me which place” ? 🙄

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Posted On Apr 20, 2024

Nice thread. But i always thought LGBTQ ia all about breakin the rules and taste real freedom