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Kishan Ganj Railway Station Bridge Loo

Submitted by UtkarshXXL Location: Delhi (Delhi (NCR), India)

There is a toilet located beneath the Kishan Ganj Railway Station Bridge.

My Experience: I was passing through this bridge during my evening cruise. This restroom is located beneath this bridge. Climb this bridge, and there is an exit to Kishan Ganj station in the centre. To get to the ticket counter, use the staircases. You won't need to go to the counter because this loo is just underneath the the staircase. It was certainly unexpected for me. When I arrived, everything was empty. However, after a few minutes, one man came to pee. He offered me to touch his *** i did he said he want to do so many things but he has to catch this train. 10 min. Later, another guy from Bhatinda arrived and began peeing. He was talking to me while peeing, saying things like "kaha se ho, etc." He appears to be 20 years old to me. I directly asked him if he wanted to have ***. He said no, he only does it with girls, and then he left. But came back in a min. And then he said, bolo kaha karoge. I took him to the secure gated toiled inside. We accomplished a lot. There is a window inside the toilet with a view of the railway tracks. Because this toilet is dark, I can see trains passing by, and this guy is giving me pleasure like a real man. It was a positive experience for me. I'm not sure this location is truly a crossing point. But in just 10 minutes, I found two guys.

Google Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/g9JnsmkFtkjEGFmU6

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Posted On Feb 12, 2023

Hindu rao hospital ke samne jungle ya pahadi ideal h after evening