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Public groping

Submitted by sricbeguy Location: Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu, India)

Public grope : share your experiences if you groped a stranger or a stranger groped you .

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Posted On Sep 6, 2022 - 05:38 AM

Had some experiences in Coimbatore to Tirupur bus mostly service bus at evenings. Some guys approach gently. Some don't. Once there was a middle aged guy who unzipped my pants all of a sudden, I was feared, though the crowd was huge. So I moved away. One other time there was this guy who obviously was drunk, he was pinching my chest often. Most experiences are fun. Some are scary and even more nowadays with cameras.

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Posted On Sep 7, 2022 - 11:53 AM

But be vary of pickpocketers. Always take care of your belongings in such crowds.

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Posted On Sep 14, 2022 - 10:27 AM

Today in the bus i was seating at last seat one old man came . I saw his bludge it was feels to me big. He was old so i ask do you want to seat ? He said it's ok but i asked again said please seat . He sat down on the seat. I gave my bag to him , stand there . One person was seating he said you seat i have to get down next stop . Thankyou i sat down to , first thing after seeting old man asked where you from, and he hold my thye i love it, i say to him slowly do you like me , he says yes asked touch my tool under the bag i put my hand to his *** it was hot and tight. I said if you have place we can make out. He didn't have place but slowly started giving him handjob, and asked him please hold my boobs no need to touch my *** it's so small. He started rubbing my boobs ii was holding his *** it was becoming more more stronger, i love ths

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Posted On Sep 24, 2022 - 09:07 AM

I was groped longtime before at a supermarket and while walking down a busy street .
I was picking up snacks and few groceries my pmo. Had asked at a very popular departmental.store ,one guy aged around late 30s volunteered to help me fill my list in the trolley . He did pick up things quick since he has been working there . When placing the items in the trolley he touched my *** I thought it to be accidental as you all know the distance . It happened for the second time my *** was semi erect I didn't react being a public place . Third time whe. I didn't object he dropped my *** and squeezed it to make it hard and he kept on massaging my groin and *** in the act of placing things in trolley I said him to stop as it's a public place , he said it's Beena long time.for him , I said i will come to ur place he said it's far off and asked if he could *** mine I said okay and went to the toilet and had a good *** from him for 15 minutes . Wonderful experience .

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Posted On Oct 1, 2022 - 01:44 PM

Coimbatore to madurai night bus... two drunk men.. one caught my *** and nonstop playing.. and other with nipples. it was crowded but 3 seater row i had a good time for an hr..

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Posted On Oct 28, 2022 - 10:36 AM

This happened during my college time.. i was traveling from Coimbatore to madurai during some festival time.. so the bus was too crowded. I even waited almost 2 hrs fr a bus.. so i decided to get on any bus to reach madurai.. finally I got on a bus it was too crowded and no place to sit. It was night time around 8-9. So i was upset that i can't sleep. I stood near the back door and a guy was standing real close.. the bus started moving. After sometime they switched off the lights and ppl around me started to sleep in standing itself. I also kind of sleeping. I felt something on my ***. It was the guy behind me. He was rubbing his *** on my ***. It was hard and big. I didn't react. He slowly touched my *** n feeling it. He came closer pressing his ***. I didn't do anything. He touched my hip n feeling the curve n squeezed. He knew I liked it. He patted on the guy who was sitting wer i was standing. He woke up n saw me. He pulled me towards him. The guy behind me also pushed me. The guy who was sitting lifted my tshirt up n started licking my stomach. I was nervous n afraid. I looked around.. all wer sleeping. The guy behind me put his hand inside my pants and other hand to my nipples. This went on for few mins. I was scared like hell and enjoying at the same time. The guy behind me hugged me tightly and started humping my *** while pinching my nipples. The guy who was sitting took my *** out n started ***. I *** in my pants and licked my navel one last time. The guy behind me humped again and he also *** in his pants.

The bus reached bus stand around night 3. I went to use toilet n wanted to wash also. These two also came in n closed the door. They both started licking my nipples and stomach. One guy removed my pants n tried to insert. But he didn't. He started *** and other guy masterbate me. I couldn't stand ther.. my legs wer shaking. The other guy *** on my *** the other guy also came. Then they both washed my *** with water and left. All this happened in 5 mins.

Unforgettable experience.

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Posted On Nov 24, 2022 - 01:59 PM

Happened recently. I travel from Gandhipuram to Tirupur daily at night around 8 to 9.30. This week I got into a bus at bus stand around 9. But was almost empty. I sat at the last right corner seat. One guy came in T shirt and lungi. He sat next to me though the bus was almost empty. He sat in a way that I can see his thighs. Bus started. And he was looking at my eyes frequently. He constantly kept hand in his *** and was rubbing. Later he came close to me. His thigh was rubbing my pant. I didn't move. Then he started moving his hand towards my ***. Luckily I had my bag to hide. He was gently stroking. And when I was about to get down he asked should you go. I had to go. So I didn't reply ☹. I don't think he uses this app. But hope we meet sometime soon as I travel daily from Gandhipuram to Tirupur

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Posted On Jan 4, 2023 - 02:59 PM

When i was travelling in town bus from mettupalayam to gandhipuram. It's around evening 4pm, i got crowded bus. It's not common for me to get touched by other guys. I got my first grouped experience on that day. When i was standing in crowd in middle of the bus. I feel someone hitting me from behind particularly in my ***. Initially that guy was semi hard . After hitting my *** he got more harder. Since the bus was moving very fast and due to rush he is lucky to hit my *** well and even hold his *** in my *** gap for seconds. Being top , i might get away from that place . But that was my first experience in public crowd that made me hard as well. Naturally i got curvy bubble *** and big broad ***. When i turned to see you he was. He was a starnger Hindi guy very rough and strong guy. I just laughed and started enjoying that feel . I just started cooperate to him. After 30minutes , i got my stop. So i was in need to get down😢.
Anyway that's good experience. Looking for next good experience. Lol

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Posted On Jan 18, 2023 - 06:17 PM

I was travelling from banglore to cbe via hindustan travels bus in a sleeper bus in a 2 sleeper.. one college boy was there along with me.. only casual talk initially and in middle of night he approached by rubbing my thigh and reaching out to ***.. since it was new to me, i did not say or do anything.. in few minutes he took the *** out and saw my eyes.. i did not do what to do or to say.. he smiled at me, patting my *** and *** started to grow big.. and he said he did expect a big *** and started to kiss, lick both sides and started *** it.. although i had blowjobs from girls before.. this guy was licking, *** and pleasing me with a passion.. moaning while *** was triggering some wild response with me..in some 10 minutes i shot my biggest load and he swallowed.. still now i didnt speak.. he asked nalla irunthucha.. i said super bro and kissed him in his cheek.. and went back to sleep.. best blowjob and happy sleep.. to the young bro who gave me pleasure, connect with me..