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Lucknow to delhi sleeper bus

Submitted by Lkobtm Location: Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh, India)

This can be really adventurous. *** and *** in moving bus for hours and hours.

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Posted On May 24, 2022 - 11:45 PM

I have experience with manali to Delhi in bus
Me and ma family return from manali at night a hubby top in my near seat. He talk normally as we talk he understands am a sissy boy so until light of he try hard me to take his *** and ask to ***. Am little afraid becoz ma family right front of us but he force to *** his thick not so long ***. I take it sometime and return back i feel too resky he ask to *** but i say noo. Then we all stop somewhere to eat. We enter hotel That time he signel me to come restroom. I tell dad and go to bathroom he get me in a toilet get me on knees take his *** in ***. I *** hard about more than 5min then he get me up and down my pant and put his thick in my hole. He *** so fast and hard i hold my sounds other people using bathrooms. After another 5more minute he cummed on my face a lot of ***. He make sounds when he cumming i pray no one in ma family is inthere. When we come out there is 2 mens looking us and they definitely understand what happened inside toilet. On that time i feel bad but thinking about now is make me hard