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Auda Garden, B/H Shalimar Lakeview, Vaishnodevi Ci

Submitted by bot2use Location: Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India)

Hi, I am observing this garden from past 1 and half year, I go there for walk every night around 8 to 9 Pm, This garden is Huge, It has lawn, There is no light in garden whatsoever, Its so pitch Dark, it has so many trees, I am going there for walk because i want to make sure if anyone come there at night, Because of Darkness Nobody come there at night, Only few people some day come there to have fun means our kind of fun, This place can be heaven for gay cruising, there is no petroling, there is no security, there is nothing to be worried about, just need gays to come there so we can enjoy there, and its as safe as your home, i have checked it i sat there for hours i found nobody ever coming except some our kind of people that too very rare hardly 2 or 3 times. Please Msg me if anyone want to catch up there, We can make this place as main spot for gay cruising in ahmedabad/gandhinagar.. I am giving Code for google maps.. Just add this in search bar of google map and u will get the Location.. 4HQ2+94F Auda Garden. Guys plz help make this place best gay crusing for ahmedabad.

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Posted On Apr 12, 2022 - 10:22 AM

Why do u need to go to Stinky Dirty Toilet when u can have total fun on lawn.

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Kiran 1580
Posted On May 7, 2022 - 11:38 AM

I went there yesterday after 7.30. no one found. But, while passing through, one labour aged about 18 to 20 came to me and asked fir mach box. i replied no than he asked about gutka...tambaku.. I also replied no. Then he come near me and forcible check my pocket of pant. while doing so, he started rubbing my back n said mast hai. I got his intention and we went nearby dark area. I *** his **** for 40 minutes then he cummed. After that, he *** my boobs for 5 minutes. I enjoyed. While *** boobs, he again excited and asked me for ***. I denied. He tarted rubbing his **** with my back and again i *** his ****. But i tired. his **** very hard and take much more time to ***. Afterall enjoyed.

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Posted On May 24, 2022 - 08:17 PM

Guys kisiki wait mat karo waha pe. Waha pe milega koi nahi but koi hai to sath me wah ja ke enjoy kr skte ho.

Point is, place is best for enjoyment but only if you have a partner with you.

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Kiran 1580
Posted On Jun 17, 2022 - 05:00 AM

8 baje garden bandh ho jata hai.