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Fhatak road bhayandar east..

Submitted by Changespot Location: Mumbai - Vasai (Maharashtra, India)

All my gay friends - today, let me introduce to most happening place in Bhayander.....this is a loo which is very happening from afternoon to late night. the best part is there is a Gym nearby which add lots of muscle hunk who visit the place. i met few of them who were in age range of 18 to 30 and had real huge and thick tool. and the best part of this loo is it open all the time - no gates at all and it bit inside and u are safe as u can see far distance from the loo itself so this makes u alert wel in advance and give u good time to settle urself. Location :- Get down at bhayander East and take the exit from the station that is towards mira road. there is a Road named "CABIN ROAD" that takes u to Bhayander Fatak. take a sharing rick to fatak. the road is straight without any turn. now toward the end of the road threr is a turning that takes u to fatak, u can get down there or choose to go ahead and come back to that turning. on ur right side u have paid sauchalaya and outside of sauchalya u have the heaven - where u can *** get ***, *** or get ***. i visit this place in afternoon on saturday and Sunday and in weekday after my office hours. as we have STREAM the call center nearby - we have guys coming from there tooooo.....beware of factory worker as they use this loo too....... hope u enjoy this place

The 2nd way to visit this place for bhayandar west public is one has to go near phatak under ground bridge .. which is near porwal diagnostic cross the bridge Which will take u to bhayandar east one u get out of it go towards ur left there u can see a public loo which not the active one go towards left cross the steal industrial area after crossing that on ur left hand side you can see a big public restroom which is our lucky spot it has a attached pee room which is very active for gay crusing one can go over there and if he got lucky he can find a guy and can take him to the first floor toilet for more fun in the bathrooms.. happy crusing n be safe..

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