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Sleeper bus journey FROM Chennai to anywhere

Submitted by twink4U Location: Chennai (Tamil Nadu, India)

Last four double beds Upper or Lower. Always check that the next one is unoccupied or booked by your preferred gender. For additional signal, wrap a band of any kind on left arm, near the elbow. Good luck !!

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Posted On Jun 12, 2023

Please book any ac sleeper bus last upper or one before the last upper

After COVID this pattern changed

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Posted On Jun 17, 2023

I have been travelling regularly every week between chennai and Bangalore, but had only 2 instances of luck but both were not very exciting.
First time;

. I boarded the bus at koyambedu omni bus stand late last year and loaded the luggage. But my bladder was already full, so I got down to take a leak and my neighbour also stepped down for the same. I was in the inside window side. I was feeling very excited as my neighbour was very sexy. He was deep asleep and wearing very tight jeans. I tried to feel him and he did not object. But he was not erect. I thought he was deep asleep but he was not. I removed his belt., No objections. So i unzipped him and felt his ***, it was semi erect and full of precum which means he was excited about my presence as well. He did not make any moves though. But I clutched his hands and he did not protest. It was a macho rough hand, but I had a hesitation that he might protest. So I withdrew and just masturbated and let it go. But come to think about it, I should have masturbated him. I deeply regret it. He must have got pissed off for sure. If you are reading this please contact me.

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Posted On Jun 17, 2023

Hey fellows! I travel from Chennai to Bangalore (tin factory) via chittoor route every week. I travel by the ksrtc 2151 ac sleeper bus which is comparable to most private AC sleeper buses. I book my tickets last minute so hit my inbox

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Posted On Jun 17, 2023

Me also regular traveller feom chennai to banglore and banglore to chennai .. tonight am travelling to banglore.. anyone ??

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Posted On Jul 3, 2023

I think sometimes unexpected and unplanned travels make u to get the unforgettable experience......This is the one which I experienced last night while travelling from Chennai to Bangalore.......I was about to return to Bangalore by Tuesday night...but some situations made me to be there by Monday morning itself.....me and one of my friend where about to travel together since it was a last minute plan we were not able to book tickets........we directly went to CMBT and planned to get a AC sleeper..... unfortunately we were not able to get sleeper and we got AC semi-sleeper and we also didn't get seats together...one seat was in the last window corner and other in the front near conductor seat......so we took the bus....my friend took the front seat and I took the last ......we thought exchange seat with the person next to me but he denied....the other passenger was about to board on poonamalle .....so till that time my friend was seated there and I sitting next to him...the copassenger was moved to the window seat..........since I travelled with my friend I didn't think about noticing any hot guys in the bus.....we were chatting and bus reached poonamalle.......and here comes the part.......the guy who was about to sit next to me came.....the moment I saw him I was awestruck......blood starting rushing through my nerves like anything and I was literally ***......my *** was almost erect........the guy came with a Jean and black tees.....wheatish with trimmed beard and moush.......dark eyebrows with sharp eyes.....little chubby......like having a good amount of flesh (i e I like guys with good amount flesh which makes me high with a hug).....he was having two bags and my friend asked him can he exchange the seat and go to the front.....(I was thinking he should deny and he should sit next to me) and I t happened he denied politely telling he wants to keep his luggages here it would be much safe and my friend moved to the front seat....this guy took the seat next to me...........

He took his seat....kept luggages and made him comfortable and made a smile at me....I was just drooling watching over his ***......and I just nodded back.....then he started to look into his phone....and I turned towards his side and siting him and also was looking into my phone....after sometime he took his earphones....and here I got a idea...I turned on my Bluetooth in my phone and was searching for new device....it showed a earphones...with fingures Crossed I connected my phone with that...he checked his phone and restarted the earphones....this time it got connected automatically in my device...by the mean time i open *** in my phone and started playing....

I could notice that it was connected to his earphones....first he kept in his ear and started laughing silently.......then he removed again within a minute he kept back in his ears....now I thought of putting a trum card and played a gay ***... again he was laughing I couldn't understand whether he liked or taking it as a fun.....I kept on playing it and I started rubbing over my pant...I wanted Him to note that...and he saw that....I was not wearing any under wear just a loose track pant and my *** was clearly visible over my tracks.....and he noticed that...I started sitting straight and still the *** was going and he was hearing that....now he turned and I was just looking at him he was staring at my *** ......and I was not sure whether he did it intentionally or not......then I thought of taking my earphones and see if there is any chance for me to get connected with his device.....I kept my earphones in ears and was just waiting....it was connected to a device.....and I was waiting to hear something.....but something started playing it was a song....(from padayappa en Peru padayappa)....I was mood off....I expected something big and it was a normal song .....I just didn't mind anything and was hearing and suddenly the song was cut in the middle....now the next song came (thee pidika thee pidika)....I don't know whether he played it intentionally or not.....I took a chance and turned towards his side.....and I also played the same song in my phone.....he was again laughing after a minute he just called me and said I think my device is connected in urs and urs in mine .....I acted like as if I don't know anything I checked and I told oh sorry.....and disconnected his device.....it was a signal or great disappointment I don't know.....I thought everything done and turned off my earphones....and started to sleep but I couldn't....once in a while I was staring at him.....

But there was no sign of any signal....then came the good thing the bus was stopped for tea....I was waiting for him to get down so that I can follow him back and he started.....he was heading to the washroom and I followed him.....he was in one of the urinal in the corner.... I went next to the urinal next to him......I thought this is the time for me to approach....my *** was completely erected and I was slowly jerking....front and back.....and I was staring at his ***......it was thick black ***..... partially erect with showing a part of the glans out.... usually I never used to *** *** ..but sometimes I get tempted with some and this was one among them ....my *** was completely erect and I was feeling like to make a *** shot.....he casually turned his face towards my side and stared at my *** and I was staring at his....when I noticed he was staring at mine I looked over his face directly...he looked at me.....with all the courage I just pointed my face towards my *** and jerked and showed him.....he smiled back and he also jerked and showed his ***.....now it was completely erect and I could see the glans out completely a good thick *** it was.....

It was already time for the bus and we returned to the bus.....we both went together and started a small chat while going......a normal casual chat.....which I always used to make to make the person comfortable....we went in our seats .....then bus started I took my earphones and now it got connected automatically in his phone .....and there he played the ***....I looked at him he turned his phone and showed it was a bi ***......I gave the other earphones to him and we started watching together.......my *** was protruding out of my tracks and his *** was out from his pant as he kept his zip open....I stopped looking at the ***....just confirmed no one looking at us.....since it was a sleeper and seater...we were covered in a corner that no one could notice expect the front and side seat...but both of them were sleeping....I made a move and took hold of his huge thick *** in my hand......he started to put his hands inside my shirt and started to pinch my nipples and was I was shaking his manhood and enjoying..... another step a head I moved and started to lay over his lap and smelled his manhood....omg I was out of heaven it was a *** odour without any bad smell in it.....I couldn't control and I put my *** over it and started ***.....he was completely hyper and took my *** in his hand and started shaking.....I asked him to *** mine and he started to take the juice out of mine......then we started lip lock and I *** his nipples....and smooch over his smooth stomach.....his body was hot little chubby with good boobs and a well shaped tummy an smooth without hair.....since I'm hairy I like smooth bodies ......his nipple was bigger than usual with a good sized button like nipple .....these things went on for sometime and we thought to finish it off ... . I *** his and he almost reached climax he told me to stop it and he started *** mine....I asked him can I *** inside his ***.... first he hesitated....and I also agreed and told him will take out while Cumming......he was *** mine and I was jerking his ***.....he was near. Climax and almost reached and pulled his head aside but he didn't take his head out ......he cummed out first....my hands were completely covered with his ***....his pant was almost drenched with the huge shot and I ejaculated inside his *** he took everything completely in his *** and liplocked me which I never expected......and yes I was having my own *** in my *** and it was good actually and I just took inside........now when thinking about that I feel a disgust.....but at that moment it was really good and...yess it was a great experience...we shared our numbers.....and since it was a AC bus there was a slight smell of *** inside....since everyone was in sleep no one noticed.....this was the unexpected and best experience ever ......

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Posted On Jul 8, 2023

@Abz - single bed no chance. But you can put the bus name on your Gr profile so that maybe someone inside is online. You can also try getting into conversation with other passengers and see how it goes. Lots of work to be done. Enjoy !

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Posted On Jul 11, 2023

Always sudden surprise in *** is more thrilling then anything else. Last week while going to dhindugal from pondy almost the sleeper bus was empty . Around 6 people especially No one was there in thr last . I was asusual in my Last before upper and nobody was there next. When I was climbing up I saw same side single coach was.occcuapied by one naatukattai. Then went inside and closed my curtain. Suddenly I saw the opp guy was playing with his *** I thought it was unintentional so what did just try opend my curtain and started watching bittu movie . He also slowly he also started watching since Knowbody was there in the back i opend curtain and he was watching and playing. I started chit chatting wirh him . He said going to dhindugal. I told him come this side nobody was there. Then he jumped from single to double and closed the curtain nice fellow had 10 mins session when I tried to touch his gum came. I was little disappointed can't expect more. But still his body was superb nattukattai nippl was awesome. I enjoyed fully .

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Posted On Aug 7, 2023

now I'm traveling to Coimbatore from chennai. i did mutual *** with stranger passenger. 🙈 it's my first time nice fun

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Posted On Aug 11, 2023

Guys, I’m registering my yesterdays experience in Blr to Chn Vande bharat express here as I don’t see specific forum for train exp. I’m a dusky rugged *** guy wit bubble *** (as u can c in my dp) n thick cut ***. Was waiting in platform for d train. Another fit weatish guy in boxers n zip jerkin passed by me. Then came n stood next to me while talking yo his friend who is also traveling with him. He loudly said he is c3 and I was in c2. We exchanged looks n both of us pressed our *** while looking ..not at same time. I was confused as he didn’t look directly at me or *** wen I looked. N he was also a bit rugged with beard. You know approaching guys in midst of his friends is difficult. So train cane n I went into my bogie. After 15-20 min of train starting I saw him walking in my bogie from 1 end to other twice. I stood up n followed him near d door.. we were standing thr pretending to be browsing in mobile in opposite side doors.. occasionally now n then I started pressing my ***.. as I was in tracks with no underwear inside 😉😃. Then I went into the loo which was very clean n spacious n looked at him keeping the door half shut..he also looked n then I nodded d head..tats all. Game started. He came in n we locked d door.
To my surprise he also not wearing underwear as he was already in boxers only. Medium thick *** n smooth tight thighs and round ***. I went crazy..we hugged kissed *** each other n rimmed each other n shagged 😃. Never expected this experience in train that in first 30 min of train starting..wow..

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Posted On Aug 15, 2023

Hi guysss.. please share your (s)experiences in sleeper buses. It is ok even if it is an old one.. would allow us to get excited dears

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Posted On Sep 8, 2023

Today early morning missed the opportunity in m*j*t bus , I have missed my night train yesterday and boarded sleeper bus and no fun in that, while dropping near trichy, one sexy hunk boarded the bus in toll with t-shirt and lower. While I am waiting for my stop, he is looking for charger and check with the bus operators like it’s not charging and go to his sleeper berth like always next to last upper berth even though he is having free single berth. I tried to built up conversations like asking charger is working and all, he said no and complained and asked me where u r going and i said i am going to drop in next stop, I asked him where he is going , he said he is going to madu*rai , I asked charger irukka, he said yes and I left since my stop came, sexy is also looking for me if I am going to travel, he is a nice aged hunk, *** I have missed the sexy opportunity, if he was on the bus next to me some time back we could have Sema fun.

Sexy if u r here and reading this come to my inbox we can have fun, u r traveling Madurai and I dropped near trichy.

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Posted On Sep 12, 2023

Yesterday my travel asusual with RM night 9.45 and my naighbour was hot guy he gave maximum signal yesterday night like closing curtain removed his shirt button , removed his pants button etc. How ever resent past experience people mentioned herr I was little hesitate to approach him .however I tried but he was not supportive then I thought why should I get bad impression . Chennai to cuddalore was my route. Any luck that guy is herr ? Reading this?

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Posted On Sep 17, 2023

Last to last week when traveling from mdu to chn I boarded last berth and next to me a lean 45+ aged guy came full Disappointed.. But still wanna try his touch. He seems too straight

I was wearing shorts too short. And i turned the side showing my hump..

After 3 hrs I was acting asleep, and felt his hand touching my bumps and squeezing

He was doing that for continuous 2 hours and took his hand inside my shoulder and touching my nipple

Did this thadavals and he not crossed aftr that

Got into the stop and got down at tambaram

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Posted On Sep 21, 2023

It happened day before yesterday, on my tavel to bangalore from madurai. I boarded late and found a passenger next to my birth. I couldn't see his face fully covered with blanket. As the bus moved, suddenly he came closer and again suddenly a leg on me. It started, i had a good hourse ride on him. What a big but to try then i removed his undees had another ride hard. Man he cooperated and enjoyed.

Good trip after a long gap of years. Not always it happens but it happened tgis time.

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Posted On Sep 27, 2023

It happened for me @last journey. I planned to go Chennai from Coimbatore and was checking the seats in redbus. There was
a last before upper window sleeper was available. Next seat was already booked by someone. So, I got the signal and booked the window seat. And boarded bus @ 11.30pm that guy boarded in the Coimbatore palakkad bypass. Was eagerly awaited to see him. He was around early 40s average guy and not my type. So I didn't think much and didn't show any interest on him and started watching mobile. Around 1.00am I started sleeping and then he started his action. He slowly came near to me and touched my legs by his leg. at that time I woke up and didn't react for any of his moves...
And. He boldly started putting his hands on my hip and started doing cuddling but I don't have any interest on him. I openly said sorry pls don't disturb. He asked pls pls pls.... Strictly I said no pls don't disturb. He understood and left. I started sleeping again.
Overall that was a boring journey....

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Posted On Oct 4, 2023


Travel experiences are the best experiences :
I went to Hyderabad few days back... nothing happened while going and I was tired so slept. I had a 2 days stay at my friends place and hoped to get someone there... No luck :-)
But...... while coming back I took Charminar express to Tambaram and got upper birth took some food and slept as I had good rest full day I was not feeling sleepy and as I was feeling bored I was getting down at stations. My Opposite side upper birth was empty.
When I got down at Warangal it was around 8:30 PM. Train got few min late, just before the train was about to start a guy came running with heavy luggages at least 4 one on back 2 suitcases and one big handbag it was about 23/24 years old. I noticed him struggling to catch the train with that luggage and he was trying to get into the same door where I was standing best is that train horn blew and he was tensed… he asked for help and I also got down took his one luggage and put it in train he entered the train with his back pack and his big handbag was still outside with me and train started. I had to do a little fast walk along with his luggage and got into the train with some difficulty.
He was a fair young guy good built soft voice and good looks :-) I wished he should accommodate the upper birth opposite to me and asked him his seat so I could help hm take his luggage to his seat and he directly went to the same compartment and started settling down at lower birth. Hard luck he thanked me and was getting flat on his lower birth. I am sure he would have noticed my lusty looks as I was admiring his little bulge, his ***, his cute face etc etc… :-)
I went on my birth and started *** and gradually started feeling sleepy and dozed off for sometime.
Suddenly I work up and I was super excited to see the guy on my opposite side upper birth… I was like… wow :-) when I looked down I saw a old lady sleeping and I understood what would have happened.
All lights were off by then and night lights was on but It was enough for me to look at the the guy and admire him while he was sleeping… He may not have realised that I have woken up and admiring him.
I saw his hand moving and noticed his one had was in his pant and he is slowly shaking I saw it for sometime and my c**k also became semi erect I also inserted my hand and started touching my parts. It went on for sometime and he noticed me doing the same. Almost, everyone was slept I wanted to ask him his interest and try with him. I just wanted to wait for some more time. But, looks like he was feeling more hot than me as he extended his hand and directly caught hold of my c**k on my pants. I was shocked and took his hand off from me and looked around if someone was looking and asked him what he likes. He asked me to come to the bathroom after him and I followed him after 2 min. He kept his bathroom door open. As soon as I entered he closed the bathroom, removed his pants and bent down showing his *** towards me.
I became super excited, lowered my pants and started the game of F**K.
I really wanted to have some foreplay before doing it but, even that was okay in few min I wanted to release outside But, he caught hold of my hip and indicated me to release it inside and I was happy to do it and left every drop inside.
The minute I removed my c**k from his *** he turned towards me and caught hold of me and asked me if he can clean me I said I am all yours and he put some water and cleaned my c**k and started licking it and su**ing it in a very soft way. Even after releasing it once and feeling little painful I allowed him as he was gentle. In few min I was erecting again and he su**ed me for don’t know how much time… may be 1 hour best was the bathroom was clean and no bad smell so the entire activity was nice.
After sometime, I asked him to clean his *** and smooched him for sometime su**ed his boobs played with his body and kissed his lean hips, pressed his soft butt and played with him for another 1 hour.
No one disturbed us for such a long time… we were tired and came outside. There was one lady who wanted to use the bathroom was outside, looked at us and smiled at us we looked at each other and smiled at her and went to our birth’s and slept. When I woke up it was morning and the guy was still asleep. When he woke-up I asked him if he would like to try again but, he started showing attitude and behaving as if I am troubling him.
I kept looking at him and touching my *** from upper birth but, he got down at egmore and did not even look at me before getting down. I Loved the fun part but, morning I started hating him due to his attitude.

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Posted On Oct 8, 2023

Well guys, sharing my last night hot experience in BLR-CHN sleeper bus 😉😃. Unusually this time I got seduced 😉😃😎 As usual I’ve booked last but second upper and waited for my neighbor to board till electronic city..but nobody boarded. A bearded late 20s rugged toned guy boarded in Hosur wearing jeans. I thought to myself tonight it’s not gonna be wat I expected to. Somehow I didn’t get sleep till rest stop @ 12 midnight. I went to pee and climbed back. Was watching straight *** in mobile for a bit and then got bored and lied down with face up. I was about to sleep suddenly I felt a hand near my thighs. The fingers weren’t idle😉.. he caressed my thighs with his fingers a bit to check my reaction. But I was already hard as soon he started d play, which he felt only after he slowly walked with fingers on my thigh to crotch 😃. I kept hands on forehead closing my eyes and wanted to feel how it is to be seduced for a change 😃. He kept his forefinger on my *** n started measuring from top to bottom with his finger..as he does this my *** was getting full 7in hard..he then kept his whole palm on my *** n started rubbing tip (mine is cut) to balls..now my *** was jumping 😃😉. He understood the signal n slid his hands into my blanket n then into my track..as usual I didn’t wear any undie😬😜. He held my *** firmly in his hand n I got d jerk reaction as I couldn’t lie idle 😀.. he then caressed my balls n pubic hairs n rubbed the sensitive tip with all his 5 fingers n palm..I was jumping n lifted my *** up as if he is going to take it in his ***. He seemed like a top and behaved so..then in another hands he started rubbing my navel while holding n shagging my ***..my precum started oozing wetting my track..tats it..I couldn’t control..I turned to him n lowered my track n his pants n started pushing him to me. Told him wat took him so long n wat made him to make a move after 2 hours. He said it’s cold n I’m restless which means I need to be warmed up😀. Well then we lowered our pants fully n started d play..I became more mad n *** wen he complimented my *** as it’s like a thick wood and if girls get *** by this they will b dead 😃🤣..his *** was also equally hard n uncut. After few cuddling asked him wat to do. He wanted to *** which I said I’m also bi and can’t get ***. But can ***. We *** each other. N then he humped me by climbing on my back n put saliva In between my thighs n started pounding. After few mins he shot his load taking it away on himself..I then dry jumped him n released..today’s story ends..eagerly waiting for tonight’s return travel exp😀

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Posted On Nov 13, 2023

Guys add your bus journey stories more..
Would love to read stories and live experiences...
Instead of just putting travel plans, come up with your experiences, would be much appreciated 🙂

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Posted On Nov 17, 2023

Careful with the user twink4eva..planned a trip , booked tickets and finally abscond at the last minute.. ruining meets and calms down at the last minute.. if at all we ask why and what is the reason for bluffing. He would don't over react and good night.. anyways it's always better not to meet someone who does not even have guts to talk and cheap mindset of bluffing

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Posted On Nov 21, 2023

Saturday night I travelled to chennai in the route Pollachi udumalpet Palani dgl Trichy. As usual I booked upper last before seat and was keep checking if the beside seat is filled or not. And was disappointed to see if it was not booked. To my surprise when I boarded a bus, I have seen the curtains closed and a guy was sleeping in the window seat. I went up and tried to see the guy through the curtain( this bus has a curtain to separate double bed) and a sexy mallu guy. Normally I don't seduce much in order to avoid back fire. So once I settled I slightly put my fingers inside the curtain and could sense his fingers also touching mine. But there was no positive moves. So I kept quite. And tried to touch his legs with mine. There was no bad reaction and no positive reactions too.. so I didn't try anything beyond and slept. After the 2nd rest stop I got heavy mood and wanted to try my luck. So I slowly put my hand near his hip and slowly touched and he didn't resist. His tshirt was little up and my fingers were directly touching his body. He didn't resist So I moved my fingers slowly up and no bad reactions. So I took that as a positive sign and put my hand on his stomach and smooched and touched his ***, it was fully erected. Wat a smooth body he has got . I played well with his stomach chest and he also responded.it happened around 5.30 AM.. so we couldn't do much. Just soft fun and we both played each other's ***. In so many years , this is the first time I seduced and enjoyed in sleeper bus.

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Posted On Nov 27, 2023

Aft long gap yesterday night had nice fun in the bus. Asusual i was towards chidambaram towards pondy and my seat also last before upper. When i boarded nobody was there and it was raining slightly and my expectations was zero because almost 4 to 5 months nothing happen and literally most of the time i was alone in thr double bed . Suddenly some one got it in thirvanmyur. When he entered we had eye contact i thought it was normal and he was settling and first thing he did his adjested the curtain completly to close , still i didnt felt anything i was sleeping towards window. Saw him in light he is smart young guy must be aroun less than 26. Aft ligh off i was feeling somethig hitting on my back . When i turned he was also sleeping same position hitting my a…. S. Aft some time i tured orher side started touching then the game begain oh nice body had nice forplay and not small *** still kind of big and had nice fun for 30 mins and slept. no converstion in between. I knkw he will be here for sure . Thanks budy for your wonderful time. I enjoyed fully hope u tooo???

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Posted On Dec 10, 2023

Any tips for booking seat in sleeper bus? I am trying increase my success rate 😂

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Posted On Dec 10, 2023

@chennaicruising, if 45+ aged guys are there near you, it's easy to seduce.. But wont be interesting 50% will be luck if they are village kattai and uncles around that age..

All my try towards in that age group was success.. 😜

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Posted On Dec 16, 2023

I don’t know what to say about my experience, last month I was travelled from Chennai to Tirunelveli and as usual I booked a upper berth . I boarded and I was looking for my Co passenger. Saw a guy who was standing outside and he looks damn hot. He looks fit and seems like athlete. He wore a shorts and t shirt and talking over a phone. Now my tool is half erected and I was standing near him and watching his body parts. I was praying that he should be my co passenger. After few minutes he went inside the bus and I was looking from outside. My bad he booked a single berth just next to my double berth. My seat is not filled when the bus started. I was simply watching him and he is again talking to someone. After sometime the bus helper guy came and I asked is my near berth is booked or not. He said this is for us and the driver will sleep here. I was upset and saying myself like today is not my day. I’m just watching him for sometime and started watching insta reels. That guy is now watching something in his I just got down from the berth and standing behind his berth for sometime. He is watching his Instagram and adding a story. I saw his insta account name and searched and found. His dp is half naked ( shirtless pic) it is damn hot and it is private account. So I planned to give request later. By the time bus reached peeungulator. One lady boarded with a girl kid and she is taking with the helper guy, seems like she is looking for a seat. She is discussing for a long time and after sometime the guy came to that sext guy and asked is he can shift to near seat which is my next Berth 😂😂😂😂 I was like oooooo happy a lot. He asked why and said can’t and that lady came and asked and he agreed half mind. He moved to my deck now ❤️❤️ wow wow. I tried to talk but he is kind of not in a mood. He immediately reduced the AC and didn’t used the blanket and kept it under his bed and started using his mobile. I was happy inside and planning for how to seduce him 😂😂😂. Time is around 11.30 and he started sleeping and I can see his body since he not covered with blanket. His short is kind of fit so his zip side was bit bigger. Now I also went to sleep mode try to stay close to him. Lights are switched off and it’s almost dark witg very little light. I’m not exaggerating to be frank he is damn hot and sexy. I was thinking like have to correct to this guy at any cost. He is sleeping by facing the sealing and he don’t turned here and there seems like he is in a complete sleep. I don’t know how to start as I have so much fear inside. After sometime He turned my side and sleeping I just kept my hand near to his crotch area. Slowly I touched his zip side and touching on and off. No improvement his *** is not erected. I really don’t know what to do but when I see him I couldn’t resist. Again he turned and with courage I kept my hand near over his stomach and there is no objection and slowly moved my hand to near his ***. He is in a deep sleep his phone is vibrating and he didn’t hear that. I just took off my hand and waiting for sometime. Again I kept my hand directly over his *** area and started pressing lil bit on and off. No reaction and it’s still not erected. So with courage again I kept my hand over his *** and pretending like sleeping. I can feel his *** since his short is a sport material and I can feel his *** but it is not erected 😌. By this time I pre cummed so much and about to come if keep my hand for few more minutes. I pressed my hand lil bit pressure and pressed and kept my hand as it as. He awake and saw removed my hand and turned the other side and sleep and he didn’t turned this side after that. I was not at all sleeping and waiting for him to turn my side. The passes like this and around 4.30 am he turned and by the time he is in deep sleep and saw his *** is semi erected, its a early morning mood I think and I was like yummy 😋 and started ready for my action . Again I thought of keeping my hand with all my courage. I pretending like sleeping and started placed my hand over his ***. OMG it’s a awesome feel ❤️❤️ he immediately said bro can you sleep in ur area and don’t disturb and turned the other side 😌😌😌😌. After that he didn’t turned back. It’s been a month still I like him, I have his insta id but thinking to give request, definitely he will not accept my request. Any idea guys what to do ??

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Posted On Dec 17, 2023

@bharathi, if that person wasn't interested, you shouldn't have disturbed him.

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Posted On Dec 17, 2023

Advancing on someone who didn’t show any interest is molesting. If this happens between men and women, it’s a punishable crime.

LGBT guys should also learn 🤦🏻

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Posted On Dec 24, 2023

Around 3 months back... I went to coimbatore by train to Isha and while returning my waitlisted ticket did not get confirmed so I went to private bus-stand started asking if there is any sleeper seat available in middle or front as I get vomitting sensation at the back. Most had last seats so I did not board them finally one of them had one seat upper-birth just next to a young guy (by the way I am average looking above 40 versitile and like young guys).
I was tired and as soon as I got on my bed. While I was lying I changed cloths... First removed my shirt and wore t-shirt and gave a look at the guy he was looking a bit excited... May be he wanted to see more... I smiled and he started looking outside the window and started speaking to someone on phone.
I took a towel and while lying i removed my pant along with my underwear... My towel also moved exposing my parts and the guy started stammering and blabbering on phone... Then I hid my parts with towel and with my underwear wiped my holes (front and back) as they were Little swety then wrapped in a plastic and packed in my bag.
Then took out my shorts and wore it and again my towel slipped and this time he was just silent... I did not look at him but I am sure he was giving a keen look at what was under the towel. I casually wore my shorts and did not put the zip... Packed my towel... Informed my family I got bus and traveling safe, put my mobile on mute and covered myself with bedsheet and went to sleep.
When I woke-up at around 10 PM as the bus stopped for dinner... I noticed my tool including the balls hanging out of my unzipped shorts but I was covered in my bedsheet. I looked at the guy he was looking at his mobile and I casually put them back in my shorts and went out to pee and came back... I did not realise what happened as I was very tired and was in deep sleep... But, now I got some rest and had some snacks so some energy to keep awake for sometime.
Bus started and I pretended to sleep and the guy also started lying but he pushed his butt towards me totally from his side to half of mine... I did not react to it and continued pretending to sleep straight looking up.
After sometime, I turned towards him while his butt was on my side and my tool was hitting his butt and gradually errecting... I kept my hand on his hip above his bedsheet as if I kept it while sleeping... He suddenly removed my hands and while turning the other side put his bedsheet on me... Now I had my bedsheet on and I was also in his bedsheet... I was silent and with the movement of bus my tool was hitting his back and difficult for me to control but I did not react.
He suddenly started moving and after few seconds again pushed his butt towards me... This time it was odd and when I touched his hip his cloths were missing under his bedsheet... As soon as I touched him... He asked me are you waiting for something more as if he was reading my mind all the while... I removed my bedsheet, lowered my shorts and pulled my t-shirt upward and in his bedsheet I hugged him.
He made a sound "isssshhhhh" and then turned towards me we kissed a bit and kissed my tool did not *** it tough and he turned again but I pushed him a bit more so he is up-side-down and I climbed on his back and slowly inserted.
We enjoyed for around 20 min and I released inside him and while I wanted to take it out... He said "let's sleep like this, don't remove it from my hole".
We slept side by side... My tool became small and automatically came out but I kept hugging him.
By around 3AM I woke up and also wake him so we can wear our dress... He woke-up and caught hold of my tool and played with it for sometime and then we slept... He insisted that he want to keep holding my tool while he sleep so I kept my zip open after wearing my shorts.
I got down at Tambaram at around 6am and he went-on. While I was leaving before I opened the curtains... He kissed my tool for one last time before I zipped it in my shorts and I left. Without asking his name or any other details about him. Nor I told anything about myself.
But, It will remain in my memory for a very long time.

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Posted On Dec 27, 2023

I want to share my recent experience of my sleeper bus travel from Chennai to my hometown. I booked Vetr* travels on 22nd Dec, Last but one upper double. My next seat was not booked by anyone. I was happy to have the whole place to myself. I settled in my seat. No one came to my next seat, even though bus drove out of the city. I slept and at around 3 in the morning, my bus stopped for break. I went to washroom and came back and started to sleep. After some time someone woke me up. It was a substitute driver who asked me to sleep in my adjacent empty seat and he would sleep next to me. I was in half sleep and then move to the next seat and slept. He too climbed up and covered hume fully in a blanket and started to sleep. After some time his body touched my body and suddenly woke up. He was sleeping very close to me. I thought to ignore it. He moved aside. After few minutes he again came so close to me. He then put his leg on my thighs and I felt it moving towards my crotch. He then landed on my ***. I was already semi. I then move my hands to his chest and pressed it. He put his hand on my *** and started to squeeze it. I then saw him clearly. He was a karuppu naatukattai with good beard and body hair, just the things I like. I then pulled him for a kiss and kissed him madly. I pushed him down to my ***. He removed my shorts and Licked my *** over my underwear. Then he pulled out my *** and started to *** it madly. He was amazing in blowing. He blowed for 15 mins and I was about to ***. He blowed me faster and drank my ***. Next I removed his shirt and started to lick his body and his beautiful nipples. I again became hard. He asked me to *** him. I told I didn't have condom. He took one condom from his packet and gave to me. He also told to keep the window screen open, since he is an exhibitionist. I opened and he lied down near window and I started to penermtrate him. Though the position was not much comfortable, I was super excited and *** to *** one inside the bus with no screen on window. Since I came once already, I *** hime for a long time and came very late. Later we hugged and slept. It was a wonderful experience.

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Posted On Jan 4, 2024

Recently had an experience from Chennai to my hometown on Dec 15 night bus. Jayavilas. My seat was booked by my cousin so I couldn't book the last two double seat in sleeper. He booked single sleeper. I was sooo disappointed. Wen I looked in app, only one seat was booked and i was 50% Sure there is possibility. wen I boarded I saw someone already lying in that seat. I tried to see him but screen was mostly closed. I lied down in my seat. After sometime I saw his screen move n he was sitting. I opened my screen n looked at him. He also looked at me. Somewhat positive signal came. I saw the last four berths are empty. The bus stopped for break. After break I tried to give positive signal to him. He also showed some hints. I asked the bus guy whether can I sleep in the last double berth if it is empty. He said it's empty and I can if I want. I was little excited. I waited till the lights went off. The guy was looking at me in the screen gap. I opened the screen fully n stretched to show my navel n hip to seduce him. He was staring at me. I got up n made sure all r slept. I went near his berth n whispered 'last seat ku va'. Then I climbed to last berth n kept my bag. I was waiting. Waiting.. waiting... No response from him. I thought ok it's a misfire n didn't wanna risk more. So I slept. Around 3 am I heard the screen opening. I slowly opened my eyes I was facing window n sleeping. It felt like someone is touching my hip from below. I didn't move . He kept touching my back through a little gap of my tshirt. I didn't know who it was. Whether the guy who was in the nearby berth or the bus guy who gave permission to sleep there. I was excited. I slowly moved. He took away his hand. I lifted my tshirt more. He grabbed my hip n squeezed. That was positive signal. He suddenly climbed the berth n closed all curtains. He was in full force. He lifted my tshirt fully n squeezed all over. Pinched my nipples n twisted. I moaned. He covered my *** n removed my pants fully. I was naked with my tshirt lifted upto neck. He turned me forcefully n made me *** his ***. I licked n *** all over. I tried to breath but he again forced me. I tried to catch my breath. I pushed him n tried to take a break. But he turned me stretching my ***. He was going to insert. I thought of saying no, not without protection. But he inserted suddenly. It was shock to me. He started to *** me pinching both my nipples from behind. It was soooo good I started to moan loudly. He started to twist both my nipples n kept ***. Then suddenly he came in my ***. I tried to have fun but he pushed me n lifted his pants n got down. I lied there naked with his *** dripping from my ***. I wiped with a tissue I had. I was little disgusted and used. I didn't wanna ask him anything. I jus slept.

Though it was a nice experience I couldn't enjoy completely. If u r here in this site reading, text me. We can continue n finish wat we started. It felt incomplete. I want more.

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Posted On Jan 13, 2024

I'm in my 40s . I travel frequently between Bangalore to madurai. Most of the time I book the last but one upper berth. I was lucky only few times. I'm 6 fret, and fit guy. November 2023, I took intercity smart bus from Madurai. One young boy around 20 yrs boarded and his father came up-to his seat and said goodbye to him. I felt bad as he was too young. There was a curtain inbetween. So I started sleeping. After one hour, I could feel his *** coming towards me while bus was moving. I started to touch his *** slightly and he came further closer .i started rubbing my 7 inch *** on his ***. He was enjoying and pressing his *** on me. I then went close, tightly hugged him, .he kept silent, I squeezed his breast. It was soft and I believe he is a northie. I took my *** out and *** his *** nicely. Jerked in him as I was too much excited to have a feminine young boy.
He then started watching his mobile. I moved to other side and slept. the whole week I felt his ***. Wow, I could have made him to *** my ***. Missed it

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Posted On Jan 17, 2024

I had a crazy night last Sunday. I was travelling from Chennai to Native in sleeper bus. Weared a T-shirt and shorts for the travel. Seems he is a college student, near my birth. I acted like sleeping , lifting my T-shirt and shorts little bit up so that he could initiate the play. But for the next 30 minutes there were no plays, he simply closed the sheet. I understood nothing is gonna happen and started using my mobile. Suddenly that guy moved his bedsheet, I could see his one side hand and little hip. I was not really sure whether to proceed actions. Suddenly could see bedsheet moved again. With little excitement touch his hand, there were no reluctant. Moved my hand slowly and touched his hip. Could hear some noise. With boldness just started moving my hands in his hip. In a minute he removed his bedsheet and said this is his first time and this is enough. I pleaded him for atleast some hip and nipple touch. He agreed to it and closed his eyes. Then you know what happened, ya made him agree to many things one after one and he was my play. We shared our telegram ID and having fun.

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Posted On Jan 17, 2024

I tried many times between Madurai to Chennai. But one time only had a luck with a middle aged man. He gave his *** to my *** and inserted between my hungry boobs. He shocked to touch and see I got no *** that is very very small. I have him a blow job then

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Posted On Jan 21, 2024

First travel it was awsome!! Only worry was wasted my 2 hours journey and enjoyed in the last movement!! I know he will be here dark guy look like verstile B. Nice nipple he has . I really enjoyed ? However u buddy? Chennai to pondy was the route

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Posted On Jan 24, 2024

Would like to share my last experience...
It was 2 months ago. Chennai to Madurai. I always like malli guys... And also like Madurai boys, I'm from Coimbatore but I like Madurai boys a lot.. They are very smart always.....
So, my long wish is to travel in a sleeper bus to Madurai by seducing a guy... So, that wish happened @last journey. J wanted to go tenkasi from Chennai. So I booked a sleeper bus to Madurai. Same last before upper double berth. Aa..a travels it's an AC sleeper. That was a rainy day in Chennai. I booked a bus from tambaram. I was waiting for so long time... The bus boarding time was 9.30pm and it reached around 12.45am....
And I boarded bus @ late night and got the seat. A full surprise to me, my next seat was occupied by a young naatu kattai. He's around 25 to 27years old. Perfect structure brownish color the most handsome guy.. He wear orange T-shirt and dark grey cotton track pant. Such a lovely.... I didn't talk to him he was so silent. I was started watching mobile. Already it's late night. He slept and I was enjoying him a lot by seeing his structure.. I didn't touch him at all. I just looking at him body for more than an hr... My likes are not being a top or btm or vers... As I mentioned in my prev experiences, I only like soft body plays, foreplay, seducing, touching, etc etc....
I don't like full ana l. Likewise, I did here the same. He slept by showing his back to me. After 2o clock I started touching his back and gently I rubbed his back with my fingers. I think he knows it. And I went very close to him and made my tool touching his back. I noticed that he already woke up with my touch... But he didn't refuse.. He also enjoying my touches... And suddenly he wake up and doing something in his mobile. I was scared little bit.. Thought he is sending messages to someone about me and my moves. I was little bit afraid of touching again... But still, he purposely came closer to me with the same position showing his back to me... I was surprised and also got confused... I don't know what to do... For some time I didn't do anything, and he wantedly came closer to me and made his back touching.. And I asked him shall I put my hand on you.. He said hhaann OK.. Then I tightly hugged him and did foreplay for hours and finally went did mutual handshake and released a load of thick juice each other.. And cleaned up and slept around 5.30am... Awesome experience for me....
Luv you so much❤❤😍😍

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Posted On Feb 23, 2024

Anyone travel from trichy/ Dindigul to Chennai on Monday night 26.2.24?

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