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Why are majority of gays in India bottoms?

Submitted by Womaninmanbody Location: All India (All India, India)

As per my observation majority of gays in India like to be on the recieving end rather than being the giver. Is it because of low testosterone amongst Indian men in general or something else? Why do majority of Indian gays like to be bottoms?

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Posted On Jun 18, 2024

@Sourav123 you seem to be the biggest joke and hypocrite of the community. What do you mean what is attractive in hairy men? Each have their own preference. In gay ***, a guy has *** with a guy who he finds attractive. Its as simple as in straight ***. Its definitely not because he could not find any girl. Do you think Jonathan Baily is gay because he couldn't find any girl? There would be a que of hottest women on Earth if he ever wanted to *** chicks. Its simply what he likes.
And for "straight" people like you who can't find any girls is itself so sad and pathetic and on that you want some *** hole as a replacement. Actually thinking of it, the author of this thread deserves guys just like you. What a joke!

@Rajivstud2 I totally agree with you man, they are the biggest jokes in the community. From my experience they are not even bi, they are just closeted gays!

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Posted On Jun 18, 2024

@Sourav123 you made a fool of yourself because you wanted to brag :)

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Posted On Jun 22, 2024

I am more than happy for tops to call themselves straight. I care little for labels I just want the great feeling that comes with bottoming.

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Posted On Jun 23, 2024

I’m vers sooo i enjoy being best of both worlds i could be *** and also getting *** it’s so much sexier then just being a dom bull which I am

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