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Crossed Eyed Guys - Sign of being Gay/Bi?

Submitted by HairyProMax Location: All India (All India, India)

I want to discuss something I've observed, but I understand it's important to approach this topic without generalizing.

Have any of you noticed a possible correlation between being gay or bisexual and having some degree of crossed eyes?

I know, crossed eyes, or strabismus, is a medical condition and not linked to sexual orientation. BUT I'm curious if there's any biological explanation for this observation or if it's purely coincidental.

Additionally, I wonder if individuals with this eye condition might feel less confident and thus seek validation through relationships with men.

I welcome your thoughts and insights on this observation, but please respond respectfully and considerately. Let's engage in a constructive discussion.

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Posted On Mar 26, 2024

I dont think it has any relation with strabismus....but feeling less confident can be a thing for seeking validation from anyone.....gay guys tend to give attention to guys who look hot even if they have minor conditions like strabismus(not very noticeable) becoz its ofcrs casual ***....so doesnt matter much.... Lots of straight guys who are maybe hot but from a poor background, dont know how to talk to girls because of their poor english and conversation skills tend to go towards gay guys for blowjobs or *** becoz they dont get girls often....its just a matter of under confidence i feel

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Posted On Mar 27, 2024

I am not agree..!

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Posted On Mar 28, 2024

I believe straight guys go gay when they don't get girls. Cuz in gay world u can easily hookup with anyone but with girls it takes lots of efforts and money and luck and *** ratio is so low that most of....almost all girls know they can find a boy easily they have the power of choice. So I believe after years of not Getting any girls straight boys go gay fr bj n *** but later on started liking everythings, some bevome vers and some bot.

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Posted On Mar 30, 2024

I agree @switchvers

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Posted On Mar 30, 2024

After creating this topic, I have received 4 messages so far from guys claiming to have a degree of squint and some too have observed the trend. Let me tell you guys there is nothing wrong with it and we aren't generalizing anything here.

@SwitchVers, your comment is absolutely on point!

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Posted On Apr 1, 2024

@switchvers, to a certain extent it's very true. They are actually called pseudo-gays as all they need is *** a pole or *** a hole. Nothing beyond! I believe as homosapiens, its biological urge to have *** when nothing else is available. I hope you get what I am saying!

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Posted On Apr 2, 2024

To be honest, I too have squint eyes. One of my eyes turn outwards when the other is straight. But trust me, out of all guys I have dated (30 so far), only 3 to four had same conditions. Last guy I dated in hyderabad had similar eyes like mine in 2020. I think it's personal choice and based on life experience, guys like starting to date other guys. It could be incest, getting groped by your school master or friends, watching ***, curiosity, Fetish etc. I was never low of confidence trust me. I had my own experience in college which turned my interest towards men.

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Posted On Apr 3, 2024

Don't wana touch upon cocked eye thingy as the maker of the post rightly puts it , it might be generalizing it . However Im so sick and tired of the so called "True gay" men calling the so called "straight guys " who ahem 'turn" gay due to lack of hole , this theory is such indian crapola , manufactured by these " always gay " men who want to stereotype the meaning of being gay . Guys guys, get a hold of your ideas , no straight guy keeps looking for guys hole as an alternative to girls and if he does, then it makes him as much gay as you or anyone else. There are no degree of severity of being gay . Getting *** doesn't make you more gay than ***. Grow the *** up my village ppl . Bottom-line is you become gay by having gay *** . All these msm crap is only and soley Indian. The problem is there is such intense homophobia, none of these closeted , guy-liking gay guys ever face what they like and get pressurized into liking the opposite gender. When the sane guy goes to the West , he grows wings and stars having full fledged gay ***.

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Posted On Apr 5, 2024

I am bisexual since my childhood. I never exactly feel any different then regular stright guy even i play alot of sports and is traditional masculine guy but i always feel in my teenage years that i am also attracted to guys. For the first time it was my schl mate i kissed at 9th standard i was dating a girl at that time. We decided we will kiss but i don't want to make it awkward so there was one girlish guy i approached him and asked him to kiss me and teach me how to kiss like a man since we all know he is dating one of our senior. He agreed and i kissed him it felt awesome i got really strong boner and i don't wanna stop but he did and told me not to use my teeth while kissing. After that i kissed my gf at that time my first *** was with her. But later i do get my *** *** by a guy and i do had gf here n there but i regularly *** a guy like a alot. i feel comfortable now as soon as the other guy got to know i am bisexual they paint me stright that can't have *** which is weird coz i know if i want i can date a girl and ask her to marry me that way I'll always and can have *** but its not only about *** i connect with guys too emotionally i even wanna date one but there is alot of bi phobia and in community in my experience there is no medical relation between bisexuality or crossed eye

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Posted On Apr 8, 2024

@Topintown Say what you will , the reason why the Gay community hates on bisexuals is bcoz you only use gay men for *** and here in India to get the best of marriage benefits and avoid the shame of not getting married you guys then marry a woman . Look at tv series Class(Delhi based) that was aired of Netflix a year ago , they've captured how bisexuals are pretty accurately . If you guys are really attracted to "both" the genders then you ought to marry both but naah . You creeps are far from thinking about having a guy as your life partner. And the heights of your arrogance is that you're always "Top" .You just want to use guys for pleasure and never think of returning favours by *** a guys *** in response to getting *** by them. Don't use biphobia as an excuse not to date , nobody stops anyone from living their private lives .

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Posted On Apr 11, 2024

@Xyzahm well said, you are absolutely correct

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Posted On Apr 19, 2024

@Xyzahm thanks for just proving my point. People like you are exact reason why i don't wanna date guys. If i find one that understand sexuality better then. Then I'll love to make him my boyfriend and live with him. But i don't meet guys like that most of you like to *** a *** love getting treated as *** by other guys and then blame others for not accepting you lol. Your entire post is one big example of biphobia. Its like i can say people like you use homophobia as excuse which men or whatever you identity yourself as definitely use. Go read a book and learn some manners

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Posted On Apr 26, 2024

I think this is possible

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Posted On Apr 28, 2024

I have come across guys who have said that they are looking for gay men = bottoms because girls dont *** . Such guys refuse to kiss other men , forget kissing some wont even touch the partner's body other than by their ***. They feel proud calling themselves pure tops. I know sexuality and homosexuality is a spectrum and different people have it in different degrees. But havent these so called pure tops locked themselves in this stereotype before being labelled so by the gays they 'use'?

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Posted On May 16, 2024

nah not true , im pure bottom and my eyes are perfect