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Beware of frauds and fraudsters

Submitted by OnlyNSAfun Location: All India (All India, India)

It has been observed that lot of fraudsters claim to have a female partner with them and put up a post for threesome (MF finding M). They try to convince other guys that since it's female with then, he needs to book a safe for outside city and so need your contributions (monetary) about the place and food. Many single guys think this is a good opportunity for threesome so they transfer the money to the person and then the fraudster blocks the guy from online account as well as tranfer UPI apps. Recently got a news from Police that one such gang was arrested so Guys please be aware of such incidents and enjoy safe.

If anyone has experienced such cases, feel free to comment.

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Posted On Mar 3, 2023

Golden rule to be kept in mind

The first meet to be done only in public area. Do not call the person to meet in your home/hotel or isolated place. Also do not go to the other person room/hotel as well.

Meet once in park or restaurant where you can have easy escape if you do not like person or find him suspicious.

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Posted On Mar 3, 2023

i dont know whether my exp comes under fraud. let me tell anyway. i met a guy in a chat. tall dark broad. neither of us had place. he said his friend's place is there. he picked me up on the way and went there. it was a very small place and kind of slummy area. his friend welcomed us and we went inside. it was a single room and kitchen house. there was no electricity. only one candle was lit. the chat guy started undressing and i was amazed by his d's size and shape. i put my *** and started the service. next 45 minutes were full of hot steaming hardcore actions. his friend was watching the whole thing. when we were about to leave he asked for money. it was put like a rent. cautiously i carred only 200 rupees only. no wallet or card. i wanted to leave and gave him 100. he said that wasnt enough. i told i needed the other 100 rupee to go back home. he was about to say something and the chat guy nodded his head as if saying "dont do". he stopped. we both left. the chat guy dropped me at a place i mentioned. next day he called me and asked how was the experience. it was really fantabulous and i told him that. he asked me to recharge his mobile for data. it was for 58 rupees. i didn't know what to say and do. he asked me again. i said ok. i recharged 58 rupees data pack valid for a month.

i don't know how to describe this scenario. whether their economic situation pushed them to ask... or... they have been doing this with other guys as well. considering the ecstasy he gave, i kept him in top of the men's pyramid. but when he asked for recharge, i don't know where to keep him.

what do you think guys?

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Posted On Mar 3, 2023

Mine also similar case a guy whom I met through some app he came over my place he got 8inch thick one. I was amazed about the size and the shape it’s just like banana in shape. He didn’t wanted to kiss but he *** my moobs and he *** me for while and he had cummed on my ***. After sometime he left my place next day he sent me message saying that send me some money or else I will come over to your place and tell your partners that we had ***. Some straight guys now a days making money through some app being as gay and having *** after that demanding for money.

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Posted On Mar 3, 2023

same incident happened with me today. When I went to meet a person using an app blued app.When I reached the road, he said that we were going to his room but he said that go from the ground as it was shortcut for his room nd he suddenly said stop the activa in between the large empty ground and I stopped and then after suddenly 3 people came from behind us and that blued guy nd all harassing me for being G@y nd using that app even demanding money from me but I don't have any cash that time nd as well as online. One of the guy has big knife they all harassing me for being g@y and demanding money and said that if I denied than they will viral my video they also filmed with my activa nd later deleted when I transferred money to these Gunda guys.i was crying as hell. I was helpless that time I don't know what to do that time.even my salary is not credited yet but thank fully I had my savings so I had to call my brother for money transfer and have to give 2000₹ to those basterds.even ¶olice also involved in this scam as they were talking about some inspector nd they were talking about come with me to poli¢€ $tation for complaint nd all what should I do now ??

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Posted On Mar 9, 2023

If u get such people then tell them wait I m caling police here and try calling 100 make. Don't get scared or panic. If there is a cctv in this area cops can find out such people. As someone stated here try taking help from LGBT support group

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Posted On Mar 10, 2023

Happened to me a month back, saw a person on grindr, 1 meter away. Chatted with him and planned to meet out although he confirmed he stays in my society, I told name of a neighborhood society.
I saw him out but there was too much of crowd and confessed we stay in the same society and called him back. We spoke for more than an hour, spent good time but considered him as a friend and couldn't think up anything more.
He suggested someone for massage but never shared a no. Further he said, he will arrange massage the next day.
This never happened but he kept texting for meet up, i excused myself everytime.

In few days, he told me a long story about cash issues, his CA is not happy that he did a big transaction etc etc and he wanted 1L in cash, I straight away said no, to which he said only 10k is needed, rest he has arranged. I politely declined.

I don't know if he was fraud, but i was considering him as a good friend, it's too early to borrow money from someone who is just 2 days known to you...

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Posted On Apr 17, 2023

Hey there, later this week I have come across a completely new approach of fraud. I came across a profile of foreigner nearby in Delhi. Received a message and we got into talking he said he'll be visiting India soon and he would like to meet and wanted to connect on whatsApp, he had shared his number, somehow I overlooked the fact that his profile was nearby only yet he was saying he is in USA, and we connected on whatsApp. He was constantly calling and messaging and asking for vc. When we did VC his video was quite blurr and seemed distorted. I called him again to verify if it was momentary issue with video, but the quality was same. Then on whatsApp call he said after finishing his work he will go to airport and book ticket to Delhi. And next day he had sent me ticket from Delllas to Bombay. And today morning he again called exactly on 9am which was scheduled time to arrive at Bombay airport. And he mentioned that there were no direct flights to Delhi so he had booked to Bombay and he'll take local flight to Delhi. But he mentioned that he is at immigration and facing issue with custom clearance and said that officer is asking to pay fee. He asked me help him out with 75000/- and he will pay me in Delhi. When I said I don't have the money he asked how much I have. I did block the number immediately.

There were few red flags since the beginning which had prevented me to fall for the trap:
1. His profile was nearby yet he was saying he is not here
2. His video was too blurry and distorted
3. He didn't ask about anything such as your preference and all and immediately got in to booking the flight
4. PDF of ticket was fake, modifications in date was clearly visible
5. Flight details were fake mentioned flight doesn't follow the route he mentioned

So it was nearly caught experience, though I still feel I have overlooked very obvious red flags in the beginning itself. But glad that I didn't fall for the trap.

I request you guys to be careful and do not carried away with fascinating profiles and overlook the red flags.

Be safe guys.

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Posted On Apr 17, 2023

@mature lover 1 - this is really worrysome but I have observed such profiles very very regularly on GR these days.

Now a days, anybody jumping to WA chat is doubtful but especially profiles with white guys from US, I have seen this common pattern. They will say, I am deleting my ID now so we need to move to WA.

Just ignore such people and find a Desi Londa...Play a safer bet!

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Posted On Apr 17, 2023

@mature lover1, this is the oldest trick in the book. Been going on for many years, was even written about in the papers a few years ago, some guy got scammed for lakhs.
So always good use your discretion & due diligence!

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Posted On Apr 17, 2023

I once got a message on blued and we decided to meet. He didn't share his number and asked me to come to a place directly. After reaching there, he took me to an isolated lane and started behaving weirdly.
He said he is from crime branch, police and asked me why am I doing this. I said it's my personal choice. To which he started arguing and was indirectly asking me for money and phone numbers of my friends. When I started talking to him loudly, he warned me to lower my voice. To which I was very angry and scared as well. I somehow gathered courage and asked him to come to police station. He was in shock for a moment. I told him to ride my bike so that I can take him to police station and then decide.
He was no talking and I quickly started my bike and left that place.
Later I came to know that he did this to many guys.

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Posted On Apr 17, 2023

U should always take a phone number and talk to people before meeting them. U can easily track their number by filing an FIR

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Posted On Apr 17, 2023

May be I'm saved from a fraud or still in danger!!!

Few months back i happened to meet one guy on grindr in my society, i tried to act little smart and meet him outside by sharing details of a different society. But when I saw him, spoke to him, appeared to be a decent guy. We spoke for an hour's time but he wasn't my type.

We exchanged numbers and chatted for sometime. After couple of days he called me and asked to 10k urgently and would return me in cash. I said, i don't have money. He somehow managed the conversation by changing the topic.

He msgd/called couple of times but i ignored. Somehow I'm worried, this guy is single and can black mail me. All that he told me that day were lies....

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Posted On Apr 18, 2023

I m really scared about this fraud .
In my observation
1. Avoid who wanted to meet immediately.
2. No information profile .
3. Very attractive dp .
Preference should be known friends at least in fb

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Posted On Apr 19, 2023

never share mobile no before physically meet
first meeting at public place like crowded park
bus stand , rly waiting hall
waiting time at least 15 min so that you can watch him and hiss associate if any, this will help in ensuring some genuinely
rest is luck
I escaped twice

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Tista V.
Posted On May 12, 2023

Goa is packed with *** addict fraudsters; they will pose as a descent top or bottom over the Apps such as Grindr or OM and lure you to meet them. Once you have reached a secluded location, they offer you a smoke or a joint to enjoy; you may lose consciousness after consuming it. Once you lose consciousness, they take everything off from you. Sometimes, they strip and leave their victims for fun. But that's still all right; being gang-raped is no fun. People traveling to Goa should be careful in off-season.

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Posted On Jun 20, 2023

I want to alert everyone here. There is a Bengali guy in Kondapur location who talks very decent and genuine but he harms you by tarnishing your social image in the gay community and friends if he finds that you are not ready to act or do as per his wish.

He claims himself a good photographer and he does nude photoshoots also. He becomes friend very easily to all new guys coming to Hyderabad and later once you share your feelings and emotions, he will harm you by spreading lies like x person is HIV positive, don't meet or talk to him. He tells false about others to keep you in his control. I found out one of his lies about another boy and i confronted him. He got scared and now not meeting me. But he is now spreading rumours about me like i have STD etc. I had booked a service for grooming but the that guy is now avoiding my msgs and calls. The only reason is that Bengali chap is spreading rumours to all whom he knows and who can have connection with me.

Guys BEWARE, this guy is amongst us and he has already spread lies about few known faces of Hyderabad gay community. Now I will speak to those one by one to know the facts.

For my safety and personal reasons I will not share his identity here but many of you would have understood who this guy is. He is known to many PPL in Hyderabad community. He quite active on Facebook Group where PPL look for roommates within the community.

Stay safe and please don't trust anyone so easy.

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Posted On Jul 9, 2023

If anyone claims they’re a couple automatically assume that they are lying because they are. 1st Rule never pay them. 2nd Rule always have the couple videocall you together. If they can’t video call you then you’re talking to an ugly guy who can’t get laid.

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Posted On Jul 18, 2023

Guys, i have a recent experience on this and I think guys from hyd should know this. I am 32 yr old chubby guy who lives in Hyd near Golconda. Apparently few days someone msged me claiming that we spoke on blued. He was constantly in touch & we met last night. After the bj he washed himself & started demanding money. I pleaded a lot & he started acting crazy and was about to hit me. After a lot of discussion i transferred 1 k to his account & he left asking me to transfer one more 1000 next day. Tabhi ek dusra dost aaya tha mei call Kiya tho phr unhone jake road pe isko pakad ke phone kiya. I some how got the SS of transaction i did to my fraudster and shared it with my frnd. Mera dost bola ki usko tek se samjaya ainda pareshan kiye to police complaint karenge phr bhi utta tak nai aata bat bolke. I was only scared that after living for 4 yrs I don't want to become a topic due to the knew sense he will create. What do you think should I go to cops & complain ??

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Posted On Jul 20, 2023

Guys I'd also advise against people who are impersonating others. Very recently another person I was in touch with over telegram was impersonating someone else and sending me images of other people who were NOT him and insted other people who he was probably trading with.

My advise is to only trade on media platforms that support the use of disappearing messages or prevent screen shots and/or recording Obvious rule is to avoid showing your face and get to know the person well before initiating any kind or real contact.

There are a lot of people out there that blackmaile as well using such images so caution is definitely advised. I know I may be stating the obvious here but I just wanted to share my experience and let everyone know what to be aware of.

Thanks for reading good day to all :)

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Posted On Jul 21, 2023

Instagram is perfect place to share auto disappearing pics and no can take screenshot too. Insta Vc is best option before meeting. That's my personal choice and suggestion for you guys as well.

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Posted On Jan 17, 2024

I had my share of few unpleasant experiences in my recent visit to India, in 2023 which left a bitter taste but I just dust them off as anonymous and promiscuous *** hazards.
We are not living in a perfect world we should expect such thing to happen once in a while.
I picked up a rent boy from CP New Delhi and took him to my room, the rent boy stole my Iphone 12. I picked another decent looking boy from CP who said he's not a rent boy because I asked him; however, while leaving after *** he insisted that I pay Rs. 2000 for his taxi money to return home which I paid willingly. Than I started renting escorts from rentmen.in. Some boys ask for advance payment some don't, there were two boys, one in Bengaluru and the other in Hyderabad who asked to transfer 50% as down/advance payment but did not show up. I also met few boys in Grindr who in advance asked, anywhere from 1000 - 2000 rupees taxi money to return home which I had no problem paying them. BTW, is this a usual norm of gay dating in India?

Despite all the bad experiences, I still love my dark & spicy boys. A few bad experiences will not deter me from dating or hiring boyz.
After reading all the scam and fraud from this thread, I will be much more cautious and careful in my next visit to India in Feb+March 2024.

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Posted On Jan 17, 2024

Continue from previous post.....
Oh one more thing I forgot to mention. I vividly remember packing 10 under wears for my long travel to India: 5 Calvin Kline & 4 Tommy Hilfiger. While leaving India I had only 3 Tommy Hilfiger underwear.
One by one, all of my Calvin Kline underwear went missing. My Calvin Kline under wears were expensive, it costed me $35 each. Don't know who took them. It could be the boys or the hotels'
staff or could be both of them. During my last few days in India, I wasn't wearing any underwear because I didn't have enough underwear to recycle, in the sense, wash dry and wear.

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Posted On Jan 21, 2024

One incident happened withy close friend in hyderabad Nampally.. He connected on Facebook.. That guy called him to place.. My friend went there.. He picked him from auto stand and took him to one ground .. There his friends we're already there... They came to my friend and asked with u came here and why.. My friend said to my friend pointing towards that guy who picked him... Suddenly they started beating my friend one by one saying.. He is ur friend?... They threatened my friend saying one of guy know police and they will take him to police... My friend was shivering like anything... My friend said take mobile money everything and leave him.. They threatened him to call ine of the contact number from his mobile also... He was crying like anything but those people were cruel. They asked him to reset mobile and give all the money he has... He has given to them.. It is in Nampally teenagers group. Guys please don't meet the persons u don't know... Don't go to meet blindly to anyone.

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Posted On Feb 6, 2024

I had an incident once during the lockdown tym
Generally I was going through a breakup phase tht tym. Actually when I was with tht respective person I used to get alot of attention from him. But soon after breakup I used to miss tht attention.
So one day a guy had approached from gr who was damn hot looking. We had mutually decided for casual meet only . So he gave me an option to meet in the garden of his society building. I reached there n gave him a call. He came in 5 mins n we went into the garden . We had a nice conversation which lasted for hour. Then I thought I need to leave now it was good meeting him but as soon as I told him this he requested me for a coffee . He told comeon let's have a coffee I'm alone at home. I didn't thought much about it cauz tht guy didn't looked fishy but in reality he was. So I went upstairs into his room he went into the kitchen to make coffee n along with it he started smoking a cigarette.
He offered me too. N even I started to smoke that ciggerate. But but there was something wrong in tht ciggerate. He had mixed some stuffs into tht which I was un aware off. I smoked the entire ciggerate n as soon as I finished tht I started getting horrible thoughts started feeling guilty in short I was feeling very uncertain and uncomfortable. N in tht zone the guy started taking advantage of tht situation. He was advising me to be calm just enjoy the session let's do something erotic it will match with this energy n all stuffs . But still I was feeling very much uncomfortable n I left from his place blocked him num n abusing him tht before offering ciggerate u should had told me thts not a normal ciggerate

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Posted On Feb 7, 2024

Bro.. it must be a joint or something.. hows it a fraud or something.. and if it wasnt a cigarette you must have known it in first drag itself, why did you continue to smoke it ..
Also it was a way of seduction and you knew it wasnt just a cigarette still you kept smoking..
This is not a fraud brother.. and you have trust issues.. you shouldn't meet people untill you have confirmation!

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Posted On Feb 7, 2024

Hi Chuckle, your underwear must have been taken by the guys you met. Normally hotel staff never steal as they are aware they may lose their jobs if caught. Yes, it is very common for young guys to come to our room and take away few things after ***. It happened with me. Be careful with watch, phone, jewellery and wallet. I lost cash though I was very careful, but that guy stole from wallet kept inside the cupboard. It is also very common to ask for small amount 1 to 2k just for taxi or recharge of phone etc. Most of these young guys may not be gay... just doing to make some money or to steal something specially from NRI.

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Posted On Feb 25, 2024

Asking £,$,€ has become an easy way to earn, especially by young age group ( asking to pay for taxi, medicines, etc etc). I never share photographs and mobile number. I feel if someone is really looking forward to meet you, he wouldn't pester you for critical details.

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Posted On Mar 15, 2024

A thrilling yet scary experience and I am still kinda recovering from what happened.

I just saved myself from a scam or rather I walked right into it out of curiosity to expose a scam. Having read and watched many books and series, movies on spies and detectives, I am always aware of my surroundings and think about everything like a sceptic as if it's a movie plot and always wanted to expose a nexus. I was approached by someone on grindr with username ‘Visitor WP’. the guy verified himself with a video call and called me to his hotel but something about it was very fishy. He shared two numbers saying that his battery was running out and asked me to call on those numbers. These guys often put fake names on Truecaller to seem real so i checked those numbers on Gpay and Paytm and the numbers showed different names than what he'd told me. (I didn't share my number and told him that I will call once i come near the hotel) I still decided to go. I parked my car at distance, logged out of my Gpay account and kept only 200 bucks in wallet, walked for a kilometre and stood opposite the hotel behind a car wearing a mask. The guy was outside the hotel talking to two people and they disappeared in some time. He opened grindr and texted me “I am here”. By this time, i was almost sure that it was a scam. The hotel/ lodge too was shady. I met him, told him a fake name and went inside. He took me to the top floor of the hotel and then we climbed down 4 floors to get to his room. As we were outside his room, he started finding his room key card and started pretending that he had ost it and would have to get it from the reception. A staff guy came with a master key and opened the room door. We got in and he started undressing me and I played along. He wanted me to take a shower but I refused saying that I have less time at hand. I was just waiting for something to happen because I knew he was putting a trap around me. Suddenly the phone in his room started ringing and he said it was a call from the reception asking him whether someone has come to his room. He told on the call “Koi nahi hain sir, mein akela hu. Mere sath koi nahi hain, aap aake check kar sakte hain.” I quickly put my clothes on. I had an alternate identity card ready with me. His friend (the one i saw him talking to before meeting) pretending to be a receptionist came to our room and knocked. I was fully dressed by then but this guy purposely opened the door naked. The guy pretending to be receptionist started saying that I have gained unauthorised access to the hotel room and will either have to a pay a huge fine or they'll take me to the police station since they caught us red handed (as that guy was nude). Little did they know that I had done my research about legal rights of two adults in a hotel room and the due process of police or hotel authority raiding the room. I gave them an at-length sermon as to how I have done nothing wrong and was well within my rights. Now was the time to play UNO reverse card. I told them I was there to expose their scam and have a team of cops ready with me. They got scared and started saying “Tum jaao, kuch nahi karenge, bas police ko mat bulao”. Sadly that lodge/hotel had no CCTV cameras and I didn't want to create scene as I am quite discreet, so filing an FIR would mean divulging my identity and give statement. I just made them delete Grindr app and asked if they've scammed anyone before. They said I was the first guinea pig. That might be true because I had never seen this profile before. I threatened them that I will track them down to wherever they are if they dare do something like this in the future and left. Could they have done something dangerous with me inside that hotel room when I tried exposing them? Was that shady lodge management involved in this scam? Let few questions be unanswered, maybe it was just my childish desire to recreate a thriller movie which could have actually totally gone wrong but being a strong devotee of Hanumanji and Kalbhairava, I knew my lord was with me. The reason behind writing this is- Never, Never, Never be scared. Always stand your ground and let no one think you are vulnerable. Half the scammers are successful because the victims easily get scared. These guys were immature hence could do nothing to me, if it were a big nexus, i could be at risk. I wouldn't advise anyone to do these detective thrills on their own but always be aware, guys.

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Posted On Mar 16, 2024

@mridul: that was scary. i dont thinks guys should try being detectives if they are 1) not out 2) not aware of their rights 3) cannot afford to bribe the police (though illegal to detain a person, they will try the EMBARASSMENT card).
could you please inform me and the rest of this community what are: due processes of police or hotel authority raiding the room?

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Posted On Mar 18, 2024

@jaidesai69 read the entire thing, i am infact asking people not to try being detectives. i agree it was rather childish of me to do so. coming to rights of unmarried couples in a hotel rooms (provided both have attained majority), there are numerous article on the internet. please give them a read and make vulnerable people around you aware.

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Posted On Mar 19, 2024

Well done and well said Mridul!

Being assertive like in day jobs, is v v v important to deal with strangers we aspire to go to bed with

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Posted On Mar 19, 2024

@Roykhanna said it already... it was a joint n really a good seduction but maybe you guys did not click. Does not sound fraud to me @AdityaK890

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Posted On May 8, 2024

Yes dont trust anybody..!!
On grinder, at early morning approx 3 am i was searching for fun, got one guy, i asked him about place? He said we wl do in open..on main road there r shops,. I denied , i said thats not safe, we wl go on main highway, so he agreed, one spot decided to meet and then go together.
As per planned he came 20 min late and while im asking reason he said - gharwale uthe hai thoda late hoga . I said ok!
Then he came with his bike, we both went together. I was sat on back side by touching my thighs to him.. i was trying to press his thighs in my thighs .i was feelong to *** him ..after some time he turned bike from main road to inner. But bad luck .. there was truck buses driver adda.
So he plane to go ahead..i asked where we r going ..he said i knw..one spot . Then he took me behind one masjid. That was approx 4:15 am . Near wall in dark we both went, i plays always safe.. i have told mine all condition before meet ,no *** and no bare *** ***..i kept one piece of condom with me. I removed his *** he helped to remove it out also.. i worn condom over his ***..mean while he forcing to *** bare ***..i denied.. he asked *** also, i denied.. i started to gv blowjob with condom. After some time both over. Wear pants n started to go back where we meet before.. that spot..
While returning he called on phone to someone. And he told me to keep silent , also i dnt know his language in they talked.. i got doubt in mind.. i nthng showed to him.. after reaching my spot he didnt stoped bike even after i asked. After some distance he tried to cross the raod ( here we got horn noice of opposite coming car.. but due to devider he cant cross road..then my partner started very slowly move on road..in 2 min that car followed us and stopped near us. He asked to that guy- ye kon hai, kaha mila tuje? That guy silent, then he asked me many question.. i told i just taken lift..then he said u telling lies.. he was stranger.. i think they planned to keep me in car forcefully and they will do either forcefully *** with me or loot me.. thief.. thinking in one minute , i ran from there.. approx 5:00 time. Car guy sat on bike and they two trying to catch me .. i went inside chawl and hided myself near car infront of house.. they both came there.. that stranger forcefully made me to seat on bike, luckily i felt down as i resisted.. then he started gaaliya( bad words to me) i thought the r taking me along with him, so i shouted loudly BACHAAWO BACHAWOO BACHAWOO . Then they run away with bike ...
So be carefulll , what if they 3 guys do un natural *** with me or they made my bank account emptied or they do some injury to me?????
Very third class peoples.. they dont know enjoy.. bhikari...lootere.. chakke. Paisa kamane ka tarika dekho inka....

So guys humble request to all of you.. plz be carefull.
Be aware always... give concentration on small small things.. i says thanka to Godd.. he saved me.. after that day i stoped using grinder.

Very dangerous experience in life..

If it happena with you, dont fear. . Just raise voice, dont fear about ur character, file FIR. .

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