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Beware of frauds and fraudsters

Submitted by OnlyNSAfun Location: All India (All India, India)

It has been observed that lot of fraudsters claim to have a female partner with them and put up a post for threesome (MF finding M). They try to convince other guys that since it's female with then, he needs to book a safe for outside city and so need your contributions (monetary) about the place and food. Many single guys think this is a good opportunity for threesome so they transfer the money to the person and then the fraudster blocks the guy from online account as well as tranfer UPI apps. Recently got a news from Police that one such gang was arrested so Guys please be aware of such incidents and enjoy safe.

If anyone has experienced such cases, feel free to comment.

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Posted On Mar 3, 2023 - 06:11 AM

Golden rule to be kept in mind

The first meet to be done only in public area. Do not call the person to meet in your home/hotel or isolated place. Also do not go to the other person room/hotel as well.

Meet once in park or restaurant where you can have easy escape if you do not like person or find him suspicious.

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Posted On Mar 3, 2023 - 09:48 AM

i dont know whether my exp comes under fraud. let me tell anyway. i met a guy in a chat. tall dark broad. neither of us had place. he said his friend's place is there. he picked me up on the way and went there. it was a very small place and kind of slummy area. his friend welcomed us and we went inside. it was a single room and kitchen house. there was no electricity. only one candle was lit. the chat guy started undressing and i was amazed by his d's size and shape. i put my *** and started the service. next 45 minutes were full of hot steaming hardcore actions. his friend was watching the whole thing. when we were about to leave he asked for money. it was put like a rent. cautiously i carred only 200 rupees only. no wallet or card. i wanted to leave and gave him 100. he said that wasnt enough. i told i needed the other 100 rupee to go back home. he was about to say something and the chat guy nodded his head as if saying "dont do". he stopped. we both left. the chat guy dropped me at a place i mentioned. next day he called me and asked how was the experience. it was really fantabulous and i told him that. he asked me to recharge his mobile for data. it was for 58 rupees. i didn't know what to say and do. he asked me again. i said ok. i recharged 58 rupees data pack valid for a month.

i don't know how to describe this scenario. whether their economic situation pushed them to ask... or... they have been doing this with other guys as well. considering the ecstasy he gave, i kept him in top of the men's pyramid. but when he asked for recharge, i don't know where to keep him.

what do you think guys?

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Posted On Mar 3, 2023 - 10:34 AM

Mine also similar case a guy whom I met through some app he came over my place he got 8inch thick one. I was amazed about the size and the shape it’s just like banana in shape. He didn’t wanted to kiss but he *** my moobs and he *** me for while and he had cummed on my ***. After sometime he left my place next day he sent me message saying that send me some money or else I will come over to your place and tell your partners that we had ***. Some straight guys now a days making money through some app being as gay and having *** after that demanding for money.

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Posted On Mar 3, 2023 - 11:08 AM

same incident happened with me today. When I went to meet a person using an app blued app.When I reached the road, he said that we were going to his room but he said that go from the ground as it was shortcut for his room nd he suddenly said stop the activa in between the large empty ground and I stopped and then after suddenly 3 people came from behind us and that blued guy nd all harassing me for being G@y nd using that app even demanding money from me but I don't have any cash that time nd as well as online. One of the guy has big knife they all harassing me for being g@y and demanding money and said that if I denied than they will viral my video they also filmed with my activa nd later deleted when I transferred money to these Gunda guys.i was crying as hell. I was helpless that time I don't know what to do that time.even my salary is not credited yet but thank fully I had my savings so I had to call my brother for money transfer and have to give 2000₹ to those basterds.even ¶olice also involved in this scam as they were talking about some inspector nd they were talking about come with me to poli¢€ $tation for complaint nd all what should I do now ??

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raju1987 *
Posted On Mar 9, 2023 - 06:45 PM

If u get such people then tell them wait I m caling police here and try calling 100 make. Don't get scared or panic. If there is a cctv in this area cops can find out such people. As someone stated here try taking help from LGBT support group

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Posted On Mar 10, 2023 - 09:44 PM

Happened to me a month back, saw a person on grindr, 1 meter away. Chatted with him and planned to meet out although he confirmed he stays in my society, I told name of a neighborhood society.
I saw him out but there was too much of crowd and confessed we stay in the same society and called him back. We spoke for more than an hour, spent good time but considered him as a friend and couldn't think up anything more.
He suggested someone for massage but never shared a no. Further he said, he will arrange massage the next day.
This never happened but he kept texting for meet up, i excused myself everytime.

In few days, he told me a long story about cash issues, his CA is not happy that he did a big transaction etc etc and he wanted 1L in cash, I straight away said no, to which he said only 10k is needed, rest he has arranged. I politely declined.

I don't know if he was fraud, but i was considering him as a good friend, it's too early to borrow money from someone who is just 2 days known to you...

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