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Beware of frauds and fraudsters

Submitted by OnlyNSAfun Location: All India (All India, India)

It has been observed that lot of fraudsters claim to have a female partner with them and put up a post for threesome (MF finding M). They try to convince other guys that since it's female with then, he needs to book a safe for outside city and so need your contributions (monetary) about the place and food. Many single guys think this is a good opportunity for threesome so they transfer the money to the person and then the fraudster blocks the guy from online account as well as tranfer UPI apps. Recently got a news from Police that one such gang was arrested so Guys please be aware of such incidents and enjoy safe.

If anyone has experienced such cases, feel free to comment.

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Posted On Jan 17, 2023 - 10:50 AM

No experience but hello guys don't bcm a fool nobody couple shares ther partner to singles plz understand

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Posted On Jan 17, 2023 - 05:43 PM

You search on locanto for call girls you will be cheated... So dont spend money via online

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Posted On Jan 21, 2023 - 06:21 AM

What is the opinion about fraud done by foreign Doctor profiles on Grindr

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Posted On Jan 21, 2023 - 07:57 AM

I got message from blued n Grindr from foreign dr , all are manly huge muscular hairy body and show big house ,car all and make belive you all real but in actual they all fraud and will make you emotionally blackmail and money take.

Never ever belive them. In YouTube search aieport scam foreigner lover and you can get more details

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Posted On Jan 21, 2023 - 08:42 AM

I chat with them and whenever they say want to visit india, offer gifts, their vacation starts 🤣 I block them
I never sent money anybody
Some even ask for account number

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Posted On Jan 22, 2023 - 04:45 AM

Yeah just time pass with them.. ask them for vc they will try to avoid.. 😂.. they will say, i have landed in Airport and got caught with customs and need to money to get out.. so beware.. when even our own people are fraudsters, don't ever ever never trust such people. Also as a practice don't involve money and if it does get there, say good bye or ignore them.!

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Posted On Jan 23, 2023 - 06:58 AM

I went through a new fraud technique recently and wanted to share with all travelers, so that everyone can be careful.
I was in Mumbai and was staying in a very reputed 5 star hotel near Airport (won't reveal name, to avoid any embarrassment to the hotel chain). I was chatting with a young guy from Surat (around 25 years old), who claimed to be a diamond merchant. He informed that he is staying in another reputed 5star hotel with his cousins.

We decided to meet at my hotel lobby and I came down to fetch him when he called me that he has reached. I saw him and he was with 2 more people. They all shook hands with me (I was taken back, not understanding why there are 3 people). He then told the other 2 to stay in lobby and that he will be back. He told me that those are his cousins and he told them that he is meeting a client to show diamond options.

Then we went to the room. But somehow I was feeling awkward with him, so I told him to dress up and we can just talk. He decided to rather go back and I was ok with that. He insisted to confirm my real name, so that he can save in his phone book. I somehow did not give him my real name and told that the name I told is real.

Next day when I was checking out from hotel, I realised that the bill has additional dinner charges of around Rupees 10,000 (charge of 3 buffet dinners). I told that I never went down for buffet, rather I had food in room through room service. They called the manager along with the signed bill - and lo and behold... the bill had my "fake name" signatures on it! Thankfully the restaurant manager recognised me (as I was staying for 5 days and became friendly with him) and confirmed that I never came down for dinner at restaurant.

I understood that it was all a fraud to have dinner as 5 star hotels, at the cost of travelers and no one would know. That guy had already blocked me everywhere by that time. I decided to tell everything to the manager clearly and also offered him all assistance with the police. The manager waived off that dinner amount for me. I have him exact time of that guys entry and exit along with contact number etc. I hope the hotel took police assistance later on.

Moral of the story - be cautious as to whom you call to your hotel room and never give them your real name !

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Posted On Jan 24, 2023 - 02:56 AM

Just one more type of fraud, people may be aware just posting it again.

Whoever choose to get Paid *** and escorts, DO NOT give money or your id etc unless you get the service.

I have a lot to explain and how things happen, just trust me genuine guys wont ask for money or id before service.

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Posted On Jan 24, 2023 - 07:00 AM

Muscular guys posing as paid and claiming to do all in bed is supposed to be a new scam in the Bangalore Grinder circle. They charge anywhere between 1.5k to 2k. And send UPI numbers for 50% advance payments. Once the advance payment is done, they don't bother to reply even though they would be online, no matter how much one would text them. I'd been a victim of one such fellow in the CBD area and lost 300.

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Posted On Jan 24, 2023 - 07:02 AM

The best part is, every week, a new profile with the same profile name, bio details and same pictures,including the same nudes crop up. And that too in the same area.

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Posted On Jan 24, 2023 - 09:31 AM

why couple alone. even the TGs do this. Just recently one Vaishali Sexy made offer to show on video (her profile states this). she took money and vanished. Like this there are number of cheaters even in this site. Beware

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Posted On Jan 24, 2023 - 09:55 AM

Very important thread and nice sharing by people so that ohters are cautious in similar situation

The fraud people feel that the gay person is in closet and hence would not report such matter to authorities as they may reveal gay orientation of person. This reason gives them lot of confidence. However, once such matters start getting reported and they punished, hopefully they will learn a lesson

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Posted On Jan 24, 2023 - 05:05 PM

I too was in horrible situatuion because of the fraud.. I faced 2 situation.. One guy met in PR.. He told that USA doctor.. Showed his photos.. Had a talk with me.. But didnot show his face vc.. Suddenly one day ge called me he came to mumbai... But caught in customs.. and asked me to pay 50000/- but gods grace after consulting with my close friend... I didnot give any money.. I switched off the cell.. He is no 1 fraud...

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Posted On Jan 24, 2023 - 05:09 PM

One guy i met in PR.. He told he likes only middle aged guys like me.. Keep on calling me.. and asked me to visit his house.. I went there.. Suddenly 3 rowdies entered the room and told them they are police.. They caught my cell and block mailed me tha they will tell that i am gay to my family.. Since i am married that i got fear.. I lost huge sum of money.. This fellows only target is married guys... Be care ful

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Posted On Jan 25, 2023 - 05:25 AM

that fraud is very common since last 3 years as specially alot on grindr.....as people from US, Nigeria, South Africa will message u like they from so and so country and doctor by profession and looking for genuine people for fun or else soulmate or relationship or looking to give someone as sugar daddy treatment and more things and they will share their complete details in their very first message along with their pictures as well as whatsapp number and will say to connect on whatsapp if genuinely looking for connection to have better conversation on whatsapp
and after somedays they will say they are planning to come on so and so date and will give reason of custom thing and loot your money
and some will even say that they are going through some problem and they will return it on same day as they dont have indian money n many more reasons
On PR its quite less, but on grindr its quite more as they will send message using explore section of grindr

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Posted On Jan 25, 2023 - 12:42 PM

i have Experienced that Guys from Grinder and other social media apo, meet you once they ask you where you work, how much you earn and all and then they slowly after first meet, they will start asking for money under pertext of job, or paying mobile bills and all. most of them are Money seekers. many liars & Money seekers around. I generally Never entertain such people.Neither do i Take nor i Give. when i have to meet someone i will always ask to dutch...this way we can keep the companionship clean without any money element hampering.

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Posted On Jan 25, 2023 - 03:26 PM

1.Safety & privacy is our first priority....

2.No videos ,Calls & video calls... Or casual meets.... V r very much comfort to meet directly...

3.V take some drinks at the time of meeting.....to enjoy without any hesitation..... U too can have drinks...drinks can make things easier

4.Strictly no smoking in room.....we prefer only resorts or good hotels for meets .V book d room on our names as we are married cpl if u send ur share & u can come as a guest

5. We have to take care of our privacy & not here to take risks in married life

6. As nothing comes for free in this world..drinks... Food... .Room expenses should b bared by both of us on 50-50 basis

7.No exchange of personal information till our first meet.... If everything goes well & if my wife likes ur attitude,behaviour & performance v can b long term friends and can exchange numbers...

Strictly no for OYO

I got This today

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Posted On Jan 25, 2023 - 06:27 PM

this happened to me and havent talked to anyone about it and couldnt help also at that time but to fall prey to these goon and frauds
i chatted with a guy on grindr and since we both did not have place to host, we decided to meet casually outside my office building to get to know and plan for later for fun
the guys showed some pics and i kinda liked those
the guy came outside my office building and we met he was different from the pic he shared, i did not like the guy whom i saw then, but still i tried some conversation like whr do u live what u do same he asked me etc.. and then i thot to leave, so i said it was nice meeting you and will leave now, to which he held my hand and said give me my charges/money and you can go, i asked what kind of charges and money, he said did you not read on my profile that i am paid, i clearly remember that while we were chatting nothing of that sort was mentioned, i confronted and said so, he showed me his profile and there it was mentioned 5k for meeting etc.. i said this is bullshit and started walking towards my office building, suddenly two more guys came in front of me and stopped and started extorting me , those three guys were together and i got scared, i said i am not going to pay, to which t hey threatened me to beat in front of office building and scream that i am gay and have se* with guys etc.. i had no choice but to shell out 5k to them, but that was not it, they extorted me for another 5k, so in total 10k. the whole incident was horrible and i felt so low for myself. but i have learnt from that incident and now i move very cautiously and if i finalize to meet someone i aks if they charge money and when they NO, i take screenshot of chat , and also i keep one of my friend's number to last dial, so that i can atleast call him so that i am not alone

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Posted On Jan 26, 2023 - 04:26 AM

I was working as intern in nampally(hyd) back in 2019 i found a guy on grinder... Initially i was fond of Muslim guys so one day i got a message from guy he was Muslim well built and i liked him. We chatted about a week later we decided to decided to meet at his known lodge which is very cheap as the charge on hourly basis so listening those words i got tempted and decided to pay from pocket as it was about 250 for 2 hrs when i reached there we met and that guy didn't even made to touch him and he just slept without fun asusual with hopes i lost it,after 3 hrs he woke up and asked for 500 i said room rent is only 250 then he started to harsh me said he will call his friends then I got completely shivered and paid him 500 after that i inquired lodge owner he said room rent is just 150 then i realised he was fraud by the moment i started to leave and run away but the guy was following me back to back i got sacred and started to climb steps for metro station as there will gaurds but still he was following me on steps i stopped him by saying stop following then he said to give 1000, i denied as we had no fun and i was holding mobile in my hand he started to pluck it from my hand luckily i was holding tight then i dared and dailed 100 for police and i showed him saying look i called police then he suddenly ran away and i was so revealed went home but next day again he started to call me fo money and i blocked him from all connections but that fear haunted me as i should travel in that route for 1 month to office..
Be Aware of fraud guys for our happiness and fantasies we may get trap during that we pray to god for help but no one will be ready as it's a gay romeo

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Posted On Jan 26, 2023 - 10:54 AM

A very good post. Because many gays are nowadays looking for cuckolds, many frauds are trying to exploit this fantasy. Please beware. I was recently contacted by such a person who diverted the conversation towards his wife and how he would like her to have *** with me. He was from Orissa, Sambhalpur.

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Posted On Jan 26, 2023 - 11:31 AM

@adicoolyo the exact same episode happened with me except it was in a hotel. I later realized that someone else was chatting on grindr with me (i.e the guy who came to meet wasn't the one chatting). And the profile description changed while he was with me
Honestly at that point it doesn't matter whether you have taken a screenshot or not. It is just clear extortion by thugs and you weigh the risks and make a decision whether to pay or fight and most of us just cave in and pay.

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Posted On Jan 26, 2023 - 01:36 PM

2 incidents 1 I was recorded and threatened I said u expose me he did it was like omg for a week or to later got used to it many locals and even colleagues approached so I turned it to benefit me 2nd incident an handsome paid guy met him he acted to b a straight in front of me may be he wasn’t interstate on me though I look good and very decent he said I have to pay him twice the amount 2 k instead of 1 k I said y coz he had some issues and if I dint pay he would call his friends I accepted not out of fear but it was a kind of kink like getting exploited though I could have screwed him coz am working in government. After a week he called me to meet him once again I xpected the same this time he said he would suk but have to pay him 2k it was funny I felt he was in financial distraught I agreed and I paid the money and disallowed him to suk he was confused. We both slept and later booked an Ola went to a restaurant had lunch and returned to his room. Slowly the bond started next day I called him to meet me at a temple he came there and slowly personal conversation started I confirmed that he was qualified but unemployed and have a single mother and unmarried sis. I asked him to meet me at my office the next day he refused as it was a government agency I threatened him to meet or he will face the consequences though it was an empty threat he came. He came I referred him to an auditor of an MNC who submits reports on corporate social responsibilities under companies act 2013 fortunately he was placed I paid some 52 k to train him on technologies in NIIT . He too left no stone unturned to hone his skills and get himself confirmed in the company. No contact with him for about 2 months after that he came to my office and transferred 40k as initial amount and hugged thence started our relationship. All humans are in needs if v have surplus share it and give time it may react positively or may be I am lucky to find him.

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Posted On Jan 27, 2023 - 11:32 AM

Don't give any unknown person your phone number.

Learn to use Telegram. You only have to give your id and you can start secret chat with expiring timer of max 1 minute. After 1 minute any photo or message you sent will be deleted.

Further, no one can take screenshot or download your photo in secret chat if you use expiring timer.

In Telegram settings, there is option to hide your phone number from everyone which should be enabled.

Don't trust people on Grindr or any website. Some people might try to take advantage of your lust and try to harass you.

I had some bad experiences on Grindr. One guy was very rude. Another person wanted money etc and came with a friend. I stopped using Grindr after these experiences. I am not gay, I just wanted a bit of gay fun but after these experiences I was turned off.

Repeat : Do NOT give your phone number to anyone unless you are sure of their intentions.

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Posted On Jan 27, 2023 - 11:36 AM

Further I want to add two more things.

Never get on nude call. You must have read in news, lots of males posing as females initiate nude video call and then take recording of your nude video and try to blackmail you.


Secondly, if you are using paid services of any person, DO NOT PAY ANYONE ANYTHING BEFORE YOU MEET AND TAKE SERVICE.

And if you decide to take paid service, make sure that the other person is genuine paid person. Use your common sense and trust your instincts. Better safe than sorry.

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Posted On Jan 27, 2023 - 02:52 PM

Hi guys pls be careful when meeting strangers from social sites . This is a true incident that happened to a friend whom I’ve met through ohmojo. He is really an excellent guy n very warm hearted friendly person. Like everyone of us do he also got so tempted n met a guy on gr last weekend n they guy on video call invited him over for fun saying he was alone. He was super excited about meeting this guy n met him at his apartment around 12 midnight n he was alone n he offered water when he reached his place . The other guy initiated fun n both of them were nude n started enjoying when suddenly my friend blacked out n woke up only next day afternoon. He doesn’t know what happened n he was totally weak n couldn’t even get up as if he was paralysed. He could hear only faint voice around him n his mom is single she frantically on look out for this guy for over a day n reached us few friends . We knew something was wrong but luckily he had mentioned chatting with so n so person but didn’t know exact details. We took help from few techies n traced his location through google . But his phone was switched off . Somehow we retrieved his gr chat n found the exact location n reached. The guy locked him in that apartment, initially he acted that he was alone n we were creating a nuisance but we knew something was off n we forced our way into his place to find our friend nude n helpless in a mattress in a room. God knows what all happened to him. We had to lodge a police complaint n the guy was arrested n our friend was rushed to hospital only to be diagnosed that he was given some kind of sedative which had temporarily paralysed his limbs n it took 4 days for him to recover , he just got shifted to a normal room today. It was a total nightmare I’m glad at least he came out alive. But we still don’t know what all he had to endure those two days , because he doesn’t remember a thing. So guys pls pls be careful and play safe so many sexual predators out there n it’s quiet scary for someone to go through

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Posted On Jan 27, 2023 - 07:15 PM

I met a guy on grndr and he was not very far from.my locality. On a day before one of out festival, he called me saying he was alone. We met midway , and he took me to an empty workshop in a crowded muslim locality. I thought we would chat for some time and then if I like we would do ***. He immediately started to get naked and told me to strip. We started to kiss and within mins 4 or 5 guys bathed in. They drag that guy with his collar and told me that he has already served prison when he raped a kid. Till then they did not allow me to wear dress. They recorded me naked but i hid my face. They got my ID card from my trouser. They told me that there is a huge crowd waiting to beat me. They can save me if I pay 25000. They took my bank card and forced me to give pin. But they coukd not find money in ATM. They came back and told ne to arrange or else they would give me to police. I called an acquaintant and luckily he gave me money. I handed them money and told them to delet my video which they did in front of me.

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Posted On Jan 27, 2023 - 07:36 PM

Always keep one thing in mind, whenever you're out at a bar, party, anything ... even with friends ... NEVER LET ANYONE FIX A DRINK FOR YOU. Do it yourself.

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Posted On Jan 27, 2023 - 07:39 PM

Typo; my bad - At a private party. Bring your own booze.

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Posted On Jan 28, 2023 - 05:30 AM

thanks for putting this topic on this forum.
For some reason bangalore seems to have quite a few fraudsters
I was contacted by someone who was using the name of a person who has a public profile and even on linkedin and a nice photo too. His name which he mentioned in his gmail sounded like he is a native of karnataka and he wass insisting on joining hangouts or instagram. But his instagram account said he is from Assam with a completely different name.
I got off dating sites because it was such a waste of time especially when I am travelling which is most of the time.
This is both a waste of time and there is a high risk. I learnt it was better to go for paid professionals there is no time waste or risk and usually there is a fairly good chance that you will enjoy the experience

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Posted On Jan 29, 2023 - 03:59 AM

I met a guy yesterday. He said we will have some drinks in bathtub. So I booked a hotel room with bathtub. I also bought some costly scotch. He wasnt paying a penny anywhere. We had drinks in bathtub n*de. No hanky panky. And suddenly he said he wants to go and study and left all of a sudden.

I was very angry, sad that I wasted so much money. Almost 6K wasted. This was also a kind of fraud, where these people just come for free drinks and food and leave without doing anything. Though he was gay he suddenly started pretending straight.

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Posted On Jan 29, 2023 - 11:03 AM

Although I don't understand one thing. Why do we hesitate to contact the police. The amount these fraudsters ask. Any cop can assist you in half the cost. And you always have a chance of getting in contact with a good cop who may just help you and don't take the money.

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Str8lover *
Posted On Jan 29, 2023 - 12:09 PM

@Lungifetish not all the cops are helpful
Once I was Crusing and park my bike exact outside the loo but as no one was there I took walk on adjacent road..cops car came and rushed inside the to catch someone in action (which is fine as it’s there duty) but as no one was there inside they got disappointed, I show this all but as I was not inside I didn’t had any fear and was heading towards my bike and they saw me and called towards them and started asking questions and said he have informed you several times still you came here which never happened in never came across to them before. And started nonsense things that we know why you are here .. how much do you charge .. how much you will take from us and what not.. I said I just pee and was talking walk will talking on my phone ..to which they said show your phone with whom you were talking and unlock my phone and showed them .. he took my phone and started said we know everything and you have to pay .. as now my phone was with them and they might check things and which could have gone more wrong I agreed..he demanded for 10 k
I said I will google pay you to which he denied and I said I need to call my frnd
So he gave my phone to me and I called cop friend of mine( he is straight) and as I really did nothing I could call him with confidence.. luckily he was nearby and came immediately and they talked between themselves and I was relief

Also when I called my cop friend the one who caught me was asking so many questions said Tu to bahut Shana nikla .. you must have slept with him.. how much did he paid you n what not

I’m ok to get punished for what I did .. but it’s really nonsense specially from people who are appointed to protect us misuse our sexual orientation like this

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Posted On Jan 29, 2023 - 04:43 PM

@straightlover i agree that cops are not always helpful a nd some take advantage. But you a re missing my point. When it comes to choosing between a criminal and a cop I would chose the cop.
In many comments it seems the fraud threatened to go to police and asked for thousands. I would rather call the cops myself and pay them instead of that criminal.

It's like I would go with the devil i know. And then there is a chance the cop turns out to be a huma being.

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Posted On Jan 29, 2023 - 10:01 PM

I recall on incident that has happened with my close friend.He called someone to his room from Gr and had booze with that guy. Within few minutes my friend slept off...when he woke up in the morning, there were multiple condoms filled with *** were lying on the floor, he was not sure about wat happened with him that night.
his things were here n there . His cupboard was open and clothes were scattered here n there ...his Laptop was missing, cash n his gold chain was missing along with few T shirts n jeans. He had small gold idol in his home temple, that was also missing.
He contacted cops and told them the truth. Cops helped him to find that person and returned his Laptop and gold chain and idol. There was a CCTV in the lift area and they found 3 more guys came to his home that night... He could identify 2of them and told cops about their addresses. Cops were very cooperative.
They asked for 10k...my friend was fine with it as he got his things back.

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Posted On Jan 30, 2023 - 04:21 AM

After reading all these incidents.. people like me who are curious to approach someone once.. are full of fear now.. and became hesitant .. whole life couldnt approach anyone.. and now when felt to do so.. such fraudsters are killing the trust in anyone .. what should we do any suggestions??

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Str8lover *
Posted On Jan 30, 2023 - 05:33 AM

@ roykhannaa actually..before creating my profile here I read lot of threads and created my profile in excitement.. but As this thread has come up and reading the experience of people trust me it has become difficult to easily trust anyone.. but it’s actually good that many of us as already getting aware of it.

@lungifetish : I got your point.. but I have heard that this cops and goons are friends and play this act together to earn money.
So any which ways you are loosing ur money and along with it things keep hunting for long duration few of them go into depression aswell

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Posted On Jan 30, 2023 - 07:05 AM

Many have hear asked for tips. There is no rocket science and its pretty simple to be safe

1. Never (means never) call anyone at your home even if you are alone or stay alone

2. Never (means never) to go some one home even if they say he is alone or stay alone

3. Always meet at neural place like park or move theater for few times which easily allows you to escape if you do not like the other person. Do not indulge in action in such place as they are public places and may have cameras

4. Always use common sense...in first few meetings if the person keep telling you that he is having financial problem etc., best to keep away from them. I am not saying that they may not have real problem. But focus on your purpose.

5. If some one is too inquisitive about your personal information like where you work, your marital status, your residential address etc. or about your financial matter like how much you earn , how much you spend etc. avoid such people

6. Indulge in action only after few meetings and at safe location. What is "safe location?" Use common sense

7. Never indulge in action at cruising spot. That's where there is trap and sometimes cops are also part of game so either way you will get stuck

8. While meeting someone carry minimum of money and do not wear any gold or carry costly mobile phones

9. Do not boast your wealth and status

10. Trust your inner voice.

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Posted On Jan 30, 2023 - 07:16 AM

Few more points

11. Be extra cautious while using social media platforms. Beware of profiles which says that "I am young but i only like uncles or i like married bottoms". As such uncles and married people can easily get into trap in wish to get young man, they ultimately suffer. Worse if someone is married, he can be black mailed very easily

12. Be clear about other person orientation. Half of the people do not know or gets confused about top, bottom, versatile and bise....Many times person calling himself top is in turn bottom. To add to confusion now people use words like ver top, ver bottom or side. So please understand from other person about his likes and where it matches with your expectation.

13. Use safely while indulging in action to avoid any STD or virus

14. If you are bottom, do not try group fund with strangers....here you can get in to trap

Again after reading all this, one may feel there is no safely. See, as such nothing is 100% safe, but lets take few examples of safely place. The Enlighted audience/reader can add to this list

1. If there are any spa or massage center known for gay services, it may be better alternative ...again nothing is 100% safe

2. Any movie theater or video parlor known for gay action...check if there is no cop raid....

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Str8lover *
Posted On Jan 30, 2023 - 08:06 AM

I would like to add few points to above comments

1. If your calling someone from mostly Grindr/ planet Romeo or any other gay dating sites make sure you exchange mobile number and have call conversations so that front person know my mobile number is there in front person call log and there are less chances to happen anything wrong or to tress easily if something goes wrong ( as you can read above comment which they have to dig down gr conversations)
I have seen many of them hesitates to share number which is fine so do not call such people directly at your place rather meet somewhere at neutral point(public place which is crowded so that less chance of creating nonsense)

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Posted On Jan 30, 2023 - 11:24 AM

Other option is to visit gay parties which get regularly arranged by reputed people or even some bars known as hook up point

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Str8lover *
Posted On Jan 31, 2023 - 04:56 PM

I guess nothing is safe for community (LGBTQ) people..I really don’t know what pride straight people carry .what do they think about themselves.. gays are easy prey for them.Read comments from other thread ( boss and colleagues at work place ) one of the user ‘kisses ‘( profile currently unavailable )had really bad experience and don’t know how he handled himself from that incident.

Salmandear said visit gay parties.. I have been to few ..Saale ye police waha pe bhi RAID daalte hai.. (I have been to Party in Mumbai back in 2016-17 ) don’t know current situation. But obviously party organisers must be managing Cops with money..and if they do no get enough they will take their action this can happen anytime and anywhere.

Few months back there was party organised by Mist at Baner ..I don’t know exactly what happened but what I read and come to know that a guy jump from 2nd floor due to which he died..this is really too much. There is thread for this incident too.

You guys can YouTube Rahul Bose ‘I am ‘ short film.. and that is not just movie but has happened with lot of guys. Guys be aware before making out at public place. Even if your in car don’t do anything unless you know other guy completely.

Yesterday I was out with my friend and while coming back we went to Wadia loo. Actually we been to few loos but there was no one. So came to Wadia clg loo. We both went inside and there were 4 guys out of which two left and two were still there .. one was peeing (only action)and other was standing by wall giving strokes.. I didn’t like anyone so I thought to came outside..out of two who left one came back and was good looking his face was completely covered but appearance was good. He took out his *** and my friend holded it, at one of the entrances ( loo has two entrances) as They both were showing interest in each other I came outside. As I left my friend also came out and other guy too.. while coming outside one guy enter inside and one was on bike.. I said my frnd if you want to continue you can..to which he talked to other guy and they both went inside again.. as I was knowing they will take longer time I should not wait here for long ( guy outside on bike was staring at me ..I have seen him thr before as well but didn’t felt comfortable) and thought to park my bike on distance.. as I went ahead on (ruby hall clinic road) I saw one guy waiting for bus and was looking at me so I went that side and park my bike in dark and was giving him signal he was also looking back. So I went beside him and set down..but nothing happened. While this period my friend was trapped by goons which I was completely not aware about as I was completely away from there and was involved in that guy at bus stop. Goons came with weapons and they hit my friend on his back and hit on his face and what not happened.. luckily he got escaped from there and run . I saw someone running but still there was no thought in my mind that something has happened..He ran so fast that I couldn’t recognise him. As this guy at bus stop was not responding and was just making eye contact so I thought let’s move towards loo.. and I walked towards loo, I came and saw goons I was completely shattered.. and don’t know what to do .. I was like what if I take my phone out and this guys snatch. I kept walking and was completely with confused state.. I was worried about my friend.. anyone coming from backside was increasing my heartbeat because it was wrong way for them and only goons were left at the loo rest all guys run away. I took my phone out and saw missed call from my friend and I called him back (WhatsApp call as my calling balance over and do have separate data balance so I prefer that) I called my friend and there was riksaw coming from backside felled with 6-7 guys I was completely scared ..they went ahead and stop and got down at Dutch palace. I showed normal and went ahead. I took complete round in a hope I can see my friend somewhere and also tried calling him and messaged him.. but no response. I searched him there almost for 40mims. But couldn’t find him. Than I took help from one guy to call him and he received called and dined to talk to me and meet me henceforth and he informed his on his way back to home . I was bit relaxed in though that nothing much bad must have happened and his going back. But on my way back I kept calling him and asked to meet which he kept denying. I requested him a lot and also shared my past experiences to which he got ready and I went to see him.. I asked him to show me where he got hurt he pulled his t-shirt from back and I was completely restless.. he was hit by weapons and it almost went 1inch deeper and long as well.. he couldn’t see it as it was on his back and just above the waist.he said if I would have not run they would have killed him.. and I was shattered. I immediately took him to hospital and treatment was started he got stitches. Trust me guys if he would have not escaped himself they would have literally kill him ..
I’m thankful that nothing more wrong happened to him.

I do know doing things at public place will end up like this..but literally hitting someone that someone will die is too scary..
I also read lot of comments on this thread where guys meet from gr or other gay site and was in trouble..

So how are we suppose to live ..? It has become challenging now.. I now this is not everyday incident.. but even if once you are cheated that thing remains back of ur head for rest of the life and keeps troubling you..

Do we have any platform where we can get very strong support?

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Posted On Jan 31, 2023 - 05:51 PM

@Lungifetish I was robbed by two police men.. they caught me with one guy in isolated place. Even we were not in action or not stripped. But they scared me to call family at police station as we were at prohibited area. Later I came to know it wasn't prohibited area. They took me to ATM in their zip, I done Withrowal and gave them 25000. Police always speak so many things constantly like. Call ur family, give ur I'd, our senior will hit you if we take u to station etc.u will not get Chace to think and immediately will try to escape by giving money

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Posted On Jan 31, 2023 - 05:57 PM

I got a message from one such fake doctor profile on Grindr. He looked muscular and told me he lives in Huoston , Texas. I texted but did not reveal my number. I insisted for a vc but he used to keep getting angry. I simply blocked him. A similar incident in July 2022, this time a doctor from Kenya.

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Posted On Jan 31, 2023 - 11:09 PM

Yes, it is better to have VC. If any moron deny to have VC, just ignore. What's the point of having chat If someone not interested in VC. There are some idiots here for time.pass.

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Posted On Feb 4, 2023 - 06:00 AM

@Biguy007 -
Am glad u were able to find ur friend.
But i didn't understand how u access his Grindr if he had that phone with Grindr installed.

I know u said something about a techie helping u, but if it was other way around, like then it would mean a techie can benefit with Grindr information and then that would mean Grindr has a big security hole.

Can u please explain.

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Posted On Feb 4, 2023 - 08:41 AM

At Andheri DN nagar... basically everyone knows what happens inside loo and behind parked buses including nearby people who are staying/cops/shops/etc....

But never found a cop trying to thug any guy.... instead fake cops who try to pose as a cop are nuisance...

Even if u stand near loo cops won't trouble you...

During second lockdown around 3am a cop on bike asked me what I was doing there... I simply said I was just taking a stroll... then he said not to stand here... I smiled and he left...

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Posted On Feb 5, 2023 - 12:13 AM

@Str8lover wadia college loo is always risky. This has happened with me too few years back. Cops came in and took some cash n one cop also asked me to come inside loo with him (he was rubbing his buldge,).i denied to go inside , started my bike and ran away.