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Submitted by BoobyBear Location: All India (All India, India)

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3. Connect for leisure/sightseeing/food/fun.

4. Share hostel/room/villa/apartment if possible.

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Posted On Jan 13, 2021 - 07:56 AM

i am planing for a sort trekking trip in uttarakhand
1. Naag Tiba Trek
2. Tungnath Trek

Who is interested please ping me?

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Posted On Jan 24, 2021 - 08:57 AM

The best international destinations for gay travel are Thailand and Barcelona.

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Posted On Jan 24, 2021 - 06:00 PM

Anyone wanna plan for Thailand. .I am.looking for company

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Posted On Jan 25, 2021 - 04:41 AM

Thailand isn’t open freely yet .
But wheh in Bangkok visit Babylon Spa ... you will love it

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Posted On Jan 25, 2021 - 04:51 AM

Please include Rio de Janeiro, Brazil πŸ†β€

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Posted On Jan 25, 2021 - 06:21 AM

Babylon is way too packed.. like 2000 sq yards house accomodating 5000 odd nude/ semi nude men on weekend.. one feels lost.. Rio is good option but closed now due to ever increasing cases .. love Miami/ London or swiss if decent group is planning to visit

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Posted On Jan 25, 2021 - 05:37 PM

@Kristy14 what are your recommendations for Barcelona ?

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Posted On Feb 20, 2021 - 05:52 AM

Is Bangkok open completely for international travels? Is there any quarantine required?

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Posted On Feb 20, 2021 - 06:38 AM

14days quarantine is compulsory required with our charges
Government will not bear the charges for Bangkok and Thailand visitors

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Posted On Mar 6, 2021 - 11:36 PM

What worries me about some international locations (especially the ones I'd like for gay ***) is not knowing their general outlook towards gay ***. Example like India itself, had connmen on dating apps waiting to blackmail / loot guys. Also read a similar thing about dubai. I get that western counties shouldn't have such problems, but the ones i dream of aren't western lol

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Posted On Mar 7, 2021 - 03:33 AM

thailand and bali are heaven in my experience...safety no doubt is concern bt other hand you also should have confidence to carry out..ya have to maintain decency ..like in Bali went to Nusa peninda ..upon return went to washing room changing area..it was all open..all were nude having shower changing ..I wore lacy panties inside whole time so when I went inside I stripped down infront of all two Germans saw me..smiled ..we had lunch thn a nice quickie *** bath ...thn in their room.....Thailand went to a bar where met one pakistani man..he literally during dinkig he slipped his hand under my shorts and fingered my *** ....dubai I found little restricted until unless it is preplanned and under curtain

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Posted On Mar 8, 2021 - 08:50 AM

I visited lot of countries but never visit cruising places except India.
For me bathhouse is best place because of security.
In USA mostly matures visit bathhouse.
But my best memory is Bangkok Babylon bath house.
May b it's my first experience.
In delhi, Mykonos also good.
In Singapore,there is 3 or 4 bathhouse.each bathhouse have alternate day nudity.
But in Singapore and Malaysia ,local people avoid Indian guys due to big tools,as they said.
In Bangladesh , mostly young guys prefer uncle types men bcoz their first encounter with teacher or chacha.
There is guest house in Srilanka for gays ,name Gomez village, mostly europian aged guys stay there,local young guys used visit that guest house for fun for some tips.

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Posted On Mar 8, 2021 - 08:54 AM

Hi guys,
Is there any information about nenmara vallangi Vella fest in pallakad ,this year date is 3/4/21.
Can anyone tell me about location and where to stay and how's the experience
Please inform us

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Posted On Mar 9, 2021 - 12:53 PM

Shantanu I miss keys in Singapore .. they have an area where u have to be nude .. no underwear no towel.. simply love it .. Mykonos is closed .. hopefully with vaccination starting, they will open soon.. hate Babylon due to overcrowding

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Posted On Mar 9, 2021 - 03:09 PM

For some reason, I loved Montreal. Whether it was sauna or theatre or strip clubs or even just hanging out in the open air restaurant, it was very refreshing and engaging.

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Posted On Mar 9, 2021 - 06:34 PM

Visited gloryholes in NY video parlours. 25$ for one time visit. The gatemen are those huge black guys and they were very rude and cocky. They have specially made gloryhole openings in the compartment. Took the ticket and went in one booth. Very common and regular Brazzers *** was going on a small screen. i hear a small tap on the side wall and i placed finger on the gloryhole opening....a white thick *** popped in. I quickly *** it and after 5 mins when he was about to burst he asked me to give....i gave mine and he *** hungrily. I could see a nice gentlemen type white guy in his early fourties.
He took me so deepthroat and with so much passion that i came in just 5 mins...and he gulped it all down. I hurriedly came out and he was standing there at door.
He had a mild smile of satisfaction and gratitude. I guessed he wanted to strike a conversation. But i just said Thank you to him and came out.

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Posted On Mar 9, 2021 - 07:11 PM

After an okish glory hole experience i had an exhilirating and most adventoruos time at an all male No undrwear orgy in one of dark undergroung dungeon of New york. I have details of the organisers if someone needs will provide.
Before going on the US trip i researched well on cruising places and stumbled on these wild orgy parties. Read some more and came on news that the cops have raided such parties few times..reason? Some of these parties were held in residential apartments so neighbours complained of loud music and unwarranted guests. It was risky to go there...but hormones took over me. Price for one entry was 45$. I went there at night 9 pm and the dark alley was already deserted. it was just row of eerie houses and i lost hope of finding anything. Felt cheated. Was about to turn when i saw a rainbow flag hanging on a small door....went there and it led to dimly lit stairs which went straight down in basement of that building.

was bit scared but hormones took me over me again. i sunked down and at the end there was a passage leading to a proper entrace. I creaked it open and finally saw some guys standing there which seemed to be like a reception room of a motel. I said i wanted an entry ticket. They asked me for 25$ and gave me a token and told me to always keep it handy. They explained me the rules. Absolutely no clothes allowed. Need to deposit all my belongings, wallet phone clothes at the locker. It was supposed to be returned only after i gave them the token. I was bit surprised. If i was supposed to be naked..where will i keep my token? They laughed at my naiviety. They said, keep your socks on and keep token in there. So you are free to roam and F%ck around.

I did all those and finally entered the hallway. It opened up into the entire basement..and as soon as i entered...there infront were standing two niggers...with magnificient 8-9 inchers standing in full glory. I guess they were made to stand there as welcome drinks...(felt bit embarassed when they both peeped down at my asset)
There were guys everywhere...at the dingy bar...sitting on the high chairs...white hispanic latinos asian and ofcourse...blacks

most were just chatting and grooving to music. All in their full nude ....hairy smooth tall and short...erect and flaccid....golden pubi$cs and brown bush...BUT
But i dint see live action happening anywhere....
Then i saw guys continously coming out and going in a another adjacent passageway...it was darker with a red ship light hanging quite high. I slipped in and could see just silhettoes of red men....with erect ***....guys s#kin on them...circle J#erks , train F%ckin....went more inside where i can now see more clearly...it was a old style bar. With leather belts...swings hanging over....Straight out of a Feti$sh po#rn

That room was filled with moans...and pungent smell of C$um and sweat

minimum 50-60 guys were goin completely bonkers in that room with full gusto..double of it were watching them...

Some guys approached me ..they were mostly in their 40 plus and i wasnt quite into them plus i was scared if i would be gagged by group so i refrained.

In the corner i saw a indian couple....an elderly man who seemed to be from UP/Bihar saying his friend...Chalo ab chalte hai....Poonam ka phone aa raha hai :p. The other one said...but brother aaj to aapne kuch nahi score kiya..hehe

I had my eyes on some super cute teen guys but they were least interested. They all were in their own group. Too much of *** filled smoke made me but nauseas so i went to washroom...it was filled with used condoms....no partitions....though no adventures there.
Later i went up on the mezannine floor which had a secluded round floor with strip poles in between. Though there were no performanc on that night ppl just relaxed on the leather circular sofas. I sat there and elderly guys started fondling me...i resisted for 5 mins and then excused myself. there were couples romancing there kissing and fondling each other. So i came to know this was the soft core zone and down in the dark room was the hardcore zone. After 2 hours of living the *** in real....i decided it was the time to leave..i had literally seen 100's of dic$ks that night...scores of bubble b$tts and some awesome wild F#cking

To tell you i guess the avg *** size was 6 inches..7 inches were like common..and 8 was not rare...saw 9 as well...most of guys there are well maintained and well groomed.
No one troubles you no one makes advancs beyond a limit. They will easily take a no and wont bother you....I was myself shy and scared and remained aloof so dint struck any conversation...

I came back and checked my sock if i still had the token or did i lose it in all this flurry. took my clothes and belongings.. Absolutely smooth process. AS soon as i came out of the hallway into the dim passage i saw a very smart tall Indian guy walking in...sheepishly. Our eyes met...paused for a moment...and very next moment i realised i have given back the token...and it was way too late and my hotel was far from this place so i should hurry. I cursed my luck and disengaged my look from him and walked out back....felt a gush of chilled snowy air and i shivered. Realised how hot n humid it was underneath....
Hell heaven whatever but it was a good experience.

i still get their emails as i am in their mailing list. But sadly this covid had my company bring me back to India :(

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Posted On Mar 16, 2021 - 04:33 AM

Goa is a good destination for incognito trips. So far !

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Posted On Mar 16, 2021 - 07:08 AM

Hi all, heard The lailit group of hotels is gay free and having weekends party. Anyone knows please confirm

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Posted On Mar 16, 2021 - 07:41 AM

@Pradeep68: Yes there is a separate topic thread that is going on for Lalit hotel. U can check that thread. Search for Lalit under Mumbai location.

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Posted On Mar 23, 2021 - 11:36 AM

Looking for a mate to join bike adventure starting from Pune ..we can go to places around Goa or drive across the Konkan coast

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Posted On Mar 24, 2021 - 01:13 AM

Looking for a mate to go weekend trip on sharing basis ..near by hyderabad / bangalore

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Posted On Mar 25, 2021 - 05:44 PM

Having been a Globe trotter
All western countries have open Gay spots
Swiss/ London/ Paris/ USA/ Australia
Where ever I lived gay life is open and steady
With south east Asia bangkok is a good spot
Babylon is a known gay sauna Globally
Packed with ppl 7 days a week
Good to chill for couple of hours in this authentic Gay sauna in Bangkok... as I live in Australia western countries are far ahead
India is still moving in its own zone ...

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Purab.blr *
Posted On Mar 26, 2021 - 06:08 PM

Anyone know about Gothenburg, Sweden gay life here?

I am soon moving there

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Posted On Mar 28, 2021 - 10:34 AM

I'm planning to go on a trip around thanjavur Or Kumbakonam.. And if it works out with my travel buddy future short trips too

It can be a group travel or else looking for only 1 or 2 genuine gay friends/ travel buddies. It's like a semi religious tour *** happy trip kind of...

In the past.. I often planned with common friends (irrespective of orientation) but it never happened.. Only we used to discuss & plan. Nothing happens afterwards..

I want to really go as a solo trip but I wish to have someone with me so that I can stay together and feel happy with my travel buddy. I feel it would be really nice to have at least 1 travel buddy. It will help both of us explore places, help & motivate each other, both can feel more confident in & throughout my travel.

If anyone is interested plz do DM me.

Plz note it's not purely fun travel and not just for hook up. I also consider myself a demisexual and Sapiosexual. Age doesn't matter. I only need a friendly person & travel buddy!!

Thank you in advance for yr msgs if anyone interested. Or else I'll go all alone.

We will strictly follow the covid preventive measures and government's recommended rules always.

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Posted On Mar 29, 2021 - 04:05 AM

@serenade - Yes you are correct . However the past year and this year till now has been pathetic for all gay venues here in London and NY . Here gay pubs / clubs / saunas are shutting down . Gay saunas / clubs won’t be the same ever . Controlled crowds will take the fun away πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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Posted On Mar 31, 2021 - 01:25 PM

If anyone is interested for outing within India I can join. I had been to Bangkok and had massage by a sexy smooth chinese boy.
Haven't tried other countries yet. I heard Netherlands is heaven for gay. My friend tried bath houses in Japan. They are safe and happening.
Due to my BF I couldn't try USA inspite of visiting thrice. He hates such places.
Had been to Sydney in 2000. Oxford area is dedicated gay area where even on railway station you will see guys kissing eachother. Then there are so many clubs and peep shows there.
I was in Singapore for few years but shied away from such adventures thinking its illegal there. Same for Malaysia.
I am still not very confident trying foreigners although I love smooth fair tall guys like in *** movies.

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Posted On Mar 31, 2021 - 03:20 PM

Finally had *** with 2 guys 2 days bfr in a hotel they are tourist osm guys they msged online told ur available I told yes then went to there place I was stunned seeing there body they told me we will *** nicely I was fully nude they bites my nipples and slap my *** I *** there *** one guy spread my legs and apply lube and inserted his finger slowly lil pain then he inserted his *** slowly and *** other other was biting my nipples I was *** his *** both *** me hard and cumed on my face osm feeling love u guys muahh

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Posted On Apr 6, 2021 - 05:46 AM

Have lived in several cities down under.Melbourne is probably the most gay friendly and cosmopolitan. There are many saunas and gay clubs esp in Prahran.A popular sauna is in the city at a place called Subway Sauna. They have a mixed crowd often visited by Indian students. Theme nights are very popular .Another place is Wet on Wellington which has a swimming pool which encourages nudity. In Sydney the bars are aplenty as well as the Saunas but will cost u more.Birisbane and Adelaide are more laid backless crowded while further up in Northern Territory they are gay friendly bars but no gay saunas as yet.As far as my personal experience goes Indians are very well respected as long as you follow the norms and I have never faced any problems esp racism . You just go with the flow!

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Posted On Apr 29, 2021 - 05:38 PM

My first trip was to Thailand and I stayed in Babylon. They had common bathrooms and no separation while taking bath, it was fun. But the best was Tawan bar. They had a show that was so erotic I released just like that :P
I've been to California and tried the bathhouses/saunas there. Mostly I found old people, and it was so much polished that I didn't like. I like it raw :P Even in nude beaches mostly I found old men hanging out nude. The gay bars in SF where someone dances were dead boring.
London and Berlin were ok. I went to a few bars and saw live *** and *** party and all that. But again, hardly any youngsters. I wanted to find a place where pornstars *** on stage and we watch it as audience but couldn't. If anyone knows such places, plz let me know.
After being to all these countries, I realized the average age in Western countries is quite high. India and SE Asia is full of young population.
In India I felt Delhi, Mumbai and Kerala tops in gay fun - sooo many hotties! Even Goa/Gokarna. Way way better fun than any foreign countries. Nothing can match the erotic fun of massages in Kerala. Western massages are no where close.

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Posted On Jan 4, 2022 - 09:08 AM

Hello everyone I am crossdresser . Planning to go for kollam festival 2022 march month. Plan to stay 6 days in kollam chamikyavilakku temple. So that I booked hotel room near to temple. I am searching for a cd lover who is interested to stay with me for those 6 days as my husband. And plan to go to temple as newly married couple. And at day time going outing as a couple in cab. Like kollam beaches, temple, boat house trip. For those 6 days i will wear 8 dress. Every day 2 dresses. Day time leggings tops,Jeans tops, Salwar, Kurtis, Night time going to temple so I will wear traditional dresses. My Cd lover who willing to spend money for hotel room and outing in cab And food and drinks and all expenses please dm me.(not mandatory though, we can divide expenses) Looking for a CD lover who knows the feeling of crossdresser and who will keep me as his true love for those days .Waiting for my lover to date on kollam festival. Thank u. CD lover who willing to be my husband can ping me , age is no bar .

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rohan jain
Posted On Jul 20, 2022 - 01:47 AM

I have heard there is some famous festival bin south india,
In that crowd many people take advantage group of people gather in crowd n have open ***
Whats that Festival?
Which state that happens?
When it happens?
Plz share your experiences
Elephant are part of that Festival if m not wrong

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Posted On Jul 20, 2022 - 02:00 AM

Thrissur Pooram festival.. in kerala..search in Google..

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Posted On Jul 20, 2022 - 02:01 AM

Koovagam Festival - the Transgender Festival in Tamil Nadu -

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Posted On Jul 20, 2022 - 02:07 AM

Rohan jain,
That two festivals has gone
Both r in kerala
Pooram festival in thrissur
Nenmera vellangi vela in palakkad
Upcoming festival is ganesh chaturdoshi in Mumbai
Lastday, all community people gathers in chopatty beach, its real raw fun.
Villupuram, the place in tamilnadu, there is a temple melmalayanur, on every new moon (ama vasi) date, gay gathers in bushy field.
Kerala tamilnadu Hyderabad is gay heaven place
Another place is kutrallam, in tamilnadu, every year on August 2nd weekend community people gather

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Posted On Jul 20, 2022 - 02:39 AM

Hi friends,
U guys written about Bangkok
But u shld visit jumteian beach
This beach near pataya
Its gay beach and lots of gay hotel and hostel
There is some places where u find gay hostel like london mardid
Hostelworld. Com
Hostels. Com
In Thailand jumteian beach hostels are dam cheap
Babyloon, i miss that, i heard its shut down, its really heart broken news for me

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Posted On Jan 13, 2023 - 12:07 PM

Any fun place to go in feb in india ? Nude beach or something like thar other than goa ?

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Posted On Jan 16, 2023 - 08:09 AM

Is there any nude beach in Goa or anywhere in India?

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Posted On Jan 16, 2023 - 08:39 AM

Ozran beach in Goa is a nude beach....u do not have to be nude...u can choose to be nude as

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Posted On Feb 26, 2023 - 08:47 AM

Woww Rishikesh is on my bucket list since long. Would love to do meditation on the Ganga banks. It’s so relaxing positive vibes. Need a top partner with similar interests towards nature, spirituality and positivity. Ofcourse I like loads of hot fun too 😊

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Posted On Mar 3, 2023 - 06:52 PM

Budapest has some interesting cruising places. I found a gay bar near the place where I was staying and as I dont like the place to be too crowded i went on a weekday. its free entry but you need to buy at least one drink. The coat checker gives you a ticket on which the bartender writes down your orders and when you are leaving you need to return the ticket back, else pay a hefty fine.
The place was better than i imagined. They have dark rooms, bdsm rooms, private chambers, glory holes, open spaces for those who enjoy an audience. Most of the places were dimly lit. Some were naked, it hardly takes a sec or two after eye contact to know if someone is interested or not. If you go after 9 pm, you can enjoy the whole night.
Most of the gay bars in budapest are similar, some are known to have both gays and lesbians partying in the same place and often organise swinger parties and orgies.

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raunchy indian
Posted On Mar 3, 2023 - 07:07 PM

Most of Europe if not entire Europe has gay spots- right from clubs, saunas to pubs. Budapest in fact in Eastern Europe is still not as gay friendly as its western counterparts. Amsterdam has traditionally been the gay capital of the world but in recent times, I have had better and more varied experiences in Berlin. And there's always good old London and the British boys ;)

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Posted On Mar 4, 2023 - 01:54 PM

@raunchy indian
Yes. I have heard that western EU is far more open and accepting. To explore my opportunities I will be going to France this week. From what I have read, Germany is the biggest hotspot for cruising and gay parities, gonna see how far/close are the French.
Haha but I am yet to find someone who matches the seductiveness and erotic play that older indian men bring to the table.

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Posted On Mar 4, 2023 - 04:49 PM

Bathhouses in North America are good. I have been to the ones in Chicago and Toronto. There is a mix of all ages and shapes. It might look like there are more elder guys, given we are used to seeing a lot of young guys in India. But some older western guys are great at tapping your deeply hidden sexual desires. They bring a lot of great techniques to the table and it could be mind blowing sometimes.

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Posted On Mar 7, 2023 - 08:35 AM

Anyone planning for Amsterdam? Last time I am there I enjoyed a lot there. For seven days daily I would go to a gay sauna in afternoon. Enjoy there till evening and go to gay clubs and enjoy there till night. Its not even costly as there is huge discount for u-25 guys and most uncles buy me drinks.

Saving money for that may plan for a week this summer

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Posted On Mar 10, 2023 - 12:15 PM

Want to know about Hamams in Turkey....are they gay friendly? Because love their rugged hairy body and stamina is tremendous....

If anyone has any information...please share....

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Posted On Mar 10, 2023 - 03:09 PM

@munnabhai Hammams in Turkey definately a gay vibe. If visiting Isntanbul seaech for Firuz Aga Hammami. Excellent place to visit. Walking distance from Taksim square and very cruisy in a sunday evening. The activity is very hush hush but when I visited, loved thw hot young turks who were visiting.

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Posted On Mar 18, 2023 - 07:29 AM

Visiting haridwar on 17 april 23
Rishikesh on 18 april 23
Dehradun on 19 20 april 2023
Anyone wanna join pls feel free to ping
Solo traveller here