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Self Acceptance & Emotional Support

Submitted by Coolbisu91 Location: All India (All India, India)

One of the hardest phases in a gay person's life is self acceptance. It is a battle that most of us have to fight alone. While some of us finally win the fight, a large number of persons lose it.

Knowing that I'm gay and accepting myself as gay was actually completely different. I was already struggling with my sexuality when I watched the movie "Dear Zindagi". There in a scene, Alia asked a gay boy "Why do you visit your therapist? Is it so that you can tell people that you're gay?" The boy replied "No, so that I can tell MYSELF that I'm gay"

That's when I realised the importance of self acceptance and started working out for that. It took me long to finally accept myself. But I think it would've been easier and faster if I could talk to someone.

So how was/is your experience? Pose share them. Your story can inspire many others like you.

And also to the ones still struggling, if you want to talk to someone, feel free to reach me. I can be the non-judgemental ear when you can still be anonymous.

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Posted On Apr 1, 2024

@Rohan126 - Absolutely wrong observation you have bro. Sorry dude. Mostly here are married ones and I must say a married man can;t be a part of fnf(*** and forget) game. Becuase everytime he has to think for his privacy and same time seeking another mate is a problem. I would rather prefer a married man, who also wants a long term discreate relationship.

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Posted On Apr 9, 2024

Another thing that I have noticed in Indian gay community is that majority of Indian gays are bottoms. Very few are tops. And even the tops are not actual gay gay tops. They are just *** desparate men who want to put their *** in any hole. They don't even consider themselves to be gay. The Indian gay tops don't know how to pleasure the bottom's body. In all the western gay *** movies the top licks and tongue fucks the bottom's ***. In *** movies the bottom's *** is treated like a woman's ***. But Indian tops don't want to eat ***.

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Posted On Apr 10, 2024

To the point observation @womaninmanbody. Tops are like I m top need just hole , your *** or your a**.

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