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Finding love - because it's not only about ***

Submitted by Coolbisu91 Location: All India (All India, India)

Whenever we visit a gay dating site, basically whatever we can find, are mainly concentrated about having ***. I don't have anything against that as I exploited that for a long period of my life. But when I decided that I'll come out, one of the major thoughts that came to my mind, was, what about my life? Do I need to spend my life alone? Will I ever be able to find a soul mate? Though I finally came out to my friends and parents, I still don't have the answer to that question. So here I want to ask the fellow openly gay people in ohmojo - what's your experience about this? Have you been able to find a stable boyfriend for a romantic relationship? If yes, then please share your story. May be your story can inspire a lot to come out and can also help people like to find love.

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Posted On Oct 12, 2019 - 09:30 AM

Are we talking about love or commitment at the moment!

If love then I am sorry, I have not yet been in love.

But as far as commitment for partner goes, I am ready to be committed to a top fully. Try out all my kinks only with him as I have some fantasies associated with it.

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Posted On Oct 12, 2019 - 04:19 PM

Romantic love, in the full sense of the term, is an emotion possible only to the man of unbreached self-esteem: it is his response to his own highest values in the person of another—an integrated response of mind and body, of love and sexual desire. Such a man is incapable of experiencing a sexual desire divorced from spiritual values. Love, friendship, respect, admiration are the emotional response of one man to the virtues of another, the spiritual payment given in exchange for the personal, selfish pleasure which one man derives from the virtues of another man’s character.

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Posted On Oct 13, 2019 - 01:55 AM

Lekin jab hame kisi ko aadat ho jaye or phir apke partner me changes aane lage like woh pehle se na rahe to ye bahut hurt karta hai dil dimaag sab bechain rehta hai 24 ghante has usko sochna......

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