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Rapido Bike in Chennai

Submitted by Guide4all Location: Chennai (Tamil Nadu, India)

Hi all,

Rapido has started their service in chennai today and the first day they have rolled out offer for rides.. Took two rides since morning.. Both were good looking local guys..

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Posted On Nov 8, 2022


That is not how the app works,
The app calculates the amount to be paid, using the shortest route on Google, irrespective of whether the captain takes the long route or a short cut!

The extra money charged would be a pre-existing amount for cancelling more number of times. Do not talk ill of the middle class people trying to earn money.

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Posted On Nov 10, 2022

@Zain007: There is no need to bring class in between. What do you mean to say by middle class? U mean the one's who book rapido are always rich? It's just a way to commute. There is no rich or poor involved here. And yes becoz they take long route it's does show higher cost at the end and that has nothing to do with previous cancellations. I've had interactions with Captains too and they do agree with my point. Not everyone's experience is same. No one is intentionally talking I'll about someone here. Just the experiences are being shared. Understand that first.

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Posted On Dec 28, 2022

Had an excellent exp last week. Went from taramani to adyar sangeetha for dinner. While coming back booked a rapido bike. A dark twink came. Not my type, since I like matured uncles. Was not very interested in him. When we were nearing thiruvanmiyur signal he gave a sudden break. Had to literally hug him from back to avoid falling down. Realised that he was not wearing any baniyan. Super smooth body. I immediately removed my hand and holded on to the bike. But after this he deliberately slowed down the bike. In a dark area, he brought his hand to the back, as if he is adjusting his baniyan, and squeezed my ***. My *** started growing. I moved forward and pressed my *** to his back.Put my hand to the front. To my surprise he has already unzipped his pant and the snake was out. Best part is he was not wearing any underwear. Since both of us didn't had place, played with his cocked and made him ***, as he was driving. He left me at home. Hugged him tight and gave him a kiss. Latter cummed in my toilet thinking about the whole exp. Overall rapido fun after a very long time.

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Posted On Jan 26, 2023

Rapido and Uber trips has been too good lately
Twice in a week had fantastic experience both with huge ***
Picking me from adyar to Thoraipakkam
Upon dropping I asked the captain to come over to my flat for 5 mins he nodded and came along with me upon pulling his track
Found a huge one coming out worshipped his meat and let him drop me home.
Another instance captain was super hard even before he picked me
Took him to my flat had hot mutual fun he was a cutie though
Today captain picked me from little mount to Besant Nagar… as my hand slide down found a tense huge *** started feeling and playing with it until I got home
Captain started msging me. On when we could meet up
I think if these captains are wearing track suit
Definitely there is big chance of score

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Posted On Feb 10, 2023

Two incidents today morning a hottie picking me from bessie to Anna Nagar.. he has already dropped me once from mylapore to bessie
Huge bulge upon pressing his trac pants I was pleting around slowly he said sir I do pluming and electrical work
I had been looking for one hence asked him to visit me once free
Evening from little mount to adyar yet another young dark hottie he was so ok as I felt his jeans slowly finding my way
He was like if you need any long rides do lemme know i can help you.
Dunno what works with these guys ???
I play safe slow and steady rather jumping in yet it’s been good response so far 😊

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Posted On Mar 1, 2023

Rapido captain picked me from cathedral road chennai
Absolute hunk with a track and tennis shoes well built and Tall
Started chatting to find out he was a physical education master for a private school. As we kept moving he kept adjusting his bag, which I didn’t realise it was a sign for me … then he adjusted his track… that’s it clear msg for me, started my work on moving my hand towards his crotch
After a while went inside his undies started feeling his huge ***, and that smell he had down under was even nice
I started stroking him to the max to make him *** he started pouring out until my destination had come to say bye to him

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Posted On Mar 3, 2023

Had nice and great experience today from sholiganllur to kodmbakkam aft long gap. The Driver came young chap in tracks. And wearing nothing inside and directly hold his tool.with in 5 mins.wat tool ya almost thick and too big too. Was holding and playing fully and started putting my hands inside his track and he was completely enjoying. Wat experience and reached home with out doing anything fully.. still aft long time enjoyed the movement with rapido dr.

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Posted On Mar 31, 2023

To give signal,

Rapido captain can have their pant zip half opened and the customer can edit their name to show that they are from community.

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Posted On Apr 2, 2023

Only once I had fun. If good looking like to touch hip if the captain allows

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Posted On May 26, 2023

I think they use to come in tracks mostly. Still be carefull. I had my luck with 3 captains. All where in tracks.

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Posted On May 28, 2023

One night I booked ub*r bike from phoenix mall to porur. The guy was dark with nice beard, was wearing shorts. He gave all signals, had a nice ride .

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Posted On Jun 4, 2023

Hauntyboy once I enjoyed . He was part time rapidio . Touched all places

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Posted On Jul 21, 2023

I got a very hot guy with me... While sitting itself i sat very close to him... gradually i started touching him and when i started feeling comfortable I got hold of his ***. But he stopped and said he is wearing mala which I did not notice. I asked for sorry and got down and he said its okay and if he would not have worn mala it would have been fine.
I missed it. :-)

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Posted On Jul 28, 2023

As a continuous spectator of this endless discussion, I have gained little courage and booked my 1st ride to check on having fun even though I am rapido user. It’s an small ride from Tambaram railway station to bharathi nagar (west tambaram) my captain arrived to the spot before time mid 40s I guess gave him the code took my time and den sat back while sitting I pressed both my tighs hard on his *** didn’t say anything. Actually i didn’t have any expectations for this ride I just want to check or feel wat you all have been through. So it was any one didn’t bother about the looks. Back to the ride we started and my both hands holding his side belly entire time. Normal braking twice he adjusted his bulge I guess. Casual conversation he initiated the talk not much general. I was caressing his side belly didn’t have gut to move my hands but I keep on pressing hard his *** with my tighs no objection I even leaned on him twice I got hard on while caressing his sides and he was talking continuously why he is riding just for time pass relaxation all but I still didn’t approach further. Finally I reached my destination with Precum oozing I adjusted my bulge while getting down when he was seeing me down but nothing. I asked does he need water he said no thanks sir and I gave him extra and asked to drink any juice while going cos he was staying with his family in tnagar and riding all area (location). So mission accomplished successfully for me on feeling the adventure you all been through. I know it’s not much but I tried my best and felt the trill on the ride. So will try again on the next ride.

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Posted On Jul 28, 2023

What are the signals captains will show? and how to show signals without getting into trouble with people who are not in our community? Someone suggested editor name, what should I add in my name in rapido app as signal?

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Posted On Aug 17, 2023

Hi, after reading all those stories. I finally made my mind to try it out. So, this happened around 11 where i changed my name in rapido so that they can know me. So i started booking bike from sholinganallur to madipakkam lake(though am not in madipakkam). What the hell!! I got many acceptance even after changing my name. But, no one looked cool. So I was rejecting continuously at last one good looking accepted my request. He came in his Yamaha FZ. He was light brown and has his full beard. He was likely my match. So, ride started he was continuously adjusting his pant. I got hint and started placing my hand in his tigh. No reaction or objection, later i moved to his center part and I can feel it is already hard. And as you know i started pressing. Also, he took a very long route kind of going all streets though there was a straight road and he was riding very slow. So, i got near my drop which is the lake. I got dropped off and asked whether he wants to join with me in sit near the lake. He agreed, and we started the fun..he was so straight but still he likes my touch and also me...he kissed me and I gave a *** ***..He cummed a lot after that he left and also left in a auto to reach my destination.
That's how it ended..It was very exciting...
Also is there any rapido caption near sholinganallur or ECR.. let me know

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Posted On Aug 26, 2023

Hi Guys
Just a recent episode I had on a Rapido ride
Finished my shopping in OMR picked a Rapido
To go over to my apartment in Thoraipakkam
Young fellow comes in with the bike. Had zero intention despite once bike started Captain kept moving backwards towards me… kinda giving me a indication… he allowed me to touch and feel him upon reaching the destination when I asked him to come up to my flat he refused to do so hence I decided to let go and move on
Things start here
He goes to me this is sexual abuse for men
I was like excuse me ☝️ in what way was it .. you were giving me the hints moving back and forth allowing me to play around hence it’s a mutual consent… He goes to me he protects guys from being abused in Rapido rides. I said good for you and left
After few hours of coming out he was standing in the main gate to collect further details I asked him to push off from there stating I might be forced to lodge a complaint in Rapido against him…
Moral of the story Guys not everyone are what we think it is. Let’s play it safe at all times…
I also wanted to know if anyone else has been through an episode similar to mine … unless I’m recent days all Captains are being protected from unwanted behaviour from customers
Any similar experience shared here would be much appreciated.

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Posted On Aug 26, 2023

It is after that b-wood video that captains have started standing against such initiation. I don't find anything wrong with them. If he felt offended he has all the rights to raise his voice. If you really misunderstood it as a signal, then it is your fault. If it is a kind of trap that he wanted to set but you luckily escaped, then good for you.

We can't expect everyone to be polite in refusing the singal. Some people tend to act like this. I don't find it wrong at all.

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Posted On Oct 21, 2023

Had an excellent exp after a long time. Booked a rapido from taramani to adyar. The guy was a tweek in his 20's. normal looking. on the way he took a diversion near gandhi nagar. i felt odd. next he applied a sudden brake and my *** went and hit his back. Too balance i had to literally hug his body. he had a nice smooth silky body. I casually rubbed it and removed my hands and said sorry. next he started moving back and my *** was firmly fixed in his butt. now i got 100% courage and moved my hands towards his ***. to my surprise he has already opened his pants and his erect *** was sticking out waiting for my hands. and the best part is he had come only for this, so was not wearing any underwear. then what. i started hitting my *** on his back and was simultaneously playing with his ***. at one point he cummed while riding. had a handfull in both my hands. asked him to leave me near my destination. went to the bathroom and cummed thinking about the whole incident. weird but exciting.

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Posted On Nov 9, 2023

Picked a Rapido from tiruvanmyur to Palavakkam despite of being a short ride captain me all the signals from the time I hoped into his bike till I got off… he was moving back touching my fingers finally to put my hand on his track suit to find a rock hard thick long *** almost standing up to my surprise. He was sir it’s ok pls feel free to touch me… I was fiddling his *** for my surprise he called few times to find out what I’m up to I took it casually …. He wants to catch up again
I was like alright ..,

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Posted On Nov 17, 2023

After a whole day of reading this I was super excited and wanted to try this out!!

I updated my name in the App to “Gay Bottom” and wanted to book rapido for my destination. Immediately on my request there was a good looking guy early or mid 30’s (as per the profile image) and I was waiting for him. He came and asked for the code and I boarded the bike, it was unicorn. I used a tight grip with my thighs on his sides and couple of times I did that whenever the bike jerked. He asked me if I knew the route and I said yes. He turned off his phone and kept asking right left straight and I answered. The destination is a 5star hotel and anyone can know the route, still I didn’t hesitate to tell directions. At my drop location I asked if he had gpay and he gave his number and I did the payment with a little tip.

After my work was completed, I booked another rapido for return and didn’t get any captain assigned for like 10mins. I was feeling a bit tired and finally got this captain. He was about 2KMS away from my location and said I’m dropping one person just now, will collect cash and come to pick you. I was waiting at the bus stop sitting idle looking where he is on the app. There he came finally and called me, I had to cross the road to board the bike CT 100.

While I noticed he was wearing a soft cotton shirt and a loose formal pants and his backpack put in front of him covering his front side he was in his late 30’s. I saw him looking at the screen on his mobile where my name was “gay” while I gave the code. But I am not sure if he can read that or not (not in a putting down way, I was praying he knew the meaning) as some captains are not knowing English.

As soon as I gave the code he asked me which route to go, I said go anywhere you want even if you want to take a longer route. He asked me directions again like the first captain and I started telling. As soon as I boarded the bike I started to tight my thighs against his, in a few meters I slowly put my hands too on his thighs and persuaded to the zone.

As soon as my hand touched his soft bundle, he put my hands away in a gentle way. I landed my hands on his thighs and kept rubbing for about 3minutes and warned him to stop before the stop line in signals as it is an area with a police surveillance, he obeyed. In a couple of seconds I slowly attempted to touch his bundle I was able to recognize it was harder. I was still holding it and groping it tight.

I now had to stall at a vegetable shop to get some pudhina, before I came back he has adjusted his bundle to the left side from where I was groping him making it easy for me to hold it. I was super excited after this and we crossed a local train station, i asked him if he wanted to go to the local railway station toilet to continue. He paused for a while and said let’s go to the destination. I asked him to repeat so I gave him another chance to change his mind. He still said let’s go to drop location.

I was still holding his long thick hard bundle and crushing it harder. I also touched the top and felt the head for a couple of times. I directed him to a different street and got down from the bike. After getting down also I still was holding and massaging his bundle, he didn’t deny. I asked if he had gpay and he opened the QR scanner to avoid giving me his number, forgetting that we had already called each other before we started the ride. I paid him with a 33% higher amount as tip. I still held his bundle even after payment, he said bye and left slowly without even turning back.

I was excited for the experience but deeply saddened that I couldn’t make best use of the long thick bundle when I got a chance.

On the whole it was a good one spent!!!

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Posted On Nov 18, 2023

I took three rides today..

First one was a super hard hunk! He was having his backpack in front and I was excited seeing it. He asked me to enter the otp giving his phone, he held the phone and I touched his hands while entering the otp.. gosh so hard hand!!
He was back from home I guess in jeans and a black shirt rolled up until elbows. He looked so manly… I heard him say something and I asked what then he showed that he’s on a call. It was with a female, he said madam madam…
I started caressing his stomach for quite a long time and then moved a little up towards his nipples and suddenly he stopped the bike said one minute. I was assuming he might get down for a leak, but no! He put his backpack to the back, immediately he removed and put it in front side again. I didn’t know what kind of signal this was.. I just backed off for the entire ride and got dropped at the destination.

Second one was to the beach, I saw this captain wearing formal shirt (tucked in) and super tight pants, no bags nothing. Disappointed me.. started caressing his sides and looked like he wore layers, meaning inside there was a cut baniyan too. He moved back a many times…!! I thought it is a signal!
I was slowly moving to his stomach and still caressing now it was his navel. He asked me do you have your house around the beach, I said no. I am assuming he was *** and wanted a place, I asked do you have place? He was like no! Why are you asking? I said nothing just drive. He asked me why beach then? I replied “chumma yaarachu irukaangalaa nu paaka thaan” and asked him “thadavaradhu pudichurukkaa?” He was like “just normal Ah thaane kai vachirukeengaa? So what?” I replied “aama aama, ponga…”… few minutes later I found he was erect while I touched his bundle. It was tiny though rigid. My drop location came and I got down.

Third one after so much of wait I got this guy, wearing denim jacket and jeans on a pulsar. He looked super cool with a French beard and stylish. He offered me a helmet and I wore it. I took sometime to keep my phone in my pocket he was like can we leave? I said just a second and boarded. I started caressing over his denim jacket to find he is again wearing a shirt inside! Just in few meters, he asked “kaiya pinnadi vechukareengalaa?” I said “okay” and entire ride I was hand tied to behave myself. While approaching the destination he started singing (hehe) I couldn’t hear the song as I was wearing this helmet with super sponge in it. I got dropped and asked him to enter his gpay number, said bye and left.

Grrrrr!!! No complaints… not always you get lucky 😬

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Posted On Nov 18, 2023

Wow @beast you did good. I been riding rapido with a success rate of less than 1 in 10. Have a good time!

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Posted On Nov 19, 2023

Took a ride feom T nagar to kk nagar, a bihari guy was waiting near AGS cinemas and I picked him up, it was about 8pm yesterday, he casually rubbing my nipples and naval area in the traffic tried to refuse manytimes, but I too liked it, he opened his tracks and took his c..k kept in the cleavage of my bums. Asked me to come Sivan park. But I refused as the time was about 8.30pm. I was in a hurry to go out with friends. Shared number and came.
He is working in a restaurant as chef he said.

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Posted On Nov 19, 2023

I m not having any luck with rapido captain in so many rides, whenever I try to keep my hand on hip immediately they say kai edunga

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Posted On Nov 24, 2023

Today I went from alandur to porur Ramachandra hospital. One good looking boy muslim name picked me up . Moved his bag to front. Tried to lean back . May be signals ? But I was mentally upset as my sis is not well . Did not try . So far in many years only one good experience. He also moved his bag to front
Just pressed him allover .took a long ride

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Posted On Dec 1, 2023

Hello guys
its my Next Story with Rapido
Plan to go native so
i changed my name in app And booked from Velachery to Tambaram to get my Bus

But wish to explore something new so booked rapido earlier
Got around 28+ Fair n ok looking , before start the ride he gave a hint by his smile

he asked about my bus timing and about my Physic and all
He drive very slowely and jurked in speedbreak often i got his intention

i rub his tigh and reach his packet its already hard
he asked me "Even outdoor is fine im vers i want "

i brought him to my fav place of tbm Railway station

OMG What deep thr0at he did
I made his beefy bbs from pink to red
both enjoyed with Rain drops
its heaven
I lost ur num Dude ping me back if u c this post

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Posted On Dec 14, 2023

Add a rainbow emoji after yourname in the profile. This can be a proper identification

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Posted On Dec 17, 2023

Today early mrng around 2am above I had finished my work and returning to the home at that time I turned on the rapido captain app i didn't get any ride to have fun.... Almost reached Velachery there is my home at that time I got the ride between Velachery to maduvankarai...... So I confirm the order and went to the pickup location .... He camed he looks like a body builder and age was around 23 to 26 he gae me the OTP and the ride was started.... When he sat on my bike he kept his right hand on my thigs.... I mind it as casual because some ppl will keep hand for his comfortable at that time itself my tool is little hard....
Ride starty.... I don't know who to secure him and after some time he kept his both of the hand on my thinhs..... Little confirmed but not sure... I put some sudden break but he didn't come front so I go little back ... Almst his drop location is going to come .... After some speed breaks crossed he kept his both the had closer to my tool but he is still afraid to move further..... So gave a green signal like adjusting my pant and I press my self for 3sec thn.... He got green signal the he touched lite my tool it was fully harder ... At that time I didn't speak anything... O just driving the bike thn he started crushing mine hardly.... Ahhhhh what's a feel ... In late night a man is crushing me when I am driving few mins later his dromp location was reached he told me to drop again where I picked him.... And payed the amt while these are happening (payment and chat) he crushing hard and did this activities... After i took him to the dark place we both had a mutual HJ and i dropped to his pickup location itself..... I thought I will not get fun ride but the guy ride in my vehicle i my good luck
Let's see today nyt also if I get a another guy or not In late-night ride

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Posted On Jan 3, 2024

So booked a rapido for a very close destination. Had to pick my own bike from servicing. As soon as he came to pick up, I got a vibe. Then started touching. He was rock hard.
Asked him to take a diversion, he went inside a very secluded area. Blowed him for a few monutes and asked hom to drop off at my destination as had taken break from office.

But kept in touch. He came home one afternoon. Blowed him till he came. Was fully naked. What a sculpted body? But straight guy. Did not kiss refused to *** so not so good

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Posted On Jan 16, 2024

I booked a rapido from west mambalam on boggie day
A young captain came he had a musky sweat odour but i liked it as it was mild
The journey was short but i kept my hands on his thighs but didnt wany to try more but in between he adjusted may be his D so was not sure if he was interested or not but he startted the conversation during the ride

Dude if ur here ping me

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Posted On Feb 20, 2024

Looking for Rapido captains for regular pick n drop, if possible please help

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Posted On Feb 21, 2024

Hi, i booked for rapido from chennai marina beach to choolaimed ( my hostel) on sunday night 19th feb, around 9 pm, got a young captain around 24, while going towards my place, i was holding my hands on his thighs.. slowly rubbing it.. he was not reacted.. with complete courage i was touching his tool, he asked me what r u doing bro.. i noticed it was completely tempted.. i told him just feeling like that in the night.. he said it is wrong approach.. i asked him are you enjoying or not... he said.. i am scared in the road.. then i asked can we do dating.. he agreed for small drive in ECR for this week end. waiting for the drive...

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Posted On Feb 22, 2024

I am a rapido captain and I have completed almost 40 rides still haven't met anyone. How to give them green signal.

Any suggestions

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