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Male from Bangalore, Karnataka (India)
Last Online: Jan 29, 2022
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Wana meet manly top message limit over plzz tell what to do send me ur watsapp number tops.

This experience happened to me a few months ago. I have a crush on one of my father’s sexy friends. He is really hunky with a great build, ready to bang anyone and sometimes I also find him a little bit cute. He is really my type and I was hoping to get banged hard by him since as long as I can remember.

His name is Chingkhei and he is around 35 years old.

I was going for tuition and my father used to drive me off and picked me up every time. But one day he said he was going to be rather late so he will be sending uncle Chingkhei to pick me up.

Uncle Chingkhei came around 6 pm and the sun was already down the horizon. He should have taken a particular path to drop me off at my house but instead, he went off the track and by the time I realized it, we were already on a deserted road.

After we reached his desired area he started caressing my thigh and strokes my hair. He then kissed me on my lips and I eagerly returned the kiss. After a few minutes of kissing, I reached out for his *** and it was already semi-erect and IT WAS HUGE. . . .

I took it out and started *** it slowly. It was so delicious and I took my sweet time enjoying this *** about which I had been dreaming for such a long time! He ***-*** me for like 5 minutes and then he gagged me. Then he went out of the car and pulled me out and forced me to bend over the seat and pulled down my pants.

He rimmed my butthole and lubricated it with his saliva. I then again *** his *** and it was ROCK HARD again and it was around 8 inches long and it was very thick too. I *** it and made it all wet and slippery! He then slipped his rock hard *** into my *** and I was shouting in the silence.

He shut my *** with his hand and started *** me slowly. His *** felt amazing going in and out of my tight little *** hole so very slowly! After a while of the slow and deep ***, he picked up his pace and began *** me really hard and fast in the standing position.

After 15-20 minutes we changed the position again into the missionary pose and *** hard like that! We tried many other wild positions and I was in damned heaven. He *** me with all his might and I was moaning like hell.

After *** for 30 minutes he shot off all his *** inside my tight *** and it was so damn heavenly. He then licked and *** off the *** flowing down my butt crack. I *** and cleaned up his dirty *** dry and we went back.

Story 2 : All through college, I had an attraction towards old men for ***. I had a fantasy of being *** real hard in my *** by an older mature man.
In my college I lived in the hostel which had a warden of about 45 years.He was really tall…maybe 6’2 feet with a pot belly and huge hands. I stayed in the room next to his and hence he used to talk to me often.
This was during the pongal holidays.The hostel was empty and I didn’t go home as I had a project to do in college.One day I woke up feeling really ***.I took my mobile and started watching gay ***.I forgot to lock the door and the warden walked in.He didn’t see me watching the *** and we sat chatting for a while.That’s when I got this idea to seduce him for ***.I got up and told him that I’m going to take a bath.I slowly undressed removing my shirt and my shorts.He sat watching me undess with lusty eyes.I kept chatting to him noticing his eyes on my ***.Soon I was in my underwear in front of him.I was wearing a pink underwear.He started questioning about the color.I said I love pink.IT wrapped a towel around my waist and removed my underwear.I noticed the bulge in his pants and was really ***.I went inside the bathroom and cleaned my body and shaving it real smooth to make it irresistible for him.I came out and saw him sitting on my bed. I was still wet abd was wearing a towel showing my lower thighs. I started chatting and sat down beside him cross legged showing my inner thighs.I was so *** and started chatting with him.Slowly my towel loosened and when I moved on the bed, he was able to see my milky soft thighs.He touched my thighs and it felt like electricity.I closed my eyes and started to lick my lips and all of a sudden pulled my towel making me naked.

He stood there calling me a dirty little *** and started to undress.I was shocked when I saw his ***.It was really long about 8 inches long not thick.I quickly started *** it hard.He tried to make me take all 8 inches inside my *** but I was already choking and his *** was touching my throat.He was moaning hard calling me his wife.Mmmmmmmmmmm….*** it hard bitch..ohh you little ***.ohhhh yeahhhh babyyyyyyy.All of a sudden he removed it and it was covered in his precum.He made me lie down and spread my ***.he started licking and eating my *** real hard.I was in heaven enjoying every bit of it.I was moaning real loud..ahhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaa.Then he stopped and spread my *** put his *** and tried to enter me.I was crying out in pain.But he didn’t care and started thrusting harder into me.Soon all of his 8 inches was inside me and he started *** me.He was going deep and hard at me.I was moaning begging him to *** me hard…ohh yeaaaa..come on baby..go deepeer….ohhhh yeaa yeaaaaaaaaaa….*** me like a ***…he held my hair and started *** me roughly.

I was sooooo filled with pleasure when he finally came in my ***.He was shooting load after loadd of hot *** inside me.My *** was filled and his ***.He inserted a finger in my *** and took out a spoonful of his *** and put it in my ***.i started *** it soft like a lollipop.I laid there still watching his dress up.He called me his little *** and said he will use me whenever he wants.I liked the sound of it and blew him a flying kiss…mmmuuuuuaaaahhhhh.I was filled with pain and his *** and got up to get dressed.I loved every bit of it.
This incident happened when I was 17 in class 12. My Maama came to visit us in Delhi.

My maama’s name is Anil. He is 45. He is a doctor. He has a very muscular body with 8 pack abs and well defined biceps and triceps. He has a smooth chest with almost no hairs. He was unmarried. And very handsome and had a sexy beard

So Maama came to our house in December. He was visiting Delhi to meet with his friend Near New year’s time. He visited us at night. He wanted to spend New Year’s with us.

I was studying in my room and he surprised me. I gave him a hug and he has a very manly smell.

Then on New year’s Eve, my mom and dad went on vacation to Goa and I was left alone with him. I was very excited and couldn’t sleep for a night.

On New year’s day, I woke up late and Mama was cleaning the house. He was wearing a baniyan and I was staring at his abs through the baniyan. We had a little chat about my studies and then he asked me if I had a girlfriend. I said no.

He then asked me if I have interest in some girl. I said I don’t get hot seeing girls. Toh he said he is gay. I was shocked. I was having a huge boner and was wearing an underwear and tshirt only.

He was staring at my boner and I decided to take my *** out. He asked me what I was doing and I said underwear was too tight. Then my maama took his own monster out and I was shook. His *** was hard and about 9 inches thick. He started masturbating.

I was staring at it. After 5 minutes he shot his load on the floor. Then he went to bathroom to clean himself. I licked his *** from the floor. It was so tasty. God I loved it. Every drop of it.

Later in the evening, I went to him and talked to him about what happened earlier. We were both shirtless. He said he noticed me staring at his body and he liked my *** too. So we started kissing. His lips were hot and smelled of ***. We kissed for 15 minutes.

He took out my *** and started stroking it. Then he started licking it. I pushed his head towards my *** and he started to *** it.

He is such an amazing sucker. He *** my *** for 10 minutes and he stopped just before I was about to ***.

He then pulled out his 9inch *** and Made me get down on my knees. I started to lick the huge monster and I gave my first blowjob. It was so hard to take it in my ***. I could only take about 5 inches, so he trained my *** to take his *** all the way in.

He pushed it in my ***, about till 7 inches. I started having gag reflex. But he pressed my nipples and distracted me. I started crying because it was so huge. He started fondling my nipples and then he pushed his *** all the way through and started *** *** me.

5 minutes later, he cummed into my throat and shot a very huge load. It was very sweet and sour at the same time. I wanted more.

He then gave me a condom and bent over the sofa. I put on the condom and started *** him. His hole was very loose and I could easily *** him. We both knew that neither of us was getting any pleasure so he decided to *** me.

He put on a condom on that huge monster and put it near my hole. I was a virgin and was scared to see that 9incher destroy my hole. Maama was very gentle at first. He put a lot of spit on the *** and the hole. He started to finger me. He used 1 finger first and gave me a lot of pleasure.

He started using 3 fingers to widen my hole and I screamed very hard. Then he pushed his *** and I screamed so *** loud. He pushed 5 inches at first and I was screaming so loud as he pushed the rest of the *** inside. He then pushed all of it at once.He hit my G spot and I was screaming like crazy. Then he took out his *** and made me *** it again. I was masturbating his huge *** in my *** and I grabbed his balls. He moaned very hard and released all his *** inside me.

He then started giving me a very rough handjob and I was moaning the whole time. He started licking my *** and I couldn’t resist the urge to *** and gave him a huge facial.

I licked my *** off his face and kissed him again.

We were both exhausted and dropped to the floor.

I went to the shower and cleaned myself.

Later at night, he told me that he was inviting his boyfriend in Delhi (who he told us was his friend) for a threesome. We *** 3 more times in the night and he made me a man.

New Story : New Story : People often say my smile & eyes are attractive. My phupha ji is near 5.11″ hairy dark skinned with a potbellies and 5 years elder than my father , he has 2 sons 1st one is 12 years elder than me & 2nd one is 10 years elder than me (later i also had fun with both of them).

Phupha ji was always very frank with me , from my early teenage I used to like spending time with him , his touch , sleep beside him and all. I always felt his touch different than others & i love it.

Now come to the topic. It was 2015 , I was in 12th standard & phupha ji was 48. They came to our house to spend durga puja vacation. At the ashtami day at night my entire family including my parents, buaa & her sons (my elder brothers) went for mid night pandal hopping.

But phupha ji was feeling unwell so he didn’t go with them & after listening this i also didn’t want to go with them , so i told them that i felt very sleepy and it’s impossible for me to awake whole night & hopping pandals.

We had dinner at 10pm & after getting ready my parents , buaa ji & my elder cousin brothers went out at 11.30pm & i was definitely sure that they will not come before 6 Am . So me & my crush , my own phupha ji we were all alone in our house.

Now I ask phupha ji to sleep with me in my room & he agreed (probably he also aware about my intentions). I was in my shorts only and he was in his Lungi. He ordered me to off the lights but I said I am afraid of darkness (another lie), then he told me that I can sleep cuddle with him & it was golden opportunity for me and i agreed.

I still can’t forget that manly smell of him. After 5 minutes I felt his fingers came closer to my nipples. I have manboobs. Suddenly his finger touched my left nipple I felt pitapat in my whole body but I didn’t respond .

After some minutes his fingers started playing with my nipple. After few minutes i felt some thing touching my ***, omg! Is was his *** & at the same time he kissed my neck , now i can’t control my self & i turned towards him .

He told ” tune isi ke liye inte dhong kiya na?” And I smiled looking towards his eyes.

I tried to kiss him on his lips but he told that he didn’t like lip kiss . Playing with my nipples he asked me “kabhi kiya hai pehle?” Maine kaha “Nahi” , he asked “le payega mera?”, I said “I will try my best phupha ji” . he said “chal aj tujhe jannat dikhata hoon”.

And he overtop me & opened his lungi infront of my *** & told me – “le chus ise”. His *** is near about 7.5inchs dark black, hairy , uncut & bohut hi mota tha. I grabbed his *** & started jerk it , then I take it in my ***.

He said ” aree phele foreskin nikal aur phir mu ma daal” and I did that , first I felt very weird & try to take is out of my *** but unhone zabardasti ghusa diya & after few seconds I tasted it salty & i love to do it.

After 5 minutes he started *** *** me , after another 5 minutes he stopped.

Now he came down & started *** & biting my nipples , i felt pleasure. Then he open my shorts , my *** was already erected & he started jerking it , my *** is 5inchs. While jerking it he said “bada ho gaya tu”.

Then he came down & started licking my *** oh god ! I was feeling heavenly pleasure. He asked “maza araha hai?” I said “hmmmmm” and started moaning ahhh ahhh ummmm…… . Then he puts his one finger i felt pain .

I never tried fingering before. Then he puts his 2 fingers & i feel very pain and i start shouting. He told “aree yrr ungiliya nhi le paraha lauda kaise lega” then he took some oil from bathroom & again started fingering my *** & start biting my ***.

After some minutes I got used to it and I was enjoying it.

After that he puts his *** in my *** & started press my manboobs i felt so much pain but i didn’t stop him ,well i didn’t want to stop him.

In few seconds blood comes out from my *** and he said “ye le , tera seal tut gaya” and start *** more passionately . I felt severe pain but at the same time i felt another type of pleasure i can’t explain it by words.After near about 10-12 minutes he putout his *** from my *** & cummed on my belly & rubbed his *** in my whole belly . I said “mujhe ye pina tha” unhole haske bole “abhi to bohut pilayounga tujhe , saare sokh pure karunga tere ” and kissed me on my forehead and hugged me tightly & whispered is my ear – “kisiko batana mat ”

I said “no ..my *** phupha ji” and we both laughed . Then he said “so ja jaldi , nhi to phir se ghusa dunga andar ” I said “aj aur mujh mai apka bada lauda lene ki takat nhi hai” he said “fir kab karega?” I said “jab ap bologe ” he said “okay ruk, kuch intezaam karta hooon ” and hum ek dusre ko pakad kar so gaye …

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