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31 yr old Male from Mumbai, Maharashtra (India)
Last Online: Jun 15, 2021
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14080 times
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add me on kik - rahul.mehr
I act straight but like to be a bottom . I have sissy tendencies i guess . Very moody. (Pleae don't be dissapointed)
people from MUMBAI having a place ONLY message me
will reply to those who are well educated , mature , decent & should have pics uploaded.
Do not ask for whatsapp no.

and trust me i m GOOD !

Some of my fantasies

Force me to remove my clothes and makeup and wet my hair infront of someone.

Drip the *** out of the condom we just used all over my face and tell me I’m pretty.

Make me model all my new clothing for you. Tell me what I’m allowed to keep.

Fall asleep with your *** inside me, wake up to you jacking off with the tip still in my ***.

Jack off while you watch *** onto my face. Don’t even look at me or talk to me.

*** me until I puke.

Make me drink a bunch of milk with food coloring in it so I puke a lot and it looks crazy. Bonus if I can mix a banana in so it smells really good when I explode.

Make me wear no panties. If you do want me to wear them occasionally make me go to the bathroom when you say, take them off and put them in my ***. Make me keep that gag in to keep me quiet while we’re out.

Write lists of chores for me to do for you around your house. Let me do them cuffed, ankles attached to a spreader bar. Watch me struggle while you slow stroke your ***.

Throw in random rules for the day. Like I must edge every half hour. So in the middle of conversation I just have to pull my pants down and edge.

Make me *** until I cry.

Make me tell you every time I get wet, make fun of me for being so needy.

Make me hold myself wide open after you *** me and take pix of how gaped you’ve made my holes.

Let’s play a game. I won’t move or make a noise. If I do - you beat me. I’m your doll!

When I talk about feminism to you, unzip your pants. Shove your *** in my ***. Make me keep talking, mumbled around your ***. Laugh at me.

Have me sit in the shower. *** all over me. Jack off on my body while I tell you dirty things. Leave me there to clean myself up.

Let me rub my *** against your knee or your boot.

Make me wear my buttplug out to remind me of you.

Make me ask for permission to use the washroom - deny it sometimes

Make me repeat after you - horrible degrading things about myself.

Pretty please feed me drugs, medicine, alcohol... then *** my drowsy or passed out holes.

Choke me until I black out. Multiple times in a row.

Make me wait by the door for you. Face down, *** up, spread and ready. Bring a friend home to use my holes.

Tie me up and throw me in the trunk. Make me feel worried and claustrophobic. Make me freak the *** out.

Make me talk about wanting to be *** as you *** me.

*** random parts of my body (between my thighs or tied up arms for example).

Put a bag over my head. Tie it tight around my neck. Watch me struggle.

Make me listen to hypno files on repeat. Slowly finger my holes as I do or keep a vibe on my clit.

Be nice to me. Shove my head under water. *** me. Pull me up and give me lots of kisses.

Make me stretch my *** and then tell me about how you need a tighter girl.

*** me in the bathroom at the bar. Leave the stall door open so other guys can watch

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