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Rules for Profile Pictures - OhMojo.com

1. Uploading pornographic pictures or pictures copied from the internet of models/celebrities etc are not allowed. They will be deleted without notice. Profiles of repeat offenders will be banned.

2. Screenshots and any picture having names or watermarks of other websites are strictly not allowed.

3. The picture has to be of you. Pictures of cartoons, memes, artwork, paintings, drawings, abstracts, celebrities etc are not allowed.

4. You cannot upload pictures of someone else. If a report is filed on any picture and if you fail to verify it, the picture will be deleted and your profile will be banned.

5. You cannot upload any picture that can be considered illegal in India or at the place of your residence.

6. You cannot upload pictures of any person less than 18 years of age. Pictures of children in any format or setting is strictly not allowed.

7. You cannot upload pictures for which you do not hold a copyright.

8. Picture needs to be minimum 150px in height and width. Smaller pictures will be deleted.

9. Profiles that repeatedly upload, delete and reupload the same pictures multiple times to remain on the homepage list will be banned.

10. Profiles that repeatedly indulge in posting ads for services in the discussion forums or who use private messages to advertise paid services will have all their pictures removed.

Any picture violating the above rules will be deleted. Repeat offenders will see their profiles banned. Some infringements, based on severity, may result in a direct ban on the profile.

FAQs about Profile Pictures

Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about pictures in your profile.

1. Why are pictures uploaded by me getting deleted?

Please read the rules above. If the picture uploaded by you violates any one of them, it will be deleted.

2. Are you prudes? Why are you against porn pictures? I enjoyed those pictures!

We have nothing against good porn. However OhMojo.com does not want to be known as a pornographic website. There are countless websites catering to porn. Use them.

3. I uploaded a beautiful picture of a sunset that I clicked. Why did it get deleted?

You can upload only pictures of yourself (face, body or a part of your body).

Any other picture like pictures of models, celebrities, landscapes, art, drawings, objects, quotes, cartoons, memes, your living room, your bungalow, your car, your underwear, etc will get deleted.

4. Can I still upload nude pictures of myself?

Yes. Uploading nude or adult pictures of self (and only self) is allowed.

5. How would you know whether the picture uploaded is mine and not someone else?

We wouldn't. So basically any picture that does not look overtly pornographic in nature will pass muster. However if anyone reports a picture as stolen/fake or their's, that picture will get marked as "unverified" and the person who uploaded the picture will have to verify it within a timeframe of 7 days failing which the picture will get deleted.

6. I wanted to showcase my artwork or photography skills! Why do you not allow all those kind of pictures?

OhMojo.com is not a platform for that purpose. It is platform to meet other gay guys, discuss matters related to gay cruising or other gay subjects. you can definitely share your pictures via links to instagram, facebook and other platforms with potential mates in private.

7. Doesn't the admin have any work other than censoring stuff?

Censorship is something we are personally completely against. However, without some basic ground rules, things tend to become completely chaotic. Trust us, We would not prefer to spend our time moderating pictures and discussions! However to keep Ohmojo.com above board and not be targeted as a pornographic website, these measures are needed. It is this or closure of the website. We'd rather choose the former!

8. You are a two faced hypocritical bully! (actual hate mail received by us...)

Call me by your name? Ok, jokes aside, as mentioned above, We'd rather be called names than allow ohmojo.com to die or be completely blocked. The rules will stay and no amount of hate mails or debate is going to change that.

9. I'm done with your dictatorial rules. I will never use ohmojo.com ever again (again, actual words received by us).

We are sad to see you go. However going by past statistics there is a 90% chance that you will be back with a new profile disguised as a new guy.

However we shall not feel guilty about someone leaving because of these rules. OhMojo serves the purpose of connecting a lot of gay members who may not find similar connections on other well know platforms that work in the metropolitan areas. That is one of the reason ohmojo.com has not been shut even though lots of other better platforms are available now.

10. I sort of understand what you say. How can I help?

You can definitely help by reporting profiles violating rules! We are looking at options to provide better reporting features on the website. Until then, a private message to us on this profile will be appreciated.

OhMojo.com Admin