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Are flavoured condoms meant for oral ***?

Submitted by Curious_explore Location: Mumbai (Maharashtra, India)

I have never really understood the purpose of flavoured condoms.. are they just for the fragrance or are they meant for oral.. the lube used in packaging, is it safe to ingest? Besides, I have read people using condom to 5uck.. are there any special condoms to be used for oral?

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Posted On Aug 2, 2021 - 05:16 AM

Flavoured condoms are mostly used for masking the taste of latex that is traditionally used to make condoms as well as to cover the smell of genitals. It's majorly used for oral *** in order to make the act more bearable if your partner is uncomfortable with the taste or smell of genitals or latex.

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Posted On Aug 2, 2021 - 07:31 AM

For 100% safe ***, condoms are generally recommended, even for oral ***.

Many guys prefer to not use a condom for *** as it is obviously not very fun for both parties. The risk of HIV transmission from oral *** is very less unless the sucker has cuts/ulcers in the ***. So many guys take a informed decision to do it without a condom. However, without a condom there are risks of other STDs so one should also keep that in mind.

So if you prefer to *** with a condom, obviously flavored condoms would be the best as they are designed for that purpose!

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Posted On Aug 2, 2021 - 09:02 AM

Yes, but not just for that. Flavored condoms just smell like the flavor and do NOT taste like it. Nevertheless, when you open a condom and *** with it, the smell of the flavor does spread in the air and it is better than just smelling latex.

PS: You can still smell the ***, even if they have a condom on, so that argument is invalid.

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Posted On Aug 4, 2021 - 07:15 PM

Interesting! Thanks for the insight.