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Submitted by Valentine84 Location: All India (All India, India)

The hottest trending Twitter handle these days.. Though women cry out about abuse we men have been silent victims.. Even some men were forced to homosexuality out of abuse.. Share your true stories.. Also mind the decorum ..

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Posted On Oct 19, 2018 - 05:30 AM


Bravo, that you confess it.
Many people might have done same mistake but have not guts to confess it, but can easily preach you.

We are are human being. We all do mistakes. True thing is we understand it and don't repeat it.

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Posted On Oct 19, 2018 - 06:04 AM

This is better! People are actually confessing what they did! Which is a brave and positive thing:)

I want to confess one thing too! This happened a fee years ago when I had just moved into the city! I was new and had made a gay friend through Facebook. One day this friend of mine, let's call him A introduced me to another friend of his, B and we clickwd well. This went on for a few days and and we decided to meet for a threesome as I had place for the weekend!

My friend A quite interested in the threesome and B also said ok and we met up! But when we were talking this and that I realised that B was not entirely willing to do threesome with me and he had come only because he wanted to have *** with A. But we were already in the bedroom by the time I realised this and A and me were a little drunk also! We started making out and it was very clear that B was not paying attention to me and was only into A.

At this point I confess I was too *** and high! I did not realise what I was doing and I feel I was a little forceful with B that night! He was dark and slim and handsome which is my type! I once forcefully kissed him on the *** thinking he is just being a little shy to do with me! I also pulled him towards me and began fondling him etc to which he initially did not respond but later cooperated with me! But after a while I looked at his face and realised there was discomfort in his face! My ego was hurt and I felt bad! But the other guy was very *** and I got busy with him and we somehow finished the session!

What really gave the blow was that the guy B got dressed right after we were done and left the place without a word! I should have apologised by alcohol and lust did not let me and I just got busy getting ready for the second round with A.

I have been a victim of sexual abuse as a child and I felt very remorseful that I made it uncomfortable for him! He showed signs of protest but I thought he is not serious about it! We never spoke after that! Today I don't know where he is but would want to apologise for that night of I get to meet him!

Sorry B, for being such a ***!

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Posted On Oct 19, 2018 - 07:00 PM

Guys.. #MeToo tag is meant for sexual abuse without ur consent say at workplace or public where someone in authority or power tried to take advantage of the situation and abuse/disturb you sexually.. I see most of the posts going off the track...

We as men can't talk about sexual abuse openly and so I created a thread here where we can share our "meToo" instances but I see most posts are irrelevantly. Please share genuine instances were you had been a mute victim of a sexual abuse on you.

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Posted On Oct 20, 2018 - 02:27 PM

Just today .. at Imperial Cinemas ( Grant road) .. *** this ***, never going back , *** got molested and almost got raped .. and no one gave a ***, the fact i am saying no and other people are just watching it .. even when i shouting stop , stop ... no one cared .. upon that enjoying show like some *** ....***... plsss stop going there.... holy ***... ran out of theater in 20 min... scary ***... will never forget in my life.... *** ***... 3 people ... *** tried to rip my clothes one guy .. opened my *** pant zip and started *** .. even when i am pushing him away .. ... *** ... I know guys are *** .. this is serious *** ... I am glad that I am Bi-curious... never going to forget this *** ... in my life ... #MeeToo... I was crying .. my entire body is shaking and i was in shock for like 3 hours ... it was biggest mistake in my life and god punished me .. and I deserved it ...

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Posted On Oct 20, 2018 - 04:04 PM

Such spots are recommendable only for pure gays n who has wild fantasies. Don't blame whole guys/gays, some ppl may be helpless as usual and like in the case of molesting gals they can just only be voyeurs and nothing more than that. It's better to go for decent cruising places or apps for casual dating. Hope you'll recover this mental trauma soon.

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Posted On Oct 20, 2018 - 05:44 PM


With your line and your attitude like "I am glad I am Bi Curious", I am puzzled if I should really have any sympathy with you.

People like you, who think that being Gay is like something to feel sad about, deserve this only.
This is what I don't like about this #MeToo Crap. It all about telling your version of the story.

People were trying to *** you... People were trying to open your zip to *** you.
Unless there are 4 5 guys together, a grown up an can't be handled the way you described.

People here, who have gone to Rajeshwari Theater in Bangalore, must be knowing that what a huge crowd of gay, straight and bi guys come there.
I don't know what is the count of guys in imperial theater who go there in a single show, but I doubt that is bigger than rajeshwari theaters count.

And, I have not seen anyone getting raped (forced to play any role of gay ***) at RT. Even the folks, who go there to watch the pornnon screen, or to watch this live *** sessions, they are not touched unless they allow.

It is like, you went there for ***, someone of not of your taste touched you or may be crossed the limit... And you started shouting "I am glad I am Bi Curious".

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Posted On Oct 20, 2018 - 07:14 PM

@MrBondMumbaiWal I just now searched for that theater and i realize it is a pure gay theater like KV in chennai and Rajeshswari in bangalore. That being said who asked you to go there without doing a proper back up check? And as HeadsTailsAndHo pointed out your attitude----sorry no sympathy from here.

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Posted On Oct 20, 2018 - 07:28 PM

@headstailsandho dude did u just hear urself, so what if i am bi curious ..cant i have the pleasure in having *** with a guy or what, I said Thank god I am bi curious cause . I have other options too ... No one deserves what i went through today... I went there so that i can find a guy , who i like and if he likes too , would have had some good time ... not like guys who i dont like even when i said no ... they forced on me .. grownup aint cant handle ... dude.. I did handle , I *** got out from there.... any way ... sorry I am bi curious right, I just take *** in hand for fun .. or to test ...

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Posted On Oct 20, 2018 - 07:45 PM

@Sasmathu .. I know its a pure gay theater, I went there to get some action like everyone ... everyone is scouting and found their partners, good for them, as the show just started people are still coming in, so i am still waiting for someone nice whom i might like ... so after some time 2 guys came and sat beside me and one guys started to touch my crotch I looked at him and said no , he still kept touching, i removed his hand and changed my seat/row and sat in another row, those two started to have fun , i thought good for them, I found a guy after sometime, he smiled, i smiled, at that point he is already giving a handjob to some other guy, so i waited, after that he came near me and said , give me five min ill come, and he left the theater for sometime, those 2 who were sitting next to me earlier, came back and sat beside me again, now i can't just shout *** of from here right, so i kept quiet, after sometime again one guys started to touch my crotch, I said , nahi chahiye bhai, he said kuch nahi hoga, yeha aise hi hota hai, I said , phir bhi mat karo, i was about to walk out from there, i got up, the other guy, dragged me down, opened my shirt and started to *** my nipples, and the other guy, opened my zip and he is giving me a blowjob, everything happened so fast, still i am shouting( as in in low voice) mat karo , bas, nahi .. after like 30 sec i just able to get off from there... adjusted my pant and ran off... now u tell me ... is this ok to u ...... you dont have to sympatize for me bro .. but at least dont criticize...yes i am bi curious, i am into guys as well as girls... so what ... I am not giving any attitude here.. just got *** *** scared thats all ...

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Posted On Oct 20, 2018 - 08:18 PM


Even if you mean by "Thank God, I am bi curious" what u want to say now...
I am sorry hear that having you options, you had to go to that place. Being in Mumbai, where people are so cool about gay things, where loo culture is there, where fb, pr, whatsapp, grindr, social gay gathering, gay *** parties, everything is so easily available, if someone with "Thank God, I am bi curious and I have options" attitude, has to OPT for IMPERIAL THEATRE, may the God bless him with the peace for his THARAK.
Even gays avoid going there.

And what do you mean by being BI CURIOUS you have options.
Do you mean gays, ie NON BI CURIOUS, don't have options?

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Posted On Oct 20, 2018 - 08:28 PM

The way you have described the incidence on other reply, one guy dragged you, opened your shirt, *** your nipples, then unzipped you and started *** you.
Do you really think it happened without your consent?
So, Mr THANK GOD I AM BI CURIOUS AND I HAVE OPTIONS, you should had shown the guts and muscles there. You should had slapped him so tight that he had not even thought of doing it again without someone's consent.

It is bloody same story, what is going on at #MeToo... Those ladies, as long as there work was being done, *** was consensual, and now when they need limelight, they are accusing that this man molested me that man molested me.
Were they kids when it was happening that they could not lodge the police complaint?
It is not like other actors and actresses did not lodge complaints during that era. It is just like till the moment one was enjoying the benefits, they had ***. And now it is MeToo.

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Posted On Oct 20, 2018 - 08:54 PM


yup sorry for my confession, i am really sorry ... it was my mistake ... what ever u said i totally agree .. thank you for opening my eyes.. thank you .. I am sorry ... i didnt show guts there.. yes.. I am new to mumbai ... and i came to know about that place through this site only.. sorry for trying ... sorry for exploring....and really sorry for opening up in this god damn thread .... i am ashamed of myself.. i totally deserve what happened to me .. thank you once again for taking time to correct me, defending those innocent men .. and thank you .. for pointing me out ... i wont repeat this again ... i just wanna say one thing people who are new to mumbai .. plss dont explore places like this for fun ..... alone .... i know most of us come from small towns we dont know how these tinder and all those stuff work.. yet... so take some time do research and go .. other wise cause of yous some innocent men has to face consequences ... just like today ...

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Posted On Oct 20, 2018 - 09:49 PM


My self Naveen and and this is my sad experince..i am fair n chubby from my childhood and when i was in 7th class i got exploited by my maths teacher..I am very poor in mathematics and i scared about final exams n my teacher knows my knowledge about maths...i used to go to tutions in the evening the teacher is same.
One day evening my teacher called me inside the home and started shouting me about marks and he shown all my mistakes and told you will definetly fail in final exams i got scared...and he was explaing my mistakes sudden he started touching my chest..i didnt stopped i was in confusion after few minutes he took my hand and kept in his c..k
I was really scared whats going on and slowley he stared pressing my body all over and asked me to *** his *** i said i domt want but he made me to to ***.on that day..after this incident we met almost 10 times and i domt know why i started liking it and from that day i addicted to this and many of the guys took the advantage of my fairness and chubby body.
Some how i addicted and continueing the same I am not gay but i love to meet manly guys.

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cute new boy
Posted On Oct 24, 2018 - 08:21 PM

Hy guys,
It happened with me three times. That time i was not into gay ***.
I was just 11 y.o. there was one of my friend in my neighbourhood. We were studying in same school, but not in same class, he was senior. And he was badly addicted to tobacco. Once he forced me to try tobacco, i was not interested, but then also he forced me to eat that ***. And after few days he started blackmailing me that he will tell my parents that i eat tobacco. And said, He will not tell, only if i take is *** in my ***. And badly forced me to do that, and i did, coz that time i had no option.

And second time, after two years, i was 13 y.o. one of my neighbour, who was a college student, called me to his house, then he closed the door. He was talking to me, asking some questions about schools, studies n all. We both were sitting on bed. While talking, he standed in front of me, removed his pants and forced me to give him blowjob.

Both times i was feeling very guilty.

And once, i was travelling from pune to nashik by bus, that time i was 16 y.o. One matured man was sitting beside me. I think he was 40 y.o. While travelling he kept his hand on my pants, after some time my *** started getting hard. After it got fully erected, he put his hands under my pant and started playing with it. On sangamner bus stop, he left the bus. But this time i was somewhat interested in gay ***.

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Posted On Oct 25, 2018 - 08:59 AM

My jeeju molested me, and tried to have *** with me.

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Posted On Oct 26, 2018 - 04:17 AM

Long back during my 8th class i stayed in grandma home and wentbto school as my parents were working at some other parts of tamilnadu. A nearby uncle is our distant relative and close to grandma and our family. He is married and has daughter. He casually plays with mevby tickling and teasing on my studies. One day i was taking batg and when i came out with towel he is already in my room. He startedvteasing my slim body and it started with tickling and then went on wild to pinching my nipples and i was always pushing him with hands for defense. But he is a fat uncle so strongly he pinches me and then he bit my nipples badly. Now somewhere i liked it and didnt defend for few seconds. Now he took control of my hands and bit hard i shouted and pushed him down with full force. He was down and eadily removed my towels to nude. It irritated me a lit. But he sgain took control and *** my niples which i allowed now and he sucjer my tool when i was standingbleaning on wall. Somewhere i liked it and didnt react till i ***. Then i felt bad and told him i ll tell grandma if he comes again. Next time he came morning before i wake up and was playing with my *** when i woke up. And this continued for around ten times and then i hate him totally and never allowed him after that. But by this time i like this fireplays suckingvand such sexual activities. I never *** that uncle or anyone. But after this i started sighting *** in school toilets and wished to *** some *** of guys i like. So i have turned to be a gay now. At 10th my tuition master who is relative brother looks slim and i had crush. He told me to stay thrre as it was late after studying before the tenth public exams. Parents allowed as he is relative. I woke up at night to see him hugging me nude and me laying with my tees raised till armpits. Both were hugging nude when i woke. Was shocked but couldnt act because i wanted to see his ***. Now he pushed me to bottom and forced his rick in my *** and pushed my head forcely. I enjoyed and exploring his butt and hole with my hands. He released *** in *** and itvwas disgusting that time. Then i didnt face him for some days. Again went for tuition and everytime i go he takes bath outdoors in tap near well and calls me there and keep me busy talking to him. He will show his *** and butt wantedly to me 3-4 times while soaping, adjusting towel and while changing. I was liking it and enjoyed till tenth vacation. Then i shifted with my parents and now i am already an expert

I hate that uncle till now. But heard he did this to many guys and later known as mama by all guys and now he has many diseaes

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Posted On Oct 26, 2018 - 08:04 PM

Hi all, nice thread to share that i never shared with anyone. It happened to me when i was around 12 years. I use to seat on my dad shop in his absence. he use to go to market in afternoon for shopping and other purpose. I use to seat in afternoon for couple of hours as not many customers are expected. We had neighboring shop uncle, he was my father's friend. He use to visit our shop many times. He became friendly to me. One day he came to my shop in my father's absence and started touching me at inappropriate places. He squeezed my butts, pinched my nipples etc. He made me seat on his lap. I could feel his hard big *** on my butts. This soft fun was continue for few days. I was scared to complain my father.

After few days, he visited again and flashed his *** to me. Asked me to touch his *** and place. I started playing with his *** as i use to enjoy as well. I *** him several times. After few years we shifted to different city.

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Posted On Dec 4, 2018 - 03:05 PM

I was only about 10 years that time..a barber once gave his *** in my hand and made me rub it and he discharged when I was sitting for hair cut. A neighbor who used to slip with me in open explained me that my tool will grow only by his entering fingure behind me...fortunately he couldn't do either figuring or enter his ***.

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Puffy nipples
Posted On Dec 4, 2018 - 03:13 PM

I was in 6th standard.im chubby from childhood.
Soi had boobs and i had puffy nipples.
One of my uncle who use to stay in my house . Use to sleep with me and use to play lick *** my nipples . Play with my navels and finger my *** hole .

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Posted On Jan 11, 2019 - 08:37 AM

@@MrBondMumbaiWal I'm sorry to hear this happened to you. It is horrible, and shouldn't ever happen to anyone else.

That being said, I just want to tell all you guys here that it is not fine to open someone's t shirts or pants without their consent EVEN if they're bi curious or EVEN if they said no just the first time or EVEN if they are just checking out a fully gay place! It's everyone's right to say no. Just because someone is gay, doesn't give the right to all guys to touch him. This comes under the umbrella of *** and I hope those guys that did this to you get punished severely. It's embarrassing to read how you guys can go against @MrBondMumbaiWal just because he has standards and wants a decent partner. Everyone has their own wishes and fantasies and the right to explore them as long as it isn't against someone's expense.

It's ironical that when people are complaining against *** here, you guys are attacking the victims and defending the rapists just because the victim doesn't share your mentality.

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Posted On Jan 11, 2019 - 08:42 AM

And I am not defending his comments. Maybe it's wrong to say "i'm glad I'm bicurious" but you can't ignore the fact that most of the rapists in this world are statistically men. So that's why it's scarier for a man to be gay. Don't be so quick to judge someone when you don't know what they've been through.

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Posted On Jan 11, 2019 - 11:15 AM

Ohh my god this is so shocking and not acceptable
Im really sorry to hear that
Anyone does not have the right to behave like this if someones saying no stop they should stop and behave their selfs
Its totally trying to *** .

Man i can just say
Try to Forget what happened and stop going to these places
These places are not for love and many man go there to just get the hole they are not gay they think its a gay place we find some *** free and thats why they come

I suggest you to talk with people like us make a bond first get in relation
Then think about being physical or meet in place where only you 2 are there no one else

Try to forget what happened
God bless you dear

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Posted On Jan 11, 2019 - 06:43 PM

Yes, those people are not really gay. Being gay means having affectionate feelings towards the male gender. I'm sure those guys would sleep with men, women, animals, anything they can get their hands on. They shouldn't be defended by any community. Please understand that molestation and *** does not depend on sexual orientation or desire. We all here (straight, gay, bi, curious) should be more aware of this, looking at how society treats us.

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