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Have you ever watched live *** accidentally?

Submitted by HeadsTailsAndHo Location: All India (All India, India)

Hello Guys,

Who does not watch ***, but we all know that *** is scripted and we all know what is going to happen next. That is why we often watch the clips of hidden cameras being circulated on WhatsApp etc.

If we don't go for the morality aspect of the topic, almost everyone in the world, in his life, must have come across the situation when he had seen a straight couple or gay guys having *** (full or partial).

Do you think, it would be good to share the experiences (real, not spiced ones, not cooked ones) when one had seen live gay / straight *** happening, even from distance, or even just fondling, or touching etc?

To start, I would like to share my experience (I would not like to share the name of the city).

That time I was at age of 28 or so, and there was a cruising spot near my place (nearly 3 km away from my place). The place has bushes and big trees, it is almost like mini forest. Gay guys often go there for *** in the night, but that day I went there during daytime too. From a distance I noticed some movement in the bushes. I walked towards the bushes silently and I saw two guys (I don't want to tell their ages) with their pants dropped behind a big tree. I was barely at a distance of 10 meter or so. They were not like facing on the other side that they missed to see me coming. But they were so engrossed in their fun activity that they did not hear me coming. The guy in front was having a *** book (those small pocket books having *** photos) and was in bent down position, and the other guy was behind him. I saw him spitting on his palm and lubricating his small ***. Then I saw him trying hard to shove his nunnu in the hole of the first guy. By that time, I think the first guy saw me seeing them. He alarmed the second guy, and these guys quickly pulled up their pants and ran away. I tried to follow them, just to pacify them that I am harmless for them and they can continue. But they were too naive to all this that they dint trust me and simply ran away.

one side, I felt I disturbed them in their act. On the other side, I kind of saved them from being caught by someone else who could be harmful to them.

Whatever it was, and whatever I could see... I still get aroused by rewinding those scenes in my mind.

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Posted On Aug 27, 2018 - 06:16 AM

Good topic in teenage me and friends used to celebrate ganesha festival in roads while decorating the stage previous night we went a walk at around 2 am for a smoke to a remote park I saw a prostitute was getting *** under a tree she was awesome with huge assets and round butt very fair sexy aunty they *** for nearly 15 mins finally finished she got payed left the park one of my friend went near the place where they *** found out the condom they used got hot and drank the *** which was inside the condom next also we went there we could find aunty standing for customer we didn't have guts as well as money to approach her

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Matured M
Posted On Aug 27, 2018 - 10:09 AM

You may not feel good about me after reading my experience. But believe me it's true. I had seen my parents having *** when I was just 14 yrs. I am unable to forget the scene.

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Posted On Aug 27, 2018 - 04:05 PM

I have seen for the first time in Bangkok, of course it was a paid show. In the beginning one by one female actors will do pole dance and remove bra first and panties next. at the end of this show man with erected *** with condom come on the stage and *** the girls on the stage till he ***. in all positions. In gay sauna (mykonos) in delhi, plenty of action i have seen in steam room and dark room. but both are paid shows and live one. Not seen anything outside this.

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Posted On Aug 27, 2018 - 05:37 PM

I watched it in open area and as well as in hotel.

I went to drop my cousin to University in last to last year for her some post exam after that I came out from university and neat to that there was a bushy areas. I am in my car and just parked that in the road and saw 2 guys went inside from my mirror. I got little curiosity and just dropped out from car went to other side where I can see them where they are going. Just went inside and they went to a a tree and there is some cover. They saw round and one bend down and started *** other one who is standing that guy came in a some minutes only...they are very young. Who came out who caleaned it and without taking pant up be d downs and started *** other guy this guy asked him to turn and asked him bend down and started *** bare back after some minutes he came inside his. They cleaned and one by one came out. I can see some people are roaming not sure who and saw them but I acted like pissing and came out sat in my car

Another one incident in Hyderabad where I booked a room in a Kondapur for some office work. I was logged in grinder and I saw this guy who was sitting in reception and waiting for someone. I had eye contact but unfortunately I can't talk to him due to someone was there with me in reception. It was morning time 11 so I went for breakfast area I saw one middle aged approached him and they went to grab breakfast. Me and my colleagues went to breakfast and I can these 2 are talking. I was not that hungry took some juice and fruits and came back reception. These both came and elder one told sure we will connect in the evening in hotel pub.

I got little curiosity, I went to my room and I saw this elder also was there that floor. I saw one guy very near in grinder without pic like me and he put age as 40+. Just sent hi, that guy replied and sent his pic and that is same uncle who was talking I also sent my pic and said no intention to meet but just a friend.he said ok, I left to my conference and came back to 8.30. while I just entering room, uncle came out and said hi. I also told hi I also planned to go with him for pub. This handsome hunk was there in lobby at 8.45. uncle introduce me stating near by room mates but I already chatted with that guy earlier. We went to pub, uncle started drinking like many pegs, I just took cocktail and this guy also taking drinks like he never had before. We had a free 2 drinks from hotel I took one cocktail and another I offered this guy both of them are in high. I had some light dinner there, uncle also eat something lighter but this guy took some Mexican food and some more drinks. We managed to come to room. I hooded uncle as he was not that control and took him till room. This young bill and all uncle only paid. For main hotel compliment and food added in Bill.

I took uncle and opened the his room door. This young started little attitude but uncle went inside. This young removed his pant and t shirt and lay down in bed. Uncle went directly to him not seeing I am there started *** his *** from out side the nicker. This guy got a good *** he removed his ubdy uncle started *** nicely. Uncle removed his dress I was watching them and after seeing that young guy I was hornet too. Uncle complete naked this young guy put condom started pumping him. After some efforts he managed to ***. He was *** very heavily, uncle started taking noise...this guy had big *** and he took some time to come I can see uncle got tired once he came. After that he removed his Condon and gave it to uncle to through uncle thrown it in dustbin he came near me and asked do you want me to ***, I said no thank you. Uncle went back and slept naked. I thought I will go, this young one was inside bathroom and took some shaver and came out. He Said Uncle he might go give me some money for cab uncle gave him 500. I told I am going to room, young one told please drop me till reception and get me some cab. I said ok. We came out and told him that I need to go to room and come as I want my jacket, he said ok and he also followed me. He asked can I sleep here and go tomorrow morning early I told I don't have any problem but why you are not staying with uncle he said, uncle is sexolic he will not allow to sleep he will *** do you noticed while I am *** he came twice, good that you managed to keep distanc with him either he will begin you and all he said.

We talked for time and I offered clothes to him he said no he will sleep nude I told it will be cold he said it's ok. I went to washroom came wearing only boxer he told you look cute I replied as much you. I came to bed and switch off the lights with keeping zero light. Then we both had a session

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Posted On Aug 28, 2018 - 12:18 AM

Nice topic it is... yes many would have got chance to spot some live action...
though even I got a chance, it was around many years back. I used to stay with some of my friends in a rented house and there was a part just next to my house. We were staying in 1st floor and windows had curtains. Some of my roomies used to tell that lot of action happens in this park but I never noticed .. but one fine weekend, one of my room mate told us that something is happening in the park.. we saw a guy and lady trying to lay behind a lengthy seat usually placed in a public park. they managed to squeeze in and the guy started *** that lady... not a lengthy session though.. they finished of in few mins... got their dress adjusted and left the place...

There was another incident few years back... while I was staying in the place where houses are built just next to each other without any gap. I was taking a call by standing on the terrace and the building next to my house had their window facing to my terrace... it was almost around 9.30, so terrace was dark with no light... and I happened to spot a couple in next building were smooching each other on their bed... I felt bad to watch fully... so I climbed down from terrace... as it was neighbour.. and they will feel bad too if they spot me seeing their action...

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Posted On Aug 28, 2018 - 06:36 PM

I have experienced accidental *** many times one such is.
It was recent summers, I finished my office early and came to home and slept early by 6:30, due to early sleep I got up at midnight 2. I was not feeling sleep so lighted a cigarette and walked to terrace. On my terrace there was a tower installed and had lots of hidden place below tat. To my shock I saw my house owner aunt around (35-37 old) was getting *** by my 25 year old neighbour (flat neighbours). I didn't want to disturb them. I threw my cigarette and stood silently in a dark place. I don't know from when they were in action but the time I spotted them, he did it for 30-40 mins. I was sure he was not using condoms to *** her, coz she was whispering to shoot inside her. I couldn't control myself tat night and next morning I called my landlord(Aunty) to my room saying I have some issues in my bathroom, when she came I said what I saw last night, her face was red after listening to this for which I said nothing to worry I will not tell it anybody if she laid down with me... For which she agreed and did it whenever we wished to .. later I left the flat due to job relocation. Her husband was abroad she was living with her in-laws and a daughter

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Posted On Aug 29, 2018 - 04:18 PM

This happened in 2011 when i was in new york. Got to know about a near by crusing spot through this same portal-ohmojo!!!At around 5.30 I visited that park. It was deserted. From a distance I could see a girl sitting on the lap of a guy. Since PDA is quite common in US i didnt bother much. But after some time I could see the girl kind of pumping with her back on the guys *** (crotch grinding). Even at this point I thought it was just dry *** and went near them. To my shock the girl had pulled down her panties till her knees and the guy his undie and pant to his knee. The girl has conveniently covered their inserted position using her shirt. While the guy was pumping the girl from her back and the girl was moaning. The guy was an under aged guy and the girl must be in her 20's- both latinos. Even though i stood so close to them they where neither scared nor bothered. They went on with their action and finally the guy exploded inside her. Both of them got up, cleaned themselves and walked together into the roads hugging each other!!!! I stood there frozen.

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Posted On Sep 2, 2018 - 07:43 AM

I had been to Gokarna we all youngsters my sister cousins. I saw my elder sister making out with a tamilian guy behind the room I was the bathroom I heard sound I saw them making out from the start till the time he removed all
His *** on her boobs

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Posted On Sep 2, 2018 - 09:32 AM

Hi guys .
I regularly see my sister gtng *** wth her bf's she brings home . As she knows i m gay bottom . So she has made me quite . She regularly brings guys at home whn no one thre . I be the watchmen to chck no one comes . She knows i see her in action . I tld her watching thm *** makes me hot then i go out to gt *** . She is cool wth it as she gts privacy at home . Many guys come wth her . So its fun watching her and hot guys . Whch make me hot .

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Posted On Sep 2, 2018 - 06:36 PM

Yes, I was too young when i saw this, my aunt (mother's sister) and her kids were settled in our house for kids education as her husband (uncle) was from a village. Me aunt and her kids use to sleep in one room, I was 12 year old tat time. One night I was asleep, something woke me up in midnight and I saw my father *** my aunt when mom was sleeping in another room. I was unaware of what happening but I enjoyed the show they both were not naked just they were enjoying intercourse... Then on I saw this many times, when her husband use to come they both is to ***, rest of the time my aunt was my fathers second wife. I have seen them in naked action as well... Later I came to know that my father was not the only one to *** her regularly, she was a *** in our gali, 3 other neighbours regularly fucks her, I saw her *** my neighbour (Ravi's) ***, when no one was at home... My mom knows all these thing but keep quite because of fear

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Posted On Sep 2, 2018 - 09:20 PM

So i visited a urinal once .. famous for gay action.. after standing in for sme time i saw a bottom guy cme and start *** one dude. soon after 2nd person shoved his *** in his ***. i never thought i would see a live show of 2 *** getting *** by a bottom. I stood there and masturbated watching them.

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Posted On Sep 3, 2018 - 04:52 AM

I was a school going kid , may be i was in 9th grade. In vacation we would play card games sitting on the floor, where one girl may be 11th grade in a skirt was sitting opp me. Since the place was small my foot was close to her thighs, I dont know when it went inside and she did not object and i started fingering her with my toes, it was amazing she had probably started getting wet. It was wonderful feeling and later we did it many times.

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Posted On Sep 7, 2018 - 01:50 PM

We all dont say but we all know in our houses we see *** regularly . May it be parents or relatives . We all also know many time in our house there are illegal affair also . We see tht also . We keep quite . We enjoy it . I have seen my mom slping wth my fathers 2 small brothers so many times. When was small i dint use to undrstnd . Just use to see and enjoy . Later whn i undrstood then strtd enjoying it more . We all are like tht . Dad used to go out fr months fr wrk abroad . Joint family we have . Nght in our room any of my uncle used to come . *** my mom and go . They were nt married tht time . I even saw my grandfather slping wth my mom . She used to thnk i m slp . I used to see everythng . Many time it would be quick *** . Many times whn thy had time it would be long *** . Thy made her *** *** her . It would be her shouts some time . *** *** *** *** chut *** everythng . She used to enjoy . All have rghts to enjoy . Whn dad used to come she used to slp wth him also . So all were happy . And me enjoyed it lot . Seeing her gtng *** and enjoying i also wantd to gt *** and enjoy . So i also strtd out side home finding guys . So all well . Uncle hve married now . But *** happns still betwen thm smtimes . So its common now .

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Posted On Sep 9, 2018 - 03:11 AM

Who are we to judge whether is real story or fake? But I have heard similar stories from my colleague. In some community it's very common to have *** with husband's brothers. So may be it's real story too. We have seen only one side of the world. We don't know the dark side. Even if it's fake I am enjoying his story. So if you have something interesting share it otherwise let's not push someone down

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Posted On Sep 9, 2018 - 07:59 AM

I can remember one incident among many. Was a few years ago in Mumbai. It was raining so I ran to the skywalk. Was around 8.30pm but relatively uncrowded. As soon as i reached the stairs to the skywalk, i noticed a very uncomfortable couple in a compromising position. Looked like a college couple. A skinny guy was getting his shaft blown by his fat gf. She was on her knees. They noticed me and felt little guilty, but I didn't want t to make it worse for the and tried to immediately move past them. I did however attempt to check out the studs size by coyly glancing towards his crotch but couldn't see it.

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Posted On Sep 9, 2018 - 08:11 AM

Another incident. But an opposite one to the subject. 1 guy saw me having ***.

This was in 2006.xmas night. I was pretty drunk and decided to go cruising in the local train and railway tracks (back then these were really active in Mumbai). It was around 11.30pm or later. I got a packet of 3 condoms n left. Long story short, that night I got lucky with 3 different guys. I met the first one in the train, we got down on the tracks, he *** me behind bushes n then we walked along the tracks, he exited from in between and i continued walking to the next railway station. But just 10 mtrs before i reached the platform one 45yr old guy was jerking off n showing me his *** behind bushes next to a wall. I made out with him too. He took me deep in the bushes n starts to pound me n suddenly i heard the bushes rustling. It was some guy watching us. I got pretty scared n asked my top to stop. He said its ok - woh bhi humare jaisa hi hai. I let him watch me get *** then. After 5 minutes my top cummed n helped me clean up. That guy was so watching us from 10ft away. He waited for my top to leave and came to me asking me to let him also *** me. I was honestly not keen but I was a little afraid to say no. So I told him I'm tired so don't do doggy, instead u lie down and ill sit on you. He did. I put on my last condom on him n started riding him. But I had enough. So i just stood up after 1 min and told him sorry mujh se nhi ho raha. I left then

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Posted On Sep 19, 2018 - 08:29 AM

I happend to watch a straight *** at agara lake.an young guy and an aunty.i saw him wandering inside the park. And after a few minutes, when I walked inside o saw loud sound and when I went close they got scared but I calmed then down and asked them to carry on. He was doing his job so perfectly.

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Posted On Sep 20, 2018 - 05:41 AM

Seen an elderly couple doing *** in public. After evening at forest area near katrak

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Posted On Oct 1, 2018 - 08:43 PM

seen my cousin having masterbate

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Posted On Nov 9, 2018 - 10:47 AM

I have seen my sister and her husband doing it. It was exciting

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Posted On Jan 14, 2019 - 04:36 PM

Its my worst time of life as for real at age of 16 seing my mom with two guys naked in house while dad was away and I really hate myself being curious and getting close to the place where I shouldn't ...and being son its hard to believe what I saw and m very ashamed of myself that I jerked myself twice in that hour ...I can narrate whole incident because its always fresh in my mind but doing that won't be appropriate I guess

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Posted On Jan 14, 2019 - 06:11 PM

@kaushik02493 I can see your pain. Time is the best healer.

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Posted On Jan 14, 2019 - 06:29 PM

I have always heard my parents doing it. I have heard how hard my dad used to pound my mom. One afternoon I saw him sleeping on top of her with clothes on. Another time I was small I saw him enter his finger in my mother's *** through her gown. I was in first standard. Also I saw him lifting her on his back and play with her ***. After some time as I grew old they were aware of it but we had no other room than kitchen, so my father continued. Once I heard my mom complaining that he should visit a whore as his appetite is just unstoppable. Now that he has passed away, I feel mom feels lonely. she is 65. I am 32. I feel like taking her as she is the same woman with only her hair grey but her body excellent.

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Posted On Jan 14, 2019 - 06:31 PM

@sasmathu thanks but stranger thing I got lots of message to narrate incident ...is it appropriate

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Posted On Jan 14, 2019 - 07:03 PM

Appropriateness is subjective... If one can jerk twice in one hour after seeing his own mom in inappropriate condition with 2 men (which means he himself got *** seeing that visuals) and now also rather trying to forget the scene he is narrating it on open forum like this, what is wrong if others are asking you to narrate the scene...

See, everyone has some dirty linen, but none washes those in open...

Had people been really so sensitive about others feelings, there were no cases of rapes, eve teasing, in-house sexual abuse etc.

Bitter truth of the human beings..

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Posted On Mar 17, 2019 - 11:44 AM

Today was a wonderful day a construction is going on at the side of our house today after lunch couldn't sleep fearing forthcoming exams i was studying i peeped out eventually through my window to my surprise 2 construction site hindi guys were *** each other 69 it was such a delight 2 my eyes suddenly they saw me and started to pack up i closed the door of the room and opened the full window and undone my apparels and *** they ver very happy but they dint continued just *** eachother and left. May b they would approach me or i would in future

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Posted On Mar 17, 2019 - 12:40 PM

not seen live.. but during 12th and college days..often was lucky to hear sounds of my aunt ( moms sister) with her hubby and mom and hubby in action. aunts house in trichy when i usd to college there, wud sometimes spend weekend on her house..and back home in orissa, similar scenario.....used to be awake late night as cable tv guy wud put adult movies.. late 1 am etc.. during those times wud go to our lastroom tocheck ifthey slept, but often i wud hear sounds.... in both cases, aunt and mom, i got to hear good sounds of moans and bed shakes......

i was alwasy into nice aunties and milf.... and these erly exp to be honest got me into more incestual thouhts as well and made me big tme incest addict along with my gay side.

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Posted On Mar 18, 2019 - 07:10 AM

I think most of us guys have scene such snippets of live *** one way or the other. I had a similar encounter during holidays when I stayed at my uncle's house at my native. My aunt is really a hot woman n looks sexy , this happened when I was 17. My uncle was out of station n I slept in the living room n aunt inside bedroom. In the middle if the night i heard some faint moans n sexy sounds. I woke up to just see where the sounds were coming from her room was locked n light was on n noise coming from her room. I peeped in through key hole to just be shocked she was all nude n hot with 2 other young guys probably in early 20s I noticed they were her tenants upstairs they were college students. They were *** her n kissing her n *** her boobs out . Watched this hotness for almost 40 minutes n *** my hot ***. Never pictured her in sexy way until then. But next day onwards I started looking her at a different angle though I couldn't dare it . But these tenants got more than what they bargained. After many years she still remains to be a *** that I knew. That was my first accidental live ***

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Posted On Mar 18, 2019 - 06:18 PM

hello guys this very nice secretive thread . i also waan reviel my stosy . since i was 20 , i had also seen my milkman *** my mom many a times in her dairy . mom always go to dairy to take milk,for houseold purpose and mostly once or twice ina week she goes late so that every other person is gone and she is only left with to take . thats the time i know ,she gonna come late ,even some thing man comes to my house whenever my mom not able to go and take mil . i saw him *** my mom in my own house back yard under the tree , mom was bend forward leaning on tree and this guy just pick up the peticoat and saree frombehind and started . and just on previsiously holi catch some sound coming from my wash room .beacause he came.to play holi in my father absence ,so i thought may be its mom and him . But to my shock . it was my 18 years sis and this just fastly.left bathroom in front my eyes and then fews seconds after my sis came. out and she continued to do her other . she dint even bother that i was standing here . it was like nothing for her . first of all i became angry i started making plans to beat this guy . but after some more encouters i started liking it . even i maturbated ,watching them . so yes i have *** in real and accidentally as well

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Posted On Mar 19, 2019 - 06:00 AM

This is a nice forum to discuss accidental ***. When i was in school may be last year, we were staying in a chawl like building where u have partitions.Our partion had some gaps and on could easily see thru the openings.
It was off day for us and I was alone at home. My neighbour girl had a BF who would visit her often. that day was special. He came and the girl was waiting for him.
they hugged each other and he started removing her clothes. within minutes she was nude and I could not just imagin how bold she was.
She had nice boobs and clean shaven *** and the boy too was lean and handsome, his *** erect. vava it was such a site. Unfortunately there were no mobiles then.

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Posted On Mar 19, 2019 - 08:31 AM

I have lot more experiences to share with you guys if you don't mind may be thatswhy my sexual energies have been moulded in such a way due to all these experiences.
As a child sometimes we have a habit if stealing petty cash to buy chocolates n stuff like that. I too one day did the same try to sneak out couple of new 10rs notes from my dad's cupboard . That's when I noticed certain videotapes hidden behind his shirts and I was curious if what it was n found some photographs beneath the shirts in an envelope. Those were nude pics of various Indian wo.en n one particular picture caught my attention which was my mom's friend n I was confused what she was doing nude in my dad's cupboard. At first I was shocked n ashamed about knowing my father's intimate stuff immediately thought about what happens if my mother knew. I was all worried immediately put things back as they were there n locked his cupboard.
But my curiosity didn't end there, so when i had opportunity if being alone in home n I know where my dad leaves the key. I opened up things again to find some playboy magazines, photographs and videotapes which I dared now to watch what it had in my VCR. That was my first blue film st the age of 13 n new to the world of *** n didn't event know what an *** was. He had tapes of foreign as well as Indian ***. My sexual exploration began that day forward. I became sexcurious and in mood by day. My grandparents and mom had to go out of station leaving me with dad at home. I was asleep in the middle of the night woke up to be alone in room. I went out to see my dad but there he was no where to be found d. I heard voices from the room downstairs n shocked to see him having *** with my mom's friend both if them were totally nude n he was *** her in doggy style while she was bent facing towards room entrance with her huge boobs hanging down n moaning in pleasure. I never imagined my father like that n to see him in that situation really changed my perspective if him. I was not able to move freely with him that day onwards but the sexual content remained in my mind . Though my dad us no more now but still I see that lady visit us regularly

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Posted On Mar 19, 2019 - 09:40 AM

I have seen my parents doing it many times. Once we had gone out somewhere for an overnight stay. In the middle of the night I just happened to wake up. My parents were upto it. My father was insisting that my mom *** his ***. My mom was refusing but then she started *** him. I remember the sound of slurp on the ***. On another occasion I just happened to walk in on them. My father was *** my mom. She had her saree lifted up and my father's *** was inside her. But these sights never gave me any sexual feelings. I was may be a little disgusted thinking why are they doing such things.

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Posted On Mar 19, 2019 - 11:04 AM

I used to live with my uncle and aunt during college, who were married for six years and had not been able to conceive a child! Initially I would hear grunts and moans either late in the night or early in the morning as the room i slept in which was just opposite to to their room! I think this is where I get my liking for moans and curses while having *** :p

one day these sounds of soft laughter, small moans and kisses and grunts started around midnight and they woke me up coz they were going on for a long while! I tiptoed towards deir room and tried to peep thru the half open door but couldn't see Much as it was dark and lights were off, all I could see were Two figures shaking inside a blanket which was unclear so I had to return to my bed

Later that night I could hear my aunts voice, it was as if she s moaning with both pleasure and pain, I woke again. After about some ten mins of such noises their room door opened and I could see my aunt go out, mostly to the bathroom (that times when homes had just one bathroom) and after a while I saw her return and switch on the light and also saw my uncle go to the bathroom in his undie, and it was wet, mostly with sweat!

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Posted On Mar 21, 2019 - 06:59 AM

so most of us have been affected by our parents activities in our childhood. #metoo . my parents have done it only in nights that i used to hear some noise and mom saying "kid is here...just sleep"etc... i knew they were doing it. but my mom had always been against it but was forced to do it :(

even when we grew up and were around our 20s, father cotinued doing it.

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Posted On Mar 21, 2019 - 05:37 PM

I have seen my mom doing it with her lover in many times.In the middle of the night I just happened to wake up and they were upto it. He was insisting that my mom *** his ***. My mom was refusing so he make her drink some vodka then she started *** him and later he *** her.unfortunately he came home one day and mom was out there.he seduced me and became a gay bottom at the age of 16.

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Posted On Mar 21, 2019 - 06:01 PM

When I was around 9 or 10 years old, I had visited my aunt's house for summer holidays. Two other cousins there too ( girl older to me and boy same age as me).

We saw our aunt n uncle naked, doing it. My cousin bro wanted to try it out..so he *** me n we romanced alot. We both used to do that almost every night after everyone sleeps. One day our sis caught us kissing and we were naked too. Then she said she too wanted to try what aunty did.

That was the time I penetrated someone.. it was painful for both of us as we were kids. My bro used to *** n lick us. This developed year by year and we used to have hardcore threesomes till I was 22 23 years old. We used to double *** her, I used to *** him, she would rim me.. we've had so many nasty sessions. I have many stories about us.

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Posted On Oct 14, 2019 - 04:59 PM

I was once walking from Sanpada to Vashi station. It was around 11 pm. Suddenly, I heard some rustling in the bushes. Almost immediately a bevy of cars (some local politician) passed by and lo and behold! There was a fair Nepali guy s@#king an old Marathi man. They were so lost in the act that they didn't notice me or the lights revealing them in their glory. It was sooo hot...the Marathi man was so my type...hung like a donkey! Wish I could be bold enough to s*** his yummy c**k 😋

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Posted On Oct 16, 2019 - 10:05 AM

I heard about express garden is good spot, I went there 2-3 times but didn't find anyone other than couples, later I came know,there is water canal area, behind that express garden where all things take place, I went to that canal road, deep towards odha, I saw a young lad was *** one uncles *** passionately...he was *** him like pornstar, that was the first time I saw live ***, I didn't interrupt dem, I stayed far from dem, enjoyed watching, it was getting darker so, I didn't try to get blow for my self...... watching live is amazing experience

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Posted On Oct 16, 2019 - 10:06 AM

Sorry it's empress garden not express

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Posted On Oct 16, 2019 - 11:08 AM

I have seen live many action. I also have been the live action. Once in Spain, I was in a gay beach and there was a cruising area behind the sand dunes. I hooked up with a handsome bear and he was blowing me real good. Soon a small group of 4-5 ppl had gathered And we're masturbating looking it us. The bear guy did not allow the others to participate. Soon He started eating my *** and then *** me. I was in doggy position looking at the guys masturbating around me and the bear was *** me from behind soon when I wanted to.come, I came in his *** and *** my *** clean. By the end there were 6 or 8 ppl. All this happened in broad daylight.

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Posted On May 13, 2020 - 01:14 PM

I have seen, a bottom *** *** of middle age beard guy below odha bridge

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Posted On May 15, 2020 - 08:31 AM

I have seen at Cavalary Baracks Railwy Station, Parade Ground, Osmania University, Sheesh Mahal Theater, Rajeswari Theater (Bangalore and Secunderbad) and Straight *** i have seen at Hotel at Narayana Guda, Hyderabad after completion of my friends Bachelor party, common Balcony and other side Room couple are enjoying ...

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Posted On May 15, 2020 - 04:06 PM

I have accidentally seen my parents having *** many times since we all sleep in the same room for ac. They think i am asleep but i saw them many times . since it is dark I could only see thier shadow because of the light coming from window in the opposite side. the sounds of their kissing is what makes me peep and slowly my mother hand would slide through my dads lungi and begins to stroke his ***. Slowly it would rise and my mother would remove all her clothes will begin to ride his ***. In the shadows I could see my moms big boobs jiggling up and down which turns me on even if I think abt it now. the shadows made her boobs look like the perfect rack in the world. Some times it would be just my mom suk my dads rod and the slurping sound makes me peek where my moms head would be moving up and down in the shadows. Although i promise myself not to peek next time since i feel guilty but i couldnt keep my promise as it seems like a live ***. But now sharing this turned me on as well as the other posts turned me on.

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Posted On May 17, 2020 - 07:34 AM

As kid’s lot of us see our parents having *** and even I have seen it too and it’s quite normal, but what isn’t normal for us kids is when we see our parents with someone else.
I was a kid then and I used check my mom’s phone and one fine day I got to enter her chats with a guy talking about *** sharing nudes and I was shocked this guy was introduced as a shop owner and then became my mom’s friend due to regular visits, after this I knew the reasons for her regular visits and getting late while coming.
From then I regularly started checking her chats, one day my dad was out of station so I decided to go watch a movie next day, lately at night when I checked her phone again they had a plan of meeting here in home, I wanted to be sure about what’s going on so I flunked my plans and that I witnessed my mom riding another man I saw them from the window without letting them know, I couldn’t watch much of it but I started feeling bad about this.
From then I had a bad feeling for my mom, I kinda started hating her but didn’t stop checking her phone. Her chats grew more and more they had videos and stuff shared with each other, also there was just not this one guy she had sext with.
This kept increasing but lately when I thought I was okay with her doings cause all from her chats I got was my dad and mom weren’t having good sexual relationships my dad was involved with some other lady for a while and she wanted the physical attention and intimacy so she had to do it.Now it’s really normal for me and I love thinking about the life she wants to live.

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Posted On May 18, 2020 - 07:07 AM

Once in our flat renovation was going on. So I use to sleep in our neighbours flat at night .At tat time I was 16 yrs. My neighbour aunt make me sleep with her.in her bed.Coz I was her ladlaa. It was winter season.so she gave me a thin blanket. N I went to sleep. In middle of night I heard some sound. I pretend I am sleeping. N I heard clear voice . My aunt was talking to uncle .tat abhi ye uth jayega.bt uncle started kissing n presing her boobs. N after some time aunty started moaning .like dheere dheere se. N I came to know tat uncle is *** her ***. Now aunty become hot strtd talking dirty.like dheere se pelo. Mera bur aram se maro. Now I slightly peeking from blanket . I saw aunty has lifted her saree til navel n uncle was *** her hard. N later aunty strd saying mast pel rahe ho. N making sound aah aah .then uncle said le jaldi. Aunty took the *** in *** n strd *** hard. Uncle moan loud aunty keep on *** . Later uncle said aaj bhi lund ka pani pee gai . Control nahi kr paai.they started laughing n went to bathroom. After hearing n watching all these scene .I was so *** tat in morning I went to my bathroom n masterbeted hard . Thinking abt aunty.

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Posted On Oct 4, 2020 - 09:12 PM

I used to watch a father and son having ***. I used live on the top floor of a PG back in my college days. My room had its own small balcony where I used to sit and smoke and have a little quiet time every night. Behind our building there was a kind of a parking area but only 2-3 cars would park there. It wasn't really a good parking spot and it was not lit properly. There were trees between our building and the parking area but my balcony had a good view between trees. There was also one carriage for marriage etc. that was always parked there. It was owned by a father and son. I know this because they were always around taking the carriage out and bringing it back and I used to hear the younger guy calling the older one "papa". They also look very alike so one could easily tell. They were daily labourer type guys with slim, lean bodies. The father was maybe in his early 40s and the son was definitely a teenager from their looks. Sometimes they would spend the night sleeping on the carriage and sometimes they went home with their horse I guess. One particular night, as I was sitting on my balcony, I saw them getting ready to sleep. It was around late November so they had one blanket. I'm a person who likes to brood and think so I just continued watching them thinking about their lives being tough, being poor etc. But, I thought they might be really close and loved each other and that was all that really mattered in life. You know, those kinds of things were what I was thinking when I watched them. Soon, they were both under their blankets. But a few seconds later I saw the father's hand moving inside the blanket and some movement around the son's crotch area. I wasn't surprised or curious as I thought the son might have just scratched his balls or something under the blanket. But then I saw the blanket around the son's crotch area tenting and moving up and down. And the movement could be traced back to the father's shoulder's as it was moving as well. So that was when I knew the father was jerking off his son. Then the son moved his arms out of the blanket and placed his hands behind his head as cushion, and also spreaded his legs apart to give his dad better access I believe. Now, I was really surprised and got *** too and I was already hard so I started to jerkoff as well while watching this. The father's hand started moving quicker after a while, I could see the blanket around the son's crotch also going up and down with more force. I almost came as I was jerking off as well, especially knowing that they were father and son made me even hornier. Then the son suddenly bent one of his legs upwards and that revealed his really big *** that was gripped by his father's hand. It was really big and brown. Quickly, the father adjusted the blanket to cover that area again. Then after that his head went inside the blanket completely and from the movement you could tell he *** his son off. After a few minutes his head came out from the blanket and he removed his hands from his son's *** and shifted his bodily sideways with his back towards his son. And just as I just, the son moved closer and it was obvious he was going to *** his father. They struggled and moved a lot but then the movement became more rhythmic and obvious. The son was *** his *** with his big ***. I couldn't hold any longer so I came. A few minutes later they were done and slept as well. So everyday night around 10 p.m. I would go out to my balcony as usual trying to see if they would do it. And, yes, they did it every night and I jerked off watching them every night. But as it got colder in December, they stopped sleeping outside. I didn't know where they lived or if they had a room to sleep in but all through that winter they never once slept outside next to their carriage. But once March came, they started sleeping outisde again, and to my delight they didn't stop their father-son love. This was every night. It was especially entertaining during summer because they just slept there without any blanket to cover them. The first time I saw them without a blanket to cover them was in April, 2013. Although they were never naked, I could always see the son's really big, brown *** being played with by his father. And the son always *** his father. I used to have many videos of them as I started recording them but this was years ago the videos are long gone as I have since changed phones a few times. After a few months they were gone. They still come and go with their carriage and their horse but never slept outside again.

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Posted On Feb 19, 2021 - 08:49 AM

Accidental live *** : I've had 2 real life experiences.

1st) When I was travelling in a sleeper bus, I got last sleeper coach (single aisle) and there were 2 guys who started making out in the night when everyone was asleep. They were right opposite to me (double aisle). I thought they must be talking slowly in ears but no they were madly kissing each other. I was not *** but curious because it was two guys. I saw up to the part where they removed their pant but after that they closed the curtain.

2nd) I feel a bit embarrassed to say this but I had to get it out. I had the habit of sleeping late so I used to always keep a water bottle in my room. I never came out of my bedroom after dinner and would just drink water and sleep there. One night I forgot to fill the bottle and I stayed up till 1.30am. Since I always have the habit of drinking water before sleep I thought let me go to kitchen and get the water. On my way I heard some weird sound coming from my parents bedroom which was on the way to kitchen. I was stupid enough to peek and saw the live action going on there. Stood still for few seconds motionless, unable to move. Then realized the situation and slowly proceeded to kitchen. Drank water and slept.