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The Cousin Factor

Submitted by Sidkam23 Location: All India (All India, India)

While Incest is mostly considered as taboo,it is observed that many of us have "explored" oral or sometimes full sexual experience with our (straight ?) cousins.

Even in my case, I have been involved with my cousin for some time now and we both enjoy it (although he is a little hesitant).

Why is it such a common thing? And does the involvement of any other family members make these acts more Taboo.? I Was curious and thought to post..

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Posted On Jan 27, 2021 - 03:05 AM

Not really cousin factor but it was an incest, father son scene, from a small village...

Once a manly bottom friend of mine, a farmer by profession, made me to seduce his sleeping son, just turned adult, still very tender, very boyish...

I was visiting his home in his village, and I had already fu*cked my friend in the fields in the darkness of the night...
we 3 were sleeping in one room, and I was in middle of father and son. While sleeping, my friend whispered in my ears to seduce his son... He himself guided my hand over local made loose underwear of his son...
It seems, my friend wanted to check se*xuality of his son... and his role and his size too... Because once his son started responding my touch, my friend also touched his son's erect di*ck. Within seconds the di*ck was in full size...What an awesome di*ck he had, even in that age...

After few weeks, my friend told me on phone that he seduced his son to fu*ck him (my friend) when none was at home as my friend was hungry for his ***...

Later I chatted with the boy on whatsapp and he told me that before that night incidence, he had already done some boy - boy fun (including insertion) in the fields with his maternal cousin, of same age group... They both used to fk each other in rounds, and not just as a try but till complete satisfaction...

Sadly he was not into oral, else I always want to have his tender lips and his little throat muscles around my di*ck lubricating it with his pure and pious saliva..

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Posted On Jan 27, 2021 - 05:57 AM

I have another narration to share with you guys, about gay incest (nearly)... Why nearly, you will know in a while...

Also this is not first hand info, so I am not claiming that it is true... But it sounded true to me so I believed it and hence sharing it with you all.

I have a friend from a small state of south india, known for ho*rniness in its male population. I met him as a versatile ga*y first. Later I fu*cked him nicely after a fake protest shown by him.
Later I and many of my friends fkd him in a group session, one after other, during Pooram of 2015.
Since then he is very open to me and spilled the secrets of his personal life (I am not disclosing his name or anything about him, so please don't be judgmental about me).
He told me that one random day, he found ga*y po*rn images on his son's laptop and his son was 18+ at that moment.
Before me, he had shared this info with one of his top friends who works for Police Dept.
Knowing this, one night his friend came to his home for the night stay and slept in his son's room (and I am sure my friend intentionally allowed him for that). Later in the middle of the night, my friend heard screams of his son coming from his room.
He peeped in his room thru the window slit and found that his cop friend was fu*cking his son mercilessly and his son was also enjoying it somewhat. Next day, his son behaved very normal so it sounded like consensual fun.
Since then my friend's cop friend started coming to his place regularly for overnight stay at his place... And my friend used to enjoy the show with sound effects. (My friend never told me where was his wife on those days).

Now, I don't know if my friend was just telling me his fantasies or those were real incidences, but knowing him and knowing about his state somewhat, I found the narration believable.

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Posted On Jan 27, 2021 - 06:58 AM

It started with me and my cousin, i used to visit him. His parents (my mama mami ) were off to work in day time. We used to play with mamis panties and rub it on our ***, masterbate each other till we ***.

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Posted On Feb 16, 2021 - 09:05 AM

I have had with two of my parental cousins and their 3 friends. My first time was with my father's big brother's younger son. Our houses were near by and as my parents are always busy at our shop, these two cousins were incharge of taking care of me and the houses. Younger one was in studying of b.com and the elder one was doing m.com in the same colleage and they were best friend with common friends. I was a shy and a little feminine type at that time, one day the younger brother was masturbating in the afternoon in the other room and I stepped in unknowingly and saw him handling his big di*k, I didn't know what do and he also startled and covered his tool with bed sheet. I was about to leave the room, he suddenly called me near him and asked my age and all and touched my nip*les over my shirt. I was shy and excited, blushing and looked away. He opened fffew buttons and pinched on my nipp*e. I was like on heaven. He then removed the bedsheet and show his huge asset to me. He asked me to hold it. It was my first experience of touching a man's assets. He then pushed my head down and asked me to ***. I did it for some time and they he asked me to move my head up and down keeping his little one in my ***. I did it for him because he was always been rude to me since childhood. Used to hit me for simple mistakes, was showing me some love now. I was thrilled and enjoying. After sometime he suddenly came inside my *** and I puked, spilling his seeds all over the floor. Seeing this he scolded me for making the floor dirty and asked me to clean it and left the house..

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Posted On Feb 16, 2021 - 09:13 AM

He then didn't come to my house for 2 days and later he came on an afternoon and called me to the living room. He was carrying a cd. He asked me to play the cd, it was some ***. He was sitting on the chair and asked me to sit down and *** him off. He warned me not to spill anything on floor. Even though I'm scared of him, I loved his commands. Su*cked it for a while and he again came in my ***. I was about to go and spit it out in washroom. He command to swallow it, he told I'm your elder one and no harm in taking my seeds in. From then most of the days he call him to the bedroom or living room and used to deposit his seeds in my ***.

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Posted On Feb 16, 2021 - 09:34 AM

In evenings the elder cousin and his 3 friends used to come to our house as there is no one other than me to party and spend some time. My parents will come only by 8:30PM. Elder cousin was nice to me, used to being me chocolates sometime. Younger cousin will be at my house most of the time and will join the evening parties with the elder ones. This incident happened may 3-4 months after I started having sessions with the younger cousin. One day younger cousin call me downstairs. I came down and they are parties as usual having some beer and I noticed that they were watching p*rn in tv, the same cd that he plays everytime. Younger cousin commanded me to sit next to him. I was totally shy to watch po*n infront of those 3 guys and elder brother. Everyone is watching the tv and no one is looking at me so I was little eased. Younger cousin took my hand and put it on his zipper and commanded me to take it. I didn't move my hands as I was scared. He then pulled his big tool out and pushed my head down towards it. I tried to resist but he was very strong. I looked around my elder brother and friends are glued to the tv.. then I slowly started suc*ing him. After sometime he came inside my *** as usual and by the I was habituated to swallow it. After completion he stood up and moved to the next seat. Then his elder brother came and sat next to me. I didn't know what to do or say. Suddenly the elder cousin also took his di*k out. It was just like big as the younger one. I didn't do anything for sometime. Seeing this my younger cousin came and slowly guided my head toward his tool. I first time tasted my elder cousins tool.. it as first a little hesitant but I started enjoying it. Once he came, he 3 friends also took their turns. This continued in for next 3-4 years until I moved to hostel

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Posted On Feb 16, 2021 - 09:41 AM

They tried many experiments on me during those years as like in the cd movies that they watch including naked spanking, cu*ming on face, *** fu*king, golden shower, made me slave sometimes having wear our dogs lashes and lick their feet... It was all gone by the flow but Now when thinking back it was such a thrilling time.

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